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Full text of "Massachusetts year book and business directory of every town and city in the state"

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REYNC:„.J^ Hi- 1 »RICAL 


3 1833 01188 6055 











! i 

No. 5— June, 1899. 




Boston Office, 14-1 Hanoveu Street. 

PRICE, $3.00. 

Copyright, 1809. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 



LAWRENCE— Continued. 

Desjardins. N. J. 217 Essex 
Kellett, Ephraira, 587 Essex 
Kelley Bros. 71 Broadway 
Kelley, Thomas H. 225 Broadway 
Lamson, Ira P. 24 Amesbury 
Lawrence News Co. 561 Essex 
Martin, George E. 240 Essex 
Murray, H. L. &. A. S. 45 Broadway 
Noonen, Thomas L. 39 Hampshire 
Stubley & Terton, 10 Newbury 
Weeks, Benjamin L. 561 Essex 
Weiss, Adolph, 118 Essex 


Anzeiger und Post, Dick & Trumpold, 

props. 131 Newbury 
Daily American, American Pub. Co. props. 

254 Essex 
Evening Tribune, Hildreth & Rogers, props. 

12 Lawrence 
Illustrated Weekly Journal, 400 Essex 
Lawrence American, Amer. Pub. Co. props. 

(weekly) 254 Essex 
Lawrence Daily Eagle, Hildreth & Rogers, 

props. 12 Lawrence 
Lawrence Sentinel, Sentinel Pub. Co. 

props. 239 Essex 
Lawrence Sun, Amer Pub. Co. props. 254 

Lawrence Telegram, Telegram Pub. Co. 

props. 25 Appleton 
LE PROGRES (weekly) Chas. T. Roy, 

editor, 467 Essex. See adv. 
Mission Reporter (weekly) Mrs. Jennie M. 

Macfarlane, prop. Appleton 
Sunday Register, Register Pub. Co. props. 

270 Essex 
Sunday Star, James E. Donoghue, prop. 

400 Essex 
Sunday Telegram, Telegram Pub. Co. 

props. 25 Appleton 

A Good Advertising Medium. 

"Xe SPr 



Of Lawrence, Mass. 

The only French Newspaper in Essex County, 
with a French population of over 50,000. Subscrip- 
tion, One Dollar a year. 

CHAS. T. ROY, Editor. 
Address, "Le Progres," Lawrence, Mast. 


Bell, Chas. U. 
Bevlngton, Thos. 
Bradley, Wm. J. 
Brltner, Jos. 
Burckel, H. E. 
Carr, Fredk. A. 
Corcoran, Cor. J. 
Corliss, Geo. C. 
Coulson, Walter 
Crowell. Byron E. 
Dow, Harrv R. 
Eaton. Fred H. 
Fay, Aug. M. 
Frost, Archie M. 
Frye, Newton P. 
Kane, John P. 
Kimball, Wm. T. 

ies Public. 

Lawrence, Harry R. 
Mahoney, J. P. S. 
Manahan, Mark 
Morton, Edw. P. 
Poor, John R. 
Rowell. Wilbur E. 
Sanborn, Aretas R. 
Sanborn, John C. 
Sanborn, J. C. Jr. 
Sargent, Chas F. 

316 Essex 
Saunders, Caleb 
Sherman, Fredk. F. 

316 Essex 
Sweeney, John J. 
Vorholz, Adolph P. 


Anderson, Florence, 57 Newbury 

Arnold, Grace, 82 Jackson 

Arthur, Christina Mrs. 469 Broadway 


Barker, Mary, 175 Prospect 
Beck, Louisa Mrs. 163 Newbury 
Bradshaw, Lizzie M. 36 Warren 
Brown, Annie, 284 Andover 
Buckley, Hannah Mrs. 421 Broadway 
Colquhoun, Mary F. 22 Howard 
Connors, Lizzie M. 190 Essex 
Doane, Mary E. 107 Bailey 
Doane, Miriam, 107 Bailey 
Foley, Sarah A. 142 Garden 
Handy, J. C. Miss, 140 West 
Hayes. Elizabeth, 129 Maple 
Holburn, Mary M.' 126 Garden 
Irving, M. T. 206 Essex 
Larkin, Florence M. 314 Andover 
Lord, Elizabeth E. "13 Grove 
Maylum, Ann Mrs. 5 Elm 
McCoy, Estella M. 133 Methuen 
McCragen, M. E. Mrs. 15 Montgomery 
McKearge, Annie J. 263 Essex 
Melvln. Mary F. 49 Manchester 
Mill, Lucy B. 46 Summer 
Moore, Addie B. 282 Andover 
Nell, Sabina Mrs. 421 Broadway 
Olmstead, Susan, 37 Berkeley 
Patterson, Grace R. 158 Garden 
Pike, Eliza A. 82 Jackson 
Russell, Emma F. 114 Allston 
Seavey, Ellen O. 4 Holly 
Spinney, Julia B. 133 Methuen 
Walsh, Nellie T. 173 Haverhill 
Wood, E. M. Miss, 206 Essex 
Wyman, Florence D. 30 Washington 

Oil Dealers. 

Currier, J. M. & Co. 87 Essex 
Keystone Oil Co. 192 West 


Donaldson, George W. 467 Essex 
Jourdanais, Joseph, 457 Essex 
Lawrence Optical Co. 467 Essex 
Schmidt, Gustav A. 204 Essex 
Vover, J. H. 435 Essex 


Abbott, WTlliam H. (sign) 4 Jackson 

Bailey, W r arren F. 139 Garden 

Baldwin, Munroe, 51 Cross 

Bateman, John, r. 16 Allen 

Burns, W. H. 26 Annis, Methuen 

Clifford, James H. 347 Common 

Colby, Alfred M. (carriage) 435 Andover 

Collins, Daniel (carriage and sign) 355 

Cunningham, J. & Sons, 89 Howard 
Dane, Stillman A. (carriage) 175 S. Broad- 
Dawson, P. 66 Centre, Methuen 
Dineen, P. F. 24 Rowe 
Donlan, Edward, 17 White 
Dumas, George" B. 12 Tenney, Methuen 
Griffin, James, Jr. 96 Hampshire 
Houghton, Charles T. 402 Broadway 
Houston Bros. Essex, cor. Margin 
Houston, James (house) 397 Methuen 
Houston, William A. 214 Broadway 
Joyce. J. W. (carriage) 102 Concord 
Knowltnn & MacPherson, 6 Railroad 
Manchester & Stevens, 75 Essex 
McQueeney & Quinn, 162 Elm 
Morgan, Charles A. (fresco) 4S9 Essex 
Morgan, Henry, & Sons, 544 Haverhill 
Murray & Wlddop, 411 Broadway 
Orff, Byron L. 108 Common 
Renaud Bros. 653 Essex 
Richardson, Jasper, 88 Concord 
Schickel, Alfred C. 16 Kendall 
Stnntley, F. J. (fresco) 931 Essex 
Stevens, Francis, 200 Broadway 

Is our specialty. Wo do good work or 

none at all. Trj us. 


Taylor, Alfred, 361 Lowell 
Teichert, Emil M. 241 Prospect 
Tobln, John, 4uS Common 
Warren, Fred R. 12 Wlnslow pi. 
Watson, Edwin L. (fresco) ISO Essex 
Wleland, Richard, 7 Monmoutn 
Wright, George H. 417 Common 

Faints, Oils mid Glass. 

Donlan, Edward, 17 White 
Eastman & Blyth. 566 Essex 
Hall, D. S. & Son, 381 Essex 
Tompkins, N. S. S. 191 Essex 

Pnper IJox Makers. 

Westervelt & Co. 325 Methuen 

Paper Hangringrs*. 

Ball & Mullen, 217 Essex 
Brown Bros. Jackson 
Manchester & Stevens, 75 Essex 
Polk & Ginsburg, 301 Broadway 
RJce,' W. E. Co. .195 Essex 

Paper Mfrs. 

Bailey, James R. 1000 Essex 
International Paper Co. ft. of Canal 
Merrimac Paper Co. S. Canal 
Munroe Felt & Paper Co. S. Canal 
Page, Walter A. & Co. 253 Essex 
Bacon Paper Co. The, Marston 

Parcel Delivery. 

E. P. Dow, 195 Essex 
Gllson, Alpheus L. 265 Essex 

Pattern ami Model Walters. 

Bee, Timothy, 620 Essex 
Remick, John, 13 Medford 


LEGE, Central bldg. 316 Essex. See 


Bean, Amos M. 295 Essex 

Caspar, Shoupin, 457 Essex 

Ebert-Cooke Photograph Studio. Berkeley 

Enterprise Portrait Co. 116 Broadway 

Greene, John J. Hampshire, cor. Essex 

Kenefick, Owen A. 271 Essex 

Lally, James, 467 Essex 

Lawrence, C. A. & Son. 181 Essex 

Leek, George H. 2S3 Essex 

Page, S. R. 493 Essex 

Sherman, Leonard D. 316 Essex 

Wllloughby, Benjamin L. 181 Essex 


Abbott, S. Wendell, 131 Haverhill 
Allen, Granville S. 342 Andover 
Andrews, Harold V. 12 Berkeley 
Bannon, John H. 6 Lowell 
Birmingham, R. M. 86 S. Broadway 
BirtwelJ, Charles E. 242 Broadway 
Blais, Pierre G. 47 Franklin 
Bowker, Jonathan C. 110 Summer 
Boynton, E. M, 206 Boynton 
BOYXTOX, S. W. 260 Broadway. Seo 

Bradley, H. Laura, 316 Essex 
Burgess, C. J. 425 Broadway 
Cahill, John T. 292 Broadway 
Carleton, Charles G. 301 Essex 
Chamberlain, George E. 2S3 Essex 
Chase, Henry M. 283 Essex 
Crawford, Chas. H. 18 S. Broadway 
Crawford, John W. 41 Jackson 
Crocker, Susan E. 316 Essex 
Daly, Timothy J. 537 Essex 
Davis, Myron, Jr. 314 Andover 
Dow, George W. 265 Common 
Dunham. George P. 252 Broadway 
Eidam, Louis, 334 Prospect 
Farley, Wm. C. 239 Essex 
Flanders. F. B. 617 Broadway 
Fleming, Anthony, 26 Bradford 
French, A. J. (Horn.) 77 Valley 
Hogan, Joseph A. 265 Common 
Houston, James, 258 Broadway 
Howard. George C. 181 Essex 
Howard, William F. 301 Essex 
Howe, Octavius T. 263 Essex 
Humphrey, Daniel (Horn.) 243 Haverhill 
Janson, La P. R. G. SO Bradfora 
Jelallan. H. S. 277 Essex 
Joyce, T. F. 316 Essex 
Koehler, J. Mrs. 180 Park 
Kennedy, Fred W. 302 Andover 
Kuehne, Elizabeth Mrs. 139 Park 
Lamb. William D. 10 East Haverhill 
Lawler, John J., 457 Essex 
Lemieux, Theo. A. 42 Hampshire 
Magee, John A. 477 Essex 
Manahan, H. W. 104 S. Broadway 
McAllister, -James G. 31 JaoKson 
McAvoy, John J. 221 Hampshire 
McGauren, Michael S. 1S1 Essex 
Merrill. William H. 351 Essex 
Mignault. Victor. 35 Franklin 
Moores, Charles A. 249 Haverhill 
Moulton, Benj. F. 124 S. Broadway 
O'Connor, W. R. 370 Haverhill 
O'Hearn, William H. 283 Essex 
O'Sullivan, D. J. 187 Oak 
O'Sullivan. John J. 128 Franklin 
Pfefferkorn, Ferd. 29 Berkeley 

2>r. Stella W. fioynton 

Removes Cancers and Tumors without the 

use of the knife or caustic* 

260 Broadway, 

Diseases of "Women Treated with Success. 
Consultation Free at the Office or By Mail. 




If you don't find the name you are looking for in this 
book under a certain heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
fications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 

640 (, 

LAWRENCE— Continued. 

Redmond, Thomas H. 351 Essex 
Reed. V. A. 332 Broadway 
Riopelle, A. J. 123 Bradford 
Robinson, Florence N. 21 Valley 
Routhier, Omer, 61 Franklin 
Rutter, Clara R. 228 Essex 
Sanborn, Joseph L. 351 Essex 
Sargent, George B. 181 Essex 
Scott, C. W. 25 Bradford 
Siskind, A. L. 272 Broadway 
Stone, Ella G. 55 Jackson 
Sullivan, M. F. 21 White 
Sullivan, William J. 295 Essex 
Tetreau, Thomas, 457 Essex Tnnersr 
Dyer & Co. 337 Essex 
Langton, James D. 314 Essex 
Lord & Co. 314 Essex 
Marler, C. J. Arthur, 290 Essex 
Sylvester, W. H. 223 Essex 

Picture Framers. 

Bass, William E. 493 Essex 
Clayton, George, 204 Essex 
Colburn, George W. & Co. 231 Essex 
Hogle, Samuel, & Co. 372 Essex 
Wiemer, Henry, 15 Knox 


Barr, John E. 96 Amesbury 
Condon, Thomas F. 40i Common 
Davey. Peter B. 8 Short 
Dodson, George W. 11 Lawrence 
Donavan, C. A. 8 S. Broadway 
Donovan, Charles, r. 323 Elm 
Fitzgerald, William J. 3 Shattuck 
Holt, Charles L. 36 Berkeley 
Lynch, Cornelius F. 415 Common 
McCarthy, J. F. 69 Lawrence 
Mitchell, Benjamin F. 228 Common 
Riley Bros. 402 Essex 
Rutter, W. F. & Co. 40 Appleton 
Shea, Richard E. & Co. 243 Salem 
Slater, John, 453 Essex 
Smart, G. B. & Co. 61 Essex 
Sweeney, Patrick J. & Co. 5G4 Essex 
Wood, Elijah, 43S Broadway 
Wurzbacher & Co. 21 Jackson 

Post Office and Postmaster. 

Lawrence — John P. Sweeney 

Power Stntion. 

Essex Company, Robert H. Tewksbur> 
supt. 6 Essex 


American Publishing Co. 254 Essex 
Bower, Robert, & Son. 472 Broadway 
Conway, John D. 262 Chestnut: 
Dick & Trumpold, 131 Newbury 
Donoghue, James E. 400 Essex 
Gildea, John F. 246 Essex 
Hildreth & Rogers, 12 Lawrence 
Kellett. Ephraim, 587 Esse:: 
Macfarlane, Charles A. Appleton 
Morrison, A. & C. 239 Essex 
Ward, James, Jr. 31:; Methuen 
Wood, Newell E. & Co. 374 Essex 

Provision Dealers. 

Bailey, E. W. 124 Bradford 
Bailey, Michael J. 22 Newbury 
Bancroft, George (whol.) depot 
Barker Bros. & Co. 11 Tenney, Methuen 
Bean, Marshall B. &. Co. 56 Amesbury 


Bernard, Eugene, 226 Park 

Bernard, Remi, 15 Broadway, Methuen 

Bossier, Charles H. 97 Jackson 

Brogan, Joseph V. 339 Elm 

Bussey, Edward B. 1 Easton 

Callahan, Richard, 289 Common 

Cassavant & Pare, 91 Amesbury 

Churchill, C. E. 54 Union 

Claus, E. C. 156 Farnham 

Currier, J. M. & Co. 87 Essex 

Demars, Wm. W. 130 S. Broadway 

Dlonne & Co. 185 Valley 

Donovan, John B. 47 Haverhill 

Dube, E. 141 Valley 

Eastman, E. & Co. 154 S. Broadway 

Eaton, William F. 313 Broadway 

Finegan, James J. 543 Broadway 

Flannagan, M. 23 Kingston 

Furneaux, Henry J. (whol.) 647 Essex 

Galloway, E. B. & Son (whol.) 27 Hancock 

Gowing & Higgins (whol.) 415 Haverhill 

Griffin, James J. 134 Park 

Guilmet & Morln, 351 Common 

Hague, James, 188 Salem 

Haigh Bros. 607 Broadway 

Harris. John R. 131 Essex 

Henderson Bros. 41 Newbury 

Herrick, John S. 179 Broadway 

Herzog, Herman, 14 Chestnut 

Howarth, William H. 399 Lowell 

Hoydon, Agnes G. 38 S. Broadway 

Ideal Market, 131 Essex 

Jobin, Edouard, 403 Haverhill 

Jowet, Christopher, 631 Broadway 

Kiley, Wm. J. 300 Park 

Klemm, E. &■. Son, 87 Exchange 

Lamougne, Theodora, 80 Hampshire 

LeClair Bros. 680 Essex 

Lawrence Provision Co. 60 Amesbury 

Macevoy Bros. 141 Hampshire 

Magoon Bros. 158 Hampshire 

Magoon, Henry C. 213 Broadway 

Magoon & Ohubb, 379 Broadway 

Martin, Michael, 63 White 

Maynard & Croteau, 669 Essex 

McEneaney, Thomas J. 319 Lowell 

McGrath, Henry E. (whol.) 393 Methuen 

McMahan, J. 139 Elm 

Mellen, A* L. 8 Jackson 

Miller, Frederick, & Son, 28 Park 

Miller, R. & H. 12 Rhine 

Morin, J. F. 178 Hampshire 

Morris, Nelson, & Co. Amesbury, n. Essex 

Peel Bros. 438 Essex 

Poitras, O. J. & Bro. 53 Franklin 

Public Market, 499 Essex 

Redeho3e, Herman, 105 Union 

Reeves. Peter, & Co. 274 Essex 

Robidoux, Charles, 56 S. Broadway 

Rothwell, C. L. 49 Warren 

Saunders, William C. 535 Broadway 

Slayton, E. M. Co. (wholesale) 609 Com- 

Slingsbv, Smith, 489 Broadway 

Sykes, Sarah A. 535 Broadway 

Taylor, Thomas M. 57 Broadway 

Valpey, Daniel S. A. (wholesale) 25 Bea- 

Viel, I. A. & Sons, 75 Hampshire 

Webster, George C. 77 Common 

Wheeler, A. W. 3 Willoughby 

Yunggebauer, Gustav, 27 Pleasant 

Yunggebauer, Adolph G. 21 Elm 

Yunggebauer, Herman, 101 Abbott 

Yuncgebauer, P. E. 38 Center 

Yunggebauer, Richard C. 234 Prospect 

♦Public Typewriting. 
LEGES, Central bldg. 316 Essex. See 


Not keeping the Year Book on their desks are not doins their 
Guests justice. Information in this form is Indispensable to 
the traveling public. 

V > 



Real Estate Agents. 

Andrews, Rufus, 316 Essex 
Brewer & Perkins, 246 Essex 
Cbickering, George E. 521 Essex 
Colby, John, 41 Ferry 
Cole, George S. 306 Essex 
Corless, George C. 417 Broadway 
Dearborn & Coulson, 527 Essex 
Donahue, W. J. 4T»7 Essex 
Everett, George M. T. 527 Essex 
Fairfield, James M. 417 Essex 
Fairfield, William, 563 Essex 
Farrell & Co. 263 Essex 
Hearne, T. P. & Co. 34S Broadway 
Hermann & Obrassoff, 477 Essex 
Howard, Charles W. 521 Essex 
Kent, F. T. 239 Essex 
Lawrence Real Estate Agency, 527 Essex 
Manahan, Mark, 104 S. Broadway 
McCarthy, Eugene A. 351 Essex 
Merrill, Z. T. 253 Essex 
Murphy, James, 263 Essex 
O'Brien, John J. 435 Essex 
Otto, Herman, 246 Essex 
Park. P. R. 288 Essex 
Pedrick, William R. 361 Essex 
Reynolds, James T. 477 Broadway 
Sampson, Fred A. 316 Essex 
Scollay, John P.' & Son, 569 Essex 
Steeves, Ronello B. 351 Essex 
Sweeney, Peter M. 316 Essex 
Whltten, Albion H. 9 Home 
Winslow, E. N. 505 Essex 
Woodbury, E. & Co. 553 Essex 

Rendering: Works. 

Lawrence Rendering Co. 27 Winter 


Abbott, Richard Maynard, 278 Essex 
Carowbeanery, A. H. 79 Hampshire 
Cote, Edward, 389 Common 
Currier, Emma A. Mrs. 407 Broadway 
Cutler, C. H., B. & M. depot 
Franklin Cafe, 541 Essex 
Gllchlrst, James, 158 Broadway 
Hatch & Co. 376 Essex 
Hurteau. Mary J. 360 Essex 
Kelley, Bernard, 144 Essex 
Murphy, Thomas. 485 Essex 
Nichols, Frank N. 541 Essex 
Olmstead, Frank, 463 Broadway 
Page, P. 513 Common 
Peavey, Frank C. 547 Essex 
Prairie, Charles, 91 Broadway 
Richards. Fred. 360 Essex 
Robinson, J. W. 497 Broadway 
Rourke, Bridget, 65 Essex 
Smith, Frank E. 513 Common 
Spofford, Eva Mrs. 519 Essex 
Stewart, Andrew, 404 Essex 
Therio, Frank A. 398 Essex 
Wilson, Mary, 505 Broadway 
Wood, Duncan, 571 Essex 

Roll Coverers. 

Burnham, E. C. & Co. 2*2 Lowell 
Lawrence Supply Co. Allen 
McLanathan. F. W. 620 Essex 


Horn, George W. (slate and gravel) 613 

Pierce, J. B. & Co. (cement and gravel) 

Smith & Bingham (gravel) 312 Broadway 

Rubber Goods. 

Lawrence Rubber Co. 455 Essex 

Savings Hanks. 

(See Banks.) 

LEGE, Gordon C. Cannon, prla. 
Central bldg. 316 Essex. See adv. 

Sewing; Machine Dealers. 

Flynn, H. P. 375 Essex 
Hager, Westford & Co. 371 Essex 
Harvey, Robert, 191 Broadway 
Upham, Edwin J. 191 Broadway 

Shoddy Manufacturers. 

Klou3, Henry, ft. Ingalls, Methuen 

Silver Plater. 

Carroll, Henry C. 317 Methuen 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Beach Soap Co. Maple, cor. Lawrence 
Glennle, J. & Co. Loring 
Mann, D. C. 75 Berkeley 

Spindle and Flier Mfrs. 

Bee Hive Spindle & Flier Works, Franklin 
McCormick, J. A. ft. of Canal 

Spool Manufacturers. 

Union Shuttle Co. 42 Island 


Bean, Arthur N. 567 Common 

Blair, David, 92 S. Broadway 

Carey, Martin, 270 Oak 

Caron, Joseph, 49 Oxford 

Carroll & White, 80 Lawrence 

Emery, L. P. Manchester 

Fuller Bros. 22 Jackson 

Lacaiilade, Charles & Eli, 444 Common 

Maguire, Daniel C. 33 Valley 

Murdock, Charles Herbert, 182 Common 

Norton, Tress S. 371 Common 

O'Leary, Daniel, & Co. 548 Common 

Phinney, William D. 303 Common 

Porter, J. S. & Co. Lawrence 

Stevens, George O. Mrs. 28 Lake 

Stowell Bros. 139 Common 

Sullivan, M. 357 Oak 

Wright. E. W. 54 E. Haverhill 


Dempsey, Julia A. 316 Essex 
O'Brien, Annie T. 316 Essex 
Spicer, W. J. 316 Essex 

Stone Cutters. 

Jones, W. J. 51 Blanchard 

Stoves, Ranges and Tinware. 

Barr, J. E. 96 Amesbury 
Bingham, John F. Co. 25 Broadway 
Brown, Early N. 585 Common 
Callaghan, John J. 470 Broadway 
Coombs, Charles W. 123 Essex 
Daniels, Joel C. 418 Broadway 
Dodson, Georpe W. 11 Lawrence 
Gately & Co. 544 Essex 
Graichen Bros. 56 Park 
Graichen, Gustave A. 2S6 Prospect 
Lynch, C. F. 415 Common 
Milling, Alfred, 169 Lawrence 
Mitchell, B. F. 228 Common 
Sanborn Furnace Co. 122 Lawrence, Me- 
Slater, John, 24 Hampshire 


Can better afford to go without a License than to 
go without this book. Traveling men demand it. 



LAWRENCE}— Continued. 

Smart, G. B. & Co. 61 Essex 
Wood, Elijah. 43S Broadway 
Wurzbacher & Co. 21 Jackson 


Anderson, William, 477 Essex 
Bergeron, John B. 197 Broadway 
Bergoffen, Morris, 50 Franklin 
Bernitzsky, Samuel, 126 Common 
Carroll, Frank, 79 Broadway 
Chausse, M. 198 Lowell 
Cohen, Simon, 10S Hampshire 
Coleman, David L. 537 Essex 
Coom, Jacob, 158 Essex 
Daly, Patrick J. 69 Hampshire 
Davey, John, 446 Essex 
Dobbin, M. 127 Hampshire 
Dobson, Thomas, Jr. 92 Broadway 
Gill, James T. 47 S. Broadway 
HlDeg, Joseph, 91 Common 
Klare, Gustav, 133 Newbury 
Leonard, James F. 230 Essex 
Levin, Jacob, 553 Broadway 
McLean, David, 419 Broadway 
Metcalf, William, 439 Broadway 
Mooers & Farnham, 199 Essex 
Morris, Michael W. 316 Essex 
Morse, H. Dennle, 37 Jackson 
Nathan, Abraham, & Co. 145 Essex 
Neel, John, 226 Broadway 
O'Neill, James, 263 Essex 
Phillips, John, 314 Common 
Schaake, Frederick W. 234 Essex 
Schenck. Otto, 107 Bunker Hill 
Seed & Churchill. 427 Essex 
Seed, Thomas, & Co. 537 Essex 
Silverman, Samuel, ISO Essex 
Simpson, Thomas H. 308 Broadway 
Sklear, Louis, 385 Common 
Venner. George O. 426 Broadway 
Winslow, Edward N. 505 Essex 


Garris. C. A. Prospect, Methuen 
Leake, Samuel, 105 Boxford 


Coburn, Alonzo. 191 Essex 
Giles, Charles H. 320 Lowell 
Gilson, A. L. 250 Essex 
Hamel, Noah. 207 Park 
People's Express Co. 300 Essex 
Wright, E. W. 54 E. Haverhill 

Teas antl Coffees. 

Black, Portal M. 73 Methuen 
Canadian Pacific Tea Co. 29 Franklin 
German Co-op. Assoc. 25 Berkeley 
Kimball, M. I. & Co. 3S7 Methuen 
Sullivan, C. F. 357 Essex 
Union Pacific Tea Co. 495 Essex 


Lawrence Decorating Co. John G. Weston, 
mgr. 98 Ames bury 


Smart, George B. & Co. 61 Essex 

Trunk Mfrs. 

Devine, Patrick F. 410 Essex 


Breen, John, 371 Oak 
Colby. William W. 276 Common 
Conlin & Ryan. 59 S. Broadway 
Dube, M. S. Mts. 88 Franklin 

Emmert, Julius B. 93 E. Haverhill 
Lacaillade Bros. 438 Common 
Mahoney, John D. 45 Essex 
Mahoney, M. J. 140 S. Broadway 
Waterhouse & Parsons, 307 Common 


Chase, Winslow L. 61 Amesbury 
Craig, Isaac H. 78 Franklin 
Gallagher, John F. 300 Broadway 
Godfrey, William H. 2S2 Essex 
Marland, Fred W. 13 Lawrence 

Variety Stores. 

Abdella, Shaln, 87 Amesbury 
Baldwin, L. E. 401 Lowell 
Barry. Mary, 290, Chestnut 
Baultdette, Adelina, 124 Lowell 
Bingham, James H. 77 Essex 
Bodrigue, G. 105 Hampshire 
Bresnahan, Mary A. 126 Lawrence 
Brickley, James F. & Bro. 125 S. I 

Brody, Morris, 460 Hampshire 
Brogan, Mary, 215 Oak 
Brooks, Aurella, 6S7 Essex 
Buckley. Margaret J. 81 Valley 
Burns, Edward. 83 Arlington 
Cady, John J. 28 Railroad 
Campbell, Edwin C. 12S S. Broadway 
Carmichael, James F. 122 Lawrence 
Casey, Hannah M. 383 Elm 
Clark, Nellie A. 182 Oak 
Coleman, Rose Mrs. 461 Hampshire 
Colquhoun, Addie F. 295 Broadway 
Collins, Louisa, 67 Union 
Conner, James, 191 Park 
Cotter, John, 24 Sprincrfield 
Coughlln, James F. 407 Haverhill 
Coup, Theopoilus, 511 Broadway 
Cunliffe, John, 648 Broadway 
Curtln, Kate, 243 Oak 
Davis, William, 556 Essex 
Dervin, Mary, 49 Haverhill 
Devlin, Delia F. 40 Oak 
Dorman, Elmer E. 335 Essex 
Dowling, T. E. 306 Park 
Duval, Leon, 175 Lowell 
Edmondson,. Joseph, 404 Broadway 
Elkind, Max, 640 Broadway 
Fletcher, P. R. 212 S. Broadway 
Freedberg, O. 563 Common 
Frye, J. A. 192 Lawrence 
Ger.rze, M 54 Valley 
Goldberg, Rose, 601 Broadway 
Goodman, Fred, 2 Newbury 
Gould, Joseph M. 293 Merrimac 
Halloran. John, 198 Lawrence 
Hamel, Homer, 175 Lowell 
Harmon, J. J. 232 Park 
Hargraves. Mary, 14 Lake 
Harmon, George T. 587 Broadway 
Harris, Elizabeth Mrs. 79 Union 
Hession, W. B. 166 Lowell 
Hey, Robert, 474 Broadway 
Hobin, John, 161 West 
Home, Mary A. 192 Valey 
Huckman, Emily Mrs. 676 Essex 
Jennings, John A. 24 Hampshire 
Jones, George, 457 Broadway 
Judge, James, 177 Oak 
Kaveny, Frank, 112 Common 
Kellltt, Ephralm. 587 Broadway 
Kelley, Mary. 199 Water 
Kenneally, Nora, 289 Oak 
Keoirh, Martha. 121 Cross 
Lamontagne, B. 127 Valley 
Lane. John, 150 Common 
Larkin, Patrick J. 101 Essex 
Leaver, J. E. 489 Broadway 


Of anythlng-that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Marshall, A. L. Mrs. 523 Broadway 
McArdle, Catharine, 1S2 Valley 
McCarty. Patrick, 316 Broadway 
McCormack, Mary A. 35 Haverhill 
McCormick, Patrick. 157 S. Union 
McCreadie, John, 3G Manchester 
McDonald, Ellen, 151 Margin 
McDonnell, James, 22 Chester 
McEvers, Annie Mrs. 1114 Lowell 
McHenry, F. Mrs. 14 Margin 
McManus, Catharine, 94 Amesbury 
McNamara, Ellen, 256 S. Union 
McNamara, Matthew, 183 S. Union 
McWeeney, James Mrs. 107 Spruce 
Meaney, P. J. 239 Chestnut 
Millington, John, 361 Park 
Mountain, David I. 32 l ,2 Manchester 
Moynahan, Timothy Mrs. 194 Park 
O'Neil, Margaret, 433 Broadway 
O'Sullivan, M. T. Mrs. 263 Oak 
Perkins, Charles, 13 Dracut 
Polrler, Harriet, 492 Common 
Potter, C. H. Mrs. 34 S. Broadway 
Richardson, L. C. 105 Cross 
Rodrlgue, George, 105 Hampshire 
Roebuck, George, 11 Camden, Methuen 
Rogers, M. A. 125 Springfield 
Ryan, Mary P. 35 White 
Scanlon, Mary, 133 Hampshire 
Stone, Annie Mrs. 206 Water 
Sullivan, Mortimer, 356 Hampshire 
Sweeney, John, 208 Farnham 
Teppler, Rosie, 411 Common 
Tlmmins. Mary, 31 Newbury 
Tschauder, Joseph, 71 Union 
Voyer, F. Mrs. 37 Concord 
Ward, P. C. Mrs. 143 S. Union 
Watson, F. Mrs. 199 Arlington 
Welch, James, 46 S. Broadway 
Whitehead, Ann Mrs. 54 Water 
Wholley, Julia Mrs. 8 Kingston 
Whyte, M. A. Miss, 57 Springfield 
Wiseman, David, 31 Common 

Wood, Frank, 38 Franklin 
Woolworth, F. W. & Co. 275 Essex 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Bricault, Auguste, 303 Common 
Fuller, George S. 22 Jackson 
Roberts, Joseph, 5 Mason 
Virtue, H. F. 393 Essex 
Winchester, John F. Lawrence 

Webbing; Manufacturer. 

Smith, Robert M. 50 Island 

Wheel Mfrs. 

Archibald Wheel Co. 15Q West 

AVliislc Broom Mfr. 

Blasser, Frank W. 164 Willow 

Woolen Goods Mfrs. 

Arlington Mills, Broadway 
Brown & Ackroyd (dress goods) 556 Com- 
Elston, Henry, r. 65 Center, Methuen 
Kunhardt, George E. Union 
Pacific Mills 
Walworth, John P. Marston 

Worsted Goods Mfrs. 

Crescent Worsted Co. Groton 
Hampshire Worsted Co. r. 620 Essex 
Paterson, James, & Co. 217 Methuen 

Yarn 3Ifrs. 

Globe Worsted Mills (carpet yarns) Allen 
Prospect Worsted Mills (worsted) S. Canal 
Washington Mills Co. 


In Berkshire Co.. 170 in. from Boston and 12 m. 
shire Div. N. Y.. N. H. & H. R. R. Inc. Oct. 21, 
Villages— South Lee, East Lee. 

south of Pittsfield on Berk- 
1777. Pop. 4,066. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Charles H. Tease 
Selectmen— P. M. Shaylor, ch. 

Isaac H. Pixley, ch., South L. 

Edward J. Dowd, East L. 

Auditors— J. C. Chaffee 

M. T. Robbins 
Treasurer— Bennett T. Gale 
Collector— Henry L. Smith 
Assessors— H. L. Smith, ch. 

C. N. Foote 

J. A. Tanner 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— C. H. Cutting 

F. H. Cutting 

H. A. Peck 

James W. Bassidy 

Jacob Leroy 

John Welch 

A. C. Wilson 

H. J. Perry 

John II. Lewis 

J. J. Waddock 
Supt. Streets— Jacob Leroy 

Cemetery Commissioners— J. M. Hawk 

H. J. Perry 

M. J. Reily 
Board Health— M. H. Pease, ch. 

D. M. Wilcox 

H. M. Smith 
Chief Fire Dept.— A. V. Shannon 

Public Schools. 

Committee— A. R. Smith, ch. 
D. M. Wilcox 
Charles H. Shaylor 

Prin. High School- 
John D. Seacord 


Auctioneer- Charles H. Cutting 

Thomas Norton 
Baiters— Li la M. Martin 

A. J. Morln 
Banks— Leo National, John L. Kilbon. 

Lee Savings Bank, John L. Kilbon, 
Bicycle IJenlers— 

Arthur L. Bartram 


Send for sample copy, 
then subscribe. 

$3.00 a year. 

The Builders' Weekly, 

Worcester, Mass. , 



LEE— Continued. 

S. V. Halsey 

George F. Hoskins 

Stevens & Wurtzbach 
Billiard Room— Mills J. Bosworth 
Blacksmiths— Frank A. Blowe 

James W. Bossidy 

James H. Dolan 

Nicholas Shea 

Andrew W. Simader 
Bonrtl of Trade— Lee Business Men'i 

Association, John P. Quigley, sec. 
Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
Thomas Farrell 

James W. Ferry 

Stephen V. Halsey 

Vincent Pisapai 

Joseph P. Quigley 

Albert C. Sparks 

Stevens & Hollenbeck 
Brick Dealers— William A. Heaphy 

Nelson Martin 
Carpenters— Zechariah Harding 

Freeland Oakley 

William A. Stone 
Carriage HetM»sitory— Hall Bros 
Clergymen and Churches— 

— — — , Zion A. M. E. (coloredi 

Cyrus W. McPherson, Methodist 

J. J. Mullen, asst. St. Mary's R. C. 

John H. Murphy, St. Mary's R. C. 

G. Mosley Murray, St. George's Epis. 

John D. Pope, Baptist 

Lyman S. Rowland, Congregational 

Samuel Hopley (Cong.) 
Clothing Dealers- 
Casey Clothing Co. 

George T. Gillmor 
Coal and Wood- C. E. & W. B. Hull 

Lee Coal Co. 
Confectionery and Fruit- 
John J. HcDermott 

Seraphina Sutty 
Dentist— Samuel K. Saunders 
Druft-j;-ists— John Cormick 

Herman E. Heebner 

Francis M. Pease 
Dry Goods— William H. Tucker 
Electric Li«ht Co.— 

Lee Electric Co., Joseph C. Chaffee, mgr. 
Expresses — Adams Express Co 

Thomas Daley (baggage) 

Robert H. Heath 
Flour aud Grain— David Dresser 

C. E. & W. B. Hull 
Furniture Dealers — 

Michael J. Kelly 

James A. Rice 
General Stores- 
John T. Collins. South L. 

John Craughwell 

Robert F. Graham 

Isaac H. Pixley, South L. 

Albert C. Sparks 
Grist Mill— 

Theron L. Foote, East L 

Grocers— Carey Bros. 

James W. Ferry 

James Norton 

Joseph P. Quigley 
Hairdressers— Alfred Morln 

Remo \V. Morin 

Joseph K. Oliver 
Hardware Dealers- 
Moses II. Pease & Co. 
Harness Maker— Daniel R. Hill 
Hotels— Calvin, Michael Galvin. prop. 

MORGAN HOUSE, Charlea E. Mor- 
gan, "prop., Main, opp. town hall 

Strickland, Mrs. Dora Couch, prop. 
Insurance Afients— 

Jewelers and Watchmakers- 
Theodore J. Gray 

George H. Heath 

Lucius F. Huid 
Justices of the Peace — 

Joseph C. Chaffee 

Albert B. Clark 

John H. Casey 

Petrocius H. Casey 

Charles H. Cutting 

Bennett T. Gale 

John L. Kllbon 

James O'Brien 

Charles H. Pease 

Moses H. Pea so 
Laundry— Troy Laundry Co. 
Lawyers— A. B. Clark 

Albert B. Clark 

Petrocius H. Casey 

James O'Brien 
Lihrary — Lee Library Association, Miss 

I. D. Bassett, lib. 
Lime Mfrs. — Martin Dee ley & Co. 
Iiiimher Dealers — 

William II. Baldwin & Son 
Machinists— Clark & Spenser 
Marble Workers- 
Lee Marble Works, Francis S. Gross. 

Wild Brothers 
Mason— Charles E. Gamble 
Milliners— Mary J. Brazel 

Kate Collins 

Mrs. Mae Griswold 
Newsdealer— Burton H. Taintor 
Newspaper — Valley Gleaner, Edward 

S. Rogers, prop. 
Notaries Public— Albert B. Clark 

Petrocius H. Casey 

John L. Kllbon 

Frank ^avaee 
Painters— Frank P. Brown 

Charles H. Lay 

Thomas Lyons 

Edward J. Mulcahy (carriage) 
Paper Mfrs.— 

G. K. Bird Paper Co. 

Benton Bros. 

Eaton, Dickerman & Co. 

Eaton. May & Robbins Paper Co. 

Hurlbut Paper Mfg. Co. (writing) 

South L. 

Smith Paper Co. (copying) 

Chauncey P. rutting: 

Edward J. Mai ley 
Physicians— Charles C. Holcomb* 

John J. Hassett 

Henry M. Smith 

William P. Wentworth (Horn.) 

Dorvil M. Wilcox 

Eliphalet Wright 
Plumbers— Michael H. Hays 

Smith & Hawkes 
Post OlHces and Postmasters- 
Lee — John E. B«sworth 

South Lee— Isaac H. Pixley 

East Lee— B. L. Doverrarns 
Printer— Edward S. Rogers 
Provision Dealers — 

Michael J. Grogan 

People's Market 

Thomas Moat 









^ : upS 

Sit** Lv_ \ 




Rag and Paper Knives- 
John Dowd's Sons 
Restaurant— John J. McDermott 
Stables— Fred H. Cutting 

John H. Daly 

Johnson & Son, South L. 

Tailors— William L. Davies 
Charles E. Miller 

Undertakers— M. J. Kelly 
Henry N. Norton 

Variety Stores- 
Edward B. Ramsdell 
Burton H. Talnter 

Water "Works — Berkshire Water Co., 
Joseph C. Chaffee, supt. 

Wire Mfr.— Thistle Wire Co. 


In Worcester Co., 6 m. west of Worcester; Rochdale is on B. & A. It. R. ; 
electric railway to Worcester and Spencer. Inc. Feb. 15, 1713. Pop. 8,239. 
Villages— Cherry Valley, Rochdale, Brick City, Greenville, Mannville. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Albert E. Booth 
Assistant Clerk— Marion O. Midgley 
Edward J. McDermott, ch., 

Cherry Valley 

Harry E. Sargent 

James E. Boardinan, Rochdale 

James F. Kennedy, Cherry Valley 
Treasurer— Walter C. Watson 
Collector— Harry T. Sanderson 
Assessors— George A. Lamb 

James L. Gallagher 

Edwin N. Adams, Rochdale 

Overseers Poor- 
George Whitford, ch. 

James J. Daly, Cherry Valley 

Thomas P. Berton, Rochdale 

Constables — 

James A. Quinn (civil) 

John F. Gagen 

Patrick J. Hanlon, 

John M. Chenery, 

W. Scott Seaver, 

Walker Woodhead, 

Matthew Trainor, 

Hugh J. Rice 

Owen J. Callaghan, 
Supt. Streets— Wiliam A. Bell 
Water Commissioners— H. O. Smith 

Harry E. Sargent 

Arthur F. Estabrook 
Park Commissioners— Chas. A. Denny 

Parkman T. Denny 

Dexter Knight 
Board Health— 

B. P. Barnes, chairman, Rochdale 

H. C. Evans 

James H. Knight, Cherry Valley 

Chief Fire Dept.— H. E. Sargent 

Cherry Valley 

Cherry Valley 



Cherry Valley 

Cherry Valley 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Rev. J. F. Redican, ch. 
John W. Boardinan, Rochdale 

Mrs. F. E. Trask 

William H. O'Brien, Cherry Valley 
M. J. Shaughnessey, Cherry Valley 
Malcom Clark, Rochdale 

Supt.— Miss Etta L. Chapman 

Prin. High School— A. M. P. Chase 

Prins. Grammar Schools- 
Charles D. Hart 

Laura H. Rnbbins, Cherry Valley 
M. Alma Whipple, Rochdale 



Artist— Mary E. Joslyn 
Hand— Rochdale Brass Band, J. Arnold 
Cooper, leader, Rochdale 

Banks— Leicester National Bank, Park- 
man T. Denny, cash. 
Leicester Savings Bank, Parkman T. 
Denny, treas. 
Blacksmiths — Michael Cashman 
Charles E. Hardy, Rochdale 

C. E. Perry 

Alexander Roy, Cherry Valley 

Richard Starbird, Cherry Valley 

Boot & Shoe Stiffening Mfrs.— 

Charles W. Warren & Son 
Card Clothing Mfrs.— 
Bisco & Denny Br. American Card Cloth- 
ing Co. 
J. & J. Murdock Br. American Card 

Clothing Co. 
Central Factory, American Card Clothing 
Carding Mill— 

M. G. Clark, Rochdale 

Carpenters— Louis Cormier 
J. R. Nichols, Rochdale 

Martin Taylor 
S. G. Warren 
William Wood 
Cigars and Tobacco- 
Thomas McAllister. , Cherry Valley 
Clergymen and Chnrches— 

L. C. H. Biggs, Baptist, Greenville 

Patrick F. Hafey, St. Aloysius' R. C, 

P. O. Oxford 

, St. Thomas* Epis., 

Cherry Valley 
J. H. Humphrey, Methodist, 

Cherry Valley 
Thomas W. Nickerson, Christ's Epis., 

John F. Redican, St. Joseph's R. C. 
David C. Reid, First Congregational 
Alonzo Sanderson, Meth., 

P. O. Worcester 
Nathaniel Seaver, Second Cong. 

Erastus Burlingham (Meth.) 
Samuel May (Un.) 
Coal Dealers- 
Mrs. I. E. Brown, Cherry Valley 
Joseph L. Cone, Cherry Valley 
Thomas S. Snow 
Druggist— Albert E. Booth 
Electric liiglit & Power Co.— 

Rawson Light & Power Co. 
T. S. Snow's Worcester Express 

Is always Entertaining 
and Newsy. 



LEICESTER— Continued. 

Flannel Mfrs.— George W. Olney 


(inc. i 



Cherry Valley 

Cherry Valley 

Cherry Valley 


Rochdale Mills, 
General Stores— 

, Boardman Brothers, 

A. B. Kennedy, 

Leicester Grocery Co. 

George F. Lyon 
Grain Dealers— 
• ! D. F. Draper & Son 

John W. Snow 
Grist Mill— H. Fay 

Ashworth & Lamb, 

McDermott Brothers, 

E. F. Smith. 

Frank G. Tucker, 
Hairdressers— George Pecor 

James M. Mulrain, Cherry Valley 

Hand Card and Heddle Mfrs. — 

L. S. Watson Mfg. Co. 
(.. Leicester Hotel, Chas. Sleeper, prop. 

Rochdale Hotel, Edwin W. Ellis, prop. 
lee Dealers— Edgar M. Bond 

John O'Gara 
Insurance Ag-cnt— John O'Gara 

'Charles A. Denny 

J. R. Nichols, Greenville 

Justices of tlie Pence— 

J. E. Boardman 

Jerome Bottomly 

Everett Carlton 

Elbridge G. Carlton 

Charles A. Denny 

Parkman T. Denny 

Charles T. Munroe 

John R. Nichols 

A. E. Smith 

H. O. Smith 

L. D. Thurston 
Lawyer— Henry O. Smith 
Xiibrary— Leicester Public Library, Mary 

D. Thurston, lib. 
Lnmber Dealers- 
James P. Conion, 

A. B. Davidson 

Charles W. Grosvenor 

Walter E. Sprague 
Machine Knife Mfrs. 

A. Hankey & Co., inc., 
Masons- Jesse M. Stone 



George Whltford 
Music Tenvlier— Eliza A. Pollard 
Notaries l'ublic — Albert E. Booth 

Jerome Bottomly 

C. A. Denny 

A. E. Smith 

Henry L. Watson 
Painter— H. W. Newton 
Physicians— Fred H. Gifford 

E. M. Leach 

Alexander McNeish, Rochdale 

Charles G. Stearns 

Plumber and Stove Dealer— 
J. P. Ashey 

Post Oflices and Postmasters- 
Leicester — L. D. Thurston 
Rochdale— F. D. Tucker 
Cherry Valley — Thomas Ashworth 

Provision Dealers — 
Charles F. Bullard 
John Knox, 
Minott & Robinson 

F. E. Scott. 
J. P. Trainor & Co., 

John P. Squires 

Satinet Mfrs.— 
J. D. Clark & Co.. 
Ell Collier 
George Mann & Brother 

Saw Mills— A. B. Davidson 
C. W. Grosvenor 

School — Leicester Academy, A. M. P. 
Chase, prin. 

Stable— John W. Snow 

Inez E. Brown, 
Joseph L. Cone 
Charles D. Home 
Thomas S.« Snow 

Tinsmitb— J. P. Ashey 

Undertaker— John W. 

"Wbeelwriiibt — C. E. Perry 

Wood Dealers— Chas. Grosvenor 
Charles D» Home 
Walter E. Sprague 

Woolen Goods Mfrs. — 

Cherry Valley 

Cherry Valley 


Cherry Valley 


Chapel Mills Mfg. Co. 
Comins & Co., 
A. W. Darling, 
A. Howarth & Son, 
E. D. Thayer, Jr., 
Valley Woolen Mills, 

Cherry Valley 
Cherry Valley 
P. O. Oxford 
Cherry Valley 
Cherry Valley 


In Berkshire Co., 158 m. from Boston and 8 m. south of Pittsfleld on Berk- 
shire Div. N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Inc. Feb. 2G. 1707. Pop. 2.S72. 
Villages — New Lenox, Lenoxdale. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Isaac J. Newton 
Selectmen— Leonard C. Peters, ch. 

Richard A. Stanley 

Seymour O. Tillotson 
Auditors— Graham E. C. Root 

E. P. Lawton 
Treasurer — Isaac J. Newton 
Collector— William Mahanna 
Assessors— II. D. Kendall, chairman 

R. C. Green leaf 

John D. Conl- 


Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— William N. Tucker 

Harvey II. Dewey 

H. L. Bull 

John Johnson 

David Harrigan 

Joseph Flynn 
Water Commissioner— Isaac J. Newton 

(Private corporation.) 
Sewer Commissioners — 

Henry D. Kendall 

Edward C. Carter 
I John M. Cook 

and PHOTO. J. c. FREEMAN & CO., 





Cemetery Commissioners— 

W. J. Dower 

Henry Sedgwick 
Board Health— Dr. E. I\ Hale, ch. 

William B. Bull 

C. C. Flint 
Chief Police— James A. Flynn 

Public Schools. 

Committee— William J. Dower, ch. 

R. D. Mallary 

John T. Parsons 
Prin. High School— L. M. Rowland 


Antiques and Curios- 
Thomas S. Morse 
Leonard C. Peters 



_ Housatonic 

Banks— Lenox National, Edward Mc- 
Donald, cash. 
Lenox Savings Bank, Edward McDonald, 
Barrel 3Ifr.— Oliver Hutchinson 
Bicycle Dealer— Clarence T. Curtis 
Billiard Room— Charles A. Martin 
Blacksmiths— Mrs. C. Broderick 
Callahan & O'Brien, Lenoxdale 

Russell S. Himes 
Henry D. Kendall 

John O'Brien, Lenoxdale 

Joseph Regnier 
Boarding House— Mrs. J. H. Curtis 
Boot and Shoe Dealer— 

J. FRANK MORRIEll, Walker st 
Boot ami Shoe Maker- 
Fritz Hagen 
Carpenters— Elmer E. Parsons 
Frank A. Parsons 
John H. Root 
Edward J. Stephens 
' Chiropodist— Margaret A. Roche 
Clergymen and Churches- 
Harold Arrowsmith, Episcopal 
William J. Dower, Roman Catholic 
Fred Lynch, Congregational 
Edwin S. Potter, Methodist 

R. D. Mallary (Cong.) 
Coal and Wood- 
Lenox Coal Co., Lenoxdale 
Druggists— Eddy & Co. 
Ralph Gorham 
Frank '0. Hagyard 
Dry and Fancy Goods- 
William D. Avery Lenoxdale 
Mrs. Rose Colbert 

J. FRANK MORRIEK, Walker st. 
Electrician— Benjamin H. Rogers 
Electric Lijyot Companies- 
Berkshire Electric Co. 
Lenox Electric Light & Power Co.. 
William D. Curtis, pr^s. 
Express— Adams Express Co. at Lenox. 

New Lenox and Lenoxdale 
Fish Dealer— Timothy W. Broderick 
Flour and Grain — Clark Bros. 
General Stores- 
William D. Avery, Lenoxdale 
Henry L. Durwln 

Edward C. Roy, Lenoxdale 

Charles M. Sears 

Grocers— Murray A. Brown 

Oscar S. Hutchinson, New Lenox 

Hairdressers— Bernard N. Duclos 

Thomas O'Connell. Lenoxdale 

George Werner 
Hardware Dealers — 

James Clifford's Son8 (general) 

Thomas F. Mackey 
Curtis, William D. Curtis, prop. 

Eldorado. Lenoxdale 

lee Dealer — Michael E. Mahanna 
Insurance Audits— 

Post & McDonald 
Jeweler and Watchmaker— 

ERNEST J. VOIGUlElt, Main st. 
Justices of the Peace- 
William D. Avery, Lenoxdale 

John W. Cooney 

William D. Curtis 

Edward P. Hale 

Hamilton Kuhn 

Isaac J. Newton 

Thomas Post 
Laundry-Lenox Steam Laundry, Mau- 
rice J. Roche, prop. 
Lawyer— Thomas Post 
Lime Kiln— Hutchinson Brothers 
Library— Charles Sedgwick Library, 

Anna L. White, lib. 
Mason — Charles Kilmer 
Music Teacher— Edith E. Parker 
.Votaries Public— James A. Campbell 

Thomas Post 
Nurserymen— 'Martin Finaghty 

John O'Brien 
Painters— Isaac W. Fenwick (carriage) 

John Gorman (carriage) 

Fred J. Martin (and builder), Lenoxdale 
Paper Mfrs.— Smith Paper Co., Lenox- 
dale; .Frederick W. Wurtzbach, supt. 
Office at Lee 
Physician— Edward P. Hale 
Plumbers— William B. Bull 

John Kirkwood 

Richard O'Brien 
Post Ollices and Postmasters- 
Lenox — George F. Bourne 

New Lenox — Oscar S. Hutchinson 

Lenoxdale — William D. Avery 
Provision Dealers — 

Louis A." Crosby 

Frank L. Gllmore 
James Kiley 
Thomas Rohan & Co. 
Richard A. Stanley 

Henry D. Wood, Lenoxdale 

Real Estate— George F. Bourne 

LOL'IS II. REGNIER, Walker st. 
See adv. 




Books, Toys and Stationery, 

Saw Mills- 
Oliver S. Hutchinson, 
George U. Judd 

Stables— George C. Curtis 
Michael Prout 

New Lenos 


Cannot intelligently and conveniently con- 
"uct Public Business without such aids 
s the information in this Book affords. 



LENOX— Continued. 

lin, cor. Main 
LOUIS H. REGMEK, Walker st. 
See adv. 

Tailor— Daniel Griffin 

Wagon Maker— John Gorman 

Christian Meyer, Lenoxdale 

Water Co.— Lenox Water Co.. Thos. 
Post, pres. 

William H. Washburn, agt., Lenoxdale 


In Worcester Co., 45 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Worcester and 4 m. south 
of Fitchburg on Northern Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. II. & II. R. R. ; 
North Leominster is on the main line Fitchburg R. It. ; electric railways to 
North Leominster, Fitchburg, Clinton and Lancaster. Inc. June 23, 1740. 
Pop. 9,211. 

Villages— Gate's Crossing, Leominster Center, North Leominster, West 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Charles A. Joslin 
Selectmen— Charles C. Cook, ch. 

Wooster F. Dodge 

Charles T. Foster 
Auditors — Frank S. Farusworth 

Thomas A. Hills 

Fred H. Cook 
Treasurer and Collector — 

Charles A. Joslin 
Assessors— Henry Cook, chairman 

Charles A. Hunt 

Will G. Derby 
Overseers Poor — 

Charles H. Rice, ch. 

Dennis E. Wheeler 

Sarah F. Gallup 
Constables— Warren S. Burnap 

William A. Lasselle 

James Lynch 

David May 

David F. Corkum (civil) 
Supt. Streets— A Iburtus M. Jackson 
Water Commissioners- 
William H. Chase, chairman 

Samuel A. Stevens 

Arthur II. Hall 
Cemetery Committee — 

Benjamin F. Blodgett, chairman 

Jonas W. Gates 

John W. H. Lawrence 
Sinking Fund Commissioners- 
Hamilton Mayo, chairman 

John M. Lockey 

William H. Chase 
Board Health— 

Dr. Charles E. Bigelow, chairman 

Henry N. Spring 

Augustus L. Whitney 
Chief Police— William A. Lasselle 

Chief Fire Dept.— W. H. Spaulding 

Public Schools. 

Committee — 
Charles F. Nixon, ch. 
Dr. Edward J. Cutter 
Dr. H. Porter Hall 
Dr. Appleton II. Pierce 

Mrs. Abby G. Boutelle 
Mrs. Ella M. Wilder 
Supt. — Thomas E. Thompson 
Prin. High School— "Wallace E. Mason 
Prln. Grammar School- 
William I. Corthell 


Agrricultaral Implements— 

Leominster Hardware Co. 
Henry F. Sawtell 
Apple-Parinu" Machine Mfrs.— 

Hudson Parer Co. 
Architect- -George W. Howe 
Auctioneers — Henry Cook 

Henry G. fidgerly 

Charles H. Rice 
Bakers— Bassett & Baker 

Edward C. Williams 
Banks — Leominster Co-operative Bank, 
Robert fe. Carter, sec. 

Leominster National, Alfred I. Burditt, 

Leominster Savings Bank, Alfred L. 
Burditt, treas. 
Bicycle Dealers — R. B. Andrews 

John T. Burns 

Cycle Supply Co. 

Prevear & Willis 

Smith Brothers 
Billiards and Pool— 

C. O. Amazeen & Co. 

William C. Phillips 

Jerry R. Richards 

Elijah I. Thompson 
Bill Posters- 

Leominster Advertising Co. 
Blacksmiths— Frank Archibald 

J. S. Chadwick 

Owen Casey 

Joseph Foster 

David Haley 

Thomas Lane 

Smead & Carter 

Stover & Bushman 
Board of Trade- 
Alfred L. Walker, sec. 
Bookbinder — Zeno S. Phelps 
Booksellers— Henry T. Eastabrook 

Allen C. Hosmer 
Boot and Shoe Dealers — 

Charles R. Chamberlain 

William F. Howe 


At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of 




Lamb Bros. 

G. D. Ouimet 

A. M. Polley & Son 

George M. Powers 
Boot and Shoe Makers— 

William G. Chute 

Samuel Cohen 

John H. Keating 

William D. Phelps 

Frank Popler 

Fritz Suhlke 

George Walker 
Box Mfrs.— 

George L. Chase (shoe cases) 

E. F. Dodge & Co. (paper) 

Whitney & Co. (folding) 
Brick 31frs. — William L. Osborne 

Joseph Loll it- 
Butter ami Cheese— S. K. Ames 

Thomas F. Hackett 
Button 3Ifrs.— B. F. Blodgett & Co. 

Damon, Howe & Co. 

Leominster Button Co. 

Paton Mfg. Co. 

Star Button Mfg. Co. 
Cabinet Maker— Jacob R. Swift 
Carpenters and Builders— 

Edwin W. Davis 

Charles Green 

Adolph Houde 

Albert E. Lyon 

Elmer E. Power3 

E. R. Stuart 
Paul Webber 

Carpet Dealer— Ehen F. Pierce 

Carriage Dealers- 
Francis F. Fiske 
Charles S. Marshall & Co. 

Carriage Makers- 
Frederick Childs 
Joseph Foster 
John Kingston 
Albert Lapointe 
Oliver H. McKenney (trimmer) 
George P. Reed 
Smead & Carter 

Carriage Mfrs.— 

F. A. Whitney Carriage Co. (baby) 
W T hItney Reed Chair Co. (baby) 

Caterer — Edward C. Williams 
Chair 31 frs.— Whitney Reed Chair Co. 
Chemicals — Danforth Chemical Co. 
Chiropodist— Michael F. Markey 
Clp:ar Mfr. — John A. Hannis 
Cigars and Tobacco — 

C. O. Amazeen & Co. 

H. B. Bicknell & Co. 

William J. Coombs 

Mary Ferari 
Civil Engineers and Surveyors 

Jonas W. Gates 

George F. Miller 
ClerRjnicn and Churches- 
James M. Bell, Congregational 

Francis A. Brown, St. Mark's Episcopal 

Edward P. Dunphy, St. Leo's R. C. 

Arthur E. Harriman, Central Baptist 

E. P. Herrick. Methodist 

Frederic J. Gauld 

Thomas 'C. O'Connor, St. Leo's R. C. 

Lawrence Phelps, Orthodox Cons. 

C. Guy Bobbins, First Unlvorsalist 

Daniel Shiel, St. Leo's R. C. 


Joel D. Miller, Congregational 

Henry R. Smith, Unitarian 

Clothing Dealers— 

'C. C. Lawrence & Co. 

Rockwood & Co. 

Shapley Bros. 

Star Clothing Co. 

Willis H. Upham 
Coal, Wood, Hay, Etc- 

Leominster Coal Co. 

Alvah L. Parkham 

James M. Robbins 

Union Coal Co., Willard F. Lawrence, 

Wachusett Coal Co. 
Comb Machinery Mfr.— 

F. H. Cook & Co. 

Comb Mfrs.— B. F. Blodgett & Co. 
William Booth & Co. 
C. H. Brlgham & Co. 
Everett E. Page 
Columbia Comb Co. 
Damon, Howe & Co. 
W. D. Earl & Co. 
George Forbes 

E. B. Kingman & Co. 
Newton & Merriman 
Paton Mfg. Co. 
Spill Brothers 
Tenney & Porter 
Tilton & Cook 
Union Mfg. Co. 
Williams & Winn 

Concrete Pavers— 

G. E. Tisdale & Co. 
Confectionery and Fruit— 

Joseph Chlsa 
William J. Coombs 
Julian A.. Hills (wholesale) 
Michael McLaughlin 
Dennis H. Wheelock 
Willard D. Blanchard (stone) 

F. L. Leavitt & Co. (stone) 
Herbert E. McDonald (electric) 

Pierce Construction { Co. (electric rail- 
ways) „ 
Creamery — Leominster Creamery, G. H. 

Wass & Co., props. 
Crockery and Glassware — 

E. F. Pierce 

Walter K. Richardson 
Dentists— James Cleary 

Francis E. Nimms 

Albert H. Ward 

Lewis L. Warren 

George H. Woodbury 
Dressmakers— Alice L. Bacon 

Laura B. Barrus 

Angie L. Cote 

Mrs. A. L. Dever 

Mrs. C. M. Fortier 

Mrs. H. Hayward 

Luella Hopkins 

Maggie A. Leahy 

Mary E. Leahy 

Hannah O'Brien 
Druggists— Everett E. Burdett 

Charles F. Nixon 

Frank I. Pierson 

Fred P. Porter 
Dry and Fancy Goods— 

N. F. Hobbs & Co. 

Q. Curtis Nickerson 

Nutter & Tolman 

Gusty D. Ouimet 

Rockwood & Co. 

Joseph Venne 

Mrs. Ella M. Wilder 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK is published by F. S. Blanchanj 
& Co., Worcester, and is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawlully using or 
appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



LEOMINSTER— Continued. 

Electric Lig'ht Co.— Leominster Elec- 
tric Light & Power Co., Egbert V. En- 
sign, supt. 

Enainelers and Japnnners- 

Sun Enamel Works (novelties), \V. N. 
Maynard, prop. 
Expresses— Adams Express Co. 

American Express Co. 

Leominster and Fitchburg Express, Fred- 
erick C. Ames, prop, (also agt. Smith 
& Co. Freight Express) 

New York & Boston Despatch 
Fibre Board 3lfrs„— 

National Fibre Board Co. 
Fish and Oysters— 

Conant, Chapin & Co. 

Henry D. Lusk 

Ralph H. Morrill 

Henry W. Millard, North L. 

Thomas Ordung 

Joseph D. Sauvageau 
Florists— Joseph Fuller 

Orlo H. Lyon 
Flour and Crain— 

Bosworth "& Wood 

Albert L. Clark 

William F. Howe, North L. 

Newton Merriman & Co. 

Everett E. Page 

Paton Mfg. Co. 

W. S. Reed & Co. 
Fruit Extract JIfr.— 

Elmer K. Cousins 
Furniture Dealers- 
Henry G. Edgerly 

Eben F. Pierce 

Previer & Willis 
Furniture M£rs,- 

N. C. Boutelle & Co., North L. 

Merriam, Hall & Co., North L. 

Furrier— Mrs. Sarah E. Dutton 
Gas Co.— Leominster Gas Light Co., 

Howard M. Lane, supt. 
Gas Fitters— J. B. Farnsworth 

Orlo H. Lyon 

Smith Brothers 
General Stores- 
William F. Howe, North L. 

S. Haven & Son 
Grist Mill— Bosworth & Wood 
Grocers— Bates Brothers 

John Beal 

David A. Bourdon 

Cobb, Aldrich & Co. 

J. J. Gallagher & Co. 

A. E. Lewis & Co. 

Michael McLaughlin 

John W. O'Neil 

G. D. Ouimat 

John Reed 

John W. Reed 

Walter K. Richardson 

Frank H. Robertson 

F. E. Short & Co. 

Eugene A. Woodbury 
Hairdressers— Alexander Bouver 

Josiah Burrage 

Arlmttas Charron 

Leon David 

George Gero 

Walter H. Goodrich 

Peter Hill 

Moses L. Miller 

Thomas H. O'Brien 

George F. Stanley 

Arthur E. Whiting 
Halls— Kendall Hall, capacity 600 

Fraternity Hall, capacity 200 

Music Hall, capacity 1000 

Town Hall, capacity I20f> 

Wood's Hall, capacity 200 
Hardware, l'aints. Oils, Etc. — 

Leominster Hardware Co. 

Henry F. Sawtelle 
Harness 3Iak:ers— Patrick Dolan 

C S. Marshall (dealer) 

Oliver H. McKenney 

Peter J. McNeil 

Alfred L. Roux 
Hay and Straw— Albert L. Clark 

Bosworth & Wood 

Leominster Coal Co. 

Union Coal Co. 
Horn Dealers— Horn & Supply Co 

Patrick F. Lane 

Leominster Horn Co. 
Horn Goods Mfrs.— 

B. F. Blodgett & Co. 

A. W. Colburn & Co. (piano keys) 

Damon, Howe & Co. 

W. D. Earl & Co. 

Hannah A. Goodhue 

Horn & Supply Co. 

E. B. Kingman & Co. 

Spill Brothers 

Tenney & Porter 

Tilton & Cook 

Williams & Winn 
Hose Menders Mfrs.— 

Charles E. Hudson & Co 
Central Hotel. F. M. Ripley, prop. 

Leominster Hotel, J. F. Folsom, mgr. 

THE COLl'.MDI.V. Oscar F. Kinney, 
prop. See adv. 

Cfte Columbia, 


Steam ftleatet> Gbrougbout. 
Blectric Xtgbts. . 

First-class in all its appointments. 
All electric cars pass the house. One 
minute from N. Y., N. H. & H. depot. 


Ice Dealers — Lucien Farrar 

Greene & Sneddon 
Insurance Anents— 

F. L. Barrett & Co. 
C. W. Carter 
J. M. Lockey & Co. 
J. P. Lockey & Co. 
Nathan E. Metcalf 
J. J. Tyler & Co. 
A. L. Walker 
Jewelers and Watchmakers— 
Rollln B. Andrews 
Samuel N. Follansbee 
Frank A. Richardson 
Roby H. SafCord 



DIRECTORY, published annual. y. 

F. IS. Ulamhard & Co., Worcester. 




Jewelry Specialties Mfrs.-- 

Standard Mfu. Co. 
Justices of the Peace- 
Harry C. Bascom 

Alfred L. Burditt 

Chauncey W. Carter 

Robert L. Carter 

Charles E. Dresser 

James H. P. Dyer 

Franklin Freeman 

Jonas W. Gates 

William F. Howe 

Charles A. Joslln 

Patrick il. Killelea 

Howard M. Lane 

John M. Lockey 

Philip Lothrop 

Fred J. Lothrop 

Hamilton Mayo 

Nathan E. Metcalf 

George F. Morse 

William A. Putnam 

Clarence E. Tupper 

Joel G. Tyler 
La wyers— Harry C. Bascom 

Chauncey W. Carter 

James H. P. Dyer 

Franklin Freeman 

Hamilton Mayo 

Tupper & Lano 
Leather Hoard Mfrs.— 

National Fibre Board Co. 
Lihrary— Leominster Public, James M. 

Bronson, lib. 
Lumber Dealers— W. A. Fuller & Co. 

W. V}. Johnson &. Co. (wholesale) 

Rice & Holden 

John H. Shedd, North L. 

Webber Lumber Co. 
Machinists— F. H. Cook & Co. 

Austin A. Smith 

James A. Stowell 
Marble Workers-Frank Kittridge 

James R. McNeil 
Market Gardeners- 
Walter E. Allen 

Edgar M. Bruce 

Walter A. Bruce 

George M. Kendall 

Chester Pratt 
Masons— Willard D. Blanchard 

Dunn & Ingraham 

Kittredge & Leavitt 

Henry N. Spring 
3Ien's Furnishing!) — 

C. C. Lawrence & Co. 

Shapley Bros. 

Willis H. Upham 
Milliners— Mrs. M. E. Bowen 

Mrs. A. F. Chappelle 

Elizabeth E. Downey 

J. J. Girouard & Co. 

Emma Ross 

Mrs. Morgia N. Straw 
Music and Musical Instruments 

Rollin B. Andrews 
Newsdealer — Allen C. Hosmer 

Leominster Enterprise (daily), J. D. 
Miller Co., pubs. 
Notaries Public — Harry C. Bascom 

Chauncey W. Carter 

Franklin Freeman 

Charles A. Joslin 

Fred J. Lothrop 

George F. Morse 

William A. Putnam 

Joel G. Tyler 
Oil Dealers— C. A. Cross &. Co. 

Elbrldge & Rogers 
Optical Goods— Samuel N. Folansbeo 

John W. Wetherbee 
Organ Stop Knob ftlfrs.— 

George F. Holt 
Painters— C. L. Chase (house) 

George S. thase 

Simeon Derwln (carriage) 

Charles H. Divoll (house) 

Francis F. Fiske (carriage) 

Charles Joy (house) 

Henry Joy (house) 

H. N. Miller & Co. (house) 

John J. Munroe (carriage) 

Jerome Phelps (house. and carriage) 

T. H. Riley & Co. 

William A. Snow 
Paper Dealers— 

H. E. Sargent Paper Co. (wholesale) 
Paper Mfrs.— 

Geo. W. Wheelwright Paper Co., North L. 
Paper Hanging's— Foster Bros. 

Snow Bros. 

Angus S. McKenney 

Lucius A. Richardson 

Worcester Photo Studio 
Physicians— Charles E. Bigelow y 

Clarence S. Brigham 

Henry R. Brown (Horn.) 

Edward J. Cutter 

Frank L. Dunham 

Clement Frechette 

H. Porter Hall 

C. Augusta Latham (Horn.) 

John G.' Litch 

Edward R. Miller (Horn.) 

Frank H*. Mowe 

Appleton H. Pierce 

Mrs. M. N. Perkins (Clair.) 

Martin H. Tierney 

John E. Walsh 

Charles .A. Wheeler (Eel.) 
Piano Case Mfrs.— 

J. H. Lockey Piano Case Co. . 

Rice & Holden 

Richardson Piano Case Co. 

Freeborn G. Smith 

Wellington Piano Case Co. 
Piano Key Mfrs.— 

A. W. Colburn & Co. 
Piano Mfrs.— Jewett Piano Co. 

Andrew G. Recard 
Plumbers— Henry Cook & Son 

John B. Farnsworth 

George M. Kendall 

O. H. Lyon 

Smith Bros. 
Post Ollices and Postmasters— 

Leominster — Thomas A. Hills 

North Leominster — William F. Howe 
(clerk In charge) 
Printers— F. N. Boutwell & Co. 

Edward C. Harrington 

J. D. Miller Co. 
Provision Dealers — 

Burpee & Adams 

John A. Cobleigh 

Walter A. Cole 

Conant. Chapin & Co. 

C. B. Emonds & Co. 

Hackett & Connors 

Albert L. Hale 

Martin A. Person 

William L. Scanlon 

100,000 FIRMS 

Throughout the 






LEOMINSTER— Continued. 

Publishers — Morse Company 
Pnmp 3Ifr. — Henry N. Powers 
Quarries— Willard D. Blanchard 

F. M. Leavitt & Co. 
Real Estate Agents— 

F. L. Barrett & Co. 

John Boyle 

Henry Cook 

Alvin E. Estabrook 

Charles T. Foster 

Charles A. Hunt 

John M. Lockey 

George M. Kendall 

Nathan E. Metcalf 

Harry L. Pierce 

A. L. Walker 
Refrigerator Mfrs.- 

Leomlnster Refrigerator Co. 
Restaurants — Arthur E. Bartlett 

Bassett & Baker 

Darwin B. Cole 

William L. Farrell 

DeWitt C. Farwell 

Benjamin A. Johnson 

Edward C. Williams 
Roofers — Alexander Draffln (slate) 

H. E. Burrage & Co. (tin) 

Frank S. Potter 
Sewing Machine Agents— 

D. C. Nickerson 

Rockwood & Co. 
Shirt Mfrs.— G. A. Gane Shirt Co. 

Leominster Shirt Co. 

Wachusett Shirt Co. 
Stables— C. E. & F. G. Foster 

C. S. Marshall & Co. (sale) • 

Rufus B. Parker 

Edward W. Pierce 

John G. Pierce, North L. 

Storage Warehouse— 

J. J. Tyler & Co. 
Stove Dealers— H. E. Burrage & Co. 

Eben F. Pierce 

Smith Bros. 

Tailors— Patrick Coffee 

James A. Farwell 

Charles Girard 

Jacob Rosenberg 

Shapley Bros. 
Tanners and Curriers— 

Phelps & Harrison, North L. 

Teamsters— Frederick C. Ames 

John J. Letarte 

Felix B. Letarte 

F. J. Lewis & Co. 

W. K. Morse & Co. 

William N. Rockwood 

William H. Winchester 
Thill Coupling Mfr.— 

James E. Whitney (anti-rattling) 
Toy Mfrs.-H. E. Bartlett & Co. 

Whitney-Reed Chair Co. 
Typewriting— Mrs. F. H. Wilson 

Charles G. Brown 
Uhtlertalcer.s — Hugh M. Foster 

Charles H. Richardson 
Upholsterers— Edmund G. Davi3 

Frank A. Dinsmore 

Henry G. Edgerly 

Previer & Willis 
Variety Stores— Rollin B. Andrews 

Fred A. Clapp 

Mrs. F. C. Estabrook 
Veterinary Surgeons-— 

William H. Dodge 

George M. Kendall 
Wheelwrights — Joseph Foster 

Albert Lapointe 

George P. Reed 
Wood Turners— H. E. Bartlett & Co. 

A. W. Colburn & Co. 

Edwin W. Davis 

Leominster Turning Co. 

Sun Enapiel Works 
Wood Novelty Mfrs.— 

H. E. Bartlett & Co. 
Worsted Goods Mfrs.— 

Leominster Worsted Co. 
Yarn Mfr.— 

Edward M. Rockwell (woolen) 


In Franklin Co., 14 ni. southeast of Greenfield on New London & North- 
ern Div. Central Vermont It. R. ; stage connection with Shutesbury. Inc. 
March 5, 1774. Pop. 744. 

Villages— Hillsboro, North Leverett, Moore's Corner, East Village. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Horace W. Field 

Stillman K. Field, ch., Hillsboro 
Orman C. Marvell. North L. 

Charles Hall Beaman 

Auditor— Bradford M. Field 

Treasurer— Horace W. Field 

Collector — Charles Hall Beaman 

Assessors— Horace W. Field, ch. 
Fred F. Adams, East L. 

Clinton W. Baker, North L. 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Charles II. Hemenway (civil), 

North L. 

Harrison M. Glazier, East L. 

Charles Hall Beaman 
Highway Commissioners — 

Orman C. Marvell, North L. 

Ernest M. Beaman 

Fred F. Adams. East L. 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Horace W. Field, ch. 

Mrs. Orman C. Marvel, North L. 

Charles M. Hemenway, North L. 

Supt— Charles M. Barton, Hatfield 


Auctioneer — Horace W. Field 
Lllncl&smitn— Walter Harrington 


Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts; the information is obtained by personal can* 
vass of the State, and is duly copyrighted. 



Box Mfrs.— Frary & Gates 
Carpenters— Elijah L. Gravts 
John C. Hunt 

D. L. Graves 

R. L. Peckham 

F. H. Tyler 

Cider Mfrs.— F. F. Adams 

G. F. Bull 

Clerft-ymen and Churches— 
Edwin Hatfield, Baptist, North L. 

Richard Scales, First Congregational 
John C. Wightman, Second Cong., 

Moore's Corner 

Coal Dealer— Amos B. Howard 

Express — American Express Co. 

Fertilizer Dealers— W. L. Boutwell 
Julius Cedilotte 
H. W. Field 

E. M. Ingram 

Flour and Grain Dealers— 

E. W. Buckminster, 

B. M. Field 

Levi W. Gold, 
General Stores— 

E. \V. Buckminster, 

B. M. Field 

J. W. Watson 
Grist BI ills- 
Frank N. Bourne, 

Levi W. Gold, 

North L. 

East L. 

North L. 

North L. 
East L. 

Carrie Field, East L. 
Harness Maker— E. M. Beeman 
Justices of the I'eace- 

Horace W. Field 

Sanford S. Graves, North L. 

Charles M. Hemenway, North L, 

■Library — Public Library, Mrs. C. F, 
Frary, Leverett, and Mrs. S. S. Graves, 
North Leverett, libs. 
Lumber Dealers— Albert Field 

Alfred Field 

Field & Field 

J.' W. Watson 
Physician— W. W. Fisk 
Post Unices and Postmasters— 

Leverett — Bradford M. Field 

Hillsboro— Julius Cedilotte 

North Leverett— E. W. Buckminster 

East Leverett— Levi W. Gold 

Moore's Corner — J. W. Watson 
Roofers— H. W, Field (steel) 
Saw Mills- 
Frank N. Bourne, 

Luther Dudley & Son, 

C. C. Moore 

J, W. Watson 

Lewis Williams, 
"Wooden Ware Mfrs.— 

M. T. Groves (pails), North L. 

North L. 
North L. 

East L. 


In Middlesex Co., 51 m. northwest of Boston and 10 ni. from East Cam- 
bridge on Southern Div. B. & M. R. R. Inc. March 20, 1713. Top. 3,498. 
Villages— East Lexington, North Lexington. 

East L. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Leonard A. Savllle 

Edwin S. Spaulding, ch., East L. 
George W. Sampson 
Charles A. Fowle 

Auditors— II. Eugene Tnttle 
Hilman B. Sampson 

Treasurer— George D. Harrington 

Collector — Loring W. Muzzy 

Walter Wellington, ch., East L. 
Quincy Bicknell, Jr. 
George W. Sampson 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

William B. Foster (civil), East L. 
Charles II. Franks (civil) 

Supt. Streets- 
Edwin S. Spaulding, East L. 

Water Commissioners- 
Bradley C. Whitcher, chairman 
Everett S. Locke 
Nelson W. Jenney, East L. 

Sewer Commissioners — 
Robert P. Clnpp 
George O. Whitney 
Edwin S. Spaulding. East L. 

Cemetery Committee- 
Emery A. Mulliken 
George II. Jackson 
Abbott S. Mitchell 

Board Health— 
Dr. Henry C. Valentine 

Albert B. Smith, 

Charles H. Franks 
Chief Foliee— Charles H. Franks 
Chief Fire Dept.— 

Edwin J. B. Nourse 

* Puhlic Scliools. 

Committee — Henry H. Hamilton, ch. 
Charles H. Wis well 
James Benton Werner 

Supt. Schools and Prin. High School- 
Jonathan I. Buck 


Anctioneers — Jonathan Bigelow 

Louis H. Bigelow 

Jolin F. Hutchinson 

Abbott S. Mitchell 
Ilaker-Earl B. Smith 
11a nd — Lexinpton Drum Corps, Walter 

Ballard, leader 
Dank — Lexington Savings Bank, James 

E. Crono. treas. 
llieyele Dealers— Fiske Bros. 

Fred C. Jones 

Lyman Lawrence & Son 
Blacksmiths — George H. Horsey 

Edward B. McLellan 

Michael A. Pero, East L. 

John A. Russell, East L. 

Shaw & Meek 
Hoarding House— 

Mrs. H. P. Oriffln 
Boot and .Shoe Dealers— 

Fiske Bros. 

Frank Nelson 

CATALOGUE FRUITING b our SP0 -M e W d workor 

vnintuuuu a iiiii i nau p g blinchabd * co., Worcester. 



LEXINGTON— Continued. 

Boot and Shoe Findings Ml*rs.— 

Matthew H. Merriam & Sons 
Boot and Slioe Makers- 
Charles E. Crowe, East L. 

Charles A. Fried 

John . B. Holden 

Frank Nelson 

John Thollden 
Bottlers— French Bros. 
Cabinet Maker— William L. Burrell 
Carpenters — 

George A. Bowes, East L. 

Deveau Bros. 

John McKay 

John McKinnon 

Edward J. Montague, East L. 

Michael O'Connor 
. James H. Phillips, East L. 

John J. Roach 

David A. Tuttle 

Abram C. Washburn 
Cigar Mtrs.— 

Charles P. Kauffman, East L. 

Domingus Silva 
Clergymen and Churches— 

Charles F. Carter, Hancock Cong. 

Lorenzo D. Cochran, Follen Universalist, 
East L. 

John H. Cox, First Baptist 

Patrick J. Kavanagh, St. Bridget's R. C. 

Carlton A. Staples, First Cong. (Un.) 

James B. Werner, Church of the Re- 
deemer (Epis.) 


Henry H. Hamilton (Cong.) 

Abram W. Stevens (Un.) 
Coal and Wood— Pierce & Winn Co. 
Confectionery and Fruit— 

C. Caterlno 
Contractor— Elbridge W. Glass 
Dentist— Harry B. Osgood 
Dressmakers- Nellie P. Crowley 

Mrs. B. C. Earle 

Mary Fiske 
Drue-grists— Leonard G. Babcock 

O. Gilbert Seeley 
Dry Goods — Alexander M. Tucker 
Electricians— William A. Haskell 

C. Fred Lawrence 
Expresses — American Express Co. 

Frank H. Ingalls 

Nourse & Co.'s Express 
Fisli Dealer— Albert Carson 
Florists — James Komley 

Albert S. McDonald 

Edward Wood 
Gas Co.— Lexington Gas Light Co., Wm. 

A. Haskell, supt. 
General Stores— 

Carleton A. Childs, East L. 

Rufus W. Holbrook, Ea3t L. 

George W. Spaulding 
Grist Mill— Bradley C. Whltcher 
Grocers— C. A. Butters &. Co. 

F. L. Cobb & Son 
Hairdressers— Robert W. Britton 

John J. Toomey 
Hardware Dealers — 

Lyman Lawrence &. Son 

Everett S. Locke 
Harness Makers— 

John Chlsholm, East L. 

George W. Edgar 

Lyman Lawrence & Son 

Hay and Straw— Pierce & Winn Co. 

Bradley C. Whitcher 
Hotels— Leslie, Charles F. Willey, prop. 

Lexington Inn, Sanford H. Parker, prop., 
East L. 

Russell, James F. Russell, prop. 
Ice Dealers — Lexington Ice Co. 
Insurance Agents — 

William Hunt 

George W. Sampson 

Leonard A. Savllle 

Charles T. West 
Jcw.eler and Watchmaker— 

John A. Fratus 
Justices of tlie Peace- 
Edwin A. Bayley 

Jonathan Bigelow 

Benjamin F. Brown 

Frank D. Brown 

Frank V. Butters 

Robert P. Clapp 

Fred L. Emery 

John F. Hutchinson 

Edward T. Harrington, East L. 

Frank W. Herrick 

Abbott S. Mitchell 

George L. Pierce, East L. 

Jarnes P. Prince 
. George H. Reed 

George W. Sampson 

Leonard A. Saville (bail commissioner) 

Augustus E. Scott 

George W. Taylor 

Cornelius Wellington, East L. 

Bradley C. Whitcher 
Lawyers— Edwin A. Bayley 

Robert P. Clapp 

Fred L. Emery 

James P. Prince 

George H. Reed 

Augustus E. Scott 

Stephen H. Tyng 
Library— Cary Library. Marian P. K'.rk- 

land, lib. 
Liquor .Cure— Keeley Institute 
Lumber Dealers- 
Lexington Lumber Co. 
3Iarket Gardeners — 

Jeremiah Crowley 

Albert F. Hutchinga 

Irving Johnson & Sons 

Timothy Kinneen 

East L. 
East L. 

East L. 

Alexander Wilson, 

James A. Wilson. 
Masons— Patrick F. Dacey 

Irving Locke. 

Charles W. Swan 
Milliner— Nellie P. Crowley 
Music Teacliers— Ida M. Butters 

Rose P. Morse 

William O. Perkins 
Newsdealer— Fred C. Jones 
Newspaper — Lexington Minute Man 

(weekly), C. S. Parker & Son, props. 
Notaries Public— Robert P. Clapp 

Frederick L. Emery 

Frank W. Herrick 

Abbott S. Mitchell 

George H. Reed 

Leonard A. Saville 

Augustus E. Scott 
Nurserymen — Norrls F. Cornley 

Edward Wood 
Painters— Bailey Bros. 

Timothy K. Fiske 

Tobin # Vienotte (carriage) 
Physicians— Fred S. Piper (Horn.) 


Of anything that can bo printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Go., Worcester. 



Sherwln Gibbons , ' ~ ' 

Josiah O. Tilton 
Henry C. Valentine 

Plnmbers- Richard H. Burke 
Everett S. Locke 

Post OJIices and Postmasters- 
Lexington — Leonard G. Babcock 
East Lexington — Carleton A. Chi his 

Provision Dealers- 
Horace M. Howard ,._...- 
■George H. Jackson 
Warren V. Taylor 

Real Estate Agents- 
William Hunt 
Leonard A. Saville 

Stables— Scott & Denham 

Starch Mfrs.— , 

R. I. Sherman Starch Co. 

Stone Cutters— 

Bartlett J. Harrington, East L. 

John T. McNamara 

Campbell M. Tupper 
Stoves ami Tinware — 

Richard H. Burke 
Tailor— Patrick J. Stevens 
Teamster— Frank B. Fletcher 
Undertaker— Charles T. West 
Upholsterer— Charles Rooke 
Variety Store— Fred C. Jones 
Water Works— 

Lexington Water Dept. (municipal), 
Thaddeus L. Bruce, eupt. v*. 

Wheelwrights— George H. Hersey 

Thomas W. Morey, East L. 


In Franklin Co.; reached by stage from Greenfield (9 m.); Inc. March 12, 
1784. Pop. 363. 
Villages— Beaver Meadow, West Leyden. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk—E. S. Whitcomb 
Selectmen— Uriah T. Darling, ch. 

W. W. Davenport 

S. B. Budington 
Treasurer— E. S. Whitcomb 
Collector— A. J. Shattuck 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constable— A. J. Shattuck 
Highway Commissioners— Selectmen 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Public Scliools. 

Committee— S. T. K. Davenport, ch. 
Mrs. G. H. Denison 
C. A. Denison 


Blacksmith— Edward Carson 
Box Mirs.— 

Lynde Bros., West L. 

Carpenters — A. R. Dennison 
M. D. Miner 

A. J. Shattuck . ' ; 

Clergyman ami Chnrch— 

C. A. Pickett. Methodist 

General Store— Mrs. L. J. Mowry 

Grain ami Feed— Allen S. Newcomb 

Insurance Agent- TJ. T. Dirling 

Justices of the Peace- 
Uriah T. Darling 
S. T. K. Davenport 

Library— Leyden Free Library, Horner 
D. Miner, lib. 

Lumber. Dealers — W. A. Barber 
Irving Bros. 
S. S. Keet 

Machinists — A. R. Dennison 

C. A. Dennison 

Post Oilices and Postmasters— 

Leyden— ^Mrs. L. J. Mowry 

West Leyden — A. Denison 
Provision Dealers — 

D. N. Carpenter 
S. A. Lanphear 
Allen Newcomb 

Saw and Grist Mill— 

Roswell S. Keet 
Stage Line— West Leyden, Leyden and 

Greenfield, E. N. Whitney, prop. 
Wool and Cattle Dealer— 

W. W. Davenport 


In Middlesex Co., 17 m. west of Boston on F. R. R. Inc. April 19, 1754. 

Pop. 1,111. 
Village— South Lincoln. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— James L. Chapln 
Selectmen— William S. Briggs. ch. 

John P. Farrar, South L. 

Charles S. Smith 

S. Rodman Snelllng, South L. 

Treasurer and Collector — 

Charles S. Wheeler 
Assessors— Charles S. Wheeler, ch. 

William C. Pelrce 

William H. Sherman, South L. 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Lorenzo E. Brooks 

Edward Bannon 

Frank M. Dempsey 

John F. Farrar, South L. 

Isaac B. Cook 

THIS BOOK £±£2S£ 353 Towns and Cities. 



LINCOLN— Continued. 

Highway Surveyor- 
Daniel H. Sherman, South L. 
Water Commissioners- 
George L. Chapin, ch. 

John P. Farrar, South L. 

Joseph S. Hart 
Cemetery Commissioners — 

Herbert E. Barnes, ch. 

George L. Chapin 

Charles S. Smith 

John Tasker, South L. 

Edward F. Flint 
Sinking Fund Commissioners — 

Julius E. Eveleth, South L. 

Ogden Codmau, South L. 

Samuel II. Pierce 
Board Health— Moses W. Kidder, ch. 

Samuel II. Pierce 

J. S. Hart, South L. 

Public Schools. 


J. E. Eveleth, ch., 

Edward Farrar, 

Francis R. Jones 
Supt.— Lewis T. McKenney 

South L. 
South L. 

Prln. High School- 

•Ernest W. Small 



J. A. Burgess, South L. 

Thomas F. Ham, South L. 

Clergymen and Churches- 
Edward E. Bradley, First Congregational 

Henry C. Cunningham, St. Anne's Epis., 
South L. 

, Unitarian 


Samuel R. H. Biggs (Uvl.), South L. 
Express— National Express Co. 
Florists— Kidder Bros. 
Flour mill Grain — 

F. E. Cousins, South L. 

General Store — 

James L. Chapin & Son 
Justices of the Pence — 

James L. Chapin 

George C. Hodges 

Charles S. Wheeler 
Library — Lincoln Public Library, Hulda 

A. Howes, lib. 
Physicians— Moses W. Kidder 

Walter L. Watson 
Post Otlices and Postmasters — 

Lincoln — James L. Chapin 

South Lincoln — Richard A. Shepard 
Sexton — Herbert E. Barnes 
Wheel wriprht— 

Hugh McKlnnon, South L. 


In Middlesex Co., 32 m. from Boston and 12 m. southwest of Lowell on F. 
R. R. Inc. Dec. 3, 1715. Pop. 1,136. 
Village — Littleton Common. 


Annual town meeting last Monday In ! 

Clerk— Waldo E. Conant 

Selectmen— Nelson B. Conant, ch. 
Edwin II. Priest 
James W. Ireland 

Auditors— Fred A. Hosmer 
Nahum II. Whitcomb 

Treasurer and Collector- 
Amos II. Knowltou 

Assessors— Selectmen 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Constables— Fred C. Reed 
Frank E. Tenney 
Charles A. Durkee 

Supt. Streets— Fred C. Hartwell 

Cemetery Commissioners- 
Nelson B. Conant 
Edward Frost 
William H. Davis 

Board Hcaltb— Selectmen 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Herbert J. Harwood, ch. 
J. Melvin Hartwell 
Nathan A. Taylor 

Supt. Schools- 
Andrew S. Thompson, L. Common 

Prln. High School- 
Harry S. Rowe, ■ L. Common 


Auctioneer- Josiah C. Thacher 

Blacksmiths — Thomas Jones 

Hugh McDonald 
Boot and Shoe Maker- 
Daniel D. Burnham, L. Common 

A. A. Willett 
Carpenters — 

Needham & Fletcher, L. Common 

Chemicals — Avery Chemical Co. 
Clergymen and Churches — 

William Channing Brown, First Cong. 

William J. Clones, First Baptist, L. 

Amelia A. Frost, Cong., L. Common 

George B. Frost (Cong.), L. Common 

George N. Musgrove (F. Bap.), L. Com- 
Elastic Goods Mfrs.— 

Conant, Houghton & Co. 
Expresses — 

American Express Co., East L. 

National Express Co. 
General Stores — Conant & Co. 

Thacher & Ireland 
Grist Mill— Fred C. Hartwell 
Elmer A. Ward, L. Common 
Harness Makers— 

E. A. Smith, L. Common 

A. A. Willett 
Hotel— Littleton, Fred O. Stiles, prop. 
Insurance Agents — 

Charles F. Flagg 

George W. Sanderson 


Appreciate the value of information. They are quick 
to avail themselves of such sources as the 




Nelson B. Conant 

S. Hartwell 

H. J. Harwood 

Daniel G. Houghton 

James W. Ireland 

William L. Kimball 

Gardner W. Prouty 

George W. Sanderson 

A. W. Sawyer 

Joslah P. Thacher 
Library — Reuben Hoar Public Library, 

Sarah F. White, lib. 
Lumber Dealer — Fred C. Hartwell 
Mason — 

W. W. Hendley, L. Common 

Clara A. Nye, L. Common 
Newspaper— Littleton Guidon (weekly), 
John H. Turner, prop., Ayer 
Notaries Public- 
Gardner W. Prouty, L. Common 

George W. Sanderson 

Arthur A. Shatter 

C. J. Ltbby. L. Common 

James F. Moore 
Physicians — 

Joseph W. Godfrey, L. Common 

Rollln H. Phelps 
Pickle Mfrs.~ Priest Bros. 
Post OJltees nmi Post musters- 
Littleton — A. H. Knowlton 

Littleton Common — E. B. Parker 
Provision Dealers — 

Hartwell & Hosmer. L. Common 

Undertakers— Allen P. Whitcomb 

J. N. Sawyer 
Vinegar Mfrs.— 

Conant, Houghton & Co. 

Edward P. Sneehan 
Wheelwrights — B. Needham & Son 


In Hampden Co., 102 m. from Boston and 4 m. south of Springfield on N. 
Y.i N. H, & H. It. It. ; electric cars to Springfield, Thoinpsonville, Conn., and 
Warehouse Point, Conn. Inc. Oct. 13, 1783. Pop. G20. 

Villages— Francouia, West Longmeadow. 

Prin. Grammar School— 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— William F. Emerson 

Selectmen— Charles L. Newell, ch. 
Charles A. Birnie 
Walter Bliss 

Auditor— William M. Willard 

Treasurer— William F. Emerson 

Collector— Harry M. Burt 

Assessors— Selectmen 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Constables— Edward L. DeForrest. 
James Ward 

Highway Surveyor— Charles P. Ward 

Water Commissioners- 
Charles A. Birnie, ch. 
Charles A. Newell 
Walter Bliss 
William F. Emerson, clerk 

Cemetery Commissioners- 
William F. Emerson 
Charles S. Allen 
E. P. Tabor 

Park Commissioners— Wm. C. Pease 
Everett B. Allen 
Gottlieb A. Baer 

Sinking Fund Commissioners- 
Charles A. Birnie 
Charles S. Allen 
Thomas D. Watters 

Board Health— Selectmen 
William F. Emerson, agent 

Special Police— W. F. Sullivan 

Chief Fire Dept.— Thos. D. Watters 

Public Schools. 


Committee — Levere G 
Mrs. Lucy J. Smith 
Walter Bliss 

Supt.— Mary L. Poland, 



Mary A. Hadley 


Bicycle Sweater Mfr.— 

Mrs. A. L. Hitchcock 
Illaclcsmith— Nathan Webster 
Carx»enler.s— William Quinn 

Joseph W. Watters 

T. D. "Watters 

Frank Wade 
Cattle Dealer— Frank B. Allen 
Cider Maker — Alonzo Converse 
Clei'Kj'iiien ami Churches — 

Stephen G. Barnes, First Church of 
Christ (Cong.) 

Anthony E. Dwyer, St. Mary's Roman 
Catholic, East L. 


Rufus S. Underwood, Cong. Evang. 
Coal Dealer— Charles S. Allen 
Dentist — Lester Noble 
Express — Adams Express Co. 
Florist— Linwood Morgan 
General Stores — Charles S. Allen 

A. K. Matthews 
Grist Mill— Charles S. Allen 
Ice Dealers— E. B. Allen 

A. O. Terry 
Justices of the Peace— 

C. A. Birnie 

D. Erskine Burbank 
W. M. Willard 

Knit Goods Mfr.— John G. Hitchcock 
liii^vy**r— C. A. Birnie 
Notary Public— W. M. Willard 
Pliysicians — Robert H. McNair 

John A. McKlnstry 
Post Oillce and Postmaster— 

Longmeadow — Charles S. Allen 
Restaurant — W. F. Sullivan 
AVater mid Sewer Piping— 

Moses Field 


Is on file In Every Town and City in the State. It Is the 
only publication pivinfr the complete roster of Public 
Olllcials. It should be in every business oillce. 




One of the county seats of Middlesex Co., 20 m. northwest of Boston on 
Northern Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. H. & II. It. It. and Southern aurl 
Western Div. B. & M. It. It. ; electric street railways to Lawrence, Nashua 
and all adjoining towns. Established M^rch 1, 1820; a city April 1, 1836. 
Pop. 84.307 (city census, 1S97, 87,198). 

Villages— Ayers <'ity, E'.elvidere, Bleachery, Centralville, Highlands, Mid- 
dlesex Village, Paw.tucketville. 

Jas. W. Bennett (R)... 
Jeremiah Crowley (D) . 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 
12 3 4 5 6 

652 '382 903 414 370 759 


608 989 6-14 1052 975 777 














City election Tuesday after second 

Monday in December. 
Mayor— Jeremiah Crowley i.D), §3000 
Aldermen — Meetings second and 
fourth Tuesday evenings of each 
month, except August. 

Chairman, "Chas. A. It. Dimon (D) 

Clerk, Girard P. Dadman 

Sam Chapin (It) 

Lucius A. Derby (It) 

Charles A. It. Dimon (D) 

Philip McNulty (D) 

James F. Miskella (D) 

Oliver A. Libby (D) 

George H. Taylor (It)' 

Edward B. Pierce (D> 

Oliver D. Wilder (It) 
Common Councilmen— Meetings sec- 
ond and fourth Tuesday evenings 
of each month, except August 

President, Charles D. Paige (It) 

Clerk. Prank M. Dowling, $300 

Ward 1. Herbert It. Baker (R) 

Francis E. Saunders (R) 
Charles D. Paige (It) 

Ward 2. Patrick H. Barry (D) 
John J. Mullaney (D) 
Frank McMahon (D> 

Ward 3. William II. Brown (R) 
Charles II. Flanders (It) 
Burton H. Wiggin (R) 

Ward 4. Michael J. Markham (D) 
John J. Roark <D) 
Timothy F. Donohoe (D) 

Ward 5. Frank S. Clark (D) 
John F. Dillon <D) 
• John J. O'Brien (D) 

Ward 0. William E. Badger <R) 
George E. Burns i'R) 
James F. Walker (R) 

Ward 7. Philip Desmarais (D) 
Lewis Lebrun (It) 
Eben B. Stafford (R) 

Ward S. Fred E. Bean <R) 

Anthonv D. Mitten <R) 
Ralph B. Lyman (R) 

Ward 9. Walter E. Murklaud <R) 
Henry Hatch <lt> 
William D. Whittet (R) 

City Oflicers. 

City Clerk, Girard P. Dadman, $1800 
Assistant City Clerk, William P. Mc- 
Carthy, $1200 


TOTITWP^ Printing of 
HlellinWORK, and CI 
-^±rMl|VlikS of CUT 

Treasurer and Collector, Charles F. 

Coburn, $2700 
Auditor, David Chase, $1800 

Supt. Streets, Cleveland J. Cheney, 

City Civil Engineer, George Bowers, 

City Messenger, Francis M. Fagen, 

City Solicitor, Francis W. Qua, $3000 
Supt. Public Buildings, Joseph S. 

Gillow, $1800 
City Physician, William M. Jones, 

Supt. Burials, Frederick A. Bates, 

Chief Engineer Fire Dept., Edward 

S. Hosmer, $2000 
Supt. Police. Geo. It. Davis, $2000 
Sealer Weights and Measures, James 

R. Fulton, $300 
Inspector Milk and Vinegar, Thomas 

O. Allen, $1500 
Inspector Animals and Provisions, W. 

A. Sherman, $500 
Supt. City Institutions, Moses Wy- 

man, £2000 
Chief of Dept.. Supplies, Andrew E. 

Barrett. $2400 
Supt. of Commons, Charles A. Whit- 
tet, $1200 
Supt. City Scales and Measurer of 

Wood and Bark, Geo. F. Noonan, 


Chairman, Abel Wheeler, $2250 

Secretary, John P. Mahoney, $2250 

C. Arthur Abbott 

Clerk, Stephen J. Kirby, $1500 
Overseers Poor— 

Chairman, James McKinley 

Jeremiah McGlinehey 

Samuel Holgate 

Thomas Mahoney 

Horace Ela 

James E. Gorman 

Amos B. Leighton 

Henry J. Williams 

Herbert V. Hunt 

Secretary and Supt. Outdoor Poor, 
Martin J. Courtney, $1500 

Supt. Indoor Poor, Moses Wyman, 
Board IIkat.tji — 

Edmund H. Packer, ch., $500 

Thomas J. Mulligan. $500 

George W. Fi field, $500 

BOOKS. JOIijfT'^"., IffiBEB^i 

rS, all styles.! 




Agent, Fred A. Bates, $18 GO; hours 

Chief Inspector, Thomas B. Smith, 
$3.50 per day 

Inspector Plumbing, Stephen Gar- 
rity, $3 per day 
Board of Examiners of Plumbers— 

Edmund II. Packer, ch. 

Joseph S. Gillow 

Stephen Garrity 
Commissioners Sinking Funds— 

Fred A. Buttrick 

Charles L. Knapp 

Austin K. Chadwick 

Sec. and Treas., Chas. F. Coburn 
Civil Service Examiners— 

Chairman, Joseph Smith 

Dr. John J. Colton 

Secretary, Charles n. Conant 
Water Board— 

President, Frank L. Weaver, $400 

Michael J. Dowd 

Frank L. Weaver 

August Fels 

Stephen H. Jones 

Clerk, John W. Crawford, $1200 

Supt., Robert J. Thomas, $1800 
Board of Police— 

Chairman, John A. Faulkner 

Peter J. Brady 

Harry R. Rice 

Clerk, Joseph Smith, $1500 

Supt. Police, Geo. R. Davis, $2000 
Trustees Public Burial Grounds— 

Chairman. Mayor, ex-officio 

William H. Penn 

Secretary, Charles N. Bagley, $550 
Registrars Voters— 

John P. Farley, $550 

James F. Owens, $550 

Edwards Cheney, $550 

City Clerk, ex-officio, $550 

Public Schools, 

Committee — Meetings last Monday 

evening in each month. 
President, Andrew G. Swapp 
Azro H. Schoolcraft 
Thomas J. Murphy 
Charles L. Sweetsir 
James E. Donnelly 
Dennis J. Murphy 
Frank K. Stearns 
Willard Everett 
Albert G. Thompson 
Secretary Board and Supt. Schools, 

Arthur K. Whitcomb, $3000; hours 

1 hour after forenoon session and 

Saturday 2-3 
Prin. High School, Cyrus W. Irish, 



Cyrus A. Dnrgin, Bartlett School 
Cornelius F. Callahan, Butler School 
C. W. Burbank, Edson School 

A. L. Bacheller, Green School 

Charles W. Morev, Highland School 
Jas. L. Mellon, Abraham Lincoln Sc. 
>V Uliam S. Greene, Moody School 

Willinni P. Barry, Pawtucket School 
Henry IT. Harris. Varnnni School 



Blaisdell, Albert C. 219 Central 
Gerrish, Thomas G. 31 Arlington 
Sanders, William J. Runels bldg. 
Stott, John W. 53 Central 
Williams, Charles E. Runels bldg. 
Worcester, Charles H. 462 Merrimack 


Bickford & Graves, 40 Middlesex 
Burtt, Arthur Morton, 40 Central 
Clark, Edwin R. 295 Central 
Davis & Raynes, 48 Hildreth bldg. 
Floyd, Warren L. 18 Shattuck 
Gardner, Everett M. 19S -Holyrood av. 
Gerrish, Thomas G. 44 Central 
Graves, Harry Prescott, 40 Middlesex 
Hart, Bowers F. 39 Shedd 
Merrill & Clark, 53 Central 
Miller, Fred C. 479 Westford 
Stlckney & Austin, 28 Hildreth bldg. 

Artists' Materials. 

Kittredge, Abner L. & Co. 20S Central 
Spalding, William H. & Co. 20 Middle 


Middlesex Bar Association, Charles Crow- 
ley, pres. 22 Middle 

Y. M. C. A. Frank J. Leonard, gen. sec. 
13 Hurd 


Bruce, Joseph W. 17 Merrimack 

Conant, J. E. & Co. 328 Central 

Donovan & Mansur, 26 Central 

Hanson, James S. 61 Rock 

Keyes, Charles F., B. & M. station, Green 

Kimball, George D. 64 Central 

Mercier, Henry, 65 MerrimacR 

O'Heir, Albert E. & Co. 16 Merrimack 

Parker, Winfield S. 185 Middlesex 

Potter, William E. 1 Hildreth bldg. 

Shepard & Fuller, 40 Central 

Stevens, R.» L. 90 Prescott 

Worcester, Charles H. 462 Merrimack 

Awning and Tent Makers. 

Cross, John, 209 Dutton 
McAskie, John, 86 Middle 
O'Brien, J. 24 Fay 


Barlow, Charles M. 50 Merrimack 

Bean, Frank C. 100 Branch 

Beaulieu, J. H. 98 Tilden 

Begin, Benjamin, 6 Lewis pi. 

Bergeron, Albert, 307 Mammoth rd. 

Bradt, G. J. & G. Whiting 

Brady, Mary G. 175 Chapel 

Brennan, Thomas F. 163 E. Merrimack 

Bretschneider, Paul, 152 Church 

Brown, Fred S. 182 Smith 

Campbell, George, 182 Middlesex 

Clark, Frank, 99 Adams 

Cornellier, Joseph, Barker, n. Exeter 

Cornock & Co. 139 Paige 

Dalgle, Alfred, 62 Ludiam 

Dion, Charles W. 551 Middlesex 

Dufort, Joseph, & Co. 130 Ford 

Farnham, John K. 57 Howard 

Foisy, Joseph A. 15 Aiken av. 

Friend Bros. & Co. 547 Central 

Fro^t. Esther A. Mrs. 370 Central 

Gaffney, John J. 360 Broadway 

Gordon. James D. til Crosby 

Gdulet, Joseph W. (whol.) 475 Moody 

Grant. John. 129 Branch 

Ui fcfei ^hMM^iM^MB^^:MrM, : MM.. 1 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Ouinard, Adelard, r. 94 Lllley av. 
Hart. Daniel J. 77 Salem 
Hart, D. J. & Co. 500 xMernmack 
Johnston, Matthew, 15 E. Merrimack 
Kenney. Michael A. 1S7 Broadway 
Lamontagne, Damase, 554 Middlesex 
Lamothe, L. P. 51 Mammoth rd. 
Latour, Fierre, Jr. 11 Ward 
Lavery, Anthony, & Sons, 32S Broadway 
Laws, Joseph, 640 Market 
Marchand. George, 80 Gershom av. 
McCartin. Kate F. 107 Gorham 
McCartin, Patrick, 26 Concord 
Mcintosh, James, 209 Gorham 
Mireault, F. X. & Co. 531 Chelmsford 
Page, D. L. Co. 94 Merrimack' 
Park, James M. 418 Suffolk 
Pearson, Edgar C. 353 Bridge 
Pelneault, Jean B. 105 Tucker 
Richardson, Harry T. B. 26 Merrimack 
Rourke, Fred H, 791 Central 
Saunders, E. S. Miss, 317 Market 
Scripture, George E. 345 Westford 
Scripture's Bakery. 547 Central 
Selzam, George, 119 Paige 
Severance, Thomas F. 547 Central 
Shipley, Wilbur A. 2 Liberty 
Tremblay, George, 152 Mt. Hope 
Vincent Bros. 42 Tucker 
Walker, William, 291 Fayette 
Watson, George, 374 and 553 Gorham 
Watson, George, Jr. 186 Lake View av. 
Watson, Peter, 467 Lawrence 
Watson, Peter, & Son (whol.) 60 Charles 

Bands and Orchestras. 

American Orchestra, W. H. Valeiitine, 
mgr. 124 Central 

Borjes Military Band, N. H. Lewis, agt. 
32 Middle 

Hlbbard's Orchestra, Jos. H. Hibbard, 
mgr. 62 Central 

Lowell Military Band, J. A. Murphy, lead- 
er, 25 Barristers' Hall 

National Brass Band, R. A. Griffiths, agt. 
133 Central 


Appleton National Bank, Fred H. Ela, 

cash, 176 Central 
Central Savings Bank, Samuel A. Chase, 

treas. 61 Merrimack 
City Institution for Savings, Fred A. 

Buttrick, pres. 176 Central 
First National Bank, John F. Sawyer, 

cash. 56 Central 
Lowell Co-operative Bank, George W. 

Batchelder, sec. 53 Central 
Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank, Austin 

K. Chadwick, treas. 107 Merrimack 
Lowell Institution for Savings, Geo. J. 

Carney, treas. 18 Shattuck 
Lowell Trust Co. George T. Sheldon, treas. 

273 Central 
Mechanics' Savings Bank, C. C. Hutchin- 
son, treas. 202 Merrimack 
Merchants' National Bank, Walter W. 

Johnson, cash, 61 Merrimack 
Merrimack River Savings Bank, N. O. 

Lamson, treas. 417 Middlesex 
Bliddlesex Co-operative Hank, William D. 

Brown, sec. 2 Ilildreth bldg. 
Middlesex Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Chas. 

L. Knapp, treas. Merrimack, cor. 

Old Lowell National Bank, Charles M. 

Williams, cash. 25 Central 
Prescott National Bank, Fred Blanchard, 

cash. 40 Central 

Railroad National Bank, Frank P. Hag- 

gett, cash. 141 Merrimack 
Traders' National Bank of Lowell, Wm. F 

Hills, cash. 30 Middlesex 
Wameslt National Bank, G. Winfield 

Knowlton, pres. 421 Middlesex 
Washington Savings Institution, Geo. M. 

Harrigan, treas. 273 Central 


MacDonald, Margaret J. (medical) 84 Mid- 

Madden, Geo. P. Dr. (Turkish and Rus- 
sian) 71 Middle 

Beltlnt? Mfrs. 

Bent. Israel, 133 Market 

Gates, Joslah, & Sons, 307 Market 

Parr, William, 13 Lane 

Whiting, Henry F. Shattuck, cor. Midile 

Wilby, William, 66 Washington 

Bicycle JJealers. 

Austin, Albert O. 115 Paige 
Bachclder, George H. 18 Central 
Brazer. W. P. & Co. 91 Central 
Cady, George L. & Sons, 2 Fletcher 
Corson, G. F. 43 Lakeview av. 
Emerson, C. H. 261 Middlesex 
Hollingsworth, Amos, 757 Middlesex 
Lavine Bros. 231 Moody 
McKay. L. W. 8 Mammoth rd. 
Norton, James J. & Co. 7 Hurd 
Norton, Michael H. 18S Gorham 
Richardson, A. O. Sons, 108 Central 
Ring & Co. 225 Dutton 
Rutland & Smith. 94 Middlesex 
Shattuck, Horace B. & Son, 30 Prescott 
Stafford, H. E. 33 Shattuck 
Whitcher, E. F. & Co. 37 Shattuck 
Whitcher, Frank B. & Co. 309 Middlesex 

Billiard Rooms. 

Bell. William H. 349 Central 

Burns & McGawley, 332 Middlesex 

Conlon, John J. 7 City Hall av. 

Deslages, "Narcisse, 731 Lake View av. 

Emery, W. H. 147 Dutton 

Lavine, Fred, 22 Race 

Rezendes, John S. 310 Merrimack 

Sakalowski, Antonio, 124 Gorham 

Sargent, Robert, 28 Merrimack 

St. Charles Hotel, 397 Middlesex 

Tabor, Bert. 32 Middle 

Bill Posters. 

Boody, Wllbert H. Merrimac House 
Lowell Bill Posting Co. 347 Central 


Abbott. A. H. 722 Middlesex 

Ancti, Achille, 188 Ludlam 

Averill, Orin E. r. 23 Middle 

Barron, Napoleon, 496 Worthen 

Bellerose, David, 52 Riverside 

Boland, Peter J. S79 Middlesex 

Cahill Bros. 131 Market 

Cahill, James F. 45 Green 

Carney, Owen J. 429 Market 

Columbe, A. E. 69 Gershom av. 

Crevier, Charles, 35 Willie 

Denie, Joseph. 292 Thorndlke 

Desmond, Cornelius. 201 Middle 

Dexter. Orel K. 36 Mammoth rd. 

Donnelly, John K. 8 Denton ct. 

Dube, Joseph, r. 203 Cheever 

Fay, Thomas F. 13 Suffolk 

Fennessey, Thomas F. Cross, cor. Common 

Foster, Quincy A. 584 Middlesex 

Model Factories, Perfect Equipments, and Up=to=Date Methods Pay. 
Write ARTHUR F. CRAY, Mill Engineer, 53 State Street, Boston. 



Gauthier, S. 25 Ennell 

Gendreau, George, 105 Davidson 

Germain, Alfred, 206 Hall 

Hawley, Joseph, r. 203 Cheever 

Hill, Charles H. 5 Pleasant 

Kinesbury, Alpheus R. 34 Lakeview av. 

Kappler, C. F. 107 Boston rd. 

Kappler. Wm. J. . 1415 Gorham 

Keith, Norman, 2S6 Thorndtke 

Lanard, Phtlias, 113 Salem 

Lelth & Salois 

Libby, M. V. B. 74 Middle 

Mackenzie, P. A. 592 Broadway 

McEachran, Dugald. 113 Salem 

Mills, H. L. 475 Broadway 

Mitten, Anthony D, r. 490 Middlesex 

Moore, Henry C. 822 Middlesex 

Mosher, John S. 6S9 Lawrence 

Nadeau, Jules, 156 Perkins 

Parsons, Absalom, 14 Livingston 

Pbllbrick, George H. 12C Fletcher 

Reynolds, Henry, 405 Worthen 

Roberts, Isaac, 1168 Lawrence 

Sanders, Thomas H. & Co. 338 Jackson 

Seeton, James W. 28 Varnum av. 

Shattuck, Silas P. 33 W. Third 

Stacy, Heman G. r. 62 Cushlng 

Ward, William H. 183 Chelmsrorrt 

Warren, Albert L. Fletcher, cor. Franklin 

Wlllett Bros. 261 Moody 

Blank Book; Mfrs. 

Dumas & Co. 42 Church 

Lawler, Thomas H. 79 Merrimack 

Merrill, Joshua, & Son, 124 Central 


Lowell Bleachery, Bleachery 
Gllson, S. M. 161 Church 
Severy, E. H. (bonnet) 161 Main 

Boardinjr Houses. 

Arvisals, Hormidas, 71 Cabot 
Austin, Alice E. Mrs. 27 Tyler 
Beggs, Agnes Mrs. 16 John 
Bellville, Alphonse, 304 Moody 
Bowles, A. L. 264 Appleton 
Brodie, John S. 13 Tyler 
Brooks House, 386 Central 
Buffum, Hattie A. 177 Middlesex 
Cassidy, Belle, 167 E. Merrimack 
Charles, Delia, 543 Bridge 
Charters, William A. 113 Lawrence 
Codding, J. H. Mrs. 2 Tyler 
Corrlgan, John F. 74 Elm 
Crabb, Phebe D. 657 Merrimack 
Cressy, Alice M. 9 Second 
Cummings, Anna M. 269 Appleton 
Davis, Mary E. 233 Appleton 
Davis. Xanthe V. Mrs. 3S5 Central 
Dean. M. F. 27 Kirk 
Denby, John, 297 Dutton 
Dixon, W. R. 3S9 Middlesex 
Dolan, Ellen Mrs. 375 Gorham 
Dougherty, Daniel, 129 Paige 
Dunn, Mary T. 204 Moody 
Favor, Ella A. 71 Tyler 
Feindel. Zaeharlah, 163 Middle 
Francoeur, Jean, 331 Moody 
Gagnon, Pierce. 375 Middlesex 
Gately, Hannah J. Mrs. ICO Appleton 
Gervals, M. H. 40 Race 
Giles. Sarah E. Mrs. 7S1 Lawrence 
Gookin, Robert, 157 Market 
Gordon, Willlm H. 42 Tyler 
Grant. Annie M. 262 Merrimack 
Guerln, Mary. 133 Gorham 
Guilmette. Gedeon, 84 Ford 
Haggerty. Mary. 114 Cabot 
Hagan, James J. 27 Warren 

Hartley, Daniel F. 51 Tyler 
Hegarty, Mary, 114 Cabot 
Henderson, John H. 159 Fletcher 
Hill, David L. 52 Middlesex 
Hobart, Jennie M. 153 Appleton 
Hogan, Susie T. 568 Lawrence 
Holbrook, Rebecca Mrs. 95 John 
Hurd, Charles C. Jr. 19 Hurd 
Hutchins, E. H. 66 Appleton 
Imperial House, 22 Market 
Jasmin, Alexander, 27 Bridge 
Johnston, Daniel C. 52 Tyler 
Kearney, John S. 312 Market 
Kelley, John F. 11 Burnsiae 
Kew, John, 545 Middlesex 
Keyes, Mary J. Mrs. 27 Robeson 
Kittridge, George S. 772 Merrimack 
Ladd, Eliza A. 563 Middlesex 
Ladd, H. W. Mrs. 60 Kirk 
Lane, William F. Mrs. 318 Central 
Leary, Mary E. 444 Merrimack 
Lenfest, Leroy, 46 Schafer 
Looby, Bridget, 203 Dutton 
Lougee, Sarah A. 259 Gorham 
Loverlng, Luke W. 39 Chelmsford 
Lynch, James H. 243 Worthen 
Lynch, Jane Mrs. 1 Faulkner 
Malone, John, 473 Riverside 
Marble, Robert C. 79 Rock 
Marchand, Leonidas, 329 Moody 
McBrlde, Charles H. 23 Webster 
McCutcheon Nora, 28 Rock 
McDonald, Joseph A. 238 Appleton 
McGowan, Fannie, 655 Middlesex 
McLellan, Mary Mrs. 652 Merrimack 
McManaman, Bridget Mrs. 196 Gorham 
McMillan, Hannah, 50 Tyler 
Mellen, Mary, 247 Gorham 
Merrill, Ida M. Mrs. 432 Central 
Messer, Etta J. 251 Central 
Monahan, Ann Mrs. 3 George 
Montgomery, Annie, 238 Fletcher 
Moody House, 123 Prince 
Mooney, Edward, 38 Suffolk 
Moriarty, Josephine, 607 Market 
Morris, William, 212 Charles 
Morse, Hannah Mrs. 323 Central 
Murphy, Jffhn, 41 Rock 
Murphy, Thomas, 379 Middlesex 
Netto, Joseph, 483 Central 
Norrle, Jane Mrs. 110 Powell 
O'Connor, Maurice T. 28 Whipple 
O' Toole, Maggie, 87 South 
Phoenix, Telesphore, 437 Moody 
Putnam, Mary B. Mrs. 26 Hurd 
Regan, Cornelius, 78 Appleton 
Ripley, G. W. Mrs. 203 Appleton 
Rowan, James A. 47 Tyler 
Sargent. Carrie, 15 Tyler 
Scott. William, 155 Market 
Secord, Minnie, 10 Tyler 
Smith, Nellie Mrs. 638 Merrimack 
Smith, Samuel, 159 Appleton 
Soule, William O. 30 Cabot 
Spicer, Frank W. 749 Middlesex 
St. Onge, Francois, 615 Merrimack 
Sullivan, Julia, 103 Lawrence 
Tobln, Thomas J. 179 Middlesex 
Varien, Ellen W. 56 Lee 
Walker, Marv A. Mrs. 242 Appleton 
Wells, Nellie Mrs. 39 Elliot 
Whitely, Wright, 730 Lawrence 
Windsor House, 411 Moody 
Young, R. S. Mrs. 23 Dodge 

Board of Trade. 

Lowell Board of Trade, James T. Smith, 
sec. 53 Central 

Boat HuiluVr. 

Stevens, William F. 325 Pawtucket 

353 Directories 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Bobbin and Spool Mfrs. 

J. S. Jaques Shuttle Co. Lawrence 

Parker, Frank, 171 Lincoln 

Parker, William H. & Sons, 731 Dutton 

Boiler Makers, 

Dobbins, Richard, 71 Tanner 
Scannell & Wholey, 26 Tanner 

Bolt Manufacturers. 

American Bolt Co. 630 Lawrence 
Knapp, Joel, & Son, 585 Middlesex 


Butterfield Printing & Binding Co. 46 

Dumas & Co. 42 Church 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Cambridge. O. L. 316 Merrimack 
Coggeshall, F. P. 14 Lyon 
Gauthler, Aime, 520 Merrimack 
Judkins, J. Judson, agt. 65 Merrimack 
Lawler, Thomas H. 79 Merrimack 
Merrill, Joshua, & Son, 124 Central 
Prince, Geo. C. & Son, 108 Merrimack 
Tllton & Co. 9 Central 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Allard, George H. 173 Middlesex 
Armitstead, A. M. & Son, 513 Broadway 
Boulger, T. P. 115 Central 
Brancomier, Eugene, 353 Middlesex 
Byam, Sumner A. 62 Central 
Carter & Whitten, 115 Gorham 
Challfoux, J. L. 49 Central 
Clark, Samuel H. 8 Liberty 
Cornock, Edwin, 64 Middlesex 
Cornock, James, 32 Andover 
Cushman, Albert H. 81 Westford 
Daggett, Milton H. 320 Bridge 
Donahoe, Timothy F. 473 Lawrence 
Eagan, Michael J. 31 John 
Fitzgibbon, Patrick, 463 Gorham 
Foley, Louis A. 296 Bridge 
Frechette, Wilfred, 83 Cheever 
Gagnon, Louis, 135 Cheever 
Glidden, J. C. 227 Central 
Goldman, Annie Mrs. 463 Market 
Gorman, James E. 3S4 Gorham 
Grady, W. S. 100 Central 
Gosselin, Antoine, 50 Ward 
Greene, W. H. 101 Central 
Haley, James D. 38 Gorham 
Hayden, J. V. 38 Gorham 
Hill, Edrick E. 297 Central 
Hoyt, Fran i 251 Dutton 
Huntoon, Adelbert M. & Co. 12 Central 
Labarge, F. E. 400 Merrimack 
Landry, Albert N. 195 Middlesex 
Landry, Chas. O. & Son, 610 Merrimack 
Leblanc, Adelard, 748 Lake View av. 
Lonergan, John J. 215 Dutton 
Martel, Joseph C. 14 Prescott 
Mason, H. H. 137 Branch 
McCann, Arthur, 103 Gorham 
McDonald Bros. 44 Bridge 
Mongeau, Geo. E. & Co. 452 Merrimack 
Mountford, M. M. 345 Thorndlke 
Nanas, Jane, 342 Middlesex 
Orlovovetz, J. 196 Middlesex 
O'Sulllvan Bros. 356 Merrimack 
Parthenais Bros. 526 Merrimack 
Pearson, Fred II. & Co. 120 Merrimack- 
Pike. Henry L. 2 s ? Central 
Quirk & Leake. 370 Bridge 
Sims. M. V. 565 Middlesex 

Smith, Samuel, 271 Middlesex 
Sullivan, John J, 43 E. Merrimack 
Sullivan, Michael, 75 Gorham 
Sullivan, Thomas B. 513 Bridge 
Tokman, John, 176 Lake View av. 
Torigian. A. M. 404 Central 
Wade, William. 23 MerrimacK 
Warshawsky, Hermon, 296 Middlesex 
Welch, John, 176 Market 
Worden, Jane, 262 Merrimack 

Hoot and Shoe Makers. 

Adams, Felix J. 33 Salem 
Agores, Demetreos, 437 Market 
Aldrich, D. W. 177 Chelmsford 
Allard, William, 39 Salem 
Armitstead & Aver. 38. Mammoth rd. 
Audette, Ernest, 257 Adams 
Audette, Laurent, 79 Cabot 
Balfrey, John, 314 Market 
Barry, John, 6 Concord 
Belanger, Edmond, 19 Lake View av. 
Brander, A. K. 718 Lawrence 
Brown, George, 36 South 
Burdick, D. R. 554 Central 
Clark, S. H. 8 Liberty 
Cohen, Harris, 377 Market 
Collins, John F. 213 Fayette 
Cordonnier, H. T. 136 Hall 
Cornock, Geo. 160 Fletcher 
Cox, Simon, 71 Church 
Crowe, Martin, 47 Union 
Cunningham, Louis. 4'.» Palmer 
Daly, Daniel F. 42 Fenwick 
Daniel, Joseph, 253 Aiken 
Daniels, Alfred, 38 Mammoth rd. 
Deneault, Nelson. 421 Suffolk 
Duane, Michael, 70 Walnut 
Dubois. Arthur, 351 Moody 
Dupuis, Ernest, 424 Suffolk 
Echmalian, Peter, 27 South 
Eno, Narclsse, 74 Tilden 
Feindel, Joash, 612 Gorham 
Fenton, Patrick, 68 Concord 
Gayloux, Wm. 742 Moody 
Gaulin. Solomon. 63 Tremont 
Ginsburg,. Morris, 228 Middlesex 
Grimes, Peter, 590 Broadway 
Haeffeley, Frederick, 20 Hurd 
Hoyt, Frank, 231 Dutton 
Lappin, Morris, 118 Middlesex 
Lavery, Edward, 7 Adams 
Lavoine, Hamas, 212 Salem 
Lelth, John E. 480 Central 
Magulre, Patrick, 65 Charles 
Manuel & Currul. 9 W. Third 
Mason, Hiram H. 137 Branch 
Matlin. Elias, 132 Lake View av. 
McCarthy, Edward, 24 Coburn 
Menard, Louis, ^ Aiken av. 
Minsky, Meyer, 417 Broadway 
Morneau, Pierre, 730 Aiken 
Nanas, Jacob, 338 Middlesex 
Nemus, Jacob, 343 Middlesex 
Novall, Arthur, 155 Salem 
Noyes, E. H. 726 Middlesex 
Oates, William, 9 Riverside 
Orlovetz. Jos. 196 Middlesex 
O'Sullivan, James, 19 Church 
Pendergast. Peter, 53 Lake View av. 
Poirier, Emlle, 229 Moody 
Plourde, Adelard, 28 Aiken 
Plourde, Ludger, 8 Ward 
Polles, Stephen, 127 E. Merrimack 
Rivers. A. C. 1001 Gorham 
Rossoau, Louis, 1 Liberty sq. 
Ro.sseter. Richard, 49 Salem 
Seekorele, Vasele, 479 Market 
Smith. A. 517 Middlesex 
Smith, Daniel. 101 Market 
Smith, Samuel, 101 Market 




Smith, William, 173 E. Merrimack 
St. Jacques, Victor, 1088 Gorham 
St. Peter, Fred, 63 Cheever 
Stefano, Polleo, 139 E. MernmacK 
Sterbane, Meyer, 649 Market 
Sturtevant, John F. 727 School 
Tokman, John, 176 Lakevievv av. 
Warshofeky, H. 296 Miflrllesex 
Whitworth, Walter, 446 Lawrence 
Wilde, Jacob, 104 Central 
Winslow, William A. 26S Chelmsford 

Boot and Shoe Mfrs. 

Adams, Enos H. 332 E. Merrimack 
Lowell Shoe Co. 287 Thorndike 
Pilling, John, 33 Schafer 
Stover, Joshua M. 199 Perkins 


Bartlett, Sylvanus, 160 Middlesex 
Calnln, James, 101 Lake View av. 
Kelley, Patrick, 19 Davidson 
Moxle Nerve Food Co. of New England, 

848 Middlesex 
Standard Bottling Co. S4S Middlesex 
Varney & Merrill, 603 Merrimack 

Bowling: Alleys. 

Parley, F. 91 E. Merrimack 
Les Miserables Bowling alley, 85 E. Mer- 

Box Makers. 


Allen, Otis, & Son (packing) 266 

Brooks, A. L. & Co. 557 Dutton 
Cheney, Frank P. Tanner 
Cummings, F. G. (locked corner) 755 

Davis & Sargent, 633 Middlesex 
Hatch. C. F. & Co. (paper) 76 Church 
Littlefleld, Charles, & Co. (paper) 46 Middle 
Thompson, James A. Lawrence 

Bruss Foundries. 

Eagle Foundry Co. Plain 
Nichols, Albert F. 157 Willie 
Union Brass Foundry, 489 Worthen 


Harvard Brewing Co. Payton 

Brick Mfrs. & Dealers. 

Conners Bros. Plain 

Conners, Philip P. & Co. 459 Chelmsfora 

Staples Bros, (dealers) School 

Bridge Builder. 

Dobbins, Richard, 71 Tanner 


Boardman. Edward, & Co. (pawn) 434 

Breen, James, & Co. (pawn) 320 Central 
Cogger, D. W. (pawn) 137 Charles 
Cocbatt, J. F. (pawn) 55 John 
Curtin, William H. (pawn) 19 Broadway 
Dennett, Alvanus M. 53 John 
Eaton, Chas. W. (stock) 53 Central 
Frost, Charles H. (pawn) 120 Central 
Gleason, George S. & Co. (pawn) 19 Broad- 
Griggs, Geo. S. (pawn) 25 John 
Guild. Albert S. (stock) 1 Wyman's Ex- 
Guthrie, Charles E. (pawn) 334 Bridge 
Harris, H. E. (pawn) io Appteton 
Huntoon, G. L. 407 Middles .x 

Kelley, Thomas H. (pawn) 392 Middlesex 
Lowell Loan Co. fpawn) 462 Merrimack 
Marshall, J. G. & R. A. (pawn) 51 E. Mer- 
Marston, George H. 159 Middlesex 
Mellen, F. Joseph (pawn) 137 Charles 
Metropolitan Co. (stock) 45 Merrimack 
Perkins, M. Gilbert, 265 Liberty 
Qulmby, Byron G. 65 Merrimack 
Russell, Eugene G. 407 Middlesex 
Shepard & Fuller (mort. and real est.) 40 

Woodward, Charles (stock) 40 Middlesex 

Brush Mfrs. 

Edwards, Henry, 245 Market 

Building Movers. 

Fowler, George L. 1781 Middlesex 
Hickey, James, 137 Pleasant 

Dung and Plug Mfrs. 

New England Bung & Plug Mfy. 259 Mt. 

Bunting Manufacturers. 

New England Bunting Co. 12" Davidson 
U. S. Bunting Co. Whipple's mills 

Butter, Clieese and Eggs. 

Bill, Freeman M. & Co. 98 Middle 
Cass & Newton, 245 Middlesex 
Falrburn, George, 20 Merrimack 
Freeman, James E. 1 Davis sq. 
Furlong Bros. 33 Fulton 
Haynes, Hanchett & Co. r,07 Dutton 
Putnam, Geo. E. 207 Market 
Tarte, J.' N. 71 Salem 
Union Market, 165 Middlesex 

. Button Mfrs. 

Kirschener, P. B. 226 Merrimack 

Cabinet Makers. 

Carter, J. T. & Co. 46 Fletcher 

Candle Mamifaeturers. 

Lowell Rendering Co. 429 School 

Card Clothing 31frs. 

American Card Clothing Co. 430 Broadway 
Bagshaw, Walter H. 11 Wilson 
Drake, Alfred, Tanner 
Kimball, Leroy S. 27 Shattuck 
Stott, S. E. &. T. Meadowcroft 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Adams, Frank H. 37 Middle 
Adams, Joseph J. 8 Third 
Akerley, Joseph M. 70 Boylston 
Baker, E. Garfield, 3Vj Fletcher 
Barclay, George E. 109 Forrest 
Barclay, Osear R. 162 Smith 
Bean, Fred E. 14 Windsor 
Beharrell, Frank C. 159 Merrimack 
Beharrell, Joseph R. 34 Berkeley a\. 
Bennett, John C. 269 Dutton 
Bennett. J. W. Co. 564 Middlesex 
Bibeault, Alphonse, 513 Wilder 
Burtt, Charles H. 40 Central 
Carroll, Foster P. 39 Middle 
Cates, Alfred T. 35 Broadway 
Conant, Charles P. r. 600 Broadway 
Connell, Thomas H. 107 Merrimack 
Costello, John H. r. 116 Lawrence 
Dalgle, Ernest, 144 Hall 
Dewell, Michael H. 28 Beech 

100,000 FIRMS 

Throughout the 






LOWELL— Continued. 

Dickey, Leroy W. 575 Chelmsford 
Douglas, Edmond W. 23 Davenport 
Dow, John D. 294 Thorndike 
Dunfey, John M. 109 Mammoth rd. 
Emerson, William, 101 Blossom 
Fletcher & Tedford, 120 Agawam 
Oilman, James B. 57 Nineteenth 
Golden, Peter A. 143 Charles 
Gray, Eddy L. 26 A 
Gray, Willis, 423 Stevens 
Greenlaw, John W. 82 Fletcher 
Hauver, Lucian H. Box 796 
Howe, William G. 35 Myrtle 
Hubbard, Frank O. 707 Stevens 
Jacobs, Aaron, 69 Congress 
Jockow. George W. 812 Middlesex 
Johnson, Charles W. 160 Grand 
Laliberte, E. L. 70 Fourth ar. 
Lewis, Frank E. 77 S. Loring 
Martin, T. A. & Co. 65 Merrimack 
McKenzie, William S. 101 Conurn 
Murphy, Michael T. & Co. 28 Bowden 
Myron, John, 33 Spring ct. 
Needham, Charles W. 17 Victoria 
Nelson, C. H. 17 Rock 
O'Connell, John J. 53 Coburn 
O'Hearn, Michael, 386 Suffolk 
Pierce, George F. 9 Sayles 
Pingree, Herbert W. 10 Varnum av. 
Proctor, Seward N. r. 375 Central 
Quinn, Patrick B. 145 Moore 
Robert, Vital, 33 Fifth av. 
Sanborn Shingling Co. 44 Fred 
Rabeour, Arthur, 417 Bridge 
Taylor, F. A. 140 Humphrey 
True, William T. 45 Moore 
Twohey, Edward G. 14 Madison 
Varney, Addison P. 90 D 
Varnum, C. E. & J. B. 75 Smith 
Whittet & McDonald, 13 Pleasant 
Wiggin, William H. 59 Franklin 
Wilson, Francis T. 80 Dover 
Witham, C. P. 252 Methuen 
Woodward & Hall, 14 Hawthorn 
Worden. Charles E. 574 Market 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Lowell Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 

McKissock Steam Carpet Cleaning Co. 

Plain and 493 Chelmsford 
McMillan, J. D. & Co. 475 School 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

Lowell Mfg. Co. Market 

Carriage Mfrs. 

Bryant, Earl P. 25 W. Third 
Columbe, A. E. 69 Gershom av. 
Fay Bros. & Hosford, 94 Gorham 
Hill, Frank B. & Co. 348 Middlesex 
Lelth & Salvis, 17 Congress 
Lolselle, Alexandre, 25 Riverside 
Mackenzie, P. A. 592 Broadway 
McCoy. E. P. 16 Rock 
Moore, Henry C. 822 Middlesex 
Power, Nicholas, 22 Varnum av. 
Sanborn, Edwin, 5 Pleasant 
Sawyer Carriage Co. 455 Worthen 
Staveley, Benjamin A. 10 Lenton ct. 
Swett, John H. 9 Arch 

Carriage Repositories. 

Fay Bros. & Hosford, 333 Central 
O'Dowd, Henry J. & Co. 129 Market 

Carriage Trimmers. 
Butman, Arthur L. 494 Middlesex 

Cartridge Mfrs. 

U. S. Cartridge Co. Whipple's mills 

Cash. Carrier Mfrs. 

Lamson Consolidated Store Service Co. 196 

Casket Mfrs. 

Davey, Peter. 134 Market 
Goss. William L. 561 Dutton 


Collins, J. Henry, 12 Cabot 
Page, D. L. Co. 94 Merrimack 
Richardson, H. T. B. 26 Merrimack 

Charcoal Dealers. 

Kittredge, William. Co. 70 Middle 

Chemical Mfrs. 

Lowell Chemical Co. 86 Middle 

Talbot Dyewood & Chemical Co. 38 Middle 

Taylor & Barker, 3 B. & M. depot 


Weld, Fred C. 86 Middle 


Brown, A. W. 84 Middlesex 
Judkins & Howe, 15 Palmer 
Lovejoy, Wallace, 34 Gorham 
Wilkins, O. A. 90 Prescott 
Young, E. W. 8 Hildreth bldg. 

Cider Makers. 

Jewett, Fra'hk E. & Co. 734 Dutton 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Boot, Henry, 9 Merrimack 
Burleigh &. Larkin, 85 Branch 
Flood, L. J. 4C8 Merrimack 
Hayes, William H. I. 92 Middle 
Patrick, Samuel C. 25 Prescott 
Quirbach, Jacob, 136 Gorham 
Robertson, A. P. 374 Middlesex 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Austin, Charles E. 374 Middlesex 
Bartlett & Buckley, 131 Central 
Brown, Milon D. 112 Central 
Calderwood & Bobbins, 49 Merrimack 
Cryan, John P. 595 Broadway 
Desjardlns, Arthur, 79 Cheever 
Dugdale, George E. 369 Central 
Fivlello, P. H. 125 E. Merrimack 
Flood, Henry P. 468 Merrimack 
Gallagher, James J. 260 Merrimack 
Grace, Lorenzo, 513 Dutton 
Griffin, Joseph T. 56 Middlesex 
Hayes, Wm. II. I. (whol and ret.) 92 

Henderson, William, 3 Fletcher 
Leavitt, William H. 1S9 Middlesex 
Lyman, Ralph B. 489 Middlesex 
Marshall, John G. 53 E. Merrimack 
McGuire, Frank E. 343 Central 
Notinl Bros. 2S Cabot 
Nottnl. Frank, 276 Middlesex 
Pennell, J. H. 4C8 Merrimack 
Phillips. Darwin L. 17 Chelmsford 
Scott & Co. 34 Central 
Stanley & Co. 227 Moody 
Ullock, H. H. & Co. 508 Merrimack 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK is published by F. S. Blanchard 
& Co., Worcester, and is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 
appropriating its content* will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 





Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 

Bowers, George, City Hall 
Evans, George E. 328 Wilder 
Hill, Nathaniel, 124 WentwortTi av. 
Osgood, Orrln F. 201 School 
Smith & Brooks, 26 Hildreth bldg. 
Snell, Ora M. 295 Central 

Clamp Screw Mfr. 

Turner, John D. 452 Broadway 

Clergymen and Churches. 

Allen, J. F. Worthen Street Methodist 

Amyot, Avite A. St. Jean Baptiste 
(French) R. C. 725 Merrimack 

Bartlett, Walter A. Kirk Street Congrega- 
tional, 352 Walker 

Billings. Charles T. First Unitarian, 11 

Blanchet, Louis, French Methodist Mis- 

Bowler, John A. Centralville Methodist, 
806 Bridge 

Burke, Richard S. St. Patrick's Roman 
Catholic, 282 Suffolk 

Caswell, Ernest R. Middlesex Chapel, Bap- 
tist, 96 Dlngwell 

Chambre, A. St. John, St. Anne's Episco- 
pal. 8 Kirk 

Cote, T. G. A. French Protestant (Congre- 
gational) 408 Middlesex 

Craig, James M. First Presbyterian, 103 

Currier, Frank A. Mt. Vernon Free Bap- 
- tlst, 419 Chelmsford 

Daveluy, Charles, St. Joseph's (French) 
R. C. 725 Merrimack 

Desrochers, Benjamin, St. Joseph's 
(French) R. C. 725 Merrimack 

Dilts, Asa Reed. Branch Street (Baptist) 
23 S. Loring 

Eckman, John W. Swedish Evangelical, 13 

Fisher, Charles E. First Universalist, 165 

Ford, Smith Thomas, First Baptist, 577 

Forget, Despatis J. St. Joseph's (French) 
R. C. 725 Merrimack 

Fournler, Joseph A. St. Joseph's (French) 
R. C. 725 Merrimack 

Gagnon, Peter M. St. Jean Baptiste 
(French) R. C. 725 Merrimack 

Gigault, Frederick D. Immaculate Con- 
ception, R. C. Fayette, cor. Stackpolc 

Gilday, John J. St. Michael's R. C. 28 

Green. Bowley, Worthen Street Baptist, 64 

Greene, John M. Elliot Street Congrega- 
tional, 263 Westford 

Greene, Ransom A. Grace Universalist. 283 

Gschwind. Lawrence, Immaculate Concep- 
tion, Fayette, qor. Stackpole 

Guillard, J. M. Church of the Sacred Heart 

R. C. 725 Merrimack 
HIgglns. James W. Highlands Methodist, 

89 Grove 
Huntington, Charles W. High Street Con- 
gregational, 12 Nesmith 
Johnson, George H. John Street Congre- 
gational, 124 Myrtle 
Joyce. William D. Immaculate Concep- 
tion R. C. Fayette, cor. Stackpole 
Kenngott. George F. Trinitarian Congre- 
gational, 29C Liberty 
Kimball, W. H. Middlesex Village Church 
Laraothe. Leon, St. Joseph's (French) R. C. 
725 Merrimack 

Leonard, Michael J. St. Patrick's R. C. 282 

Leland, Willis D. Pawtuckct Street Con- 
gregational, 113 Varnum av. 
Leclaire, Isaac B. French Baptist, Calvin, 

n. Boylston 
Lyon, Arthur G. Advent Christian, Grand 
— , Chelmsford Street Free Bap- 
tist, Chelmsford 
MacPhie, Duncan A. Westminster United 

Presbyterian, 72 Jenness 
Manchester, Leander C. St. John's Episco- 
pal, 380 Rogers 
Marion, A. St. Jean Baptiste (French) R. 

C. 725 Merrimack 
Matthews. Nathaniel W. First Primitive 

Methodist, 15 Ellsworth 
McIIugh, J. J. St. Patrick's R. C. 2S2 

McKenna, John H. St. Peter's R. C. 327 

McRory, John, Sacred Heart R. C. 159 

Meredith, William H. Central Methodist, 37 

Merriam, Charles L. Highland Street Con- 

greeational, 380 Wilder 
Merrill, William E. Wigglnville Mission, 

117 Woodward 
Millington. Henry W. O. Fifth Street Bap- 
tist. 61 Eleventh 
Morang, William A. Union Free Baptist, 20 

Mullin, William G. St. Peter's R. C. 327 

Murphy, Thomas P. Immaculate Concep- 
tion R. C. Fayette, cor. Stackpole 
Nolln, Alnhonse, St. Joseph's (French) R. 

C. 725 Merrimack 
Nolin. J. Alphonse, St. Jean Baptiste 

(French) R. C. 725 Merrimack 
Norberry, John R. Wesley Methodist, 19 

O'Brten, Michael, St. Patrick's R. C. 282 

O'Brien, William C. St. Michael's R. C. 

28 Sixth 
Paradis, JL B. French Methodist Mission, 

122 First 
Perron, Wilbrod. St. Jean Baptiste (French) 

R. C. 725 Merrimack 
Reynolds, John P. Sacred Heart R. C. 159 

Ronan. M. St. Peter's R. C. 327 Gorham 
Salmond, Duncan. Berean Primitive Meth- 
odist, 45 Crowley 
Saunders, Edv ard F. St. Patsr t« R. C. .,2* 

Sayer, Thomas S, Jr. Immanuel Baptist, 

42 Loudon 
Scannell. Daniel P. St. Michael's R. C. 28 

Staples. Levi W. St. Paul's Methodist, 329 

, Swedish Mission Ch. 

Svenson, Svente, First Swedish Methodist, 

206 Moore 
Tortel, Joseph A. Immaculate Conception 

R. C. Favette. cor. Stackpole 
Ward, Warner E. L. House of Prayer 

(Episcopal), 10 Lawson 
Wilson, Amos E. First Free Baptist, 109 

Wolfson, Ellas, Jewish Synagogue. Ill 

Wright. George C. Unity Congregational, 
150 Middlesex 


Jackson, Wm. W. Jr. (F. It.) 30 Tabot 
Leith, Norman L. (Pres.) 546 Lawrence 





LOWELL — Continued. 

Mitchell, Howard A. (S. A.) 151 Warwick 
Morey, Lewis, 474 Beacon ^ 

CloaK Maimers. 

Cohen, Solomon, 701 Merrimack 
Dopkeen, S. 3S6 Merrimack 
Flint, Frank E. & Co. 31 Merrimack 
Holmes, Christoplier, 124 Merrimack 
N. Y. Cloak & Suit Co. 12 John 

Clotlies Cleaners. 

Jones, J. H. 55 E. Merrimack 

Lansing, D. M. 11 Hurd 

Lee, Frank, 52 Central 

Lew, Fred P. 477 Merrimack 

Moshkowitch, Lewis, 53G Middlesex 

Stern, A. 331 Middlesex 

Clothing Dealers. 

Bell Shoe & Clothing Co. 31 Merrimack 
Chalifoux, J. L. 49 Central 
Co-operative Supply Co. 30 Gorham 
Dopkean, Sarah Mrs. 253 Dutton 
Eagle Credit House, 190 Middlesex 
Empire Credit Clothing Co. 97 Central 
Israel, Moses, 610 Merrimack 
Kimball, C. H. 119 Central 
Lappin, Morris, 118 Middlesex 
Lemkln & Carp, 24 Prescott 
Lowell One Price Clothing Co. 72 Mer- 
Merrimack Clothing Co. 32?? Merrimack 
Meyer, Celia Mrs. 303 Middlesex 
Misch, Caesar, 78 Middlesex 
Paresky, Isaac, 190 Middlesex 
Parthenais Bros. 522 Merrimack 
Putnam & Son, 166 Central 
Segal, B. 343 -.^udlesex 
Sovatskl, J. S. 26 Central 
Steele, E. D. & Co. 88 Prescott 
Steinberg, Joseph, 254 Middlesex 
Sydeman, A. 11 Middlesex 
Talbot & Co. 148 Central 
Tamishefsky, Iwar, 312 Middlesex 
Zack, J. N. 13 Westford 

Coal an»l "Wood. 

Bouchard, Adolphe, 25 First 

Brown, Philip P. 59 Second av. 

Cawley, Edward, 131 Central 

Choquette, Azarie, 426 Moody 

Cogger, Edward, 95 Paige 

Conners Bros. 16 Thorndike 

Ccssette, J. O. 199 Moody 

Dixon, Bertrand, 15 Rock 

Desscoteau, Prime, 157 Salem 

Farmer, Frank H. Lawrence 

Gage, Daniel, 41 Merrimack 

Griffin. Warren T. 189 Appleton and 23 

Home, D. W. & Son, 94 Hale 
Klttredge, William Co. 70 Middle and 45 

Leblanc, A. 65 Davidson 
Livingston, Wm. E. 15 Thorndike 
Lowell Co-op. Association, 52 Meadowcraft 
Lynch, George, 5 Marlon 
Mackenzie, P. A. 592 Broadway 
Middlesex Coal Co. of Lowell, 6 Fletcher 
Monette, Francis, 719 Lake View av. 
Mullin, Joseph, 953 Gorham 
Noel, J. B. 610 Middlesex 
Parker, Elbridge G. 29 Manchester 
Parker, Wm. H. & Sons, 731 Dutton 
Phelps, C. R. 4S2 Central 
Purcell, Edward F. 182 Lakevtew av. 
Putnam & Son, 166 Central 
Qulnn, John P. 19 Congress 
Sewall & Crothers, 881 Middlesex 

Sullivan, Daniel T. 984 Gorham 

Smith, James R. 498 Broadway 

Stanley & Co. 223 Moody 

Whithed & Co. 41 Merrimack 

Whitney Bros. Bridge 

Wilson, E. A. agt. 4 Merrimack sq. 

Cologne Manufacturers. 

Hoyt, E. W. & Co. 80 Church 

Conerete Pavers. 

Hands, Stephen W. 32 Humphrey 
3mtth, E. A. & A. T. 216 Central' 
Walsh, James, 155 Highland av. 

Cone Tube 3Ifrs. 

Conical Cop Tube Co. Lincoln, cor. Brook 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Babiglan, A. 289 Central 

Barrett, Bros. 135 Salem 

Betoncourt, John O. 361 Central 

Blake, William J. 434 Bridge 

Book, Julius M. 1S5 Gorham 

Brown, W. H. 69 Gorham 

Burbank, P. P. 580 Merrimack 

Carcateria, S. 207 Middlesex 

Carpenter, Henry, 142 Salem 

Cobb, Fred W. 515 Bridge 

Cristofani, John, 152 Gorham 

Cruickshank, A. 67 Central 

DImodina, D. 271 Thorndike 

Cameron & Cruickshank, 155 Middlesex 

Cruickshank, Alexander, 67 Central 

Cryan, E. J. 205 Dutton 

Cunningham, S. S. & Co. 948 Gorham 

Donovan, Michael, & Co. 61 E. Merrimack 

Emerson, Frank, 73 Merrimack 

Emery, Daniel, 381 Middlesex 

Erdis, Hugh W. 313 Central 

Farley, George, 245 Central 

Feeney, John, 251 Market 

Fox, Arthur P. 2 Merrimack 

Freres, Oscar, 69 Cabot 

Francisco, George, 29S Dutton 

Frost, Isaac N. 536 Suffolk 

Geilnas, L. A. Merrimack, cor. Cabot 

Gilbert, Wolford N*. .100 Andrews 

Hall, Arthur, 4S5 Bridge 

Hoole, E. P. & Son, 134 Middlesex 

Illbag, Thomas, 136 Dutton 

Kachadoorian, Kriker, 234 Middlesex 

Kaloostian. M. 488 Merrimack 

Klllpatrick Bros. 266 Merrimack 

Lockwood, George R. 386 Bridge 

McDonald, Alexander, 5 Merrimack 

Miller, George H. 427 Bridge 

Mukchin, M. 99 Gorham 

Nicolocopulas, Peter, 594 Merrimack 

Pearson, J. & J. M. 1 Shattuck 

Peltier, Merrill (whol.) 130 Avon 

Phillips, F. W. 48 Cross 

Ryan, William, 2S6 Brl<lc;e 

Saba, S. G. 335 Middlesex 

Sarkess, P. 25 Bridge 

Shaw, S. W. 377 Bridge 

Shipley, Wilbar A. 2 Liberty 

Smith, Gertie E. 181 Middlesex 

Soupa.' Manuel, 361 Central 

Statuoto, P. 295 Middlesex 

Thorpe, George, 358 Bridge 

Tonsas, Costas, 392 Merrimack 

Vulus & Mlhalopoulus, 622 Merrimack 

Xanthakos. G. 218 Merrimack 

Confectionery Mfrs. 

Cameron & Cruickshank, 155 Middlesex 
Cruickshank, Alexander, 67 and 118 Central 
Head & Frye, 110 Middlesex 


Not keepinp the Year Book on their desks are not doinpr their 
Guests justice. Information in this form is indispensable to 
the traveling public. 



Page, D. L. Co. 94 Merrimack 
Richardson, H. T. B. 26 Merrimack 

Co-operative Bank. 

(See Banks.) 

Copper Stamp Makers. 

Cooper, Samuel G. 408 Middlesex 
Manning, H. H. 1071 Bridge 
Parsons & Mealey, 47 Fletcher 

Cop Tube Mfrs. 

Acme Cop Tube Co. Lincoln, cor. Brook 
Amraytoon Paper Tube Co. 122 Western av. 
Haworth & Watson, 157 Lincoln 

Corn Cake 3Ifr. 

Manning, William, 614 Broadway 

Cotton Goods Mfrs. 

Appleton Co. Jackson 

Boott Cotton Mills, Amory 

Criterion Knitting Co. 220 Tanner 

Edinburg Print Works (prints) Lawrence 

Hamilton Mfg. Co. Jackson 

Lawrence Mfg. Co. north end of Suffolk 

Lowell Hosiery Co. Mt. Vernon 

Lowell Weaving Co. 196 Walker 

Mass. Cotton Mills, jc. Merrimack and 

Concord riv. 
Merrimack Mfg. Co. north end of Dutton 
Tremont and Suffolk Mills, Suffolk 

Cotton Waste Dealers. 

Coburn, Walter, & Co. Congress 
Lowell Waste Co. 705 Gorham 

Counter Scales Mfrs. 

Knowles Scale Works, 78 Fletcher 
Lowell Scale Co. 605 Middlesex 

Crayon Manufacturers. 

Kimball, L. S. (dealer) 27 Shattuck 
Lowell Crayon Co. 198 Mammoth rd. 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Beard, Henry H. 228 Merrimack 
Campbell, George, 69 Agawam 
Carter, J. N. & Co. 511 Middlesex 
Leighton Bros. 241 Central 
O'Brien Bros. 77 E. Merrimack 
Robertson &. Co. S2 Prescott 

Custom Shirt Maker. 

Wyeth, F. L. 13 Merrimack sq. 


Allard, Arthur D. 40 Middlesex 
Allen, Otis, 2d, 226 Merrimack 
Bacheller, Elliott B. 31 Merrimack 
Barnes, Fred W. 9 Wy man's Exchange 
Bates, George C. 20 Elliot 
Bicknell, J. K. & Son,- 24 Runels bldg. 
Clifford, C. T. 99 Westford 
Coburn, H. W. 81 MerrimacK 
Constantineau, Geo. J. 491 Merrimack 
Cuff, Thomas F. 161 Merrimack 
Darling, Victor E. 159 Merrimack 
Donehue, John T. 23 Bridge 
Downes. W. H. 243 Central 
Farrington, Fred I. 407 Middlesex 
Fesler, Frank J. 37 Elliot 
Gagnon. Arthur J. 4G6 Merrimack 
Gerry, Arthur C. 107 Merrimack 
Harris, Charles F. 3 Runels bldg. 
Heald, B. F. 40 Kirk 
Hervey, W. I. 97 Central 
Jennlson. George H. 45 Kirk 


Contains tbe Complete 
Business Directory of.... 

Kelley, William J. 295 Central 
Kinney, Edwin E. 108 Westford 
Knapp, Walter E. 26 Central 
Lamson, Edwin F. 2 Runels bldg. 
Lawrence, Samuel, 757 Bridge 
Lowe, Edward A. 61 Church 
Pepin, John V. 352 Merrimack 
Pepin, William H. 540 Merrimack 
Pinkham, George E. 40 Middlesex 
Rombough, William L. 217 Westford 
Simmons, E. H. 219 Central 
Snyder Bros. 118 Merrimack 
Walker, Hush, 3 Wyman's Exchange 
Waller, T. G. 40 Middlesex 
Walsh, J. J. 326 Merrimack 
Ward, S. L. & W. G. & A. W. Burnham, 
5 Savings Bk. bldg. 

Doors, Sask aftd lllinds. 

Bennett, J. W. Co. 564 Middlesex 
Hatch. William E. 771 Dutton 


Achin, Emma, 162 Salem 
Allen, Lizzie M. 31S Nesmith 
Ayer. Sarah E. 182 Westford 
Bailey, Virginie, 322 Merrimack 
Baril, M. E. Mrs. 472 Moody 
Barnes, J. Belle. 226 Merrimack 
Barrett, Delia L. 15 Fay 
Barter, Esther W. Mrs. 5 Osgood 
Belanger, Sarah, 474 Central 
Berry, Mary G. Mrs. 53 Central 
Bissett, Mary E. 314 Thorndike 
Bissonnette, Josephine. 159 Middlesex 
Blake, Ellen E. 318 Central 
Bonan, Josephine, 138 Merrimack 
Bourget, Stephanie Mrs. 63 Bowers 
Boynton, Augusta N. 614 Gorham 
Boynton, Clara F. 78 Queen 
Brault. Emma Mrs. 99 Cheever 
Brennan, Bridget, 145 Merrimack 
Brennan, Maggie, 145 Merrimack 
Brennan, Mary, 45 Fort Hill av. 
Briggs, Nellie K. Mrs. 18 Mt. Vernon 
Brodeur, Mary L. 158 Salem 
Brown, B. Jdiss, 76 Andover 
Brown, L. A. Mrs. 204 Appleton 
Brown, Mary E. Mrs. 379 Central 
Brownell, Carrie, 4 Fifth 
Burnheimer, Delia M. 32 Columbus av. 
Cady, Frances, 150 Merrimack 
Callahan, Mary J. 17 Sanborn 
Campbell, Eliza N. Mrs. 524 Merrimack 
Carp, S. Mrs. 124 Gorham 
Carroll, Letta, 94 High 
Cinquars, Ernestine, 43 Mt. Hope 
Clark, Mary A. 53 Race 
Clark, Rebecca B. Mrs. 233 Liberty 
Clement, C. L. Mrs. 258 MerrimacK 
Cleveland, Mary J. 76 Congress 
Clowater, Marion, 14 Ash 
Coliton, B. Miss, 166 Church 
Collins, E. H. Mrs. 24 Fernaia 
Comtois, Alexandrlene, 210 Salem 
Conaton, Mary, 43 Marlborough 
Corev, George D. Mrs. 12 Simpson pi. 
Costello, M. E. Mrs. 45 W. Fifth 
Cote, Ani;ellno, 10 Simpson pi. 
Cote, Catherine Mrs. 212 Merrimack 
Cote, Francois M. Mrs. 139 dishing 
Cote, Philippe G. Mrs. 93 Li 1 ley av. 
Courville, E. Mrs. 474 Merrimack 
Coutu, A. Miss, 322 Merrimack 
Crafts, Ellen M. Mrs. 70 Church 
Crepeau, A. 534 Moody 
Cunningham, Mary, 32 Wamoslt 
Cyr, M. Mrs. 417 Bridge 
Dalgnault. Emma. 226 Merrimack 
Dallaghcr, Lizzie A. 193 E. M»rrimaek 
D* Amours. Clara. 773 MerrimacK 

353 Towns and Cities. 


LOWELLr— Continued. 

Danahy, Mary, 347 Market 

Davis, Mary Mrs. 20S Charles 

Denault, Louise Mrs. 748 Merrimack 

Derby, H. W. Mrs. 336 B. Merrimack 

Despres, J. Mrs. 161 Salem 

Desorsiers, Regina Mrs. 151 Eighteenth 

Dewell, Jennie E. 28 Beech 

DIckerman, Tina, 207 Liberty 

Dixon, Lizzie Mrs. 87 French 

Donaldson, Annie, 34 Bartlott 

Dowling, Louisa D. 273 Hl^h 

Drainville, Octavla, 226 Merrimack 

Drury. James F. Mrs. 89 Bartlett 

Duberges, Bernard Mrs. 27 LI 1 ley av. 

Dunn, Eliza A. Mrs, 25 Brooks 

Dunn, Mary J. 304 Adams 

Dupont, S. Mrs, 80 Cabot 

Dupont, T. Mrs. 4S1 Broadway 

Duval, Delima, 240 High 

Duval, E. Mrs. 397 Moody 

Egan, Mary E. 3 Auburn 

Pagan, C. B. Miss, 18 Newhall 

Farrlngton. H. J. Mrs. 72 First 

Fitzgerald, B. Augusta, 271 Hildreth 

Flynn, D. E. 352 Merrimack 

Fontaine, Francois Mrs. 11 Lake View </v. 

Ford, Seth Mrs. 86 Lane 

Forest, Dora, 115 Salem 

Forrest, Delia, 115 Salem 

Fortler, D. Mrs. 497 Moody 

Fortin, L. Mrs. 31 Race 

Gadbois, Lena Mrs. 181 E. Merrimack 

Gagnon, Elodie, 466 Merrimack 

Gauthler, Clara, 97 Cheever 

Gehin. F. Mrs. 2d, r. 513 Merrimack 

Gelinas, Albertine, 739 Moody 

Gilman, Etta B. 326 Merrimack 

Gllman, Frances A. Mrs. 28 Fourth 

Oilman, Hattie M. 181 Howard 

Glrard, Vlrginie Mrs. 17 Auburn 

Glennon, M. A. 17 Barristers' Hall 

Gouln, Emma Mrs. 253 Central 

Gould, Emma B. 26 Central 

Greaves, M. J. Mrs. 376 Central 

Green, Margaret E. Mrs. 549 Lake View av. 

Grogan, E. M, Mrs. 53 Central 

Guillet, H. D. Mrs. 84 Middlesex 

Guyette, John A. Mrs. 466 Merrimack 

Haggerty, Hannah, 16 Burns 

Hanson, Louisa J. Mrs. 15 Osgood 

Hart, Maggie E. 56 Mead 

Hartwell, Kate Mrs. 70 Second av. 

Hill, L. E. Mrs. 10 John 

Hilton, Carrie C. 11 Leroy 

Hilton, Mary S. 31 Robbins 

Howes, George F. Mrs. 237 Walker 

Hoyt, L. F. Miss, 54 Kirk 

Hup-hes, Nellie, 559 Fletcher 

Hurd, R. R. Mrs. 10 W. Third 

Hurtubise, J. B. Mrs. 292 Bridge 

Hynes, Mary E. 8S0 Gorham 

Jacobs, Etta A. Mrs. 176 Westford 

Jean, Mary E. 652 Merrimack 

Jean, Palmire F. 750 Merrimack 

Jodoin, Leonie, 72 Exeter 

Jones, Francena, 26 Central 

Kaiser, Nancy J. 511 Bridge 

Kane, Mary and Rose, 599 Central 

Keefe, Lizzie, 309 Bridge 

Kelley, Marguerite. 116 Fourth av. 

Kelley, Bessie, 26 Central 

Kenney, Kate T. 26 Central 

Kiernan, Delia Mrs. 213 Lincoln 

Kirscher, P. B. 226 Merrimack 

Lacrolx, Addle, 45 Salem 

Lambert, A. Mrs. 14 Race 

Lamoreaux, N. Mrs. 51 Mammoth rd. 

Lanciau, M. L. Mrs. 645 Market 

Lanoue, H. C. Mrs. 774 Moody 

Lanoue, W. Miss, 138 Merrimack 
Lapanne, Delphlne, 15 Austin 
Lapierre, Angeline, 69 W. Fourth 
Lapine, Maxime Mrs. 616 Merrimack 
Larue, Theophile Mrs. 233 Cheever 
Lavallee, Henrv Mrs. 11 Lilley av. 
Lefebvre, A. Mrs. 61 Ludlam 
Leith, J. G. Mrs. 519 Lawrence 
Lesieur, Josephine Mrs. 765 Moody 
Lockwood, M. Mrs. 1 Varnum pi. 
Lonto, J. W. Mrs. 532 Moody 
Lonto, Laura L. 322 Merrimack 
Loud, Hattie M. 18 Elliot 
Loughlln, A. J. Mrs. 228 High 
Loupret, R. L. Mrs. 4C6 Fletcher 
Luslgnan, Alexandrine Mrs. 494 Market 
Macpherson, W. A. Mrs. 930 Gorham 
Maher, Bridget, 31 Walnut 
Mallette, Charles Mrs. 518 Merrimack 
Mansur, Annie E. 371 Bridge 
Marshall, Carrie E. 81 Merrimack 
Martel. Odille. 30 Arkwright 
Maxwell, Nellie A. 118 Merrimack 
McAfee, Rose, 50 Chestnut 
McAuslin, J. Mrs. 98 Hall 
McCort, Mary, 42 Union 
McDonald, Katie, 226 Merrimack 
McDonald, William Mrs. 735 Middlesex 
McLeod, Al^honsine, 99 Cabot 
McMahon, Kate F. 83 Hampshire 
McNabb, Alice A. & Co. 213 Broadway 
Mead, Minnie O. Mrs. 364 Merrimack 
Mehan, Mary C. Mrs. 124 Concord 
Mercier, E. Mrs. 12 Ward 
Mercier, Henry Mrs. 30 W. Meadow rd. 
Merrill, Alice, 58 Howard 
Miles, Mary J. 106 Merrimack 
Miller, Joncey, 8 Merrimack 
Mlneau, Elodie, 102 Cabot 
Miskell, Kate A. 138 Merrimack 
Molloy, Agnes. 213 Church 
Montplasir,. Josephine A. 159 Merrimack 
Moore, Mary J. Mrs. 355 Lincoln 
Moore, Villa A. 280 Middlesex 
Morln, A. Mrs. 639 Merrimack 
Morin, H. Mrs. 369 Merrimack 
Morris, Kate T. 138 Merrimack 
Morrison, Effle, 198 Appleton 
Muldoon, Mary J. 2G8 Suffolk 
Murray, Anastasla Mrs. 352 Merrimack 
Murray. M. E. 148 Cross 
Neagle, Mary E. 138 Merrimack 
Newton, E. M. Mrs. 18 Branch 
O'Connell, Lizzie Mrs. 161 Merrimack 
O'Connell, Mary A. 48 Mead 
O'Connor, Catharine Mrs. 57S Market 
O'Connor, Kate L. 209 Mt. Vernon 
Oullette, Kate L. 209 Mt. Vernon 
Park, Eliza J. Mrs. 133 Howard 
Parker, D. W. Mrs. 25 Smith av. 
Faulint. Kate, 317 Westford 
Peltier, Melvina B. Mrs. 130 Avon 
Pelton, Eva M, 79 Shaw 
Perske, Bessie, 376 Bridge 
Pitman, Lena, 403 Bridge 
Plourde, Helen, 318 Moody 
Polk. E. L. 290 E. Merrimack 
Powers, Margaret F. Mrs. 16 Walnut 
Provost, Alida, 439 Moody 
Quimby, Ella M. 284 Worthen 
Racicot, Fannie, 169 Middlesex 
Raclcot, H. C. Mrs. 317 Middlesex 
Richards. Ella Mrs. 691 Merrimack 
Richer, Ellse Mrs. 6 South 
Riley, Kate, 432 Gorham 
Ritchie, J. P. Mrs. 12 Loring 
Ritchot, Olle, 696 Merrimack 
Robarge, Emerson Mrs. 68 Varnum 
Roberts, Clara G. Mrs. 403 Mammoth rd. 
Rollins, Eva G. Mrs. 33 Fourth 
Ross, N. E. Mrs. 30 Burnside 

this mm 

Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication Kivintf the complete roster of Public 
Olilcials. It should be in every business olllce. 


Rouse, J. Carleton Mrs. 179 Summer 
Roy, Adele, 106 Merrimack 
Roy, Adolphe Mrs. 884 Moody 
Roy, Clotilde M. 188 Cross 
Roy, Melvina, 4 Willie av. 
Ryan, Nora, 74 Fort Hill av. 
Ryan, Sarah and Hannah, 45 Barrington 
Sawyer, Hattie A. 48 Laurel 
Schiller, P. Miss, 510 Merrimack 
Scott, Susan A. Mrs. 3 Frye 
Searle, Dora Mrs. 511 Bridge 
Searle, Jennie L. Mrs. 305 Worthen 
Seery, Annie Mrs. 46 Albion 
Shane, Kate, 15 Palmer 
Shannon, Maggie, 26 Crystal 
Sherlock, D. E. Mrs. 90 Appleton 
Slmoneau, Sarah Mrs. 16 Decatur 
Skefflngton, Margaret, 63 Mt. Grove 
Smith, F. A. Mrs. 12 Ware 
Sparks, Mary E. Mrs. 90 S. Whipple 
Spaulding, Ella J. 112 Chapel 
Steel, Hannah, 986 Central 
Stevens, Esther J. 2d, r. 37 Bartlett 
Stevens, Ida Mrs. 81 Merrimack 
Stewart, George H. Mrs. 322 Merrimack 
Stlllings, Mabel E. 22 C st. 
Sullivan, Kate, 45 Jewett 
Sullivan, Kate M. 138 Merrimack 
Sullivan, Margaret C. 277 Fayette 
Sullivan, Mary, 65 Merrimack 
Swett, M. P. F. Miss, 61 Bartlett 
Tenary, Mary J. 2d, r. 32 High 
Todd, Sarah G. 226 Merrimack 
Trembley, A. Mrs. 510 Merrimack 
Trlnque, Azilda Mrs. 546 Suffolk 
Van DeCruyssen, Jane, 226 Merrimack 
Vigneault, Aimee Mrs. 136 Hall 
Welch, Ann Mrs. 14 Wilton av. 
Weston, R. H. Mrs. 26 Brown 
Whltcher, Grace M. Mrs. 70 Howard 
Whltmore, Laura E. 49 Liberty 
Wlggln, A. F. Mrs. 202 Merrimack 
Wiltbank, Maria J. Mrs. 5 Seventh 
Wood, L. S. Mrs. 628 Wilder 
Worden, C. E. Mrs. 641 Merrimack 
Wright, Lizzie, 336 Suffilk 

Drtig- gists. 

Bailey, F. & E. & Co. 83 Merrimack 
Belvidere Family Drug Store, 255 High 
Bertrand, Alexis E. Lakeview av. cor Co- 
Blanchard, C. F. 418 Middlesex 
Butler, F. H. & Co. 391 Middlesex 
Carleton & Hovey, 236 Merrimack 
Carter, C. E. 48 Branch 
Carter, Charles E. 336 Westford 
Carter & Sherburne, 3 Merrimack 
Crockett, Eugenie G. 629 School 
Daly, Cornelius A. 318 Suffolk 
Delisle, Beaulieu & Rochette, 632 Merri- 
Dows, A. W. & Co. 389 Central 
East Merrimack Drug Co. 33 E. Merrimack 
Ellingwood & Co. MerrimacK 
Faulkner, Edward F. Jr. 408 Suffolk 
Field, Albert L. 1059 Gorhum 
Field, Osmond L. 350 Merrimack 
Gallagher, Charles J. 255 High 
Goodale, Frank C. 217 Central 
Henotte. Constant, 32 Cabot 
Houle & Sparks. 716 Lake View av. 
Howard, James, 617 Broadway 
Jones, Olie M. C. Mrs. 4 Mammoth rd. 
Kronberger, I. B. 496 Merrimack 
Lang, R. j. & Co. 374 Merrimack 
Leclair & Roussin, 8 Cabot 
Lltch, Joseph W. 415 Bridge 
Martin & Co. Central, cor. Merrimack 
McEvoy, Edward T. 2 Andrews 
McNabb, Frank E. 225 Broadway 


Moody. Frank P. 535 Dutton 

Moors, Albert E. 62 Gorham 

Naylor. Charles, 197 Central 

O'Brien, Denis, 349 Bridge 

O'Brien, James, 391 Broadway 

Osgood, George C. Merrimack, cor. Suffolk 

Parker, Harry R. 309 Bridge 

Pearson, William H. 301 Central 

Pheian, M. A. 239 Gorham 

Pluukett, Joseph Co. 201 Dutton 

Sanborn, William H. 404 Central 

Shirley, S. C. (estate) 789 Gortiam 

Stevenson, Herbert O. 312 Bridge 

Story. A. F. & Co. 337 Thorndtke 

Swan Bros. 789 Gorham 

Thomasson, Anders, 557 Central 

Thompson, M. E. & Co. 396 Merrimack 

Turcotte, Hubert J. 624 Middlesex 

Walker, Thomas C. 505 Middlesex 

Webster, Herbert. Jr. 665 Merrimack 

Wells, Charles W. 501 Bridge 

Westwood. John S. 175 Gorham 

Wlllson, George A. & Co. 104 Branch 

Dry Goods. 

Blbeault, Napoleon, 213 Aiken 

Bon Marche Dry Goods Co. 147 Merrimack 

Carney, Bella F. 86 Salem 

Cook, Taylor & Co. 98 Merrimack 

Cook & Taylor, 231 Central 

Cote, Jean G. 216 Merrimack 

Cote, Leopold L. (remnants) 212 Merrimack 

Dean, George R. 684 Lawrence 

Drain, J. Ill Gorham 

Dupont, Delphine, 82 Cabot 

England, James P. Mrs. 726 Gorham 

Flske, C. K. 75 Merrimack 

Gauthier, Clara, 97 Cheever 

Goldman, Maurice, 22 Aiken 

Goldman, Philip, 233 Dutton 

Grant & Co. 210 Merrimack 

Hasson, George, 83 Suffolk 

Green, F. 338 Middlesex 

Kelley, Rose A. 212 Chelmsford 

Keyes, Julian V. & Co. 198 Merrimack 

Knowlton, Nellie J. 88 Merrimack 

Marion, Marie Miss, 224 Merrimack 

Maynard,*C. J. M. Co. 142 Merrimack 

Mclntyre, Wm. S. 650 Merrimack 

O'Donnell & Gilbride Co. 170 Merrimack 

O'Neill, Maggie E. 584 Gorham 

Parker, Lena C. 1037 Central 

Paquette, Julie Mrs. 65 Tucker 

Pelletler, Ephrem, 512 Merrimack 

Perley, Winfield A. 405 Bridge 

Pollard, Arthur G. & Co. 144 Merrimack 

Riopelle, Eliza, & Co. 200 Aiken 

Shanley, Joseph E. & Co. 156 Merrimack 

Yates, Joseph M. 430 Bridge 


Bay State Steam Dye Works, 54 Prescott 
Clifford, Warren, 2 Andover 
Lew, William A. 49 John 
Maret, Victor T. A. 49 Cheever 
Renwlck, Walter, 206 Middlesex 

Elastic Goods Mfrs. 

Bradshaw Mfg. Co. 146 Fletcher 
Lowell Goring Web Co. 145 Fletcher 
Novelty Suspender Works, 175 Hale 
Thorndike Mfg. Co. 281 Thorndike 


Bancroft, Kirk H. 14 Alder 
Derby & Morse, 2 Middle 
McElholm, James F. 55 Prescott 
Tucke & Parker, 79 Middle 
Young, Samuel, 18 Shattuck 

Is our specialty. We do Rood work or 

none at all. Try us. 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Electric Iiijslit Companies. 

Lowell Electric Light Corp. W. H. Bert. 
Bupt. 42 Church 


Lowell Electrotype Foundry, 165 Market 

Employment Ollices. 
Balch, M. A. Mrs. 434 West ford 
Clement, C. L. Miss, 258 Merrimack 
Cummlngs, George W. Mrs. 29 Central 
Murray, A. Mrs. 352 Merrimack 
Rand, George W. 6 Runels bldg. 
Swett & Co. 104 Central 


Coggeshall & Piper, 473 Beacon 


American Express Co. 75 Central 

Boston & Lowell Despatch Express Co. 24 

Manchester & Concord, N. H., Express Co. 

15 Central 
New York & Boston Despatch Express, 4S0 


Fancy Goods. 

Abels, Samson, 177 Merrimack 
Baker, Josephine, 219 Central 
Balch, M. A. Mrs. 434 West ford 
Bealieu, Joseph H. 737 Lake View av. 
Branson, Louise A. 321 Central 
Brown Bros. 300 Merrimack 
Butler, F. H. & Co. 2G5 Central 
Cummiskey, E. A. Miss, 175 E. Merrimack 
Dallagher, N. M. Miss, 65 E. Merrimack 
Dupont, D. Mrs. 82 Cabot 
Emery, Stillman B. 135 Branch 
Farrell, Samuel T. 110 Merrimack 
Fisk. Charles K. 75 Merrimack 
Freeman, Bridget, 388 Gorham 
Gray, Charles O. 2 Loring 
Guilfoil, Mary J. 95 Gorham 
Hutchins, Elvira R. Mrs. 249 Central 
Knox, Jane -ars. 710 Middlesex 
Knox, S. H. & Co. 55 Merrimack 
Lawson, George L. 114 Merrimack 
Llbbey, Celia A. 683 MerrimacK 
Maynard, C. I. W. Co. 142 Merrimack 
McCoy, Sarah B. 375 Central 
McNabb, Alice A. & Co. 213 Broadway 
Merrill, L. T. Mrs. 298 Westfora 
Moors, A. E. 62 Gorham 
Parker, L. C. Mrs. 1037 Central 
Penn, Matilda E. 3S9 Chelmsford 
Rollins, Alden D. 256 Chelmsford 
Saulnier, Ellen Mrs. 711 Lake View av. 
Seamon & Gifford. Ill Central 
Wheeler, N. L. 204 Merrimack 
Whltten, Nellie M. 104 Merrimack 

Feltinpr Mfrs. 

Lowell Felting Mills, 391 Pawtucket 

File Manufacturers. 

Globe File Works, 36 Cushing 
Highland, Thomas. & Co. 36 Cushing 
Shattuck, H. B. & Son, 50 Central 
Stanley, C. L. 184 Cushing 

Fisli Dealers. 

Allen. C. M. 437 Central 
Atwood, Joshua, 119 Salem 
Baker, John A. 570 Gorham 

Blennerhassett, Arthur, & Co. 119 Salem 
Carpenter, W. Irving, 460 Lawrence 
Davis, Fred M. 1224 Gorham 
Fairburn, George, 20 Merrimack 
Home, Eben F. 14 Richardson av. 
Johnson, H. J. 326 Suffolk 
Lancey, Willard H. 37 Branch 
Long, Michael, 575 Market 
MacDonald. William, 80 Gorham 
McEvoy, Patrick, 169 Chapol 
McGovern, John F. 37 E. Merrimack 
Myers, G. B. 8 Bridge 
Randall, George W. -tS Andover 
Randlett, M. B. & Co. 501 Middlesex 
Shay, J. Linnell, 319 Bridge 
Sullivan, William H. 611 Merrimack 
Tuttle. Frederick A. 329 Thornd:ke 


Burtt, Paul R. 4 Merrimack sq. 

Greene, Harvey B. 175 Stevens 

Griffiths, Richard A. 133 Central 

Haynes, John S. 132S Gorham 

Lapham, Charles, 360 Merrimack 

Laporte, T. A. 15 Boston rd. 

Looinis, M. C. 724 Merrimack 

Marshall, Charles L. 67 Merrimack and 707 

McManmon, John J. 6 Prescott 
Miles, Charles F. 492 MerrlmacK 
Patten & Roberts, 293 Central 
Sheppard, E. 292 Fairmount 
Walsh, Jame3, 155 Highland av. 
Webster, John F. 24 Cosgrove 
Whltmore Bros. 49 Liberty 
Whlttet & Co. 35 Wentworth av. 

Flour and Grain. 

Coffey Bros. 326 Merrimack 

Cover, J. B. & Co. 29 Shattuck 

Dexter, S.* K. 360 Middlesex 

Foster, George M. King, cor. Jackson 

McDonald, T. J. 25 Fletcher 

Meek, James, ft. Anne 

New England Self Raising Flour Co. 20 

Parker, Elbridge G. 29 Manchester 
Sherman, E. S. & Co. 51 Market 
Smarkowich, M. & Co. 552 Middlesex 
Vincent, Benjamin, 27 Hovey 
Wood, E. N. & Co. 79 Market- 

Furniture Dealers. 

Adams & Co. 168 Central 

Brien. J. A. 142 Chelmsford 

Carter, -John N. & Co. 511 Middlesex 

Corey, P. H. 197 Middlesex 

Curtis, Arthur E. 458 Central 

Davey, Peter, 134 Market 

Davis, Mann & Co. 356 Suffolk 

Dellsle, Elie, 52 Tucker 

Fogs, M. A. & Co. 60 Middlesex 

Gaynor, J. J. & Co. 35 Prescott 

Gookin Bros. 66 Prescott 

Gregolre Bros. 637 Merrimack 

Hawkes, L. W. & Co. 46 Middle 

Hebert, Pierre Z. 300 Aiken 

Leinhas & Co. 385 Middlesex 

Lowell Furniture Co. 462 Merrimack 

Marin, Joseph, 628 Merrimack 

March & Ismoile, 277 Aiken 

McKissock, William B. F. 493 Chelmsford 

Offutt, Gcorpe F. & Co. 35 Market 

O'Helr, A. E. & Co. 16 Merrimack 

Pihl. Victor, 506 Central 

Prentiss, Oscar F. 369 Bridge 

Puffer, James F. & Son Co. 17 Market 

Robertson & Co. 82 Prescott 



F. S. ttlaiu-ltard 

and BUSINESS s^g* 

, published ;mnu:illy- JV *f 
d & €o., Worcester. W %M 



Wtlch, John, 398 Middlesex 
Whitely, Wright, 12 Agawam 
Williams, William H. 48 Middlesex 

Furniture Ml'rs. 

Adams, Iia O. SO Western av 

Marshall & Crosby. *>07 Middlesex 

Welch, John, 39S Middlesex and 561 Dutton 

Gns and Steam Fitters. 

(See Plumbers; also Steam Heating Appar- 

Gas Lift'ht Companies. 

Lowell Gas Light Co. George W. Farnham, 
■upt. 22 Shattuck 

Glue Manufacturers. 

Holt, Jonathan, & Co. 270 Tanner 
Shattuck, Horace B. & Son, 50 Central 

Granite Workers. 

Andrews & Wheeler, 51 Thorndike 
Bowden & Colmer, 901 Lawrence 
Carlson, Gustaf. 1320 Gorham 
Goodrich, A. F. 121 Tanner 
Gumb Bros. 125S Gorham 
Gumb, Lewis D. 914 Gorham 
Jones, Edward, 13 Saratoga 
Mahan & Meehan, 1091 Gorham 
Spencer, Thomas H. ft. Mapde 

Grist Mills. 

Livingston, William E. 15 Thorndike and 

49 Merrimack 
Meek, James, ft. Anne 
Wilder, O. D. 62 Western av. 
Wood, E. N. & Co. 79 Market 


Allaire, William. 260 Aiken 
Anastios, Lumas, 464 Market 
Bailey, John, 49S Chelmsford 
Bailey, Robert, 150 Fayette 
Barbeau, A. 14 Howe 
Barney, F. M. & Co. 415 Middlesex 
Barret Bros. 135 Salem 
Bartlett, J. O. 206 Appleton 
Beaudry, Gaspard, 267 Aiken 
Beaulieu. John H. 92 Tilden 
Beharrell, Flora J. 220 Chelmsford 
Belleville, Dolphis, 474 Moody 
Benson, Catherine, 164 Lawrence 
Bernard, Omcr, 660 Market 
Bernstrom, Olof A. J 88 Gorham 
Bill, Freeman M. & Co. (whol.) 98 Mid- 
Bilodeau, Francois, 33 Tucker 
Bilodeau, Pierre, 591 Market 
Birtwell, J. G. & Co. 62 Whipple 
Blinkhorn, John, 47 Stanley 
Boisvert, Charles H. 13 Lake View av. 
Boston Branch Grocery, 455 Middlesex 
Bourgeois & Co. 326 Moody 
Bourgeois, G. M. 415 Moody 
Boyle, James, & Sons, 637 Middlesex 
Boyle, Patrick, 270 Salem 
Boynton, D. R. 605 Merrimack 
Brady, Peter J. 495 Gorham 
Brady, Thomas F. 499 Broadway 
Breen Bros. 74 South 
Brooks, James S. £64 Merrimack 
Brooks, John, 24 West 
Brown, Patrick J. 29 Fenwick 
Brown, William H. 69 Gorham 
Brunelle, Joseph A. 53 Fifth av. 
Buckley, Bridget, 174 Fayette 
Burke, John, 57 Lake View av. 
Burke, J. H. & Co. 19 Coburn 
Buttriek & Co. (whol. and ret.) 2C Market 
Cahlll, Julia A. Mrs. 54 Whipple 
Callahan, Francis T. 96 Lake View av. 

Campbell,. Georpe, 69 Agawam 

Carrigan, Thomas. 354 Lawrence 

Charlton, Noble M. 691 Middlesex 

Charron & LaBrie, 181 Moody 

Cheever, D. K. 26 Branch 

Cheever, David K. 83 Branch 

Churchill, L. D. 335 Bridge 

Churchill. S. W. 16S Middlesex 

Clancy, John B. 25 Floyd 

Clark, M. J. Mrs. 33 Davidson 

Clark, M. T. 397 Market 

Clark, William, 257 Thorndike 

Coburn, Clarence G. 11 Mammoth rd. 

Coffey & Co. 334 Suffolk 

Coleman, Owen J. 122 Pleasant 

Comerford, C. P. 26 Nineteenth 

Conant. A. J. 61 Hich 

Corbett. Michael, 131 Gorham * 

Courtney, James J. & Co. 605 Market 

Courtois, Moise, 170 Perkins 

Demers. Pierre, 415 Moody 

Denning. Levi, 127 Sixth av. 

Devine, Andrew J. 198 Cnurcn 

Devno Charles F. 724 Central 

Dickinson, F. H. (whol.) 193 Middlesex 

Dion, Aime, 78 Tucker 

Dion & Fortier. 795 Lake View av. 

Dolan, James J. 44 Concord 

Donovan, D. J. 3S8 Market 

Donovan & Co. 512 Central 

Dossea, Charles, 18 Coolidp;e 

Doyle, John D. 1210 Gorham 

Dunn. Hector L. 363 Moody 

Duval, E. A. & Co. 636 Merrimack 

Ekonompulos, Nikolas, 6S6 Market 

Erskine, Charles M. 611 Broadway 

Evans, Fred F. 467 Broadway 

Fahey, John, 860 Central 

Fairburn, George, 20 Merrimack 

Farnan, T. J. 679 Gorham 

Farrell, James, 810 Central 

Faulkner, Francis, 72 Jefferson 

Fay, T. R. 184 Church 

Finnegan, Dennis T. 495 Lawrence 

Flynn. Joseph, 137 Gorham 

Forest, Louis Mrs. 117 Salem 

Fox, Kate F. Mrs. SO Newhall 

Frappin,* George, 225 Aiken 

Freeman, James E. 1 Davis sq. 

Fuller & Clark, 119 E. Merrimack 

Furlong Bros. 33 Fulton 

Furlong, Peter L. 175 Lake View av. 

Gagnon, Peter, 8 Howe 

Galarneau, Edmond, 6 Ward 

Gallagher, Patrick J. 167 Chapel 

Gaudette, Edmond, Wellington 

Gelinas, Amide, 116 Salem 

Gerow, David, 164 Chelmsford 

Giard, M. J. 65 Austin 

Gibson, James, 519 Bridge 

Gilbride, J. J. 11 Prospect 

Gilman, Lyman D. 75 Lincoln 

Glitten, A. M. 547 Middlesex 

Goldberg, L. 131 Grand 

Goodwin & Co. 79 W. Fourth 

Greenberg. D. L. & Co. 636 Middlesex 

Greenwood Bros. 573 Lawrence 

Gregory, James, & Son, 137 Powell 

Guertin, Theophile, 57 Tucker 

Hale, Mllo W. 489 Bridge 

Hall. Lemuel W. & Co. 15 Gorham 

Hand, Fred W. 160 Lincoln 

Hanson, Harry, 265 Lincoln 

Harley. Philip. 44 Crosby 

Harrington, Patrick, 32 Lewis 

Hart. Maria Mrs. 401 Adams 

Hartwell, D. J. & Co. 491 Merrimack 

Harwood, Edpar F. & Co. 513 Merrimack 

Hebcrt. Joseph C. 21 Adams 

Hl^his, James, & Co. 3'.<f> Central 

Hlggins. John J. 630 Market 


Is on file In Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication Kivin^ the complete roster of Public 
Otllcials. It should bo in every business otllee. 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Higgins, Thomas II. 159 Cross 

Hodge & Stevens, Pleasant, Navy Yard 

Hodges, Frank H. 246 Central 

Holden, W. & J. 129 Salem 

Hulme, Alice, 503 Central 

Hurley, Bridget, 28 Coburn 

Ingham, William A. & Co. (whol.) 41 

Jacob, Joseph, 464 Adams 
Joseph, Antonio, 108 Gorham 
Keenan, Thomas L. 354 Lawrence 
Kelley, Patrick F. 3C8 Chelmsford 
Kelley, Timothy J. 226 Appleton 
Kelty, James F. 365 Market 
Kennedy & Costello, 73 Coburn 
Kennedy, Austin F. 90 Lake View av. 
Keyes, Patrick, Jr. 511 Market 
Kiernan, Annie, 7 Newhall 
Kimball, Angle, 514 Chelmsford 
Kinney, Ellen, 557 Lawrence 
Kittredge, M. F. 73 Branch 
Laeombe, T. 124 Lake View av. 
Lajoie, Charles, 116 Salem 
Lamontagne, Adolphe, 325 Moody 
Lanard, Philias, 99 Salem 
Landry. Joseph Mrs. 85 Austin 
Langlals, Abraham, 50 Ward 
Lauzlere, George E. & Co. 21 Aiken av. 
Lavellee, Emma A. Mrs. 307 Mammoth rd. 
Leach. C. N. 1374 Middlesex 
Leary, Jeremiah F. 114 Concord 
Leblanc, Alfred, 65 Davidson 
Leighton, Gancelo, 35 John 
Lelth, William H. 265 Middlesex 
Lemieux, Narcisse, 259 Aiken 
Leonard & McGann, 140 Gorham 
Letourneau, Joseph, 30 Ward 
Lessard, Adclard, 364 Broadway 

Levasseur, Ovide, 198 Perkins 

Locke, Herbert W. 381 Bridge 

Lowell Co-op, Asso. 106 Middlesex 

Lynch, George, 233 Broadway 

Lynch, John J. 39 Agawam 

Lynch, Patrick, 65 Summer 

Lyons. D. F. 25 Cross 

Lyons, James F. & Co. 123 Fayette 

Lyons, Thomas G. 157 Shaw 

Madden, Patrick, 98 Common 

Madore, Joseph, 122 South 

Magee, John J. 35.3 Lawrence 

Maguire, John J. 38 Salem 

Manning, Patrick, 175 Salem 

Martel, E. 161 Hale 

Martin, Edward, 547 Gorham 

Martins, John, 81 Gorham 

Mawn, Peter, 33 Coburn 

McCarron, Anthony, 76 Concord 

McCarron, Francis, 269 Lawrence 

McCarron, James, 188 Broadway and 44 

McCarty, Francis J. 244 Adams 

McCluskey, Richard J. 163 Lake View av. 

McDonald, Ann Mrs. 41 Lake View av. 

McDonald, A. W. 326 Lincoln 

McDonald Bros. 137 Fletcher 

McGlinchey, James, 86 Gorham 

McGlincbey, Michael, 217 Gorham 

McKlnley, James, 48 Mammoth rd. 

McKinnon, John, 884 Gorham 

McLaughlin, Mary J. Mrs. 62 Tilden 

McManus, Catharine Mrs. 82 Davidson 

McNulty Bros. 515 Gorham 

Mellen, Eliza J, 235 Fayette 

Michaud, James F. 179 E. Merrimack 

Miles, Thomas. 144 Fayette 

Mooney, John, 54 Floyd 

Moran, Dennis J. 154 South 

Morris, Margaret Mrs. 104 Lawrence 

Mortimer, Benjamin, 1154 Lawrence 

Moynahan, John, 10S Tilden 
Mullin, F. J. 154 South 
Munn, F. D. & Son. 15 Bridge 
Murphy, Catherine, 624 Mark.'t 
Murphy, Michael, 564 Gorham 
Murphy, Timothy T. 15S Broadway 
Murphy, William J. 88 Andrews 
Murray, John, 112 Gorham 
Nazaire, Constant, 33 Tucker 
Nerney, Owen, 305 Lake View av. 
Netto, Emanuel S. 161 Gorham 
Nichols, Wm. & Co. 312 Central 
O'Brien, John, 405 School 
O'Brien, William S. 493 Broadway 
O'Donnell Bros. 33 Chapel 
O'Hearn, Ellen, 564 Market 
O'Neil, Cornelius F. 65 Whipple 
O'Reilly, Lucy Mrs. 44 Summer 
Paignon, Emile E. 23 Puffer 
Palmer, John N. Wamesit 
Paquln, Henry, 242 Aiken 
Parker, E. G. 1081 Gorham 
Parker, John D. 315 Bridge 
Pearson, Mary, 255 Fayette 
Perrault. George H. 558 Middlesex 
Picard, Clovis, 224 Aiken 
Pihl <& Widen, 49 Lundberg 
Portelance, Olivia, 115 Tucker 
Proteau & Benoit, 390 Suffolk 
Puffer, Asahel D. & Son, 109 Branca 
Queenan, P. F. 461 Lawrence 
Racette, Maxim, 185 Salem 
Ranlet & Ranlet. 38 Bridge 
Ranlett, Orrin B. 303 Dutton 
Reeves, Philomene Mrs. 578 Middlesex 
Renaud, Samuel, Jr. 602 Middlesex 
Rexford, Cyrus L. 469 Merrimack 
Reynolds, James, 19 Stanley 
Richards, M. 311 Middlesex 

Richardson, J. B. & Sons, 2 Liberty sq. 

Riley, James H. 54 Coburn 

Riley, Rose, 214 Suffolk 

Roark, James S. 360 Market 

Roberts, Warren N. 1075 Bridge 

Robinson, Anthony, 184 Church 

Rousscl, Marcel, 51 Sutherland 

Rou3sel, Selim. 129 Salem 

Ruff, Aster, 134 Howard 

Rumney, T. M. 14 Burtt 

Russell, Cyrus K. & Son, 575 Merrimack 

Russell, Herbert W. S3 Branch 

Rynn, Sarah, 1198 Gorham 

Sanford, Luther, 966 Lawrence 

Scafe, Joshua, 139 Willie 

Scverin & Belanger, 730 Moody 

Sears, Ellen E. 3 Dunfey 

Simpson & Rowland, 82 Middle 

Slater, Arthur H. 344 Westford 

Smart, Charles E. 176 Smith 

Smith & Walker, 270 High 

Soper, G. E. & Co. 253 Smith 

Sousa, Manuel, 161 Gorham 

Stack, John J. 61 Concord 

Stavropulos, Athanaseos. & Co. 458 Market 

Steel, Thomas, 986 Central 

Stevens, Clarence E. 401 Bridge 

Stiles, John, & Co. 423 Central 

Stiles. P. P. & Co. 183 Dutton 

Stoddard, Clayton B. 94 Rock 

St. Onge, Frank, 598 Merrimack 

Sullivan Bros. 289 Lake View av. 

Talbot, E. D. 191 Suffolk 

Tarte, Joseph N. 71 Salem 

Tavlor & Thompson, 107 E. Merrimack 

Thellen, Jean, 470 Suffolk 

Thellen. Paul, 124 Lake View av. 

Thibodoau, William W. 748 Moody 

Thompson. \V. N. & Co. 1397 Gorham 

Tousignant Bros. 213 Aiken 

Towle. Joseph R. 1306 Gorham 

Trueworthy, A. M. 214 Hale 


If you don't nnd tho name you are looking for in this 
book under a certaiu heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
fications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 



Tuttle, Frederick A. 333 Thorndlke 
Vallerand, A. 248 .Middlesex 
Varoutsos, Zedes, 508 Market 
Vlgeant, Timothe, 691 Merrimack 
Vincent Bros. 42 Tucker 
Walker & Thompson, 107 E. Merrimack 
Washburn, Charles D. 74 W. Sixth 
Watson, Andrew, 448 Central 
Watson, Peter, & Son, 54 Charles 
Webster & Mills, 349 Westford 
Wheeler, Albert, & Co. 93 Tilden 
Whitehead, James W. 431 Lawrence 
Whittemore, Samuel D. Mrs. 56 D 
Wills, Lester L. 54 Race 
Wing, Charles H. 145 Liberty 
Wong Toy & Co. 180 Moody 

Guns ami Sporting Goods. 

Richardson, O. A. & Son, 103 Central 


Anderson, James E. 264 Chelmsford • 
Bell, William, 52 Central 
Bernier, Jean B. 279 Middlesex 
Brunelle, Ernest. 750 Aiken 
Buckley, William J. 226 Adams 
Buisson, Andre, 420 Suffolk 
Buisson, Louis, 370 Broadway 
Cadorette, Wilfred, 726 Lake View av. 
Callahan, Charles E. 102 Middlesex 
Caulfield, George, 31 Bridge 
Champagne, Eugene, 305 Moody 
Cheeney, A. L. 29 Loring 
Cloudier, E. 647 Middlesex 
Clune, Peter A. 560 Central 
Connor, E. C. 3 Adams 
Connor, Michael, 43 Fletcher 
Cornellier, Arthur, 322 Merrimack 
Cote, Joseph, 34 Bridge 
Cullen, Peter H. 13 Appleton 
Curtin, Richard J. 38 Central 
Cutler, John S. 295 Dutton 
Daignault, Edouard, 405 Middlesex 
Daignault, Napoleon H. 430 Suffolk 
Daly, William H. 817 Central 
Davis, Fred W. 361 Bridge 
Denver, S. F. 571 Gorham 
Desjardins, Thomas, 612 Middlesex 
Deslanders, Ambroise, 40 Branch 
Dextra, Joseph, 504 Merrimack 
Doyle, Stephen H. 63 Fletcher 
Dwyer, William E. 371 Central 
Echmalion, Gae;o, 30 South 
Fagan, Frank M. 357 Central 
Farley, Joseph, 561 Lawrence 
Farmer, George, 2C4 School 
Fotin, John A. 99 E.. Merrimack 
Gallagher Bros. S3 Lake View av. 
Gallway, William, 718 Lawrence 
Gammell, Fred, Moody, cor. Tremont 
Gcnomy, Sados Vaselio, 484 Market 
Gendron, Clement, 588 Gorham 
Gendron, Leiphton. 243 Central 
Glidden, Charles H. 8 Merrimack 
Godbout. M. 23 Bridpe 
Grady, Thomas J. 444 Market 
Gray Thomas, 46 Coburn 
Green, John W. 438 Bridge 
Gregoire, Alexandre, 22 Gorham 
Gregory, Joseph, 218 Middlesex 
Haley, Andrew H. 433 Lawrence 
"aley, Joel B. 53 Central 
Hanson, Mary, 355 Market 
Hayes. Charles W. 938 Gorham 
Hervleux. Hildaige. 17 Tucker 
Hillery. Thomas, 407 Broadway 
Hoar, Patrick J. 704 Gorham 
Hoyen. George. 71 Charles 
Hoyt Henry J. i Fletcher 
Hunter, James F. American House 


Iconomopulos, Vaseleos, 484 Market 

Kattell, Albert P. 221 Moody 

Keefe, James, 455 Lawrence 

Kennedy, James J. 19S Suffolk 

Kennedy, Thomas H. 99 Market 

Kirkorian, Paui, 131 Paige 

Kiteoring, John, 51 John 

Lafleur, Alfred, 26 Cabot 

Lahaise, Victor, 376 Moody 

Lake, Joseph G. 354 Bridge 

Lambert, G. 223 Aiken 

Langelier, Louis', 3S2 Moody 

Laughton, Stephen A. 97 Central 

Leniire, Frank Calixte, 57 Branch 

Lewis, Theo. W. 515 Dutton 

Lizotte, Louis. 405 Middlesex 

Lynch, Patrick, 65 Merrimack 

Marchand, Felix, 33 Cabot ■ - ■■» 

Marsh, Jewell C. 7 Merrimack 

McCoy, John, ISO Lake View av. 

McFarlane, Charles R. 2S6 Central 

McMahon, Thady, 467 Gorham 

McOsker, George M. 214 Chelmsford 

Mello. Manuel P. 499 Middlesex 

Morrison, J. F. 86 Elm 

Murphy, J. F. 377 Middlesex 

Murphy, John F. 202 Church 

Nicholopulos, Charles, 4S7 Market 

Nicholopulos, Kostos, 356 Suffolk 

Paquette, Joseph A. 34 Prescott 

Paradis, Peter A. 24 Middlesex 

Patenaude, Absalom, 405 Moody 

Patenaude, Joas L. 73 Cheever 

Perry & Fannell, 760 Gorham 

Plcanso, Antonio C. 102 Gorham 

Provost. Emile, 135 E. Merrimack 

Quill, Daniel, 26 Cabot 

Quimby, Eva A. (ladies) 182 Merrimack 

Ready, William B. 478 Merrimack 

Rhodes, Arthur E. (ladies) 17 Merrimack 

Riley, Charles, 47 E. Merrimack 

Rondeau, Louis A. 9 Salem 

Ross, J. F. Washington Tavern 

Santeneauld, Napoleon, 744 Moody 

Secord, Alphonse, 273 Aiken 

Smith, Thomas J. 284 Fayette 

Smith, William H. 118 Merrimack 

Soper, MeTVin L. 461 Middlesex 

Sullivan & Conley, 24 Andover 

Sullivan, Cornelius Francis, 135 Central 

Sullivan, Cornelius F. 300 Market 

Sullivan, John J. Merrimack, n. depot 

Takasion, Hazar, 37 Charles 

Tenney, Marcena K. 312 Merrimack 

Thellen, Joseph, 3 Aiken av. 

Toohey, John J. 1093 Lawrence 

Toupin, M. 26 South 

Trull, A. N. 2 Mammoth rd. 

Vaincour, G. Henri, 8 Lake View av. 

Webber, Arrolena, 226 Merrimack 

Wilson, D. H. 1S7 Moody 

Willett, Alphonse, 301 Middlesex 

Young, Edward W. 9 Hildreth bldg. 

Hairdressers' Supplies. 

Gonzales & Page, 12S Gorham 

Hair Workers. 

Martel, Emma, 14 Prescott 
Medina, E. J. 134 Merrimack 


Bay State Hall, 103 Central 
City Hall, Merrimack 
Columbia Hall, 52 Palmer 
Gaiety Theatre, 390 Merrimack 
Gorham Hall, 793 Gorham 
Highland Hall, 131 Branch 
Huntington Hall, over Boston & Lowell 

Use Tools, and some of them are mighty sharp. 
This Hook is on<> of the handiest Tools in a 
Lawyer's Workshop. 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Jackson Hal], over B. & L. depot 
Lowell Opera House, 1600 sittings, 347 

Mechanics Hall. 161 Dutton 
Memorial Hall, Merrimack 
Music Hall, 141 Dutton 
Parker's Hall, Gorham, cor. Manchester 
Pilgrim Hall, 15 Palmer 
Prescott Hall, Merrimack sq. 
Suffolk Hall, Suffolk 
Tvler's Hall, 22 Middle 
Welles* Hall, 173 Merrimack 

Hardware Dealers. 

Adams, Charles E. 404 Middlesex 
Bartlett, W. T. S. 653 Merrimack 
Bartlett & Dow, 216 Central 
Bennett, John C. 260 Dutton 
Boutwell Bros. 9 Shattuck 
Cheney, Frank W. & Co. 3 Davis sq. 
Flanders. E. P. & Co. 663 Middlesex 
Glrard, Henry C. 442 Merrimack 
Pevey Bros. 224 Walker 
Rollins & Son, 419 Bridge 
Shattuck, Horace B. & Son, 50 Central 
Thompson Hardware Co. 254 Merrimack 

Harness Makers. 

Allen, George F. 23 Middle 
Barris, Robert. 1021 Central 
Beals, George M. 7 Fourth 
Bolton, T. M. & Co. 311 Market 
Brown, George L. 74 Charles 
Butman, Arthur L. 494 Middlesex 
Cluer, Arthur H. 310 Bridee 
Donovan Harness Co. 85 Market 
Dyer, Joseph S. 521 Merrimack 
Ebert Harness Co, 109 Market 
Fay Bros. & Hosford, 333 Central 
Gendron, Alfred, 70S Lake View av. 
Hammond. George K. 8 Mammoth rd. 
Hebert, H. F. 109 Market 
Hebert, Joseph, 125 Fletcher 
Lavelle, D. G. 27 Race 
Parker, Daniel W. 529 Dutton 
Stanley, David C. 28 Andover 
Taylor, George H. 41 Nichols 

Hat Maniifaeinrers. 

Delorme, Joseph, 173 Merrimack 

Hay ami Straw. 

Beals, Horace P. 107 Merrimack 
Blake, B. M. head Western av. 
Cover, J. B. 29 Shattuck 
Dickinson, Watson A. 279 Howard 
Foster, Geo. M. Central 
Goldman, Simon S. 586 Middlesex 
Kittredge. William Co. 70 Middle 
Mullin, Joseph. 953 Gorham 
Sabre, J. B. 203 Moody 
Vigeant & Dumas, 241 Moody 
Wiggin, William H. 59 Franklin 

Heel Makers. 

Kimball, Leroy S. 27 Shattuck 

Hose Manufacturers. 

Barker, H. R. Mfg. Co. 158 Middle 
Coburn, C. B. & Co. 63 Market 
Gates, Josiah, & Sons, 307 Market 

Hosiery Mnnnf aet nrers. 

Brown, Malcolm D. 117 Plain 
Gordon, James F. 65 Lane 


Garrlty, prop. 278 
Collins, prop. 465 
Robert Gallagner. 

Greenwood & Payton Hosiery Co. Waldo 
Lawrence Mfg. Co. north end Suffolk 
Lowell Hosiery Co. Mt. Vernon 
Pickering Knitting Co. Middlesex 
Shaw Hosiery Co. Shaw 
Waukenhose Mfg. Co. 122 Western av. 


American House, D. J. Leary, prop 

Arlington, M. W. Halloran, prop. 202 Ce 

Bowditch, 27 Central 
Burbank, 36 Prescott 
Farragut House, H. W 

Franklin House, C. E 

Gallagher House, est. 

20 William 

Globe Hotel, E. T. Cushing, prop. 966 Gor- 
Hotel Belvidere, Cudworth & Ramsey, 

props. 38 Prescott 
Lowell Inn, Arthur M. Kelley, prop. 19 

Merrimac House, W. H. Boody, prop. 310 

Richardson Hotel,. C. W. W. Richardson, 

prop. 445 Middlesex 
Rockingham. J. P. Donohoe & Co. props. 

224 Central 
St. Charles Hotel. Charles M. Dickey, 

prop. 399 Middlesex 
St. James Hotel. Drinan & O'Donnell, 

props. 533 Middlesex 
St. Lawrence Hotel, C. H. Chagnon, prop. 

506 Middlesex 
Washington Tavern, John J. Regan, prop. 

292 Central 
Waverlev House, T. F. Hill, prop. 20 Mar- 

Ice Dealers. 

Gage, Daniel, 453 Pawtucket 

ink and Pad Mfrs. 

Hutchins Rubber Type Foundry, 121 Cen- 

Installment Goods. 

Shadduck, E. D. 251 Middlesex 

Insurance Agents. 

Brown, William D. 2 Hildrcth bldg. 
Bruley, Jos. A. (life) 5 Hildreth bldg. 
Church, Fred C. (general) 53 Central 
Dickey, Thomas L. 223 Central 
Dudley, D. E. (life and employers' lia- 
bility) 71 Glidden bldg. 
Eaton, Charles W. (fire and life) 53 Central 
Kilgore, J. M. (life) 4 Wyman's Exchange 
Lee, Thomas C. 52 Central 
Mack, John, 10 Hildreth bldg. 
Metcalf, George E. 159 Middlesex 
Miller, Henry, 2 Wyman's Exchange 
Morse, E. W. 223 Central 
Murphy, James, & Son, 52 Central 
Norcross, Nicholas W. & Co. 53 Central 
Riordan, John H. (general) Central blk. 
Shaw, Ralph H. 40 Middlesex 
Shepard & Fuller. 40 Central 
Sherman, Frederick W. (fire) 65 MerrlmacK 
Smead, Nettle H. 26 Central 

Insurance Companies. 

Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 56 

nns neeic 

Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It Is the 
only publication giving the complete roster of Public 
Officials. It should be in every business office. 



Smith, Henry A. (life) 18 Hildreth bldg. 

Thornton, William. 53 Central 

Tucke, E. M. 53 Central 

Varnum, L. R. J. & D. 403 Bridge 

Walker, Daniel, 18 Runels bldg. 

Wallace, Daniel R. (life) 1 Barristers' Hall 

Worcester, Charles H. 309 Middlesex 

Iron Fonnders. 

Doherty Bros. Payne 
Eagle Foundry Co. Plain 
Nichols, A. F. 157 Willie 
Pevey Bros. 224 Walker 
Union Iron Foundry, ft. Main 

Jack Screw Mfr. 

Turner, John D. 452 Broadway 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Barnes, Thomas, 156 Gorham 
Block, William, 34 Prescott 
Cluin, John J. 92 Central 
Dudley, George W. 340 Bridge 
Durant, Charles W. 43 Central 
Fllion, Joseph A. 232 Merrimack 
Ford, W. H. 583 Merrimack 
Gage, George H. 465 Merrimack 
Grant, John D. 64 Merrimack 
Jalbert, Napoleon J. 183 Moody 
Kershaw, Samuel, 114 Central 
Lavallee, Henry, 707 Merrimack 
Lawrence, Abbott, 106 Central 
Legault, Joseph A. & Co. 70 Central 
Mower, R. T. 285 Central 
Raynes, Harry, 69 Central 
Rlcard, Frank, 646 Merrimack 
Simard, Alfred, 544 Merrimack 
Stevens, Eugene R. 619 Gorham 
Stevens, F. E. 355 Middlesex 
Taylor, Albert S. 2 Hildreth bldg. 
Wood, George H. 139 Central 
Zetlin, Salkind, 65 Merrimack 

Jnuk Dealers. 

Cohen, Samuel, 20 Howard 
Desjardins, Joseph, 36 Coolidge 
Mayo, John, 525 Market 
Ready, Ambrose L. & Son, 2S7 Dutton 
Riley, Patrick J. <fc Co. 48 Summer 
Ryan, John, & Co. 509 Worthen 
Smith, John A. 469 Market 

Justices ol 

Abbott, James C. 
Allen, Chas. C. 
Allen, Hanson W. 
Anderson, Wm. H. 
Appleton, Francis E. 
Ashworth, Geo. L. 
Ashworth, Sager 
Bacon, Horace S. 
Badger. Frank S. 
Baril. Ovide E. 
Batchelder, Geo. W. 
Bateman, Alfred P. 
Bennett, John C. 
Bent, William H. 
Blalsdell, Chas. R. 
Boardman, Wm. W. 
Bourbonniere. Avila 
Boynton, Fred J. 
Breen, James 
Breton, Joseph H. 
Brigham, Chas. W. 
Bro^n, Harry A. 
Brown, William D. 
Bruley. Joseph A. 
Burbank. Willis P. 
Burke, John C. 
Butler. Paul 

tlie Peace. 

Buttrick, Fred A. 
Buttrick, James G. 
Caddell, Peter 
Carmichael, Jas. H. 
Carney, George J. 
Carr, Charles F. 
Chadwick, Alfred M. 
Chadwick, Austin K. 
Chandler, Geo. R. 
Chase, Samuel A. 
Cheney, Ira D. 
Clement, Geo. W. 
Cobb, Thaddeus S. 
Coburn, Chas. F. 
Coburn, Charles H. 
Coburn, Clarence G. 
Coburn, Frank 
Coffey, Michael F. 
Conant, Chas. H. 
Corbett, James F. 
Corbett, Michael 
Cosgrove, Chas. H. 
Cou^hlin, Wm. J. 
Courtney, Henry S. 
Cowley, Charles 
Crowley, Jeremiah 
Curtin, Wm. F. 

Cushing, Henry G. 
Dadman, Girard P. 
Davis, John 
Devine, John J. 
Dewar, David W. 
Dexter, Solomon K. 
Dickey, Thomas L. 
Dimon, Chas. A. R. 
Dodge, Willis E. 
Donahue, Daniel J. 
Donaldson, David J. 
Dowd, Michael J. 
Dunbar, Frank E. 
Duncan, William W. 
Eaton. Chas. W. 
Ela, Fred H. 
Elliott, Thos. H. 
Enright. Thbs. J. 
Eveieth, Chas. A. 
Farley, John P. 
Farley, Philip J. 
Faulkner. Edw. F. 
Faulkner, John A. 
Fay, George D. 
Fay, Peter A. 
Fifleld. Geo. W. 
Fish, Charles T. 
Fisher, Fredk. A. 
Fletcher. Horatio R. 
Flynn, John H. 
Flynn. Richard J. 
Fox. Frank 
Fuller, Henry C. 
Gately, John A. 
Gerrish, Thos. G. 
Gibson, James 
Glidden, Chas. J. 
Goodwin, Frank 
Grant, Charles A. 
Green, Harry C. 
Gruah, Joseph H. 
Guillet, Joseph H. 
Hadley, Samuel P. 
Haggett, Frank P. 
Hamel, Albert O. 
Hanson, Charles H. 
Harrigan, JSeo. M. 
Harris. Simon B. 
Harvev, John J. 
Haskell, J. F. 
Healey, David, Jr. 
Hennessy, J. Jos. 
Hill, James G. Jr. 
Hills, William F. 
Hogan, John J. 
Hoscan, William A. 
Howard. Wm. H. 
Hubbard. Geo. L. 
Hunt. John L. 
Jacques, J. B. D. 
Johnson. Franklin E. 
Judkins, J. Judson 
Keves, Julian B. 
Kidder. Charles F. 
Kileski. Louis H. 
Kimball, Charles H. 
Kirwin, James J. 
Knapp, Horace H. 
Knowlton, G. W. 
Ladd. Frank J. 
Lamson. Alfred G. 
Lamson, Nathan G. 
Lapierre, Joseph S. 
Lawrence, Samuel 
Lawton, Frederick 
Lee, Thomas C. 
Lei^hton, Walter F. 
Leith, William H. 
Libby, Charles F. 
Little, Thomas G. 
Lord, Henry A. 

Lyford, Simeon G. 
Mack, John 
Mackenzie, K. J. 
Mahoney, John P. 
Marble, Fredk. P. 
Mnrden, Geo. A. 
Marshall, James G. 
Marshall, Wm. S. 
Marston, Geo. H. 
McCarthy, Wm. P. 
McDaniels, Walter H. 
McEvoy, John W. 
Mclntyre, Chas. H. 
McOsker, Eugene P. 
Metcalf, George E. 
Molloy, Charles H. 
Moore, Albert M. 
Morey, Charles W. 
Morrison, J. II. 
Mulno, Robert H. 
Murphy, Dennis J. 
Murphy. Frank B. 
Murphy, James 
Murphy, James S. 
Norcross, Nich. G. 
O' Boyle, Michael J. 
O'Connell, B. D. 
O'Connor, John J. 
O'Hearn, James T. 
Osgood, Geo. C. 
Osgood, Orin F. 
Owens, James F. 
Packard, Fred F. 
Palmer. Chas. D. 
Parker, Alice 

(special commis.) 
Parker, Percy 
Partridge, Albert V. 
Peabody, Bald. T. 
Peabody, Joseph 
Pearson, Fisher H. 
Pearson, Gardner W. 
Perkins, Henry P. 
Perkins, Major G. 
Pickman, John J. 
Pinkham, Chas. W. 
Pollard, Arthur G. 
Poore, Geo. W. 
Porter, Irving S. 
Potter, Hubert M. 
Pratt. Nathan D. 
Qua, Francis W. 
Richardson, Chas. H. 
Richardson, Dan. M. 
Richardson, F. L. 
Richardson, Geo. F. 
Richardson, Geo. R. 
Richardson, H. E. 
Rivet, Francis P. 
Rollins, Frank E. 
Russell, Alonzo L.. 
Russell, Eugene G. 
Ryan, Albert J. 
Sanders, Chas. B. 
Savage, James F. 
Sawyer, Alfred P. 
Sawyer, John F. 
S?arle, John P. 
Shepard, Jesse H. 
Sherman. Fred W. 
Smith, Henry A. 
Smith, Joseph 
Snell, Ora M. 
Spalding. Geo. H. 
Spiller, Hamden 
Stacy, Duane P. 
Stanley, Moses N. 
Stevens, C. Brooks 
Stevens, Geo. H. 
Stevens, Royal L. 
Stevens, Solon W. 
Stiles, Andrew G. 
Stiles, George F. 
Stott, John XV. 

Oronnliihin Ufnll#n and Floors, also Floors for United Paving Co., 
UldllU III C W3KS Shops, Harns and Laundries 202-20N Lyman St~ 

lunuiillliu HUlftO of carbonized Stone. Send for Cir. SPUING FIELD. 


LOWELL— Continued. 

Sullivan, Pat. F. 
Swan, Albert G. 
Swapp, Andrew G. 
Swift, John B. 
Taylor, Geo. H. 
Thomas, Joel B. 
Thompson, Jos. P. 
Tibbetts, Henry L. 
Trueworthy Jas. B. 
Trull, Edw. W. 
Trull, Larkin T. 
Tucke, Edw. M. 
Varnum, Chas. F. 
Varnum, L. It. J. 
Viles, Jesse A. 


Walker, Daniel 
Wallace, Daniel R. 
Ward, George M. 
White, Herbert R. 
Whittier, Steph. T. 
Wier. Charles J. 
Wiggin, Burton H. 
Wight, Wm. H. G. 
Wilder, Henry H. 
Williams, Chas. M. 
Wilson, Wm. H. 
Woodies, Fred 
Worcester, Chas. H. 
Worcester, L. A. 
Wright, Frank C. 

Knit Goods Mfrs. 

(See also Hosiery Mfrs.) 
Beaver Garment Co. S6 Middle 
Criterion Knitting Co. 220 Tanner 
Warburton Yarn & KnUting MiiJg,' S?4 

Whittall Mfg. Co. (underwear) Rock, cor. 



Belvidere Steam Laundry, 251 Church 

Clement, Louis, 414 Broadway 

Fisher, Louis, 63 Tilde i 

Frost, Ashley F. 25 Thorndike 

Highland Steam Laundrv, 753 Middlesex 

Jean, Wilfred, 369 Moody 

Johnson's Laundry, 517 Middlesex 

Kazanjean, Charles, 150 Gorham 

Kazanjean, D. 26 Gorham 

Lowell Coat &. Apron Supply Co. 6 Liberty 

Lowell Laundry, 167 Church 

Lundberg Bros. 44 Fay 

Lundberg, Esther, 320 Market 

Middlesex Steam Laundry, 140 Middlesex 

Mussey, S. C. 18 Western av. 

Richardson, Asa J. 517 Middlesex 

Scripture's Laundry. 256 Lawrence 

Smith, Hannah, 46 Lee 

Stearns, Frank K. 256 Lawrence 


Abbott, James C. 71 Central 
Anderson, W. H. 1 Barristers' Hall 
Batchelder, George W. 53 Central 
Bent, William H. 40 Middlesex 
Blaisdell, Charles R. 121 Central 
Brown, H. A. 45 Merrimack 
Burke, John C. Glidden bldg. 
Carmichael, James H. 53 Central 
Conant. Charles H. 53 Central 
Corbett, James F. 40 Middlesex 
Cosgrove, Charles H. 64 Central 
Courtney, Henry S. 97 Central 
Cowley, Charles, 22 Middle 
Crowley & O'llearn, 137 Central 
Curtin, William P. 97 Central 
Davis, John, 53 Central 
Devine, John J. 45 Merrimack 
Donahue, Daniel J. 97 Central 
Dunbar, Frank E. 29 Hildreth bldg. 
Duncan, William W. 15 Hildreth bldg. 
Enwright. Thomas J. 71 Central 
Farley, John P. 11 Barristers' Hall 
Farley. Philip J. 11 Barristers' Hall 
Fay, Peter A. 18 Prcsoott 
Fisher, Frederick A. 71 Central 
Gately, John A. 49 Hildreth bldg. 
Guillet, Joseph H. 53 Central 
Had ley. S. P. Police Court 
Harvey, John J. 5 Barristers' Hall 
Haskell, John F. 40 Hildreth bldg. 
Hennessy, J. Joseph, 6 Central 
Hill, James G. 39 Hildreth bldg. 
Hogan, John J. 53 Central 


Hogan, William A. 53 Central 
Hunt, John L. 40 Middlesex 
Jacques, J. B. D. 26 Central 
Kerwin, James J. 1 Barristers' Hall 
Kileski, Louis H. 71 Central 
Lamson, Alfred G. Hildreth bldg. 
Lawton, Frederick, 71 Central 
Lawton, G. F. 71 Central 
Leighton, W. F. 101 Glidden bldg. 


Marble, Fred P. 71 Central 
Marshall, William S. 40 Hildreth 
McEvoy, John W. 137 Central 
Mclntire, Chas. H. 1 Barristers' Hall 
McVey, Edward D. 40 Middlesex 
Moore, Albert M. 60 Central blk. 
Morrison, John H. 11 Hildreth bldg. 
Murphy, Dennis J. 53 Central 
Murphy, James S. 24 Hildreth bldg. 
O'Conuell, B. D. 356 Parker 
O'Connor, John J. 53 Central 
Owens, James F. 17 Hildreth bldg. 
Pearson, Fisher H. 44 Hildreth bldg. 
Pearson, Gardner W. 44 Hildreth bldg. 
Pickman, J. J. 5-6 Barristers' Hall 
Plympton. H. A. 71 Central 
Poore, George W. 29 Hildreth bldg. 
Pratt. Nathan D. 45 Hildreth bldg. 
Qua, Francis W. City Hall 
Richardson, Daniel M. 103 Central 
Richardson, George F. 103 Central 
Richardson, George R. 103 Central 
Rivet & Hamel, 65 Merrimack 
Savage, J. F. Police Court 
Sawyer, Alfred P. 39 Hildret hbldg. 
Shepard, L. E. 71 Central 
Spalding, Georce H. 
Stevens, Geo. H. 13 Barristers' Hall 
Stevens, Solon W. 40 Middlesex 
Trull, L. T. 103 Central 
Wier, Charles J. 103 Central 
Wilson, William H. Barristers' Hall 
V\'ri>;ht. Frank C. 40 Middlesex 

Leather and Slioe Findings. 

Bent. Israel, 133 Market 

Brown, Willard A. 151 Middle 

New England Leather Co. 105 Market 


Lowell Public Library. Frederick A. Chase, 

lib. Merrimack 
Pawtucketville Circulating Library, 68 

Mammoth rd 
Young Men's Christian Asso. 13 Hurd 


Clough, Chase, 162 Powell 
Curtis, Thomas H. 433 Central 
Glover. W. B. 11 Hurd 
Haskell, Charles T. 521 Middlesex 
Hoyle, Robert. 44 Andover 
Mayo, John, 525 Market 
Rice, C. N. 46 Gorham 
Richardson. O. A. Sons. 108 Central 
Zimmer, Christopher, 28 Middle 

Lumber Dealers. 

Allen, Otis, & Son, 266 Mt. Vernon 
Beals. Horace P. 107 Merrimack 
Burnham & Davis, 154 Western av. 
Cheney, Frank P. Tanner, cor. St. Hya- 

Davis & Sargent, 633 Middlesex 
Howe. Charles E. & Co. 631 Dutton 
Howe Lumber Co. 698 Dutton 
Pratt. Amasa, & Co. 766 Button 
Pratt & Forrest, 557 Dutton 
Wiggln, William H. 59 Franklin 

Machinery Mfrs. 

American Bolt Co. 650 Lawrence 

our specialty. Wo do good work or 

none at all. Try us. 



American Machli.e & Model Co. ML Ver- 
Bates & Judson, 8 Western av. 
Cady, George L. & Sons, 2 Fletcher 
Carey, W. W. 514 Broadway 
Clark, Jeremiah (estate) 277 Dutton 
Cobb, Thaddeus S. Machinery Co. 191 Mid- 
Dana, George R. (dealer) 16 Thorndike 
Dennis, John, & Co. 191 Western av. 
Dodge, Charles S. 67 Payne 
Entwistle, Thomas C. 323 Market 
Fifield Tool Co. Marginal ' 
Kitsop Machine Co. 491 Dutton 
Lahue, M. M. & Co. r. 107 Cashing 
Lovejoy, Daniel, & Son, 1 Cushing 
Lowell Burr Cylinder Co. Lawrence 
Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton 
Wright Co. The, 114 Fletcher 
Wright Nail Setting Machine Co. 116 


Adams, Julius T. 46 Lcverett 
Bickford, J. F. 8 Merrimack 
Calvert, Frank, 319 Middlesex 
Dennis, John, &. Co. 194 Western av. 
Duff Machine Co. 136 Fletcher 
Gee, Charles E. 136 Fletcher 
Hinchcliffe & Wrigley, 245 Market 
Knapp, Joel, & Sons, 5S5 Middlesex 
Lawrence Benjamin, 52S Broadway 
Lowell Burr Cylinder Works, 599 Dutton 
MacDonald Bros. 605 Middlesex 
Middlesex Machine Co. 12 Merrimack sp. 
Miles, H. L. 475 Broadway 
Nourbourn, Alfred, cor. Cushing and Wil- 
Perkins, Francis S. 60 Fletcher 
Pettigrew, James, 27 Shattuck 
Pevey Bros. 224 Walker 
Ring & Co. 229 Dutton 
Stevens, Benjamin G. 60 Arch 
Wamesit Machine Co. Whipple's mills 
White, A. 8 Western av. 
White, Michael J. 146 Fletcher 

Marble Workers. 

Andrews fr Wheeler, 51 Thorndike 
Carlson, Gustaf, 1320 Gorham 
Gumb Bros. 1258 Gorham 
Gumb, Lewis D. 914 Gorham 
Mahan & Meehan, 1095 Gorham 
Spencer, Thomas H. ft. Maple 


Barton, Cyrus, 78 S. Walker 
Beharrel, Stephen W. 238 London 
Boisvert, J. 3C3 Hildreth 
Brady, Patrick F. 173 Chapel 
Clifford, William 
Coburn & Crosby, r. 354 Bridge 
Conlon, Patrick. 339 Concord 
Connolly, Joseph P. 59 Fulton 
Estabrook, William H. 65 Tolman av. 
fay. Frank, 81 London 
Fletcher, Hubbard F. 48 S. Loring 
Foss, C. F. & Co. 40 Middlesex 
Francis, John, 15 Oak 
Fuller, George B. 1524 Gorham 
Fuller. William H. 408 Pine 
Hands. Stephen W. 32 Humphrey 
Hartwell, Ira, 46 Varney 
Hcaton, Don J. 7 Third 
Jalhert, Joseph. 100 Fourth av. 
Kittridge, Horace V. 34 Third av. 
Llmburg, w. H. 112S Bridge 
Lorraln, Wilfred. 35 Puffer 
McCarthy, John D. 576 Market 
McHugh, D. A. 702 Gorham 
Mo'ikon, John L. 27 Humphrey 
O Hcarn, Patrick, 2*2 Riverside 
Prescott, D. Moody, 321 Central 


Contains the Complete 
Business Directory of.... 

Pucell. John W. 123 Lake View av. 

Sargent, Wareham M. 151 Powell 

Simpson, John A. 67 Methuen 

Slavin, James, 259 South 

Smith, James, 28 Leroy 

Snow, Samuel E. 16 Tilden 

Staples Bros. Poplar 

Sutherland & Taylor, 14 Pearl 

Walker, Jas. H. Worthen, cor. Fletcher 

Walsh & Co. 164 Coburn 

Ward, Wm. H. 84 Middlesex 

White. Frederick O. & Co. 324 Central 

Mattress Manufacturers, 

Gardner Bros. 75 Pine 
Hapgood, E. & Son, 207 High 

Medicine Manufacturers. - 

Ayer, J. C. Co. 176 Middle 

Bruce, Clinton L. 41 Bowers 

Butler, F. H. & Co. 265 Central 

Cherry Compound Co. 179 E. Merrimack 

Drew, Dr. Mrs. & Co. 53 Central 

Fuller, J. F. & Co. 258 E. Merrimack 

Gerrish Thomas G. 31 Arlington 

Hood, C. I. & Co. Thorndike 

Hoyt, E. W. & Co. 80 Church 

Lea, Wood & Co. 36 Prescott 

Lyford, Simeon G. 159 Middlesex 

Magee Emulsion Co. 245 Market 

Moors, Albert E. 62 Gorham 

Moxie Nerve Food Co. of New England, 

848 Middlesex 
Petra-Healer Co. 45 Hurd 
Shaw, T. P. Dr. Co. 86 Thorndike 

Men's Furnishing; Goods. 

(See also Clothing Dealers.) 
Alexander, J. W. 544 Merrimack 
Brazer, W. P. & Co. 12 Market 
Carp, Harris. 186 Middlesex 
Cummiskey, Arthur J. C9 Merrimack 
Dickey, C. M. 411 Middlesex 
Duffy, James H. 291 Bridge 
Farrell, Samuel T. Ill Central 
Fraser, Allan, 90 Middlesex 
Green, J. J. 198 Central 
Maret. VK;tor A. 49 rheever 
May Bros. 24 Prescott 
Teague & Teague, 31 Central 
Wright, J. W. 411 Middlesex 


Abels, Alex. M. 177 Merrimack 

Baird, Mary A. & Co. 14 Merrimack sq. 

Bibeault, A. Mrs. 213 Aiken 

Blennerhassett, Kitty, 53 Central 

Bon Marche Dry Goods Co. 147 Merrimack 

Burbank, Jennie E. 115 Merrimack 

Burke, Ella M. 20 Palmer 

Cahill, J. J. Mrs. 113 Gorham 

Chase, S. S. 24 Central 

Cilley, Mary A. 27 Palmer 

Clapp & Tilton (whol.) 145 Merrimack 

Courville, Ellen Mrs. 474 Merrimack 

Delude, Marie Louise, 111 Merrimack 

Dunn, Sadie G. 408 Moody 

Enwright, N. F. 48 Bridge 

Goldenberg. F. 247 Middlesex 

Gregoire, f'atherine L. Mrs. 318 Merrimack 

Grimard. Rose, 182 Merrimack 

Hartford, Rose Jordan. 18 John 

Haskell, Belle H. & Co. 363 Bridge 

Head & Shaw. 169 Merrimack 

Home, Kate W. 129 Merrimack 

Jeffers, Minnie E. 19 Palmer 

Johnson. Wm. J. Mrs. 326 Merrtmack 

Kenney, Jane F. 125 Merrimack 

Lalumiere, Lena, 226 Merrlmnck 

Lambert, D. A. Mrs. 375 Moody 

Lambert, Georgianna, 14* Hall 

Leighton, J. L. Mrs. 361 Lawrence 

353 Towns and Cities. 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Lord, H. M. 131 Merrimack 
Mills, Alice Mrs. 554 Central 
Montgomery, F. L. 138 Merrimack 
Murphy, Alice E. 60 Central 
Pare, A. ■& E. Misses, 84 Middlesex 
Rogers, L. J. & J. A. 54 Central 
Willard, B. E. Miss, 127 and 448 Merri- 

Motor Mfrs. 

N. E. Motor Co. 88 Fletcher 

Music A; Musical Instruments. 

Austin. Charles E. 19 Bridge 
Cheney, James W. 145 Merrimack 
Denault, H. 707 Merrimack 
Doll, Jacob, 216 Merrimack 
Foote, Warren S. & Co. 539 Merrimack 
Gardner Piano Warerooms, Z0 Prescott 
Green, Joseph A. Bon Marche bldg. 
Kelley. Thomas H. 392 Middlesex 
Steinert, M. & Sons Co. 130 Merrimack 
Trumbell, Wells F. 101 Westford 

Music Teachers. 

Adams, Edward E. 84 Middlesex 
Alexander, Alma, 477 Moody 
Baker, J. Avison, 103 S. Lormg 
Bamber, Orswell T. 64 W. Third 
Bassett. Patrick H. 445 Adams 
Blanchard, Minnie G. S Centre 
Brown, Fred W. 130 Merrimack 
Brown, Lillian M. 46 Thirteenth 
Butterworth, Sarah, 11 S. Whipple 
Calderwood, L. Ella, 435 Hlgn 
Coburn, Josephine C. 25 Firth 
Coburn, M. Louise, 256 Westford 
Cooke, Emma, 20 A'. Sixth 
Crane, William R. 69 Sixth 
Davis, Irene Osgood, 613 School 
Edmunds, F. Edmund, 226 Merrimack 
Elliott, Mary E. 174 Broadway 
Foisy, Mary E. Mrs. 100 Lilley av. 
Frothingham, Alice L. Ill Myrtle 
Gilman, Carrie D. Mrs. 71 Pine 
Gouid, Anna May, 74 Durant 
Green, Hattie, 14 Hale 
Gregoire, Albert, 496 Moody 
Gregoire, Pierre, 496 Merrimack 
Haggerty, P. P. 26 Central 
Hamilton, M. H. Mrs. 48 Warwick 
Handley, Joseph A. 14 Hlldreth bldg. 
Henderson, Alden W. 73 Fifth 
Hobson. Geo. W. 354 E. Merrimack 
Hovey, W. P. 128 Merrimacx 
Huxley, John. 65 Willie 
Johnson, Michael J. 328 Suffolk 
Kimball, Emma P. 49 Kirk 
Kimball, Susan H. 475 Stevens 
Kittredge, George E. 772 Merrimack 
Labelle, Louis Mrs. 145 Merrimack 
Laurin. Etnelie, 40 Lundnerg 
Lavlgueur, Emlle E. 37 ATMon 
LEACH. JOSEPH AV- (vocal) 295 

Central. See adv. 
LeMattre, Annette, 4 Dane 
Lyford, Cora E. Mrs. 295 Central 
McDaniel, Roscoe 12 Wachusett 
McKennedy, Josephine, 179 Gorham 
Mitchell, Marie A. 182 Merrimack 
Morrow, Joseph P. 151 Charles 
Morton, Willis, 196 Merrimack 
Owen, Ahhie J- 221 High 
Owen, W. Alonzo, 539 Moody 
Peaso. Mark M. 90 Appleton 
Prescott, A. E. 53 Central 
Pressey. Hattie J. 50 Lincoln 
Robinson, Frances M. 80 Lawrence 
Sherburne, Ruth A. 226 Merrimack 
Slater. Nellie M. Mrs. 1939 Middlesex 
Stratton, Wilbert E. 14 HUdreth bldg. 

100,000 FIRHS 

Sutcliffe, William T. 12 Cottage 
Taylor. Helen U Hamilton Mrs. 48 War- 
Thomas, Kate A. 26 Central 
Trumbell, Wells F. 101 Westford 
Vincelette, Edouard, 55 White 
Walsh, Katherine A. 431 Adams 
Way, William H. 28 Tyler 
Willey. George F. 124 Appleton 
Willey, Isabella. 124 Appleton 
Wood, Grace A. 174 Liberty 
Wood, William H. 3 Myrtle 
Woodside, Annie E. 37 Laurel 


Burbank, P. P. 580 Merrimack 
Burgess, Edwin A. 8 Central 
Choate, A. F. 32 Thorndike 
Cryan, Edward J. 205 Dutton 
Emery, Daniel, 381 Middlesex 
Harris, H. Emmons, 10 Appleton 
Lawler, Thomas H. 79 Merrimack 
Lee. John, 48 Tilden 
Prince, Geo. C. & Son, 108 Merrimack 
Shipley, Wilbur A. 2 Liberty 


Chelmsford Tribune, 26 Central 

Dracut Tribune, Frank A. Brown, prop. 65 

Evening Mail. Morning Mail Co. props. 

277 Central 
L'Etoile (daily and weekly) Lepine & Co. 

props. 67 Market 
Lowell Morning Citizen. Couri»r-CitIzen 

Co. props. 15 Merrimack 
Lowell Daily Courier, Courier-Citizen Co. 

props. 15 Merrimack 
Lowell Daily News, Daily News Co. props. 

41 Merrimack 
Lowell Real Estate Journal (monthly) Thos. 

H. Elliott, prop. 64 Central 
Lowell Sun. J. H. Harrington, prop. 8 

Lowell Sunday Press, Press Co. props. 219 

Lowell Weekly Journal, Courier-Citizen Co. 

15 Mewimack 
Morning Mail, Morning Mail Co. 277 Cen- 
"Not All Nonsense " (monthly) N. A. N. 

Pub. Co. props. 398 Middlesex 
Saturday Mail, Morning Mail Co. props. 277 

Sunday Telegram, D. A. Long. prop. 41 


Notaries Public. 

Allen. Charles C 
Anderson. William H 
Bacon. Horace S. 
Blaisdell. Charles R. 
Bourbonniere, Avila 
Carmichael, James H 
Carney. George J. 
Cobb. Thaddeus S. 
Coburn, Frank 
Conant, Charles H. 
Eaton. Charles W. 
Fay. Peter A. 
Fisher, Frederic A. 
Grant, Charles A. 
Guillet. Joseph H. 
Hamel. Albert O. 
Harvey. John J. 
Hennessey. J. Joseph 
Hogan. William A. 
Howard. Albert S. 
Hunt, John L. 
Jacoues, J. B. D. 
Klleski. Louis H. 
Laplerre, Joseph S. 

Lawton, Frederick 
.Lawton, George F. 
Lee. Thomas C. 
Libby, Charles F. 
Marble, Frederick P. 
Marshall, William S. 
McEvoy, John W. 
Murphy, Dennis J. 
Murphv. James S. 
Pickman. John J. 
Poore, George W. 
Pratt, Nathan D. 
Qua. Francis W. 
Rollins, Frank E. 
Sawyer, Alfred P. 
Stevens, Grorge H. 
Stevens. Solon W. 
Trull. Edward W. 
Ward, George M. 
Whiting. A. St. J. 
Wilson. William H. 
Worcester. Chas. H. 
Wright, Frank C. 

Throughout the 







Haynes, John S. 1328 Gorham 
Oliver, John, 326 Pawtucket 


Allen, Mary J. 75 Bartlett 

Ash, Sarah, 87 Powell 

Barker, Mary E. Mrs. 194 Concord 

Barnes, Hattie, 206 Appleton 

Barnes, Nellie G. Mrs. 511 Bridge 

Barr, Anna E. 108 Westford 

Barrett, Caroline E. 162 Powell 

Belyea, Sadie, 3 Fernald 

Browning, Hannah R. 17 Third 

Buchanan, Elizabeth C. 41 Chestnut sq. 

Burgess, Jennie, 139 Andover 

Callaghan, Margaret J. 317 Nesmith 

Callahan, Lucy C. 779 Merrimack 

Campbell, Eva E. Mrs. 4 Wright 

Clark, Hannah F. 63 Hastiugs 

Clark, Iva A. 58 Tyler 

Clough, Mary A. 14 Osgood 

Coburn, Lucy A. 7 Schafer 

Collins, Jane II. 58 Methuen 

Comptois, Susan Mrs. 63 Tyler 

Densmore, Laurel E. 75 Foster 

Dickey, Bessie, 18 Eighth av. 

Dooley, Mary A. Mrs. 474 Gorham 

Eaton, Almira Mrs. 336 E. Merrimack 

Ewins, Calista A. 18 First 

Frost, Elizabeth R. 48 Humphrey 

Fullerton, Emily B. G. .Mrs. 161 Warren 

Gibbs, Agnes K. Mrs. 824 Bridge 

Gifford, Louisa C. 290 Westford 

Glennie, B. M. Mrs. 106 Beech 

Godfrey, Sarah A. 51 Fifth 

Gordon, Mattie A. 53 Washington 

Griffin, Elizabeth B. 2 Merrimack corp. 

Grimes, Mary A. 317 Nesmith 

Hartford, Alsina S. Mrs. 76 Royal 

Haskell, Mary, 4 Osgood 

Henchy, Minnie, 86 Bartlett 

Henderson, Mary F. 55 Branch 

Hewes, Katie, 242 Appleton 

Hilliard, Abbie A. Mrs. 29 Osgood 

Hilton, Mary J. 31 Robbins 

Huntoon, Sadie E. 63 Mt. Vernon 

Johnson. Sophia B. 1514 Gorham 

Joyce. Carrie C. 779 Merrimack 

Ketchen, Nancy A. 75 Gates 

Knowles, Lucy A. 63 Tyler 

Lamountain, Henry A. 39 Pleasant 

Langlois, Alice, 151 Andover 

Leadbetter, Minnie, 10 Burnaby 

Lewis, S. Grace. 197 Appleton 

Libby, Lucinda P. 573 School 

Lltch, Lucy W. 21 First 

Liversey, Mary A. 54 Acawam 

Logan, Margaret, 593 Gorham 

Lord, Drusilla, 51 Willow 

Lucas, Abby A. 10 W. Fifth 

Merrill, Myron M. Mrs. 1 Osgood 

Moore, Addie, 1SS Appleton 

Mulholland, Addie Mrs. 188 Appleton 

Mullin, Margaret D. 317 Nesmith 

Norris, Minnie, 58 Tyler 

Nudd, Lizzie, 332 Adams 

Prescott, Amy Mrs. 58 Pine 

Quimby. Martha, 6 Merrimack corp. 

Randolph, Susan M. Mrs. 16 Alder 

Riley. Mary E. 195 Stackpoie 

Rockwell. Charles W. Mrs. 129 Dalton 

Romer, Rosa A. 183 Mt. Hope 

Romer. Willa P. 183 Mt. Hope 

Rr»\ Agnes J. 33 Fourth av. 

Shannon, Katherlne, 317 Nesmith 

Sweeney. Mary. 246 Concord 

Tracy, Annie, 232 Appleton 

Tyler. Annie Mrs. 511 Bridge 

1'rquhart. Gertrudo. 33 FourlTi av. 

Waller. Edna, 559 Fletcher 

Wardwell, Sarah, 27 Wameslt 

barren. Almlna II. 126 Branch 

Webster, M. Gertiude Mrs. 539 Moody 

Westgate, Alice A. Mrs. 4 W. Eleventh 

Wllmot, John A. 201 Appleton 

Winsby, Sarah A. 469 Wilder 

Wood, Nellie, 1105 Middlesex 

Wyman, Ella E. 511 Bridge 

Wyman, Irene R. 33 Hastings 

Young, Christiana T. Mrs. 209 Cabot 

Oil Tank 3Ifrs. 

Eastern Oil Tank Co. 145 Fletcher 


Chase, Charles H. 33 Race 
Hicks, William E. 106 Merrimack 
Park, F. W. 49 Kirk 
Rogers, George G. 26 Central 
Williams, F. J. 308 Merrimack 


Barrett, Charles H. 158 Savles 

Bean, Sylvester, 316 Bridge 

Bissell, William E. 59 E. Merrimack 

Bugbee, Charles H. 567 Middlesex 

(May, Milo D. (house) 415 School 

Cobb, Frank (carriage) 36 Mammoth id. 

Connolly, J. P. 491 Market 

Currier, John F. 226 Chelmsford 

David, P. Jr. 56" Middlesex 

Dole, Geo. M. (carriage) 25 W. Third 

Gale, C. R. & Son, 376 Gorham 

Goyette, Thomas J. 286 Thorndike 

Hathaway, Edwin F. (carriage) 32 Middle 

Hayward, J. Clark, 73 Chestnut 

Howard, P. A. 660 Merrimack 

Hunt, James, 13 Broadway 

Kelly, William, 54 W. Third 

Kimball, E. L. 52 Palmer 

Kirby, George H. 487 Chelmsford 

Kittredge, A. L. & Co. 208 Central 

Knapp, Albert O. 12 rtun.'Sl'le 

Lovejoy, 'George A. 14 Livingston 

Miller. Moses W. 55 Willie 

Miller & Co. 104 Central 

Morrell, Eugene N. 516 Middlesex 

Morrison Art Co. 22 Varnum av. 

Morrison, H. F. & Co. 554 Central 

Panton, Tj. C. (house) 602 Central 

Pierce, A. K. 419 Chelmsford 

Rollins & Son, 419 Bridge 

Rooks, George W. 36 Whipple 

Ryden Bros. 21 Lyon 

Sawyer Carriage Co. (carriage) 455 Worthen 

Spalding, W. H. & Co. 20 Middle 

Spencer & Co. (sign) 22 Middle 

Stack, F. P. 303 Hildreth 

Whitney, George C. H. 337 Wesford 

Paints. Oils and Glass. 

(See also Hardware Dealers.) 

Bean, Sylvester, 316 Bridge 
Clav, Milo D. 415 School 
Coburn. C. B. & Co. 63 Market 
Gale, Charles R. & Son, 376 Gorham 
Kittredge, A. L. & Co. 208 Central 
Morrill, E. N. 516 Middlesex 
Pierce, A. K. 419 Chelmsford 
Spalding, W. H. & Co. 20 Middle 

Paper Cop Tube Mfrs. 

Amraytoon Paper Tube Co. 122 Western av. 
Haworth & Watson, Lincoln 
Standard Cop Tube Works, Lincoln 

Paper Dealers. 

Bplancer, Charles H. 162 Riverside 
Flemings, F. J. (whol.) 393 High 
Foye, E. H. 201 Market 
Wight, M. G. & Co. (whol.) 67 Middle 


Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts; the information is obtained by personal can« 
rass of tho State, and is duiy copyrighted. 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Paper HangriiiftS. 

Barber, William M. (whol.) 65 Merrimack 
Bugbee, Charles H. 567 Middlesex 
Chase, George W. 42 Church 
Kettlety, William, 138 Market 
Whitney. G. C. H. 337 Westford 

Paper Stock: Dealer. 

Riley, P. J. & Co. 48 Summer 

Pattern an«l Model Makers. 

Alley, Andrew J. 54 Fletcher 

Ash, T. 20 Western av. 

Dennis, John, & Co. 194 Western av. 

Pawn Brokers. 

(See Brokers.) 

Perfumery Manufacturers. 

Butler, F. H. & Co. 265 Central and 391 


Ayotte, Pierre, 150 Hall 

Cunningham, Albert A. 182 Merrimack 

Desjardins, J. Gaspard, 707 Merrimack 

Duclos, Gustave, 29 Central 

Emerson, M. W. & Co. US Merrimack 

Fontaine, Joseph T. 475 Merrimack 

Freeman, William J. 52 Hildreth 

Haigh, John, 131 Billerica 

Hayden, Marshall M. 196 Merrimack 

Marion, J. S. 14 Barristers' Hall 

Powell, John, 55 S. Whipple 

Powers, A. Max, 28 Bridge 

Sanborn, Amos H. & Co. 53 Central 

Smith, Costiliia D. 159 Middlesex 

Wescott, Robert E. 53 Central 

Woodside, William E. 107 Merrimack 


Ashley, Napoleon, Moody, cor. Cabot 
Avery.' L. Etta, 76 Bellevuc 
Bailey, Stephen G. (Horn.) 110 Sixth 
Bartlett, Solon (Bot.) 106 Merrimack 
Bell, Robert E. 219 Central 
Bellehumeur, S. David, 524 Merrimack 
Benner, Burnham R. 48 Kirk 
Benoit, Benjamin, Runels bldg. 
Bertrand, Alexis E. 115 West 
Boynton, Worcester E. 1214 Gorham 
Breton, Joseph H. (Eel.) 138 Merrimack 
Brissett, Henry R. 265 Dutton 
Brunell, Pierre, Jr. 825 Merrimack 
Burnham, Frederick G. 219 Central 
Carolin, William T. 107 Merrimack 
Carpenter, Geo. C. (Elec.) 3 Loring 
Carpenter, Mary A- (Eel.) 3 Loring 
Chadbourne, Francis \V. 53 Central 
Colton. John J. IS Shattuck 
Daly, James, 452 Gorham 
Delisle, Joseph D. 709 Merrimack 
Drew, Frances H. Mrs. (Elec.) 53 Central 
Dupont, F. 696 Merrimack 
Eaton, Wyllls G. 417 Middlesex 
Field, James B. 329 Westford 
Frost, Charles C. 51 Coburn av. 
Frye, Charles M. 408 Middlesex 
Gage, J. Arthur, 64 Central 
Gagnon, Joseph A. 77 Cabot 
Gallagher, John E. 152 W. Sixth 
Gervais, Emery, 1 Salem 
Gillard. Arthur E. SI Merrimack 
Halloran, Timothy, 8 Runels bldg. 
Halpin, Andrew J. 26 Central 
Harrington. Tlios. P. 128 Merrimack 
Henotte. Constant, 32 Pabot 

Hilton, George W. (Horn.) 40 Middlesex 
Holbrook, Guy, 295 Central 
Holt, Edward B. (Horn.) 53 Central 
Hunter, Horatio M. (Horn.) 17 Kirk 
Huntoon, James W. (Horn.) 45 Merrimack 
Huntress, Leonard, 46 Ft. Hill av. 
Hurtubise, Louis A. 292 Bridge 
Irish, John C. 219 Central 
Jackson, William B. 329 High 
Jefferson, Herbert P. 90 Chestnut 
Johnson, Stephen J. 60 Kirk 
Johnson, William A. 160 Merrimack 
Jones, William M. 219 Central 
Lamoureux, Joseph E. 494 Merrimack 
Larochelle, P. 314 Mammoth rd. 
Lathrop, William H. 21 First 
Lavellee, George O. 630 Merrimack 
Lawler, William P. 53 Central 
Leahy, George H. A. 128 Merrimack 
Leary, James E. 322 Merrimack 
Leland, Clarence H. (Horn.) 202 Merrimack 
Loughran, James F. 140 Charles 
Lindstrom, Alfred H. 219 Central 
Livingston, Ernest G. 31 Runels bldg. 
Madden, Geo. P. (Mas. & Elec.) 71 Middle 
Magnire. John E. 181* Gorham 
Mansfield, R. J. 192 School 
Marston, Joseph N. 159 Middlesex 
Martin, G. Forest (Horn.) 17 Kirk 
McAdams, James P. 295 Central 
McAvinnue, Frank (Horn.) S Merrimack 
McCann, Alfred E. A. 53 Central 
McCarthy, Jas. J. Wymaa's Ex-hang.; 
McDonald, John H. 15 Davidson 
McDonough, Lawrence J. 296 Market 
McGannon, a nomas G. 21 Kirk 
Meagher, Michael J. 543 Bridge 
Meigs, Joe V. Jr. 160 Merrimack 
Meigs, Return J. 50 Kirk 
Mignault, Rodrique, 534 Merrrmack 
Mulcahy, Joseph F. 411 Bridge 
Newcomb, Elizabeth, 111 Westford 
Nickerson, Franklin, 53 Nesmtth 
O'Connor, James B. 25 Wamesft 
Osgood, George C. 576 Merrimack 
Packer, Edmund H. (Horn.) is Shattuck 
Page, J. A. (Horn.) 64 Central 
Parker, Mos^s Greeley, 11 First 
Patenaude, Samuel, 663 Merrimack 
Patterson, David N. 10 Runels bldg. 
Pearson, John W. 352 Merrimack 
Pillsbury, George H. 5S Kirk 
Pinkham, George E. 38-40 Middlesex 
Plunkett, Francis C. 277 Worthen 
Pool, C. Bret, 40 Middlesex 
Porter, Omer P. 253 Central 
Proulx, John T. P. 20 Fort Hill av. 
Richard, Marcel. 307 Middlesex 
Rouchette, Louis V. 730 Merrimack 
Roy, John H. 730 Merrimack 
Sanders, Charles B. 475 Westford 
Sawyer, Wesley. 222 Lincoln 
Schiller. Lewis E. 510 Merrimack 
Shaw, Thomas P. 86 Thorndike 
Simpson. Charles E. Lowell Hospital 
Smart, F. E. 408 Middlesex 
Smith, Frank E. 408 Middlesex- 
Smith, Herman J. 805 Merrimack 
Smith, Sumner P. 81 Merrimack 
Smith, Thomas B. 6 Wy man's Exchange 
Solomon. William R. (Eci.) 84 Middlesex 
Stephenson, Benj. S. (Oou.) 49 Kirk 
Stephenson, Nellis W. (Horn.) 49 Kirk 
Sullivan, James F. 222 Rroadwav 
Sweetsir. Charles L. 276 Westford 
Taylor, Charles W. 17 Kirk 
Thomas-, Georce F. 417 Middlesex 
Thompson, Augustine (Horn.) 36 Varnev 
Thompson, Marshall E. (Hot.) 396 Merri- 
Trueworthy, Edwin W. 40S Middlesex 

T^^SWT^T(y||: or printing of IJOOKS. J<)li|^/^ff ^T^t^/ftf^ 
*BTSi:i iHiy kithvORK. and CUTS. I;N(iR A-jU f\*S I I ■ ^W?$?SHSS 

.JLi_vJ jj^ gjfelsay v Fi k s of cu,s - aH *-tyic S .| feffeSfewSm^'' 1 ' i 



Van Deursen, George L. 17 Kirk 
Van Volkinburgh, George H. 69 Gorham 
Viles, Clarence A. 145 Merrimack 
Vinal, Walter H. 318 Bridge 
Waller, Thomas G. 40 Middlesex 
Warner, Frederick A. 50 Kirk 
Webster, Cleon H. 408 Middlesex 
Welch, Edward J. 20 Kunels bldg. 
Wesley, J. Lyman, 159 Merrimack 
Wilson, Charles O. 337 Thorndike 
Woods, Charles L. (Horn.) 10 John 

Pinno Tnners. 

Foote, Irving A. 539 Merrimack 
Greeley, Arthur W. 20 Frescott 
Jeannotte, J. H. 19 Bridge 
Mirault. A. 468 Fletcher 
Owen, A. Alonzo, 539 Moody 
Severance, William A. 19 Bridge 
Tanner, Thomas A. 31 June 
Trumbell, Wells F. 101 Westford 

Picture Framcrs. 

Brodeur, H. M. 60 Willow 
Desjardins, J. Gaspard, 9 Hurd 
Giay, Certrude, 259 Middlesex 
Harmon, Albert N. 226 Merrimack 
Hutchinson, E. 327 Central 
Maker, George E. 2 John 
McOsker, H. C. 123 Central 
Murphy, Dermis, 18 Appleton 


Barker, H. R. Mfg. Co. 158 Middle 
Barry, John H. 498 Market 
Burgess, Edwin, & Co. 493 Market 
Caddell, James, 170 Market 
Callaghan, John, 463 Merrimack 
Carroll, Edward J. & Co. 73 Middle 
Costello, Thomas, & Co. 212 Central 
Dawson & McGuane, 7 W. Third 
Denis, Arthur, 95 Market 
Desmarais Bros. 690 Lake View av. 
Devlin, William F. 3So Gorhara 
Drury & Green, 28 Jackson 
Duncan & Firth, 20 Church 
Enwright, William F. 10 Keene 
Farrell. E. J. 588 Market 
Farrell & Conaton, 243 Dutton 
Gilchrist, John, 67 Palmer 
Ladd, Aaron C. 85 Varney 
Lantz, Leonard A. 37 Shattuck 
Lowell Heating & Plumbing Co. S28 Mid- 
Martin & Houston, 11 E. Merrimack 
Martin, William H. 129 Church 
Mather, Thomas, 50 Middle 
McLarney, Wm. & Co. 493 Middlesex 
Middlesex Machine Co. 12 Merrimack sq. 
O'Brien, John T. 372 Adams 
Saunders, John J. 25 Tremont 
Scott & O'Day, 54 Appleton 
Shaw, John E. 536 Middles?x 
Shea, Eugene A. 121 Fletcher 
Stewart, John W. 359 Bridge 
Sweeney & Welch, 572 Gorham 
Wilder, Henry H. & f'o. 29 Market 
Wilson, D. H. & Co. 279 Dutton 

Plush Manufacturers. 

Massachusetts Mohair Plush Co. 122 West- 
ern av. 

Post Oftices nnd Postmasters. 

Lowell— Albert G. Thompson 

Middlesex Village— Russell MacDonald, 

Sub-station— Fred G. Tilton, supt. Hil- 

dieth bldg. 


Poultiy Dealers. 

Shufelt, George A. 134 Coburn 
Waugh, Frank, 183 Walker 

Preserve Manufacturers. 

Mansfield, Witham & Co. 35 Riverside 


Bigelow & Miller, 398 Middlesex 

Barnes, John, & Co. 18 Shattuck 

Binden, George- E. 269 Dutton 

Brown, Frank A. 26 Central 

Buckland Printing Co. 74 Middle 

Butterfield Printing & Binding Co. 46 Mid- 

Courier-Citizen Co. 15 Merrimack and 67 

Daily News Job Print, 41 Merrimack 

Davis, Frank W. 6 Davis sq. 

Enterprise Printing Co. 104 Central 

Flemings, F. J. 393 High 

Glidden, H. F. 407 Middlesex 

Hatch, C. F. & Co. 76 Church 

HUTCH INS, GUV W. 104 Central. 
See adv. 

Judkins, J. J. 65 Merrimack 

Lawlor & Co. 36 Central 

Lepine & Co. 67 Market 

Libby, Oliver A. 243 Central 

Lowell Daily Sun, S Merrimack 

Morning Mail Co. 277 Central 

Robinson, Charles E. S6 Middle 

Thompson & Hill, 218 Central 

Thorpe & Bailey, 52 Palmer 

Tobin, F. A. M. Printery, 322 Merrimack 

Union Printing Co. 67 Middle 

Vox Popuii Press, 218 Central 


Printing and Stamp Works, 



Procluee Dealers. 

Bill, Freeman M. & Co. 98 Middle 
Boyle, James, & Sons, 637 Middlesex 
Campbell, George, 69 Agawam 
Dexter, Solomon K. 300 Middlesex 
Donovan, M. & Co. 211 Market 
Dostaler, Francois X. 543 Middlesex 
Hayden, A. H. 631 Dutton 
Haynes & Bean, 507 Dutton 
Kelty, James F. 365 Market 
Leblanc, Alfred, 65 Davidson 
Libby, George F., B. & M. station 
Nichols, G. N. & E. 137 Market 
Noyes, Horace E. & Son, 631 Dutton 
Pearson, J. & J. M. (whol.) 3 Shattuck 
Putnam, George E. 205 Market 
Read & Kittredge, 343 Westford 
Stiles, P. P. & Co. 1X3 Dutton 
Stott, Charles F. 340 Westford 
Tarte, Joseph N. 71 Salem 
Udell, C. C. 600 Dutton 
Walsh, J. F. 165 Middlesex 

Provision Healers. 

Allen, T. F. 220 Fayette 

Armour & Co. (whol.) 2 Thorndike 


DIRECTORY, published annually. Jk «j 

F. S. Blum-hard & to., Worcester. ^%# 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Barney, F. M. & Co. 28 Thorndike 
Barrett Bros. 135 Salem 

Bissonnette, J. M. & Co. 722 Lake View av. 
Boodry, A. I. 523 Merrimack 
Boyle, James, & Sons, €37 Middlesex 
Brunelle & Co. 507 Merrimack 
Burke, J. H. & Co. 19 Coburn 
Burns, William W. 1022 Gorham 
Campbell, Geoige, 69 Agawam 
Chaplin & Harvey, -505 Bridge 
Clancy, John B. 25 Floyd 
Corbett, John II. & Co. 5S3 Gorham 
Corbett, Michael, 131 Gorham 
Cornellier, Narcisse, 419 Lawrence 
Cossette, Paul X. 460 Adams - 
Coyie, J. H. 65 Concord 
Curley, John P. 573 Market 
Daly, Patrick H. 179 Broadway 
Dion, J. Alexandre, 177 Hall 
Donovan, 1). J*. 388 Market 
Donovan, John J. 377 Broadway 
Dostaler, Francois X. 54:; Middlesex 
Downing, A. J. 7 Mammoth rd. 
Fairburn, George, 20 Merrimack 
Farnan, Patrick, 079 Gorham 
Farrell, Henry J. 162 Market 
Fay, T. R. 1S2 Church 
Flynn, John, 14 Concord 
Flynn, John, 17 Whipple 
Fiynn, Joseph, 137 Gorham 
Flyna, Stephen, 131 E. Merrimack 
Frost, Channing A. 477 School 
Furlon, Peter L. 175 Lake "View av. 
Furlong Bros. 33 Fulton 
Gray, Harry, 447 Central 
Hadley, Harvey, 133 Branch 
Hall. L. W. & Co. 15 Gorham 
Hall, Perham & Co. (whol. beef) 590 Duttoa 
Hamilton, Joseph F. 16 Howard 
Hayes, W. J. 36 Mammoth rd. 
Highland Provision Co. 36 Branch 
Howell, T. 2S0 Lincoln 
Jacob, Joseph, 464 Adams 
Johnson Bros. 502 Lawrence 
Keefe Bros. 213 Button 
Keith, Archibald J. 380 Bridge 
Kelley, John J. 214 Broadway 
■ Kingsbury. John M. 373 Bridge 
Leblanc, Alfred, 65 Davidson 
Leighton, Gancelo, 35 John 
Llnnehan, P. J. 157 Crosby 
Lowell Packing & Provision Co. 50 Palmer 
Lynch, George, 233 Broadway 
McCann, John J. 247 Lake View av. 
McGarvey, James F. 405 Central 
McGlinchey, J. 86 Gorham 
McGlincliey, Michael, 217 Gorham 
McKenzie, D. W. 69 Coburn 
MeKillop, N. X. & Co. (whol.) 16S Gorham 
McKinnon Bros. 884 Gorham 
McKiitnon, Duncan, 1022 Gorham 
McSorley, Thomas F. & Co. 34S Br'.dge 
Meagher Bros. 24 Like View av. 
Mello, Oliver, 41 E. Merrimack 
Melloon, John C. 565 Bridge 
Merrow, L. A. 36 Branch 
Murray, John, 112 Gorham 
Murphy, T. S. 482 Lawrence 
Myers, G. R. 12 Bridge 
Norrls Bros, (whol.) 36 Middle 
O'Brien, P. J. C9 E. Merrimack 
O'Meara, M. 965 Central 
Patten, William T. 210 Mammoth rd. 
Pike, J. W. 78 Prescott and 52S Middlesex 
Ptnault, E. J. 529 Merrimack 
Putnam, Frank E. 1 Prcsoott 
Reeves. L. & Sons. 575 Middlesex 
Renaud, Samuel, Jr. 620 Middlesex 

Ryan, Patrick, 325 Central 
St. Onge, Francois, 598 Merrimack 
Saunders, Jacob, 1S52' Middlesex 
.Saunders, John F. 159 Gorham 
Sctavia, O. Mrs. 741 Moody 
Sheehy, James, 298 Fayette 
Sheeley, Thomas, 146 Gorham 
Smith & Castle, 425 Bridge 
Stack, John J. 44 Concord 
Stott, Charles F. 340 Westford 
Strout, F. R. 325 Bridge 
Sullivan, David H. 276 Fayette 
Sullivan, M. J. 64 Lake View av. 
Swift & Bailey, 572 Duttoa 
Talbot, Edmund D. 586 Merrimack 
Taylor .v Thompson, 107 E. Merrimack 
Thibedeau, Xapoleon, 306 Merrimack 
Tattle, Frederick A. 329 Thorndike 
Tyrrell, John A. 481 Lawrence 
Union Market, 165 Middlesex 
Vincent Bros. 42 Tucker 
Walsh, John F. (estate) 165 Middlesex 
Waburton, John, 978 Gorham 
Ward, T. E. 220 Fletcher 
Warren,. Charles H. 25 Princeton 
Whitaker, Mary E.- 509 Lawrence 
Wilder, Charles W. (whol.) 166 Market 
Wilson, J. M. & Co. 8 Thorndike 

Pump Mfrw. 

Kendall Automatic Oil Pump Co. 18 West- 
ern av. 

Real Estate Agents. 

Abbott. Joel A. 158 Merrimack 
Bachelder, J. C. 64 Central 
Bancroft, John J. 4 Merrimack sq. 
Bart leu, Robert G. 78 Stevens 
Bassett, Gershom C. 48 Riverside 
Beharrell, «Y. G. 161 Merrimack 
Beharrell, F. G. 161 Merrimack 
Boisvert, Jacques, 363 Hildreth 
Brookside Land Office, 24 Hildreth bldg. 
Brown, William D. 2 Hildreth bldg. 
Bruce, Joseph W. 17 Merrimack 
Coburn, Frank, 65 Merrimack 
('oburn, George B. 65 Merrimack 
Constantineau, Cyrille, 81 Fourth av. 
Doggett, Charles, 41 John 
Dodge, W. E. 26 Central 
Elliott, Thomas H. 64 Central 
Emery, William H. 3 Hildreth bldg. 
Fish & Plummer, 137 Central 
Gage, James U. 142 Riverside 
Greene. Harry C. 29 Central 
Hamhlet & Garity, 53 Central 
Howe, Alfred J. & Co. 17 Merrimack 
Hubbard, George L. 121 Central 
Jenness, Fred W. 710 Chelmsford 
Kimball, George D. 14 Runels bldg. 
Laporte, Damase H. 90 Cabot 
Legate, Joseph A. 64 Central 
Leonard, Martin G. 45 Hurd 
Marston, George H. 159 Middlesex 
Miller, Henry, 90 Prescott 
Xevins, Robert B. 64 Central 
Peirce, Edward B. 17 Belmont 
Penaiman, George F. 26S Liberty 
Potter, Wm. E. <fc Son, 1 Hildreth bldg. 
Potter, William E. Jr. 19 Hildreth bldg. 
Puffer. Stephen B. 912 Middlesex 
Quimby, Byron G. 65 Merrimack 
Reade, Harry Captain, 871 Lake View av. 
Richardson, Frank L. 56 Central 
Rodliff, F. Jr. 88 Bartlett 
Rolfe & Pinkham, 159 Merrimack 
Runels, Henry, 619 Gorham 
Russell, Eugene G. 407 Middlesex 
Rvan. Albert J. 3 Hildreth bldg. 

V ' .frin ft inf-Mta frtrill -iVii'n^iiLii 'III 



Shaw, Harry E. 292 Bridge 
Shaw, J. W. B, S',2 Wy man's Exchange 
Shea, John S. 90 Prescott 
Shepard & Fuller, 40 Central 
Splller, Hamden, 35 Shattuck 
Staples, Arthur, School 
Stevens. R. L. 90 Prescott 
Swift, John B. 682 School 
Syndicate Land Co. Middle 
Thompson. W. N & Co. 1397 Oorham 
Trueworlhy, James B. 90 Prescott 
Trustees of the Rogers Lane, 13 Merri- 
mack sq. 
Varnum. L. R. J. & D. H. 403 Bridge 
Wheelock, Andrew C. 46S Central 
Whitmore, William, 152 School 
Wood, Harmon & Co. 64 Central 
Worcester, Charles II. 4G2 Middlesex 

Reed and Harness Mfrs. 

Brown, Reed & Heddle, 245 Market 
Carruthers, Robert, r. 256 Lawrence 
Cleworth, W. & Sons, 164 Worthen ' 
Harris, George W. 199 Perkins 
Spence, George T. 245 Market 

Refrigerator Mfr. 

Adams, F. H. 37 Middle 


Bowen, Maurice, 366 Moody 
Burbeck, William J. Middlesex 
Burns & McGa*wley, 332 Middlesex 
Campbell, E. W. 524 Merrimack 
Chase, Maraner Xi. 11 Bridge 
Collins, J. Henry, 12 Cabot 
Conlon, John J. 3 City Hall av. 
Davis, J. S. 359 Middlesex 
Doore, James E. 115 Gorham 
Fairburn, Edmund, 36 Gorham 
Fowler, Edwin S. 311 Bridge 
Fredvois, A. L. 602 Merrimack 
Gagnon, J. O. 122 Middlesex 
Green, John P. 52 Thorndike 
Hale, Mary J. Northern depot 
Hilliker, H. C. 38S Middlesex 
Home Dining Room, 388 Middlesex 
Ibey, J. H. 270 Chelmsford 
Lumas, Anastasia V. 350 Suffolk 
McElvane, George, 349 Middlesex 
McElvane, Nettie. 373 Middlesex 
McCawley, Patrick, 66 Gorham 
Middlesex Dining Rooms, 54 Middlesex 
Preston, William D. 321 Middlesex 
Putnam, Frank E. 10 Merrimack 
Ross, Walter H. 54 Middlesex 
Spaulding, Mabel, 110 Central 
Thomas, James, 472 Market 
Trainer & Ryan, 253 Middlesex 
Wallwork, J. T. 481 Merrimack 
Welch, George H. 368 Merrimack 
Whitcomb, J. A. 10 Prescott 
White, James, 521 Market 
Wilson, Louis C. 359 Middlesex 
Wood, Charles, 32 Branch 
Wood, Peter, 538 Mldrtlopes 
Yeanais & Jeavras, 483 Market 

Roll Coverers. 

Kimball, L. S. 27 Shattuck 
Tripp, John & Co. 563 Dutton 


Bennett, J. W. Co. (gravel) 564 Middlesex 
turns, James, 166 •V.nco'-d 
Cushing, Daniel, & Co. (metal) SL-8 Mid- 
D'.MKIUSS, j. L S2 F1Pfo v„. r 
Ullllgan. Thomas F. 122 Fayette 

Goulding, Robert, & Son (slate) 123 Walker 
Lowell Steel Roofing Co. 31 Concord 
Taylor Roofing Co. 140'iroy 
Walsh, James, 155 Highland av. 
Weaver, S. H. & Son (gravel) 810 Middle- 

Ruhher Stamp Mfrs. 

Fellows, J. M. 15S Merrimack 
HUTCHIKS, GUV AV. 104 Central 

See adv. 
Lowell Rubber Type Co. 65 Merrimack 
Parsons & Mealey, 47 Fletcher 

Savings ltanlcs. 
(See Banks.) 

Saw Filers. 

Hill, A. G. 31 Middle 
Parsons, N. B. 24 Suffolk 
Watkiub, George T. 63 Fletcher 


Lowell Business College, LeDoit E. Kim- 
ball, prin. 219 Central 

Lowell Commercial College, H. C. Blais- 
dell, prin. 219 Central 

New England University, A. W. Young 
prop. Runels bldg. 

Rogers Hall School, .Mrs. D. I*. Undein 11, 
prin. 169 Rogers 

Stat i Normal School, F. F. Coburn, prin. 
Broadway, cot. Wilder 

Screw Mfrs. 

Aldrlch, Milton (estate) (wood) 587 Dutton 
American Bolt Co. 650 Lawrence 
Cady, George L. & Sons, 2 ; "letch jr 
Hope, Wm. H. & Co. 3 Cushing 
Knapp. Joel, & Sons (machine) 5S5 Middle- 
Smith, S. C. Co. (machine) 545 Broadwiy 
Turner, John D. (jack) 452 Broadway 

. Seal Presses. 
HUTCHINS, GUY AV. 104 Central. 

See adv. 

Sewing Machine Dealers. 

Brien, J. A. 142 Chelmsford 

Crosby, John, 175 Middlesex 

Denault, Hubert, 707 Merrimack 

Ring & Co. 225 Dutton 

Waterman, William M. John, cor. Lee 

Shirt Mannfncturers. 

Spurr, Joseph M. 35 Shattuck 
Wyeth, F. L. 13 Merrimack sq. 

Shuttle Manufacturers. 

Coburn Shuttle & Bobbin Co. 171 Lincoln 
Jaques, J. S. Shuttle Co. Lawrence 
Parker, Frank, 171 Lincoln 
Saunders & O'Neil, 70 Western av. 

Silver and Gold Platers. 

Middlesex Plating Works, 27 Shattuck 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Dickinson, W. A. 279 Howard 

Fuller, J. F. & Co. 258 E. Merrimack 

Lowell Rendering Co. 429 Schooi 

Spring lied Mfrs. 

Rhadduck. E. D. Co. 251 Middlesex 

353 Directories 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of 




LOWELL— Continued. 


Albert, Joseph, 195 Hall 
Austin, John W. 15 Warren 
Brown, B. G. 20 Smith 
Clapp, Charles, 597 Merrimack 
Clark, William B. r. 486 Merrimack 
Conant, J. E. & Co. 334 Central 
Davis, Othello P. 14 Warren 
Gilmore & Co. 504 Middlesex 
Gregoire, Jacob A. 19 W. Fourth 
Hanson, C. H. & Co. 61 Rock 
Humphrey, A. B. 322 E. Merrimack 
Husband, T. J. 31 Clark 
Jean, A. G. 203 Moody 
Johnson, Byron W. 1014 Central 
Kclley, John B. 130 Ford 
McNulty, Patrick F. 557 Gorham 
Morse, Edward H. 380 Middlesex 
O'Donnell, James E. S4 Jeffers >n 
Orcutt. Frank A. 37 W. Third? 
Peabody, Orville W. 32 Church 
Salive. John B. 203 Moody 
Sparks, James H. 153 Worthen 
Taylor, George H. 41 Nichols 
Young, C. M. & Co. Woodward av. 

Stair Builders. 

Bean & Dunbar, 18 Western av. 
Holmes, C. M. 762 Dutton 
Kimball, W. H. 755 Dutton 

Steam Heating Apparatus. 

(See Plumbers.) 

Stencil and Stamp Cutters. 

Cooper, Samuel G. 408 Middlesex 
Glover, W. B. 11 Kurd 
Grover, C. O. A. 163 Middle 
Whitmore, William, 152 School 


Cox, M. Alice, 73 Glidden bldg. 
Diman, Helen A. 2 Wyman's Exchange 
Hard, F. Blanche, 31 Hildreth blclg! 
Rollins, Frank E. 21 Hildreth bldg. 
Williams, Charles E. Runels bldg. 
Wood, Nellie M. 53 Central 

Stone Cutters. 

Andrews & Wheeler, 51 Thorndike 

Carlson, Gustaf, 1320 Gorham 

Carr, John, r. 953 Gorham 

Gumb Bros. 1258 Gorham 

Gumb, Lewis D. 914 Gorham 

Jones, Edward, Gorham, cor. Saratoga 

Mahan & Meehan, 1095 Gorham 

Storage "Warehouses. 

Hall, L. C. 631 Dutton 

Stoves, Ranges and Tinware. 

Brine, James A. 142 Chelmsford 

Callaghan, John, 463 Merrimack 

Carter, J. N. & Co. 511 Middlesex 

Costello, T. & Co. 212 Central 

Fitzpatriek, Hugh J. 179 Chapel 

Hanchett & MaeFadgen, 320 Middlesex 

Laughton, A. I. 35 Branch 

Mack, Win. A. & Co. 25 Shattuck 

McLarney, Wm. & Co. 493 Middlesex 

O'Flahaven, Michael, & Co. 147 Market 

Prentiss, Oscar F. 356 Bridge 

Puffer, James F. & Son Co. 17 Market 

Robertson & Co. 82 Prescott 

Ryan, Jeremiah, 72 Suffolk 

Stewart, John W. 359 Br.dgj 

Wier, N. J. & Co. 91 Market 
Wilder, Henry H. & Co. 29 Market 

Street Railway Co. 

Lowell & Suburban Street Railway Co. 
Patrick F. Sullivan, gen. mgr. 13 Mer- 
rimack sq. 


Alexander, Louis, C5 Central 
Barnes, Henry W. 127 Central 
Bertram!, Arthur M. 24 Middle 
Brady, E. B. & Co. 42 Central 
Cavanaugh, David F. 20 Central 
Champagne, Noe, 510 Merrimack 
Connor, Charles, 204 Concord 
Delahanty, James, 239 Dutton 
Dclaney, Bernard, 157 Middlesex 
Delaney, John J. 243 Central 
Delaney, Thomas, 159 Market 
Delaney, William B. 125 E. Merrimack 
Delisle, Alfred, 458 Merrimack 
Fee, Thomas, 22 Applcton 
Fee, Virgil J. 273 Dutton 
Gorman & Sullivan, 25 Palmer 
Gregg, George V. 64 Central 
Hughes, M. Mrs. 423 Bridge 
Jandreau, Fred R. 1S2 Merrimack 
Jones, William H. & Son, 3fil Bridge 
Lew, F. P. 477 Merrimack 
Loranger, George, 322 Mt-rrimack 
Maret, Victor A. 49 Cheever 
Martin, J. C. 478 Market 
McGonigle, Daniel, 118 Central 
Mead, Patrick, 398 Middlesex 
Meirnccn, Albini, 121 Central 
Mikulas, V. J. 7 Merrimack 
Nickerson & Co. 32 Hildreth oldg 
Paquin, C. 709 Merrimack 
Sharrow, Frederick S. S20 
Soroghan, Nicholas, 151 Gorham 
Thompson, John, 40 Middlesex 
Trudel, Marc, 382 Moody 
Ware Bros. 106 Merrimack 
White, E. C. 16 Prescott 
Wilson, Mfirris, 220 Middlesex 


Stead Tanning & Supply Co. -.ISC Lawrence 
White Bros. & Co. 259 Perry 


Blodgett, Alden B. 18 Shittuck 


Baldwin, Wm. H. 1045 Gorham 

Blake, Benjamin M. head Western av. 

Brown, Benjamin G. 20 Smith 

Cogger, Edward. 95 Paige 

Conners Bros. Plain 

Conners, Philip P. & Co. 459 Chelmsford 

Dean, A. 73 Tremont 

Dun lap, Frank, 40 Western av. 

Godin, L. & Co. 20 Tremont 

Ilandley, John H. Co. B. & M. depot 

Hanson, Charles H. & Co. 59 Rock 

Hanson, John S. 27 Cushing 

Little, Thomas G. CO Barclay 

Mackenzie, P. A. 592 Broadway 

McDonald, J. W. (estate) €5 Merrimack 

Phllbrick, Caleb. 3S9 Walker 

Prentiss, Oscar F. 356 Bridge 

Sails, C. P. 73 Lincoln 

Stanley, George E. 12 Thorndike 

Teas and Coffees. 

Brown. William H. t'9 Gorhara 
Brennan, Owen E. 402 Lawrmoo 


Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Campbell, George, 69 Agawara 

Centennial American Tea Co. 67 Merrimack 

Clinton, Myra E. 366 Merrimack 

Cohen, Abraham", 229 Hale 

Desmond, Daniel A. 169 Worthen 

Dickson Bros. 68 Merrimack 

Gardner, J. J. 424 Central 

McCarron, James, 44 Gorham 

McGovern, John, 146 Concord 

McNamee, L. & K. 419 Broadway 

Nichols & Co. 147 Middle 

O'Brien Bros. 77 E. Merrimack 

O'Brien Bros. 227 Central 

Simpson & Rowland, 82 Middle 

Union Tea Co. 424 Central 

Wong Toy & Co. ISO Moody 

Ticket Aftents. 

Kelley, J. H. 451 Middlesex 
Leeds, Fred B. 5 Bridge 


Gloddy, Joseph, 647 Merrimack 
Kenanet, Joseph, 67 Cheever 
Nichols, J. J. 3CS Lawrence 

Trunks and Valises. 

Devine, Patrick "P. 70 Middlesex 
Drewett, S. 80 Middlesex 
Sarre, M. A. 333 Moody 

Trust Companies. 

(See Banks.) 


Albert, Joseph, 57 Cheever 
Archambeault, Amedee, 393 Moody 
Brooks, James W. 16 Market 
Currier, J. B. 58 Prescott 
Davey, Peter, & Co. 134 Market 
McDerrnott, James H. 70 Gorham 
Molloy, Charles H. 343 Market 
O'Donnell, James P. 324 Market 
Renaud, S. & Son, 622 Middlesex 
Rogers, John F. 816 Central 
Savage, Peter H. 169 Worthen 
Weinbeck, John A. 88 Middlesex 
Young, Charles M. & Co. 33 Presctt 


Gardner Bros. 75 Pine 
Gott, G. & Co. 374 Bridge 
Maddocks, George Mrs. 42 Weed 

Variety Stores. 

Albert, A. 73 Aiken 
Allison, Grace L. 3S3 Lake View av. 
Anderson, Rose F. Mrs. 1017 Gorham 
Asselin, Ensebe, 404 Moody 
Avery, F. C. 92 Concord 
Baril, F. C. 102 Chelmsford 
Beharill, Flora J. 280 Chelmsford 
Belisle, Olivia, 71 Cheever 
Berntson, O. A. 788 Gorham 
Bennett, C. H. 65 School 
Bessonette. Joseph, 86 Tilden 
Blaisdell, Annie, 588 Broadway 
Blaise, Arsene, 287 Aiken 
Blanchard. A. E. 876 Gorham 
Boies, Andrew J. 445 Broadway 
Booth. Walter, 73 E. Merrimack 
Houdreau, Henri Mrs. 744 Lake View a v. 
»us.iuet, Joseph 1!. 481 Middlesex 

Boyd. Catharine Mrs. 519 Lawrence 
Brent. 557 Middlesex 
Hroomhead, George, 436 Lawrence 
Brown, C, H. Mrs. 62 Cabot 
Bryers & Willett. 20 W. Fourth 


Burns, Michael, 156 Perry 
Campbell, Mary J. 848 Moody 
Carcaterra, Salvatore, 335 Middlesex 
Carolan, Frank, 401 Central 
Carolan, James H. 183 Gorham 
Carney & Co. S6 Salem 
Cassidy, Annie, 373 Market 
Charaitos, Tonndos, 468 Market 
Cholette, Joseph, 119 Cheever 
Clark, W. 257 Thorndike 
Collins, Hannah, 122 Duinm^r 
Comiskey, E. A. 175 E. Merrimack 
Conroy, Margaret Mrs. 441 Liwren^e 
Cook, Thomas, 17 South 
Crawford, W. Mrs. 17 Blossom 
Crowe, Patrick, 938 Gorham 
Cuddy, James, 1004 t,v.ttrtil 
Cunningham, Samuel S. .< Co. 948 Gorham 
Davidson, William, 786 Gorham 
Deignan, Elizabeth Mrs. 953 Central 
Dilworth, Jeremiah, 12S Gorham 
Dimodara, D. 271 Thorndike 
Donohoe, Mary A. Mrs. 83 Kinsman 
Downs, William, 172 Aiken 
Drain, John, 95 Kinsman 
Emery, S. S. 135 Brach 
Feinberg, Henry 52 Thorndike 
Forest, Mattie Mrs. 117 Salem 
Freeman, B. M. & A. 388 Gorham 
Fitton, M. L. 212 Chelmsford 
Gallagher, Mary Mrs. 142 Lake View &v. 
Garon, J. Mrs. 220 Aiken 
Garrity, Catharine J. 502 Central 
Gibbons, Lizzie, 290 Lake View av. 
Gilmore, John D. 431 Central 
Gilvogle, M. J. 93 Gorham 
Goldman, Morris, 222 Aiken 
Frost, Thomas, 370 Central 
Greathead, Alice A. Mrs. 517 Broadway 
Green, Mary, 866 Central 
GuilbeaulJ;, James, 314 Suffolk 
Halstead, George, 636 Broadway 
Hanery, Annie, 286 Fayette 
Hanson, A. Mrs. 383 Lake View av. 
Harding, Sarah A. 1089 Gorham 
Harolan, Frank, 401 Central 
Hill, Charlotte, 77 Andover 
Holt, George S. 351 Market 
Hood, Ina, 391 Gorham 
Hough, Frank B. 183 E. Merrimack 
Johnson, C. W. 3 Mammoth rd. 
Kane, Patrick F. 87 Chapel 
Karrigan, Mary, 1 Jewett 
Kelley, Margaret Mrs. 28 Pleasant 
Kenney, E. & R. 559 Lawrence 
Knox, J. 710 Middlesex 
Ladauranty, Celina Mrs. 85 Salem 
Lanard, Philias, 105 Salem 
Landry, C. Mrs. 727 Aiken 
Lantagne, 220 Aiken 
Laliberty, Orphice, 217 Fletcher 
Lapierre, Prospere, 219 Aiken 
Laurin, Francois, 5S Aiken 
Lee, John, 175 Moody 
Lessard, Louis Mrs. 20 Ward 
Libby, Celia A. 683 Merrimack 
Lyons, Thomas D. 2*3 Lake View av. 
Madden, James, 82 Tilden 
Madore, Joseph, 102 South 
Maxfleld, S. E. 51 Branch 
McDerrnott, M. F. 76 Gorham 
McDerrnott, Rachael, 1142 Lawrence 
Mc.Hugh, C. J. 698 Gorham 
McKeever, Patrick, 417 Adams 
McManus, Bernard, 475 Lawrence 
McNally, Mary, 186 Lawrence 
McPhall, John, 36S Chelmsford 
Melvin, Susan J. Mrs. 28 Blossom 
Mercler, Eudoxie Mrs. 12 Ward 
Morrow, L. T. 298 Westford 

Of anything that can bo printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester, 



LOWELL— Continued. 

Molloy, Sarah, 286 Fayette 

Mooney, John N. 54 Floyd 

Murphy, Catharine F. Mrs. C22 Market 

Nichols, J. J. 3GS Lawrence 

O'Brien, Michael J. Mrs. 09 Fulton 

O'Brien, M. F. Mrs. 23 Rogers 

O'Brien, W. F. 4'»3 Broadway 

O'Connor, Edward II. 321 Lawrence 

Oscar Bros. 69 Cabot 

Paquette, Maxime Mrs. 65 Tucker. 

Parker, E. F. Mrs. 712 School 

Peabody, M. N. 48 Howard 

Phillips, D. O. 17 Chelmsford 

Penn, M. E. 389 Chelmsford 

Pierson, Mary, 255 Fayette 

Prentiss, Abbie M. 45 Fletcher 

Purcell, James, 43 Coburn 

Purcell, Mary J. 10 Cross 

Quinn, Peter F. 35 Concord 

Ready, David, 771 Broadway 

Redhead, Frank C. 85 Salem 

Reynolds, John, 722 Gorham 

Rhodes, Mary L. 45 John 

Riley, Lucy, 44 Summer 

Roberts, John 11. Mrs. 456 Lawrence 

Rock, Joseph E. 324 Fletcher 

Rowan, Austin, 60 Concord 

Roy, Napoleon, 738 Moody 

Rynn, John, 1198 Gorham 

Ryan, William, 2S6 Bridge 

Savage, Mary, 122 South 

Seaman & Gifford, 218 Merrimack 

Seavey, Ella F. Mrs. 429 Broadway 

Sexton, Joanna Mrs. 520 Lawrence 

Sheehan, Katie M. 60 Jefferson 

Sheridan, Mary A. 23 Whipple 

Shields, James, 196 Coburn 

Shipley, Wilbur A. 2 Liberty 

Stanton, Charles P. 27 Adams 

St. Hilaire, Omer, 284 Aiken 

St. Hilaire, Zoel, 252 Aiken 

Strogoffe, Max, 132 Howard 

Sullivan, Michael J. 64 Lake View av. 

Thompson, Abraham, 158 Church 

Toomey, William, 73 Concord 

Tremblay, Jules, 160 Suffolk 

Trinque, Azilda Mrs. 546 Suffolk 

Walsh, Lizzie, 168 High 

Ward, W. J. 24 Mammoth rd. 

Welch, C. B. Mrs. 351 Middlesex 

Welch, Mary A. 149 Fayette 

Whitaker, M. 286 High 

Williamson, William Mrs. 68 Dalton 

Wood, George P. 121 Fletcher 

Wood, John Mrs. 115 Lake View av. 

Worcester, S. T. 429 Broadway 

Wright, Rebecca, 144 Market 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Banks, Charles B. 15 Warren 
EEaton .William S. 39 Middle 
Evans, Albert A. 91 Willard 
Hamblet, Clement A. 204 Middle 
McCann, Arthur H. 3X0 Middlesex 
Munn, Charles H. 320 E. Merrimack 
Sherman, Walter A. 340 Central 
Sparks, James H. 153 Worthen 
Viles, Jesse A. 14 Coral 
Wood, Charles R. 300 Wilder 

Violin Manufacturer. 

Bryant, George E. 121 Central 

AVnKon Coverer. 
McAskie, John, 86 Middle 

Water Wheel Mfrs. 

Swain Turbine & Mfg. Co. 157 Willie 

Water Works. 

Lowell Water Works, Robert J. Thomas, 
supt. City Hall 


Blanchette, George E. 197 Suffolk 
Bryant, Earl P. 25 W. Third 
Dearborn, William H. 130 Fletcher 
Howe, Charles E. 330 Bridge 
McCoy, O'oinan A. 31 Lake View av. 
Osborn, Ephraim, 31 Suffolk 
Powers, M. 22 Varnum av. 
Ramsdell, I. O. 179 Chelmsford 
Rutledge, Eugene S. N22 Gorham 
Sawyer Carriage Co. 455 Worthen 

Window and Door Screens. 

Aldrich, Milton, 588 Duton 
Goodwin, John B. 755 Button 

Wire Goods Mfrs. 

American Wire Goods Co. 41 Payne. 
Lowell W T ire Works, 515 Broadway 
Rice & Co. 231 Alt. Vernon 
Woods, Sherwood & Co. 572 Bridge 

Wood Dealers. 

Arsenault, Arthur, 124 Tucker 
Bergeron, Theodore, 359 Broadway 
Blaisdell, John C. 90 Lincoln 
Brennan, John T. 354 Jackson 
Carr, John. J. Daly's ct. 
Cloutler, Ferdinand, r. 271 Aiken 
Cogger, Edward, 95 Paige 
Durand, Ernest, 3 Hanover 
Godin, Louis, r. 598 Merrimack 
Hubert, Frederick, 26 Decatur st. alley 
Jean, Ametlee, r. 73 Tremont 
Lavalle, Nicholas, 33 Hanover 
L'Ecuyer, Henri, r. 15 Ward 
McGaughney & Brady, 155 Church 
Noel, J. B. r. 612 Middlesex 
Ouellette, Felix, CO Tucker 
Sheridan, James P. 79 Whipple 
Smith, Daniel B. 14 Second av. 
Smith, Jacob R. 498 Broadway 
St. Pierre, Joseph, 644 Market 

Wood Turners. 

Bean & Dunbar, IS Western av. 
Christie, Robert J. & Co. 20 Western av. 
Hatch, Willis E. Dutton 

"Woolen Goods Mfrs. 

Belvldere Woolen Mfg. Co., Howe 
Faulkner Mills, ft. Faulkner 
Lowell Mfg. Co. Market 
Merrimack Woolen Mill Co. Dracut 
Middlesex Co. Warren 
Stirling Mills, 573 Lawrence 

Yarn Manufacturers. 

Coburh, Walter, & Co. 19 Congress 
Park Worsted .Mil In, ft. Meadowcroft 
Walsh Worsted Mills, 164 Meadowcroft 
Whittler Cotton Mills. Sta. kpole 


It you don't find the name you are looking for in this 
hook under a certain heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
fications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 




In Hampden Co., 02 m. from Boston and 8 m. northeast of Springfield on 
Athol Br. B. & A. R. R. ; electric cars from Springfield. Iuc. Feb. 28, 1774. 
Pop. 2,562. 

Villages— Ludlow Center, Ludlow Mills. 


Annual town meeting second 3Jon 

day in March. 
Clerk-A. H. Bartlett 
Selectmen, P. L. Burr, ch. 

E. E. Fuller 

John W. Hubbard 
Auditors— C. S. Browning 

A. L. Bennett 
Treasurer and Collector— 

A. H. Bartlett 
Assessors— Albert E. Fuller, ch. 

A. D. King, North Wilbraham 

G. D. Green, L. Center 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Erwiu Cooley 

Albert Wilson, L. Center 

Emerson F. Lovett 

David Trombly 
Highway Surveyor— H. A. Munsing 
Cemetery Commissioners — 

Robert Kyle 

Benjamin F. Burr 

E. E. Fuller 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Public Schools. 

Committee— A. H. Halford, ch. 

C. B. Bennett 

Irene T. Jones 
Supt.— Mary L. Poland, Springfield 
Prin. High School— Frederic Smith 


Agricnltnral Implements — 

F. L. Burr & Co. 

A. H. Halford 
Auctioner— George A. Birnie 
Hand— Ludlow Orchestra 
Bank — Ludlow Savings Bank, George A. 

Birnie, treas. 
Blacksmith— George Mackintosh 

M. L. Trottier 
Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

M. M. Rivers & Co. 
Boot ami Shoe Maker— 

H. Genest 
Cider .Maker— Warren D. Fuller 

Ludlow Center 

E. E. Bond 
Cluar 31frs.— Burr & Fuller 

Cigars and Tobacco — 

John A. O'Hearn 
Clergymen and Churches — 

Everett D. Francis, Cong., L. Center 

W. Arthur Thomas, Union Jong. 

F. H. Wheeler, Methodist. L. Center 

Clothing, Hoots, Shoes, Kte. — 

M. M. Rivers & Co. 
Coal, Floor and Grain — 

F. L. Burr & Co. 
DrujijAist — C. S. Browning 
Dry Goods— M. M. Rivers & Co. 
Express— American Express Co. 
General Stores — A. J. Brunelle 

Frank A. Towne 
Grist and Saw Mills— 

Alden Bros., L. Center 

E. E. Bond 

Warren D. Fuller, L. Center 

Gunny lin&'gring; Mfrs. — 

Ludlow Mfg. 'Jo. 
Hairdresser— P. J. Clifford 
Hardware Dealer— A. H. Halford 
Harness Maker— A. Phaneuf 
Insurance Agents — 

George A. Birnie 

F. L. Burr & Co. 

Jeweler and Watchmaker — 

Charles Benware 
Justices of the Peace— 

G. A. Birnie 
Benjamin F. Burr 
C. L. Buell 

Library— Hubbard Memorial Library, 

Mabel Gove, lib. 
Lumber Dealers — Alden Brothers 

G. D. Green 
Milliner — Mrs. Charles Benware 
Newsdealers — John A.. O'Hearn 

Charles Browning 
Physic ia ns— James W. Hannum 

J. C. H. Lortie 
Post Offices and Postmasters— 

Ludlow— G. A. Birnie 

Ludlow Center — L. Perham 
Printer and Wholesale Sta- 
tioner— A. H. Bartlett 
Provision Denier— M. H. Lyons 
Stable— Charles Blodgett 
Stoves and Tinware— 

A. H. Halford 
Twine Mfrs.— 

Hampden Mills, A. H. Bartlett 

Ludlow Cordage Co (binders' twine) 

Ludlow Manufacturing Co. 
Undertaker— Benjamin F. Burr 
Webbing; and Tarn Mfrs. — 

Ludlow Manufacturing Co. 


In Worcester Co.. 42 m. west of Boston, there being a small station on the 
r - «. K. 4 in. from the village; stnpco to Fitchbnrg (4 m.) twice a day: elec- 
tric cars from Fitchbnrg and Leominster to Whalom lake, 1 1-4 in. from vil- 
•»«e. Inc. Aug. 1, 17*>8. Pop. 1.237. 

CLE0OTE11 25E 

find the Text for a Sermon in this Book, but 
want to look up a marriage certificate in a 
neighboring town, it will tell them who to write to. 



LUNENBURG— Continued. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Stlllmnn Stone 
Select men— John Wooldredge, ch. 

Augustus Taylor 

George E. Jones 
Auditor— Alonzo B. Cook 
Treasurer— Alpheus K. Francis 
Collector— Timothy B. Snow 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor — Selectmen 
Constables— Timothy B. Snow (civil) 

Warren E. Gilchrist 

William It. Proctor, Jr. 

Herbert A. Eaton 

James L. Harrington 

Walter II. Mclntire 
Supt. Highways— Edward E. Howe 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Dr. C. E. Woods, agent 
Chief Police— Timothy B, Snow 
Fire Warden— George E. Joues 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Charles A. Goodrich, ch. 

Clifford C. Lane 

Miss Mav V. Estabrook 
Supt.— D. B. Locke, Winchendon 

Prin. High School— John E. Lind 


Auctioneer— Charles A. Goodrich 
Haslcet M'fr.— Leander W. Bowles 
Blacksmiths — Thomas A. Archibald 

Andrew J. Callum 
Box Mfrs.— Sanderson & Cook (wooden) 

Carpenters — Alpheus K. Francis 

George C. Jewett 
Cider Makers — Hildreth Farm 

William Parks 

Herbert >.'. Ropes 
Clergymen and Churches— 

B. J. Johnston, Methodist 

David Wallace, First Congregational 
Coopers— Granville Fairbanks 

Augustus Taylor 
Expresses— American Express Co. 

National Express Co. 
Florists — George Cruickshanks 

Leonard Downe 

Milton E. Fisk 
General Store— Flint H. B utwell 
Horse Dealer— Nelson B. Graves 
Eagle House, Chas. B. Longley, prop 
Jee Dealer— Harry B. Francis 
Justices of the Peace— 

P. H. Boutwell 

A. B. Cook 

Charles A. Goodrich 

James Hildreth 

James A. Litchfield 

Stillman Stone 
Library — Lunenburg Town Library, L 

Francis Jones, lib. 
Lumber Alfr. — Augustus Taylor 
\otary Public — Charles A. Goodrich 
Painters— James H. Clifton 

William Howard 
Physician — Charles E. Woods 
Post Ofiiee and Postmaster— 

Lunenburg— F. H. Boutwell 
Saw Mills— Granville Fairbanks 

Sanderson & Cook 

Augustus Taylor 
Stas'C Line— Lunenburg to Fitchburg, 

W. F. Tyler, prop. 
Undertaker— Charles E. Cox 
Wlieclivriylit — George A. Jewett 


In Essex Co., 12 in. northeast of Eoston on Eastern Div. P». & M. R. R. 
and 30 m. on Boston, Revere Reach A: Lynn R. R. : electric oars to Boston, 
Lowell, Salem, Marblehead, Danvers, Peabody, Wakefield and Revere. Set- 
tled in 1G29; a city In 1S:>0. Top. 02.354. 

Villages— East Lynn, Glenmere, Highlands, Linwood, Lynnrnere, West 
Lynn, Wyoina Village. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 

Walter L. Ramsdell (D 

William Shepherd (R.) 

Charles N. Wentworth (S. 




City election Tuesday after second 

Monday in December. 
Mayor— William Shepherd (R), $2300; 

hours 10-1. 
Aldermen— Meetings first and third 
Tuesday evenings of each mouth; 
$300 each per year. 

President, Charles E. Sprague (It) 

Clerk, Joseph W. Attwill (R) 

Joseph G. Brown (R) 

Charles C. Fry (10 

W. Henry Hutchinson (TO 

12 3 4 5 6 7 Totals 

.103 1S7 727 819 780 1983 102 3801 
.170 412 1345 1007 1000 1108 3U5 5407 
,. 10 24 58 08 GO 95 14 329 

J. Charles Morgan (R) 
Benjamin II. Davidson (R) 
George C. Houghton (R) 
Stephen S. Marsh fit) 
Richard J. White (R) 
Charles E. Sprague (10 
Common Co uncilmen— Meetings sec- 
ond and fourth Tuesday evenings 
of each month. 
President, Orvlllc A. Clough (R) ' 
Clerk, S. Henry Kent, $200 
Ward 1. Albion Bartlett (D) 
Ward 2. Charles H. Tucker (It) 
Elmer E. Sanborn (10 

Por printing of BOOKS. JOB! 
WORK, and CUTS. liNORA-f 
VERS of CUTS, ail styles. 



Ward 3. Charles W. Huse (R) 

Benjamin A. Goodwin (It) 
George H. Jackson (It) 
Fred W. Newhall (It) 
John Ingrain (It) 

Ward 4. Fred W. Allen (It) 

Orville A. Clough (It) 
S. Neal Kent (D) 
Henry It. Jacobs (It) 
Matthew MeCaiin (It) 

Ward 5. Albert FT. Alexander (It) 
Charles 8. Goodrich (R) 
Edward T. Bubier (R) 
Gilbert T. Ford (R) 
Itufns Kimball (It) 

Ward G. Amos C. Day (It) 
Philip A. Kiely (D) 
Joseph Johnson (D) 
Frederick S. Murphy (D) 
ITenrv W. Eastliain (K) 

Ward 7. Benjamin H. Newhall (R) 
Alfred H. Tapper (D) 

City Oflicers. 


City Clerk, Joseph W. Attwil 

hours 9-5 
Mayor's Clerk and Clerk Committees, 

Charles H. Spear, $1000 
Treasurer and Collector. Hartwell S. 

French, $2700; hours 9-5 
Auditor, Wm. F. Brackett, $1000 
Solicitor, Starr Parsons, $1800 
City Messenger, Clarence I. Allen, 

Supt. Streets, James M. Tarbox, 

City Engineer, Edw. H. Smith, $2500 
Assistant Citv Engineer, Walter H. 

Spear, $1000 
Investigator of Accidents. Fred A. 

Broad, $S00 
Sealer Weights and Measures, John 

B. McCarthy. $500 
Inspector Buildings, Herbert C. 

Bayrd, $1200 
City Hall Engineer, George F. Lea- 

vitt, $000 
Chief Fire Dept., Charles H. Down- 
ing, $1350 
city Marshal. Thomas M. Burckes, 

City Physician, Dr. Wm. B. Little, $500 
Assistants, Dr. Leland M. Baker and 

Dr. A*. B. Chase, $5u0 each 
Inspector Milk. Butter, etc., William 

E. Welts, $1000 

Chairman, George B. Currier, $1200 

Secretary, Philip A. Newhall, $120<j 
Registrars Voters — 

Joseph W. Havnes, $250 

Philip Smith, $250 

Stephen M. Walsh, $250 

Joseph W. Attwlll, ex-oflicio 
Board Health— 

Chairman, William Lacrolx, 

Dr. William P. Little 

William II. Woodfall 

Clerk, G. A. Badger, $1000 

Inspector Provisions and Animals, 
William E. Welts, $1000 

Inspector Plumbing, Charles Cham- 
berlain, $1200 



Inspectors Sanitary, M. S. Fove and 
Henry E. Palmer, $1000 each 
Overseers Poor— 

Chairman, Henry Grover 

Secretary, Wm. A. Attwill, $1000; 
hours 8-12 and 2-4 

Visitor, Ebenezer Beckford, $900 

Henry Grover 

Charles E. Harwood 

Robert S. Sisson 

George C. Higgins 

William A. Attwill 

Ebeuezer Beckford 

Keeper Almshouse, Isaiah Piukham, 

Matron, Mrs. Isaiah Pinkham, $300 

Matron Children's Home, Miss JosIp 
A. Clark, $420 
License Commissioners— 

Chairman, David Herbert Sweetser, 

Frederick W. Herrick, 

Peter A. Breen. $300 

Clerk, John F. Hay, $300 
Commissioners Pine Grove Ceme- 

Chairman. Amos F. Breed 

Charles H. Newhall 

George F. Harwood 

Alfred Cross 

Henry H. Green 

James F. Seavey 

Charles It. Smith 

Benjamin F. Spinney 

Itufus Kimball 

William A. Willey 

Secretary, Henry H. Green. $600 

Supt. Cemetery f William Stone 
Water B'oard— 

President, Wm. B. Littlefield, $500 

Stephen W. Dearborn, $200 

James Burns. $200 

Daniel A. Sutherland, $200 

ThomaS P. Nichols, $200 

Clerk and Supt., J. C. Haskell, $1500 

Registrar,Wallnce O. Mudge, $1200 
Park Commissioners— 

Chairman, Nathan M. Hawkes 

Secretary, James E. Jenkins 

Patrick B. Magrane 

Charles S. Hilton 

Edward Randall 
Commissioners Sinking Funds— 

Nathan Clark 

Luther S. Johnson 

Amos F. Breed 
Trustees Doak and Rose Funds— 

Walter E. Symonds 

Beniamln F. Peach, Jr. 

John S. Bartlett 

Pnblic Schools. 

Committee — Meetings second and last 
Monday evenings of each month. 
Chairman, Louis A. Wyinan 
Mayor, ex-oflicio 
Pros. Common Council, ex -officio 
Edwin II. P. rock 
T. Harlan Breed 
Walter O. Faulkner 
Louis A. Wyman 
William II . Woodfall 
John M. Barry 
Leonard P. Brickett 


^01 Congress St., Boston. 



LYNN— Continued. 

Charles H. Chase 

Henry T. Lummus 

Johu H. Nelson 

John B. Pearson 

William E. Dorrnan 

Waldo P. Walton 

May L. Sheldon 

Charles E. Hatch 

Henry M. Breed 

Lucinda M. Lummus 

George II. Chadwell 

Edwin L. Newhall 

Secretary, D. Gage Hunt 
Supt. Schools, Orsamus B. Bruce. $2500: 

hours 8-9 a. m. : 4.:50-5.8() p. in. 
Prin. Classical High School, Eugene D. 

Russell, $3500 
Prin. Euglish High School, Charles S. 

Jackson, $2500 
Prins. of Grammar Schools- 
Anna M. Hunt, Lewis School 

Fred B. BatcheUler, Ingalls School 

Mary I. Tufts, Eastern Av. School 

Francis Hascltine, Whiting School 

Maria E. Paul, Pickering School 
- Philip Emerson, Cobbett School 

James D. Montgomery, Shepard 

Mrs. Maria F. Kimball, Training 


Advertising Agents. 

Donnelly, John, & Sons, 15 Johnson 
Ingalls, Edwin W. 333 Union 

Advertising Specialties. 

Everett, W. S. & Co. 113 Munroe 

Agricnltnrnl Implements. 

Hutchinson, \V. Henry, 49 Munroe 


Belton, Charles L. 59 Exchange 
Call, Alfred W. 54 Central sq. 
Davidson, Ben]. H. 10 Central sq. 
Earp, Edwin, 3 Exchange 
Rogers, Henry W. 324 Union 
Varney, Penn, 46 Central sq. 
Wheeler, H. K. 59 Exchange 

Artists' Materials. 

Crosman Art Co. 14 Central av. 
Ryan, Thomas F. Gl Market 


Lynn Y. M. C. A., G. E. Day, sec. CS Mar- 


Barry, William J. 343 Union 
Bartlett, Edward, 54 Central sq. 
Breed, George W. 3 Exchange 
Cole, George A. & Co. 141 Oxford 
Flanders, Augustus ft. 10 Central sq. 
Hall. W. H. 3 Exchange 
Hoyt. W. S. 40S Union 
Ingalls, Jerome, 21 Andrew 
Jenkins, George, 10 Central sq. 
Lambert, G. M. 28 Munroe 
McGorry, James E. 324 Union 

Pitman, Benjamin, 34 Central sq. 
Pool, William D. 191 North Common 
Porter, Thomas D. 411 Union 
Silsbee, Baker & Ceer, :;41 Union 
WOHMSTEAD, C. N. 343 Union. See 

Silsbee, James B. 343 Union 
Tibbetts, Edwin A. 34 Central sq. 
Webster, Ebon W. 167 Market 

Awnings, Flags and Tents. 

Benner, Frank R. & Co. 302 Broad 
Fullam, H. H. & Co. 118 Munroe 


Alcorn, Mary Mrs. 418 Boston 

Appleton, Wm. R. Mrs. ?& Howard 

Arroll, George W. 168 Franklin 

Bent, Fred W. 39 Central sq. 

Bianchini, B. 14 Market sq. 

Biethen, C. F. Baking Co. 214 Union 

Brown, David, Boston 

Bruce, George, 125 Union 

Carey, Adelbert L. 765 Western av. 

Cooper, Josiah II. 109 Central av. 

Dearborn, Fred D. 554 Chestnut 

Dutton, John, 9 Federal sq. 

Fitz, Josiah, 4th, 1 George 

French, Charles L. 175 Maple 

Goddard, Ora E. 545 Summer 

Harrison, Charles H. 167 Franklin 

Hill, Ebenezcr E. 207 Summer 

Holder Bros. 54 Ontario 

Huskins, S. C. Mrs. 209 Lewis 

Johnson, Annie W. Mrs. 39 Ireson 

Kelley, Annie L. Mrs. 201 Summer 

Laubner, Ludwig, 93 Collins 

Lewis, Fred H. 211 Essex 

Maranise, J. 40 Waterhill 

Martin, P. Warren. 790 Washington 

McEstee, Thomas E. 84 Pleasant 

Milberry, Ellen Mrs. 303 Chatham 

Nichols, J. E. Mrs. 75 Leighton 

Richardson, J. N. 167 Franklin 

Ross, Gordon J. 315 Summer 

Sahm, cHarles, 614 Boston 

Schlehuber, Andrew, 78 Exchange and 1 

City Hall sq. 
Schmidt, Hans J. 131 Broad 
Smith, George T. 2 Mason 
Trueworthy, Augustus J. 26 Ireson 
Tuttle, Alpheus A. 17 Union 
Valiquet, Joseph D. 67 Central av. 
Wakefield, D. K. 31 Summer 
Wegarth, H. 1 Market 
Willis, Jane, 71 Pearl 
Welch, S. E. Miss, 634 Western av. 
White, Charles F. 805 Summer 
Whitney, Frank A. 262 Summer 

Ballot Counting Apparatus. 

Holt, F. E. 688 Western av. 

Bands and Orchestras. 

Averlll's Orchestra, F. A. Averill, leader, 

6 Silsbee 
Eaton's Orchestra, G. E. Eaton, leader, 

198 Oxford 
Langford's Orchestra, W. E. Langford, 

leader, 24 Pleasant 
Lurvey's Orchestra, S. S. Lurvey, leader, 

34 Central sq. 
Lynn Brass Band, A. Knuepfer, agt. 143 

Lynn Cadet Band, S. S. Lurvey, leader. 

34 Central sq. 
Lynn National Band, S. C. DeBondy, 

leader, 113 Munroe 

The Model Factory riant 
Only, Can Live 

Why? Co 

I 1 :;; Arthur F. Gray, 


53 State Street Boston. 



NelHe Miles Military Band and Orchestra. 

Nellie Miles, leader, 63 Shepard 
Stiles' 8th Regiment Band and Orchestra, 

Harry E. Stiles, leader, 44 Central iq. 


Central National Bank, Warren M. BreeJ, 

cash. Willow, cor. Blake 
Equitable Co-operative Bank, Edwin C. 

Lewis, sec. 34 Central sq. 
First National Bank, Charles E. Mailey, 

cash. 25 Exchange 
Lynn Co-operative Bank, Ralph W. Put- 
nam, sec. 343 Union 
Lynn Five Cents Savings Bank, Henry E. 

Newhall, treas. 112 Market 
Lynn Ins. for Savings, D. H. Sweetser, 

treas. 25 Exchange 
Lynn National Bank, J. E. Jenkins, cash. 

109 Market 
Lynn Safe Deposit & Trust Co. James E. 

Jenkins, treas. 117 Market 
Manufacturers' National Bank, Frank L. 

Earle, cash. Exchange, cor. Spring 
National City Bank, Benj. V. French, cash. 

134 Market 
National Security Bank, Geo. R. Felt, Jr 

cash. 1 Central sq. 
Security Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Geo. W. 

Williams, treas. 345 Union 

Bicycle Dealers and Repairers. 

Achorn & Deacon Mfg. Co. 9 Munroe 
Anderson, Stephen W. 14 Chestnut 
Bodwell's Cycle Exchange, 47 Union 
Calpin & Green, 273 Essex 
Cook, Robert, 394 Washington 
Davis, J. W. 72 Union 
Derbab, Yeremiya Q. 47 Andrew 
Holland, H. J. 682 Western av. 
Hylton & Robbins, 90 Munroe 
Johnson, F. L. & Co. 79 Exchange 
Moon, Percy N. & Co. 414 Washington 
Owens, Fred E. 16 Andrew 
Pope Mfg. Co. 81 Exchange 
Porter, J. W. 15 Munroe 
Porter, Walter, & Co. 60 Andrew 
Pote. H. J. 14 Andrew 
Richardson, F. B. 151 Shepard 
Stackpole, Charles V. 418 Washington 
Stephenson, C. H. 206 Broad 
Trafton, W. J. 63 Central av. 
Whitten & Pollard, 8 Andrew 
Wiggln & Sutherland, 90 Oxford 
WIswell. Watson E. 337 Essex 
Wright & Ditson, 36 Andrew 

Billiards and Pool. 

Badger, William R. 14 Mulberry 
Brown, S. R. 518 Chestnut 
Bureker, Charles H. 260 Maple 
Callahan. J. J. & Co. 132-134 Oxford 
Chapman, Edwin R. 93 Munroe 
Hamlin, Theophile H. 15 Mulberry 
L.ltthneld, J. B. & Co. 9 Exchange 
Moore & Attwill, 97 Market 
Ryan, Edward F. 53 Andrew 
White, W. B. 37 Central sq. 

Blacking; Mfrs. 

Cutler. Nathan P. Jr. 220 Market 
Kent & Smith, 75 Blake 
N&tlonal Shoe Finishing Co. 863 Washing- 
N'i«h. John C. 394 Washington 
North Stain & Blacking Co. 214 Market 
Man Ptaln & Blacking Co. 200 Oxford 


K'-retn. Thomas. 97 Sagamore 

Carey, Dennis Mrs. r. 785 Western av. 

Conway, Thomas C. 87 State 

Cornish, Charles A. 9 Bellair 

DeLong, Robert B. 27 Williams 

Douglass & Boynton, 517 Eastern av. 

Dunn & Mackenzie, 22 Sea 

Eastman, Lund T. & Co. off ft. Shepard 

Evans, S. C. 27 Farrar 

Glidden, Charles It. 486 Chestnut 

Glidden, Herbert S. r. 55 Bufrurn 

Green & Faulkner, 9 Essex 

Griffin, Thomas II. 33 Sutton 

lleeney, William, 106 Central av. 

Hennessey, Martin, Jr. 10 Chestnut 

Holland & Fogerty, r. 55 Butfurn 

Holland, Harold, 347 Boston 

Jackson, Seth W. 411 Chestnut 

Kelly, Francis, 253 Broad 

Kimball, Fred L. 296 Broad 

Lamphier, Fred, 104 Brookllne 

Maguire, Alexander R. 480 Broadway 

McGlue, Richard, 10 Barker ct. 

McGlue, T. Frank, 123 Central av. 

McPherson, Daniel, 17 Myrtle 

Molpney, W. V. 740 Western av. 

Murray, Thomas P. 630 Summer 

Nlland, Michael J. & Son, 254 Western av. 

O'Connor, Thomas P. 27 Waterhill 

Pyne, Albert W. 167 Fayette 

Seaman Bros. 69 Marion and 9 South 

Smith, Charles W. 8 Mechanics ct. 

Swett, William H. 265 Broad 

Wentzel, John E. 406 Broadway 

Wood, John A. Western av. n. Maple 

Woodbury, Hollis, 17 Carnes 


Severy, E. H. 9 Tremont 

Boarding- Houses. 

Barnett, "Margaret J. Mrs. 31 Buffum 

Bartlett, Mattie H. 59 Pearl 

Belonga, George, 184 Union 

Bennett, R. S. 113 Franklin 

Bessom, Emma, 921 Western av. 

Blake, William H. 597 Essex 

Blakely, Alphonso, 506 Essex 

Burns, Lucy A. 30 Silsbee 

Carlton, Maggie Mrs. 32 City Hall sq. 

Castonguay, Henry, 14 Munroe 

Chamberlain, II. E. Mrs. 6 Highland av. 

Chamberlain, Rose Mrs. 8 Cambridge 

Chandler & Pulsifer, 156 Broad 

Cole, Mary, 9 Porter 

Coleman House, 10 Oxford 

Davis, Jennie H. 1 Tremont 

Dietz. Bertha Mrs. 37 Center 

Douglass, A. W. Mrs. 270 Summer 

Farnham, Harry N. 265 Washingtou 

Folsom, Nettie, 264 Union 

Foster House, 43 Summer 

Gallagher, John, 18 Oxford 

Greeley, Eugene O. 45 Pearl 

Gulliver, Nellie Mrs. 5 Pearl 

Gurney, Mary A. 113 Liberty 

Hadley, Martha H. S70 Western av. 

Hatfield, William U. Mrs. High 

Hazeltine, Richard R. 45 Stewart 

Hibbert, Martha A. Mrs. 4 4 Pearl 

Hitchcock, Herbert W. 61 Liberty 

Hunt, Willis M. 5 Ellis 

Kelley, Mary J. Mrs. 4 Federal 

Leavitt, Ella J. 50 Andrew 

Lord, Horace Mrs. 83 Liberty 

Lovett, Frank G. 516 Essex 

Mack, Catherine. 33 Oxford 

Maher. Katie Mrs. 42 Andrew 

Manney, L. A. 1S7 Summer 

Marshall, Elizabeth Mrs. 156 Summer 

McGovern. Kate M. Mrs. 12 Pleasant st. < t. 

McLeod, Mary, 229 Union 




LYNN— Continued. 

Mooney, Sarah J. 746 Western av. 

Mount Hood House. 17 ML Hood 

Murray, Frank C. Mrs. 732 Western av. 

Ogden, Lavinia, 146 Summer 

O'Rourke, Mary Mrs. 30 Pearl 

Paine, Celia M. Mrs. 25 Buffum 

Parsons, Mary A. 29 Commercial 

Patterson, Emma J. 57 Silsbee 

Peterson, Oscar, 105 Willow 

Power, Luke, 64 Market so,. 

Pratt, Alice A. Mrs. 110 Union 

Pyne, Charles W. 41 Central av. 

Scanlan, Celia Mrs. 22 Federal 

Sheldon, W. G. Mrs. 70 Exchange 

Stacey, E. 41 Oxford 

Stone, Mary L. Mrs. 149 Union 

Tremont. Stella, 9 Sutton 

Tyler, E. M. Mrs. 62 Broad 

White, F. W. Mrs. 68 Church 

Wixon, Remark E. $56 Western av. 

Wood, James H. Mrs. 91 Newhall 

Yeaton, O. R. Mrs. 36 Chestnut 

Young, Ellsworth E. 4 Silsbee . , 

Board of Trade. 

Lynn Board of Trade, J. Harry Stiles, sec. 
- 25 Exchange 

Boiler Tnhe Cleaners. 

Challenge Tube Cleaner Co. 531 Washington 

Bookhi n tiers. 

Jackson, Lambert, 34 Central sq. 
White Bros. 33 Munroe 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Austin, M. E. 70 Market 

Bauer, R. S. 31 Central sq. 

Costello Bros. 13 Central sq. 

Herbert, George C. & Co. 10 Central av. 

•Boot & Shoe CnttiiiR" Boards. 
BOOTH BY, P. M. 47 N. Franklin. 

See adv. 
Forsyth, William, & Son, 162 Commercial 
Marshall, C. Otis, & Son, 53 Marshall's 


Boot and Shoe Cnttins Dies. 
KNOX, JOSKP1I E. & CO. 59 Al- 

mont. See adv. 
Lynn Die Co. 815 Washington 
New England Die Co. 176 Oxford 
Robinson, H. 45 Buffum 

Established 1855. 


Manufacturers of Leather, Paper, 
Cloth antl Rubber 

Cutting Dies of Every Description. 

69 Almont St., near Blake. 
Price List on application. LYNN. 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Clough. Lewis A. 193 Franklin 
Donnelly, Peter, 6." and 122 Munroe 
Dunbar, Even-tt II. 101 Munroe 
Duncan, C. Fred. 122 Market 
Farmers' Shoe Store, 150 Market 

Feeley & Brennau, 91 Munroe 

Glenmere Shoe Store, 582 Chestnut 

Grover, R. B. & Co. 109 Munroe 

Hanson, Andrew, 6 Market sq. 

Harriman, Frank E. 104 Market 

Hodgkins. Joseph E. 26 Market 

Horgan, P. J. 139 Munroe 

Jacobs, Edwin II. 229 Lewis 

Jacobs, Fergus O. C. 40 New Chatham 

McGivern, M. & Co. 21S Union 

Mellen, Augustus M. 82 Unton 

Mohan, John, 745 Western av. 

Moriarty, J. F. 2 KIrtland 

Muzinski, Haskell, 458 Summer 

Muzinski, Ida Mrs. S Logan 

New York Shoe Store, 4 Market 

O'Leary, Timothy, 90 -Federal 

Osborne, Wellman, 35 Market sq. and 116 

Sanders. Thomas G. 724 Western av. 
Shrives, George S. 215 Essex 
Townsend, G. Mrs. 159 Chestnut 
Wentworth, Charles A. 270 Union 


Manufacturer of 

Cutting Boards, Die Blocks 

And Board Dressing, 
47 No. Franklin and 14 Relay St., 

Write foii Price Lists. 

•Boot and Shoe Die Uloeks.- 
UOOTHHY, F. 31. 47 N. Franklin. 

See adv. 

Boot and Shoe Findings*. 

Carrecabe, John M. 587 Washington 

Colbath, Henry W. 318 Union 

Derry Bros. 222 Market 

Dodge, Charles W. & Co. 5S9 Washington 

Ellis. Frank O. & Co. 386 Washington 

Harding, J. W. & Co. 32 Central sq. 

Hutchins & Turner, 587 Washington 

Mower, F. A. & Co. 73 Blakt- 

National Shoe Finishing Co. 863 Washing- 

Parker Bros. Mfg. Co. 46 Suffolk 

Smith & Dove Mfg. Co. 29 Exchange 

Trask Bros. 9 Willow 

Tozier, H. II. 11 Mechanic ct. 

Tucker, Emerson & Co. 583 and 591 Wash- 

Walsh, H. N. Mrs. 2S Summer 

Boot and Shoe Heels. 

Abbott, William T. (wood) 725 Washington 

Bowen Heel Co. 49 Oxford 

Carr Bros. 491 Union 

Caspersen. Hans. 104 Park 

Uassidy, P. 731 Washington 

Cutler & Ames, 531 Washington 

Day Wood Heel Co. 127 Oxford 

Dow, J. C. & Co. 19 Willow 

Drake. William H. 37 Spring 

Duffett & Green. 541 Western av. 

Fogg, True W. 74 Mudge 

Goldthwalt, W. E. 703 Washington 


Tlie MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK Is published by F. S. Blancliarc 
,t Co., Worcester, and is duly copy lighted. Anyone unlawfully using ir 
appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to tlie fullest extent. 



Hamden, Geo. W. £ Co. 20 Albany 

Haskell & Leeson, 196 Oxford 

Kerners, James. 1C2 Broad 

Lynn Heel Co. 25 and 47 Arch 

Martin, William, 729 Washington 

Mill3, W. J. 141 Commercial 

Nichols, M. S. & Co. 499 Union 

Page, Geor~* W. (wood) 25 State 

Palmer, A. de F. 108 Chestnut 

Parker, Clement & Porter (wood) 37 Spring 

Pevear, Sewall B. 541 Western av. 

Pierce, J. M. 4 Sea 

Pit*- Charles D. 7 Willow 

Quereaux, John L. 113 Munroe 

Kenton, J. B. Co. 14 Harrison ct. 

Skinner, B. Warren, 402 Boston 

Sparks, J. L. & Son, CS Munroe 

Sparks & Murphy, f.S Munroe 

Sutherland, Jesse T. & Son, 41C Union 

Tebbets, Chas. B. 113 Munroe 

Vella, Joseph F. 47 Arch 

Boot and Shoe Machinery. 

American Shoe Machinery Co. 224 Market 

Beaudry Edge Setting & Heel Burnishing 
Machine Co. 61 State 

Boston Machine Works, 13 Willow 

Breed. Fred J. 456 Washington 

Breed, S. B. 125 Oxford 

Bresnahan, M. V. & Co. 507 Washington 

Colbath, Henry W. 318 Union 

Dodge, C. W. & Co. 589 Washington 

Embree, W. F. & Co. 61 Oxford 

Emerson, George W. & Co. 533 Washington 

Eppler Turn Shoe Machine Co. 318 Union 

Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. 581 Wash- 

Hosmer, William O. 503 Washington 

Knox, David, & Sons Machine Co. 26 Ox- 

Lynn Stitching Room Machinery Co. 138 

McKay Metallic Fastening Co. 318 Union 

Morley Button Sewing Machine Co. 589 

Philadelphia Barring Machine Co. ••89 

Pliable Shoe Co. 334 Broad 

Power Eyeletting Machine Co. 13 Willow 

Reece Button Hole Machine Co. 318 Union 

Roney, J. Byron, 4 Sea 

Stewart, William C. 39 Willow 

Tapley Machine Co. 318 Union 

Tripp Giant Leveller Co. 703 Washington 

Inion-Special S. M. Co. 503 Washington 

\\inkley, E. E. & Co. 416 Union 

Xpedite Machine Co. 45S Union 

Young, William J. 416 Union 

Hoot mid Shoe Makers. 

Adgurson, James M. 96 Brookline 
Andrews, John L. President 
Austin, Edward Y. 98 Munroe 
Aylward, Mark, 121 Central av. 
Bedtord, James. 30 S. Common 
Wellington, George H. 130 South * 
IHackailar, George S. Union 
Boutiller, Charles. 7 Friend 
jtrewtr. Darius W. 56 Pearl 
Bumham, Horace, Whiting 
Cain. J. R. 150 Munr0t , 
Catchen. Berg. 11 Clinton 
C ark. W. B. 211 Lewis 
Clements, George T. 72 Blossom 
< ioutrh, Lewis A. 193 Franklin 
Collins. Melville, r. 13 Commercial 
Cook, J. Henrv, 239 Broad 
Couhlg. John j. 29S Chestnut 
Crowell, William H. H. is Summer 
JtnK-rt. Edward L. r. 113 Pleasant 
anting. R. s. B. 82 Pearl 

Danforth, Allen R. 242 Boston 

Dorgan, John W. 215 Fayette 

Driscoll, Dennis A. 295 Essex 

Dullea, Jeremiah, 321 Broad 

Everett, Solomon, 86 Willow 

Ferris, A. C. 61 Ocean 

Fischer, Emanuel, 92 Union 

Fitzeerald, John, 65 Marion 

Foss, William H. 363 Essex 

Goodwin, Jonas B. 59 Lewis 

Gorham, George E. 56 Hanover 

Gray, William A. r. 17 Chestnut 

Hall, W. P. US Munroe 

Hanson, Andrew, 6 Market sq. 

Hawes, George E. 11 Sutton 

Hill, James, 316 Chatham 

Homan, John W. 724 Western av. 

Johnson, Otis, 346 Chatham 

Kelley, Michael, 65 Church 

Kendall. D. B. 8 Sutton 

Lagare, Edward, 41 Buffum 

Lewis, James L. 109 Commercial 

Lockwood, George N. 817 Boston 

Lyons, W. H. 41 Market 

xMacgregor, Albert, 69 Exchange 

Mahoney, Michael E. 68 New Park 

Margolskee, Hyman, 507 Boston 

Maroney, John, 52 Collins 

Marshall, John, 5S6 Washington 

Marston. Frank O. 753 Western av. 

Marsofsky, Benny, S9S Washington 

McDermott, James, 28 Woodman 

McDonald, Joseph, 711 Western av. 

McElroy, James, 195 Oxford 

McGrath, Walter, 162 Franklin 

Montour, Joseph, 143 Central av. 

Moore, Lewis, cor. Chatham and Western 

Moore, Nicholas, Putnam Dlk. 
Moriarty, John. 91 Silsbee 
Morse, Smith Q. 150 Munroe 
Nelson, C. B. 312 Broadway 
Pearson, I... J. 71 Munroe 
Pelley, F. W. 72 Pearl 
Peterson, John S. 4 Central av. 
Phinney, Rufus H. 94 Central av. 
Pope, William H. 93 President 
Powell, David, Hamilton, r. Saugus depot 
Preston. John, 14 Federal 
Rice, Everett A. 215 Lewis 
Ricker, Erastus H. 266 Maple 
Sanborn, Edwin, 5 Union 
Seaver, Howard, r. 481 Western a v. 
Shanahan, Patrick, r. 785 Western av. 
Shaw, L. 20 Ireson • 

Sherin, Michael. 43 Spring 
Snow, James. 209 Maple 
Stackpole, Timothy J. 145 Oxford 
Stamm, Fritz. 130 Cottage 
Tarbox, S. 367 Boston 
Tattersall, Major. 885 Western av. 
Thompson. Peter H. SS Central av. 
Travis, Charles R. 109 Summer 
Tufts. Willard C. 524V 2 Chestnut 
Welch. Charles R. 277 Essex 
Whitmore, Franklin. 817 Boston 
Whittredce, C. R. 71 Munroe 
Wight. J. H. 106 Pleasnnt 
Winship. Charles, 96 Chestnut 
Young, James A. 6 Shepard 

Root and Shoe Mfrs. 

Abbott, F. B. 445 Union 
Aborn, Charles H. & Co. 330 Broid 
Attwill, Isaac M. 795 Washing-.-) i 
Austin, C. D. & Co. 703 Was'iingtm 
Austin, Irving T . 702 Washington 
Bailey, Curtis & Co. 703 Washington 
Barker & Lord, 495 Union 
Bartlett, Albion, 505 WashlT.jt.on 
Bartlett. George E. & Co. 76 Brnoklino 

100,000 FIRES 

Throughout tho 






LYNN— Continued. 

Belonga & Leonard, 587 Washington 
Blake, Charles E. & Co. 21 Bowler 
Blanchard Shoe Co. 685 Washington 
Brewer, Parker & Co. 747 Washington 
Brophy Bros. Shoe Co. 232 Market 
Brown, J. E. Shoe Co. 61 Mulberry 
Burt, Geo. H. & Co. 1S7 Commercial 
Chase, James B. 51 Broad 
Cogwell, James, 77 Blake 
Collyer, Thomas, 531 Washington 
Copeland, Eldridge & Co. 5S7 Washington 
Corcoran, Thomas, & Sons, 204 Market 
Crelghton, W. J. & Co. 59 Oxford 
Cross & Tucker, 244 Broad 
Cushman & Hebert, 479 Union 
Davis & Eastman, 19S Oxford " 
Dibble, W. B. 702 Washington 
Donovan. D. A. & Co. 47 Willow 
Dore, Benjamin, & Co. 703 Washington 
Downs & Watson Co. 256 Broad 
Durgin & Tuttle, 58 Oxford 
Eckhardt & Ford, 25 Arch 
Estes, William A. & Co. 50 Suffolk 
Faunce & Spinney, 58 Blalce 
Flynn, John F. 731 Washington 
Flynn, Maurice, Marshall's whf. 
Foot Form Shoe Co. 505 Washington 
Fox, Charles F. 731 Washington 
Frye, Charles L. & Co. 779 Washington 
Fuller & Besse, 198 Oxford 
George, William W. 63 Central av. 
Gloyd, A. E. 479 Union 
Granite Shoe Co. 226 Broad 
Grover's, J. J. Sons, Mulberry, cor. Ox- 
Harney Bros. 125 Alley 
Harris, J. Frank, 13 Willow 
Hennessey Shoe Co. 1004 Western av. 
Herrick, George W. & Co. 56 Ingalls av. 
Hoag, Heath & Co. 159 Commercial 
Hollis, Samuel J. & Co. 412 Union 
Hooley, Dennis F. 731 Washington 
Hurley Shoe Co. The, 465 Union 
Hutchins, C. F. 334 Broad 
Ingalls, Charles H. & Co. 95 State 
Ingalls, William H. 505 Washington 
Johnson, Frank L. 36 Suffolk 
Johnson, Luther S. & Co. 669 Washington 
Jones, V. K. & A. H. Co. 226 Broad 
Keene, Frank, Co. 4S Oxford 
Kellam, Tilton & Co. 216 Market 
Henney, Lewis W. 44 Collins 
Keyes, William H. & Co. 106 Oxford 
Kiely, C. A. Mrs. 702 Washington 
King, C. H. Mrs. 48 Mulberry 
Lee, Franklin E. 725 Washington 
Leonard Shoe Co. 162 Eastern av. 
Little, A. E. & Co. 70 BlaKo 
Luddy & Currier, 27 Willow 
McCarthy, John F. 627 Boston 
Melanson & Currier, 319 Union 
Merrill Bros. & Co. 61 Mulberry 
Merrill, Porter & Co. 505 Washington 
Morgan, William F. Co. 3 Wentworth pi 
Morning Star Shoe Co. 435 Union 
Morse, Canniffe & Logan, 244 Broad 
Morse, Smith Q. 150 Munroe 
Mullen, J. D. & Son. 70.T Washington 
Murphy & Co. 50 Suffolk 
Murray Shoe Co. 30 Willow 
Nicholson, George E. & Co. 254 Broad 
Obear, Joseph L. 113 Munros 
Oliver, Isaac, 819 Boston 
Parke, John H. 59 Oxford 
Phelan, James, & Sons. 33 Sea 
Phelan, James E. 9 Harrison ct. 
Plnkham, Frank W. 113 Munroe 
Pitman, A. A. & Co. 855 Washington 
Porter, Wm. & Son, 77 Charles 

Preble & Worth, 1S6 Commercial 
Preble, George L. 435 Union 
Randall, Edward, & Co. 78 John 
Richard, L. J. & Co. 495 Union 
Richardson, Chas. F. 531 Chestnut 
Rogers, A. W. 68 Munroe 
Rumsey, Burpee, 3 Willow 
Seymour & Jackson, 115 Oxford 
Sherry, Patrick P. &-. Co. SO Munro? 
Shillaber Shoe Co. The, 53 Blake 
Slsson, Walter E. 702 Washington 
Smith. Aaron F. Co. 589 Essex 
Solid Shoe Co. 70 Brookline 
Sprague, William D. 435 Union 
Strckney. Francis C. & Co. Rand 
Strout. Sager & Co. 495 Union 
Swain, John F. & Co. 51 Oxford 
Sylvester & Berry, 19S Oxford 
Thomas, J. B. & Tarr, 58 Mulberry 
Varney, Charles W. & Co. 218 Broad 
Welch & Landregan, 65 Willow 
Williams. Clark & Co. 357 Washington 
Willis, F. E. 725 Washington 
Wilson & Johnson, 11 Central av. 
Winslow & Emerv (hand work) 80 Munroe 
Worthley, Mark J. 104 Alloy 

.Boot & Shoe Mfrs.' Supplier. 

Batchelder, Geo. H. & Son, 35 Willow 

Blake, R. H. SO Munroe 

Brady, John F. 80 Munroe 

Buckley, C. P. 334 Broad 

Carrecabe, John M. 543 Washington 

Collins, George Z. & Co. 6 Sea 

Coates, John W. 62A Munroe 

Dalley, L. L. 113 Munroe 

Dixey, E. H. 495 Union 

Dodge, Charles W. & Co. 589 Washington 

Dow, J. A. & Co. 196 Oxford 

Eastham, Henry W. 150 Commercial 

Evans & Foley, 80 Munroe 

Hall, James W. 25 Arch 

Handy, A. W. F. 437 Union 

Harwood, Geo. E. Co. 13 Stewart 

Hauthaway, C. L. & Sons, 638 Summer 

Heinlein, Charles H. 68 Munroe 

Hill, William F. & Co. 52 Suffolk 

Houghton. ^James, & Sons, 443 Union 

Hupper, Elias H. (racks) 11 State 

Kempton, Rollins A. Blake, cor. Winslow 

LaCroix, W. & E. W. 13 Harrison ct. 

Leach, Charles P. 63 Central av. 

Leach, Robert B. 63 Central av. 

Morton & Lyons, 545 Washington 

Munsey Shank and Counter Co. 415 Union 

Newhall & Upham. 29 Willow 

Nichols, M. S. & Co. 499 Union 

Nourse, P. H. & Co. 479 Union 

Russell & Co. 17 Willow 

Saunders, S. L. 31-33 State 

Stewart. Jeremiah, 71 Central av. 

Sutherland, Jesse T. & Son. 416 Union 

Trask Bros. 9 Willow 

Tyler, T. W. & Richardson, W. C. 591 

Tyler. T* Frank. 246 Broad 
Woodward & Cockey. 454 Union 
Young & Sampson, 685 Washington 

Hoot nnd Shoe Patterns. 

Bailey, John C. 493 Union 
Bishop, Charles E. 79 Exchange 
Galeucia, J. Austin. 44 Lynnneld 
Grant. John B. 77 Blake 
Mellon, J. Harry, 105 State 
National Pattern Co. 10 Contra! sq. 
Newhall & Phinney, 150 Munroe 
Nllcs, James A. 113 Munroe 
Parrott, G. W. & Son, 121 Oxford 
^.inborn, Elmer E. 11 Central av. 
Sutherland, John H. & Co. 196 Oxford 


Contains tho Complete 
Busiuo&s Directory of.... 

353 Towns and Cities, 



Sweetland, J. B. & Co. 54 Broadway pi. 
Whitcomb. H. W. & Co. 145 Munroe 

Boot <& Shoe Skiving- & Folding-. 

Patch, E. A. Miss, 80 Munroe 

Boot and Shoe Soles. 

Bowen Heel Co. 49 Oxford 
Durland Counter Co. 795 Washington 
Ellis, G. W. Co. 667 Washington 
Frost, Jacob F. & Co. 113 Munroe 
Gay, C. L. & Co. 731 Washington 
Hamley, John C. 706 Washington 
Henderson, C. H. & Co. 72 Blake 
Hill, Alfred C. 82S Boston 
Hubbard, E. A. 721 Washington 
Johnson, E. S. & Co. 450 Union 
Libbey, J. L. & Son, 479 Union 
Lynn Cork Co. (limited) 669 Washington 

& Co. 


McFarlane, W. H. 

Morton & Lyons, 545 Washington 
Mulcahy, C. F. & Co. 334 Broad 
Nichols, M. S. & Co. 499 Union 
Nourse, P. H. & Co. 479 Union 
Oliver, Charles B. 781 Washington 
Pevear, Sewall B. 541 Western av. 
Pierce. W. H. 209 Market 
Pierce, W. H. 209 Market 
Souther, Elbridge G. 497 Union 

Boot anil Shoe Stitchers. 

Ashton, Herman F. 80 Munroe 

Austin, Gustavus, 330 Broad . 

Balcom, C. T. Mrs. Union 

CIL.L.EY, WILLIAM W. «fc CO. 429 

Washington. See adv. 
Coffin & Shrives. 587 Washington 
Darling, E. L. Mrs. 50 Suffolk 
Fortier, Sadie J. 80 Munroe 
Hayes, A. M. Mrs. 703 Washington 
Hunt, E. W. 58 Oxford 
Keyes, W. S. 106 Oxford 
King, Lillibridge B. 170 Maple 
Millan, George H. Jr. 106 Oxford 
Morrill. Charles M. & Co. 725 Washington 
Norman, S. F. Mrs. 703 Washington 
Quarters, Kate A. Mrs. 125 Market 
Upton. William P. Mrs. 505 Washington 
Wheelock, M. E. Mrs. 703 Washington 

W. W. CILLET &> CO., 

Contractors and Fitters 
OF Boot and Shoe Uppers, 


Bottle Machinery. 

Hoyt Bros. Co. 496 Washington 


Coates, Clarence B. 13 Saratoga 
"eal.l. m. C. & Co. 6 and 12 Commercial 
Hefferan, Patrick J. 25 Centre 
Hoyt Bros. 490 Washington 
Keliher. John E. 620 Summer 
Ixm-rs Leap Spring Water & Bottling Co. 
17 Forest 

Bowling: Alleys. 

Rree.l. Bertram N. 3 Centre 
Burokes. Charles H. 260 Maple 

Callahan, J. H. & Co. 132-134 Oxford 
East Lynn Bowling Alley, 291 Essex 
Moore & Attwill. 97 Market 
Sagamore Bowling Alley, 11 Mulberry 

Box Makers. 

Allen, George H. 340 Broad 
Crossman Box Co. 47 Arch 
Crossman, G. A. & Co. (shooks) 22 Cen- 
tral av. 
Llttlefield & Plummer, 10 Box pi. 
Lynn Box Co. 84 Al ley 
Millan & Croscup, 15 Willow 
Potter, Albert G. 1 Columbia av. 
Sprague, Charles E. Box Co. 58 Mulberry 
Vincent, Frank E. 184 Market 

Brass Goods Mfrs. 

Eastern Brass Co. 127 Oxford 

Brick: Makers. 

Blakeley, Geo. C. & Bro. 31 Holyoke 
Graham, Richard, off Holyoke 
Newhall, William M. &, Son, 748 West- 
ern av. 
Stocker, Frederick, ft. Holyoke 


Blanchard, F. W. (stock) 408. Union 
Coburn, A. F. Mrs. (pawn) 108 Pleasant 
Essex Loan Co. 176 Liberty 
Greenwood, John A. 113 Market 
Jagoe, George R. 176 Liberty 
Levine, H. & H. (pawn) 88 Summer 
Lynn Loan Co. 113 Market 
Metropolitan Stock Exchange, 324 Union 
Nichols, Richard J. 411 Union 
Ready, T. J. 159 Market 
Watson. Gilbert L. 319 Union 
Whittier, Charles H. (pawn) 346 Broad 

Building Movers. 

Lewis, Sylvester, 80 Myrtle 
Lowe, J. Wesley, 1 Olive 
Mills Bros. 86 Union 
Soley, John, 102 Central av. 

Butter, Cheese and Eggs. 

Blood, Josiah B. & Co. 94 Summer 

Clark, E. O. 142 Union 

Clark, M. W. S. 57 Hamilton av. 

Eastern Butter Co. 14 Pearl 

Fish. Maclean & Co. (whol.) 181 Market 

Hood, H. P. & Sons, 113 Alley 

Kelley, Charles I. & Co. 243 Union 

Lauckner, Charles G. 12 Ingalls 

Nickerson's Creamery, 3 City Hall sq. 

Smith, Chipman G. & Co. 90 Union 

Cabinet Maker. 

Boothby, Frank M. 47 N. Franklin 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Andrews, M. W. 16 Eastlake ay. 
Barker, Arthur W. 13 Arlington 
Blanchard. C. C. 819 Washington 
Breed, Joseph, & Sons, 761 Washington 
Campbell, Thomas, 2d. 99 Sagamore 
Cochrane, John N. 12 Chapman pi. 
Cortman, C. H. Fremont 
Croscup, James A. 10 Central sq. 
Daley, Thomas F. 64 Pleasant St. ct. 
Dovle, James H. 162 Chatham 
Earle, Anthonv, 4 HfMirv pi. 
Elder. John E. 64 Light 
Elwell, A. H 9 Oak 
Emmons, E. G. 3 New Ocpan 
Farlden. Joseph C. 52 Sllsbee 
Fallon, Patrick, 55 State 


Bg%g%Eg Contains the onlv complete Business Directory of Mass. 
§|i aehusctts; the information is obtained by personal can-. 
x& %jf U^ vass of the state, and la duly copyrighted. 



LYNN— Continued. 

Foster, George W. 15 Centre 

Foster, James A. William 

Gafney, Thos. F. 117 Central av. 

Green, Thomas, 81 Collins 

Hart, Frederick S. 36 Pacific 

Hatch & Fernald, 44 Marshall's whr. 

Hay, Allan, Nahant rd. 

Holden, John C. 9 Fisk 

Hoklsworth, Lemuel C. 27 New Chatham 

Holdsworth, T. W. 10G New Chatham 

Hussey, S. B. 83 Vine 

Kelley, Charles F. 63 Jenness 

Kelly. Frank G. 62 High Rock av. 

La.ngille, Dan, 15 Fay 

Logle, William, 402 Western av. 

Loomer, Amos, 817 Washington 

Lynch, Charles N. 9 Mildred 

McDonald, John J. 199 Oxford 

McKinnon, A. M. 323 Chatham 

Morrison & Goodwin, 366 Boston 

Pervler, W. J. 298 Euclid av. 

Raymond, Pamuel T. 43 Flint 

Reynolds, Edward T. 604 Washington 

Rlordan, Daniel, 76 Archer 

Russell, L. O. 158 Oxford 

Seavey, James F. 12 Alice 

Simmons, B. F. 53 Essex 

Smith, William W. 182 Oxford 

Southworth, Alden, 101 Sagamore 

Spurr, B. L. 145 Commercial 

Sutherland, Geo. R. 6 Brook 

Titus & Poor, 15 Essex av. 

Todd, Charles A. 72 Chatham 

Van Blarcom, J. W. 182 Oxford 

W^de, George M. 37 Reservoir rd. 

Weeks, Josenh W. 20 Thompson ct. 

Wells, John H. 33 Ashland 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Lynn Carpet Cleaning Co. 19 State 

Lynn Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 57 

Michigan av. 
Troy Custom & Dane's Family Laundry, 44 


Cari»ei Dealers. 

Gifford, William B. 97-99 Market 
Holland, Beede, 2 Lee Hall 
Nixon, Moore & Co. 273 Union 
Titus & Buckley Co. 298 Union 
Webber, Parker J. 80 Market 

Carriage Mfrs. 

CAMMETT, JAMES P. 22 Choate. 

See adv. 
DeLong, Robert B. 27 Williams 
Dennis, Chester W. 274 Broad 
Dunn & Mackenzie, 22 Sea 
Ferris, W. G. & J. H. 631 Boston 
Kltchin & Simonson. 113 Empire 
McQuarrie, John A. 29 Centre 
Perkins, Isaiah W. Eastern av. 
Sawyer, Chase &■ Co. 26 Farrar 
Smith, Charles B. 10 Mechanics 
Twombly Bros. 781 Western av. 
Vaughan Carriage Co. 134 Esspx 


Manufacturer i>f 

Fine Carriages and Sleighs, 

Carriage Krpnirinsr. 
Democrat Wagons a Specialty. 

22 Clioate Street, 


Carriage Repositories. 

Bray, Elmer E. 110 Central av. 

Dane, Samuel II. 377 Washington and 73 
Central av. 

Plumstead, Matthew, & Son, 614 Wash- 

Sawyer, Chase & Co. 26 Farrar 

CAMMETT, JAMES P. 22 Choate. 
See adv. 

Carriage Trimmers. 

Bray, Elmer E. 110 Central av. 
UA:»OU3TT, J AM 12 S P. 22 Choate. 

See adv. 
DeLong, Robert B. 27 Williams 
Dennis, Chester W. 274 Broad 
Newhall, James E. 7 Berkeley 
Sawyer, Chase & Co. 26 Farrar 
Twombly Bros. 7S1 Western av. 

Casli Registers. 

Murray, M. C. 319 Union 


Keenly, Emll J. 22 Market sq. 
Schlehuber, Andrew, 78 Exchange 
Valiquet, Joseph D. 67 Central av. 

Cement Mfrs. anil Dealers. 

Hauthaway. C. L. & Sons (mfrs.) 638 Sum- 
Leary, J. W. (dealer) 108 Oxford 
Moulton, C. S. (dealer) 167 Oxford 


Bubier Laboratory Co. Central sq. 
Craig, William F. 45 Essex 
Shaw, Henry J. (and perfumer) 130 Maruet 
William J. P. Co. (experimental) r. 685 


Hayden, Frank E. 94 Market 
Hoyt, M. E. Mrs. 6 Pearl 
Mason, S. A. Mrs. 116 Broad 
Smith, J. H. 209 Essex 

Cigar JIannfacturers. 

Bruce Bros. 341 Broadway 
Cloran, P. W. 11 Central av. 
Copp, Arthur E. 40 Central sq. 
Green, John, Jr. 771 Western av. 
Hamburg, Mitchell. 474 Chatham 
Hapgood, Ellsworth, ISO Union 
Leake, F. 22 Union 
Swain, George D. 34 Central sq. 
Tabour, H. T. 159 Union 
Tabour, William, 73 Robinson 

Cigars ami Tobacco. 

Byrne Bros. 53 Union 
Cary, William, 65 Market sq. 
Clough, George A. 153 Summer 
Courtney, A. F. 55 Central av. 
Dennis. S. W. 7 City Hall sq. 
Donohue, D. F. 4 Market 
Foley, James J. 107 Federal 
Furrier Bros. 50 Union 
Gallagher. John P. 35 Summer 
Gwinn. N. P. Mrs. 90 Summer 
Hamilton &- Kimball. 231 Union 
Hapgood. Ellsworth, 180 Union 
Harden, 'Charles M. 159 Union 
Hovey, A. S. 5 Exchange 
Lewis, Allen W. 202 Essex 



DIRECTORY, published annually. 

F. S. Ulam hard & Co., Worcester. 




McCann, Matthew, 267 Union 

Mohan, John, 747 Western av. 

Newhall, Fred W. 224 Lewis 

O'Brien, James, 18 Myrtle 

Pearce, Henry J. & Son, 162 Market 

Pike, James N. Co. Munroe, cor. Centra 

Pratt, Charles, 350 Broad 
Sargent, Lucius C. 42 Market 
Stone, Henry, 117 Essex 
Swain, George D. 108 Market 
Tucker, Georgia M. Co. 337 Union 

Civil Engineers. 

Eastman, Fred H. 3 Exchange 
Gay, Charles W. 25 Exchange 
Harris & Dwelley, 59 Exchange 
Perkins, Theodore P. 20 S. Common 

Clergymen and Churches, 

Bonner, Arthur, Broadway Methodist, 352 

Borg, John P. Swedish Lutheran, 40 

Dewey av. 
Brooks, Frederick M. Church of the In- 
carnation (Epis.) Nahant 
Bruce, J. E. Christian, 38 Silsbee 
Cheney, George H. South St. Methodist, 

50 South 
Coleman, Patrick, St. Joseph's R. C. 23 

Cooper, Clayton S. Washington St. Baptist 

262 Washington 
Covell, Arthur J. North Congregational, 

81 Leighton 
Cramer, C. B. Lakeside Methodist 
Curtin, Timothy A. St. Mary's R. C. 8 S. 

Dark, F. J. Hudson St. Baptist 
Davis, A. P. High St. Free Baptist. 16 

Nelson av. 
Davis, C. Howard, First Pentecostal, P. O. 

Davis, Charles E. First Methodist. Si 

Dolan, Edwin, St. Joseph's R. C. 23 

Elliott, J. A. Dorr Memorial Methodist, 

Garfield av. 
Foster, A. N. Second Universalist, 22 Vine 
Hagberg, Carl G. Swedish Methodist 
Hannawin, Francis P. St. Mary's R. C. 8 

S. Common 
Harrington, John C. St. Joseph's R. C 23 


~~ , East Baptist 

Holt. Frank M. Essex St. Baptist. 76 Es- 
Jacobs, A. Avas Hachin Congregational 

— , . Seventh Day Adventist, 10 City 

Hall sq. 

r~~ — . Advent Christian 

Johnson, Tilman B. First Baptist, 7 Park 
Johnson, John A. Scandinavian Evangel- 

ist Cong. 40 Orchard 
McCafferty, James F. St. Mary's R. C. S 

S. Common 
McCarthy, Wrn. J. Sacred Heart R. C. 571 

McMurdy, David B. First Presbyterian, 24 

Hamilton av. 
Merrill, Wm. C. First Congregational, 290 

Miars, Mary. Friends* Chapel, 54 Chestnut 
Moore, Albert W. Central Cong. 22 

Newhall, Wm. O. Society or Friends, i2 

Osgood, Geo. W. Chestnut St. Congrega- 
tional, 33 Friend St. pi. 
Painter. G. S. St. Luke's Methodist. 24 

Parent, Jean B. St. Jean Baptiste 

(French) R. C. 7 Endicott 
Pratt, M. B. Boston St. Methodist, 319 

Prescott, Moses G. Trinity Methodist. 1 

Pullman, James M. First Universalist, 25 

Roberts, W, N. Highlands Methodist 
Cole. African Methodist Episcopal, 

280 Chestnut 
Small. Edward E. Maple St. Methodist, 

243 Maple 
Stewart, Samuel B. Second Congregational, 

141 Ocean 
Sullivan, Denis F. Sacred Heart R. C. 

571 Boston 
Teeling. Arthur J. St. Mary's R. C. S S. 

Van Buren, James H. St. Stephen's Mem- 
orial Episcopal, 80 S. Common 
Watkins, T. C. St. Paul's Methodist, 20 

Wiley, C. E. Evangelical, 83 Chatham 
Williams, Amos A. People's Church, 344 


Crafts, Daniel L. (Cong.) 18 Clayton 
Farrar, John P. (B.) 297 Broadway 
Goodwin, John (Meth.) 61 Grove 
Harris, Spencer B. (B.) Western av. cor. 

Hayslett, John T. (Meth.) 296 Chatham 
Hazelwood, Francis (B.) T61 Allen av. 
Robert, Christopher C. (Meth.) 11 Libby ct. 
Sederquist, George W. (S. A.) 77 Oakwood 

Watson, 'Charles C. (Cong.) 33 Blonmfield 

Cloaks and Suits. 

Robie, G. H. £92 Union 

» Clothes Cleaners. 

American Dye House, 207 Market 
Atlantic Cleaning Co. 117 Broad 
Berkley. Ludlow J. Mrs. 27 Summer 
Brown, J. P. Cleansing Co. 316 Union 
Curry, A. F. Mrs. 2<)5 Union 
Harvey, Emiliano F. B. M. 29 Spring 
Johnson. George H. & Co. 306 Broad 
Lewando's French Dyeing & Cleansing Est. 

70 Market 
Lynn Cleansing & Dyeing Est. 311 Union 

Clothing Dealers. 

Besse, Rolfe & Co. 144 Market 
But man, M. & Co. 36 Central sq. 
Cross, Alfred. & Co. 19 Market 
Crowley, P. F. & Co. 113 Munroe 
Dam & Warner. 323 Union 
Harris, Albert. 54 Summer 
Johnson Co. The. 329 Union 
Kelly Eros. 307 Union 
Lynn Credit Co. 41 Market 
New England Clothing Co. 64 Market 

. T. 96 Market 

M. & Co. 5 Munroe and 170 

Selton. E 
Spinney & Nichols 
Valpey, ;■ 


, 19 Central sq. 
Market sq. 

Washburn Credit House, 316 Union 

Conl and "Wood. 

Bailev, Martin E. 395 Essex 
Batfhelder. E. J. 50 Silsbee 


Will not find the Text for a Sermon in this Book, but 
if they want to look up a marriage certificate in a 
neighboring town, it will tell tuem who to write to. 


LYNN— Continued. 

Blanchard, Warren P. 59 N. Franklin 
Breed, Henry H. 21 Congress 
Breed & Stevens, 304 Broad 
Carlisle, John W. 203 Summer 
Cartwrlght, Walter A. 76 Tremont 
Cash, John II. 25S Chatham 
Cashman Bros, r. 913 Washington 
Connery. William P. 113 Pleasant 
Currant, Chester, 8 Jefferson 
Currier, Charles W. 81 Elm 
Dalton, Thomas, 6 Kirtland 
Donovan, Michael, 66 Hollingsworth 
Dwyer, William, 32 Nelson 
Fuller & Colder. 177 Market 
Gilman, Charles H. 179 Franklin 
Godin, Edward, 53 Roekaway 
Green, Henry II. 279 Union 
Guy, John W. 12 South 
Hayden, Terence, 70 Marion 
Healey, Florence F. (wood) 62 Camden 
Holder, Wm. C. & Son, 66 Central sq. 
Honors, B. O. & Son, 405 Union 
Johnson, Robert II. 31 Curve 
Kellam. Theo. II. 435 Boston 
Kenney, Melvln C. 5 Ireson 
Lamper, J. B. &■. W. A. 177 Pleasant 
Lamphier, Fred, 104 Brookline 
Lee, • Nehemiah, 857 Washington 
Linehan, John, cor. Cottage and Boston 
McCadden, Barney, Houston pi. 
Moore, Chas. M. & Son, 28 Buffum 
Morton, W. J. 213 Lewis 
Moseley, Edward H. 221 Boston 
Newhall, Wm. M. & Son, 201 Market 
Perrigo, Warren, 17 Chiids 
Phaneuf, Ezra, 6S Carnes 
Ploof, Arthur D. 115 Central av. 
Reed & Costelo, 871 Washington 
Ringwood, Jeremiah, Mailey 
Sherman, Wm. T. 23 Pleasant 
Sprague & Breed Coal Co. 8 Central sq. 
Steubesand, Jacob, 8 Varnum ct. 
Stevens & Newhall, 356 Broad 
Stiles, N. R. £ r«v 110 Pleasant 
Taylor, F. A. 11 Stewart 
Twisden Bros. 13 Webster 
Upham, Webster, 63 Union 
Wade, Joseph B. & Son, 56 Pearl 
Ward, Charles O. 330 Chatham 
Walsh, James J. 75 Marion 
Welch, James H. 13 Mason 
Young. Charles W. 8 Sutton 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Bodwell, Lillian E. 1«4 Union 

Breed, R. G. 57 Washington 

Brown, Arthur J. 235 Market 

Campbell, Lewis A. 505 Essex 

Carlson, Bernardt. 592 Essex 

Central Square Spa, 12 Central sq. 

Crowley, Philip, 116 S. Common 

Curry, Charles F. 69 Summer 

Dennis, S. W. 7 City Hall sq. 

Derrin, E. S. (whol.) 127 Market 

Divers!, Peter, South 

Ferrara, Frank, 39 Central av. 

Ferretti, Charles G. 16 Central sq. 

French & Sawtell, 81 Market 

Callagher, John P. 35 Summer 

Hastings, Harry, 56 Market 

Hennessey, E, J. Mrs. Wheeler, cor. Church 

Hearon, James D. 92 Federal 

Hoy, James, 61 Myrtle 

Jenkins, Susan M. (whol. and retail) 311- 

315 Union 
Jones, Frank B. 527 Western av. 
Jones, William L. 9t',9 Western av. 

Keenly, Emll J. 22 Market sq. 
Lorendo, Francis G. 534 Western av. 
Luigi, Louis, 163 Union 
Lucia, Antonio, 172 Union 
Magoni, P. 27 Market sq. 
Magoni & Funais. 227 Lewis 
Manning, Kate, 120 Union 
McCoul, Anthony, 157 Union 
Michalson, Philip, 94 Union 
Millett, John, 2S8 Union 
Moggi, O. 16 Market 
Mohen, John, 6 City Hall pq. 
Molenslni, Eugene. 171 Market 
Moore, George H. 91 Market 
Nador, Ira P. & Co. 336 Broadway 
Polando, George B. cor. Munroe and Cen- 
tral av. 
Poltrini, Vincenzo, 2 City Hall sq. 
Schlehuber, Andrew, 78 Exchange 
Slocum, David, 43 Central sq. 
Stillman, Albert J. Mrs. 141 Essex 
Talamlna, I. 245 Union 
Talamini, Vittorio, 88 Market 
Thomas, Joseph W. 433 Boston 
Valiquet. John S. 275 Essex 
Valtz, Gioconda, 23 P-arl 
Vatty, John, 75 Pearl 
Veninl, C. T. 145 Broad and 238 Union 
Vaughn, E. W. Mrs. 74 Market 
Wallace, James P. 562 Chestnut 
Witherell, William C. (whol.) 92 New Park 
Worth, Charles R. 49 Market 
Yutronich, John, 13 Market sq. 


Mayo. F. D. 333 Union 
Sheehan & Sons, 585 Western av. 

♦Contractors «& Fitters of Boot 

nn<l Shoe Uppers. 

Washington. See adv. 


Sexton, Patrick E. ft. Avon 

Co-operative Banks. 

(See Banks.) 

Corset Mfrs. 

Eastman, S. F. Mrs. (custom) 58 Commer- 

*Coni?h Balsam. 
BROCK, Ii. M, & CO. Breeds sq. 

See adv. 

Cracker Bakers. 

National Biscuit Co. Kennedy Branch, 144 

Crayon Mfrs. 

Standard Crayon Co. 64 Lexington 


Bamford, Benjamin B. 9 Sewall 
Cook, Barlow M. 19 Essex ct. 
Hood. H. P. & Sons, 113 Alley 
Nickerson Creamery, 3 City Hall sq. 

Crockery, China & Glassware. 

Gordon. E. H. 87 Market 

Hatton Bros. & Johnson, 67 Market 

Titus & Buckhy Co. 298 Union 

•Cutting Board Dressing. 

BOOTH BY, F. M. 47 N. Franklin. 
See adv. 

For printing of BOOKS. J 1 5 H \ " ' : f^J ^TO : %& cJJ 
WORK, and CUTS. HNORA- > ^jT,.;. A^ 

VISRS of CUTS, al! styles.^ . i^/x^-V, ■■ ''Ijytir' 



•Cutting Dies of Every De- 
KNOX, JOSEPH 13. Sz CO. 59 Al- 

mont. See adv. 

Delicatessen Stores. 

Armstrong & Dutton, 16 Munroe 
Wolf, Lewis, 41 Andrew 


Aspinwall, John, 209 Union 
Brock, Carl S. 273 Vz Essex 
Brock, Edwin H. 191 N. Common 
Campbell, Murdoch S. 145 Munroe 
Crane, C. W. 3 Lee Hall 
Gammon, Guy N. 21 Market 
Gnnmon, Nathaniel, 21 Market 
Green, Arthur W. 29 Broad 
Griffin, Daniel, 145 Munroe 
Hogan, James D. 90 Market 
Hcvey, Arthur S. 319 Union 
Kelley, Zenas C. 281 Summer 
Kennedy, John, 94 Market 
Kent, Edwin A. 588 Essex 
Kyes, Frank "W. 31 Exchange 
Lamkin, Walter M. 40 Market 
Lindstrom, Carl R. 31 Exchange 
Marshall, Louis H. 33 Genual sq. 
Martin, Nathaniel R. GO Market 
Marven, E. W. 31 Exchange 
McGown, Wilson Y. 333 Union 
Mudge, Arthur B. 45 Market 
Percival, Benjamin W. 14 Silsbee 
Runals, Ralph F. 94 Market 
Smith, M. C. 3 Lee Hall 
Thompson, Edwin J. 21 Market 
Warren, Charles E. 199 Union 
Whipple, Albert L. 106 Market 
Wing, C. Sherman, 19 Pentral so.. 
Woodfall, William H. 86 Kirtland 

♦Dininpr Rooms. 
S. Wyman. prop. 4G3 Washington and 
114-116 Munroe. See adv. 

•DinkiiiR lllocks. 

BOOTHBY, F. jtt. 47 N. Franklin. 
See adv. 

Doors, Sash and Blinds. 

Brockway-Smith Corp. 61 Munroe 
Foster & Messlnger (mfrs.) 5 Columbia av. 
Haskell, F. H. (mfr.) 40 Suffolk 
Hutchinson, W. Henry, 49 Munroe 
Marshall, C. Otis, 149 Pleasant 

Draughtsmen (Mechanical). 

I.OYEIUXG, A. 11. 25 State. See adv. 
Taylor, E. H. 747 Washington 


Adams, C. A. Miss, 108 S. Common 
Adams, Elizabeth P. Mrs. 4 Bloomfleld 
Adams, S. Louse, 100 Williams 
Andrews, Mary E. 102 Washington 
Andrews, Mary C. Mrs. 51 Market 
Armstead. Clara Mrs. 33 Howard 
Bacheller, Lizzie A. Broad, cor. Newhall 
"alley, Mary A. 59 Lynnfleld 
"stcs, Oilman Mrs. Tremont 
HtfCde, S. L. Mrs. 70 High Rock av. 
Hernard, Hannah Mrs. 876 Western av. 
\,J\' M - E> M,ss > 17 Hamilton av. 
-haker. W. H. Mrs. 27 Saratoga 
i'r«->cr, Corlnne, 42 Pleasant 

Brown, Ada L. 451 Essex 
Burns, Nellie, 6 Tremont 
Burnsville, F. A. Miss, 46 Market 
Burton, Lizzie, 69 Johnson 
Cain, A. J. Mrs. 107 Shepard 
Carey, Ella W. Mrs. 90 Neptune 
Carey, Mary E. Mrs. 33 South 
Cash, C. H. Mrs. 107 Green 
Cate, J. E. Miss, 161 Chestnut 
Chase, Maria R. Mrs. 185 Franklin 
Churchill, Nelson Mrs. 288 Western av. 
Clarke, N. S. Mrs. 82 Hollingsworth 
Cogin, L. E. Mrs. 115 Summer 
Collum, Leona J. Mrs. 44 Pearl 
Connor, Annie M. 67 High Rock ay. 
Crawley, Katie M. 34 Ireson 
Cromwell, Minnie Mrs. 39 Williams 
Cropley, Priscllla Mrs. 114 Shepard 
Croshere, H. F. Mrs. 266 Summer 
Cullen, Kate M. 18 Lee Hall 
Cullen, Margaret L. 53 Jefferson 
Cunningham, Sarah Mrs. 15 Market 
Currier, Sarah M. 101 Fayette 
Davis, Eunice O. Mrs. 413 Essex 
Decatur, A. T. Mrs. 61 New Park 
Delangle, Marie. 68 Johnson 
Dennis, Daisy D. 22 Ellis 
Dillon, Bessie M. Mrs. 18 Kirtland 
Disbrow, J. F. Mrs. Boscobel blk. 
Dow, A. L. Miss, 54 Grove 
Dow, Sarah E. 44 Roarers av. 
Duggan, Ellen, 89 Fayette 
Duggan, Mary J. 23 Chestnut 
Eales, S. C. Mrs. 29 Stone pi. 
Eaton, Carrie I. 68 Shepard 
Eaton, E. J. Mrs. 86 M irkct 
Eaton, J. Austin Mrs. 223 Chestnut 
Edwards, Sarah Mrs. 127 Timson 
Ellis, Carrie A. 49 Henry av. 
Emery, M. J. Mrs. 29S Summer 
Fellows. Sarah S. 261 Chatham 
Field, Ella M. Mrs. 47 Broad 
Fields. Emma F. Mrs. 1 Oxford ter. 
Fowler, Gwinemma Miss, 56 Union 
Garfield, J. W. Mrs. 13 Collins 
Gasper, Mary, 145 N. Common 
Goad, K. L. Mrs. 130 Jackson 
Grant. Hannah Mrs. 191 Chestnut 
Gray, Nellie M. Mrs. 335 Essex 
Green, R. W. Mrs. 4 Congress 
Haines, Mary Mrs. 21 Carlton 
Harding, Albert Mrs. 82 Gardiner 
Harvey, Ida M. 143 Broad 
Hayes, Kate J. 21 Market 
Healey, Jennie Mrs. 147 Broad 
Heaney, M. Mrs. 389 Boston 
Hearn. L. M. Mrs. 60 Elmwood av. 
Henderson, Abby M. 79 Nahant 
Henderson, L. M. Mrs. 130 Market 
Hilton, W. A. Mrs. 52 New Park 
Hobbs, Annie M. 95 South 
Hogan, Ellen L. Mrs. 109 Adams 
Holt, Lucy C. 18 Friend 
Holt, Marie B. 12 Inealls av. 
Hubbard, Annie Mrs. 316 Essex 
Hunt. B. A. Mrs. 36 Stickney 
Hutchins, Susie D. 75 Johnson 
Jepson, Hattie M. Mrs. 43 Essex 
Johnson, A. M. 23 Whittier 
Jones, E. W. Mrs. 38 Bramblecom 
Kemp, Annie R. 25 Rockaway 
Kiernan, Mary. 20 City Hill so.. 
Killnran, Annie P. 203 Washington 
Kimball, E. F. Mrs. 6 Lincoln 
Long, Lizzie, 91 Hanover 
Loughman, Margan t, 55 Whiting 
Lynch, W. F. Miss, 28 Market 
Maguire, E. M. Mrs. 54 Market 
Mann, Lucy A. Mrs. 59 Pearl 

353 DirGctoriss ^wS^rc^Vis 

w ■ w w the claim of .... . 




LYNN— Continued. 

Mansfield, J. W. Mrs. 175 Wi stern av. 
Marshall, Alice C. 94 Kirtland 
McGovern, Catharine, 400 Essex 
McHugh, Mary L. 10 Ireson 
Mclntire, Louise, 9 Hood 
McKenney, N. S. Mrs. :{S2 Essex 
McMahon, A. Mrs. 07 Market 
Mead, Katharine F. Mrs. 47 Rogers av. 
Melvin, Mary J. 3S Blossom 
Merrill, A. J. Mrs. 61 Rogers av. 
Merritt, A. A. Mrs. 28 Sutton 
Morris, E. C. Mrs. 120 Western av. 
Nash, M. V. Mrs. 3S3 Summer 
Neal, Emma L. Mrs. 419 Essex 
Nelson, Louise M. 137 Broad 
Newhall, Elizabeth P. 2S Saratoga 
Nichels, H. H. Mrs. Whiting 
Nicholls. W. H. Mrs. 52 S. Common 
Norton, Clara E. Mrs. 150 Broad 
Nott, L. H. Mrs. 2S0 Essex 
Ogier, Mary E. 170 S. Common 
O'Neil, W. W. Mrs. 9 Ellis 
Orne, J. H. Mrs. 3.') Highland av. 
Parrott, H. C. Miss. 11 Lewis 
Peabody, C. S. Mrs. 32 Cedar 
Perry, William Mrs. 163 Franklin 
Pierce, C. A. Mrs. 132 Walnut 
Pollard, L. B. Mrs. 9 Hancock 
Potter, C. E. Miss, 72 Lake 
Prescott, Susan M. 2C5 Union 
Prime, Elmira Mri. 237 Broadway 
Prince, Jennie Mrs. 52 Glenwood 
Purington, M. Etta, 102 Hamilton av. 
Ramsdell, Mabel, 265 Union 
Rich, Luella, S3 Jackson 
Rldeout, Nellie M. Mrs. 25 Congress 
Roger, A. E. Mrs. 701 Summer 
Rogers, Martha A. 107 Johnson 
Severance, Emilv M. 95 South 
Smith, J. W. Mrs. 68 Chestnut 
Smith, Rose E. Mrs. 25 Pearl 
Spear, Emma F. 106 Chestnut 
Spear, E. Jennie Mrs. 106 Chestnut 
Stevens, Mary E. Mrs. 20 Lloyd 
Stewart, Perlenar Mrs. 26 Chestnut 
Stokes. S. A. 96 I'nion 
Sullivan. Hannah T. 45 Woodman 
Tibbetts, Ella M. 28 Ireson 
Van Amberg, C. J. Mrs. 27 Ingalls 
Webber, M. L. Mrs. 89 Essex 
Woodruff, Frank B. Mrs. 62 Moulton 
Wyman, Mary E. 32C Broadway 
Young, Annie Mrs. IS Wyman pi. 


Allen, Herbert J. 536 Boston 
Barrell, George M. 99 Essex 
Barry, James S. S16 Western av. 
Bessom, Eugene A. 45-47 Essex 
Berridge, Frank, 578 rhestnut 
Bickford, Frank E. 1 Exchange 
Bird, C. Sargent, 741 Western av. 
Bixby, Joseph S. 310 Chatham 
Broad, Frank H. 108 Union 
Blown, Charles W. 355 S uumer 
Bulflnch, Charles F. 1S4 Lewis 
Bulflnch, H. dishing, 2*1 Essex 
Burleigh, Arthur Y. 247 Miple 
Caldwell, Fred A. 114 Market 
Cidcord, Joseph W. 4S Central sq. 
Cowan, Marion, & Co. 2 Lewis 
Curtis & Spindell. 2 Market 
Davis & Young, 107 Market and 21 Central 

Earley. W. H. 127 Munroe 
East Lynn Drug Store, SI Chatham 
Emery & Taylor, 258 Summer 

Felch, Lewis P. 38 Summer 
Fenning, Henry C. 205 Franklin 
Flint, Frank E. 44 Market 
Fowle, F. A. & Co. 159 Summer 
Gaffey, E. F. & Co. 133 Union 
Goldthwait. E. O. 24 City Hall sq. 
flarriman, J. M. 248 Union 
Hart. Joseph H. 95 Munroe 
Hodges, Chauncey A. 18 Market 
Holder & Co. 119 Broad 
Holtham, George H. 153 Broad 
Hopkins Pharmacy, 2S9 Essex 
Maxwell, Henry M. 94 Federal 
Nelson, J. M. 129 Munroe 
Nye, Fred I. & Co Union, cor. Chestnut 
Small, James B. 606 Essex 
Sttntiford, Charles H. 82 Central av. 
Thomas, Fred, & Co. 118 S. Common 
Thomas, Gilman E. & Co. 394 Essex 
Toppan, Warren, 253 Union 
Towne. Joseph L. & Co. 92 Summer 
Walton & Holyoke, 339 Summer 
Washburn, Walter A. 91 Washington 
Wilkins, Charles E. 195 N. Common 
Wilson, Charles G. 329 Broadway 

Dry Goods. 

Brickett Bros. 1S9 N. Common 

Burrows <£.- Sanborn, 2C0 Union 

Chase, Mary E. 19S Franklin 

Chase, Wm. B. 558 Chestnut 

Dick, Alexander W*. & Co. 32 Market sq. 

and 65 Market st. 
Farley, Joseph S. 24 Market 
Felt Bros. 164-106 Chestnut 
Gerry, G. L. & Co. 135 Broad 
Giddings, W. J. Mrs. 637 Boston 
Goddard Bros. 92 Market 
Lovett, Charles W. 205 Essex 
Magrane, John J. Mrs. 743 W;St?m av 
Magrane, Kate, 112 Union 
Magrane, P. B. 157 Market 
Martin, Frances, 226 Summer 
O'Keefe, Edward F. 69 Market 
Orne, Mary E. C. Mrs. 8S1 Western av. 
Paton. Ja^es B. 38 Market 
Philpot & Lord, 24 Summer 
Rogers, Thomas W. 278 Union 
Ryan, Margaret Mrs. 603 Boston 
Ryan, Simon, SS Lewis 
Sims, Ella M. Miss, 312 Chatham 
Spalding, R. A. & Co. 11-13 Market 
Weinberg, S. J. 56 Andrew 

Dye Houses. 

Amerian Dye House, 207 Market 
Columbian Steam Dye House, 100 Central 

Curry. A. F. Mrs. 205 Union 
Johnson, George H. & Co. 306 Broad 
Lewando's French Dyeing & Cleansing Co. 

70 Market 
Lynn Cleansing & Dyeing Est. 311 Union 

Elastic Stockings and Sup- 

Curtis & Spindell Co. 7 Munroe 

Electrical Apparatus ami Sup- 

Gilson & Hatch. 114 Munroe 
Lynn Electric Novelty Co. 113 Market 
Lynn Incandescent Lamp Co. 6S5 Washing- 
Sampson <fe Allen, 51-57 Exchange 
Thomson-Houston Electric Co. 42 Centre 


Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



•Electrical AVorlc. 
DATEY, THOMAS, & CO. 16 An- 
drew. See adv. 


Gilson & Hatch, 144 Munroe 
Johnson, Frank H. 32 Central sq. 
Littlefield & Kennedy, 747 Washington 
Orcutt, John X. til Munroe 
Sampson & Allen, 51-57 Exchange 

Electric Light Companies. 

Lynn Gas & Electric Co. Charles C. Fry, 
treas. 90 Exchange 

Elevator Machinery. 

Consolidated Elevator & Machine Works, 
J. Fader, mgr. 345 Broad 

Employment Oiiiees. 

Gillam, Lizzie, 10 Central sq. 
Gilroy, Nora J. 37 N. Common 
Hesse, A. Francis Mrs. 333 Union 
Kiernan. Mary. 20 City Hall sq. 
Manning, Kate, 120 Union 
Nason, Emma F. 99 Willow 
Smith, Elizabeth J. 39 Blossom 


American Express Co. B. & M. station 
Beverly, Win. Bell, prop. 32 Central sq. 
Boston & Lynn, Charles Mansfield, prop. 

24 Astor 
Boston & Lynn, Childs & Kent, props. 35 

Central av. 
Boston, Charles Mansfield, prop. 24 Astor 
Boston, Hilton & Sons, props. 413 Union 
Boston, James Welch, prop. 21 G ove 
Boston, Pratt & Babb, props. 20 S. ring 
Danvers & Haverhill, Jacob Mafston, prop. 

454 Union 
Dai.vers & Peabody, 32 Central sq. 
Glenmere, Edward Prescott, 32 Central .sq. 
Jackson & Cc.'s Express, Pratt & Babb, 

agents, 20 Spring 
Marblehead, Woodfin Bros, props. 32 Cen- 
tral sq. 
Nahant & Boston, Caraher Bros, props. 32 

Central sq. 
Peabody, Peter C. Ball, prop. 32 Central 

Saugus, East, George Wiggin, prop. 32 

Central sq. 
Salem, Allen H. Hoyt, prop. 32 Central sq. 
Salem, David Staniford, prop. 32 Central 

Steamboat Express Co. Newhall's whf. 
Stoneham, E. B. White, prop. 32 Central 

Wakefield & Lynnfield, 32 Central sq. 

32 Central sq. 
Woburn & Stoneham, Lewis B. White, 

Prop. 32 Central Bq. 

Extract and Essence Mfrs. 

Conuor, Joseph G. 16 Lander 

Plunistead, Matthew (estate) J. P. Plum- 

stead, agent. 12 Neptune 
<>r<utt, Frank G. 113 Munroe 
Piiaw, Henry J. 130 Market 
^aplea, n. q. 12 Wellington 
Whipple, George H. 53 High Rock av. 

•Eye Specialists. 

ers nv. 

Fancy Goods. 

(See also Dry Goods.) 
Anderson, George F. 29 Market 
Cate, Josie E. 161 Chestnut 
Howard, J. D. Mrs. 175 Boston 
Jacobs, Edwin H. 229 Lewis 
Low, Margaret W. Mrs. 165 Union 
Straw, Elba M. Mrs. 1 Essex 
Wheeler, Charles A. 22 Market 

Fisli Dealers. 

niaisdell, D. W. 190 Lewis 
Carroll, Gilbert H. 171 Franklin 
Center, Georgo W. 6 Union 
Claflin, C. M. & Co. 3 Union sq. 
Crowley, George W. 65 Marion 
Estes, Frank J. 6 Mason 
Gebow, J. H. 209 Broadway 
Holbrook, Joseph E. Ill Summer 
Lear, John H. 202 S. Common 
Monks, David. 211 Summer 
Meal, John, 7 South 
Pierce, Liuis H. 82 Jackson 
Quint, George W. 14;) Cottage 
Quint, Hosea B. 617 Boston 
Roberts, Will F. 153 Union 
Smith. A. E. 77 Vine 
Smith, Robert, 63 Market sq. 
Spindell, Freeman C. 5S4 Essex 
Stubbs, Whitfield A. 132 Munroe 
Williams Bros. 213-217 Union 


Cajlahan, Cornelius M. 20 Tudor 
Chamberlain, John, 18 French 
Davenport, Samuel H. 113 Jackson 
Downing, M. C. & Co. 15 Warren 
Drew, Edward P. 281 Chatham 
Feeley, tfames E. 19 Michigan av. 
Furbush, Albourne F. 51S Chatham 
Gatchell, G. W. 56 Pendexter 
Gibbs Bros. Holyoke, cor. .Myrtle 
Goodwin, Samuel T. 41 N*. Common 
Jackson^ Murray, r. 3 Garland 
King, Annis G. 165 Western av. 
Lewis, Charles W. 140 Lewis 
Libbey, George E. 55 Rami 
Lord, Andrew, 459 Chatham 
Love, Richard M. S4 Michigan av. 
Lufkin, Everett C. 10 Lexrigton 
Mailey, R. B. Mrs. 68 Chestnut 
Mansfield, Sarah M. 57 Pi le Grove av 
Marble, James F. 15 Shepard 
Miller, William, & Sons, 882 Western av. 
Newhall, William B. 52 Atlantic 
Newhall, William F. 45 Walnut 
Otis. Charles, 16 Essex ct. 
Parrott, George B. 156 Maple 
Quinlati Bros. 11 Summer 
Richards, Edward A. 72 Oakwood av. 
Rood, Wm. H. Mrs. 169 Western av. 
Sheehan, John E. 95 Western av. 
Smith, Henry H. 4 Rockdale av. 
Tapper Bros. Summer, cor. Ashland 
Teel. James M. 132 Shepard 
Thompson, Walter B. 41 Tremont 
White, Henry, 26 Locust 
Wyman, Hannibal G. & Son. 11 Eastlake 

Young, Henry, 60 JoHnson 

Flour and Grain. 

Breed & Co. 773 Western av. 
Brown, A. C. 88 Union 
Hunt. John F. 12 Columbia av. 
Jones, Cyrus, 750 Western av. 
Lamper, J. B. & W. A. 177 Pleasant 
Parry, William. 1S2 Market 


Of anything that can bo printed. 

T C Dlomnhorrl 9. On U/nrnoetnr 



LYNN— Continued. 

Torrence, Vary & Co. 147 Oxford 

Fur Mfrs. and Furriers. 

Minnesota Fur Co. 46 Market 

Furniture and Piano Movers. 

Bliss, G. W. C. 17 Pendexter 
Welch, James H. 13 Mason 

Furniture Dealers. 

Bean Furniture Co. 155 Market 
Bodwell. J. E. 47 Union 
Coffee, Wilbur M. 178 Union 
Cole, George A. &. Co. 141 Oxford 
Dolbeare, A. II. 159 Oxford 
French, Gilbert B. & Co. 1-9 Market 
Hill, Welch & Co. 101 Munroe 
Lambert & Co. 28 Munroe 
Merrill & Durgin. 66 Munroe 
Moore, Nixon & Co. 273 Union 
Morse, George H. & Co. 48 Market 
Moulton, James T. (antique) 12 Carnea 
Nash, John B. & Co. 28 S. Common 
Power, D. B. H. 51 Central sq. 
Ready, T. J. Co. 161 Market 
Robidou. B. H. 114 Broad 
Stanwood, Edward C. 12 City Hall sq 
St. Germain, A. & Co. 39 Munroe 
THus & Buckley Co. 298 Union 
Tompkins, C. F. 202 Chestnut 

Furniture Mfrs. 

Boothby, Frank M. 47 N. Franklin 
Webber, James W. (antiiut) SO Lowell 

Gas and Steam Pipe Fitters. 

Cushing, F. J. & Co. 459 Union 
DAVKY, THOMAS, c<c CO. 16 An- 
drew. See adv. 
Prusion. John H. 28 Market sq. 
Tucker, A. B. 41 Willow 

Gas Companies. 

Lynn Gas & Electric Co. Charles F. Prich- 
ard, supt. 90 Exchange 

Glove Dealers. 

Lowe Glove Store, 39 Market 

Granite and Marble Workers 
and Dealers. 

Ames, G. Fred, & Co. 390 Broadway 
Blethen & Curry. 1 Box pi. 
Everson & Co. 51 Grove 
Kavanagh Granite Co. The, 160 Boston 
McHugh, Frank, 2 Washington 
Merrill, G. B. & Co. 132 Boston 
Shea & Donnelly. 28 Harbor 
Swithin Bros. 10 Central sq. 

Grist Mills. 

Butman, W. W. & Co. 654 Summer 
Hunt, John F. 12 Columbia av. 


Abbot, E. B. & Co. 233 Union 
Anderson, Anthony S. 115 Essex 
Bacheller, James P. 321 Broadway 
Bacheller, J. N. H. & Co. 334 Broadway 
Bailey, Martin E. 395 Essex 
Ballard, Frank E. 17 High Rock 
Bartlett, Allan F. 11 Sagamore 
Bent, G. P. & Co. 8 City Hall sq. 
Berry, John N. Ill Euclid av. 
Bethune, Edwin S. 3 Hudson sq. 

Blood, Joslah B. & Co. 91 Summer 
Boston Branch Grocery, 50 Central av. 
Boyle, Robert V. 20 Ontario 
Bragon, Edwin, 71 Buffum 
Breed, Joseph W. 64 S. Common 
Breen. J. C. 134 Blossom 
Bresnahan, Jeremiah J. 88 Rockaway 
Brierly & Pilling, 361 Boston 
Brooks, G. L. 10 Union 
Brooks, George P. 50 Collins 
Brooks, M. M. Mrs. 117 Brookline 
Bryant, Philip C. 141 Chatham 
Buckley, John H. 45 N. Federal 
Call, H. M. & Co. 298 Chatham 
Campbell, L. M. & Co. 96 Adams 
Carmody, John, 156 Commercial 
Carswell, J. Warren.- 43 Broad 
Caswell, Lemuel L. 54 Neptune 
Caverly, E. J. & Co. 57 N. Common 
Chase, Emma A. Mrs. 36 Glenwood 
Clapp, Charles G. & Co. (whol.) 72 Union 
Clark, S. E. Mrs. 353 Chatham 
Clark, Theophilus W. 7 Olive 
Clifford, Mary O. 441 Eastern av. 
Cogen, Bridget Mrs. 9 Laurel 
Cole, Wm. R. 601 Boston 
Condon, James H. 50 Robinson 
Cosgrove, John T. 95 Light 
Costello, William H. 8 Lilly 
Crocker, Edward S. 55 Hollingsworth 
Cummlngs, Lewis J. 293 Chestnut 
Cunningham, Thomas H. 31 Cottage 
Curtis, George A. 1 Stewart 
Dager, J. W. & Son. 21 Forest 
Davis, S. A. Mrs. 530 Chestnut 
Day Bros. 769 Western av. 
Dearborn, A. W. 447 Washington 
Deveney, Patrick H. 37 Walnut 
Downing, William B. 543 Boston 
Doyle, John A. 56 Ocean 
Drescher, 'Wanda Mrs. 42 W. Neptune 
Drown, Augustus R. 249 Broadway 
Durland, Robert M. 147 Union 
Eager, Frank D. 17 City Hall sq. 
East Lynn Grocery Co. 200 Essex 
Edson, N, W. & Co. 159 Franklin and 36 

Fee, Terrence, 8 Kirtland 
Feehan, Bernard, 880 Washington 
Feeney, Thomas F. Mrs. 9 Ward 
Fisk, George W. 557 Chestnut 
Folsom, L. M. 263 Union 
Foss, C. H. 43 Howard 
Fraser, Angus, 441V2 Western av. 
Freeman, Thomas, 130 Commercial 
French, Frank F. 32 Market and 320 

Furber, William B. 35 Ingalls 
Furbish, Oliver R. 576 Chestnut 
Gibbs, Jesse S. 21 Groveland 
Gilmore, George W. & Co. 7 Market sq. 
Glaskett, Mary G. 82 Flint 
Goodhue, George W. 200 Franklin 
Goodridge, Herbert S. 466 Summer 
Graves, Isaiah, 107 Fayette 
Green, Simeon, 302 Chestnut 
Greenlaw, Willard S. 1 Marlanna 
Griffin. Matthew, 19 Walnut 
Grobart, D. & Son, 123 Blossom 
Hamberg, Allda M. Mrs. 34 Clifton av. 
Hammersley, Edwin F. 36 Cook 
Harrington, Caroline Mrs. 71 Timson 
Harrington, Daniel, 106 Flint 
Hart, John, 42 Alley 
Haskell. Benjamin F. 176 Chestnut 
Hatfield, II. M. & Co 28 Pearl 
Hersom. Isaac, 120 Sheridan 
Hill, PYank L. 199 Essex 
Hlxon. W. S. 572 Western av. 
Honors, A. G. & Son, 540 Chestnut 


Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication giving the complete roster of Publia 
Officials. It should be in every business office. 



Howard, Frank W. 47 Myrtle 
Hunt, Edward J. 145 Blossom 
Hussey, George W. 341 Essex 
Hussey, Robert, 35 N. Franklin 
Hutchinson, George D. 15 High Rock 
Hutchinson, William S. 831 Boston 
Ingalls, Charles F. 96 Essex 
Ingalls & Williams, 40!) Summer 
Johnson, Edgar J. 55 Market sq. 
Joint, Wm. & Sons, 269 Essex 
Keefe, Michael J. & Son, 107 Sagamore 
Kellam, Theo. H. 435 Boston 
Keown, Wm. P. 553 Boston 
Kevill, T. F. 20 Orange ct. 
Knight & Doherty, 430 Western av. 
Leavitt, Charles P. 20 Woodland av. 
Lee, Josiah R. 958 Washington 
Lee, Perkins & Co. 1 Houghton sq. 
Legere, Wilfred, 242 Boston 
Lennox, Peter, 18 Pleasant St. ct. 
Lewis, Fred C. 95 Lewis 
Litch, James, 51 Chatham 
Litch, James H. 37 Central av. 
Loneley, Milner P. 415 Essex 
Lynn Grocery Cash Store, 590 Essex 
Macks, Anna O. 156 Shepard 
Mann, Robert C. 99 Washington 
Mara, Timothy J. 231 Fayette 
Maclean. Robert C. 7 Marianna 
Marsh. Stephen S. 77 Summer 
Marshall, William, 116 Robinson 
Mayo, Nellie Mrs. 410 Chatham 
McBride, Bernard F. 449 Boston 
McCotter, John, Jr. 622 Boston 
McDermott, John F. 7 Ward 
McFadden, Henry J. 196 Holyoke 
McGuire, Michael J. 658 Boston 
McKenney Bros. 75 Waterhill 
McLaughlin, George Mrs. 124 Adams 
McManus, Fred H. 67 Green 
Metzger, Christopher. 22 Charles 
Miller, Alfred K. 252 Broadway 
Miller Bros. 59 Hollingsworth 
Moody, M. F. & Co. 191 Summer 
Moore, John, & Co. 41 Chestnut 
Mullin, James J. 346 Chestnut 
Murphy. Charles A. 71 Jefferson 
National Grocery Co. 66-70 Union 
Nicholson, Leonard, 62 N. Federal 
Northrup Bros. 69 Neptune 
Nourse, Edward S. 66 Harvest 
Nutter, Ebenezer, 114 Chatham 
O'Leary, Timothy A. 46 N. Federal 
Osborne & Co. 17-21 Market sq. 
Parker, J. Alvah & Co. 59 Pleasant 
Parks, James H. 561 Boston 
Pashby, Albert W. 17 Cambridge 
Parsons Grocery Co. 242 Euclid av, 
Perkins, Samuel S. & Co. 219 Lewis 
Picher, Edward. 2 Ward 
Pinkham. E. W. & Sons, 441 Chatham 
Porter. Hanson & Co. 9 Broad 
Proctor, E. S. 55 Hollingsworth 
Turdon, George, Jr. 47 Suffolk 
Quinn, Bridget, 21 Hutchinson's ct. 
Quinn, William, 67 Hood 
Ramsdell. Charles H. 126 Maple 
Reardon, Dennis F. 97 Collins 
Rhodes, Howard J. S9 Federal 
Ruth. J. & Son. 319 Essex 
Ryan, Simon, 88 Lewis 
Shepherd. Allen G. 634 Boston 
Smith. George T. 2 Mason 
Snell, William. 2 Houghton sq. 
Squires, William E. 70 Liberty 
Mome. Joseph. 37 Waterhill 
Staples. E. W. 596 Ess^x 
Stevens. Elizabeth, 102 Neptune 
Stevens. Melville, 112 Federal 
Stevens, Warren W. 16 Clinton 
Mevens, William A. 99 Commercial 

Stocker, Charles A. 776 Summer 
Sullivan, Dennis B. 60 Rockaway 
Sullo, Frank, 319 Broad 
Tarbox, George O. 151 Myrtle 
Tarbox, James E. & Co. 3 Federal sq. 
Taylor & Emerson, 2C5 Summer 
Thrasher, Henry S. & Co. 235 Union 
Thomas, H. S. 293 Essex 
Tlnkham, Avery H. 58 Greenwood 
Tobln, Richard, 54 Waterhill 
Townsend, Charles, 826 Washington 
Usher, L. B. & Son, 69 Commercial 
Vaughan. Isaiah H. <fc Son, 50 Timson 
Walsh, John W. 30 Carnes 
Watson. Briggs H. 320 Union 
Welsh, Daniel, 59 Essex 
Weston, William A. 101 Central av. 
Wiley, Charles E. 85 Chatham and 137 Eu- 
clid av. 
Williams, Agnes, 434 Chestnut 
Williams, Hannah Mrs. 60 Hood 
Wilson, Eugene A. 78 Henry av. 
Woodbury, John G. 143 Maple 
Workman, Charles T. 9 Hudson eq. 
Wyman & Pooler, 12 Market 
Youland & McManus, 121 Market 
Young, Elbridge S. 113 Broad 
Young, Joseph, 149 Broad 
Young, Julius, 132 Commercial 


Adams, Joseph H. 244 Union 

Allen, Ada F. 112 Broad 

Ash, Edward, 728 Western av. 

Austin, Frederick J. 801 Summer 

Averill, Fred E. 6 Silsbee 

Bador, V. A. 7 Central sq. 

Beauregard. Arthur P. 432 Summer 

Benoit, Joseph, 82 Summer 

Bergeron, Napoleon, 17 Exchange 

Bessom, Elbridge G. 113 Essex 

Black, M. Nellie (ladies) 86 Market 

Blake, Alexander B. 311 Union 

Brackett, C. T. 3V 2 Union 

Brown, Frank, 2 S. Common 

Byrne, James E. 2 New Chatham 

Campbell* L. W. 327 Union 

Carr, Henry H. 283 Essex 

Carter, D. A. 75 Vine 

Cashman, William, 71 Marion 

Chamberlain, Ralph E. 126' 2 Commercial 

Collins, John J. 109 Federal 

Condon, John F. 850 Western av. 

Condon, Thomas J. 759 Western av. 

Connolly, Theodore, 62 Andrew 

Corbett, Robert R. 89 Market 

Cordovano, D. 1 State 

Costello, M. H. 530 Boston 

Cunningham, Delia (ladies) 67 Market 

Cutter, Walter D. 352 Broad 

Cyr. Leon R. 70 Pearl 

Daley, James, 128 Central av. 

Davis, A. B. Mrs. 161 Broad 

Dodd, George S. 174 Chestnut 

Dowd, Thomas, 58 Spring 

Doyle, Patrick, 9 Union 

Field, Charles H. 169 Summer 

Fisher, James, 67 Pleasant 

Fitz Allen, Oscar, 14S Chatham 

Foote, Frank A. 579 Chestnut 

Fortin. Dosite, 194 Union 

Fox, Henry O. 110 Market 

Frazier, W. J. 83 Munroe 

Gagnon, John, 12 Federal 

Galvin, William, 327 Broad 

Geddis & King, 451 Washington 

Giannina, Raffaele. 197 Union 

Gray, O. A. 2 Depot yd. 

Green, John H. 101 Federal 

Guilford, William E. Market Sq. Hotel 

Hadley. Alfred. 62 Marlon 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK Is published by F. S. Blancharf 
& Co., Worcester, and in duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 
appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



LYNN— Continued. 

Hamel, Peter, 37 Munroe 

Hanrahan, Timothy F. 26 Market sq. 

Harden, Charles M. 159 Union 

Hibbs. Arthur W. 4 Eastlake av. 

Higgins, Clarence L. 755 Western av. 

Hogan, George F. 35 Pearl 

Hovey, George H. 15 Market sq. 

Hunt, F. C. Ill Western av. 

Hussey, Ralph A. 591 Boston 

Hutchinson, Joseph, 410 Union 

Hutchinson, Thomas, Hotel Seymour 

Ingalls, Lyman, 195 Franklin 

Jalladian, M. 174 Market 

Jordan, Mary E. (ladies) 310 Union 

Kiernan, Thomas, 91 Pleasant 

King, Alexis N. 148 Commercial 

Koppehel, Emll L. H. 584 Boston 

Lane, George W. 173 Franklin 

Lima, J. E. 213 Lewis 

Locke, Frank E. 23 Andrew 

Lombard, Harry, 5S Munroe 

Marble, Edwin S. 341 Broadway 

Massey, Peter, 105 Willow 

McAlevey, John, 743V& Western av. 

Meis, Anthony F. 971 Western av. 

Merrltt, Alfred A. 26 Sutton 

Mulry, John T. 46 Alley 

Mumford, D. 424 Washington 

Noyes & Mains, 44 Ireson 

O'Connell, Patrick J. 38 Andrew 

O'Connor, C. H. 36 Harbor 

Palmer, Geo. W. 100 Munroe 

Perry, S. L. Mrs. 57 Market 

Priest, George L. 827 Boston 

Putnam, Joseph, 201 Chf>st.nur 

Reed, Joseph G. 139 Lewis 

Regan, Laurence, 12 Munroe 

Reynolds, J. Augustus, 17 Central sq. 

Rooney, John. 2 May 

Ryan, John P. 52 Verona 

Schaeck, Rudolph, 44 Ocean 

Sears, Andrew W. 256 Chatham 

Serrington, William B. 20S'/ 2 Essex 

Shannon, John D. 118 Munroe 

Sheldon, W. G. 17 Andre-w 
Splller & Verrill, 526 Washington 
Staples, Everett O. 207V 2 Chestnut 
Spinney, Charles L. 43 Central av. 
Taylor & Lynch, 330 Union 
Tomblno, Thomas, State, cor. Market 
Wallace, H. J. 110 S. Common 
West, Ottaway, S Tremont 
White. Alfred, 91 Oxford 
White, William H. 215 Western av. 
Whlttier, George A. 539 Chestnut 
Woodley, James, 35 Charles 
Zimmer, George E. Ill Market 

•Hair Mattress Mfrs. 

HALEY. WIT-LI AM L. 255 Fayette, 
Factory r. 261-263 Fayette. See adv. 


Bodwell's Hall, 84 Munroe 
Boyce Hall, 27 Central sq. 
Cadet Hall, 28 Market 
Carpenter Hall, 62 Munroe 
Concert Hall, 112 Market 
Electric Hall, Market sq. cor. Elm 
Emmet Hall, 160 Market 
Exchange Hall. Exchange bldg. 
Father Mathew Hall, 75 Summer 
High Rock Hall, 61 Exehan^ 
Johnson's Hall, Johnson's Grove 
Kossuth Hall, 176 Chestnut 
Lyceum Hall, 191 N. Common 
Lynn Theatre, 40 Summer 
Music Hall, 42 Central av. 
Oakwood Hall. 330 Chatham 

Providence Hall. 21 Market 
Ward's Hall, 332 Chatham 
Wenuchus Hall, 126 Maple 
Wyoma Hall, 328 Broadway 

Hardware Dealers. 

Brockway-Smith Corp. 61 Munroe 
Chapman &. Tuttle, 4 Union sq. 
Eastham, Henry W. & Co. 150 Commercial 
Harding, J. W. & Co. 32 Central sq. 
Haskell. Nelson S. 101 Union 
Hughes, James R. 757 Western av. 
Hutchinson, W. Henry, 49 Munroe 
Jcwett; Henry C. 105 Essex 
Pool, Howard F. 5 Market 
Stilllngs, Frank I. 214 S. Common 

Harness Makers. 

Bray, Elmer E. 110 Central av. 
Brooks, Charles F. 208 Essex 
Burton, William J. 129 Central av. 
Dane, Samuel H. 73 Central av. 
George, Edwin R. 486 Chestnut 
Hollis, James A. 740 Western av. 
Lord, Frank C. 11 Union 
Mullen, John, 60 Marion 
Plumstead, Matthew, & Son, 614 Wash- 
Robinson, Charles W. 3 Blake 
Smith, William F. 173 Broad 

Hat Manufacturer. 

Graham, A. M. 102 Munroe 

Hats, Caps anil Furs. 

Chase, Amos B. 123 Munroe 
Merritt, Arthur S. 17 Munroe 
Valpey, S. B. 29 Market sq. 

Hay and Grain. 

Atkins & CaVtland, 32 Ocean 
Breed & Co. 773 Western av. 
Butman, W. W. & Co. 109 State 
Estes, Isaac H. Sons, 57 Estes 
Fuller & Colder, 177 Market 
Hunt, John„F. 12 Columbia av. 
Jones, Cyrus, 750 Western av. 
Lamper, J. B. & W. A. 177 Pleasant 
Parry, Wm. 182 Market 
Torrence, Vary & Co. 147 Oxford 

Heating- and Ventilating;. 

Ballard & Co. 113 Munroe 


Lynn Home for Aged Women, Hattle W. 
Walsh, supt. 197 N. Common 



Lynn Hospital, Chauncey C. Sheldon, M. 
D. supt. 212 Boston 


Algonquin, The, C. F. Etter, prop. 316 

Bay View Hotel, 1084 Washington 
Boyden House, A. T. Bickford, prop. 276 

Grand Central Hotel. Harry Katzes & Co. 

prop. Central av. cor. Andrew 
Hotel Seymour. Younc; & Carkin, props. 79- 

83 Exchange 
Klrtland House, W. E. Johnson, prop. 62 

Lewis, The (family) C. C. Lewis, prop. 1 

Market Sq. Hotel, George Grant, prop. 53 

Market sq. 

100,000 FIRMS 

Throughout the 






New Netherlands, Charles M. McDermott, 

prop. 161 Union 
New Sagamore Hotel, W. C. Thompson, 

prop. 285 Union 
Parker House, Parker & Blakeley, props. 30 

Prescott, The, Mrs. F. H. Gould, prop. 16 

Prescott pi. 
Revere House, J. Arthur Brown, prop. 235 


House Furnishing Goods. 
Coffee, Wilbur M. ITS Union 
Dame, Melvin A. 29 Munroe 
Hearan, F. H. 76 Union 
Magrane, P. B. 133 Market 
Merrill & Durgin, 66 Munroe 
Nixon, Moore & Co. 273 Union 
Power, D. B. H. 51 Central sq. 
Ready, T. J. Co. 159 Market 
Riley, Daniel E. 155 Summer 
Wheeler, Charles A. 22 Market 

Ice Cream, 

Davis, Edgar C. 413 Essex 
Derrln, E. S. 127 Market 
Folsom, Webster J. 11 Cottage 
Jenkins, Susie M. 313-315 Union 
Jepson, Oliver F. 199 Chestnut 
Keenly, Emil J. 22 Market sq. 

Ice Cream Mirs. 

Bamford, Benjamin B. 9 Sewall 
Millett, W. L. 16 Brimblecom 

Ice Dealers. 

Bresnahan, Patrick W. 53 Lake av. 
Chase, Z. J. & Sons, 111 Maple 
Coolidge & Livermore, 304 Broad 
Day, George F. 279 Union 
Independent Ice Co. 71 Nottingham 
Lynn Ice Co. 333 Union 

Ink 3lanui*ucturers. 

Dwyer, J. H. (estate) cor. Groveland and 

Fletcher, N. B. & Co. 25 Arch 
Flexity Stain Co. 13 State 
Kent & Smith, 75 Blake 
Libby, Justin P. 192 Oxford 
Mitchell Stain Mfg. Co. 416 Union 
Nish, John C. 394 Washington 

Insurance Agents. 

Allen, Charles L. 27 Central sq. 
Atkins, Frank W. 15 Central av. 
Barry, William J. 343 Union 
Breed, George W. 3 Exchange 
Burrill. William S. 34 Central sq. 
Cushing, Walter F. 9 Exchange 
Fr zzell. Frank H. 4 Lee Hall 
Otlraore. A. gen. agt. 27 Central sq. 
Goodridge, Charles S. 9 Exchange 
"all & Newhall, 112 Market 
Hanson. G. Willis, 479 Union 
"erne, John A. 10 Central sq. 
"UH, Kenneth. 333 Union 
Ingalls, Jerome, & Co. 21 Andrews 
Jenkins, George, 10 Central sq. 
Knight, Thomas B. 32S Union 
L'-mmon, Peter B. 162 Market 
l-wis & Newhall, 343 Union 
Madden, John H. 40S Union 
Marsh, Helen M. Mrs. 343 Union 
*; U< »K«, Frank N. 405 Union 
•Kyrtck E. M. 47 Exchange 
Aewha II. George H. 34 Central sq. 
jM>wnall, Howard Nudge, 60 Central sq. 
Q.^-hall. Israel Augustus. 112 Market 
w "au. Loranus C. 19 City Hall sq. 

Newhall, Wesley I. 104 Hanover 
Pool, William D. 191 N. Common 
Porter, Thomas F. 411 Union 
Russell, Edward M. 343 Union 
Silsbee, Baker & Geer, 341 Union 
Silsbee, James B. 343 Union 
Stiles, J. Harry, 25 Exchange 
Swain, W. Allen, 67V- Market 
Thompson, Waldo, & Son, 72 Exchange 
Tozzer, S. C. 343 Union 
Williams, Henry, 333 Union 
Woodbridge, Charles G. 9 Buffum 
WOKMSTEAD, C. N. 343 Union. 
See adv. 

Insurance Companies. 

Lynn Mutual Fire Ins. -Co. 112 Market 

Iron Founders, 

Central Foundry Co. 150 Pleasant 
Smith Iron Foundry, Marshall's whf. 
Union Iron Works, ft. South 

Jewelers and Watchmakers* 

Anthony, J. Warren, 77 Munroe 
Ashton, Arthur S. 15 Union 
Balch & Ford, 154 Market 
Connor, James H. 81 Pearl 
Doyle, Edward A. 14S Munroe 
Emerson, Herman, 294 Union 
Graves, Arthur, 8:U Western av. 
Greenberg, M. 110 Market 
Hart, Clarence S. 39 Market 
Hill, Herbert M. 254 Union 
Johnston, Robert, 48 Myrtle 
Lyford, William, 81 Commercial 
Macauley, James. 41 N. Common 
Marsh, William B. 193 N. Common 
Meyers, Harry L. 10 Munroe 
Moore, James M. 76 Market 
Nason, Louis P. 190 Union 
Newhall, W. F. 52 Market 
Olin, Frank G. 71 Market 
Palmer, Henry F. 120 Munroe 
Pearson, Henry A. 3 Market 
Reed, Frank H. 9 Market sq. 
Russell, ATbert L. Ill Rockaway 
Squire, Nelson C. 6 Market 
Woodfall. Charles B. 43 Central av. 
Wyatt, George W. 10 Market sq. 

Junk Dealers. 

Ansin, Moses, 88 Harbor 
Ansin, D. & Co. 14-16 Drown ct. 
Dolan, M. F. & Co. 23 Sea 
Flanders, F. 281 Summer 
Gitzenson, Morris, Harbor 
Grob, Abrnm, r. 150 Commercial 
Jaffe, Harry. 35 Flint 
Klivansky, John, & Co. 32 Sea 
Martin. M. T. 15 Rockland 

Justices of the Peace. 

Abbott, Marshall H. 
Adams, J. G. B. 
Ahearne, C. A. 
Atkins. Frank W. 
Attwill, Alfred M. 
Attwill. Henry C. 
Attwill, Joseph W. 
Bacheller, Wm. H. 
Baker. Fred E. 
Barry, John M. 
Barry, William J. 
Batchelder, James C. 
Beckford, Ebenezer 
Bennett, George E. 
Bennett, Larkin E. 
Merry, John W. 
Blake, Charles E. 

Blanchard, Denman 
Brackett. Wm. F. 
Breed, George W. 
Breed, Sylvester B. 
Breen, Peter A. 
Briggs, William C. 
Broad, Fred A. 
Brown, Arthur T. 
Hrown, Samuel R. 
Bruce, Frank E. 
Butterfleld, Fr-n. M. 
»'arr. George J. 
Chad we 11, Chris. D. 
Chase, Charles H. 
Coftln, Edward R. 
Cole, George A. 
Colson, George E. 


Contains the Complete 
Business Directory of.... 

353 Towns and Cities, 



LYNN— Continued. 

Crabtree, Benj. C. 
Gushing, Joseph W. 
Cushing. Walter F. 
Davis, Frank E. 
DeLangle, Charles P. 
Eastman, Fred H. 
Fitts, Minona S. 

(special commis.) 
Flanders, Aug. B. 
Fogg, Asahel 
Foster, Arthur F. 
Foye, Merritt L. 
Frazler, Frederick A. 
French, Hartwell S. 
Frizzell. Frank H.. 
Fry. Charles C. 
Gay, Charles W. 
Geer, Charles W. 
Gerrlsh. William H. 
Coodrldge, Charles S 
Goodrldge, Henry P. 
Goodridge, Sidney S. 
Green, Henry H. 
Guindon, J. Rodman 
Harmon, Rollin E. 
Harris, Isaac K. 
Hart, George D. 
Haskell, William 
Hawkes, Nathan M. 
Hay, John F. 
Hayes, Elihu B 
Haywood, Charles E 
Heme, John A. 
Higgins, George C. 
Hill. Lindley H. 
Hoitt, Augustus J. 
Hoyt, William S. 
Hopkins, Charles H. 
Hunt, D. Gage 
Hurlburt, Henry F. 
Ingalls, Jerome 
Ingram, John 
Jenkins, George 
Jenkins, James E. 
Jepson, Fred W. 
Johnson, Benj. N. 
Keith, Ira B. 
Kelleher, Michael H. 
Kielv, Philip A. 
Kimball, Alfred 
Kimball, Rufus 
King, Horace D. 
Knight, Thomas B. 
Lambert, George M. 
Lamson, Caleb 
Leach, Charles H. 
Learned, Charles A. 
Lee. Nehemiah 
Leighton, Charles 
Lernmon, Peter B. 
Lent, Byron S. 
Lewis, Jneob M. 
Lovett, Edwin D. 
Lummus, Henry T. 
Lydston, Frank 
Madden. John H. 
Mansfield. Charles H 
Marlor, Eugene 
Marsh. F. A. E 
McCarthy. Eugene C 
McElligotte. M. J. 
McMahon, John C. 
McMahon. John J. 
Melden. William R. 
Metzger, Christopher 
Morrow, John R. 
Moore, Hubert O. 
Moulton, James T. 
Neal, George C. 

Newhall, Asa T. 

Newhall, Edward S. 

Newhall, George H. 

Newhall, Harrison 

Newhall, Henry E. 

Newhall, Howard M. 

Newhall. Israel A. 

Newhall, John B. 

Newhall, Wilbur F. 

Nichols, Fred H. 

Nickerson, M. P. 

Niles, William H. 

Noonan. William F. 

Odlin, James E. 

Oliver. George H. 

O'Kecfe, John A. 

O'Shea, William 

Parker, William E. 

Parsons, Starr 

Peabody, Dean 

Peach, Benj. F. Jr. 

Pease, Edward L. 

Pedrick, Thomas F. 

Perkins, Edward A. 

Peele, Joseph H. 

Perley, Howard 

Phillips. Benjamin 

Phillips. Edward K. 

Finkham, Isaiah 

Pitman, Benjamin 
Pool, William D. 

Quaid, George H. 

Rhodes. George W. 

Rogers, Stephen R. 

Roncy. Simon J. 

Rowell, Benjamin W. 

Sargent, William P. 

Sawyer. Horace W. 

Scribner. Benjamin 

Shaw, Frederick E. 

Shaw, George 

Shorey, George L. 

Shorey, John L. 

Silsbee, James B. 

Silsbee. N. Everett 

Sisk, James H. 

Sisk. Richard L. 

Smith, Charles R. 

Smith. E. F. P. 

Smith, Edward H. 

Southwick. Walt. H. 

Stevens, Elisha M. 

Sweetzer. David H. 

Taher. Charles A. 

Tarbox, George O. 

Tarbox, Henry H. 

Teeling, Arthur J. 

Thompson, Fred O. 

Tibbetts. Edwin A. 

Tihbetts, Stillman E. 

Tolman, Augustus B. 

Tozzer, S. Clarence 

Ulman, Seth A. 

Underwood. W. O. 

Vincent. Charles H. 

Watts. Isaac S. 

Webber, John S. 

Wehster, Eben W. 

Welch. Charles H. 
J.Welch, John S. 

Welch. Lewis H. 

Wheeler, Holman K. 

Williams. George H. 

Woodhridge, Chas. G. 

Woodbury, John 

C. IV. 343 Union. 
See adv. 

Wyman, Charles W. 

Ladder Mannfaeturera. 

Tupper, John, Jackson 

Last Mfrs. 

Barnet & White. 62 Marshall's whf. 
Blake, E. C. 523 Union 
Excel Shoe Form Co. (hollow) 2 Box pi. 
Gardiner, Thomas W. 2 Box pi. 
Goodwin Brothers, 64 Oxford 


Boston Street Laundry, 533 Washington 
Boynton. E. E. (towel supply) 633 Wash- 
Smith's Excel. Hand Laundry, 4 Sutton 
Excelsior Custom Laundry Co. 7 Friend st. 

Gunn's Custom Laundry, 305 Union 
Hayes, James E. 31 Williams 
Howes .& Dane, 44 Tremont 
Industrial Relief Laundry, 18 Olive 
King, George E. 35 Ireson and 129 Union 
Russell, C. E. 57 Ocean 
Seaside Hand Laundry, 7 Willow 
Swan, Edgar, 47 Arch 


Barry, John M. 343 Union 
Batchelder, James C. 59 Exchange 
Berry, John W. 22 City Hall sq. 
Bogue, Arthur, 33 Central sq. 
Breen, Peter A. 19 Central sq. 
Brown, Arthur T. 47 Exchange 
Carr, George J. 333 Union 
Clarke, N. D. A. 3 Exchange 
Fabens, William C. 321 Union 
Foster, Arthur F. 343 Union 
Hannan, Joseph F. 25 Exchange 
Harmon, R. E. 112 Market 
Hawkes, .Nathan M. 112 Market 
Hurlburt, H. F. 313 Union 
Ingram, John, 47 Exchange 
Keith, Ira B. 54 Central sq. 
Kellev, William A. 44 Central sq. 
Kiely, Philip A. 19 Central sq 
Lamson- Caleb, 24 Green 
Leighton, Charles, 313 Union 
Lummus, Henry T. 313 Union 
McCarthy, Eugene T. 343 Union 
Moulton, George W. 19 Salem 
Newhall, John B. 343 Union 
Nickerson, M. P. 34 Central sq. 
Niles &. Carr, 333 Union 
O'Brien, Edward B. 33 Central sq. 
O'Brien & Bogue, 33 Central sq. 
Odlin, James E. 343 Union 
O'Keefe, John A. 25 Exchange 
O'Shea. William, 112 Market 
Parsons, B. C. 56 Hanover 
Parsons, Starr, 3 Exchange 
Peabodv, Dean, 12 Park 
Phillips. Edward K. 89 Market 
Sisk, James H. 44 Central sq. 
Sisk. Richard L. 44 Central sq. 
Sisk. Wm. E. 44 Central sq. 
Smith, Eben F. P. 10 Central sq. 
Southwick, Walter H. 3 Exchange 
Southwick & Pars-ons, 3 Exchange 
Stevens, Elisha M. 333 Umon 
Tolman. Augustus B. 145 Munroe 
Williams. George H. 7 Willow 
Woodbury, John, 145 Munroe 

Leather Dealers. 

(See Sole and Leather Dealers.) 

Leather Garment Mfrs. 

Globe Mfg. Co. 1 Friend St. pi. 
Johnson, H. S. 12 Central av. 



DIRECTORY, published annually. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 




Leather Mfrs. 

Dodge, A. E. & H. E. 637 Summer 

Leather Remnants. 

Boynton, Sewall N. r. 17 Willow 
Cochey, Joseph H. 454 Union 
Davis, Charles G. 24 Friend 
Earle, Daniel C. 6 Sea 
Franzman, John. 102 Wyman 
Handy, A. W. F. 437 Union 
Harnden, George \V. & Co. 20 Albany 
Hughes, John, 88 Oxford 
Langlois, Joseph, 42 Arch 
McAlevey, George H. 68 Munroe 
McCarty, Martin, 43 State 
Nicholson, John C. 77 Hillside av. 
Putnam, George F. & Co. 36 Suffolk 
Reardon, T. A. 80 Munroe 
Renton, J. B. Co. 14 Harrison ct. 
Towns, Q. A. & Co. 39 Spring 


Ans-tin. M. E. (circ.) 70 Market 
Congdon, John H. (circ.) 141 Broad 
Lynn Public Library, John C. Houghton, 
lib. City Hall 

Liijnor Dealers. 

Blaisdell, Robert, & Son, 27 Mulberry 
Brackett, Charles W. 63 Andrew 
Brackett. G. W. & Co. 9 Railroad a v. 
Burke, W. J. & Co. 73G Western av. 
Callahan, John E. 627 Summer 
Cjtter, John, 4 May 
Earl & Martin, 406 Union 
Fenton, M. A. 23 Central sq. 
Flynn, D. J. & Co. 20 Market sq. 
Oilman, William M. 3 Mulberry 
Griffin & West, 516 Washington 
Halloran, E. & Co. 530 Washington 
Hanlon, John H. 473 Washington 
Harrison, Geo. E. & Co. 15 Summer 
Hayden, D. J. 325 Broad 
Heffernan, Edward, 70 and 78 Munroe 
Heffernan, Patrick J. 27 Centre 
Hennessey, William H. 40 Andrew 
Higgins, Daniel, & Co. 621 Summer 
Hurley, Michael, 732 Washington 
Johnson, W. E. & Co. 60-62 Summer 
Kane, Richard J. & Co. 404 Union 
Kelleher, David J. 5 Centre 
Landergan, Thomas F. 761 Western av. 
Landers, John D. & Co. 64 Spring 
Landers, R. W. 22 Munroe 
Lennon, Patrick E. & Son, 72 Alley 
Miles & Johnson, 76 Summer 
Moloney & Harrington, 2 Childs 
Morrison, H. F. & Co. 16 Mulberry 

Murphy, Humphrey, 800 Washington 
Murphy, Timothy J. 602 Essex 
Murphy, William H. 46 Union 
Murray & Co. 64 Central av. 
Murray Bros. 734 Western av. 
Nicholson, George, 500 Washington 
Nicholson, James, 22 Blossom 
Nicholson, William, 57 Central av. 
O'Hara & McGovern, 76 Central av. 
Quinn, Benjamin F. 96 Federal 
Quinn, John L. 428 Boston 
Reynolds & Bramfield, 2 Pleasant st. ct. 
Riley. N. A. & Co. 239 Union 
Rollins, L. M. 332 Union 
St. John, Alphonse, & Co. 65 Blake 
Sherry, Frank E. & Co. 55 Blake 
Upton, Derby, 588 Washington 


Lyon, C. D. 199 Oxford 
Marshman, Gideon, 8 Munroe 
Slsson, A. H. 12 Munroe 

Lumber Dealers. 

Breed, Joseph, & Sons, 761 Washington 
Breed. S. N. Lumber Co. The, 665 Wash- 
Guilford, Atherton, & Co. 454 Summer 

Lunch Wagon Mfrs. 
HAMEL, E. L. 49 Wheeler. See adv. 


Lunch Wagon Manufacturer 


New and Second-hand Wagons always 
on hand. 

49 Wheeler Street, 


•Machine AtvIs. 
See adv. 

•Machine Needles. 
JONES. BENJAMIN 11. 7 Willow. 
See adv. 

Machinists «fc Machinery Mfrs. 

Beaudry Edge Setting & Heel Burnish- 
ing Machine Co. 61 State 


Manufacturer of 

Machine Needles, Awls and Drivers. 



OA If Contains the only complete Business Directory of i£ass- 
111% achusetts; the information is obtained by personal can- 



LYNN— Continued. 

Boston Machine Works, 13 Willow 

Breed, Fred J. 456 Washington 

Breed, S. B. 125 Oxford 

Bresnahau, M. V. & Co. 507 Washington 

Brown, William A. 2 Sea 

Bullock, W. F. (shoe tools) 68 Munroe 

Carsley, Hiram (box) 30 Ash 

Consolidated & McKay Lasting Machine 
Co. 495 Union 

Consolidated Elevator & Machine Works, 
J. Fader, mgr. 345 Broad 

DAVEY, THOMAS, & CO. 16 An- 
drew. See adv. 

Ellison. Albert W. r. 57 State 

Embree, W. F. & Co. 61 Oxford 

Emerson, George W. & Co. 533 Washington 

Essex Machine Co. 495 Union 

Fader. J. 333 Broad 

Furbush, James W. 133 Alley 

Gallagher Mfg. Co. 114 Pleasant 

Glazier & Briggs, 76 Sagamore 

Hart, T. F. 575 Washington 

Hemingway Bros. 55 Mulberry 

Holbrook, Frank, r. 334 Broad 

Holmes, Elmer M. 7 Cliff 

See adv. 

Son (shoe tools) 456 

Kelland. George, 

Kenney, B. M. 45 

Knox, David, & 

Lynn Stall Co. 2 

i Washington 
Sons Machinery Co. 


McDowell, Alexander (machine tools) r. 61 

Roney, J. Byron, 4 Sea 
Stanbon, Chas. P. & Co. 134 Munroe 
Stewart Bros. 104 Oxford 
Stone & Goodwin. 12°. Grove 
Taylor & Gooding. 747 Washington 
Thomson Electric Welding Co. (electric) 

163 Pleasant 
Treen, William H. 471 Union 
Toung, W. J. 416 Union 

Manufacturing Jewelers. 

Hill, H. M. 254 Union 

Marble Dealers. 

(See Granite and Marble Dealers.) 


Bessom, Richard G. 13 Sewall 
Chandler, Abram, 3 Caldwell 
Crowley, John S. 16 Carnes 
Davidson, Benj. H. 10 Central sq. 
Dearborn Bros. & Co. 459 Union 
Dearborn, Clayton M. 20 Marianna 
Dearborn, Clinton F. 16 Andrew 
Dearborn, Edward D. 24 Elm 
Fish, Williston, 19 Hanover 
Grandlson. Benjamin. 97 Timson 
Hurley, Thomas, 59 Exchange 
Hyde, William E. 32 Stickney 
Lord, C. W. 30 Nahant pi. 
Manning, James E. 26 Beacon Hill av. 
Markee. O. J. 84 Norfolk av. 
McElman, Charles, 24 Mudge 
McLaughlin, John, 5 Beacon Hill pi. 
Perkins, J. A. 3& Mountain av. 
Phillips, W. L. 44 Lewis 
Ranger, C. T. 

Robinson, C. E. 358 Walnut 
Simonds, S. Walter, 32 Crosby 
Strout, Edward E. 319 Union 
Vroom Bros. 10 Central sq. 
Warren, Charles O. 45 Franklin 
WIthnm. rhnrl^s W. 11 Florence a'. 

Mattress Manufacturers. 
HALEY, WILLIAM L. 255 Favette, 
Factory 261-263. See adv. 

Men's Farninhing Goods. 

(See also Clothing Dealers.) 
Butman, M. & Co. 36 Central sq. 
Chamberlain, Leroy E. 8 Union sq. 
Chase, James, & Co. 294 Union 
Corbett, Bernard J. 1 Federal sq. 
Downing, William E. 119 Munroe 
Dumas Bros. 72 Market sq. 
Dwinnell, Carroll A. 279 Union 
Gunn, Samuel G. 305 Union 
Johnson Co. The, 329 Union 
Pearson, John B. 87 Munroe 
Remick, D. Herbert, 158 Market 
Rogers, T. W. 280 Union 
Spurr, Reginald H. 128 Munroe 
Swain, H. O. 135 Munroe 
Townsend, G. Mrs. 159 Chestnut 
Ward, Henry A. & Co. 23 Market 

Telephone, 114-3. 
Office, 255 Fayette St. 


Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of 


Hair Mattresses a Specialty. 

Mattresses KenovateH. 

Factory, Rear iOl-^O:! Fayette St., Lynn. 

Military and Soeietv Goods. 

Spurr. Wake B. 34 Central sq. 



Baker, Georgie, 41 Franklin 
Baker, L. M. Mrs. 102 Market - 
Best, A. "Miss, 59 Market 
Bon Marche. 43 Market 
Carpenter, Ella M. 226 Summer 
Chase, E. F. Mrs. 150 Broa d 
Corson, C. E. Mrs. 89 Chestnut 
Dearborn, H. E. Mrs. 79 Market 
Dinsmore, Laura I. 236 Union 
Doty & Mansfield, 73 Market 
Driscoll, Mary E. 160 Union 
Farley, Alicia M. 126 Market 
Fellows., E. B. Mrs. 105 Market 
Hall & Richards, 309 Summer 
Hall, E. W. 17 and 101 Market 
Healey & Geyer, 66 Pearl 
Kiernan, Mary, 20 City Hall sq. 
Leavitt, Rose M. 13 School 
Maloney, Josephine L. 192 Union 
Matthews, Naomi, ISO Summer 
McKeon, E. F. Mrs. 170 Liberty 
Morrill, Kate C. Mrs. 21 Arlington 
Reilly, A. M. Miss, 7 Munroe 
Ryan, Julia, 603 Boston 
Sanborn, Lucia H. 29 Arlington 
Southworth, E. R. Miss, 22 Ireson 
Stewart, Belle C. 144 Brond 
W'hite. Mary L. Mrs. 27 Market 
Whitmarsh, L. J. Mrs. Lee Hall 
Wing, Anna, 19 Central sq. 
Wright, A. M. Miss, 121 Chestnut 

Morocco Mfrs. 

Allen, William, & Son, 12 Harbor 
Bresnehan, Thomas H. 217 Market 
Chaffardon, Jean, 217 Market 

imm eEPems 

Printed In the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Collins & Dolan, 20 Harbor 

Donohue Bros. 143 Pleasant 

Faulkner, F. J. & W. O. 14 Washington 

Faulkner, George, 805 Boston 

Hoffmann, Anton B. 500 Boston 

Kelley, Thomas A. & Co. 027 Summer 

Lennox, P. & Co. 198 Market 

Lummus, William, 32 Church 

Pevear, H. A. & Sons, 24 Stetson 

Pevear & Co. 146 Boston 

Weber Leather Co. 737 Western av. 

Wlnslow, Lewis M. 217 Market 

Wrigley, H. R. 221 Market 

Music »fc Musical Instruments. 

Brown, William D. 84 Market 
Coleman, A. F. 53 Market 
DeBondy, J. O. D. 113 Munroe 
Greene, Eugene A. 30 Market 
Hosmer, William O. 27 Central sq. 
Kelley, George I. 113 Munroe 
Symonds & Hurd (pianos) 113 Munroe 

Music Teachers, 

Abbott, Kate P. 73 Columbia av. 

Aborn, James E. 46 Brimblecom 

Adams, A. Frank, 230 S. Common 

Attwill. Flora May Mrs. 43 Broad 

Barnes, J. Edgar, 531 Western av. 

Brown, Mary W. 21 Market 

Bruce, Kate M. 33 Harwood 

Bruce, Robert, 33 Harwood 

Castle, Ernest L. 282 Boston 

Chandler, Belle, 83 Vine 

Chandler, Lillian F. 44 Estes 

Chase, Harry C. 17 Broad 

Clark, Irving L. 149 New Chatham 

Curtis, Harry M. 94 Market 

DeBondy, Ernest D. 113 Munroe 

DeBondy, J. O. D. 72 Franklin 

Gordon, F. A. 367 Broadway 

Harnden, Fred C. 16 Endicott 

Hosmer, Lizzie Treen Mrs. 27 Central sq. 

Howard, Emma J. 14 Lee Hall 

Jenkins, M. F. Mrs. 10 Ireson 

Judklns, Mary Lena, 799 Boston 

Kelly, James W. 353 Essex 

Kelly, Josephine A. Mrs. 353 Essex 

Kelly, M. Louise. 22 Vine 

Kimball, Lottie E. 14 Fremont 

Kneupfer, Albin F. 51 Shepard 

Lowe, Vesta Wakefield, 48 Vine 

Lowe, Walter E. 48 Vine 

McKenney, Alfred H. 46 Market 

Morse, M. Lou, 3C9 Summer 

Piccloli, C. M. Madam. 51 Cherry 

Putnam, Herbert F. 13 Sachem av. 

Smith, Henry M. 46 Market 

Stevens, Effie M. 41 Nottingham 

Swain, Myra H. 169 Ocean 

Swasey, Annie F. S. Common 

Vella, N. Mabel. 19 Lee Hall 

Vincent. Grace A. 12 Newhall 

wheeler, A. I. Miss. 13 Rockland 

Young, c. H. 26 Cowdrey av. 

Native Wine Hlfrs. 

Varney & Morrill, 28 Clifton av. 

Needle Mfrs. 
JOXEs. BENJAMIN It. 7 Willow. 
See adv. 


Armstrong N ews Co. Central depot 
«a«er, R. s. (whol.) 31 Central sq. 
«rfed, Henry G. 33 Market sq. 
'Town, Herbert II. (whol.) 339 Union 
''uttcrfleld, Francis O. 13 City Hall sq. 
1 nai nherlaln, Leroy E. 8 Union sq. 

Costello Bros. 13 Central sq. 
Dumas, Timothy J. 76 Market sq. 
Empire News Co. 135 Munroe 
Harman, W. S. 287 Essex 
Haves, Elihu B. (whol.) 14 Spring 
Hinds, George H. 158 Union 
Hoyt & Jackson, 121 Broad 
Lord, Fred H. 24 Summer 
Myrlck, C. H. & Co. 242 Union 
Newhall, Fred W. 224 Lewis 
Pearce, Harry J. & Son, 162 Market 
Simonds, Joseph F. 887 Western av. 


Daily Evening Item, Hastings & Sons Pub. 

Co. props. Item bldg. 
Lynn City Item (weekly) Hastings & Sons 

Pub. Co. props. Central sq. 
Lynn Evening News, Lynn News Pub. Co. 

props. 3 Willow 
Lynn Weekly Times, Weekly Times Pub. 

Co. props. 333 Union 
Saugus News (weekly) Hastings & Sons 

Pub. Co. props. Item bids. Central eq. 
Swampscott Enterprise (weekly) Hastings 

& Sons Pub. Co. props. Item bldg. 

Central sq. 

Nickel Platers. 

Novelty Plating Co. 127 Oxford 


Anderson, Thos. H. 
Attwill, Henry C. 
Attwill, Joseph W. 
Barry, John M. 
Barry, William J. 
Beckford, Ebenezer 
Blake, Chas. E. 
Breen, Peter A. 
Carr, George J. 
Cary, George H. 
Coates, George E. 
Colburn, Clifton 
Cole, George A. 
Fawcett, Fred S. 
Foster, Arthur F. 
Geer, Charles W. 
Gibboney, John W. 
Gilmore, Alexander 
Green, Henry H. 
Hannan, Joseph F. 
Harmon, Rollin E. 
Hawkes, Nathan M. 
Healey, Arthur E. 
Hlggins, George C. 
Hoitt, Augustus J. 
Houghton, Geo. C. 
Ingalls, Jerome 
Ingram, John 
Jepson, F. W. 
Keith, Ira B. 
Kelley, Wm. A. 
Lamson, Caleb 

s Public. 

Leighton, Charles 
Madden, John H. 
Morrow, John R. 
Mudge, Charles P. 
Newhall, Geo. H. 
Newhall, Howard M. 
Newhall, Israel A. 
Newhall, Wilbur F. 
Nichols. Fred H. 
Nickerson, M. P. 
O'Keefe, John A. 
O'Shea. William 
Phelps, James F. 
Phillips. Edward K. 
Pool, William D. 
Porter, Thomas F. 
Ramsrlell. Robert E. 
Rowel 1, Benj. W. 
Sawver, Horace W. 
Sisk, James H. 
Smith, E. F. P. 
Southwick, Walt. H. 
Taber, Charles A. 
Thompson, Fredd O. 
Tibbetts, Stillman E. 
Tolman, Aug. B. 
Townsend, H. S. 
Watts. Isaac S. 
Webster. E. W. 
Welch, Charles H. 
Williams. Geo. H. 
Woodbridge, Chas. G. 


Cushman Novelty Co. 50 Suffolk 


Adams, Frances E. 8 Henry 

Ames, S. M. Mrs. 220 Chatham ; 

Bador, E. J. Mrs. 14 Sheldon 

Bancroft, C. W. Mrs. 14 Pond 

Bean, Mary C. Mrs. 28 Verona 

Bedford. Emily, 26 Church 

Blake. Ruth A. 14 Echo pi. 

Blondel, James A. 103 Jefferson 

Bodwell, Emma W. Mrs. S3 Chatham 

Bond, Samuel B. 18 Johnson 

Brown, Elizabeth Mrs. 116 Bay View av. 

353 Directories 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of . . 




LYNN— Continued. 

Brown. John H. 435 Chestnut 
Chapman, Emma L. 7 Howard 
Colwell, Annie F. 270 Essex 
Cotter, Mary E. 17 Jefferson 
Crowley, Helen. 87 Walnut 
Currier, Eliza H. 21 Blossom 
Cutting. Kate L. Mrs. 105 Franklin 
Davis, Sophronia H. 18 Astor Hill av. 
Doten, Florence M. 70 Bowler 
Fell, Ella W. 528 Essex 
Fountain, Martha Mrs. 12 Greenwood pi. 
Frazer, Marguerite C. 19 Lovett pi. 
Freeman, Teresa, 41 Franklin 
Goodwin, Elsie J. 20 High 
Googlns, M. E. Mrs. 113 Grove 
Greenshield. Jeannette M. 31 Broad 
Harvey, Catharine Mrs. 79 Sheridan 
Heathcole, Elizabeth J. 1 Brimtjlecom 
Holt, Robert, 52 Waverly 
Honian, L. Etta. 15 Farrar 
Hurd. George W. 136 Flint 
Johnson. Julia D. 98 Hollingsworth 
Jones, Olive Mrs. 4 Neptune 
Keown, A. Hattie Mrs. 23 Ireson 
Kinney, Thomas J. 451 Chatham 
Langstrom, Sarah R. 2 Rogers av. 
Little, Lucy A. Mrs. 16 Alice 
Macauley, Isabel. 382 Essex 
Mackay, Kate, 76% Washington 
Mansfield, Mary A. 237 Broadway 
Maxwell, Abbie M. r. 66 Johnson 
Melkle. Isabelle, 76 1 ^ Washington 
Page. Marv E. Mrs. 83 Gre»n 
Peabody, Lucy A. 19 Dennlson av. 
Remtck, Sarah E. 116 Myrtle 
Reynolds, Samuel J. 46 Chatham 
Richardson, Joseph H. 23 Bailey 
Richmond, Emma Mrs. 449 Essex 
Smith, Annie M. 61 Elm 
Smith. Margie A. 549 Essex 
Smith, Mary B. 26 Northern av. 
Timson, Ella, 196 Summer 
Trefren, J. H. Mrs. 106 Hollingsworth 
Waldrom, W. H. Mrs. 342 Broadway 
Warren, Mary A. Mrs. 12 Pitkin 
Watson, Lizzie M. Mrs. 63 Silsbee 
Watt, Annie M. 114 Franklin 
Welch, Ellenette, 31 Broad 
Williams, Susie, 64 Rogers av. 
Wilson, Charlotte C. 28 Hamilton av. 
Young, Lizzie, 12 Bedford 

Oil Mfrs. nn<l Dealers. 

Hudson. Charles W. 52 Liberty 
Lynn Oil & Supply Co. 79 Exchange 


Conner, James H. 81 Pearl 
Balch & Ford, 154 Market 
Fowler, Gaston W. 19 Central sq. 
. Hart, Clarence S. 39 Market 
Hill. Herbert M. 254 Union 
Newell, George H. 9 City Hall sq. 
Newhall, W. F. 52 Market 
Olin, John G. 71 Market 
Palmer, Henry F. 120 Munroe 
Squire, Nelson C. 6 Market 
Thompson, J. E. 18 nity Hall sq. 
Wheeler, Charles A. 22 Market 

Ordnanee Material. 

American Ordnance Co. 44 Federal 

Adams. A. K. & Co. 730 Western av. 
Allen & McKonna, 261 Broad 
Anderson, O. F. 10 Clinton 
Armstead. Samuel, 18 Suffolk 
Ashton. E. M. & C. E. 137 Essex 

Baird, William L. 17 Centre 

Barnard, William R. & Co. Hospital av 

Barrett, W. I. 31 Bulfinch 

Bowen, Edward I. (sign) 165 Market 

Buttrick, George, 52 Silsbee 

CABLUETT, J AS. P. (carriage) 22 

Choate, See adv. 
Card, Joseph, 78 Silsbee av. 
Cloudman, S. N. (carriage) 134 Essex 
Dennis. Chester W. 274 Broad 
Dobbins, James H. (sign) 14 Mt. Pleasant 
Falls, Henry B. 116 Broad 
Foote Bros. 28 Union 
Frazier, I. & Son, 27 Andrew 
Gavel, Dayton L. 87 Willow 
Goodridge, C. H. S5 Munroe 
Grinnell, Alonzo P. 123 Walnut 
Hart, George D. (sign) 17 Centre 
Haskell, Robert F. 358 Broadway 
Higgins, L. M. 238 Maple 
Hoyt, R. B. 166 Broad 
Huse, Joseph E. 174 Broad 
Kltchln & Simonson (carriage) 113 Empire 
Kollock, Henry T. 331 Euclid av. 
Lewis, Joseph C. (sign and show card) 130 ' 

Lovejoy, F. M. & Son, 27 Carlton 
McGown, George H. 7 French 
Murphy, William F. 32 Magnolia av. 
Newhall, Walter L. 817 Boston 
Paige, Otis L. Chestnut 
Patten, A. 95 Goodridge 
Pedrick, Lincoln (carriage) 3 Mountain av. 
Preston, Thomas W. 596 Western av. 
Rawdlng, Sidney C. (carriage) 214 Chestnut 
Reynolds, O. B. 29 Brimblecom 
Rowell, John B. 71 Munroe 
Sawyer, Chase & Co. (carriage) 26 Farrar 
Stevens, James H. 12 Mechanics ct. 
Stoddard, Joseph A. 31 Michigan av. 
Stover, William R. 216 Union 
Sullivan, Stephen, 586 Essex 
Thurston, Benjamin S. 7 Neptune St. ct. 
Titus, John E. 604 Washington 
Walsh, W. I. (siern) 98 Munroe 
Welch, L. H. & Co. 47 Exchange 
Wright, John S. 63 Exchange 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

Ashton, E. M. & C. E. 137 Essex 
Balrd, Wm. L. 17 Centre 
Brockway-Smith Corp. 61 Munroe 
Foote Bros. 23 Union 
Haskell, Nelson S. 101 Union 
Hughes, James R. 757 Western av. 
Huse, Joseph E. 174 Broad 
Hutchinson, W. Henry, 49 Munroe 
Jewett, Henry C. 1,05 Essex 
Sullivan. Stephen, 586 Essex 
Trefethen, Frank L. 7 Central av. 
Wright, John S. 63 Exchange 

Paner Hangings. 

Adams, A. K. & Co. 730 Western av. 
Bradford. F. H. 6 Central av. 
Chapman & Tuttle, 4 Union sq. 
Falls, Henry B. 116-120 Broad 
Frazier, Isaac, & Son, 27 Andrew 
Huse, Joseph E. 174 Broad 
Polk & Levy, 165 Summer 
Sullivan, Stephen. 586 Essex 
Ulman. I. A. & S. A. 12 Union 

Paper Stoek Dealers. 

Grob, A. r. 150 Commercial 
Klivansky, John, & Co. 32 Sea 

•Patent Clump Pnlleys «fc Siifety 

Collars lor Shafting;. 
DAVEY, THOMAS, «& CO. 16 An- 
drew. See adv. 

Of anything that can bo printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 




Pattern and Model Maker. 

Soliciting Any Work in My Line. 


All Work Done Promptly and 
at Reasonable Prices. 

Patent Lawyer. 
Harrlman, L. H. 343 Union 

Patent Medicine Mfrs. 
BROCK, L. M. & CO. Breed's sq. 

See adv. 
Home Medical Co. Florence av. 
Pinkham, Lydia E. Medicine Co. 271 

Western av. 
Thurston, George B. 108 Commercial 

Pattern and Model Makers. 

LOVERING, A. ». 25 State. See adv. 
Rublee, Otis N. 525 Union 

Pawn Brokers. 

(See Brokers.) 

•Pension Attorney. 

WATTS, ISAAC S. 113 Munroe. See 


Ames, George W. 94 Market 
Bowers, Wilder T. 15 Market 
Burns, Frederick W. 203 Oxford 
Cook, L. W. 72 Market 
Dodge, Edwin G. 61 MarKet 
Griffin, W. W. 80 Johnson 
Nash, G. W. 89 Market 
Shorey, Carleton E. 40 Market 
Taggard. Frank E. 333 Union 
Wires, William M. 139 Broad 

Photographic Supplies. 

Babb, A. M. 18 Andrew 


Ahearne, Cornelius A. 21 Church 
Andrews, John B. 83 Franklin 
Baker, Leland M. (Horn.) 145 N. Common 
Baker, Wm. H. (Horn.) 153 Washington 
Balcom, John A. (Horn.) 108 Chatham 
Bangs, Charles H. 31 Broad 
Batchelder, C. A. Mrs. 20 Green 
Bedard, Joseph Armand, 88 Franklin 
Bergengren. Frederick W. A. 125 Chatham 
Berg, Teckla Miss, 31 Broad 



booms, 113 munroe stkekt, 
lynn, mass. 


Brlgham, Frank F. 17 Franklin 
Brown, Charles R. (Horn.) 130 Green 
Caird, Alexander (Eel.) 35 Baker 
Carr, George B. (Horn.) 1S4 S. Common 
Castle, James, 54 Central sq. 
Chase, Arthur B. 376 Essex 
Chicoine, Isidore H. 1 Atlantic 
Chorlian, Krikore H. 583 Essex 
Clark, William H. 272 Western a v. 
Cobb, Carolus M. (Ocu.) 25 Broad 
Couture, Michael H. 95 Federal 
Cushing. Eugene B. (Horn.) 24 Baker 
Davis, Stephen R. 180 Chestnut 
Dearborn, Reuben F. 16 S. Common 
Dennison, A. S. 7 Franklin 
Dover, Charles E. 840 Western av. 
Dezell, Frederick B. 2S9 Euclid av. 
Dolloff, Eugene M. (Horn.) 138 Chestnut 
Donovan, Michael R. 128 S. Common 
Goodell, Jonathan W. 4 Broad 
Grant, Jas. H. 148 S. Common 
Grav, George H. 4 Washington sq. 
Grow, Timothy R. (Horn.) 138 Chestnut 
Harmon, Melvin A. 69 Park 
Harris, Arthur E. 1 Broad 
Hatch, Leonard F. 34 Mall 
Hawkes, E. H. Mrs. (Horn.) 16 Newhall 
Haywood, Geo. W. (Horn.) 45 Hanover 
Haywood, I. P. Mrs. (Horn.) 45 Hanover 
Holbrook, Wm. E. 131 N. Common 
Hopkins, Wm. T. (Horn.) 65 Broad 
Jenkins, Charles E. 10 Ireson 


Oougfi and Group Balsam 

Cures a Cough in One Day and 
the Croup in One Minute. . . . 

L. M. BROCK & CO., Props., 


Jones, Elgin W. (Ocu.) 25 Newhall 

Judkins, Frank L. 7 Mason 

Keown, James A. 23 Ireson 

King, William R. 30 Silsbee 

Lane, Francis A. 25 Lakeside av. 

Laxton, J. W. R. 90 Exchange 

Leonard, H. P. 4 Union 

Little, William B. 4 Nahant 

Lougee, Frank T. 11 Atlantic 

Lovejoy, Charles A. 64 Broad 

Lovell, Chas. D. S. 17 Baker 

Mangan, John J. 55 N. Common 

Marden, Wilmot L. (Horn.) 203 Lewis 

Marshall. Carey F. 234 Maple 

Marston, Edward B. 25 Broad 

Marston, Luther M. 23 Nahant 

Martin, Archibald H. (Ocu.) 12 Broad 

McDonald, William A. 124 Summer 

McGuigan, John J. 37 Mall 

Meader, Charles E. 100 Green 

Meader. S. F. Mrs. (Met.) 51 Estes 

Meramble, Clarence E. 69 Lewis 

Miller, Norman R. 223 Union 

Morse, F. Adalbert, 11 Lincoln 

Newhall, Edward, 72 Broad 

Newhall, Herbert W. 13 Nahant 

Orne, Joshua H. (Clair.) 31 Baker 

O'Shea, Joseph F. 116 Union 

Perkins, Thomas T. (Horn.) 24 Brimblecom 

Perkins, Stella M. (Horn.) 20 S. Common 

Pinkham, Joseph G. 73 Silsbee 

Richardson, Benjamin F. 20 Silsbee 

Ridley, John W. 702 Summer 

Ruppel. Emil C. F. 120 S. Common 

For printing of BOOKS 
VI:RS of CUTS, all styles. . 




LYNN— Continued. 

Ruppel, Myra D. Allen, 120 S. Common 
Sheldon, Chauncey C. 49 N. Common 
Stetson, Clarence A. 81 Washington 
Stone, Frank E. 92 S. Common 
Varney, Edith C. (Horn.) 132 Broad 
Waldron, Mabel W. (Horn.) 50 S. Common 
Ward, Walter B. 61 Johnson 
Ward. William G. 2 Atlantic 
Watters, Wm. (Horn.) 26 S. Common 
White, Everett, 390 Eastern av. 
Whittier. Helen A. (Bot.) IOC Market 
Wing, Edward P. 484 Western av. 
Woodill, George F. 185 N. Common 

Piano Tuners. 

Brown, George W. 2S Hamilton av. 

Bruce, Robert, 33 Harwood 

Curtis, H. M. 94 Market 

Forbes, W. F. 60 Beacon Hill av. 

Herlihy, M. J. 81 Sagamore 

Leavitt. Ernest. 39 Church 

McLaughlin, Bernard H. 5 Beacon Hill pi. 

Norton, Joseph C. 30 Grove 

Pitman, William N. 113 Munroe 

Watts, Herbert W. 27 Minot 

Pictures and Picture Framers. 

Attwill, Jesse L. 75 Munroe 
Crosman Art Co. 14 Central av. 
Emery, John, 9 City Hall sq. 
Hildreth, H. R. 72 Exchange 
Ryan, Thomas F. 61 Market 
Smith, Thomas, 13S Central av. 


Barton, Henry J. 1C6 Broad 
Billings, E. B. 5 Willow 
Cummings, J. R. 15 Depot yard 
Curry, James H. 45 Andrew 
Danforth, Walter H. 115 Essex 
Gard, John (estate) 257 Broad 
Hannaford, Charles T. 749 Western av. 
Harnois, Ernest, & Co. 39 Savory 
Heath, H. W. 41S Washington 
.Hughes, James R. 757 Western av. 
Hunt, John, 43 State 
Kiernan, Owen J. 11 Mt. Pleasant 
Lewis, W. E. 17 Central av. 
May & Co. 47 Central av. 
McGilvray, Joseph, 61 Market sq. 
Morgan, John F. & Son, 22 Andrew 
Morris, John W. 106 Federal 
Nies Bros. 207 Broad 
Perkins, Fred L. 5 Buffum 
Pool, Howard F. 5 Market 
Quinby. W. C. r. 141 Broad 
Reardon, T. B. 27 Central av. 
Ryan & Co. 27 State 
Ryan, Richard A. 630 Essex 
Stevens. Fred B. 93 Market 
Stoddard & Gorham. 15 Mason 
White, Richard J. 10 Mulberry 
Wiley, W. I. 740 Western av. 

Pool Rooms. 

Collyer, Thomas F. 304 Chatham 
Fltzallen, Oscar. 148 Chatham 
Hearon, James D. 92 Federal 
Hussey, Ralph A. 591 Boston 
Thomas, Joseph W. 433 Boston 

Pop Corn Mfrs. 

National Pop Corn Works, 261-263 Western 

Post Office and Postmaster. 

Lynn— E. KnoWlton Fogg 

Potato Chip Mfrs. 

Boyd Brothers, 162 Boston 

Poultry Dealers. 

Clark, Joseph M. 285 Lynnfleld 
Hill, Franklin P. off B st. 
McKenney, John H. 277 Lynnfield 
Waddilove & Jolly, 29 Cliff 


Bacheller, Edward F. 40 Broad 

Eaton, George E. 198 Oxford 

Herbert, George C. <£ Co. 10 Central sq. 

Hilton, Grant S. (gold and silver leaf) 324 

Johnson, Benjamin O. 505 Washington 
Law, J. Edward, 13 Willow 
Lynn Job Print, 64 Oxford 
Macfarlane, John, & Co. 23 Central av. 
Maguire, Dennis F. 18 Robinson 
McCarty. John F. & Co. 27 Central sq. 
Mercantile Printing Co. 113 Munroe 
Nichols, G. H. & A. L. 411 Union 
Nichols, Thos. P. 113 Market 
Olsen & Valpey, 135 Munroe 
Parker, Luther C. & Co. 125 Market 
Rundlett & Hastings, 9 Norcross ct. 
Webber, Burtls M. 35 Munroe 
Whitten & Cass, 33 Munroe 
Wilkinson Job Print, 19 Central sq. 

Produce Dealers. 

Fisb.Maclean & Co. (whol.) 181 Market 
Jepson, Eli, & Son (whol.) 79 State 
Parks, Joseph F. 32 Stewart 
Pepperell, E. Frank, 305 Essex 
Savir, Jose (Italian) 75 Pleasant 
Slayton, E. M. Co. 18 Drown's ct. 
Vincent, G. A. r. 321 Broadway 

Provision Dealers. 

Armour Packing Co. (whol.) 142 Pleasant 
Ballard, Frank E. 17 High Rock 
Bartlett, Allen E. 11 Sagamore 
Bent, George F. & Co. 8 City Hall sq. 
Blood, Josiah B. & Co. 94 Summer 
Boston Branch Grocery, A. M. Babb, prop. 

44 Central av. 
Brooks, George P. 50 Collins 
Caverly, E. J. & Co. 57 N. Common 
Cummings, Lewis J. 293 Chestnut 
Davis, S. A. Mrs. 530 Chestnut 
Day Bros. 769 Western av. 
Day, Dennis F. 510 Boston 
Durland, R. M. 147 Union 
Eagan, John, 20 Amity 
Eager, Frank D. 17 City Hall sq. 
Edson, N. W. & Co. 159 Franklin and 36 

Fraser, Angus, 441 1 i Western av. 
Goodhue, George W. 200 Franklin 
Gray & Berquist. 2S3 Union 
Griffin. Charles H. 182 Union- 
Hatfield, H. M. & Co. 26 Pearl 
Haynes, C. E. Mrs. & Co. 26 Pearl 
Heal, J. W. Summer, cor. Pleasant 
Honors, A. G. & Son, 540 Chestnut 
Howard, Frank W. 47 Myrtle 
Hurd. Albert W. & Co. (whol.) 32 Andrew 
Hutchinson, George D. 15 High Rock 
Hutchinson, George P. 201 Union 
Hyde. Edward V. 309 Union 
Ingalls & Williams, 409 Summer 
Johnson, Edgar J. 55 Market sq. 
Kellam, Theo. H. 435 Boston 
Lannan Market. 59 Union 
Lannon, W. E. Mrs. 47 Market 
Lewis, Fred G. 95 Lewis 
Lltch, James H. 37 Central av. 
Longley, Miner P. 415 Essex 


Is on flic in Every Town and City in tho State. It is the 
only publicatiou giving the complete roster of Public 
Oflleials. It should bo in every business olllce. 



Lynn Grocery Cash Store, D90 Essex 
Lynn Provision Co. (whol.) 201 S. c 

Marsh, Stephen S. 73 Summer 
Moody, M. F. & Co. 191 Summer 
MulJin, J. J. 346 Chestnut 
Murphy, Charles A. 71 Jefferson 
Nichols, W. O. 2S Lincoln 
Northup Bros. 69 Neptune 
O'Brien, John (whol.) 123 Pleasant 
O'Brien, J. I. & Co. 42 Central 
Osborne & Co. 17 Market sq. 
Perkins, Edward H. 52 Spring 
Perkins, Samuel S. & Co. 219 Lewis 
Porter, Hanson, & Co. 9 Broad 
Putney, Samuel, 2 Franklin sq. 
Rhodes, Howard J. 89 Federal 
Snell, William, 2 Houghton sq. 
Staples, E. W. 596 Essex 
Tarbox, James E. <fe Co. 3 Federal sq. 
Thomas. J. B. Co. (whol.) 48 Oxfonl 
Thrasher, Henrv S. & Co. 235 Union 
Wiley, C. E. 85 Chatham 
Youland & McManus, 121 Market 
Young, E. S. 113. Broad 


Bubier Pub. Co. 139 Market 
Ingalls, J. F. 67 Whiting 
Nichols Press,' The, 113 Market 
Souvenir Pub. Co. 40 Broad 

Real Estnte Agjents. 

Abbott, M. H. 3 Exchange 
Atkins, Frank W. 15 Central av. 
Atwill, Alfred M. 333 Union 
Barry, William J. 343 Union 
Bennett, J. C. 159 Commercial 
Breed, Charles Otis, 15 Central av. 
Breed, George W. 3 Exchange 
Cook, H. W. 169 Essex 
Cushing, Joseph W. 343 Union 
Cushing, Walter F. 9 Exchange 
Flanders, A. B. 10 Central sq. 
Frizzell, Frank H. 4 Lee Hall 
Gerrish, Clarence E. 11 r.urrum 
Hacker, Henry M. 29 Spring 
Hall & Newhall, 112 Market 
Harwood, George F. 333 Union 
Heme, John A. 10 Central sq. 
Hull, Kenneth, 333 Union 
Ingalls, Jerome, & Co. 21 Andrew 
Jenkins, George, 10 Central sq. 
Keliey, George I. 113 Munroe 
Knight, Thomas B. 328 Union 
Lewis & Newhall, 313 Union 
Madden, John H. 408 Union 
Marsh, Helen M. Mrs. 343 Union 
Morrow, J. R. 89 Market 

Murphy, Daniel H. 408 Union 
Newhall, George H. 34 Central sq. 
Newhall, Howard Mudge, 66 Central sq. 
Newhall, Israel Augustus. 112 Market 
Packer, Leander M. 17 N. Franklin St. ct. 
Pitman, Benjamin, 34 Central sq. 
Pool, William D. 191 N. Common 
Porter, Thomas F. 411 Union 
Silsbee, Baker & Geer, 341 Union 
Silsbee, James B. 343 Union 
Smith, H. H. 4 Rockdale av. 
Snow, Willis L. 132 Central av. 
Swain, W. Allen, 67^ Market 
Thompson, Waldo, & Son, 72 Exchange 
Tibbetts. Edwin A. 34 Central sq. 
Townsend, A. Justin, 481 Chatham 
Webster, E. W. 167 Market 
Welch, Lewis H. & Co. 47 Exchange 
Wood bridge, Charles G. 9 Bufium 

Union. See adv 
Wyman. Charles W. 4 Market 


Anderson, J. P. Fairchild 

Belliveau, J. Benj. (night lunch) 72 Fed- 

Bent, Fred W. 39 Central sq. 

Bowden, F. W. 79 Blake 

Carmody, John, 156 Commercial 

Caswell, Lena A. 197 Market 

Clough, Kittle E. Mrs. 67 Summer 

Collins, Mary J. 125 Broad 

Cook, B. M. (night lunch) High. cor. Essex 

Croud, B. J. Mrs. 15 Centre 

Earl & Martin, 406 Union 

Elderton, Chester W. (lunch) 56 Central sq. 

Emmons, B. F. 18 Market sq. 

Emmons, Walter F. 8 Federal 

Flint, E. H. 934 Western av. 

Friendly Inn, 408 Washington 

Guard, L. .A. 137 Commercial 

HAMEL, E. I,, (night lunch) 49 
Wheeler. See adv. 

Harding. Frank (lunch) 602 Washington 

Harmon, Charles, 715 Western av. 

Hong Far Low (Chinese) 152 Oxford 

Hopklnsom Edwin (lunch room) 176 Mar- 

Huntt, Harry, 18 Central sq. 

Jones, William L. 969 Western av. 

Kellev, Fred A. W. 453 Washington 

King, Robert Mrs. 84 Central av. 

Landers, Robert W. & Co. 22 Munroe 

Macdonald. John, 203 Phestnut 

Montour, Charlf-s, 54 Union 

Mooney & Leeds. 12 Andrew- 
Nash. Margaret A. 316 Washington 

Quinlan, Timothy. 48 Spring 





Cellar Stone. Blue Gravel, Fino Red Porphyry for Outside Work, Cellar 

Excavating, Sidewalks made. Etc. Road Biiiidin<- r a Specialty 

House Lots For Sale. Houses For Sale. Easy Terms. Smail Amount 
Down. Houses To Let. Money to Loan 

AiZGrxt: if or* Wood, TTr^r'jmor-i «S£ Co. 

Room 33, Bergengren Building, Central Square. 


The Builders' Weekly, 

Worcester, Mass. 


LYNN— Continued. 


GO 1"0 

Wyman's Restaurant 

4C3 Washington Street, 
114-116 Muiiroe Street, 


Meals Served: "Week-Days, 6 a. M. to 8 v. M. 

Sundays, 8 to ID A. M.. 4 to 6.30 P. M. 

Roberts, W. F. 151 Union 

Scanlan, Thomas M. (night lunch) 32 Blos- 

Scharf, Paul, 52 Andrew 

Tarbox, Charles, 728 Washington 

Tibbetts, J. C. 1177 Washington 

Trueworthy, Augustus, 33 Pearl 

Tufts, James H. 132 Munroe 

Walker, John F. 122 Oxford 

Ward, Clarence M. 9 Railroad av. 

WYMAN, A. S. MRS. 463 Washington 
and 114-116 Munroe. See adv. 


Burns & Bee, 45 Sea 
Curry, James H. (tin) 45 Andrew 
Qulnn, Martin L. & Co. 21 State 
Young, Stephen, 7 Silver Lake pi. 

Rubber Goods. 

Howe, Oliver R. 50 Central sq. 
Phillips, S. & Co. (mfrs.) 83 Munroe 
Spinney, Wise & Co. (mfrs.) 6 Box pi. 

Rubber Stamp Mfrs. 
Chase, Harry E. 145 Munroe 
Payne, William H. 27 Pearl 

Sand Paper. 

Buzzell, O. W. (moulded) 68 Munroe 
Union Sand Paper & Emery Wheel Co. 435 


Lynn Sanitarium Corporation, 34 Central 

Savings Banks. 

(See Banks.) 

Saw Filers. 

Laybold, James, 2C1 Broad 
Laybold, Nathan, 26 Union ct. 
Preston, E. W. 193 Oxford 


Boyce, Edward A. (shorthand) 248 Chest- 
Lynn Business College, 90 Exchange 
Phoenix School, Henrietta Kimball, direc- 
tor, 5 City Hall sq. 

Scientific Instrument Mfrs. 

Fiego, Alexander J. R. 15 State 

Screen Mfrs. 

Staples, H. Q. 817 Washington 
Weeks, Joseph W. 20 Thompson ct. 

Seal Presses ami Stencils. 

Gordon, Hiram W. 411 Union 

Sewing? Machine Dealers. 

Austin, Frank (repair) 150 Munroe 
Colbath. Henry W. 318 Union 
Hosmer, William O. 27 Central sq. 
McKenny, B. M. (repairer) 106 Oxford 
Morse, George H. & Co. 48 Market 
Reece Button Hole Machine Co. 318 Union 
Singer Mfg. Co. 84 Munroe and 18 City 

Hall sq. 
Union Special Sewing Machine Co. 503 

Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co. 96 Munroe 

•Shafting-, Hangers <fc Pulle*ys. 

Embree, W. T. & Co. 61 Oxford 


Lincoln, Hervey W. 218 Market 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Marshall Shirt Co. 113 Munroe 

Skirt and Wrapper Mfrs. 

Lynn Skirt & Wrapper Co. 311 Union 
Slipper Mfrs. 

American Slipper Co. 106 Oxford 

Caunt, Joseph, & Co. 125 Market 

Cobb & Putnam, 82-86 Brookliiii 

Cook, J. A. 77 Blake 

Dickinson, Jos. 311 Broad 

Fisher, A. & A. D. 4 Box pi. 

Hoyt & Rowe, 113 Munroe 

Johnson, Luther S. & Co. 669 Washington 

Kollock, Frank A. 458 Union 

Lane, John, & Son, 137 Alley 

Mansfield, G. A. & E. A. 460 Union 

Moore, F. W. & Co. Boston 

Parke, John H. 59 Oxford 

Pierce & Sibley, 7 Willow 

Roberts, W. H. & Co. 50 Suffolk 

Stickney, Francis, & Co. 11 Rand 

Vella, J. F. & Co. 54 Bowler 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Hamson, Robert M. 4 Towne's ct. 
Lavasa Miff. Co. 15 Central av. 
Marsh, C. E. & Co. 501 Chestnut 
Marsh, George E. & Co. 393 Chestnut 

Sole and Leather Dealers. 

Batchelder, George H. & Son, 35 Willow 
Bodwell, George A. & Co. Ill OxTord 
Boynton, David S. 733 Washington 
Breed, R. J. 437 Union 
Breed & Bacheller, 685 Washington 
Bubier, F. L. 647 Washington 
Carr Brothers, 491 Union 
Croscup, Josiah P. 15 Willow 
Duncan, H. J. 221 Market 
Farrell & Hurley, 39 Willow 
Faulkner, William A. & Co. 493 Union 
Gardiner, Beardsell & Co. 206 Broaa 
Hale. Galloup & Co. 585 Washington 
Henderson, C. H. & Co. 72 Blake 
Hilliard & Merrill. 437 Washington 
Hiliiard, R. E. 256 Broad 
Johnson, E. S. & Co. 450 Union 
Johnson, T. C. & Sons, 685 Washington 
LaCroix, W. & E. W. 15 Harrison ct. 
Llbbey, J. L. & Son, 479 Union 
Phllhrook, C. J. 21 Willow 
Phlnney, J. C. F. 23 Central av. 
Phlnney. Wallace B. 669 Washington 
Pierce, W. H. 209 Market 
Skinner, B. Warren. 402 Boston 
Souther, Elhrldee G. 497 Union 
Walsh, W. N. Mrs. 2S Summer 
Woodman, John A. & Co. 475 Union 


Is our specialty. We do good work or 
none at all. Try us. 



Stable Outfitters. 

Lynn Stall Co. 2 Sea 


Alden, James A. r. 444 Essex 

Bray, T. Warren, 15 Nahant 

Breed, Allen B. Mrs. 83 Warren 

Central Stables, 170 Broad 

Cokeley, George, 225 Washington 

Donovan, Michael, 16 Chestnut 

Fullarn, H. H. & Co. 210 Union 

Giidden, Charles R. 4S6 Chestnut 

Glidden, Herbert S. r. 55 Buffum 

Goldthwalt, James W. 23 Farrar 

Greenleaf, E. B. 20 Union 

Hlggins' Lynn Hack & Barge Stable, 579 

Western av. 
Kearney, Stephen R. 149 Maple 
Mackln, James, 31 Andrew- 
Mitchell's Stable, 16 Barker ct. 
Mower, E. A. 166 Union 
Murphy, Thomas F. (hack) 439 Boston 
Quigley, Abbie F. r. 555 Western av. 
Ray Bros. 12 Prescott pi. 
Rhodes, Stephen P. 17 South 
Sanborn, Amos R. & Co. 60 Timson 
Scribner, Bial H. 777 Western av. 
Smith, L. Emery, 102 Central av. 
Stone, C. W. 46 Michigan av. 
Storey, Allen, & Co. 32 Andrew 
Todd, Herbert E. 75 Willow 
Foung, John W. 15 Johnson 

Stair Builders. 

Haskell, Frank H. 40 Suffolk 

Marshall, C. Otis, & Son, 53 Marshall's 

Shattuck, C. H. 141 Commercial 


Pearson, Henry A. 3 Market 

Steamboat Lines. 

Boston & Lynn Steamboat Line, NewhalPs 

Lynn Steamboat Co. 7 Anoka pi. 


Carey, Herbert J. 44 Federal 
Northrup, Winifred S. 16 Lowell St. ct. 
Stone, Eva Stuart, 343 Union 
Southard, Annabel le M. 333 Union 
Webster, S. A. Miss, 333 Union 

Storage Warehouses. 

Tewksbury & Caldwell, 55 South 

Tremont Storehouse, S. H. Bubier, agt. 11 

Tremont St. ct. 
Union Storehouse, r. Strawberry av. 

Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces, Ete. 

Dame, Melvin A. 29 Munroe 
Hannaford, C. T. 749 Western av. 
Larrabee, W. J. 43 State 
McGllvray, Joseph. 61 Market sq. 
Morgan, John F. & Son. 22 Andrew 
Pension, John H. 28 Market sq. 
Stevens. F. B. 93 Market 
Taylor, Hollis S. 10 Tilton ter. 

Street Sprinklers. 

American Car Sprinkler Co. J. B. Ken- 
nlson. supt. 108 Empire 

Tnt'k Manufacturers. 

Atlas Tack Co. 435 Union 
Churchill & Allen, 67 State 

100,000 FIRMS 


Abrahams, Abram, 59 Market sq 
Alkin, Hyman, 97 Willow 
Barker, D. W. 495 Washington 
Brown, William E. 110 Broad 
Browning, Willis, 158 Fayette 
Busheling Co. The, 311 Union 
Carissimi, E. C. 82 Exchange 
Chadwick, E. A. 54 Central sq. 
Chase, James & Co. 2'J4 Union 
Cohen, Jacob, 852 Western av. 
Cohen, Jane Mrs. 212 Union 
Cohen, Simon, 755Vi> Western av. 
Collins & Perry, 7 Munroe 
Denoyan, Joseph F. 34 Central sq. 
Fifth Avenue Tailoring Co. 3 Cherry 
Foran, John, 69 Buffum 
Goldberg, Henry, 15 Central sq. 
Grady, John F. 160 Market 
Gross, Myer, 10 Federal 
Hamilton, David, 90 Market 
Harris, K. 170 Broad 
Harris, Solomon, 146 Market 
Hayes. Ike. & Co. 232 Union 
Hughes, P. K. 73 Munroe 
Hugo & Safran, 27 Spring 
Knudsen, John F. 136 Central av. 
Linsky, Max, 18 Munroe 
Molligi, Michael, 163 Pleasant 
Monanan, Joseph, 156 Market 
Murphy. J. J. & Co. 339 Union 
Neill, James E. 19 Central sq. 
Parker & Stone, 75 Exchange 
Patterson, D. O. & Co. 66 Central av. 
Ratican, James, 86 Summer 
Robblee, D. Howard, 32 Summer 
Safran, J. 72 Pearl 
Stanley. Fred D. 311 Union 
Stevens, H. M. 311 Union 
Swasey, W. W. & Co. 321 Union 
Tashjian, Harry, 7 Federal sq. 
Timson, .George O. 31 Exchange 
Travers, James (estate) 141 Munroe 
Walsh, Jeremiah, 26 Market sq. 
Walsh. Stephen M. & Co. 27 Central sq. 
Williams, John C. 106 Market 
Wyatt, J. Harry, 78 Union 

•Tailors' and Drossinnkers' 

Weinberg, S. J. 56 Andrew- 
Tanners and Curriers. 

Orey, Maddock & Locke, cor. Federal st. 
and Western av. 


Tufts, A. Merrill, 160 Oxford 
Witham, Levi W. 11 Lee ct. 


Armitage, Joseph E., B. & M. R. R. sta. 

Bates, C. W. 414 Essex 

Baxter, J. F. 94 Central av. 

Bean, John A. 171 Market 

Bickford, William F. 12 Webster 

Bliss, George W. C. 14 Pendexter 

Breed, Amos F. 46 Carnes 

Calley, John F. 34 Sutton 

Chase, Dudley W. 16 Andrew 

Cloon, Richard T. 7 Munroe 

Cropley, Henry W. & Son. 451 Washington 

Curtis, C. T. & Son. 64 Andrew 

Cushing & Baxter, 94 Central av. 

Donovan, Patrick T. 21 South 

Fielding, John B. M. 109 New Chatham 

Gourley, William P. 11 Wheeler 

Gunn. James, 65 May 

Hurd, H. H.. N. E. side Holder's pond 

Leavltt. M. I. 103 Central av. 

Throughout the 







LYNN— Continued. 

Marston's. C. A. Baggage Exp. 330 Union 

Moore, C. M. & Son, 2S Buirum 

Moore, Julian A. 207 Union 

Mulr's Baggage Express, 15 Depot yard 

Trefry, William A. r. 112 Federal 

Twisden Bros. 13 Webster 

Wood. Geo. H. 56 Goldthwait 

Teas and Coffees. 

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. 37 Mar- 

Hatton Bros. & Johnson, 67 Market and 
269 Union 

New England Tea Co. 186 Union 


Smith & Dove Mfg. Co. 29 Exchange 

Trnelc Mir a. 

McCurdy, D. L. & Co. 25 State 


Grover, A. J. 166 Commercial 


Blalsdell, James M. 191% N. Common 
Brady Co. 2 S. Common 

Bryant, James L. 2C5 Essex, res. 22 New- 
hall av. 
Chandler, Wm. R. 140 S. Common 
Corcoran, James H. 27 Summer 
Culliton, William, 767 Western av. 
Darcy, John W. 212 S. Common 
Donovan, John, & Son, 30 Ireson 
Greenleaf, Edwin B. 24 Union 
Haven, H. M. 133 Central av. 
Mower, E. A. 166 Union 
Ryan, Simon J. 209 Chestnut 
Young, John W. 15 Johnson 


Adams, Edward E. 41 Market 
Hall, H. & Son, Union 
Hlldreth, Henry R. 72 Exchange 
Keene, Edmund S. 427 Summer 
Laird, William, 30 Union 
McElligott, Maurice J. 216 Western av. 
Nash, John B. & Co. 28 S. Common 
Robidou, B. H. 114 Broad 
Webber, Parker J. 80 Market 

Variety Stores. 

Adams, Charles A. 7 Union 

Alley, William, 322 Broadway 

Anderson, Jennie B. Mrs. 8 Curve 

Batchelder, E. J. 50 Silsbee 

Baumgarten, Bernard, 641 Boston 

Beckett, Mattie Mrs. 36 Hillside av. 

Boyden, Walter P. 52 Union 

Boynton, Georgianna Mrs. 201 Franklin 

Breed, Henry G. 33 Market sq. 

Breyer, E. 42 Pleasant 

Brown, Daniel Mrs. 544 Boston 

Brown, James C. 2 Essex 

Brown, Samuel R. 518 Chestnut 

Burrows, J. Mrs. 55 Union 

Butterfleld, Francis O. 13 City Hall sq. 

Cahlll, Hannah, 42 Sheridan 

Call. Martin L. 80 Chatham 

Cash, Francis C. 258 Chatham 

Chase, Mary E. 198 Franklin 

Cheever, Andrew J. 14 Ida 

Churchill, Nelson, 544 Chestnut 

Cleveland, James L.. 374 Summer 

Conedon, John H. 141 Broad 

Conway. John F. 1S1 Summer 

Cormack. John S. 61 Franklin 


Crosman, Albert H. 834 Summer 

Cunnlan, John, 37 Murray 

Cunningham, Hugh, 533 Boston 

Davis, Edgar C. 413 Essex 

Deland, Ah'red N. 317 Broadway 

Dumas, Timothy J. 76 Market sq. 

Dwinell, Emeline, 129 Essex 

Egan & Co. 2 Union 

Emmerton, James H. 140 Commercial 

Estes, Joseph F. 114 Maple 

Fisher, P. A. Mrs. 204 Essex 

Fitzallen, Oscar Mrs. 

Foster, Harvey, 32 S. Common 

Freeman, Simeon, 110 Blossom 

Frost, Florence M. 168 Euclid av. 

Gardner, Nellie F. 3S5 Maple 

Gillespie, Augustus, 237 Broad 

Glrard, Walter, 82 Rockaway 

Graves. Arthur, 834 Western av. 

Gray. William M. 58 Roukaway 

Greeley, Eugene O. 43 Pearl 

Griffin, Mary A. Mrs. 66 Marlon 

Gwinn, N. P. Mrs. 90 Summer 

Hanrahan, Mary, 172 Myrtle 

Harmon, Woodbury S. 2S7 Essex 

Herbert, Joseph, cor. Eastern and Western 

Hennessey, James J. 46 Wheeler 
Hinds, George H. 158 Union 
Hoyt & Jackson, 121 Broad 
Hunt, Frank C. Ill Western av. 
Johnson, W. A. 439 Western av. 
Keating, Mary Mrs. 72 Hood 
Keenan, James H. 303 Chestnut 
Kennealy. James A. 367 Essex 
Kidder, George E. Summer, cor. River 
King, Walter G. 1027 Washington 
Lane, Katherine A. 498 Chestnut 
Lande, B. 50 Harbor 
Lege re, Frank, 51 Waterhill 
Littlefleld. H. Greeley, 259 Essex 
Lorendo, Francis G. 534 Western av. 
Macauley, James, 41 N. Common 
Marshall, Edward, 65 Harbor 
Mailhut. Isaac O. 122 Sheridan 
May. John E. 281 Broadway 
McCIoskey, John, 79 Pleasant 
MeElhinneyi* Maud M. 434 Summer 
McKinnon, J. A. "& Co. 325 Chatham 
Minor, James A. 46 Eastern av. 
Moran, Patrick. 468 Roston 
Murphy, J. P. Mrs. 839 Boston 
Myrick, C. H. & Co. 242 Union 
Nickerson, Charles F. 92 Center 
Ober, Hervey S. 88 Chatham 
O'Brien, Jeremiah. 50 Ocean 
O'Donovan, Cornelius, 102 River 
Parks, Marion J. 1049 Western av. 
Partridge & Son, 213 Summer 
Poor, Kittle L. 131 Lewis 
Pope, Theodore, 431 Chatham 
Prime, Elmira Mrs. 237 Broadway 
Richards, E. B. 47 Bloomflelrt 
Robey, Richard T. 4 Mason 
Simmons, Hiram D. 106 Fayette 
Simonds, Joseph F. SS7 Western av. 
Skinner, Elbridge M. 317 Summer 
Smith, John G. 22 Neptune 
Snow, Charles L. & Co. 220 Union 
Southwick, C. 367 Boston 
Stlllman, Albert J. Mrs. 141 Essex 
Siifden, Jane Mrs. 61 Wyman 
Sullivan, Michael, 105 Blossom 
Tangney, David, 30 May 
Tapper Bros. Summer, cor. Ashland 
Tarr, Minnie A. Mrs. Winnepurklt av. 
Tilton, John, 209 Chestnut 
Valiquet, Joseph S. 275 Essex 
Vinnert, Patrick, 23 Robinson 
Ward, George F. 192 Chatham 
Ward, Nora S. Mrs. 90 Cottage 

Cannot intelligently and conveniently con- 
vict Public Business without such aids 
s the information in this liook affords. 



Ward, Thomaa E 330 Chatham 
Welts, Cora B. 25& Collins 
Wllklns, Clarence A. 623 Boston 
Winslow, J. W. Mrs. 119 Light 
Wltham, Geo. F. 149 Franklin 
Woolworth, F. W. & Co. 58-62 Market 
Zeubach, L. 20 Pearl 

Veterinary Snrgeons. 

Babbitt. Frank J. S Red Rock 
Cain, George E. 159 Summer 
Emerson, Daniel, 23 Farrar 
Farquhar, John M. 170 Broad 
McClue, John, 12 Barker ct. 
Williams, Milton H. 454 Chestnut 

Wheel Mfrs. 

Skinner & Scott Wheel Co. 135 Alley 

•Welshach Lights. 
DAVEY, THOMAS, 4$: CO. 16 An- 
drew. See adv. 



Welsbacli and Hydro-Carbon Lights 

Gas and Steam Piping 1 , Electrical 
Work, Machinists. Patent (.lamp 
Pulleys and Safety Collars for 
Shafting. Telephone 203-2. 

Office, 1G Andrew Street, 

Factory, 50 Munroe Street, LYNN. 


Dennis, Chester W. 274 Broad 
Sawyer, Chase & Co. 26 Farrar 
Smith, Amos J. 48 Cedar 

Wool and Hair Factory. 

Dawson, William J. 5 Stetson 


In Essex Co., 13 m. north of Boston and 9 m. from Salem on South Read- 
ing Br. B. & M. It. R.; also the Newburyport Br. B. & M. It. R. runs through 
Lyunfield Center and the South Reading Br. through South Lynnfleld. Elec- 
tric cars to Wakefield, Peabody, North Saugus and Lyun. Inc. Feb. 28, 
1814. Pop. 818. 

Villages— South Lynnfleld, Lynnfleld Center. 

Annual town meeting second Monday 
in March. 

Clerk— Eben Parsons, 

Francis P. Russell, ch., 
George M. Roundy, 
Oscar I. Stowell 

John M. Danforth, 

Treasurer and Collector- 
John W. Perkins, 

Assessors— Selectmen 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Isaac H, Mitchell, 
Alfred W. Copeland 

Highway Commissioners- 
William E. Roundy, 
Frank Newhall 
David F. Parsons, 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Pnblic Schools. 

Committee— Oscar I. Stowell, ch. 
Mrs. Hattie F. Russell, L. Center 
John W. Perkins, L. Center 

Prlns. Grammar Schools- 
Esther R. Perkins 
Miss E. P. Sturtevant 

L. Center 

L. Center 
L. Center 

L. Center 
L. Center 

L. Center 

L. Center 
L. Center 


IHaeksiuitJi*— Thomas Evans 
Uark a. Wells. L . Center 

Boot anil Shoe Mfrs.-Henry Law 
Clarence Moulton (slippers) 

Carriage Repository— 

William A. Bray 
Cider Jlakcrs- E. T. Earle, L. Center 
E. F. Gerry, L. Center 

Clergyman and Cluircli- 

George E. Freeman, Center Cong, and 
South Cong., L. Center 

Coal and Wood— 

A. E. Copeland & Son 

Roundy Bros., L. Center 

Fred Skinner, L. Center 

Expresses- American Express Co. 

Tenney's Express at Lynnfleld Center 

W. D. Rogers' Express to Wakefield. 
Lynnfleld and Lynn 
General Stores— 

J. T. Bancroft, L. Center 

A. E. Copeland & Son 

George M. Roundy & Co. 
Granite Cutter— F. B. Newhall 
Hotel — Copelaiifi & Emerson, props. 

Lynnfleld Hotel, Morris C. Fitch, prop. 
Justices of the Peace— 

J. M. Danforth 

Andrew Mansfield 

Oscar I. Stowell 
Library— Lynnfleld Public, Miss E. W. 
Green, lib., L. Center 

Painter -B. T. Brown, L. Center 

Post Offices and Postmasters— 

Lynnfleld— W. H. Stevens 

Lynnfleld Center — B. T. Brown 
Slipper Mfrs,— Clarence M. Moulton 

E. Q. Moulton 
Viiieprar Mfr.— 

■ Elbrldgc F. Gerry, L. Center 

Wheelwright — 

Samuel Hardin*, L. Center 





In Middlesex Co., 5 m. north of Boston on Western Div. and Saugus Br. 
Eastern Div. B. & M. It. R. ; electric railways to Melrose, Medford, Lynn, 
Revere Beach, Everett and Boston. Settled in 1634; a town in 1049; a city 
in 1882. Pop. 29,708. 

Villages— Bell Rock, Broadway, Edgeworth, Faulkner, Linden, Maplewood. 
Oak Grove. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 


Charles L. Dean (R.) 

John E. Farnham (Ind. D.) 


City election first Tuesday in Decem- 
Mayor— Charles L. Dean (R), $1000 
Aldermen — Meetings first and third 
Tuesday evenings of each month. 
Chairman, James O. Otis (R) 
Clerk, Leverett D. Holden 
Wardl. Willard E. Robinson (R) 
Ward 2. John J. Kelley (Ind.) 
Ward 3. Daniel P. S. Page (R) 
Ward 4. Edward L. Browne (R) 
Ward 5. Clarence P. Whitcmnb (R) 
Ward 6. Charles Schumuker (R) 
Ward 7. James O. Otis (R) 
Common Councilmen— Meetings sec- 
ond and fourth Tuesday evenings 
of each month. 
President, Edward L. Browne 
Clerk, George A. Gardner, .$250 
Ward 1. George H. Bates (R) 
Thomas P. West (R) 
Edmund S. Wellington (R) 
Ward 2. Charles E. Bonning (R) 
James Long (R) 
Owen E. Rooney (R) 
Ward 3. Frank F. Clapp (R) 

Edgar A. Whittemoie (R) 
James E. Ryder (R) 
Ward 4. Edward II. Evans (R) 
Tenney M.orse 
J. Arthur Pierce (R) 
Ward5. Edwin F. Kelley <R) 
Frank S. Arnold (It) 
Ordwine Swain (R) 
Ward 6. George H. Johnson (R) 
Charles H. Paul (R) 
William W. Trafton (R) 
Ward 7. Waldo B. Bowker (R) 

William A. Hastings (It) 
Charles E. Ransom (R) 
City Officers. 
City Clerk, Leverett D. Holden, 
$1600; hours 8-1 and 2-4; Sat. 8-12; 
Tues. eve. 7-9 
Auditor, Henry A. Wilder, $1800 
Treasurer and Collector, George E. 
Hitchcock, $2850: hours 8-1 and 2-4; 
Sat. 8-12; Tuesday evenings 7-9 
Engineer, George A. Wetherbee, $2200 
Physician, Joseph \V. Proctor, $GU0 
Solicitor, Joseph Wiggin, $1200 
Chief Fire Dept., T. \V. Gowan, $1500 
Chief Police, Samuel M, Emerton, 

Clerk Committees, William H. Haw- 
ley, $800 

1 2 3 4 6 6 7 Totals. 

.419 443 391 390 357 357 325 2682 
.27S 262 251 318 332 199 214 1S54 

Inspector Buildings, G. Wilton Lew- 
is, $1500 
Inspector Milk, H. M. Hartshorn, $200 
Inspector of Plumbing, Charles E. 

Bullard, $1000 
Sealer Weights and Measures, Henry 

L. Putnam, $250 
Supt. Health. Thos. F. Powell, $1200 
Supt. Electric Lines, Herman A. 

Morse, $500 
City Messenger, G. H. McAllister, 


Chairman. John P. Holden, $600 

J. Tyler Shackford, $500 

Charles A. Whittemore, $500 

Clerk, Clarence A. Tonks, $1200 
Board Health— 

Chairman, C. W. McClearn, M. D. 

Frank H. Tarker, M. D., $75 

Charles D. McCarthy, $75 

Clerk, James P. Litch, $600 
Overseers Poor— 

Chairman. Mayor, ex-officio 

John Brodie, $75 

Laban Beal, $75 

Ahnone*V, Henry M. Hartshorn, 

$1000; hours 8-1, 2-4; Sat. 8-12; 

Tuesday evenings 7-9 

Supt. Almshouse, Geo. R. Frye, $700 
Commissioners Sinking Fdnd— 

Everett J. Stevens, ch. 

Stillman K. Roberts 

James H. Whitaker 

James F. Eaton 

Allen J. Chase 

Charles L. Davenport 
Trustees Cemeteries— 

President, Roland W. Tappan 

Secretary, John M. Corbett 

William W. Buckminster 

Clarence A. Perkins 

George S Mansfield 

Supt., Charles A. Stiles 
Water Commissioners— 

Chairman, Clarence A. Perkins, 

Charles G. Warren, $200 

Ezra A. Stevens, Jr., $200 

Supt. Water Works, John N. Jor- 
dan, $1500 

Water Registrar, G. W. Barrett, 
Fin k Commissioners— 

Chairman, Thomas W. Hough 

Harry E. Converse 

William Knollin 


Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
ichusetts; the information is obtained by personal can- 
vass of the State, and is duly copyrighted. 



Park Commissioners— 
Chairman, Costello C. Converse 
Michael S. O'Donnell 
Thomas E. Major 
Harry H. Barrett 
Sylvester Baxter 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Meetings second and last 
Wednesday evenings of each 

President, Mayor, ex-oflicio 

Secretary, Loiin A. Presby, $250 

Aaron C. Dowse 

Mrs. Anna C. Fall 

Mrs. Mary D. Griffin 

Mrs. C. Maria Nordstrom 

Lorin A. Presby 

G. Lonis Richards 

Benjamin H. Bailey 

Francis A. Shove 

William II. Huston 
Supt. Schools, George E. Gay, $2500; 
office, old high school building. 

Prin. High School, John W. Hutch- 
ins, $2300 


Richard W. Nutter, 
Frank A. Parsons, 
Laura A. Leonard, 
Frederick R. Hod^e, 
J. Lewis Wightman, 
Elwyn G. Campbell, 
Frank E. Hobart. 
Mary F. Griffith, 
Albert S. Ames, 
Emeline L. Rogers, 
Ella P. Payson, 
Susan Burnham, 
Clara M. Sweetser, 
Anna C. Ennis, 
L. May Lord, 
Annie P. Smith, 


Maple wood 










Oak Grove 







ABBREVIATIONS— Edg. Edgeworth; Fau.— 
Faulkner; Lin.— Linden; Map.— Maple- 


Bullard, E. G. 56 Pleasant 
Burr, Horace F. 209 Mountain av. 
Hartwell, C. F. 311 Eastern av. Fau. 
Moulton, Forest B. 126 Pleasant 
Rogers & Ford, 361 Main 

Artists' Materials. 

Crocker, Austin F. 106 Pleasant 


Young Men's Christian Asso, A. C. Cotton, 
gen. sec. 83 Pleasant 


Ammann, Albert, 10 Leland 
Crosby. C. W. 267 Pleasant 
Damon, C. E. 5 Salem 
"ill. George G. 403 Main 
Howard. Charles W. 62 Pleasant 
Howard. John L. 71 Pleasant 
»U'< of mack. John J. 219 Pearl, Edg. 
Maples, John E. 8 Summer 


Bailey, Eliza Mrs. Oliver, cor. Elm, Lin. 
Banks, Annie Mrs. 95A Med ford 
Belmont Bakery, 387 Ferry 
Crane, G. I. 104 Ferry and 90 Pleasant 
Eaton, Henry P. 45 Bryant, Fau. 
Haynes, Orey J. Highland av. cor. Maiden 
Heerkloss, William P. 361 Main and 229 

Melbern, Agnes F. 26 Wlgglesworth 
McGregor, William L. 4 Cottage, Map. 
Roberton, John, 260 Main 
Thomson, A. & Son, 33 Faulkner, Fau. 
Whittemore, Alfred, 8 Lebanon, Map. 

Hands anil Orchestras. 

American Orchestra, Frederick S. Hall, 

leader, 236 Pleasant 
Mansfield's Maplewood Band & Orchestra, 

Eben B. Mansfield, mgr. Middlesex 



First National, Edward P. Kimball, cash. 

48 Pleasant 
Maiden Co-operative Bank, Lewis P. 

Brown, sec. 76 Pleasant 
Maiden Savings Bank, Francis A. Shove, 

treas. 76 Pleasant 
Maiden Trust Co. Frank R. Slrcom, treas. 

Y. M. C. A. bldg. 

Bicycle Dealers. 

Crocker, A. F. 106 Pleasant 
Coomes, C. W, (manufactory) 5 to 7 Com- 
mercial and 18 Eastern av. 
Fuller, Alvan T. 74 Cross 
Jacobs Bros. 18 Mountain av. 
Kaulback, W. S. 204 Pleasant 
Maguire, i. W. & Co. 123 Ferry 
Marks, J. J. 157 Washington 
Peterson, Frank E. 518 Salem, Map. 
Pool & Atkinson, 370 Eastern av. Fau. 

Bicycle Grip Mfrs. 

Fibre Buckskin Mfg. Co. E. S. Mather, 
mgr. ft. Centre 

Billiard Booms. 

Hildebrand, E. P. 146 Pleasant 
Howlett, James P. 83 Ferry 
Hunter, James D. 354 Main 
Lacas, R. Clarence, 29 Lebanon, Map. 

Bill Posters 

Donahoe, Francis 

Rea, Everett C. Taylor, n 

and Distribntors 

E. 378 Charles, Edg. 




Brlggs, William B. 57 Bryant, Fau 
Crowle & Perkins, 535 Eastern a 
Doran, James, Middlesex ct. 
Duff Bros. r. 364 Main 
Fitzpatrick, Edmund J. r. 270 Pleasant 
Flynn, William J. 96-98 Charles 
Hanson, Godfrey, 531 Eastern av. 
Holman, John S. 640 Lynn 
Horsman, George, 32 Middlesex 
Hum. John E. 523 Eastern av. 
Ireland, Ora M. 26 Lebanon. Map. 
Kennedy, Charles A. 50 Dartmouth 
Landis, Noah. 46 Union 
Lane. William A. 24 Commercial 
McBeth, William, 716 Salem 
Mitchell. Geo. L. 41 Dartmouth 
Newcomb, Charles L. 112 Main 
Orpen, John J. 80 Emerald, Edg. 
Poskitt, Orlando A. 46 Winter 


353 Directories 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of 




MALDEN— Continued. 

Simpson, Hibbert D. 54 Essex 
Welsh, John D. 76 Charles 

Hoard of Trade. 

Maiden Board of Trade, Albert Ammann, 
sec. 76 Pleasant 

Hoarding- Houses. 

Buckley, J. M. Mrs. 15 Dartmouth 

Bunce, Mary E. Mrs. 70 Linden av. 

Burchard, T. A. Mrs. 47 Middlesex 

Bush, Benj. F. 278% Pleasant 

Comerford, John, is Centre 

Davis, May D. 12 Stanton 

Dolmaje, M. Mrs. 239 Charles, Ed?. 

Eastman, Celia M. Mrs. 2S Eastern av. 

Edwards, Annie Mrs. 2 Berry st. 

Edwards, Mary Mrs. IS Meridian 

Fayle, Nellie M. Mrs. 14 Whitman, Edg. 

Finnegan, Edward, ISO Linden av. 

Fitzgerald, M. L. Mrs. 67 Whitman. Edg. 

Franklin House, Mrs. A. H. Phipps, prop. 
Abbott, n. Pleasant 

Grant House, Scurry & Kennedy, props. 
359 Main 

Harris, Mary R. Mrs. 37 Park 

Hartlen, F. E. Mrs. 2 Everett 

Htggins, E. S. Mrs. 39 Columbia 

Hill. Eliza Mrs. 372 Main 

Homestead, The, W. H. Brackett, prop. 
147 Pleasant 

Jordan, Clara D. Mrs. 656 Salem, Map. 

Kelley, Mary E. Mrs. 256 Main 

Letteney, Ruie Mrs. 27 Vernon 

Lewis. Jennie L. 60 Faulkner, Fau. 

Mahoney, Mary A. 171 Linden av. 

Mason, Bessie S. Mrs. 79 Pleasant 
McCaffery, Sadie B. 444 Main 
McCarthy, M. Mrs. 202 Pleasant 
McCullough, Eva Mrs. 27 Converse av. 
McDonald, Flora Mrs. 36 Dartmouth 
McGovern, James, 19 Centre 
Melanson, Obey, 2S0 Washington 
Middlesex House, Mrs. G. F. Clapp, prop. 

333 Broadway 
Miller, Jane S. Mrs. 31 Cedar 
Mitchell, Lottie B. Mrs. 237 Main 
Moore, Eliza Mrs. 59 Ferry 
O'Leary. Julia C. Mrs. 63 Maiden, Edg. 
Rosseau, Mary Mrs. 54 Waverlv 
Sanborn, George D. 14 Clement 
Steffens, Marie Mrs. 93 Medford 
Stetson, Harriet E. Mrs. 19 Forest 
Stoddard, Albert H. 6 Evelyn pi. 
Sutcliffe, Misses, 4S Maple 
Van Buskirk, E. M. Mrs. 250 Pleasant 
Walsh, Ellen H. Mrs. 15 Hillside av. 
Whittemore & MeKenna, 61 Adams 
Winchenpan, G. C. Mrs. S Home. Map. 


Watson, George, 11 Dartmouth 

Bookseller* and Stationers. 

Crocker, Austin F. 106 Pleasant 
McMahon, Paul J. 288 Main 
Rice, Daniel M. 414 Pleasant 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Brown. Jerome E. 415 Main 
Brown. T. W. &-. Co. 13 Pleasant 
Butler, L. & Co. 54 Faulkner, Fau. 
Caddy, John, 139 Beach, Lin. 
Cox, Henry J. & Co. 86 Pleasant 
Dutton, Charles P. 540 Salem, Map. 
Klane, Henry, 30 Summer 
Marnell Bros. 33 Pleasant 

Monroe Shoe Co. 66 Pleasant 
Morris, Levine, 269 Main 
Murphy, Timothy, 232 Pearl, Edg. 
Parker, Preston, 402 Ferry 
Shea, James M. 259 Charles, Edg. 
Ward, P. & Co. 92 Pleasant 

Boot and Shoe .Makers. 

Beatty. William L. 114 Main 
Bratt, August, 49 Irving 
Bonnanfant, Luke, 12S "Washington 
Burnham, Joseph B. 25 Pleasant 
Canny, Philip, 35 Oakland, Edg. 
Cohen, Louis, 349 Ferry 
Fitzpatrick, James B. 107 1 /!' Ferry 
Frail, George, lu Ripley 
Glamel, F. 184 Charles, .Edg. 
Gilman, Louis, 5 Faulkner so,. Fau. 
Hedberg, Charles F. 4S2 Main 
Klane, Samuel, 310 Highland av. Edg. 
Laws, Henry, 673 Salem, Map. 
Levine, Morris, 269 Main 
McCarthy, John, 702 Main 
McNamara. Patrick, 225 Charles, Edg. 
O'Reilly, B. 210 Highland av. Edg. 
O'Reilly. Michael. 263 Charles, Edg. 
Peakes, Farweil B. 522 Salem, Map. 
Robinson, Samuel, 535 Salem, Map. 
Ross, Robert R. 208 Salem 
Sargent, William A. Faulkner. Fau. 
Sleep, Peter L. 5 Glenwood and 284 Wash- 
Slovian3ky, Sam, 30 Mountain av. 
Stephenson, James J. 90 Mapiewood 
Stone, Joseph, 2S Middlesex 
Thayer, E. Jacobs, n. Granite 
White, James, 175 West 
Whiting, George B. 326 Eastern av. Fau. 

Boot and Shoe Mfrs. 

Boston Rubber Shoe Co. Commercial, Edg. 
Evans, Abram, 514 Salem 

Bowling; Alleys. 

Hildebrand, Edward R. 146 Pleasant 

*Box Makers. 

Vaughan, S. E. (wood and paper) 257 Com- 
mercial, Edg. 

Brick Face 3Inchines 3Ifrs. 

Greene, Frank P. 20-26 Greene 

Brush Mfrs. 

Jordan & Christie, 602 Eastern av. 

Builders' Finish. 

(See also Lumber Dealers.) 
Wing, A. W. 14 Irving ct. 

Building Movers. 

Ellis. Albert M. 23 Ellis av. 
Smith, Win. A. 63 Madison 

Bntter. Cheese and Egg-s. 
Adamson, Thomas W. 81 Pleasant 
Carr, John H. 102 Salem 
Collins, Patrick E. 73 Harvard 
Cooper, William H. 242 Pleasant 
Gray, John II. & Co. 70 Ferry 
Holmr-s, William A. 45 Lincoln 
Mowry, Charles B. 22 Ppra^ue 
Nute. Joseph H. 276 Pleasant 
Patten, David M. 3 Richardson pi. 
Vermont Creamery Co. 7 Salem 

Calieo Printers. 

Cochrane Mfg. Co. 502 Main 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Carpenters and Builders. 

Alden, Oscar F. 112 Cherry, Map. 
Barber, Wesley F. 71 Wigglesworth 
Barker, J. E. 50»/ 2 Florence 
Bishop, E. W. 196 Ferry 
Bishop & Brown, Middlesex ct. 
Brewster, John C. 3 Poplar, Fau, 
Bryant, Francis A. 17 High 
Chadwick, William P. 49 Sprague 
Chandler, Moses E. 96 Lebanon 
Chlsholm, James T. 21 Oxford 
Clark, Charles M. Kimball, Map. 
Clark, Jonathan, 35 Wyoming av. 
Clark, William D. 13 Middlesex 
Coburn, Hiram S. r. 15S Washington 
Cornwell, William B. 23 Pine 
Coulter, Richard R. T. 2 Poplin pi. Fau. 
Dillen, Henry M. 346 Salem, Map. 
Eastman, S. P. 9 Almont 
Fulton, David, 266 Bryant 
Gillespie, David, 91 Upham 
Glines, Alfred R. 27 Oliver, Ltn. 
Gordon, Albert, 4 Steeves ct. Fau. 
Graffam, Caleb S. S. Jr. Greenwood, Lin. 
Grant, Alexander, 263 Clifton 
Gray, Edwin S. 41 Cliff, Map. 
Guptill, Robert C. Middlesex ct. 
Hanson, Jacob, Olive av. Map. 
Hatt, Ingram L. 5 Grove pi. 
Hawkins, Charles W. 13 Eastern av. 

Higgins, Orlando C. 26 Church, Map. 

Hodgklns, Moses A. 327 Main 

Holaway, Wm. H. 439 Eastern av. Fau. 

Hunnewell, Nathan M. r. 39 Dartmouth 

Hutchlns, Wyatt, 14 Tremont 
Jacobson, Alfred, 1 Rockwell ct. Map. 

Johnson Bros. Floral av. 

Jordan, Lyman B. 300 Pleasant 

Lank, George W. Echo, Map. 

Lattle, Albert, 164 Tremont 

Lewis, George R. 52 Judson 

Llbby, Levi L. 38 Maple 

Marr, Eliphalet T. 408 Pleasant 

Marsh, Joseph F. 47 Oliver, Lin. 

McCrum, John, 9 Vernon 

McDonald, Robert, 57 Pine 

McKay, John M. 27 Coburn, Fau. 

McKay, Richard F. 16 Franklin 

Mosher, Major L. 25 Baker, Fau. 

Newhall, Nathan, 12 Irving ct. 

Newhall, Stephen O. 242 Madison 

North, Charles A. 398 Cross. Fau. 

Norton, John W. 20 Watts, Edg. 

Payne, Robert II. 1 Payne ter. 

Philbrook, Frank P. 359 Ferry 

Pratt. Ezra F. 21 Earl 

Tresley, Daniel, Ellis av. cor. Meridian 

Rawley, Rufus M. 26 Lebanon, Map. 

Rich, Jesse S. 348 Ferry 

Rich, Joseph S. 52 Harvard 

Rlggs, Frank P. 108 Lebanon, Map. 

Robbins, Ellas D. 103 Waite, Map. 

I'.unnels, George A. 129 Bryant, Fau. 

Sears, Willard, 283 Cross 

Smith, George, 4 Munroe, Lin. 

Smith, Leroy S. 37 Essex 

Smith, Luther S. Swain's Pond av. Map. 

Splller, George E. 19 Hazlewood, Fau. 

Stedman, J. G. & E. W. 13 Garden and 87 
Sea View av. 

Stevens, Walter H. 15 Holmes 

Tanner, James A. Reserve, Map. 

Tarliox. Ivory F. 68 Cedar 

Thomas, Edgar H. 24 Park av. Lin. 

Van Antwerp, Henry M. 12 Central av. 
Vea.vy, Joseph H. 12 High 
Vidlto, Watson, 111 Mcdford 
W'aUlron, Eugene, 289 Eastern av. 
Walker, J. n. & Co. 18 Stearns 
Ulnv. Willard, 219 Ferrv 
Woodbury, George W. 17 Ashland 


Wright, James M. Echo, Map. 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Warren Carpet Cleaning Co. 259 Main 

Carriage Mfrs. 

Cunningham, Weston (repository) 40 Sher- 
Doyle, John J. 80 Charles 
Keen, William B. & Son, r. 360 Main 
Palmer, A. B. r. 250 Pleasant 
Walls, Ezra. 77 Centre 


Hersom, C. E. & A. R. 133 Pleasant 
Homer, Porter J. 46 Centre 
Thomson, Alexander, & Son, 33 Faulk- 
ner, Fau. 

Celluloid Novelties. 

Maiden Metal Enamel Co. 218 Salem 

Chewing: Gum Mfrs. 

Robbins, John B. 53 Bryant 


Jenkins, Olivia F. 142 Pleasant 
Rich, Luclnda J. Mrs. 100 Pleasant 
Richardson, Georgia P. 56 Pleasant 
Tucker, C. A. Mrs. 13 Baker, Fau. 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Gilman, George W. 152 Bryant, Fau. 
Hoefer, Hermann, 47 Harvard 
Howlett, James P. 83 Ferry 
Jenkins, Henry I. 428 Main 
Piller Cigar Co. Middlesex ct. 

Clears and Tobacco. 

Burnham, Joseph B. 25 Pleasant 
Casey, John B. 258y 2 Main 
Connell, Alice, 13 Salem 
Fales, Harry L. 83 Ferry 
Fitzpatrick, James B. 107y 2 Ferry 
Foss, FrSnk, 378 Main 
Hildebrand, E. P. 146 Pleasant 
Howlett, James P. 83 Ferry 
Hunter, James D. 354 Main 
Hussey, George W. 273 Main 
McGarr, William L. 401 Highland av. 
Page, Arden L. 11 Salem 
Robinson, James O. 28 Pleasant 
Sherburne Bros. B. & M. depot 
Tappan, Charles W. 117 Ferry 
Wadman, Frank O. 234 Pleasant 

Civil Eiiffineers and Surveyors 

Colcord, Joseph L. 32 Davis 
Mirick, George L. 7 Pleasant 
Sargent. Albert F. 425 Main 
Wetherbee, George A. City Hall 

Clergymen and Churches. 

Albion. James F. First Universallst, 75 

Barbour, William M. Cong. 194 Clifton 

Beane, J. C. Mission Church, 89 Bell Rock 

Bearae. Joseph C. Mission Church, 89 Bell 

Bennett, Alberto A. Maplewood Baptist, 5 
Dodge, Map. 

Best E. S. Linden Methodist 

Bruce, Mrs. E. M. Wayside Chapel 
(Universallst) Winnemere, Map. 

Carlander, S. L. Maplewood Swedish Meth- 

Casey, Wm. J. asst. Immaculate Concep- 
tion R. C. 594 Pleasant 

Cannot intelligently and conveniently con- 
duct Puhlic Business without such aids 
as the information in this Book affords. 



MALDEN— Continued. 

Cushlng, John R. Maplewood Methodist, 
Salem, n. Church 

Danker, Albert, St. Luke's Episcopal, 911 
Eastern av. 

Edwards, Frederick, St. Paul's Episcopal, 
30 Kernwood 

Evans, Walter A. Maplewood Congrega- 
tional, Salem, n. West 

French, Henry H. First Congregational, 
157 Summer 

Grant, Elihu (pastor Crescent Beach 
Methodist) 413 Cross 

Henderson, Carl, Lutheran, 32 Spruce 

Hiscox, H. O. First Baptist, 2S Salem, cor. 

Holland, Timothy J. Sacred Heart R. C. 
310 Main 

Hovhannesian, Michael H. Armenian 
Cong. Nevada av. 

Hughes, Edwin H. Maiden Center Meth- 
odist, 100 Washington 

Hughes, Edwin H. Maiden Center Method- 
ist, 100 Washington 

Kennedy, Joseph P. Belmont Methodist 

Lyons, Jeremiah J. Sacred Heart R. C. 310 



Mary's R. 

Luke's Baptist, 
Joseph's R. C. 
First Unitarian, 68 



Neagle, Richard, 

Randolph, James A. 

88 Pleasant 
Shahan, Thomas H. 

310 Main 
Snapp, L. Fletcher, 

Stubbs, J. H. Faulkner Methodist 
Toulmln, Wm. B. (chaplain Deer Island) 

292 Clifton 
Twomey, Mortimer E. asst. Immaculate 

Conception R. C. 594 Pleasant 
Wigren, Charles J. Swedish Methodist, 

11 Webster, Map. 
Williams, J. Chris. Linden Congregational, 

92 Oliver 

Bailey, B. H. 2S6 Salem 
Browne, Donald, 25 N. Franklin 
Brunton, William, 45 Pierce 
Cutter, Henry T. 19 Spruce, Map. 
Deane, Theodore L. (Uvl.) 191 Cross 
Grant, Benjamin F. (Cong.) 32 Bryant 
Hill, Calvin G. 57 Rockland av. 
Lee, Albert, 58 Garden, Map. 
Merrill, T. A. (Cong.) 116 Glenwood 
Miller, Robert D. Williams, Map. 
Piper, Fred L. (Adv.) 729 Salem 
Priest, Samuel R. (Unit.) 33 Cedar 
Quimby, I. P. (Uvl.) 65 Tremont 
Searing, S. Stanley, 71 Cedar 
Smith, Charles N. 29 Hillside av. 
Wellman, J. W. (<"ong.) 117 Summer 
Willcox, William H. 80 Mountain av. 
Wyman, Edwin A. (Bap.) 21 Albion 

Clotlies Cleaners. 

Crowell, J. Mrs. 44 Mountain av. 

Davis, George W. 317 Cross 

Maiden City French Cleansing & Dyeing 

Co. 10S Charles 
National Steam Dye House & Cleansing 

Works, 261 Main 

Clothes Sprinkler Mfrs. 

Quimby, John O. 53 Bryant 

Clothing Dealers. 

Bloomberg. Z. 244 Highland av. Edg. 
Hopkins, Walter S. 80 Pleasant 
Hopkins & Blakeslee, 41-43 Pleasant 
Lewis & Pelonsky, 399 Main 

Main and 229 

Conl and Wood. 

Fitzpatrick, J. B. 107Mt Ferry 

Hall, Wm. W. 101 Maplewood, Map. and 145 

Beach, Lin. 
Knollin, Wm. 222 Broadway and 565 Salem, 

Locke, Elmore E. 74 Florence 
Maiden Coal Co. 80 Florence 
Mathews, John, & Co. 50 Faulkner, Fau. 
Neal, Enoch E. 22 Franklin 
Neville, Thomas J. 39 Adams, Edg. 
Smardon, Alexander F. 9 Hasklns ct. and 

48 Faulkner. Fau. 
Smith & Robinson. 9 Dana, 34 Florence 

and 360 Main 
Wentworth, George A. 23 Franklin 
Williams Bros. 16 Porter 

Concrete Pavers. 

McDonald, Daniel, 66 Winter 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Cafarella, Thomas, 268 Pleasant 
Connell, Alice, 13 Salem 
Crane, George I. 104 Ferry 
Cuguzzo, John, 54 Pleasant 
Heerkloss, William F. 364 

Hersom, G. E. & A. R. 138 
Joslyn, Clayton T. 89 Pleasant 
Lodi, Angelo, 528 Salem, Map. 
Longo, Joseph, 9',2 Pleasant 
Mollica, Angelo, 233 Pleasant 
Page, Arden L. 11 Salem 
Santolucito, G. & Co. 258A and 446 Main 
Santospirito, Felix, & Co. 395 Main 
Sirneone Bros. 113 Ferry 
Volpe, Nicholas, 114 Pleasant 

JONES,. H Kit BfcKT K. 


Bill, Benj. P. (sewers) 376 Broadway, Map. 

Bill, George D. (sewers) 21 Lincoln 

Daley, Win. & Son (sewers) 132 Broadway, 

Davis, John M. (grading) 40 Oakland, Edg. 

Ellis, Albert M. (building mover) Ellis av. 
cor. Meridian 

Mirick & Wentworth (sewers and founda- 
tions) 17 Pleasant 

Murray, Jeremiah (grading) 65 Charles 

Sargent, George W. (excavating) 763 Salem, 

Sullivan, Patrick (sewers) Russell ct. Edg. 

CordaRc Mfrs. 

Mass. Cordage Co. Sherman, cor. Jackson 
Tate & Co. r. 495 Main 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Hill, William, & Son, 15 Pleasant 
Maplewood Bargain Store, 511 Salem 
McKoy, John, 32 Pleasant 
Smith, A. & C. 389 and 391 Ferry 
Union Pacific Tea Co. 5 Pleasant 


Brown, Edmund R. 66 Pleasant 
Brunton. Herbert R. 515 Salem, Map. 
Cochel, A. Charles, 43 Ferry 
Foss, Willis I. 17 Pleasant 
Gilbert, Wm. H. 28A Faulkner, Fau. 
Gleason, Horace F. 418 Main 
Hews, Clarence A. 76 Pleasant 
O'Donnell, S. E. 116 Pleasant 
Perry. Frederick A. 1 Pleasant 


Of anything that can bo printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester, 



Putnam, George L. 361 Main 
Simpson, W. H. 142 Pleasant 
Springall, Thomas J. 1 Pleasant 


Ambrose, Elizabeth, 152 Clifton 

Ames, Manda B. 6 Hyde, Fau. 

Atkins, Lydia M. 14 Wilson av. 

Bates, M. B. Mrs. 134 Walnut 

Bellivan, Sarah B. 406 Pleasant 

Bemis, Mary E. 406 Pleasant 

Bentley, Mollie, 12 Cedar 

Bigelow, Mrs. & Miss, 24 Florence 

Bishop, Diana K. Mrs. 30 Garland 

Birdsal, A. Mrs. 30 Garland av. 

Blois, R. S. Mrs. 5 Hillside pi. 

Blythe, Cecily, 14 Clement 

Brissman, Hildegard, 4 Stevens 

Brown, C. F. Mrs. 60 Ashland 

Buckley, Fannie, 63 Converse av. 

Bumstead, Hattie M. 319 Salem, Map. 

Burns, Maria L. 449 Lynn, Lin. 

Campbell, N. G. Mrs. 43 Waverly 

Carey, C. L. S7 Adams, Edg. 

Carter, Susie F. 3 Prospect av. 

Chadwick, Nellie M. Mrs. 17 Meridian 

Chase, Amelia A. Mrs. 316 Salem, Map. 

Chapman, S. E. Mrs. 406 Pleasant 

Clare, Abbie, 221 Cross 

Clary, Kate Mrs. 65 Clifton 

Cleland, H. D. Mrs. 194 Washington 

Coburn, Alice D. Mrs. 49 Waverly 

Connick, Margaret B. 361 Main 

Crockett, R. Mrs. 18 Pratt 

Cronan, Mary D. 11 Sheridan, Edg. 

Cutter, Lillian E. Mrs. 93 Hancock 

Daley, Mary J. 363 Highland av. 

David, Alphonsine Mrs. 36 Pleasant 

Davies, Annie M. Mrs. 51 Cross 

Davis, Mary E. Mrs. 6 Alden 

Davis, The Misses, 33 Bryant, Fau. 

Day, Ella F. 30 Clement 

Day, Juliette Mrs. 31 Irving 

Dihlen, Joanna Mrs. 54 Cherry, Map. 

Donoghue, Katie, 12 Linwood 

Dooley, Mary, 16 West 

Duffy, Jane A. Mrs. 22 West, Edg. 

Durgin, Mary E. 40 Pratt 

Eldredge. Lena V. 201 Salem, Fau. 

Ellingwood, Mary A. 223 Pleasant 

Elms, Addie, 13 Myrtle 

Fowler, Matilda J. 214 Broadway, Map. 

Fox, Alice L. 35 Washington 

Garland, Mary A. Mrs. 377 Main 

Gatcomb, Maud S. Mrs. 9 Grove pi. 

Greene, Kate M. Mrs. 294 Broadway, Map. 

Goggins, Catherine F. 120 Pleasant 

Green, Sadie Mrs. 20 Everett 

Goodwin, Ellen L. 481 Pleasant 

Guardenier, E. A. Mrs. 8 Holyoke 

Hadley, E. I. Mrs. 116 Eastern av. 

Haley, Katie A. Savin, n. Highland av. 

Hall, Helen E. Mrs. 7 Drowns ct. 

Hinnan, Delia M. Mrs. 38 Clinton 

Harden, Margla B. Mrs. 17 Spring 

Harding, Alice L. 12 Maplewood, Map. 

Harney, H. A. r. 13 Wyeth 

Harrington, Julia A. 46 Adams 

Harrington, X. A. 82 Adams, Edg. 

Hartwe-1], Cora B. 230 Salem 

Harvey. Eva L. Mrs. 45 Pleasant 

Hickey. Annie T. 17 High 

Hicks. Lottie T. Mrs. 224 Cross 

Hill. Frances A. 2 Willow pi. 

Holland. C. Augusta, 378 Pearl. Edg. 

Hoi way, s. E. Mrs. 68 High, Fau. 

Hopkins, A. F. Mrs. 211 Ferry 

Howard, Mary Mr«. 34 Middlesex 

Hunt, Clara A. Mrs. 1S8 Salem 

fwetti Mary A. Mrs. 368 Main 

Kf e, Elizabeth, 31 Barrett a 


Kelleher, Lizzie, 3 Mason 

Kelly, Minnie A. 2 Winter pi. 

Kennett, Emma F. 58 Wyoming av. 

Kidder, Etha Mrs. 100 Pleasant 

King, J. E. Mrs. 154 Glenwood 

Knights, Clara F. Mrs. 311 Pleasant 

Landry, Susan A. Mrs. 28 Magnolia 

Lane, Lucy H. Mrs. 25 Faulkner, Fau. 

Langly, F. S. Mrs. 84 Pleasant 

Laskey, Ellie M. 246 Broadway, Map. 

Lee, Annie B. 31 Rockland av. 

Leighton, Bertha M. Mrs. 691 Salem, Map. 

Littlefield & Deals, 142 Pleasant 

Long, Margaret K. 4 Harris 

Lord, Sarah E. 76 Summer 

MacGillivray, F. Miss, 36 Dartmouth 

Mandell. Flora Mrs. 3 Dartmouth 

Marks, Leona A. Mrs. J Glenwood 

Martin, J. E. Mrs. 98 Cross 

Masterson, M. A. Mrs. Echo, Map. 

McCarthy, A. G. Mrs. 564 Pleasant 

McDermod, Rosanna, 95 Middlesex 

McDougell, S. C. Miss, 1 Poplar, Fau. 

McLellan, M. J. Miss, 232 Cross 

Milliken, Annie R. Mrs. 8 Elm av. Lin. 

Mills, Lucy M. Mrs. 63 Fairmount 

Mobbs, Pamelia Mrs. 10 Hoklen 

Moore, Sarah J. 184 Webster, Map. 

Morton, F. A. Mrs. 404 Ferry 

Mulcahey, B. Miss, 40 Upham 

Munroe, Lucetta, 189 Forest 

Murray, Mary J. Mrs. 223 Charles, Edg. 

Murray, Mary L. 30 Irving 

Nason, Ida M. 50 Francis 

Nason, Louise H. 50 Francl3 

Naylon, Blanche, 30 Faulkner, Fau. 

Nelson, Sophie, 39 Irving 

Newcomb, Lillian H. 182 West, Edg. 

Nudd, Fanny A. 40 Florence 

O'Connell, Elizabeth T. 101 West 

O'Connell, M. A. MiS3. 365 Charles 

O'Connor, Joanna F. Mrs. 292 Main 

O'Leary, Josephine, 165 Washington 

Orr, Jeanie W. 386 Highland av. 

Osgood, Almira Mrs. 43 Magnolia 

Page, Albert L. 14 Summer 

Palmer, Bertha M. 10 Wyeth 

Phillips, Mary C. 57 Pierce, Fau. 

Phillips, Susan, 113 Bryant 

Pierce, Bessie C. 7 Winter pi. 

Pitman, Mary F. Mrs. 105 Washington 

Pollard, Barbara A. 565 Main 

Powers, Kate M. 6 Holden 

Pratt, Clara R. 25 Clifton 

Putnam, Annie N. Mrs. 51 Granville av. 

Rice, Edith M. Mrs. 7 Sewall, Fau. 

Richardson, Jennie E. 6S0 Salem, Map. 

Ring. Susan E. 5 Maud 

Roach, Delia M. Mrs. 990 Salem, Lin. 

Robicheau, Adelaide Mme. 118 Pleasant 

Robinson, H. L. Mrs. 46 Church, Map. 

Roskvist, Maria C. 22 Dodge, Map. 

Rosseau, Pauline C. 71 Ferry 

Sandford. Margie L. 11 N. Milton, Map. 

Paul, Carrie M. Mrs. 15 Linwood 

Shepard, E. M. Mrs. 38 Ferry 

Singleton, Catherine Mrs. 35 Sheafe, Map. 

Small, Susan H. Mrs. 44 Barrett av. 

Smart, Margie Mrs. 41 Ashland 

Smith, Emma M. Mrs. 13 Ripley 

Stanyan, A. H. Mrs. 16 Russell, Edg. 

Sweet, Florence L. 49 High 

Tebbetts, E. F. Mrs. 27 Linden av. 

Theal, B. S. Mrs. 42 Summer 

Thompson, M. H. Mrs. 2 Carter pi. 

Trott. Sarah C. Mrs. Home, Map. 

Upton. Lizzie, 623 Main 

Verheck, Lillian I. 26 Clarendon 

Vose. Eliza E. 134 Clifton 

Walker, Agnes V. Mrs. 89 Granite, Map. 

Ward. Sarah E. 18 Garland av. 

Use Tools, and some of them are mighty sharp. 
This Rook is one of the handiest Tools in a 
Lawyer's Workshop. 



MALDEN— Continued. 

Weldon, Ethel A. 4 Summer st. pi. 
Wescott, A. H. Mrs. 47 Lyme, Fau. 
White, C. Mrs. 31 Irving 
White, L. A. Mrs. 59 Mountain av. 
Whitney, A. F. Mrs. 62 Sprague 
Whitney, M. J. Mrs. 194 West, Edg. 
Williston, May P. Mrs. 32 Sprague 
Wilson, Carrie, 6 Evelyn pi. 
Witham, F. L. Mrs. 37 Henry 
Worthylake, E. A. Miss, 88 Winter 
Young, H. E. Miss, 90 Pleasant 
Young, Eflle V. Mias, 32 Florence 

Dress Stay Mfrs. 

Commonwealth Electroplating Co. r. 32 


Drlscoll, Daniel J. 2S3 Medford, Edg. 
Bennet, Emory T. Beach, cor. Lynn, Lin. 
Bradbury, C. II. 29 Pleasant 
Charles, Clarence A. 88 Pleasant 
Cofren, Noah G. 68 Faulkner, Fau. 
Cronln, Timothy D. 256 Highland av. Edg. 
Crowley, A. E. & Co. 363 Main 
Dodge, Everett S. 324 Broadway 
Garfield, John E. & Co. 534 Salem, Map. 
Goodwin, Henry C. 270 Pleasant 
Hunt, W. B. & Co. 3 Pleasant 
Kelley, Dennis J. 133 Pearl, Edg. 
Kimpton, Ellison J. 2 Faulkner sq. Fau. 
Mason, Charles, 94 Main 
McArthur, Gilbert J. 107 Clifton 
McCarthy, John J. 141 Pearl, Edg. 
McGarr, Wm. L. 401 Highland av. 
Miner, H. A. & F. L. 72 Summer 
Morgan, A. B. 24 Pleasant 
Morrill, David C. West, Edg. 
O'Connell, E. J. & Co. Charles, cor. West, 

Rockwell Pharmacy, Geo. B. Sutherland, 

prop. 519 Salem, Map. 
Sargent, Jesse W. 252 Pleasant 
Sheldon, W. P. 370 Main 
Southworth, Winslow B. 196 Pleasant 
Weld, Wm. F. 102 Ferry 
Wright, Roland G. 1 Grove 

Dry Goods. 

Ames, Adella Mrs. 666 Main 

Berry, L. A. Miss, 526 Salem, Map. 

Bloomberg, Z. 244 Highland av. Edg. 

Caffrey, Margaret, 305 Medford, Edg. 

Casey, Mary M. 18 Summer 

Caswell, C. M. & Co. 378 Ferry 

Chase, Wm. H. 26 Pleasant and 513 Salem, 

Child, E. C. Mrs. 14 Lebanon, Map. 
Hudson, Harvey, 74 Faulkner, Fau. 
Joslin, F. N. & Co. 2 Pleasant, 338 Main 

and 10 Middlesex 

Newhall, , 10 Pleasant 

Parker, Emma F. 79 Ferry 
Questrom, C. W. 210 Pleasant 
Reeves, Alice W. 42 Faulkner, Fau. 
Rice. G. E. & Co. 82 Pleasant 
Small, A. F. & Co. 141 Beach, Lin. 


National Steam Dye House & Cleansing 
Works. 261 Main 

Electric Company, 

Maiden Electric Co. Alvln E. Bliss, mgr. 
Center st. ct. 


Bliss & Pearson, 54 Florence 

Cate & Colby. 29 Park av. 
Erikson, Leonard, 182 Mt. Vernon 
Kellie, John F. 3 Floral av. 

Electric Li^rht Lamp Mfrs. 

Globe Electric Light Co. 23 James 

Emery Cloth Mfrs. 

Wiggln & Stevens, 238 Commercial, Edg. 

Employment Offices. 

Carlson, C. Mrs. 29 Madison 
Fish, Emeline D. 104 Pleasant 
Keith, Edward F. 60 Bryant 
Knowles & Lincoln, 49 Pleasant 
Lefever, G. G. Mrs. 96 Salem 


American Express Co. 64 Florence 
Boston, Balch & Co. props. 74 Florence 
Boston, Wm. B. Bierweiler, 130 Franklin 
Boston, J. F. Vaughan, mgr. 35 Middlesex 
Boston, John P. Cronin, prop. 180 Adams 
Boston, Solomon T. Cross, prop. 344 Salem. 

Boston, Fred H. Dickey, prop. 76 Gran- 
ville av. Fau. 
Boston, Winfteld M. Hatch, prop. 701 Main 
Boston, Otto Heilmann, prop. 423 Main 
Boston, David Maloney, prop. 68 Highland 

av. Edg. 
Boston, Saunders & Wasgatt, props. 154 

Maplewood & Boston Express Co. E. F. 
Graffan and L. H. Trueman, props. 

Extract Manufacturers. 

Dorman, Charles H. 5 Hyde, Fau. 
Gould, S. W. & Bro. (herbs) 3 Clinton 
Sibley, L. # L. 17 Madison 

Fancy Goods. 

Campbell, A. D. 250 Highland av. Edg. 
Daley, Mary J. 375 Highland av. 
Fish, Emeline D. 104 Pleasant 
Knowles * Lincoln, 49 Pleasant 

Fire Hose 3Ifrs. 

Clark Hose Co. 80 Jackson 
Neidner, Charles H. r. 20 James 

Fish and Oysters. 

Bonning, C. E. 261 Charles, Edg. 
Childs, Josiah W. 278 Pleasant 
Fardig, Victor (peddler) 262 Bryant, Fau. 
Gloucester Fish Co. T. Parker Chase, prop. 

36 Mountain av. 
Gove, Perry C. 96 Main 
Hoar, Thomas H. 9 Middlesex 
Jenkins, Robert B. 240 Pleasant 
Leathers, Wm. H. 274 Broadway, Map. 
Long, J. A. 232 Highland av. Edg. 
Maher, Frank T. 76 Highland av. Edg. 
McLean, Philip, 81 Ferry 
Snow, Albert E. 32 Waite, Map. 
Verge, Thomas K. SO Lebanon, Map. 
Webb Bros. 62 Faulkner, Fau. 
Whttcomb, E. H. 360 Main 


Boll, Peter, Joseph, n. Salem, Fau. 

Finn & Brady, 143 Main 

Flanagan, E. J. 106 Madison 

Foote, John W. 30 Grape 

Grey, Benj. 5 Irving and 449 Eastern av. 

Haley, Richard H. 106 Avon, Edg. 
Kaulhack. E. D. 54 Wentworth and 227 


public im 

Appreciate the value of information. They are quick 
to avail themselves of such sources ns the. 




Kelley, Edwin A. 69 Lebanon, Map. 
McCormack, J. J. & Co. 213 Adams, Edg. 
Newcomb, George F. Huntley 
Pratt, BenJ. F. 77 Cross 
Walsh, John, & Son, 74 Summer 

Furniture Dealers, 

Black, Asher F. 23 Pleasant 
Caldwell Furniture Co. 134 Pleasant 
Denning, Rufus, 225 Pleasant 
Eldrldge, H. W. 11 Irving 
McCormack, John T. 219 Pearl, Edg. 
Toung, Robert, 268 Main 

Furniture Movers. 

Barnes, John A. r. 46 Faulkner, Fau. 
Cox, Reuben, 5 Lebanon, Map. 
Kenton, R. Middlesex, cor. Pleasant 
Lancaster, W. P. 13'/ 2 Pleasant 
Moran, Thomas, 8 Graffam ct. 
Smith, M. H. 52 Center 

Furniture Repairers. 

Lewis, Henry H. r. 24 Albion 
Waldron, Eugene, 2S9 Eastern av. 
Young, Robert, 268 Main 

Garter Manufacturers. 

Atwood, James F. 3 Everett 

Gas Company, 
Maiden & Melrose Gas Light Co. F. P. 
Helntze, supt. 76 Florence 

Gas Fitters. 

(See also Plumbers.) 
Oliver, Samuel F. 74 Florence 
Roy, George T. 50 Medfora 
Russell, Hubbard, 62 Russell, Edg. 
West. Alonzo A. 246 Pleasant 

Glue Mfrs. 

Wiggin & Stevens, 238 Commercial, Edg. 

Granite Workers. 

Lahey Bros. 51 Winter, n. Oak Grove sta. 
McDonald, Daniel, 66 Winter 
O'Connell, Thomas H. 50 Winter 


Andrews, H. J. & Co. 440 Main 

Arnesan, Johan F. 48 N. Milton, Map. 

Bachelder, Charles C. 10 Lebanon 

Bedoian, Adam, 38 Center 

Bellefontalne, O. 114 Russell, Edg. 

Bonnlg, C. E. 261 Charles, Edg. 

Boston Branch Grocery & Tea House, 74 

Brlegel. H. 127 Highland av. Edg. 
Cahlll, C. Mrs. 38 Warren av. 
Chandler, M. E. Mrs. 147 Franklin 
Childs, Warren F. 222 Eastern av. 
Chlsholm, George M. CO Faulkner, Fau. 
C eary, Hugh, 170 Highland av. Edg. 
Clifford. H. M. Mrs. 2G0 Charles, Edg. 
Converse, William H. 2 Lebanon, Map. 
Conway, K. A. Miss, 68 Highland av. 
boston. Frank O. 10 Grove, cor. Wyoming 

Do Ciemento, F. 190 Charles, Edg. 
ue Lorenzo, Vincenzo, 25 Commercial 
IX-smond. P. H. 89 Middlesex 
Donahue, John J. 140 Pearl, Edg. 
Drer— - 

, k 'ry, E. Mrs. 516 Salem, Map. 
Dunne, Michael. 218 Main 


astman, E. B. &. Co. 70 Florenc 

anacan, Edward J. 100 Madison 


rg. Wm. 254 Main 


Grant, John R. 273 Lebanon, Map. 

Greco. Lulgl, 161 Charles, Edg. 

Haggerty, William, 191 Charles 

Hall. Edgar A. 646 Main 

Halpin, Timothy, 217 Highland av. Edg. 

Haseltine, John N. 92 Clifton 

Henderson, Samuel G. 308 Cross 

Hill, J. S. & Co. 424 Main 

Holland, John R. 269 Medford. Edg. 

Horton, Henry H. 177 Eastern av. 

Hunt. George J. 294 Main 

Hurd, Mercy F. 187 Forest 

Jordan, E. F. R. Mrs. 332 Highland av. 

Leary Bros. 252 Highland av. Edg. 

Leathers, Wm. H. 274 Broadway. Map. 

Long, James A. 280 Highland av. Edg. 

Loomis, George A. & Co. 97 Medford 

Magulre, Thomas F. 77 West. Edg. 

Maher, Frank T. 76 Highland av. 

Maiden Co-operative Society Grocery Co. 

end Bunker Hill ct. 
McCarthy, James, 19 Middlesex 
McCormack, James J. & Co. 203 Adams, 

McDanlel, J. R. 136 Lebanon, Map. 
McVicar, Roderick D. 101 Ferry 
Melvin & Whitcomb, 38 Faulkner 
Mitchell, Mary Mrs. 346 Pearl, Edg. 
Mongan. C. M. Mrs. 69 Watts, Edg. 
Moriarty, Mary E. 62 Middlesex 
Norton, Joseph P. 8 Sherman 
Pembroke & Innis, 74 Eastern av. 
Potter, S. Allen, 206 Salem 
Robbins, H. I. 9 W. Auburn ct. 
Russell, Clarence R. 539 Salem, Map. 
Sargent, E. Grant, 6G8 Main 
Smith, A. & C. 389 Ferry 
Steffens, C. 91A Medford 
Sullivan, Dennis J. 22 Sherman 
Thompson, H. L. 374 Main and 326 Ferry 
Tibbetts, Wesley R. 60 Faulkner 
Tomlinson, Frank G. 108 Belmont 
Trullo, Michele, 9 Commercial 
Tukey, Elbridge P. 103 Clifton 
Twomey, Wm. R. 27 Sheridan, Edg. 
Wheeler, A. & Co. 248 Pleasant and 70 

White, G.* M. & H. O. 397 Highland av. 
White, Thomas J. 194 Ferry 
Woodard, B. M. 221 Eastern av. 

Grocers* Sundries. 

Joslyn, C. T. Co. 40 Dartmouth 

Anderson, Nils (ladies') 82 Florence 
Appel, Francis A. 271 Main 
Blethe, Aug. W. 266 Highland av. Edg. 
Brown, W. H. 116 Main 
Buckley, Robert, 76 Winter 
Buckler, M. F. 247 Highland av. Edg. 
Cohen, Myer, 698 Salem, Map. 
Coombs, James F. 6 Lebanon, Map. 
Croteau, Thomas, 28% Pleasant 
Cronican, Wm. F. 10 Summer 
Duffy, Thomas F. 276 Main 
Eschenfelder, Henry A. 404 Ferry . 
Fitzgerald, James, 264 Pleasant 
Geary, Philip P. 149 Pearl, Edg. 
Green, Richard, 22S Eastern av. 
Hamilton, James H. 42S Lynn, Lin. 
Harrington, Wm. G. 109% Ferry 
Hyaclnthe, E. R. 72 Florence 
Jelladian, Minas, 122 Commercial, Edg. 
Maillet. N. M. 5 Emerald, Edg. 
Manokian, Malchus, 193 Charles. Edg. 
Marshall, Ephralm. 109% Ferry 
McManus, Elizabeth A. 34 Watts 
McVey, George T. 690 Salem, Map. 
Mooers. F. W. 81 Pleasant 
Murphy, James J. 342 Highland av. 

Can better afford to go without a Licenso than to 
go without this book. Traveling men demand it. 



MALDEN— Continued. 

O'Connell, E. J. 2GS Highland av. 
Richardson, Georgia P. (ladies') 5G Pleas- 
Rledel, E. Robert, 142 Pleasant 
Shiloh, Caleb D. r. 85 Pleasant 
Shlpp, George S. 1,20 Lebanon, Map. 
Sullivan, Annie L. (ladies') 100 Pleasant 
Sullivan, G. S. 2d, 5SA Faulkner, Fau. 
Sweeney, F. J. Adams, cor. Pearl 
Tumey, P. J. 264 Pleasant 
Turck, Daniel C. 421 Main 
Vezina, Simeon J. 37S Main 
Vielra, Joseph, 73 Ferry 


Associate Hall, 453-61 Lvnn 

Bailey Hall, 54-58 Pleasant 

Banquet Hall, 513 Salem 

Barrett's Hall, 17 Pleasant 

Canton Hall, 56 Pleasant 

City Hall, Central sq. 

Columbian Hall, 23 Lebanon, n. Salem, 

Deliberative Hall, 56 Pleasant 
Esther Hall, 142 Pleasant 
G. A. R. Hall, 100 Pleasant 
German Hall, Wigglesworth, cor. Meridian 
Golden Cross Hall, Granite, cor. Laurel, 

Knights of Pythias Hall, 511-19 Salem 
Marcus Hall, 142 Pleasant 
Marie Hall, 142 Pleasant 
Marston Hall, 378-3^2 .Main 
Masonic Hall, 76 Pleasant 
Mystic Hall, 40 Faulkner 
National Hall, 267 Main 
Odd Fellows* Hall, 411 Main 
Opera Hall, 452 Main 
Salem Hall, 514 Salem 
Stanwood Hall, 223 Pleasant 
Sumner Hall, Oakland, Eag. 
Templar Hall, 56 Pleasant 
Tonti Hall, 238 Pleasant 
Turn Hall, Forest, n. Main 
Union Veterans' Union Hall, 66 Pleasant 
Volunteers of America Hall, 417 Main 
Warren Hall, 368 Main 
Y. M. C. A. Hall. S3 Pleasant 

Hardware Dealers. 

Kaulback, W. S. 204 Pleasant 
Powers, John A. 517 Salem. Fau. 
Rogers, A. W. & Co. 105 Ferry 
Stanley, E. Z. 544 Salem, Map. 
Troland, Edwin, 58 Pleasant 
West, Alonzo A. 246 Pleasant 

Harness Makers. 

Fernald, George F. 16 Cliff, Map. 
French, Albert H. D. 347 Main 
French, John J. 535 Salem, Map. 
Maiden Harness Co. 198 Pleasant 
McDonald, Henry H. 5 Center 
Stevens,' O. C. 19 Irving 

Hay anil Straw. 

Bulman, P. J. 130 Highland av. Edg. 
Cunnlnerham, William H. 66 Florence 
Getze, Ernest, & Co. 3S0 Main 
Knollin, Wm. 222 Broadway and 563 Salem, 

Mathews, John, & Co. 4S Faulkner, Fau. 
Shackford, John T. 94 Maplewood. Map. 


Maiden Hospital, Murray, at Modford line 


Evelyn House, R. C. Murfey, prop. 2S6 

Hotel Maiden, John Dammery, prop. 348- 

350 Main 
Howard House, Mrs. E. J. Taylor, prop. 

266 Pleasant 
Victoria. The, Whitlock & Haskell, props. 

64-68 Summer 

Ice Cream. 

Hersom, C. E. & A. R. 138 Pleasant 
Heerkloss, Wm. F. 229 Pleasant 
Thomson, Alexander, & Son, 33 Faulkner, 

Philadelphia Creamery, 75 Ferry 

Ice Dealers. 

Fella Ice Co. Winter 

Jones, Frank E. 229 Washington 

Klondike Ice Co. Main, cor. Winter 

Insurance Agents. 

Adams, Benj. F. 31 Pleasant 

Ammann, Albert, 10 Leland 

Blanchard, Fred F. 28 Faulkner, Fau. 

Coburn, Daniel J. 90 Bryant 

Crosby, C. W. 267 Pleasant 

Damon, C. E. 5 Salem 

Doucet & Saxby, 142 Pleasant 

Downs, Harry F. ,£ Co. 432 Main 

Gardner, G. A. 76 Pleasant 

Howard, Charles W. 62 Pleasant 

Howard, John L. 71 Pleasant 

Keith, Edward F. 60 Bryant 

Merrill, B. B. 279 Clifton 

Moulton, Henry C. 62 Pleasant 

Pierce, Charles F. 45 Waverly 

Peterson, Frank E. 518 Salem, Map. 

Pote, Clifford S. Main, cor. Winter 

Prescott, Charles R. 74 Florence 

Prescott, Fred M. 74 Florence 

Rawley, E. T. 104 JMaplewood, Map. 

Richards, David E. 3 Florence 

Sawyer, Conrad, 315 Salem, Fau. 

Sawyer, W. A. Miss (broker) 143 Linden av. 

Serrat, W. D. 45 Crescent av. 

Staples, John E. S Summer 

Sterling, James F. Ill Ferry 

Stevens, Herbert A. 188 Ferry 

Webber, James F. 62 Pleasant 

Wlllard, Frank J. 73 Pleasant 

Wolfson, Ludwig F. 133 Linden av. 

Jewelers anil Watchmakers. 

Bailey, W. M. 52 Pleasant 
Cromack, Wm. H. 12 Summer 
Kerr, George L. & Co. 121 Ferry 
Munroe, Albert H. 104 Pleasant 
Pearson, F. B. 20 Summer 
Shepherd & Bennett, 72 Pleasant 
Peterson, Frank E. 318 Salem, Map. 
Sumner, J. F. 64 Pleasant 

Jnnk Dealers. 

Black, Wm. J. 36 Middlesex 
George, James F. 27 Sherman 
Healey, John, 57 Oakland, Edg. 
Henlck, F. P. end Charles, Edg. 
Noonan, Edward, 143 Maiden, Edg. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Abbott, Charles E. 
Ammann, Albert 
Ayers, George D. 
Ayers, David 
Badger, Charles H. 
Ballard, Harry P. 
Barrett. Harry H. 

Becket, Melville 
Belcher, Charles F. 
Blckford. Erskine F. 
Blanchard, Charts A. 
Blanchard, G. D. B. 
Blanchard, Walter E. 
Booth, Edward S. 


Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication giving the complete roster of Public 
Oiilclals. It should be in every business oilice. 



Boutwell, Harvey L. 

Bruce, Charles M. 

Butman, George A. 

Butterfield, Fred S. 

Carpenter, Orrin H. 

Casas, W. B. De La3 

Chandler, John G. 

Chisholm, James 

Clapp, Arthur 

Cochrane, William E, 

Cockburn, William G 

Coggan, M. Sumner 

Coggan, Marcellus 

Converse, Elisha S. 

Converse, Harry E. 

Corey, D. P. 

Cox, Alfred E. 

Cressey, Fred L. 

Crocker, Matthias E. 

Crosby, Charles W. 

Cummings, Arthur M 

Currier, George T. 

Damon, Charles E. 

Darrow, Franklin M. 

Davenport, Charles L 

Dennett. Charles E. 

Dillingham, Wm. C. 

Dodson, Charles W. 

Downs, Harry F. 

Draper, A. Wetherell 

Eastman, George W. 

Eaton, Eugene E. 

Eaton, James F. 

Elder, Charles R. 
Fall, George H. 
Farnham, John E. 
Fall, Anna C. Mrs. 
(special commis.) 
Fenn, Henry A. 
Fisher, Sidney A. 
Gay, Edward 
Geary, John 
Glidden, Charles H. 
Glynn, William H. 
Gould, George L. 
Gould, Samuel L. 
Hall. John K. 
Hancock, John H. 
Hardv, Arthur P. 
Hawley. William H. 
Hemenwav, Frank B 
Hlldebrand. H. W. 
Hill. James F. 
Holbrook, Moses 

Holden. John P. 
Holden, Leverett D. 
Howard, Charles W. 
Howard, John L. 
Hudson. Harvey 
Johnson, Benjamin 
Jones, Herbert R. 
Lee. Harmon I. 
Loud, Clarence B. 
Lovell, William O. 
MacCarthy, Dennis E 

McCarthy, James 
McCrillis, George S. 
Mackintire, Chas. G. 
Major, Thomas E. 
Marshall, George F. 
McGuire, P. J. 
Metcalf, George A. 
Millett, Joshua H. 
Munroe, Ernest V. 
Norris, Charles S. 
Oliver. William C. 
Osgood, William N. 
Otis, James O. 
Perry, Frank M. 
Peterson, Frank E. 
Pettengill, John W. 
Pierce, Charles F. 
Pierce, James 
Piper, John F. 
Pote, Clifford S. 
Powers, Erastus B. 
Powers, James L. 
Prescott, Charles R. 
Rankin, Harry P. 
Rankin. Qulntin E. 
Richards. David E. 
Richards, Lyman H. 
Rigp;s, Francis P. 
Rowe, William F. 
Sabine, Edward D. 
Sanders, Joseph W. 
Sargeant, Albert F. 
Sawyer, Hollis IL 
Scales, James 
Rchofield, William 
Serrat, William D. 
Shove, Francis A. 
Spofford. Edwin F. 
Staclcpole, George E. 
Staples, John E. 
Sterling, James F. 
Stevens, Milan F. 
Stratton, William F. 
Sullivan, Lynde 
Sweeney. Charles H. 
Swenson, Alfred 
Tompson. Charles E. 
Tonks, Clarence H. 
Turner. Henry E. 
Upton, Eugene C. 
Walbridge, Percy E. 
Wellman, Arthur H. 
Wells, Charles W. 
Wells, Elbridge B. 
Welsh. Michael 
Welsh. Willard 
Went worth, A. C. 
Wheeler, Fayette W. 
White, Homer E. 
Wiggin, Edward H. 
Wigcin. Joseph F. 
Winn. Henry 
Woodside, Charles L. 
Young. Henry C. 

Last Mfrs. 

Cox, George P. Last Co. 226 Pleasant 
Maiden Last Co. r. 231 Commercial, Edg. 
Middlesex Last Co. 551 Eastern av. 


Bettinson's Steam Laundry, 35 Dartmouth 

Matthew. Frank, 22 Summer 

Middlesex Steam Laundry, 50 Franklin 

Miller, E. G. 14 Holvoke 

£*w England Laundry Co. 107-121 Madison 

Steele, Lizzie H. Mrs. 71 Centra 


Abbott, Charles E. 388 Pleasant 


Ayers, George D. 53 Greenleat 
Barrett, Harry H. 
Beckett, Melville, 334 Pleasant 
Boutwell, Harvey L. 37 Pierce 
Bruce, Charles M. 360 Ferry 
Burbank, E. C. 50 Francis 
Carpenter, Orrin II. GO Appleton 
Casas De Las, W. B. Cedar 
Coggan, Marcellus. 34 Cross 
Eaton, E. E. 1G0 Salem 
Eddy, Charles F. 397 Main 
Elder, Charles R. Maple 
Fall, Anna C. 265 Pleasant 
Fall, George H. 265 Pleasant 
Farnham, John E. 29 Crescent av 
Hanson, Charles H. 22 Judson 
Hardy, Arthur P. 41 Ivy rd. 
Hemenway, Frank B. 22 Coburn, 
Holbrook, Moses, 21 Maplewooo" 
Ludden, Wm. E. 25 Mt. Vernon 
Loud, Clarence B. .32 Dodge, Map. 
Major, Thomas E. 
Makepeace, Lloyd, 86 Laurel 
McGuire, P. J. 9t Pleasant 
Millett, J. H. 22 Parker 
Munroe, Ernest V. 59 Cross 
Osgood, William N. 67 James 
Pettinglll, J. W. (judge) 39 Upham 
Patton, Jacob C. 51 Linden av. 
Powers, Erastus B. 57 Waite 
Powers, James L. IS Phillips 
Reddy, A. C. 100 Pleasant 
Roberts, Walter II. 490 Highland av. 
Robinson,' Fred B. 146 Clifton 
Schofleld, William, 19 Gould av. 
Shaw, William E. 161 Ferry 
Shea, Richard W. 29 Meridian 
Stevens, M. F. 81 Pleasant 
Sullivan, Lynde, 88 Summer 
Sullivan. W. H. 17 Pleasant 
Upton, E. C. 55 Dexter 
Walbridge,. Percy E. 105 Elm 
Walsh, John J. 361 Main 
Wellman, Arthur H. 193 Clifton 
Wells, C. W. 33 Dodge 
Wentworth. A. C. 100 Pleasant 
Wheeler, F. W. 44 Lowell 
Wiggin, Jf F. 154 Mountain av. 
Winn. Henry, 264 Summer 
Young, Henry C. 40 Cherry 

Leather Mfrs. (Morocco). 

Buxton, T. W. 17S Eastern av. 
Webster & Co. Commercial, Edg. 


Maiden Public Library, Miss L. A. 

Hams, lib. Salem, cor. Park 
Moulton, H. C. (clrc.) 62 Pleasant 


Craig, T. Elmore, 52 Pleasant 
Cutter, J. T. 4 Irving ct. 
Gale, Laburton A. 355 Cross 

Lumlier Dealers. 

Bowser Lumber Co. 7 Pleasant 

Buck, T. H. & Co. 405 Main 

Dutton, A. C. Lumber Co. 610 and 

Eastern av. Map. 
People's Lumber & Mfg. Co. r. 204 Eastern 

Talbot Bros. Canal, opp. Bell Rock station 


Dunbar. William A. 103 Tremont 
Goodwin, John F. r. 20 Clement 
Greene. Frank P. 20 Green 
Wire Grip Machinery Co. Pierce, Fau. 
Jacobs Bros. IS Mountain av. 



The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK Is published by F. S. Blanchard 
& Co., Worcester, and In duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 
appropriating iu contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



MALDEN— Continued. 

Marble "Workers. 

Harlow, William H. 7 Salem 
Weathers & McDonald, 152 and 154 Broad- 
way, Map. 


Carter, John (brick) 233 Cross 

Cast, Alfred, 83 Newhall 

Dickey, Richard C. (stone) 52 Elm av. Lin. 

Dickson & Bryce, 327 Main 

Hammond, George C. 22 Commercial 

Hodgdon, George F. 105 Lyme 

Howard. T. R. 32 Pearl 

Howlett, Robert, Central av. Lin. 

Irving, Daniel R. 75 Lyme, Fau. 

Johnson Bros. 11 Floral av. 

Kenneally, T. (stone) 559 Pleasant 

Lancaster, James J. 3 Ferry 

Lenehan Bros, (stone) 175 Walnut 

Lenehan, Edward F. 78 Harvard 

Lucey, Jeremiah J. 208 Main 

Manning, William, 287 Lynn. Lin. 

McNeil, John (stone) 338 Broadway, Map. 

Merrill, Leonard J. 51 Harvard 

Sullivan, John J. 13 Welsh 

Tracy & Stevens, S3 Main 

Twiss, Richard (stone) Glendale av. Lin. 

Webster, William P. CC2 Salem, Map. 

Workman, G. S. (plasterer) 95 Upham 

Mattress Mfrs. 

Warren, Charles G. 259 Main 

Metal Specialties. 

Tllson Mfg. Co. Middlesex ct. 

Brlggs, Josephine, 165 Salem 
Cowles, Laura A. 47 Pleasant 
Elms, Addie M. 583 Salem, Map. 
Fltzpatrlck, Theresa F. Mrs. 98 Pleasant 
Gibson, Cora M. 683 Salem. Map. 
Gogglns, C. F. 120 Pleasant 
Graham, Nellie L. 18 Wilson av. 
Hall, Mary A. 9 Faulkner sq. Fau. 
Kelley, Millie B. Mrs. 23 Newbury 
Love, Margaret, 95 Medford 
McDonald, H. H. Mrs. 346 Main 
McLeod, E. A. Mrs. 32 Summer 
Monblo, A. E. Mrs. 331 Lynn, Lin. 
Murray, Elizabeth F. 77 Pleasant 
Parker, Flora May, 352 Ferry 
Prlndall, Julia A. Mrs. 11 Cross 
Ripley, Gertrude R. 40 Florence 
Sanford, Nellie E. 11 N. Milton. Map. 
Stickney, Sarah S. Mrs. 67 Summer 
Upton, Lizzie, 623 Main 

Mitten Mfrs. 

Collins, E. & Co. 383 Lynn, Lin. 
Rose, George H. 46 Fenwick, Lin. 

Model Makers. 

Dunbar, William A. 103 Tremont 
Moulding' Mfrs. 

Carter & Stahl, 14 Irving ct. 

Maiden Moulding Co. 31-33 Commercial 

Oak Grove Moulding Co. 42 Winter 

Music Box Mfrs. 

Sander, Fred H. 6 Sawyer 

Music Teachers. 

Alden, Carrie P. 753 Salem, Lin. 
Ames, M. Adeline Mrs. 354 Ferry 
Bacon, Grace, 3CS Broadway, Map. 
Bacon, William F. 3C8 Broadway, Map. 

Baker, Fred H. 78 Linwood 

Barstow, Ida May, 93 Oliver, Lin. 

Bennett, Milan F. 4 Sea View av. Fau. 

Bishop, Emma F. 501 Highland av. 

Brash, John B. 126 Cross 

Brown, Obadiah B. 213 Pleasant 

Bruce, Ethel C. 360 Ferry 

Cameron, Laura B. George ct. Map. 

Carey, J. F. Miss, 87 Adams 

Carlson, F. Belle, 32 Spruce, Map. 

Chatueld, Emma H. 16 Marshall 

Clapp, Mary E. 19 Clapp, Lin. 

Collins, Emily Y. 97 Dexter 

Conway, Mary T. 40 Marshall av. Map. 

Crane, Fred L. 2S6 Pleasant 

Cushing, Pauline, 591 Salem, Lin. 

Dean, Grace A. 4 Glenwood 

Eibel, Nellie L. 1 Prosper av. 

Emerson, L. M. Miss, 141 Mountain av. 

Fisher, Annie E. 257 Clifton 

Flatley, K. C. Mrs. 14 Talbot 

Gilbert, Helen S. Mrs. 626 Salem 

Giles, Helen E. 39 Waite, Map. 

Griffin, Frank W. 41 Ashland 

Hale, E. Josephine, 109 HipTi 

Hall, Frederick S. 236 Pleasant 

Hanson, Mattie M. 11 Garland av. 

Harrington, T. Mrs. 54 Essex 

Hazen, Grace S. 28 Sea View av. Fau. 

Hildebrand, Ida J. 30 Dartmouth 

Hiltze, E. M. Mrs. 2 Prescott 

Howe, S. Jennie, 485 Pleasant 

Hubbard, A. M. Mrs. 52 Barrett av. 

Hughes, Anastasia A. 37 Newbury 

Hume, Ida E. 75 Elm av. Lin. 

Huston, Alice A. 41 Boylston 

Jacobs, H. Isabelle, 42 Mt. Vernon 

Jones, Maurice, 3 Dana 

Le Favre, John F. 10 Barstow 

Little, Blanche M. 126 Cross 

Lunt, Hattie A. 105 Summer 

Mason, E. Carson, 68 Summer 

McDonald,. C. J. Miss, 60 Acorn 

Mayo. Emma F. 49 Crescent av. 

McDonough, Mary, 20 Harris 

McKay, M. Virginia, Murray Hill park 

Meisel, Carl, 5 Oliver, Lm. 

Mllliken, John H. 16 Prescott 

Moran, M*ay G. 8 Magnolia 

Morin. Antoinette, 118 Pleasanr 

Morey, Ellen B. Mrs. 34 Hillside av. 

Nickerson, F. A. Miss, 29 Spring 

Noyes, E. H. 1 Earl 

Parry, A. F. H. Mrs. 27 Meridian 

Phillips, Winfred M. 35 Webster, Map. 

Patch, Lucie M. 64 Hawthorne 

Putnam, Royal L. 51 Granville av. Fau. 

Reader, Carrie S. 112 Linden av. 

Rich. Abbie M. 348 Ferry 

Richardson, Laura A. Mrs. 220 Salem, Fau. 

Richardson, Rose, E. 4 Lewis ct. 

Robertson, Georgia A. 3 Earl 

Sargent, Edith L. 425 Main 

Shaw. Mary L. 125 Clifton 

Shea, Mary T. 6 Shawmut av. 

Stackpole, H. M. P. Mrs. (vocal) 118 Salem 

Stitcher, Annie B. 58 Linwood 

Stitcher, Frank X.. 58 Linwood 

Stokes, Martha A. 2 Franklin ct. 

Tibbits. Blanche A. 190 Main 

True, E. I. Mrs. 62 Washington 

Tuttle, Hattie B. 33 Fairmount 

Underwood, G. E, Miss. 27 Tufts 

Vlckers. Wm. G. 11 Winthrop 

Wachendorf. A. A. Mrs. 4 Garfield ter. 

Wass, Edward H. 71 Cedar 

Weston, C. P. Sea View av. 

Whitmore, Charlotta P. 1014 Salem, Lin. 


Farnham, J. Henry, 405 Main 

CATALOGUE PRIIITIfiG ls our s ^-^° " d work ot 




Harcourt, Dana R. 1 Faulkner sq. 

Hussey, G. W. 273 Main 

Sherburne Bros. Maiden R. R. station, 

Towns, Fred H. 83 Maplewood, Map. 


Maiden Evening Mail (daily) Maiden Mail 

Co. prop. 67 Pleasant 
Maiden Evening News (dally) Maiden 

News Co. prop. 3S2 Main 
Maiden Mirror (weekly) H. C. Gray (estate) 

pub. 422 Main 

Notaries Public. 

Howard, Chas. W. 
Jones, Herbert R. 
Major, Thos. E. 
Makepeace, Lloyd 
Perry, Frank M. 
Ripley, James W. 
Ryder, Fredk. T. 
Sabine, Edw. D. . 
Safford, Walter 
Sargeant, Albert F. 
Snow, John R. 
Staples, John E. 
Stevens, Milan F. 
Stratton, Wm. F. 
Sullivan, Lynde 
Upham, Art. B. 
Wellman, Arthur H. 
Wells, C. W. 
Wentworth. A. C. 
Wiggin, Edw. H. 
Young, Henry C. 

Adams, BenJ. F. 
Ammann, Albert 
Ayers, Geo. D. 
Barrett, Harry H. 
Booth, Edw. S. 
Burns, Wylie C. 
Chester, Horace 
Choate, Fred E. 
Clapp, Arthur W. 
Coggan, Marcellus 
Crocker, Matthias E. 
Currier, Geo. T. 
Dodson, Chas. W. 
Dornter, Geo. W. 
Darrow, F. M. 
Davenport, Chas. L. 
Draper, A. Weth. 
Eaton, Eugene E. 
Elder, Chas. R. 
Fall, Geo. H. 
Foulkes, Henry G. 
Gould, Samuel N. 

Nursery in en. 

Belmont Hill Nurseries, 45 Bradford, Ev- 
Brown, George W. 6 Garden, Map. 
Chase, R. G. Co. 80 Summer 
Chase, Joseph S. 140 Mt. Vernon 


Ahl, Mia, 44 Roberts, Lin. 

Allen. Christina A. 93 Suffolk, Fau. 

Allen, Edward P. 50 Waverly 

Andrews, M. Bertha, 32 Linden av. 

Arey, Vestie Mrs. 44 Tufts 

Balrd, Mary E. Mrs. 354 Ferry 

Beaulieu, Annie Mrs. 145 Highland av. 

Bigelow, C. W. Miss, 32 Linden av. 
Blaisdell, Catherine Mrs. 17 Orchard, Map. 
Bosse, Annie Mrs. 17 Davis, Lin. 
Butler, Mary A. Mrs. Tvler ct. 
Caldwell, Ruth S. Mrs. 13 Byron 
Carpenter, La Forrest J. 20 Cliff, Map. 
Carroll, Ellen G. 7 West 
Carroll. Mary T. 7 West 
Chapman, D. F. Miss, 31 Washington 
Cheever, Sarah M. Mrs. 61 Main 
Clark, Jane L. Mrs. 179 Salem 
Clark. Sarah A. Mrs. 89 Bell Rock 
Cline, Lucinda J. Mrs. 563 Lynn, Lin. 
Cooper. Laura J. Mrs. 2S2 Ferry 
Copeland, C. Mrs. 52 Faulkner, Fau. 
Connell, Nellie, S6 Pearl 
Crafts, Sarah G. Mrs. 190 Webster, Map. 
Cullen, Annie, 13 Watts, Edg. 
Davis, Lucy A. Mrs. 33 Bryant 
Dillon, Catherine Mrs. 23 Willard, Map. 
Douglas, H. Luella, 106 M^dford 
Dyke, Ellen F. Mrs. 524 Sal^m. Map. 
Evans, Mary A. Mrs. 109 F^rry 
Ferguson. Abble M. 95 Maple 
Fitzgerald, Edward. 70 Belmont 
Fowler, Addle M. 49 Waverly 

Fowler, Portia E. 13 Forest 
Francis, Martha E. Mrs. 13 Ransom ct. 
Geyer, H. C. Mrs. 541 Salem, Map. 
Glines, Abble W. Mrs. 43 Waite, Map. 
Gowin, Mary Mrs. 67 Porter 
Grover, S. A. Mrs. 4 Richardson pi. 
Haines, Prudence, 50 Medford 
Harding, Harriet E. 20 Albion 
Harris, M. E. Mrs. 69 Lowell 
Healey, M. A. E. Mrs. 57 Oakland 
Henderson, Robert O. 137 Beach 
Higgins, Sarah A. 32 Clement 
Hill, Lillian V. Mrs. 34 Mt. Vernon 
Hillers, Agnes Mrs. 5 Grove pi. 
Homer, G. L. C. Mrs. 2 Lombard ct. Fau. 
Hurley, Jennie Mr?. 57 Maiden, Edg. 
Hussey, Aura H. Mrs. 31 Sheafe, Map. 
Ingalls, E. K. Mrs. 11 Oliver, Lin. 
King, Sarah Mrs. 2 Florence st. pk. 
Landrie, Eliz. Mrs. Roberts, Lin. 
Lomas, H. Mrs. 169 Emerald, Edg. 
Maclnnis, Margaret J. 142 Franklin 
Mack, Mary E. 70 Wyoming av. 
McFeeley, M. A. Mrs. 64 Faulkner 
McLaren, Jessie, 149 Eastern av. 
McLean, Kate Miss, 14 Cliff, Map. 
Merritt, E. F. Mrs. 4 Kenii worth, Fau. 
Miller, M. A. Mrs. 1 Granville pi. 
Morin, A. H. Mrs. 112 Hancock 
Nickerson, Lettie B. 39 Columbia 
Norcross, H. P. Mrs. 54 Meridian 
Oates, Emma J. Mrs. 104 Porter, Map. 
Palmer, Mary E. Mrs. 353 Ferry, Fau. 
Pearce, Mary. 274 Salem, Fau. 
Powers, Hattie A. L. Mrs. 189 Salem, Fau. 
Ranking, N. F. Mrs. 106 Franklin 
Reardon, J. M. Mrs. 27 Waverly 
Rich, Amanda A. Mrs. 17 Spring 
Richardson, E. P. Mrs. 33 Magnolia 
Richardson, R. A. Mrs. 17 Spring 
Ridge, Eva, 137 Bryant 
Robinson, Alice M. Mrs. 11 Winter 
Rogers, C. «A. Mrs. 387 Highland av. 
Sabean, Bessie B. 21 Newhall 
Sanders, E. T. Mrs. 132 Mountain av. 
Sanford, J. A. Mrs. 73 Sprasuie 
Seaves, Mary E. Mrs. 58 Pearl 
Skoog, Anna C. J. Mrs. 58 Cherry 
Slutter, Etna, 47 Spruce, Map. 
Smythe. Eva, 82 Summer 
Snow, Harriet F. Mrs. R6 Columbia, Map. 
Snooner, Mary Mrs. 293 Peasant 
Starratt, Nancy W. 7 Hamlet pi. 
Stearns, Sarah E. Mrs. 6 James 
Stone, E. Mrs. 76 Granville av. Fau. 
Way, Jessie M. 82 Summer 
Webber. Carrie G. Mrs. 121 Clifton 
Weldon, Sarah, 4 Summer st. pi. 
Whiteside, E. A. Mrs. 59 Lincoln 
Wilkinson, N. C. Mrs. 14 Wyeth 

Oil Dealers. 

Hanscam, Richard F. (peddler) 13 Clinton 
Webster Oil & Gasoline Co. 30 Upham 

Ointment Mfrs. 

Indian Vegetable Ointment, D. & C. H. 
Bradbury, mfrs. 357 Ferry 


Annis, George H. 327 Main 
Backman, Jed S. 76 Linwood 
Belrwcller, Louis (fresco) Gilbert, 
Blakeslee, Z. E. 39 Dartmouth 
Braley, Georce H. 11 Edmands 
Chrlstensen, J. H. Forrest 
Coburn, Clement, 37 Franklin 
Cooper, William (sign) 72 Florenc 
Crawford, James M. 230 Belmont 
Dean, Charles W. 28 Rand 



Business Directory of.... OOO I 0WI1S 3RQ ulIISSl 



MALDEN— Continued. 

De Renne, Geo. H. 126 Lyme, Fau. 

Doughty, George H. 51 Harvard 

Dunlap, John T. 12 Irving 

Dunne, W. E. 114 Russell, Edg. 

Elwell, Eben P. r. 22 Summer 

Erskine, F. J. 72 Orchard, .Map. 

Everton, Chas. W. H. 395 Salem, Map. 

Felkin, Wm, C. (fresco) 11 Commercial 

Flynn, Richard K. 241 Pearl 

French, F. P. &. Co. 2S9 Eastern av. 

Guelpa Bros, (fresco) 17 Dartmoutli 

Hicks & Anderson (fresco) 417 Main 

Hicks, C. P. & Co. 417 Main 

High, John W. 88 Jackson 

Holbrook, John H. r. 41 Irving 

Hooper, James, 658 Salem, Map. 

Hubbard, John E. (carriage) 77 Center 

Hunt, Charles H. 7 Byron, Map. 

Hurlbert, J. J. 43 Holden, n. Union 

Jewell, Aug. B. 9 Suffolk, Fau. 

Jodoin, C. T. 155 Madison 

MacCormick, W. B. Middlesex ct. 

Moore, John A. 249 Lebanon, Map. 

Morris, Isaac, 292 Broadway, 

Morton, B. F. 2 Eastern av. 

Mowry, Foster U. 15 Almont 

Mumford, A. S. 7 Pleasant 

Noyes, Frederick M. 276 Main 

Page. Gilman, Jr. 55 Earl 

Perrigo, H. N. Lyme, Fau. 

Phlnney, M. Edward, 17 Alden 

Pinkham, Daniel D. 634 Salem, 

Reed, James C. 37 Almont 

Ricker, Earl J. 41 Fenwick 

Rigby, Henry H. 17 Irving 

Rollston, John G. 77 Lowell 

Sandberg, C. 0. (carriage) 32 Willard, Map. 

Scott, James, 1 Poplar, Fau. 

Sinnott, W; B. r. 12 Irving ct. 

Sweetser, George H. (fresco and dec.) 1 

Haskins ct. 
Taylor, John T. 20 Hubbard. Edg. 
Tlbbetts, Frank O. 26 Newton 
Varney, Henry W. 320 Ferry 
Wagner, W. Arthur (carriage) 46 

Walls, Ezra (carriage) 77 Center 
Wells, Chas. A. 154 Lebanon. Map. 
Wyman, Melzer J. 589 Salem, Map. 
Young, Hiram H. 152 Linden av. 

Paner Hanging'*. 

Carr, J. T. 218 Salem 
Crocker, Austin F. 106 Pleasant 
Ford, R. W. & Co. 200 Pleasant 


Barentzen Photogravure Co. 21 Garnet 
Bullard, 8. G. Mrs. 56 Pleasant 
Dyer, John W. 100 Pleasant 
Hallworth, Alfred N. 51 Pleasant 
Seabury, F. E. 17 Pleasant 
Shiloh, Caleb D. r. SS Pleasant 
Stetson, Edward E. 19 Forrest 
Wilson, Morton C. 39S Highland av. 

ct. Fau. 





Abbott, Fred L. (Horn.) 24 Rus 
Burleigh, Charles, 361 Main 
Burpee, Carroll C. (Horn.) 5 Garnet 
Day, Josiah F. C6 Pleasant 
Deal, Edward E. 627 Salem 
Drown, Edward P. 31 Washington 
Evans, Reuben O. 361 Main 
Fales. Alonzo C. 76 Pleasant 
Farrell, G. L. 377 Highland av. 
Garfield, John (Horn.) 113 Salem 
George, Oscar F. 35 Columbia, Map. 


Goodwin, Richard J. P. 4S1 Pleasant 
Griffin, Arthur G. 195 Pleasant 
Hands, Harry T. Maiden Hospital 
Hinchllffe, Harry P. 97 Oliver, Lin. 
Hitchcock, Alvan W. Jr. 31 Florence 
Hodgdon, Frank A. 52 High 
Home, Jeremiah, 170 Summer 
Johnson, Herbert S. 472 Pleasant 
Jones, Charles D. 32 Washington 
Jones, Lombard C. 82 Summer 
Kalousdian, Nazareth, 79 Faulkner 
Knight, Granville, 1S7 Ferry 
Krauss, James (Horn.) 33 Florence 
Lawrence, J. Wilmot, 234 Main 
Leafe, John E. 32 Bowman 
MacDonald, William C. 45 Pleasant 
McCarthy. Charles D. 164 Pleasant 
McCarthy, John C. 221 Highland av. 
McClearn, Charles W. 26 Faulkner 
Murphy. John M. C. S9 Hancock 
Nordstrom, C. Maria Mrs. (Horn.) 

Nutter, William D. 34 Maplewood 
Parker, Frank H. 275 Salem 
Plummer, Frank W. 322 Pleasant 
Potter, La Forest. (Horn.) 117 Mountain 
Prior, Charles E. 82 Summer 
Proctor, Joseph W. 96 Washington 
Randall, Francis D. 12 Maplewood 
Reeves, Harriet E. (Horn.) 489 Main 
Rov. George T. 50 Medford 
Russell. Julia A. B. (Horn.) 4S3 Main 
Ryder. Godfrey, 321 Pleasant 
Sampson, Lottie E. (Horn.) 15 Pine 
Sawtelle, Geo. B. (Horn.) 14 Florence 
Sexton. James H. Jr. 147 Pleasant 
Stackpole. George E. US Salem 
Stevens, Andrew J. 539 Main 
Stilson. Willard C. 629 Salem. 
Sullivan, John L. S2 Summer 
Sullivan, James S. 347 Main 
Taylor, H^nry. 12 Ripley 
Wadsworth. Peleg. 1 Heath pi. 
Weeks, William J. 64 Maple 
Whiting, Walter B. 109 Summer 

Piano nn«l Organ Dealers. 

Hawke, S. A. 73 Pleasant 
Jordan. Charles W. 400 Pleasant 
Upham, .Henry W. 2S5 Clifton 

Piano Tuners. 

Ashdo-wn. John. 21 Oliver, Lin. 
Burnham, Robert W. 1 Sprague ct. 
Grover, Stephen, 77 Ferry 
Jordan. Charles W. 400 Pleasant 
LeFavre, John F. 10 Barstow 
Parker. Henry M. 31 Garland 
Upham. Henry W. 2S5 Clifton 

Pictnres and Picture Framers. 

Elllett, Charles O. 61 Lyle 
Tlbbetts, Edgar D. 7S Summer 


Chisholm, Roderick, 24 Stearns 
Cook, Adam A. 20 Clement 
Driscoll. C. A. Ill Ferry 
Evans, George W. 196 Ferry 
Fletcher, E. A. 115 Lebanon 
Fredericks & Sullivan, Biltmore 
Fryer, John, 255 Main 
Henderson. Wm. A. & Co. 421 Main 
Houghton, Walter W. 25 Willow, Fau. 
Kaulback, Winncld S. 204 Pleasant 
Kenney, Francis P. 335 Highland av. 
•Martin. Henry L. 103 Ferry 
McDonald & Woods, 1 Sal>>m 
Meyer Bros. S Faulkner so,. 
Newton. Charles E. 212 Bryant 


Throughout the 






Powers, John A. 517 Salem, Map. 
Stanley, Edward Z. 544 Salem, Map. 
Sullivan, P. G. 12 Irving 
West, Alonzo A. 246 Pleasant 
White, Alfred H. r. 32 Summer 

Post Oflices and Postmasters. 

Maiden— W. W. Sampson, 78 Pleasant 
Sub"-statlon No. 1— L. A. Berry, supt. 526 
Salem, Map. 


Blanehard, Charles F. 233 Eastern av. 

Blen, E. B. & Co. 75 Ferry 

Brown, A. G. 56 Pleasant 

Brown, G. Allison, 780 Salem, Lin. 

Butler, Fred C. 515 Salem, Map. 

Dunbar, Geo. E. 382 Main 

Dunn, Edward, 407 Eastern av. Fau. 

Lindsay, J. N. 121 Madison 

Maiden Printing Co. 27 Pleasant, Thomas 

F. Hogan, prop. 
Perry, Wm. G. J. Swain Poml av. Map. 
Roulllard, Frederick T. 2 Dodge, Map. 
Senate Bros. 422 Main 
Whittemore & Co. 103 Madison 

Provision Dealers. 

Baldwin, Fred M. 21 Harvard 

Chisholm, George M. 60 Faulkner 

Clark, R. G. 72 Ferry 

Cooper, W. H. 242 Pleasant 

Crafts, Arthur G. 320-22 Broadway, Map. 

Crockford, Joseph A. 3 Irving 

Darcy & Falconer. 372 Ferry 

Dean, A. F. & Sons, 82 Winter 

Desmond, P. H. 89 Middlesex 

Drew, A. E. & H. M. 26 Summer 

Dunshee & Hunt, 16 Pleasant 

Gould, J. J. 529 Broadwav 

Hill, Fred C. 317 Salem, Fau. 

Keith, B. L. 11 Maplewood, Map. 

Kelley, T. M. 343 Highland av. Edg. 

Kidder, Horace J. 3 Salem 

King, Jerusha Mrs. 262 Main 

Leary Bros. 252 Highland av. Edg. 

Leathers, Wm. H. 274 Broadway, Map. 

Maguire, Thcmas F. 77 West, Edg. 

Mayo, Nelson J. 10 Everett 

Mitchell, George E. 249 Main 

Moore, John R. 180 Ferry 

Moses, Simon M. 17 Broadway, Map. 

Nelson & Sherman, 27 Lebanon 

Nicolls Bros. 356 Main 

Nolan, James, 262 Pearl, Edg. 

Nute, Joseph H. 276 Pleasant 

Pacifico, William S. 20 Middlesex 

Page, E. Clarence, 90 Main 

Palmngren, Geo. J. 22 Bowman, Map. 

Pembrook & Innis, 74 Eastern av. 

Safford, Herbert L. 420 Main 

Sfreeter, E. D. 391 Highland av. 

Whenman, B. N. 282 Main 

Woodman Bros. 110 Ferry 

Ileal Estate Agents, 

Adams, Benj. F. 31 Pleasant 

Ammann, Albert, 10 Leland 

Bailey, George T. 56 Pleasant 

Blanehard, Fred F. 28 Faulkner, Fau. 

Carney, Clarence E. 178 Webster, Map. 

Coburn, D. J. 90 Bryant 

Crocker, A. F. 106 Pleasant 

Crosby, C. W. 267 Ploasant 

Damon, C. E. 5 Salem 

Dexter, Samuel G. & Richard, 5 Elm 

Dickson, Augustus F. 86 Sea View av. Fau. 

Dillon, William J. 395 Charles, Edg. 

Doucet & Saxby, 142 Pleasant 

Downs. Harry F. & Co. 432 Main 

Eaton, Eugene E. 45 Bryant, Fau. 
Farley, Lawrence S. 169 Washington 
Grant Bros. 48 Faulkner 
Hill, George G. 403 Main 
Howard, Charles W. 62 Pleasant 
Howard, John L. 71 Pleasant 
Keith, Edward F. CO Bryant 
Lewis, Harry R. & Hubbard R. 78 Upham 
Lyndon, Thomas H. Revere, Lin. 
McCormack, John J. 219 Pearl 
Merrill, B. B. 279 Clifton 
Metcalf, George A. 75 Washington 
Moulton, Henry C. 62 Pleasant 
Peterson, Frank E. 518 Salem, Map. 
Pierce, Charles F. 45 Waverly 
Pote, Clifford S. Main, cor. Winter 
Prescott, Charles, 74 Florence 
Ramsdell. Charles, 26 Bartlett 
Rawley, E. T. 104 Maplewood, Map. 
Richards, David E. 3 Florence st. pant 
Sawyer, Conrad, 315 Salem, Fau. 
Saxby, Orvis G. 142 Pleasant 
Sheehan, Thomas J. 408 Highland 
Shute, Charles F. 208 Ferry 
Staples, John E. 8 Summer 
Sterling, James F. Ill Ferry 
Stetson. H. E. Mrs. 19 Forrest 
Stevens, Herbert A. 1S8 Ferry- 
Sweeney, Charles H. 407 Lynn, Lin. 
Webber, James F. 3 Crawford 
Welsh, Michael, 41 West 
Whipple, Luther P. 126 Salem 
Willard, Frank J. 73 Pleasant 
Wolfren, Ludwlg F. 135 Linden av. 
Woodman, C. E. Mrs. 38 Clayton 


Barstow, P. D. 3 Commercial 
Clark. Jennie S. Mrs. 377 Main 
Covell, John W. (lunch) 48 Florence 
Cushman, Amelia V. Mrs. 512 Salem, Map. 
Hodoian, Hacher. 183 Charles. Edg. 
Lawson, James W. (lunch) 107A Ferry 
Marsh, C. E. (lunch) 24 Summer 
Philbrick, Susan S. SO Winter 
Pitcher, Allan S. (lunch) 231 Pleasant 
Rich, John E. 7 Irving 
Warren, Emma Mrs. 4S0 Main 
Wilson. Frank H. 689 Salem, Map. 


Hackett, Thomas (slater) 22 Charles 
Hackett, Wm. F. (tin and slate) 104 Com- 
mercial, Edg. 
Libby, L. L. (gravel) 38 Maple 
McDonald, Daniel, 66 Winter 

Rubber Goods Jlfrs. 

Boston Rubber Shoe Co. Commercial, Edg. 
Franklin Rubber Co. 580 Eastern av. Map. 

Sand. Paper and Glue Mfrs. 

Wlggin & Stevens, 23S Commercial, Edg. 

Savings Hanks. 

(See Banks.) 


Saw Filers. 

William S. 250 Pleasant 

Serins Machine Dealers. 

Black, Isaiah W. 432 Main 
Hawke, Samuel, 495 Plr-asant 
Pauuette, Clement, 432 Main 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Robinson Bros. & Co. Medford. cor. Green 

Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts; the information is obtained by pergonal can« 
vans of the State, and is duly copyrighted. 



MALDEN— Continued. 


Crowe, John J. (hackman) 265 Highland av. 
Crowe, Martin C. 265 Highland av. Edg. 
Hanson. H. R. & Co. (boarding) Hill ct. 
Mower & Hindes, 110 Main 
Neal, George A. 13 Commercial 
Newcomb, Edwin A. 38 Cedar 
Oram, Percie K. J9 Dartmouth 
Parker, Jabez P. 10 Abbott 
Pitcher, Linus N. 36 Cedar 
Pratt, John (boarding) 337 Main 
Shepley, O. B. 16 Lebanon, Map. 

Storage Wnrehonse«. 
Bean, Wlibert M. 44 Dartmouth 
Eastern Storage Co. Everett av. 
Hill, George G. 403 Main 
Powers, T. *W. 28 Pleasant 
Woodbury, C. F. Salem 

Stoves, Furnaces. Ranges and 


Barnes, David, off 284 Summer 
Harrington, John F. 102 Pleasant 
Kaulback, Winfleld S. 204 Pleasant 
Martin, H. L. 103 Ferry 
Stanley, E. Z. 544 Salem, Map. 
West, Alonzo A. 246 Pleasant 


Anderson Bros. 14 Middlesex 
Broos, Hyman, 32 Summer 
Callahan, James, 237 Charles, Edg. 
Chashoudian, G. H. & Co. 194 Charles. 

Christopher, Fulton, 68 Florence 
Corvin, Sol, 325 Salem, Fau. 
Daniels, Barnard, 264 Pleasant 
Davis, George W. 317 Cross 
Donahue, John, 9 Pleasant 
Elwell, Wm. A. 21 Lebanon, Map. 
Jackson, John T. 250 Pleasant 
Loveland, C. H. 28 Summer 
Mahoney, J. J. 430 Main 
Maker, Moses, 81 Pleasant 
O'Laughlin, M. 27 Pleasant 
Ruderman, Joseph B. 250 Main 
Thompson & Sutton, 32 Summer 
Valnasky, A. 340 Highland av. 
Waugh, R. H. 150 Pleasant 

Tanners and Curriers. 

Wesbter & Co. Commercial, Edg. 


Bazln, Robert W. 82 Richmond pi. 
Fltzpatrick, J. B. 107% Ferry 
Gidney, Paul M. 9 Columbia, Map. 

Teamsters. • 

Bean, Wilbert M. 73 Pleasant 
Berry, John C. 8 Dodge 
Bruce, Hollis, 63 Lebanon, Map. 
Chase, David W. 224 Belmont 
Devlr, John M. Oakland, Edg. 
Haley, John, 100 Pearl, Ea b 
Hess, George J. 2S Pleasant 
Kelliher, H. 8 Sewall, Fau. 
Hodgdon, Ablel, 27 Alden, Fau. 
Howard, C. R. 399 Charles, Edg. 
McMahon, George E. 70 Linden av. 
McSweeney. Timothy, 284 Charles, Edg. 
Moeckel, Martin, 49 Warren av. 
O'Brien, Timothy, 177 Emerald, Edg. 
Peterson, Peter O. 15 Wlllard. Map. 
Powell, Thomas, 299 Pearl, Edg. 
Powers, Thomas W, 2 Phillips ct. 

Reardon, Timothy J. 37 Emerald, Edg. 
Reardon, William H. 379 Pearl, Edg. 
Shiels, Daniel, 10 Llnwood 
Shiels, James, 39 Warren av. 
Spooner, George A. 23 Ashland 
Sullivan, Daniel J. 162 Madison 
Sweeney, John B. 3 Harrison av. Fau. 
Turk, Francis A. 304 Medford, Edg. 
Ward. Milton, 51 High 
Wentworth, George A. 7 Pleasant 
White, George, 59 Mountain av. 
Williams, John M. 126 Avon, Edg. 

Teas and Coffees. 

Gay, George M. 52 Linwood 
North American Tea Co. 40ft Maiin 
Union Pacific Tea Co. 5 Pleasant 


Troland, Edwin, 58 Pleasant V 
Jenness, George A. 457 Lynn, Lin. 
Johnson, George M. 58 PleaSant 
Stanley. Edward Z. 544 Salem, Map. 
Tilson Mfg. Co. Middlesex ct. 
West, Alonzo A. 246 Pleasant 


Dconan, Owen P. 88 Highland av. and 

378 Medford, Edg. 
Lewers, Frank A. 31 Lebanon, Map. 
Lynn, Frank S. 54 Eastern av. 
McMahon, Paul J. 288 Main 
Mitchell, John F. 591 Pleasant 
Mulready, William, 107 Gale, Edg. 
Rodgers, M. F. and Mrs. 27 Maple 
Sargent. C. & Co. 24 Irving 
Ward, A. N. 18 Irving 


Ford, R. W. & Co. 200 Pleasant 
Graves, James G. 20 Summer 
Harrington, John F. 102 Pleasant 
Hunting, E. & Son, 34 Rockwell, Map. 
Lewis, Henry H. 2i Albion 
Maiden Upholstery Co. 78 Summer 
Nelson, David R. 216 Franklin 
Salisbury* Henry A. 93 Franklin 
Shepard, E. G. 16 Preston 
Starr, John, 216 Cross 
Young, Robert. 268 Main 

Variety Stores. 

Bailey, Eliza Mrs. (bakery) 180 Oliver, Lin. 

Ballard, William R. 183 Salem 

Berrigan, Julia, 145 Pearl, Edg. 

Blakeley, Wright, 2S3 Washington 

Bowen. Edward A. 3S Pleasant 

Bowers, Emma J. Mrs. 108 Main 

Brown, Ellen Mrs. 93 Columbia, Map. 

Carroll, Mary, 9 West 

Carroll, Michael. 113 Pearl. Edg. 

Clifford, H. M. Mrs. (groceries) 260 
Charles, Edg. 

Connell, Ellen, 284 Pearl, Edg. 

Conway, Kate (groceries) 66 Highland av. 

Crimmlns, C. M. Mrs. 107 Middlesex 

Cushman, Amelia V. 512 Salem, Map. 

De Shon. Lizzie E. 706 Main 

Driscoll, Jeremiah F. 185 Highland av. 

Farnsworth, M. I. Mrs. 195 Pearl. Edg. 

Goodwin, S. C. & IT. V. 12 Lebanon, Map. 

Hall, Frederick S. 250 Pleasant 

Harrington, E. Mrs. 103 Emerald. Edg. 

Houston. Lorlng W. 689 Salem, Edg. 

Humphrey, Margaret Mrs. 150 Broadway 

Jordan, E. F. It. Mrs. (groceries) 332 High- 
land av. Edg. 

Marsh, Charles E. 24 Summer 



DIRECTORY, published annually. JgH 

V. S. ltlanrhard St Co., Worcester. ^W 



McGovern, Thomas T. 83 Madison 
Murphy, Catherine Mrs. 81 Adams, Edg. 
Murphy, Isabella Mrs. 122 Madison 
Nash, Minnie A. Mrs. 379 Charles, n. West 
Nolan, C. Mrs. 48 Maiden, Edg. 
O'Nell, Ellen Mrs. 162 Broadway, Map. 
Pockllngton, Eleanor Mrs. 32 Faulkner 
Putney, George A. (groceries) 63 Ashland 
Rogers, Peter M. 96 Clifton 
Rourke, Michael, 57 Maiden, Edg. 
Savary, George M. 10 Wadsworth 
Scully. John. 203 Pearl, Edg. 
Shields, Richard D. 206 Adams, Edg. 
Shipp, Georgianna A. Mrs. 116 Lebanon, 

Smalle, Chas. M. 113 Lebanon, Map. 
Smith, Annie Mrs. 63 Madison 
Taylor, Emily F. Mrs. 710 Salem 
Turck, Francis A. 304 Medford, Edg. 
Watkins, Mamie Mrs. 93 Charles 
Weir, Annie F. Mrs. 268 Charles, Edg. 
White, James. 175 West 
White, Julius, 191 Harvard 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Flynn, William J. 66 Harvard 

Ingalls, Almond T. 110 Main 

Simpson, C. R. & W. M. 43 Dartmouth 


Burgess, H. T. 57 Bryant 
Doyle, John J. 80 Charles 
Ellsworth, B. R. 539 Eastern av. Map. 
Howard, Richard R. Middlesex ct. 
Walls, Ezra, 77 Center 

Wire Cord Mfrs. 

Tate Wire Cord Co. Sherman, cor. Jackson 

Wood Dealers. 

Smith & Robinson (bundle) 9 Dana 

"Wood Moulders. 

Maiden Novelty Wood Works. 103 Charles 


In Essex Co., 9 ra. northeast of Salem and 25 m. northeast of Boston on 
Eastern Div. B. & M. R. R. Inc. May 14, 1G43. Pop. 1,870. 

Villages— Crescent Beach, Kittle Cove Village, Magnolia Station, West 


Annual town meeting between 13th 

and 20th of March. 
Clerk—Alfred S. Jewett 
Selectmen— Alfred S. Jewett, ch. 

John H. Cheever 

George P. Dole 
Auditor— Joseph A. Torrey 
Treasurer and Collector- 
Edwin P. Stanley 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Leonard Andrews 

George E. Hildreth 

Louis O. Lations 
Supt. Streets— George Kimball 
Water Commissioners — 

Nathan P. Meldram, ch. 

George W. Jewett 

Jeffrey T. Stanley 
Cemetery Commissioners — 

George W. Jewett 

Oliver T. Roberts 

Charles O. Lee 
Park Commissioners— Wm. C. Rust 

Daniel W. Friend 

Charles C. Dodge 
Board Health— Alfred S. Jewett, ch. 

John H. Cheever 

George P. Dole 

Dr. George W. Blaisdell 
Chief Eire Dept. — James Hoare 
Chief Police— Thomas O. D. Urquhart 

Public Scliools. 

Committee— Edward A. Lane, ch. 
Lyman W. Floyd 
Rev. Walter H. Ashley 

^"Pt.— George P. Armstrong 

1 rln. Story High School— 

„W. S. C. Russell 

1 fn. Grammar School- 
Andrew J. Hull 


Auctioneers— William C. Rust 
Edwin P. Stanley 

Benjamin S. Bullock, Washington st. 

Bicycle* Dealers— 
Melvin H. Davis 
GEORGE F. PEClv, Union st. 

Frank P. Wonson 


Bicycle Repairing. 

A fully equipped repair shop 

nd tirst- 
class work 

Bicycles Built to Order. Also. Telephone 
and Electric Work a Specialty. 


Billiard Rooms— Frank W. Bell 
Henry Slade 

Blacksmiths— Isaac P. Richardson 
Horace Stanley 
Dennis O' Sullivan 

Boat Builder- 
David Fenton, Ashland av. 

Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
Frank W. Bell 
Charles Hooper 

Boot and Shoe Makers- 
Solomon D. Allen 
Charles Hooper 

Brick Mfrs.— Israel Martin 

Cahiuct Makers-John Colllm 
George W. & A. S. Jewett 

- Samuel L. Wheaton 

Carpenters — Alpheua Dennis 
Gorman Bros. 
Albert Harraden 

353 Directories »E°~^ 




MANCHESTER— Continued. 

Francis A. P. Killam & Son 

Roberts and Hoare 

George E. Wilmonton 
Cigars and Tobacco — 

A. Lee & Sons 
Civil Engineer and Surveyor— 

Raymond C. Allen 
Clergymen and Churches — 

— . — . , First Baptist 

Walter H. Ashley, Cong. 

— . — . L Unitarian 

— . — . , Episcopal 


Darius F. Lamson (B.) 
Coal and Wood — James B. Dow 

Samuel Knight 
Crockery and Glassware— 

J. W. Carter 
Dentists— Harry S. Gilman 

Claudius L. Hoyt 
Dressmakers— Mrs. Nellie M. Condon 

Eliza H. Hooper 

Mrs. Charlotte P. Scott 

Mrs. Mary Stanley 

Isabella M. Warner 
Druggists— Arthur L. Green 

Andrew Lee & Pons 
Dry Goods— George F. Allen 

Mrs. N. M. Condon 

GEORGE F. PECK. Union st. Set 
adv. under Bicycles. 
Expresses— American Expreis Co. 

Dunn's Salem Express 

Smith's Boston Express 
Fish Dealers— Arthur S. Dow 

Heath Bros. 

Andrew Lee, 2d 
Florists— Edward S. Knight 

J. K. Tappan 
Furniture Dealers— 

A. S. & G. W. Jewett 
Furniture Mfrs.— 

C. Dodge Furniture Co. 
Lewis Morgan 
Samuel L. Wheaton 

Grocers— Bullock Bros. 
George W. Hooper 

F. B. Rust 

B. W. Tappan 
Hairdressers— Charles Francis 

Augusto G. Monteiro 
Halls— Grand Army Hall 

Town Hall, capacity 400 
Hardware Dealers — 

Andrew Lee & Sons 
Harness Makers- James A. Culbert 

Robert Culbert 
Hay, Grain and Straw— 
.Samuel Knight 

D. B. Hodgkins & Son 
Dodge & Scott 

Hotels— Blynman House, Warren F. 
Knowlton, prop. 

Manchester House, M. J. Callahan, prop. 

Masconomo House, Mrs. John B. Schoef- 
fell, prop. 
Ice Dealers — Ayers Bros. 

Manchester Ice Co. 
Insurance Agents- 

Wllllam J. Johnson 

J. F. Rabardy 

George E. Wlllmonton 
Jeweler and Watehmaker- 

C. T. Loomls 
Justices of the Peace — 

G. F. Allen 

John Allen 

Raymond C. Allen 

Gerard Bement 

T. Dennis Boardman 

Charles H. Fleming 

Alfred S. Jewett 

W. J. Johnson 

W. F. Knowlton 

R. C. Lincoln 

N. P. Meldram 

Robert S. Minot 

George Putnam 

James L. Putnam 

Russell Sturgia 

A. C. Slater 

M. M. Weston 

Julius F. Rabardy (to issue warrants and 
take bail) 
Kitchen Furnishing Goods- 
John W. Carter 
Laundries— John E. King 

T. W. Long & Bro. 
Lawyer— Charles S. Hanks 
Library — Manchester Public, Delucena 

L. Bingham, lib. 
Lumber Dealer— Samuel Knight 
Masons — John Bennett 

Gorman Bros. 

Elmer C. Haskell 

John Lendall 

George S. Sinnicks 

Curtis Stanley 

Otis M. Stanley 

Sentcr Stanley 
Men's FuriuNhing Goods — 

Frank W. Bell 
Music Teacher— Jessie M. Hoare 
Newspapers— Essex Echo (weekly), 
I. M. Marshall, prop. 

Manchester 'Cricket (weekly), I. M. Mar- 
shall, prop. 
Notaries Public— William J. Johnson 

Gerard Bement 

W. F. Knowlton 

Robert S. Minot 

Julius F. Rabardy 

William* H. Tappan 

M. M. Weston 
Painters— Albert H. Crowell 

Crowell Brothers 

Edward A. Lane 

Charles A. Mason 

A. J. Orr 
Photographer-John R. Cheever 
Physicians— George W. Blaisdell 

Robert T. Glendenning 
Plum bers— Duncan T. Beaton 

Robert Robertson 
Post Ollice and Postmaster — 

Manchester — Samuel L. Wheaton 
Printer— Charles Leman 
Provision Dealers — 

Campbell & Hubbard 

Sheldon's Market 
Real Estate Agents- 
William J. Johnson 

Nathan P. Meldram 
Restaurant— J. S. Reed 
Stahlcs— Patrick H. Boyle 

Simeon T. Swett 
Stoves nnd Tinware — 

Duncan T. Beaton 

John W. Carter 
Tailor— James Bettencourt 
Teamsters— Samuel Knight 

Frank P. Tenney 
Undertaker— Elhanan Babcock 

TAllfAl Hfll!* 1 S ! &jf&ff!"y£* Printed In the best manner at short notlc 
OWN REPOft 15 F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Upholsterer— William Joha*on 

Variety Stores— Lyman W. FioyJ 
Frank P. Wonson 

Wheelwright— J. P. Lationa 
Yacht Builder- 
David Fenton, Ashland av. 


In Bristol Co., 11 ra. northwest of Taunton and 25 in. southwest of Bos- 
ton at junction of Northern Div. and 1'rov. Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. 
H. & H. R. R. KieetiU: :nii\\ :i>s to ttastou, Norton, Foxboro, etc. Inc. April 
2G, 1770. Pop., 3,722, 

Villages— East Mansfield, West Mansfield, Robinsonville, Whiteville. 


Annual town meeting third Monday 

in March. 
Clerk— Charles C. Hagerty 
Selectmen— Frank I. .Sherman, ch. 

Charles S. Newcomb 

Auditors— H. P. Hodges 

C. S. Angell 

Charles R. Comey 
Treasurer— Charles C. Hagerty 
Collector— William L. Stearns 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— T. H. Nelson 

H. A. Perry 

Dana W. Fisher 

L. L. Jones 

Emory E. Brown, West M. 

C. W. Whidden 
Highway Commissioners — 

William B. Brown 

D. S. Spaulding 
John M. Atwood 

Water Commissioners— 

D. S. Spaulding 
A. B. Day 

C. R. Comey 
Sinking Fund Commissioners — 

A. B. Day 

John W. Rogers 

J. Arthur Wheeler 

George P. Bailey 

Albert A. Grover 
Board Health— Dr. F. D. Perry, ch. 

J. N. Tibbetts 

E. G. Sherman 

Chief Fire Dept.— Herbert E. King 

Public Schools. 
Committee— Wm. M. Packard, ch. 

Harry R. Fisher 

Joseph Wilson 
Sunt.— Edward P. Fitts 
I'rin. High School— Geo. W. Stone 


Anctioiu'i'rs-J. A. Blake 

John R. Halliday 

R- J. Paine 
./• w - Rathhun, East M. 

linker— William Olliff 
Hank— Mansfield Co-operative Bank, Al- 

fred B. Day, trenK. 
HiiHkct Mfrs.— Fisher Broa. 

•J L. Hodges 

Elmer Slupard. West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

Henry A. Shepard, 

B. A. Skinner 
Benjamin Treen & Co., 
George S. Treen. 

Bicycle Dealers- 
Fuller Carriage Co. 

Robert Hayhurst 

Herbert E. King 
Blacksmiths— Albert Chase 

J. W. Conrad 

George W. Forsyth 

Edward Garripy 

William M. Packard 

J. A. Wetherby 
Board of Trade — Mansfield Board of 

Trade, F. W. Spaulding, sec. 
Boot and Shoe Dealers — 

Oliver P. Cook 

S. C. Lovell 

Anthony J. Shields 

J. A. Wheeler 
Boot and Shoe Makers- 
Andrew E. Burke & Co. 

Alfred F. Cole 

H. E. Lincoln 
Bottlers— The Cate Spring Bottling Co. 
Carpenters— William H. Angell 

Charles A. Booth & Son 

John F. Cook 

David M. "Eddy (contractor) 

Charles Haskell 

L. M. Hodges 

C. S. Newcomb 
L. S. Packard 
W. A. Staples 

Carriage Mfr.— Fuller Carriage Co. 
Clergymen nml Churches- 
John Eels, Universalist 

T. P. Elliott, St. Mary's R. C. 

E. A. Hunt. East Mansfield Methodist 

W. F. Grant. Baptist 

M. J. Hornsberger, Cal. Baptist, West M. 

— — , Congregational 

George F. Stearns, New Jerusalem 

Elliott F. Studley, Emmanuel Methodist 

Herman F. Swartz, Congregational 
Clothing' Dealers — 

Thomas J. Fox 

S. H. Hardnn & Co. 
Coal and Wood — 

P. A. Drew & Co. 

B. F. Gifford 

A. D. King (coal) 
Confectionery and Frnit— 

John B>irtlPtt 

Charles E. Bassett 

D. E. Robinson 
John Valenti 

Cutlery JIfrs.— 
Matthew George (knives) 
G. A. Robinson & Co. (knives), West M. 


Of anything that can bo printed. 

F. S. Blancfiard & Co,, Worcester, 



MANSFIELD— Continued. 

Dentists— W. T. Dickerman 

Sherman E. Vinton 
Dressmakers— Mrs. F. I. Bragg 

M. E. Llppitt 
Druggists— Fred E. Fisher 

George E. Hodges 

John B. Wilson 
Dry Goods — George F. Leavitt 

W. & W. L. Robinson 
Electrical Supplies- 
Atlantic Mfg. Co. (inc.) 
Expresses— Earle & Prew's Express 

New York & Boston Despatch 
Fish Dealers— George Bessom 

James A. Blaisdell 
Florists— William Brown 

William C. Winter 
Furniture Denier — 

Robert Hayhurst 

A. V. Rogerson 
General Stores— C. H. Pratt 

H. A. Roberts. East M. 

Frank I. Sherman, West M. 

Grist Mill— 

E. A. Brlggs & Co., West M. 
Grocers— Bessom Bros. 

Charles H. Billings 

Alfred A. Brlggs (peddler). West M. 

Fred A. Burt. East M. 

F. B. Eldredge 
Kennedy Bros. 
Oscar Mason 
Jacob F. Robinson 
Richard T. Welch 

Hairdressers — Samuel Adonis 

Henry A. Cobb 

F. W. Lishman 

W. E. Moran 

J. Howard Welsh 
Hall— Town Hall, capacity 1000 
Hardware Dealer— Robert Hayhurst 
Harness Makers— Alfred F. Cole 

F. P. White 

Andrew Wilson 
Hotels— Central House, Isabel F. Rector, 

Mansfleld t N. H. Murphy, prop. 

Park. Mrs. W. W. Lyons, prop. 
Ice Dealers— I. N. Bushnell & Son 

W. B. Wilson 
Insurance Agents— 

A. B. Day & Co. 

Frank B. Eldredge 

David H. Perkins 

E. M. Reed 
Iron Founders- 
Central Iron Foundry 
Chilson Furnace Co. 
Mansfield Co-op. Co. 
Shields Foundry Co. 

Jewelry Mfrs. — 

F. M. & J. L. Cobb 
D. S. Spaulding 

Jeweler and Watch maker- 
Charles A. Clifford 

Junk Dealer— 
C. W. Rathbun, East M. 

Justices of the Peace — 
Jacob A. Blake 
A. B. Day 

C. L. Hallett 
Joseph W. Leonard 
Andrew Moran 

D. H. Perkins 

E. M. Reed 

Robert Rogerson 

W. L. Robinson 

A. V. Rogerson 

Frank I. Sherman 

Joseph Wilson 
LawyerN-W. A. Copeland 

E. M. Reed 

Robert Rogerson 
Lihrary— Mansfield Tublic Library, 

Grace M. Cobb. lib. 
Lumber Dealers — 

William H. Angell 

Mansfield Lumber Co. 

S. W. Card Mfg. Co. 
Mason — George Ar>pleb<-e 
Men's Furnishing Goods— 

W. C. Bes3om 
Milliners— Hannah L. Hodges 

Mrs. Charles H. Mowry 

Stella F. Thomas 

Mrs. J. E. Tibbetta 

W. L. Stearns & Son 

Bulletin, Foxboro Reporter, pub. 

News, William White, pub. 
Notaries Public— 

W. A. Copeland 

Charles C. Hagerty 

David H. Perkins 
N urser y m en — 

William 0. Sweet, agent, West M. 

W. C. Winter 
Optician— Charles A. Clifford 
Painters— A. T. Fuller 

George Hamilton 

H. E. Lane 

Frank Whtttaker (carriage) 
Paints, Oils and Glass— 

J. A. Wheeler 
Paper Hanger— 

E. W. Stearns 
Frank A» Horton (crackers) 
Photographer— J. R. Allen 
Picture Frame Maker— 

J. R. Allen 
Physicians— William G. Allen 

William H. Allen 

Frederick D. Perry 

A. T. Robinson 

John B. Wilson (Eel.) 
Plumbers- Robert Hayhurst 

John L. Turner 
Post Ollices and Postmasters- 
Mansfield — James O. Hodges 

East Mansfield— Frederick A. Burt 

West Mansfield— Mabel Williams 
Poultry Dealers— 

G. F. & C. M. Austin 
Printer— William White 
Provision Dealers — 

Bessom Bros. 

A. S. Bolton (peddler) 
Kennedy Bros. 

T. H. Skinner' 
Ileal Estate Agents — 

Alfred B. Day & Co. 

John R. Hallidav 
Restaurants— Elbridge E. Miller 

Mrs. Edward Paine 
Saw Mills— 

E. A. Brings' & Co.. West M. 

B. K. Flint. East M. 
Lewis S. Packard 



Shuttle Mfrs.— 

Richardson & Bottomly, 
Soap Mfrs.— James W. Cobb 

Jinks Soap Mfg. Co 
Charles W. Belcher & Son 
L. R. King & Son 
George W. Winslow 
Stoves and Tinware- 
George L. Wheeler 

West M. 

Straw Goods Mfrs.— 

Comey & Co. 
Tailor— Max Clayman 
Undertaker— Elbruige G. Sherman 
Water Works- Mansfield Water Sup- 
ply District, A. B. Day, supt. 
WheelwriKlit— Frank L. Welt 
Wool Waste Mfr.— 

David Smiley &-. Co. 


In Essex Co., 18 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Div. B. & M. R. R. ; 
railroad to Salem (B. & M. Br.); electric cars to Lynn, Swampscott and 
Salem. Inc. May 2, 1649. Pop. 7.G71. 

Villages— Clifton, Devereaux, Marblehead Neck. 


Annual town meeting In February, 

March or April. 
Clerk— Stephen C. Felton 
Selectmen— Henry C. Sparhawk, ch. 

Emery Brown 

Arthur S. Ramsell 

Edward D. Tutt 

William T. Chapman 
Auditors— Fred B. LItchmau 

Arthur S. Adams 

Frank Knight 
Treasurer— Everett Taine 
Collector— Isaac W. Mason, Jr. 
Assessors— -John Lancey, ch. 

Gardner R. Hathaway 

John Qulner 
Overseers Poor- 
William J. Goldthwait, chairman 

Reuben A. Nichols 

George W. Shepard 

Daniel Peach 

Winthrop Brown 
Constables— Eleazer E. Atwood 

Horace Broughton 

Clinton Foss 

Clarence F. Eustis 
. William T. Green, 2d 
Municipal Light Board— 
w Henry F. P. Wilkins 
Surveyor Highways— R. C. Hiller 
Water Commissioners— W. Reynolds 

John P. Goodwin 

Henry F. P. Wilkins 
Cemetery Committee- 
William B. Merritt, Jr. 

EH V. Hunt 

William G. Woolston 

Charles F. Vincent 

Henry L. Martin 
lark Commissioners- 
Frank S. Tucker, 2d 

KIbridge II. Girdler 

>\ llilam I. Proctor 
Board Health— Franklin Millett, ch. 

Girdler Stacey 

Foster L. Marshall 
Electric Light Sinking Fund Com.— 

Moses Gilbert 

James N. Parker 

v\ illlam A. Brown, 2d 

< lii.-f Police- Clinton Foss 

< hlef Fire Dept.— Frank L. "Wadden 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Thos. W. Tucker, ch. 
William Gilley, secretary 
Haskell E. Knowlaud 
Philemon Eveleth 
Thomas Swasey 
James N. Parker 
Isaac W. Mason, Jr. 
Anna S. Laskey 
Frederick C. Priest 

Supt.— John B. Gilford 

Prin. High School- 
Edwin H. Eastman 

Prlns. Grammar Schools- 
Lizzie H. Coffin 
Mary E. Graves 


Agricultural Implements — 

W. R. Arrington 

William A. Brown. 2d 

William F. Cloon 
Architects— William L. Phillips 

Nathan P. Sanborn 
Auctioneers— Richard B. Brown 

William Gilley 
Bakers— Francis Boardman 

Daniel C. Brown 

Howard P. Gardner 

Nathaniel B. Lindsey, Anderson St. 
Banks— Marblehead National, William 
Reynolds, cash. 

Marblehead Savings Bank, William Gil- 
ley, treas. 

National Grand Bank, Everett Paine, 
Bicycle Dealers- 
Nathaniel R. Blaney 

Gardner R. Hathaway 

William B. Laskey 
Bill Posters— Bessom & Clothey 
Billiard Booms— Ellas Blaney 

Eliza J. Rogers 
Blacksmiths — Samuel Armstrong 

Laurence M. Barry 

Peter B. Cortee 

John Murray 

John F. Ryan 

Charles H. Tewkshury 
Boarding Houses- 
Mrs. H. J. Barrows (summer) 

Mrs. Amelia Blesch (summer) 

Miss K. Isabelle Cross (summer) 


Use Tools, and some of them are mighty sharp. 
This Book is one of the handiest Tools in a 
Lawyer's Workshop. 




Mrs. Margaret P. Dunlop (summer) 
John R. Giles (summer) 
Mrs. E. B. Hewens (summer) 
Mrs. Caroline Moraa 
Mrs. Mary K. Northall (summer) 
Boat Buiilers — J. H. Frazier 
JAMES E. GRAVES, Harding Lane, 

off Beacon st. See adv. 
William B. Stearns 



Dories, Skiffs and other pleasure 
Boats to Order. Winter Storage 

for Yachts of all kinds 

General Jobbing Attended to Promptly. 

Harding's Lane, OH Beacon St., 


Bookseller and Stationer- 
Merrill H. Graves 
Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
Nathaniel R. Blaney 

John H. Greene, 2d 

Salkins & Laskey 
Boot ami Shoe Findings— 

William F. O'Brien 
Boot and Shoe Makers — 

Calvin K. Brown 

Thomas Chadwick 

Ellas B. Fleet 

Luke Hickey 

Robert W. Marshall 

John Paine 

Frank Pedrick 

Thomas J. Phillips 

Thomas Stacey 
Boot and Shoe JIfrs.— 

Daniel Ballard, Jr. 

Charles F. Bartlett & Sons 

Richard Bessom 

Frank E. Bragdon 

Emery Brown 

J. H. P. Chadwick & Co. 

G. R. & S. C. Church 

William J. Clark 

Cole & Wiggins 

William W. Denning 

John Dooling 

Herbert L. Graves 

Frank Hooper 

Humphrey' & Paine 

Michael F. Kelley 

John Lancey, Jr. 

Henry A. Lefavour 

John B. Litc-hmr.n 

John W. Mcintosh, Stacy st. 

Manufacturing Shoe Co. 

Edward P. Martin 

Thomas S. Martin 

Benjamin G. Melvin 

Bion W. Morehouse 

Timothy E. O'Brien, Barnard, cor. Pros- 
pect st. 

F. A. Parker & Co. 

Benjamin T. Priohard 

William P. Proctor 

Stephen C. Round y 

Charles H. Snellen 

Snow & Chase 

S. A. Spartiawk &, Son 

Augustus Stevens & Son 

W. H. Stevens 

Nathaniel H. Sweet 

Sweet & Savory 

William L. Stacey (hand work) 

Joseph B. Sweetland 

Calvia Titus, Jr. 

Chadwell Tucker 

William P. Vickery & Co. 

John B. Withum, 24 Russell st. 

Wright Bros. 
Boot and Shoe Triiuiniiigs- 

Marblehoad Shoe Trimming Co. 
Box Mi'rs. — Bay State Improved Box Co. 

George L. Metcalf 
Carpenters— T. J. Bowden & Son 

John G. Broughton 

Benjamin \V. Caswell 

Edward H. Caswell 

Jabish Doane 

Joshua S. Doano 

Samuel D. Doane 

David M. Haines 

Saul Jacobs 

Joseph W. Lambertson 

Benjamin F. Martin. 2d. 

Samuel Meservey 

Samuel F. G. Newton. Jr. 

Harry J. Parker 

Arthur S. Ramsdell 

Roscort &. Steele 

James F. Seavey 

William H. Stuart 

Theophllus B Thompkins 

John I. Tucker 
Carriage Maker- 
Samuel S. Southward 
Cigars and Tohacco— 

Isaac Atkins 

William Goodwin, 3d 

William C. Gregory 

William H. Shepard 
Clergymen and Churches— 

E. Linton Bell, Old North 'Congregational 
Henry L. Foote, St. Michael's Epls. 
, Unitarian 

J. E.*Norcross, Baptist 

F. C. Priest, Universalist 

Wm. Shinnick, Star of the Sea, R. C. 

G. M. Smiley, Methodist 


Frank B. Sleeper (B.) 
Clothing Dealers — Samuel Graves 

Salkins &. Laskey 

William S. Stanley 
Coal and Wood— John Col • 

William C. Humphreys, Front st. 

John S. Martin & Co. 
Concrete Paver- Wesley Baker 
Confectionery and Fruit- 
Thomas I. Carroll 

Martha Frederick 

George D. Girdler 

Joseph S. Phillips 

Nicholas W. Pope 

Benjamin F. Rich 

Thomas P. M. Rix 

Nellie J. Rogers, 7 School st. 

Eliza J. Rogers 

Alicia Rawdy (confectionery) 

Girdler Stacey 

M. & N. G. Stone 

Peter Tassinan 

Philip Thrasher 
Crockery and Glassware— 

William F. Cloon 
Dent ists— Thomas II. Gulliver 

Philip B. Laskey 

ubug %mi 

Appreciate the value of information. They are quick 
to avail themselves of such sources as the 




Dressmakers — Mary E. Adams 

Martha P. Atkins 

Rebecca P. Atkins 

Elizabeth A. Barry 

Margaret L. Bauer 

Emma J. Burns 

Rebecca B. Caton 

Carrie L. Chadwick 

M. Eliza Chinn 

Isabel T. Coates 

Jeanette M. Dall 

Julius F. RabarJy 

Emma T. Dennis 

Grace A. Dodge 

Ella K. Doe 

Mary L. Dupar 

Emma F. Dinsmore 

Carrie M. French 

Mary E. Girdler 

Glover & Denning 

Abbie M. Gale 

Helen L. Graves 

Clara W. Hardy 

Mary E. Harris 

Mrs. William Iveson 

Martha C. King 

Annie E. Knight 

Lizzie M. Knight 

Ella S. Phillips 

Helen L. Church 

Mary Quiner 

Ruth V. Rodgers 

Caroline E. Rogers 

Hannah R. Shepard 

Rea L. Stacey 

Rebecca L. Stacey 

Carrie G. Stone 

Julia Stone 

Emma A. Walll3 
Draft ft ists— Isaac Atkins 

William Goodwin 

William C. Gregory 

William H. Shepard 
Dry Goods— Nelson J. Davis 

A. Evans, Jr., & Co. 

George P. Graves 

Richmond F. Marden 

Ella S. Phillips 

Thomas W. Tucker 

Nathaniel L. Wadden & Co. 
Expresses — American Express Co. 

Boston Express, Woodfin Bros., props. 

Lynn & Marblehead Express, Union Co.. 

Lynn & Marblehead Express, Woodfin 
Bros., props. 

Lynn & Marblehead Express, Frank P. 
Brown, prop. 

Salem Express, Augustus P. Ferguson, 

Salem Express. Joseph H. Mace, prop. 
Electrician— William G. Conley 
Fertilizers— Greene & Co. 
Fish Dealers— Francis F. Atkins 

Eleazer E. Atwood 

William Lecraw 

Philip A. Thorner & Co. (wholesale and 

Mary R. Thorner (peddler) 
Florists— Ervin Hayden 

Sarah H. Martin 

John H. Orne 

James B. Reynolds 

M. Stone & N. G. Brown 
Flonr nn«l Grain— Greene & Co. 

Thomas Loham 

Joseph II. Bessom (antique) 

Henry W. Brown (antique) 

White & Co. 
Gas Com pan y— Marblehead Gas & 
Elect rfc Light Co., C. A. Allen, supt. 
Gelatine Mir.— Marblehead Mfg. Co. 
Glne Mtr.— James Sullivan 
Granite Worker- Jabez H. Merrill 
Grist Mill— 

Marblehead Elevator and Mill 
Grocers — Elizabeth Bowden 

Bowden & Stacey 

William Brown & Co. 

WInthrop Brown 

Lawrence M. Chapman 

Thomas R. Chapman 

Daniel J. Colbert 

Frances H. Dennis 

Samuel Gale 

John Goodwin 

John W. Goodwin 

George S. Gos3 

Joseph R. Graves 

Richard T. Harris 

John H. Haskell 

John H. Homan & Co. 

Theodore M. Hutchinson & Co. 

Philip Hyam 

Benjamin R. Lewis 

George H. Martin 

Isaac W. Mason 

F. O. Merrill 

William P. Mitchell 

Reuben A. Nichols 

Walter Nichols 

Charles S. Paine 

William B. Paine 

Daniel Peach 

Stephen B. Peich 

Samuel K. Phillips 

William W. Phillips 

Joseph Pierce 

William B. Potter 

John W. Rodgers 

Shaw Bros. 

George W. Shepard 

Samuel D. Smith 

David ©. Snow 

Nathaniel H. Snow & Co. 

Theodore Trefry 

William Ward 

John White 
Hairdressers — Lewis Allen 

William H. Bassett 

Philip Begin 

Edward A. Fountaine 

William H. Ingalls 

Eugene Morse 

John H. Simpson 

Edward J. Sullivan 

John D. Sullivan 

William H. Winslow 
Halls— Abbott Hall— 1200 seating capacity 

Armory Hall 

Mugford Hall— 100 

New Lyceum Theatre — 600 

Temperance Hall— 100 

Town Hall— 200 
Hardware Dealers— 

W. R. Arrington 

William A. Brown, 2d. 

William F. Cloon 
Harness Makers — Martin Flynn 

Daniel W. Mashon 

Charles P. Spencer 
Hay and Straw — Greene & Co. 

Thomas Loham 

Marblehead Elevator & Mill 

John S. Martin & 'Co. 


If you don't find the name you are looking for in this 
book under a certain heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
fications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 



MARBLEHEAD— Continued. 

Heel and Glue Cutting Ma- 
chines — Thomas J. Bowden & Son, 
Pleasant st. 
Hot Water Heating Appara- 
tus— Elisha C. Doane 
Atlantic House, Harry Forsell, prop., 23S 
Washington Bt. 

Crowninshleld Hotel (summer), — . 

Fabens House (summer), Miss J. Pen» 

dergrace, prop. 
Nanepashemet Hotel (summer), Mrs. 
Amml Brown, prop. 
Ice Cream- 
Nellie J. Rodgers, 7 School st. 
Ice Dealer— John O. Porter 
Ins a ranee Agents — 
Gardner It. HaUiaway 
William D. T. Trefry 
Jewelers and Watchmakers— 
Herbert D. Homan 
Isaac W. Mason, Jr. 
C. B. Sumner 
Junk Dealer— Charles T. Cloutman 
Justices of the Peace- 
John C. Adams 
-William H. Bartoll 
Theodore P. Brown 
Moses S. Case 
William H. Coates 
Allen W. Clough 
Benjamin Cole, Jr. 
Joseph W. Coates 
Simeon Dodge 
Stephen C. Felton 
William C. Fabens 
William L. Gilley 
William Gilley 
James C. Graves 
Gardner R. Hathaway 
John Lancy 
Henry C. Millett 
William Nutting, Jr. 
Edward B. O'Brien 
Everett Paine 
John O. Porter, Jr. 
William Reynolds 
Charles A. Slee 
William D. T. Trefry 
Edmund K. Turner 
Benjamin P. Ware 
Laundry — Marblehead Steam Laundry 
Lawyers — Moses S. Case 

William C. Fabens (also at Lynn) 
Edward B. O'Brien (also at Lynn) 
William D. T. Trefry 
Leather D«»al«*rs — 
• A. J. Foster & Co. 
Leather Remnants- 
Horace Le favour 
John F. Martin 
Lihrary— Abbott Public Library, Mary 

G. Brown, lib. 
Lumber Dealers— 
Moses Gilbert & Son 
John S. Martin & Co. 
Machinist — John P. Goodwin 
Market Gardeners- 
Benjamin F. Martin 
Charles E. Pecker 
Charles H. Robinson 
Wheeler Bros. 
Masons— Thomas Arey 
William H. Allen 
John Oudihy 
John E. Hammond 

Timothy Hart . _ 

Bernard McCloskey 
John F. Peach & Co. 
John F. Power 

Bartholomew F. Reynolds 
Lorenzo N. Smith 
Men's Furnishing Goods— 

Salklns & Laskcy 
Milliners— Mary B. Bailey 
Lois Evans 
Etta Humphrey 
Charlotte A. Snow 
Elizabeth S. Snow 

Lucy A. Snow 
Morocco Mi'rs.— 

Albert J. Foster & Co. 
Music Teachers — Horace C. Bessom 
Ella C. Graves 
Harriet Lefavour 
Francis W. Main 
Sarah E. Martin 
Nellie M. Regan 

Katherine F. Stinsom 
William L. Trefry 
Newsdealers— William A. Brown 
Philip Freeto 

Merrill H. Graves 
Newspaper — Marblehead Messenger 

(weekly), N. A. Lindsey & Co., props. 
Notaries Puhlic— Theodore P. Brown 
Moses S. Case 
Joseph W. Coates 
William H. Coates 

Clinton A. Ferguson 
John Lancy 
William Nutting, Jr. 
William D. T. Trefry 
Nurseryman— William C. Brown 
Nurses— Mrs. William Allen 

Ellen Bessom 

Mrs. Ivan Burrage 

Mrs. Benjamin F. Butman 

Caroline E. Chas? 

Jessie Chase 

Mary A. Cloon 

Mrs. Abbie Dixie 

Mrs. Hiram. Fader 

Joan Fausell 

Ellen C. Gilbert 

Ellen Hammond 

Martha E. Hammond 

Sarah J. Morehouse 

Mary A. Pedrick 

Mehitable G. Phillips 

Minnie Riley 

Emily K. Smith 

Ellen P. Vincent 

Mrs. Sarah Woodfin 
Optician— C. B. Sumner 
Painters — W. R. Arrlngton 

Bacon & Paine 

Caswell & Shattuck 

Eben P. Colley 

William H. Howard 

Benjamin R. Knicht 

Thomas Pitnam (carriage) 

Samuel S. Southward 

James C. Watts 

Joseph S. Wortnstead 
Pattern and Model Makers- 
White & Hollis 
Peanut Roaster— J. B. Bacigalupo 
Photographers— Fred B. Lit hmaa 

Frederick H. Pierson 
Physicians — 
, Janes S. Devereaux (Horn.) 

Philemon Eveleth 

Herbert J. Hall 

Foster L. Marshall (Horn.) 

Not keeping the Year Book on their desks are not dotn^ tneir 
Guests justice. Information iu this form is indisperisuble to 
tho traveling public. 



Perley L. Sanborn 

Richard S. True (Horn.) 
Plumbers— Elisha 0. Doane 

J. W. Trow & Co. 
Post Oilices and Postmasters— 

Marblehead— Benjamin F. ilartin 

Clifton — Fred A. Chapman 

Nanepashemet — Thomas Snow 
Poultry Dealers- 
Forest River Poultry Yards 

Philip Thorner 
Printers— N. A. Limlsey & Co. 
Produce Dealers- 
Lewis B. Caswell (peddler) 

Daniel Goldthwaite 

Benjamin F. Martin 
Provision Dealers — Frank Brown 

William Brown & Co. 

George C. Chapman 

Thomas R. Chapman 

Samuel H. Cole 

James E. Fleet 

George E. Goss 

William W. Haley 

Horace F. Homan 

Harris F. Langley 

Rufus Lefavour 

William B. Paine 

W. B. Peach 

Samuel K. Phillips 

Joseph Pierce 

William Potter 

M. R. Thorner 

Peter C White 
Real Estate A>rent- 

Gardner R. Hathaway 
Restaurants— John T. Adams 

Aiken Bros. 

Davis Bros. 

Frank D. Lillibridge 

William Girdler 

John O. Johnson 

Patrick McDonald 

JOSEPH P. SNOW, 2d, Front et. 

Samuel K. Stone 
Sailmakers— Cousens & Pratt 

Thomas Gilbert 

Philip E. Graves 
James J. H. Gregory & Son 

Ship Chandler— P. B. Tucker 
Stables— Clifton Club Stable 

George Dewey 

Eustis Bros. S 

Charles H. Isburgh 

David Merritt : 

John O. Porter 

John Roberts & Son } 

James H. Wallace ^. 

Stoves and Tinware— 

Elisha C. Doane 

Donovan & Field 
Tailors— Charles Connell 

Edward J. Francis f 

John Marr , 

Teamsters— John C. Dennis 

Benjamin F. Goodwin 
John O. Porter 

John M. A. Snelling 

Simon A. Stone, 2d 

F. H. & C. W. Wellington 

Woodfln Bros. 
Undertakers — 

J. H. Boomer, 64 Washington St. 

Timothy E. O'Brien, Barnard, cor. Pros- 
pect St. 

Horace W. C. Sweet 
Upholsterers— White & Co. 
Variety Stores— H. W. Blaney 
Foss & Hutchinson 

Joseph H. Foster 

George D. Girdler 

John O. Johnson 

Alexander Kelley 

Sarah E. Martin 

Patrick J. O'Brien 

Joseph H. Phillips 

W. H. C. Pillsbury 
Benjamin F. Rich 

Thomas Snow 
Wagron 'Maker— Clarence H. Tuxbury 
Wheelwrights— Francis H. Goodwin 

Samuel S. Southward 

Clarence H. Tuxbury 
"Wood Workers- 
Thomas «J. Bowden & Son, Pleasant st. 
Yacht Builder— JAMES E. 

GRAVES, Harding Lane, off Beacon 
st. See adv. under Boat Builders 


In Plymouth Co., 50 m. south by southeast of Boston on Cape Cod. Div. 
(lairbaven Br.) old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. II. & H. R. R. and 5 in. from 
Tremont. Inc. May 14, 1S32. Pop. 759. 

v Wages— East Marion, Sippican, Old Landing, North Marlon. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Charles H. Delano 
Selectmen— Peleg B. Hadley, ch. 

John P. Luce 

George D. Allen 
Auditor— John M. Allen 
Treasurer and Collector— 

fcylvanus W. Hall 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Constables— Charles D. Hall 
<JeorRe P. Richards 
William L. Handy 

Highway Commissioners- 
Alfred L. Farker 

Asa P. Holmes 

Charles M. Ellis 
Cemetery Commissioners — 

John P. Luce 

Lucius C. Kelley 

George Nye 
Board Health— B. A. Conro, ch. 

James DeKay 

George P. Richards 

ruhlic Schools. 

Committee — Annie E. Luce, ch. 
Harper P. Delano 
Charles II. Chadwlek 

TTTTraFor printing of BOOKS. JOb!^..' fJBMSS 

lid klrtwORK, and CUTS. lilNGR A -?>.._,' s *;. .^.,,^ 

U1 VBRS of CUTS, all styles. Lj yfo jf% afcfe&jj j 



MARION— Continued. 


Auctioneers— George D. Allen 

George F. Richards 
Baker— William H. Bates 
Bicycle Dealers— James H. Hammond 

Hoyland & Smith. P. O. New Bedford 

Billiard Rooms- Wm. H. Hammond 

Leonard B. Moody 
Blacksmiths— Rufus F. Briggs 

John M. Swift 
Boat Builders— J. H. Clark 

Eben Holmes 

Jabez Jenney 
Bookseller and Stationer— 

H. C. Allen 
Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

S. D. Had ley 

Myron A. Jenkins 
Carpenters— F. C. Blunklnship ■ 

H. V. Blankinshlp 

George S. Briggs 

C. H. Chadwick 

E. C. Luce 

Clergymen and Churches— 

Harry L. Brlckett. Congregational 

C. H. Walter, Methodist 


J. B. Washburn (Meth.) 
Coal and Wood— 

Zenas H. Crocker 
• William Handy 
Confectionery and Fruit— 

J. S. Griffith 

William H. Hammond 

L. B. Moody 

F. M. Tripp 

Express— New York & Boston Despatch 

Fish Dealers— 0. P. Handy 
C. D. Marble 
Jack S Ida way 
Sidney Taylor 

General Stores- 
Paul C. Blankinship 
C. H. Delano 

Freeman F. Gurney 

Stephen D. Hadley 
Grist Mill— Stephen D. Hadley 
Hairdressers — Wm. H. Hammond 

Leonard B. Moody 
Harness Maker— Ed. Briggs 

Sipplcan, Charles W. Ripley, prop. 
Justices of the Peace- 
John M. Allen 

Zenas H. Crocker 

Charles D. Hall 
Library— Marlon Library Assoc atlon, 

Mary E. Allen, lib. 
Luin her Denier — 

Zenas H. Crocker 
Masons— George D. -Deane 

Lewis E. Peckham ... - 

George F. Richards 
Newsdealers— H. F. Chadwick ':■ - * 

F. M. Tripp 
Nurserymen— H. W. Everest 

Peter Galllenne 
Painters— William N. Dodge 

George F. Handy 

Wing Bros. 
Physicians— H. T. Handy 

Alger Rice 

A. C. Vose (Horn.) 
Plum her— Frank M. Patten 
Post OHice and Postmaster- 
Marion— Frank M. Tripp 
Saw Mills— R. W. Clark 

Ezra S. Parlow 
Tabor Academy, D. M. Dustan, prop. 
Stahles— R. W. Gifford 

Hiller Bros. 
Stonecutters— Seth G. Mendell 

A. L. Parker 

George F. Richards 
Stoves and Tinware — 

F. B. Coggeshall 
Variety Stores — Henri F. Chadwick 

William H. Hammond 

L. B. Moody 

F. M. Tripp 


In Middlesex Co., 30 m. west of Boston, 10 m. from South Framtnghain on 
Old Colony Sys. X. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. and 13 m. from South Acton on 
Marlboro Br. F. R. R.; electric street railway to Hudson, Southboro, Fra- 
mingham, South Franiinghani, Northboro, Shrewsbury and AVorcester. A 
town in 10G0; a city in 1800. Pop. 14,977. 

Village — Marlboro Junction. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 
Wards 12 3 4 

Walter B. Morse (R) 

Edward J. Plunkett (D) 










7 Totals. 
120 1197 




City election first Tuesday In Decem- 

Mayor— Edward J. Plunkett (D) 
Acting Mayor, John J. McCarthy 

Aldkumbn— Meetings first and third 
Monday evenings of each month. 
President, James McAuslau (R) 
Clerk, Peter B. Murphy 

Ward 1. George II. Morse (U) 

I Ward 2. Michael F. Cleary (D-C W) 

Ward 3. James F. Ward (D) 
I Ward 4. Clement Labossiere (D-C W) 
I Ward 5. George W. Howe (R) 

Ward "(5. Daniel Warren (D-C W) 
j Ward 7. Frank T. Meagher (D-C W) 
; Common Co uxcilmen— Meetings sec- 
| - ond and fourth Monday evenings 
of each month. 
President, Lawrence E. Kirby(D-C W) 
1 Clerk. D. F. Callahan, $200 


Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication giving the complete roster of Public 
Officials. It should be in every business office. 




Edward A. Brown (R) 
Clifton G. Greenwood (R) 
Philip L. Kirby (D-C W) 
Benj. T. Warner (D-C W) 
John F. Lynch (D) 
Frank W. Tilson (R-C W) 
Samuel M. Booking (D-CW) 
Lawrence E. Kirby (D-C W) 
Charles H. Perry (R) 
Homer A. Spalding (R) 
John F. Mitchell (D-CW) 
Dennis E. O'Brien (D-C W) 
Daniel J. Dillon (D) 
John H. Williams (D-C W) 

City Officers. 

City Clerk, Peter B. Murphy, 51000 
Auditor, George II. Charron, *'.»()0 
City Marshal, Frederick A. Pope. *kJ0CL 
City Physician, P. J. Dervin, M. D., 

City Solicitor, J. W. McDonald, $1000 
City Treasurer, Charles F. Robinson, 

$1000; hours 9.C0-12 and 2-4, Satur- 
day 9.30-12 
Collector, William D. Doyle, $1100 
Supt. -Streets, James T. Murphy, $1200 
City Engineer. Jas. E. Bigelow, $1300 
Inspector Buildings, Jas. E. Bigelow 
Chief Fire Dept., John T. Fay, $300 
Supt. Fire Alarm, Herbert E. Ryder, 

CWrk Committees, William D. Doyle, 


Thomas M. Dacey, $300 

William S. Frost, $300 

J. W. O'Connor, $300 

Clerk, J. J. O'Connor, $300 
Board Health— 

Dr. T. F. McCarthy, $100 

John J. Shaughnessy, $100 

Joseph Dandeneault, $100 

Agent of the Board and Inspector 
of Plumbing, D. F. Callahan, $720 
Overseers Poor— 

George E. Sherman 

John J. Downey 

A. Lapoint 

Almoner, Timothv J. Harris. $800 

Supt. Almshouse, E. C. Williams. 
Water Commissioners— 

John A. O'Counell, $50 

A. Greiner, $50 

Benjamin F. Greeley, $50 

Supt. Water Works, Geo. A. Stacy, 

Water Registrar, J. A. St. Louis, 

Water Inspector, Arthur F. Hall. $^50 


Walter L. Allen, $50 

Joseph Beaudreault, $50 

Thomas A. Giblin. $50 

City Clerk, ex-oflieio 
< "Mmissioners Sinking Fund— 

M. Quirk 

Charles Favreau 

John L. Stone 
License Commissioners— 

Sumner P. Willard, chairman, $150 

Alfred Beaudry, #100 

J. Frank Desmond. $100 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Meetings first and third 

Wednesday evenings of each mouth. 

Chairman, John C. Murphy 

Secretary, J. A. Pitman 

Mayor, ex-otiicio 

Ward 1. Arthur G. Dustiu 

Ward 2. John II. Burke 

Ward 3. James T. Murphy 

Ward 4. William H. Loughlin 

Ward 5. William L. Morse 

Ward 6. Edward L. Brown 

Ward 7. John C. Murphy 

Supt. Schools. J. A. Pitman. $2000 

Prin. High School, Win. F. O'Con- 
nor, $1800 

principals of grammar schools. 
Joseph V. Jackman, Bigelow School 

Melina A. Westcott, Hildreth School 
Eliza A. Cook, Pleasant St. School 

Mary A. Collins. Washington St. School 


Advertising; Agents. 

Hudson & Wood, Masonic bldg. 203 Main 

Bigelow, James F. 64 Highland 
Morse, Henry, 15 Cotting av. 


Skahan, John J. Masonic bldg. 
Albee, Charles H. 55A Mechanic 
Carter. Eli, 19 Hayden av. 
Elliott, Elinus J. 201 Lincoln 
Morse, Charles F. 192A Main 
Whitman', Charles G. 92 Shawmut av. 

AtvI and Needle 3Ifrs. 

Marlboro Awl & Needle Co. 13 Florence 
% Awning" Mfrs. 

Piper, George W. 296 Lincoln 
Keane, John W. 40 Florence 


Bartlett, Charles L. 103 Main 
Brison, James M. 63 Mechanic 
Campbell, John, 177 Main 
Fairbanks, Wm. G. Main, cor. E. Main 
Hinders, Samuel, 223 Main 
Lecroix, Albert. 160 Elm 
Landry, Charles H. Lakeside av. 
Marshall, Robert E. N. 398 Lincoln 
Scott, Alexander, 14 Cross 
Simmons, Samuel M. 83 Highland 
Turner, Wm. J. & Co. 270 A Main 
Brigham's, Harry E. Frank I. Ordway, 

Hands and Orchestras. 

Brigham's. Wm. H. Wm. H. Brigham. 

Bird's, Joseph A. Millington, director 
Cadet, Thomas J. Flanagan, director 
Union, John J. Flaherty leader 


First National Bank, Fred L. Claflin, cash. 

50 Mechanic 
•Marlboro Co-operative Bank, C. B. Russell, 

sec. 190 Main 
Marlboro Savings Bank, Chas. F. Holyoke, 

treas. 32 Mechanic 


newsYn the <£ Worcester Gazette. 



MARLBORO— Continued. 

People's National Bank, John L. Stone, 
cash. 187 Main 

Bicycle Dealers. 

Dewey, Frank S. Jr. 15 Mechanic 

Estabrook, Joseph W. 202 Main 

Hall, Geo. R. Co. 370 Lincoln and 137 Main 

Hanley, John J. 117B Main 

Lamson & Trowbridge. 194 Main 

Marlboro Rubber Co. 272 Main 

Spaulding, George H. 193A Main 

Billiard Rooms. 

Burns & Bill, 198 Main 
Gleason, J. Henry, Gleason House 
Lafleur, Alphonse, 516 Lincoln 
Pratt. Charles A. 61 Mechanic 
Qulnlan, Thomas, 246 Main 

Bill Posters. 

Riley, Francis W. 192A Main 

BurrlH, A. O. Proctor ct. 

Doherty, John A. Liberty 

Ethler, Patrick, 224 Main 

Guertin, Moses, Grant 

Keane, James, & Son, 40 Florence 

Kelleher, John J. 358 Maple 

Page, Wm. H. 164 Maple 

Perodeau, Come, r. 4S5 Lincoln 

Powers, Frank A. Marlboro June. 

Ring, Thomas, 54 Wlnthrop 

Shaughnessey, Edward T. Proctor pi. 

Spaulding, Homer A. Gay 

Weeks, Charles F. E. Main 

Boarding: Houses. 

Ahearn, Ellen Mrs. 171 Main 
Bilodeau, Damase, 10 Florence ct. 
Donovan, Lizzie Mrs. 117A Main 
Leare, Ellen M. Mrs. 56 Harrison pi. . 
McMurray, Bernard Mrs. 36 Main 
Noss, Libby Mrs. 57A Mechanic 
Sweeney, Margaret S. 10 Main 

WALES, RUFUS J. 40 Shawmut av. 

See adv. 
Walker, Garibaldi M. Hoamer 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Brokaw & Fankhauser, 232 Main 
Collins, Martin H. 4 Lambert 
Cosgrove, Daniel W. & Co. 214 Main 
Dansereau, Nazaire, 231 W. Main 
Gauvin, Frank, 479A Lincoln 
Gregoire, Jonas, 496 Lincoln 
Grenon, Simon, 204 W. Main 
Tracy Bros. 153 Main 

Boot and Shoe Die Mfrs. 

Beaudry, T. Joseph, 39 Florence 

Boot and Shoe Lasts. 

Marlboro Last Co. Edward T. Jackson, 
293 Lincoln 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Bradshaw, John, 121A Main 
Gibbons, Michael, S5 Wash. 
Hollls, David, 65 Bolton 
Jandrue, Lewis E. Lincoln 


Leland. L. F. 33 E. Main 

Paquln, Louis O. Forrest Hall blk. 

Welsh, Henry, 36A Main 

Boot and Shoe Mfrs. 

Desmond, J. F. 348 Lincoln 

Frank & Duston. 34 Higli 

Frye, John A. Chestnut, cor. Pleasant 

Howe. S. H. Shoe Co. Home Factory, 
162 Pleasant 

Diamond F Factory, 113 Pleasant 

Diamond A Factory, 55 Howland 

Diamond O Factory, 1 Howland 

O'Connell. John, & Sons, Howe 

Rice &. Hutchlns, Middlesex sq. and Cut- 
ting av. 

Russell, Henry O. Forrest Hall blk. 


• Bill, Guerdon, E. Main 
Burke, Michael, 120 Main 
Hammond, James N. 40 Swain 
Minnock, John P. 26 Florence ct. 
Rock, Frank S. & Co. 5 "Mechanic 

Box Manufacturers. 

Frank & Duston (paper) 34 High 

Howe, Geo. A. & Co. (wooden) 43 Florence 

Longley Bros, (wooden) Manning 

Lowe, E. M. (paper) Manning 

Stevens, O. H. Mfg. Co. (paper) 39 Elm 

Building Movers. 

Walker, Willard A. 47 W. Main 

Butter, Cheese and Eft-ffs. 
Granger, Joseph E. 135 Main 
Marshall, Robert E. N. 398 Lincoln 
Rlcker, Austin, 217 Main 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Andrews, Henry K. W. & Son, 68 Florence 
Bailey, Charles H. 2 Water 
Elliott, Elinus J. 296 Main 
Harrington, Francis, 19 Crescent 
Hurley, Thomas P. People's Bank bldg. 
Leonard, Arthur D. 40 Ames pi. 
McGee, Charles, Berlin rd. 
McGee, Charles, Jr. 275 Pleasant 
Nugent, David H. 110 W. Main 
Powers, Edward L. 92 Highland 
Spelling, John, Marlboro blk. 
Vigeant, Toussaint, 79 Broad 
Walker, Herbert F. 14 Hayden 
Warren, Joseph E. & Co. 45 Florence 
White, Henry O. Witherbee 
Wilkins, Elbridge, 82 Church 

Carriage Mfrs. 

Keane, James, & Son, 40 Florence 

Walker, Orrin P. Maple 

Weeks, Charles F. Middlesex sq. 

Carriage Repositories. 

Walker, Orrln P. Maple 

Cider and Vinepir Maker?}. 

Greenwood. Charles B. Maple 
Sherman, George E. & Son, Farm 

Cigrar Manufacturers. 

Bliss, Charles L. 1G5A E. Main 
Sansoucy, Julia Mrs. 25 Lakeside av. 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Blanchette, Augustln. 4S5 Lincoln 

Is our specialty. We do prood work or 

none at all. Try us. 



Feeley, John, 121 Main 
Floury, Charles, 330A Lincoln 
Funal, Peter & Co. 161 Main 
Goodrich, R. Leslie, 107 Main 
Greenough, Alex. 15 Howland 
Hayes, William, 203 Main 
Mitcher, John E. 248 Main 
Tighe, Michael H. 489 Lincoln 

Clergymen mid Churches. 

Blair, Arthur A. Universalist, 80 Highland 

Caisse, Joseph C. St. Mary's (French) R. 
C. 26 Broad 

Callahan, T. P. asst. Immaculate Concep- 
tion R. C. Washington ct. 

Davis, U. S. Baptist, 82 Newton 

Genest, Joseph O. asst. St. Mary's 
(French) R. C. 26 Broad 

Goodrich, Lincoln B. Union Congregation- 
al, 36 Bolton 

Hayward, Edw. F. Unitarian, 41 Pleasant 

Lowney, Thomas B. Immaculate Concep- 
tion R. C. Washington ct. 

Pine, George S. Holy Trinity Episcopal, 
148 E. Main 

Pomeroy, F. T. Methodist 

Sullivan, John P. asst. Immaculate Con- 
ception R. C. Washington ct. 

Broulllette, Oliver, Free Baptist Mission- 
ary, 29 Blcknell 

Clothing: Dealers. 

Blake, Warren C. & Co. 206A Main 
Brown, Edward F. & Co. Corey blk. 
Carpenter, John M. 226 Main 
Laplante, George J. 499A Lincoln 
McCarthy, Michael J. 211 Main 
Ranney, Nathan H. 59 Mechanic 
Spalding, George H. 191 A Main 
Sullivan & McNally, 149 Main 
Tremblay, Joseph A. 343 Lincoln 

Coal and Wood. 

Guild, M. James, 31 Maple 
Hudson, Herbert A. Lincoln 
Marlboro Coal Co. 158 Main 
O'Connell, John & Sons, Howe 
Powers, David W. & Co. Prospect 
Proctor, Frank B. 11A Elm 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Brani & Co. 339A Lincoln 

Feeley, John, 121 Main 

Hayes, Wm. 203 Main 

Honan, John F. 135A Chestnut 

Lindsay, Winfield S. 213 Main 

Marlboro Fruit Co. 93 Main 

Martel, Xavier, 174 Broad 

Mitchell, J. Eddie, 248 Main 

Marshall, Robert E. N. 398 Lincoln 

Pao.uin. Frank, 27 Broad 

Riani, Christopher, 101 Main 

bearles, Clarence E. (wholesale) cor. W. 

Main and Monument av. 
Tighe, Michael H. 409 Lincoln 
2**11. Patrick, 92 W. Main 
"Hliama Bros. 22 Main 

Counter 3Iakers. 

Phoenix Counter Co. 26 Main 


Este, Frank G. 11 Maple 

Die Mnkers. 
Beaudry, T. Joseph. 39 Florence 

Marlboro Die Co. 

Draper, - Samuel F. V292 Lincoln 


Clark, Robert O. 200 Main 

Egan, Charles A. 116 Main 

Leland, Frank A. 208 Main 

Moriarty, Jas. T. 155 Main 

New York Dental Parlors, 221 Main 

Willard, Sumner P. 211 Main 

Department Store. 

Morse & Bigelow, 419-421A Lincoln 


Ahern, Margaret C. 177 Main 
Burnham, L. Mrs. 343 Pleasant 
Charron, Georgianna, 24 Cross 
Collins, Mary, 208 Main 
Farrell, Mary E. 66 Ringold 
Flynn, Josephine M. 63 W. Main 
Goins, Annie, 278 W. Main 
Goss, Sarah J. Mrs. 208 Main 
Goulet, Laura, 499 Lincoln 
Guertin, Eugenie, 87 Pleasant 
Heffron, Hannah, 23 Central 
Jaquith, Annie E. Mrs. 58 Wash. 
Johnson, Georgie A. Mrs. 8 Ryan's blk. 
Kelley, Lillie, 177A Main 
Knight, Diantha Mrs. 11 Warren av. 
Laporte, Delphine Mrs. 153 Lincoln 
Lanois, L. Corinna, 135 Mechanic 
Lariviere, Helen, 155 W. Main 
McNally, Catherine T. Newton 
Mee, Mary E. 171A Main 
Morse, Danville D. Mrs. 134 Maple 
O'Brien, Patrick Mrs. Wash. 
Sasseville, Moise Mrs. 60 Grant 
Senecal, Eliza, 79 Broad 


Beaudreau, Evangeliste. 413 Lincoln 
Burdett & Barnard, 171 Main 
Burke, Thomas, 19S Main 
Cormier, Amedee S. Grant 
Favreau, *Charles, 491 Lincoln 
Goggin, William H. 197 Main 
Gorman, Thos. 280A Main 
Hartshorn, Frederic A. 66 Mechanic 
Hudson, Lewise, 216 Main 
Hunter, Clifton D. 134 Main 
Levasseur, Geo. O. 534 Lincoln 
Morse, Fred B. 112 Main 
Precourt, Joseph A. Main and South 
Sasseville & Co. 516 Lincoln 
Sheldon, Forest E. 48 Main 
Wheeler, Fred A. 347 Lincoln 

Dry Goods. 

Boston Store, Wzanski Bros. 234 Main 

Boynton & Co. 210 Main 

Corcoran, Charles E. & Co. 157 Main 

Gloude, J. Bte. 84 Broad 

Gregoire, Jonas, 496 Lincoln 

Guertin, Simon Mrs. Grant 

Wright. Herbert C. Corey blk. 


Marlboro Dye House, R. W. Geddea, prop. 
8 Liberty 

Electric Liglit Companies. 

Marlboro Electric Co., Frank O. Bonner, 
supt. 186 Main 

Electric Machine and Lamp Co. 

Marlboro Electric Machine & Lamp Co. 
145 Maple 

THIS BOOK S±riSC 353 Towns and Cities, 



MARLBORO— Continued. 


American Express Co. 20 Florence 

Dart's Express Co. 20 Florence 

Estabrook's, Fltchburg station 

National. Fitchburg station 

New York & Boston Despatch. 20 Florence 

Wheeler Express Co. Fitchburg station 

Fish Dealers. 

Arnaud Bros. Ames pi. 
Maynard, H. Mortimer, 227 Main 
McGill. Frank, 13 Mechanic 
Whitcomb, Edward J. 58 Harvard 


Cartwright, Thomas, Hosmer 
Gallagher. Michael J. 38 Belmont 
Gleason, Fred B. 9 Witherbee 
Howe, Albert R. 202 E. Main 
Howe, Frank A. 121 Pleasant 

Flour and Grain. 

Hastings Francis J. & Co. Lincoln 

Mclntyre, William W, 


Furniture Dealers. 

j Fitzmorris, John F. 1S3 Mechanic 
McGill & Bradley, Huntington av. 
Nelson, George F. 226 Main 
Turley, John, 43 Main 

Gas Company. 

Marlboro Gas Light Co. George E. Mc 
Munn, supt. Warren blk. 


Arnold, William J". 109 Pleasant 

Baker, Silas P. 55 Mechanic 

Barton & Morrison, 337 Lincoln 

Boule, Joseph H. 12 Cross 

Brault, Edward, Jr. 110 Maplewood av. 

Burns, Edward P. 37 South 

Callahan Bros. 47 Bolton 

Downey Bros. 97 Main 

Fairbanks, William G. Main, cor. E. Main 

Fitts, Waldo A. 64 Mechanic 

Fontaine, Josiah, 208 W. Main 

Gauvin, Frank, 479A Lincoln 

Goddard, Joseph V. Hosmer 

Granger, David, 198 Chestnut 

Houghton, Augustus J. 15 Main 

Letourneau, A. 10 South 

L'Heureux, Francois X. 336A Lincoln 

Madigan & McCarthy, 12 Main 

Moore, Ernest E. Middlesex sq. 

O'Brien, Pat. 83 Wash. 

Rowles, Albert E. 53 Winthrop 

Rowe, John P. 68 Wash. 

Sassevlile, Moise, 60 Grant 

Scott, Alexander, 14 Cross 

Spellissy, Ellen G. Mrs. Elm. cor. 

Spring, Josiah, 208 W. Main 
Stone, Charles H. 175 Main 
Walker, D. Austin & Co. 204 Main 
Welch, Peter W. 12 Lambert 
Wheeler, Alvin & Co. 84 Main 
Whitman, Harry L. 38 Mechanic 


Baltrand, Damase, cor. Broad and Main 
Beaudette. Agloe, 499 Lincoln 
Berger. Henry E. 149A Main 
Carpenter, Albert. Forest Hall blk. 
Curran. Daniel F. Mrs. (ladies) 123A Main 
Cuthbert, Geo. M. 38 Main 

Curran, Daniel F. 108 Main 
Flynn, Joseph E. 129A Main 
Geary, Wm. H. 420 Lincoln 
Gelinas, Austin A. 344A Lincoln 
Gleason, J. Henry, Gleason House 
Gleason, John M. 117 Main 
Handwerker, John, 363 Lincoln 
Heffron, Wm. F. 274 Main 
Labarre, Thomas H. 1 Ames pi. 
Mannsman, Fred. 209A Main 
McManus, Joseph B. 169 Main 
Menard & Lamothe. 535 Lincoln 
Sansoucy. Abraham, 524A Lincoln 
St. Michel, Israel, 401 Lincoln 
Tanner. Walter, 120 Mechanic 
Toland, Chas. J. 50 Main 
York, Ida M. 211 Main 


City Hall, Main 

Hunter's Hall. 12S Main 

Powderly Hall, cor. Main and Howe 

Preston, Frye bldg. 

Russell. Mechanic, cor. Lincoln 

Union Hall. 200 Main 

Hardware Dealers. 

Estabrook, Joseph W. 202 Main 
Hanley. John J. 117B Main 
Lamson & Trowbridge, 19 1 Main 
Tebo, Joseph 2d, 518 Lincoln 

Harness minivers. 

Balfour, Hugh T. 47 Main 
Jandrue, Lewis E. r. 347 Lincoln 
Tucker, Edward L. 126 Main 

Hay and Straw. 

Hall, Stephen J. Stevens cor. 
Whitman. Ingram J. Proctor ct. 

Horse Dealers. 

Grenon, Philip, 72 Grant 
Whitman, I. J. Proctor ct. 


Beaudreau House, Evangeli?te Beaudreau. 

prop. 413A Lincoln 
Eagle House, Desire Beaulieu, prop. W. 

Gleason House, James M. Gleason, prop. 

Ill Main 
Marlboro House, John Mann, prop. 365 

New Central, Geo. H. Dunklee. r'"°P- l-** 

Preston House, Charles E. Hopkins, prop. 

Frye blk. 
Russell House, Daniel J. Kenney, prop. 

41 Main 
Williams Tavern, Henry Carr, prop. 286 

W. Main 
Windsor House, Louis Houde, prop. 276 


lee Cream. 

Harrington, Geo. H. IS t W. Main 
Lindsay, Winfleld S. 215 Main 
Marshall, Robert E. N. 39S Lincoln 

Ice Dealers. 

Highland City, John C. Wald, prop. 29C 

Lake William, J. R. Howe, prop. 151 Main 

Insurance Agents, 

Barnes. William, 20S Main 


Throughout tho 






Blacker. William, 116 Main 
Brigham, William M. 211 Main 
Burke, Thos. S. 32 Wash. 
Dalton, John, 1S5 Main 
Dolan, Michael F. 82 Mt. Pleasant 
Fay, Heman S. 211 Main 
Frye. Leslie M. 20 Bicknell 
Goulet, Louis, 65 Frye 
Holyoke & Russell, 186 Main 
Laplante, George J. 499A Lincoln 
Nourse, Charles W. 69 Huntington av. 
Otterson, John F. J. 128 Main 
Simonds, Samuel E. Florence 
Wheeler, Louis A. Hildreth 

Iron Founders. 

Parsons, Henry, 348 Lincoln 

Jewelers ami "\VatelimaUers. 

Bailey, James O. 191 Main 
Barthelmes, Henry O. 270 Main 
Brigham & Eager, 173 Main 
Chaillet, Alexander, 199 Main 
Hazeltine, William C. 341 Lincoln 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

Barnes, William 
Bigelow, Edward L. 
Bigelow, James F. 
Brigham, Wm. M. 
Burke, Thomas S. 
Charron, Geo. H. 
Claflin, Frederick L. 
Coolidge, Timothy A. 
Davenport, William 
Favreau, Charles 
Fay, Heman S. 
Fay, John S. 
Frye, Leslie M. 
Frye. Walter P. 
Gref ley, George E. 
Harris, Timothy J. 
Holvoke, Chaneb F. 
Howe, Louis P. 

McDonald, James W 
Morse, Charles F. 
Morse, Walter B. 
Morse, William L. 
Murphy, James T. 
Murphy, John C. 
Murphy, Peter B. 
O'Connell, John 
Otterson, J. F. J. 
Robinson, Charles F. 
Russell, Clifton B. 
Sawyer, Edwin I. 
Shaughnessy, John J. 
Simonds, Silas E. 
Temple, Winfleld 
Tighe, John M. 
Weeks, Edgar 
Whitman, Charles G. 


Marlboro Steam Laundry, Wm. H. Osgood, 

prop. 26 Main 
Martin, John B. 293 Lincoln 
Union Laundry, 115 Howe 


Erigham, William M. 211 Main 
Davenport, Wm. ft. People's Bk. bldg. 
Fay, Heman S. 211 Main 
McDonald, J. W. Warren blk. 
Murphy, John C. Warren blk. 
Otterson, J. F. J. 146 Main 
Shaughnessy, J. J. Franklin blk. 
Tighe, John F. Masonic blk. 
^eeks, Edgar, People's Bank bldg. 

Leather Remnants. 

Billings, Frank, Framingham st. 


Marlboro Public Library, Sarah E. Cot- 

ting, lib. 

Liquor Dealers. 

j;-nudreau E. & Co. 411 Lincoln 
"rown, John P. % Co. 163 Main 
Burke & Dolan, 125 Main 
"urke, Michael & Co. 120 Main 

minors, John & Co. 100 Main 
'""•alioe, Edward & Co. 3i9 Lincoln 

"•est. David J. & Co. 196 Main 

Kenney, Daniel J. & Co. 41B Main 
Lafleur & Sassevlile, 531 Lincoln 
Quirk, P. J. & Co. 160 Chestnut 
Rock, Frank S. & Co. 5 Mechanic 
Sassevlile, Israel & Co. 532 Lincoln 
Ward, John C. & Co. 8 Liberty 

Lumber Dealers. 

Elliott Lumber Co. 296 Lincoln 
Howe, Austin B. & Co. 27 Florence 
Johnston Lumber Co. 


Anderson & Wheeler, Forest Hall blk. 
Holt, Theodore E. 26 Main 
Parsons, Henry, 348 Lincoln 
Watson & Co. Forest Hall blk. 

Marble and Granite Workers. 

Harris, David, 249 Maple 
Sullivan, Timothy, Hudson 


Aldrich, Joseph I. 219 Lincoln 
Fahey, Patrick, 18 South 
Hurley, James, 187 Main 
AlcGarry, Patrick, 28 West 
McMurray, Bernard, 34 Main 
Miles, William J. & Co. 2 Water 
Richardson, Herbert B. 110 Brlmsmead 
Wall, Thos. H. 136 Mechanic . 


Ahern, Ellen M. Mrs. 171A Main 
Brien, Marie A. 123 Main 
Dalton, John .7. Mrs. 79 Wash. 
Davis, Sadie A. C. 160 E. Main 
Dorman, Annie U. Mrs. 216 Main 
Dudley, Wm. A. Phoenix blk. 
Fay, E. Fontaine Mrs. 208 Main 
Gibson, Nettie E. Mrs. 189 Main 
Gregoire, Jonas Mrs. 208 Main 
Hanlon, Margaret Mrs. 211 Main 
Lynch, M. F. 208 Main 
Marston, iohn R. Mrs. 274 A Main 
McCarthy, Catharine, 20 Jefferson 
Steele, James P. Mrs. 25 Gibbon 
Wall, Nellie M. 177A Main 
Young, Justin O. Mrs. 127 Main 

Music «fc Musical Instruments. 

Thompson, Charles S. 131 Main 
Warner Music Co. 145 Main 

Music Teachers. 

Bond, Frank G. (vocal) 116 Main 
Campbell, Sarah S. (piano) 27 Prospect 
Fontaine, Louis (violin) 206 W. Main 
Gillette, Ben]. B. (piano) 208 Main 
Jacobs, A. Maude (piano) 115 Mechanic 
LaFleur, Julia L. (piano) 15 Maplewood av. 
Lewis, Mary (piano) 34 Cotting av. 
Milllngton, Joseph A. (violin) 116 Main 
Proctor, Nellie I. (piano) 127 Elm 
Riley, Adalyn M. (vocal) 31 Newton 
Watson, Annie M. Mrs. (piano) SO- Tremont 


Burke, Thomas, 198 Main 
Gorman,- Thomas, 2S0A Main 
Goggin, William H. 197 Main 
Thomson, Charles S. 131 Main 
Wheeler, Fred A. 347 Lincoln 


Marlboro Dally and Weekly Enterprise, H, 
F. Wilder, manager. 151 Main 

rUiO DflAI/ Contai ns the only completes Business Directory of Maws 
illO fwdj Ui\ acnus ? lt , s ' tllG information is obtained by personal caia 

vass of the State, and is duly copyrighted. 



MARLBORO— Continued. 

Marlboro Times (weekly) Times Publish- 
ing Co., P. B. Murphy, mgr. Cen- 
tral bit. 

Notaries Public. 

Aldrlch, Harry M. 
Barnes, William 
Claflln. Fred. L. 
Dalton, John 
Davenport, Wm. N. 
Fay, John S. 
Otterson, J. F. J. 
Stevens, Harry F. 
Weeks, Edgar 


Joseph P. Gallagher & Co. 38 Belmont 


Hart, A A. 151 Main 


Ball, Geo. H. Ames pi. 
Bigelow, John A. (carriage) 119 Elm 
Comstock, George W. & Co. Rice blk. 
Cooper, Rufus K. 12 Walnut 
Croft, J. H. Proctor ct. 
Crosby, George O. 42 Church 
Fahey, John J. (carriage) 72 Ringold 
Finneran, Thos. 201 Mechanic 
Howard, Charles F. 33 Devens 
Hanlon, Joseph C. (carriage) Maple 
Hanson, Wm. C. 339 Lincoln 
Lawrence, George, 11 Newton 
Luskon, John, 9 Liberty 
McAuslan, James, 57 Mechanic 
Tarbell, Alva W. 34 Cotting av. 
Wood, James, E. Main, Middlesex sq. 
Woods, Wm. R. (carriage) 40 Florence 
Williams, Frank W. 77 Huntington av. 
Wallis, Richard, 64 Water 
Witherbee, Wm. R. 44 Gay 

Paints. Oils and Glass. 

Estabrook, Joseph W. 202 Main 
Lamson & Trowbridge, 194 Main 

Paper Hangings. 

Comstock, George W. <£. Co. 105 Main 
McAuslan, James, 57 Mechanic 
Magrath, Charles J. 209 Main 
Morse & Bigelow, 419 Lincoln 


Albee, Milton H. 55A Central 
Folsom, George W. 231 Main 
Wade, Albert H. 225A Main 


Cote, Camille, 416 Lincoln 

Cutler, Charles L. Jr. 51 Main 

Dervln, Peter J. 189B Main 

Duhamel, Olivia G. CO Grant 

Ellis. Edward H. (Horn.) 103 Mechanic 

Hoitt, Eugene G. 12 Howe 

Klngsley, Charles t 14 Witherbee 

McCarthy, Thomas F. 6 Fairmount 

Richardson, William S. IS Cotting av. 

Searle, George J. (Horn.) 3GA Newton 

Smith, Chiron W. 31 Main 

St. Jacques, Joseph R. S3 Broad 

Therlen, Edward J. (Horn.) 12 Broad 

Warner, C. T. 64 W. Main 

Williams, Van V. S6 Mechanic 

Pianos and Organs. 

Burke, Thomas S. 34 Wash. 
McCarthy, Charles J. 20 Jefferson 
Thomson, Charles S. 131 Main 
Warner Music Co. 145 Main 

Picture Frainers. 
Bissonette, N. P. Lincoln 
Hanley, John J. 117B Main 


Garceau, Charles, 53A Lincoln 

Hall. George R. & Co. 371 Lincoln and 

137 Main 
Hill, William H. 118 Main 
Ladd, Edward W. 131 Main 
Leonard, Thomas J. 137 Main 
Lynch, John H. 118 Wash. 
O'Grady, Charles, 30 Main 

Plumbers'- Supplies. 

O'Grady, Charles, 30 Main 

Post Oilice and Postmaster. 

Marlboro, John S. Fay 


Beauchamp. Albert L. 531A Lincoln 
Clarke, William P. Ames pi. 
Enterprise Printing Co. Main 
Estabrook, Frank B. Frye blk. 
Smith, William B. 208 Main 
Times Publishing Co. 181 Main 

Produce Dealers. 

Este, Frank A. & Co. (wholesale) 27 Essex 

Provision Dealers. 

Arnold, William J. 109 Pleasant 

Boston Cash Grocery & Provision Co. 

130 Main 
Boule, Joseph H. 12 Cross 
Callahan Bjros. 47 Bolton 
Creelman, Charles G. & Co. 346 Lincoln 
Fairbanks, William G. Main, cor. E. Main 
Fitzgerald, Andrew W. (wholesale) Court 
Foster, Archie, Mechanic, cor. Lincoln 
Gauthier, Philip, 160 Elm 
Kelley, Dennis F. 236 Main 
Kiely, Daniel J. 109 Main 
Lacroix, Felix, 101 Spring 
L'Heureux, Francis 
Maddox, I. W. & Wesley, 52 Main 
Morris, Nelson & Co. (wholesale) 21 Home 
Rowles, Alben E. 109 Winthrop 
Shannahan, John, 54 State 
Smith. BenJ. P. 141 Elm 
Wheeler, Alvin, 84 Main 

Pump Mfrs. 

Walker, Willard A. 42 W. Main 


Dupre, Joseph, 502 Lincoln 
Funal. Peter & Co. 161 Main 
Gleason, James M. 115 Main 
Ghiloni, Louis, 1S3 Main 
Granger. Jean Bte. 533 Lincoln 
Highland City Cafe. 1S9A Main 
Laporte. Theophile, 526 Lincoln 
Sasseville, Christopher. 527 Lincoln 

Rubber Goods. 

Marlboro Rubber Co. 272 Main 





Brigham, Frank E. Prussia av. 
Dacey & Son, 17 E. Main 
Moore, Israel, 77 Howland 
Plunkett, Edward J. Windsor 
Proctor, Frank B. 11A Elm 
Southwick, Geo. \V. Florence 
Willard, Noah, Court. 

Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces, Etc. 

Hall, Geo'. R. & Co. 371 Lincoln 
Hill, William H. 118 Main 
Leonard, Thomas J. 137 Main 
Nelson, George F. 226 Main 


Maxwell, William F. 50A Main 
Maxwell, Joseph, 223 Main 
Spalding, George H. 191A Main 
Sullivan & McNally, 149 Main 
Tremblay, Joseph A. 343 Lincoln 
Warner, William J. 131 Mechanic . 


Giles, Joel W. Brigham 

Tens and Coffees. 

Orient Tea Store, 195 Main 
Pond, Edwin F. 195 Main 
Tebo & Gale, 24 Church 


Campbell, George W. Bond 
Donovan, Michael J. 153 HUdreth 
Howe, Irving R. 151 Main 

Lathe, Herbert E. 52 Wlnthrop 
Proctor, Frank B. 11A Elm 
Stumpf, Joseph M. 58 Washington 


Belmore, Homer, Berlin rd. 
Brown, Thomas H. 22G Main 
Child. J. Frank, 205 Main 
Gould & Knowllon, 151 Main 
McGill, F. A. Huntington av. 
O'Connor. Thomas P. 50 Main 
Spring, J. A. 208 West Main 


Bullock, Henry M. 7 Liberty 
Higglns, George W. & Co. 219 Main 
Marston, William W. -Chestnut 

Variety Stores. 

Mildon, Frederick R. S. Lawrence blk. 
Richards. Wilbur S. 217 Main 
Temple, William B. 123 W. Main 
Warner, C. Emma, 145 Main 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Mahoney, Patrick J. Plunkett's stable 
Stanhope, Henry R. Proctor pi. 
Tilton, Charles H. Court 

Wheel wrift-kts. 

Baker, Levi W. 98 E. Main 
Keane, James & Son, 40 Florence 
Powers, Fred A. Marlboro Junction 
Spalding, Henry A. Gay 
Weeks, Charles F. Middlesex sq. 


In Plymouth Co., 30 m. southeast of Boston and 1G m. from Plymouth on 
Plymouth Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Inc. March 1, 1G42. 
Pop. 1,7G0. 

Villages— Green Harbor, Brant Rock, Center Starshfield, North Marshfleld, 
Sea View, Marshfleld Hills, South Marshfleld. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Geo. H. Weatherbee, M. Hills 
Selectmen — 

Nathaniel Taylor, ch., Center M. 

John H. Eanies, M. Mills 

Hartley L. Thomas 
Auditor— William L. Sprague 
1 rea surer— 

George H. Weatherbee, 
Collector— B. P. H. Keen, 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— John Baker 

Howard W. O. Damon, 

Henry Wright 
Cemetery Superintendents- 
George H. Weatherbee, M. Hills 

George H. Chandler 
fcluking Fund Commissioners— 

Granville 1). Damon, M. Hills 

Henry Carver 

Walton Hall 

IU x > ;' lr ? H ealth— Dr. A. A. Arthur, ch. 
M .Herman Kent 
H. A. Oakman. 

M. Hills 
M. Center 

North M. 

North M. 

Public Scliools. 

Thomas H. Goodwin, ch., North M 
M. Herman Kent 
Albert T. Sprague 
Edgar L. Hitchcock, 

Supt.— Edsar L. Willard, 

Prin. High School- 
Charles R. Copelnnd, 

Prins. Grammar Schools- 
Bertha E. Howard 
Helen L. Galloupe, 

M. Hills 
M. Hills 

M. Hills 

M. Hills 


AK'ricnltnrnl Implements— 

B. F. H. Keen. Center M." 

Auctioneers — Henry G. Ford 

Judson Ewe 11 

H. A.- Oakman, North M. 

James L. Rogers, M. Hills 

linker— F. A. Holmes, M. Hills 

llilliurd itoom— 

Walter Peterson, Brant Rock 

Blacksmiths — David Brown, Jr. 

F. E. Chandler 

Judson Ewell, M. Hills 

353 Dl 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of 





M. Hills 

M. Hilla 

Center M. 
North M. 

B. Chandler 

M. Hilla 

MARSHFIELD— Continued. 

Peter Landry, Brant Rock 

M. W. Rogers, M. Hilla 

Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

William Carver (peddler) 

E. W. Hall & Son, M. 

Boot and Shoe Makers- 
Joshua T. Baker 

Albert Bates, 
Cabinet Maker- 
George S. Randall, 
Carpenters— Horace E. Baker 

J. A. Davis 

H. C. Lewis, 

Leander Sherman, 

William L. Sprague 

Luther White 
Carriage Makers— S. 

Fred N. Damon, 
Clergymen and Churches— 

William Bryant, Second Cong. Trini- 
tarian M. Hills 

Thomas H. Goodwin, North Baptist, 
North M. 

Napoleon S. Hoagland, Grace Unitarian. 
Green Harbor 

H. H. Home Second Cong. Unitarian 
- Frederick W. Manning, First Cong. 

A. H. Scudder, Methodist 

— _ , South Baptist, North M. 


Jacob Davis (B.), M. Hills 
Coal and Wood — Henry Carver 

G. D. Damon & Sons, M. Hilla 

Confectionery Mfrs. — 

G. D. Damon & Sons, 
Dentists— G. W. Baker 

Stephen Henry 
Dry Goods— 

E. W. Hall & Son, 

P. R. Livermore (peddler) 
Express — New York & Boston Despatch 
Florist— Alfred Phillips 
Flour ami Grain- 
Henry Carver 

Phillips, Bates & Co. 
General Stores- 
Allen Blanchard, 

Henry I. Carver, 

G. Frank Drew, 

Ralph C. Ewell, 

E. W. Hall & Sons, 

Marshfield Co.. 

Walter Peterson, 

George Sampson, 

S. G. Capen, Jr., 

Edward Clough & Co. 
Hairdresser— Frank N. Bencordo 
Hotels— Brant Rock. Rachel B. Sum- 
ner, prop., Brant Rock 

M. Hills 

M. Hills 
M. Hills 

Green Harbor 
M. Hills 
M. Hills 
Sea View 
M. Hills 

Brant Rock 
Green Harbor 

Brant Rock 

Churchill, Brant Rock 

Sea View House, Sea View 

Webster, Lot J. MaDan prop., 

Green Harbor 

Insurance Agent — George M. Baker 

Justices of the l'euce— 
J. H. Bourne 

T. B. B;ackman, Brant Rock 

George H. Carver, M. Hills 

Judson Ewell, M. Hills 

H. G. Ford 

I. H. Hatch. North M. 

Hiram A. Oakrnan, North M. 

G. H. Weatherbee, M. Hills 

Libraries— Clift Rogers Free Public Li- 
brary, Geo. H. Weatherbee, M. Hills 
Ventress Free Public Library, Rosa M. 
Sprasue, lib. 

Lumber Dealer — Luther White 

Masons— Foster T. Ewell 

Seth A. Nourse. Sea View 

Newspaper — Mail, Pratt Bros., pubs , 
North Abington 
Marshfield Outlook 

Notary Public— 
Thomas B. Blackman, Brant Rock 

Painters — 

Fred N. Damon (carriage), M. Hills 

James L. Rogers (house), M. Hills 

Wylle & Jones (house) 

Physicians — Asa A. Arthur 
C. W. Bartlett 

Post Oilices and Postmasters— 
Marshfield— A. P. Barstow 
Marshfield Hills— S. Ella Damon 
Center Marshfield— B. F. H. Keen 
Sea View— R. C. Ewell 
Brant Rock — Walter Peterson 
Green Harbor — Charles Sears 
North "Marshfield — Roxaline Hatch 

Printer-Hermann Kent 

Provision Dealer- 
Frank L. Sinnott 

Saw Mills— S. Bartlett Chandler 

M. & S. F. Hatch, , North M. 

Andrew R. Magoun, North M. 

H. A. Oakrnan, North M. 

Hiram O. 'Chandler, 
H. W. Damon, 
Franklin W. Hatch 

Stone Cutter- 
George W. Gay, 

Stoves and Tinwar 
0. N. Belknap 
A. F. Damon, 
Oscar Stevens 

Undertaker— George H. Chandler 

Green .Harbor 
North M. 

M. Hills 

M. Hills 


In P.arnstable Co., 8 m. from Sandwich by stage. Inc. May 2S, 1S<0. 
Pop. 330. 
Villages— North Mashpee, South Mashpee, Aquasbenet. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Joseph A. Teters 

Selectmen— Horatio H. Amos, cb. 

Alton A. San lord 

Charles II. Hammond 
Auditors— Arthur E. Avaut 

J. Western Butler 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Treasurer— Waller R. Mingo 

Collector— S. A. Jones 

Assessors— Charles II. Hammond, eh. 

Irving C. Oakley 

Darius Coombs 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Irving C. Oakley 

William Mills 

James Mills 
Highway Commissioners — 

George H. Mingo 

John E. Pompey 

I. D. Degrass 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Public Schools. 

Committee — Chas. H. Hammond, ch. 

Horatio H. Amos 

Darius Coombs 
Supt. Schools— B. J. Tice, Sandwich 


Clergyman and Church— 

Harry J. McMillan, Baptist 
Cranberry Separator Ma- 

chines— J. A. Peters 
Express — Neyr York & Boston Despatch 
General Stores — L. Z. Amoa 

Charles N. Collins 
Hotels— Ezra R. Conant 

O. M. Holmes 
Justices of the Peace — 

Lysander Z. Amos 

Oliver M. Holmes 

Charles H. Hammond 
Library— Mashpee Free, Clara W. CoL- 

liiis, lib. 
Notary Public— Oliver M. Holmes 
Physician — Gideon L. Love 11 
Post Oiliee and Postmaster — 

Mashpee — Lysander Z. Amos 
Undertaker— Joseph A. Peters 


In Plymouth Co., 55 m. south of Boston and 3S m. from Plymouth on 
Fairhaven Br. Cape Cod. Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N, II. & H. R. R.; 
5 m. from Fairhaven and G m. from New Bedford; stage connection with 
New Bedford. Inc. May 20, 1857. Pop. 1,032. 

Villages— Cannonville, East Mattapoisett. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— George H. Dexter 
Selectmen— Nathan S. Mendell, ch. 

Joseph L. Cole 

Abner Harlow 
Auditor— Isaiah P. Atsatt 
Treasurer and Collector— F. C. Keene 
Assessors— Selectmen 
< »verseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Charles F. Nye 

George H. Duncan 
Highway Surveyor— George A. Austin 
Cemetery Trustees— Joseph L. Cole 

Annie E. Dexter 

Mrs. Freeman C. Keene 

Lucy Robinson 

William E. Sparrow 
Board Health— Dr. W. E. Sparrow, ch. 

Dr. David H. Cannon 

Charles H. Nve 
Chief Fire Dept.— Addison Curtis 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Charles H. Tinkham, ch. 
Lemuel LeB. Dexter 
Heman G. Holmes 

Supt. Schools— 
E. B. Gray, Fairhaven 

Brin. High School- 
Edward F. Cunningham 

1 rin. Grammar School— 
M. Bessie Tidd 


Auctioneer— George H. Dexter 

"«Ker— E. Russell Eddy 

"teycle Healer— James L. Hammond 

A. M. Dexter 


Blacksmiths— William H. Bowlln 

Edward Durfee 

Charles H. Hiller 
Boat Builder— John H. Barrows 
Boot ami Sboe Maker — Job Wilber 
Box Makers- 
William B. Nelson & Co. 

W. E. Sparrow 
Cabinet Makers — 

William B. Nelson & Co. 
Carpenters— J. S. Dexter 

J. S. Hammond 

W. H. Henry 
Clergymen nml Churches- 
John Ellis, Universalist 

, First Christian (Bap.) 

Robert Humphrey, Congregational 
Coal Dealer — Freeman C. Keene 
Confectionery and Fruvt— 

G. F. Stollard 
Druft-gfist— William E. Sparrow 
Dry Goods — Henry A. Shurtleff 
Express— New York & Boston Despatoh 
Fish Dealer— Byron P. Dunn 
Furniture Dealers — 

William B. Nelson & Co. 
General Stores— Ames 

Atsatt Bros. 

E. G. Caswell 

William C. Dexter, 

A. J. Tinkham, 
Grist Mills— Atsatt Bros. 

Town Mill 
Hairdresser— W. H. Price 
Halter Mfrs.— E. H. Le Baron Co. 
Bay View, Thomas Madden, prop. 

Mattapoisett. R. E. Ac-horn, prop. 
Ice Dealers— George A. Austin 

Dennis Mahoney 

W. E. Sparrow 
Insurance Agents— I. P. Atsatt 

William E. Sparrow 
Justices of the Peace — 

I. P. Atsatt 

Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 


E st M. 
North M 




O. H. Dexter 

Lester -W. Jenny 

Nathan S. Mendall 

J. L. Macomber 
Library— Mattapolsett Free Public 

brary. Sarah E. Hiller, lib. 
Lumber Dealers— J. S. Dexter 

Dennis Mahoney (box lumber) 

Thomas C. Tinkham 
Machinists— Albert M. Dexter & 
Marble Worker- Joseph L. Cole 
Masons— D. M. Faunce 

Charles F. Kenney, 2d 
Newsdealer— Ellis Mendell 
Notaries Public— I. P. Atsatt 

J. L. Meigs 

J. Lewis Stackpole, Jr. 
Painters— E. L. Bourne 

Thomas D. Dexter (carriage) 

C. F. Nye 

S. P. Perkins (carriage) 

E. P. P. Sampson 
Peanut Roast ins Macliines- 

Atsatt Bros. 


Photographer — Lawrence Cannon 
Physicians— D. H. Cannon <Bot.) 

Frank H. Clough 

William E. Sparrow (Bot.) 
Post OHices and Postmasters— 

Mattapoisett— George H. Dexter 

East Mattapoisett— Charles B. Pierce 
Poultry Dealers — James B. Hamlin 

Edward B. Hiller 
Provision Dealers — 

H. W. Purrlugton 

Edgar S. Silvia 

Albert A. Sisson 

F. K. Sisson 
Saw Mi J is— Solomon E. Bolles 

Joshua L. Macomber, East M. 

William E. Sparrow 
Stables— F. L. Dexter 

Henry M. Hail 
Stone Cutter— E. C. Stetson 
Stoves and Tinware — 

Addison Curtis 
Undertakers— W. B. Nelson & Co. 
Upholsterer — Nathan S. Mendell 
"Wood Dealer-Dennis Mahoney 


Prin. Grammar School- 
Emily A. Gordon 

In Middlesex Co., 28 m. west of Boston on F. R. R. Inc. April 19, 1871. 
Pop. 3,01)0. 


Annual town meeting second Monday 

In March. 
Clerk— Charles H. Persons 
Selectmen— Levi R. Cheney, ch. 

Abel G. Haynes 

Samuel Lawton 
Auditors— George P. Hartman 

Gavin Taylor 
Treasurer— William II. Gutteridge 
Collector— Arthur J. Coughlan 
Assessors— Orriu S. Fowler, ch. 

Abel G. Haynes 

Calvin A. Whitney 
Overseers Poor— Joel F. Parmenter 

George H. Creighton 

Lucius H. Maynard 
Constables— Samuel G. King 

William Jones 

James J. Morgan 
Supt. Streets— Levi R. Cheney 
Water Commissioners— O. S. Fowler 

George H. Hart 

Lorenzo Maynard 
Sinking Fund Commissioners— 

Orrln S. Fowler 

Lorenzo Maynard 

George H. Hart 
Board Health— 

Dr. Franklin P. Flagg, chairman 

.David Henderson 

Charles Randall 
Chief Police— Levi R. Cheney 
Chief Fire Dept.— Samuel Lawton 

Public Schools. 

Committee— James J. Hilferty, ch. 

.John W. Flood 

Nellie M. Fowler 
Supt. Schools and Prln. High School- 

J. Henry White 


Auctioneers — David Henderson 

Willis A. White 
Bakers— George Gove 

Albert E. Randall 
Bands — Maynard Brass Band, Edward J. 
Carillon, leader 

Maynard Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps, 
George Lawton, leader 
Bicycle Dealers- 
Joseph Booth 

Bartholomew J. Coughlin 

H. P. N. Dahl & Co. 

William Marshall 

Timothy Nevins 

William W. Oliver 

Thomas F. Parker 
Blacksmiths— James T. Foote 

John Glynn 

John MePherson 

Peter J. White 
Boot ninl Shoe Dealers — 

William B. Case 

George H. Creighton 

Thomas Naylor 
Boot ana Shoe Makers — 

S. Bloomberg 

William ; Carver 

James Hilferty 

Edwin Lane 

William Larsen 
Carpenters — Joshua Carr 

William C. Croft 

James Mullen 

Sidney B. Shat.tuek 
Cattle Denier— Willis A. White 
Ciprar Mfr«.— James W. Connors 

Edward J. McManua 
Clergymen anil Churches— 

John A. Crowe. St. Bridget's R. C. 


Can hotter afford to go without a License than to 
go without this book. Traveling men demand it. 



Edward Higgins, Methodist 

Robert William Hudgell, St. George's 

Thomas C. Jackson, Congregational 
Clothing; Dealers— 

E. F. Brown & Co 

Neil Currie & Co. 

Asa H. Haynes 
Coal and Wood— Assabet Mfg. Co. 

Wiliam F. Litchfield 
Confectionery and Fruit- 
Bartholomew J. Coughlin 

Charles Silvia 
Dentists— Benjamin D. Blanchard 

Clinton W. Boutwell 

Walter B. Currier 
Dressmakers — Nellie Carver 

Lillian Clark 

Mrs. J. C. Leighton 

Nellie M. Long 

Mrs. A. Whitney 

Mrs. C. A. Whitney 
Druggists— B. F. Johnson & Son 

Patrick J. De Lee 
Dry Goods— William B. Case 
Expresses— National Express Co. 

Wheeler's Express 
Fish Dealers— W. Vary Cameron 

William O. Strout 
Florists— Albert M. Batley 

William H. Bishop 

George R. Milne 
General Stores— Alfred T. Haynei 

James Higgins 

W. S. Howe & Co. 

William Martin 

Riverside Co-operative Association 
Hairdressers— William Casey 

Michael Crowley 

Cornelius J. Mahoney 

George McCormack 

Nicholas L. Parker 
Hardware Dealer- 
Thomas F. Parker 
Harness Maker— Ellas Severson 
Hay and Grain— W. A. Haynes Co. 
Hotels— Maple, Geo. F. Cutting, prop. 

Maynard, John Desmond, prop. 
Insurance A^ent- Arthur E. Walker 
Jewelers and Watchmakers— 

H. P. N. Dahl & Co. 

William W. Oliver 
Justices of the Peace- 
John B. Deane 

William H. Gutteridge 

David Henderson 

Thomas Hillis 

Charles H. Perbons 

Joseph W. Reed 


Enterprise, John 

Arthur E. Walker 

James F. Sweeney 
Laundry— Harriman Bros. 
Lawyers — Thomas Hillis 

Joseph W. Reed 

James E. Sweeney 
Library — Maynard Public Library, Mr». 

Frank W. Nyman, lib. 
Liquor Dealer— Julius Loewe 
Marble Dealer— Orrin S. Fowler 
Dlilliners — Cleary & Williams 

Jennie S. Deane 

Laura E. Dufur 

Mrs. Mary E. Jannell 

Hattie Naylor 
Music «nd Musical 

Charles H. Persons 
Newsdealer — John B. 
Newspaper — Maynard 

P. Wood, prop. 
Notary Public— John B. Deane* 
Painters— Daniel W. Locke 

Theodore Nelson (carriage) 

Frank W. Nyman 

William J. Tucker (carriage) 

Michael Wall 
Photographer — Charles D. Holmes 
Physicians— Franklin P. Flagg 

Daniel Goodenow 

Frank U. Rich 
Plumber— Alfred D. Holt 
Pool Rooms— William Casey 

Julius Loewe 

Nicholas L. Parker 
Post Office and Postmaster— 

Maynard— William R. Hall 
Powder Mfr. — American Powder Mills 
Provision Dealers — Joseph Booth 

Everett H. Davis 

Frank McCarren 

Alexander, Mclntyre 
Restaurants— Henry E. Boyd 

Hector W. Roberts 
Stables — James Coughlan 

Samuel G. King, 2d 

Michael E. Sheehan 
Stoves amd Tinware- 
Alfred D. Holt 
Tailor— Patrick J. Sullivan 
Teamsters — Michael Driscoll 

John O'Brien 

William E. Sheehan 
Undertakers— Orrin S. Fowler 

Michael E. Sheehan 
Variety Store— Thomas H. Farroll 
Veterinary Surgeon- 
David Henderson 
Wheel wr i grh t — Newton E. 
"Woolen Goods Mfrs.— 

Assabet Mfg. Co. 

i - 



In Norfolk Co., 20 ni. southeast of Boston, m. from Dedham find 9 m. 
southeast of South Framingham on Northern Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., 
->• H. & H. R. R. and Woonsocket Div. N. B. It. It. Inc. May 22, 1G30. 
*op. 1.872. Village -Harding. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 
, March. 

£h>rk— Stlllman J. Spear 
N'lootnnm-Honry M. Parker, ch. 

JMlliarn F. Guild 

Herbert "\V. Wight 

Auditor— Thomas E. Schools 
Treasurer— Stillman J. Spear 
Collector— William F. Abell 
Assessors— William F. Guild, ch. 

Francis I). Hainant 

William F. Abell 
Overseers Poor— G. W. Kingsbury, ch. 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR ROOK is published by F. S. Blnnehard 
& Co.. Worcester, and is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 
appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



MEDFIELD— Continued. 

Amos H. Mason 

Michael E. Grilfin 
Constables— Albion C. Gilbert 

H. Herbert Harding 

David Meany 

Raymond Weiker 
Supt. Streets and Sewers- 
George W. Kingsbury 
Cemetery Committee — 

James Ord 

Willard Harwood 

Alonzo B. Parker 
Board Health— Selectmen - 
Chief Fire Dept.— Howard M. Blood 

Public Schools. 

Committee— P. Henry Leahy, ch. 
George Washburn 
Rev. John A. Savage 

Supt. Schools— Arthur A. Badger 

Prin. High School- 
Walter L. Van Kleeck 

Prins. Grammar Schools — 
Carrie A. Smith 
Jeannette E. King 


Auctioneer— H. H. Harding 
Bicycle Dealer — William Ryan 
Bicycle Repairer — John H. Pember 
Blacksmiths — Frank W, Cutter 

Albert A. Dean 

John J. Kelley 
Boot and Shoe Dealer- 
John J. Cunningham 
Butter and Cheese- 
Alfred B. TIsdale 
Carpenters— Nathan F. Harding 

Waldo E. Kingsbury 

Jonathan G. Wipht 
Carriage Milker— Robert W. Baker 
Clergymen and Churches — 

J. A. Donnelly, St. Edward's R. C, P 
O. South Natick 

Silas L. Morse, Baptist 

Leroy M. Pierce, Second Congregational 

John Arthur Savage, First Cong. (Un.i 
Coal and Wood- Edward M. Bent 

Blood Bros. 

J. E. Lonergan 
Drng-yrist— Edwin J. Keyou 
Dry Goods— Edward H. Abell 

Ellery C. Crocker 

Mrs. C. A. Leahy 
Electric Lijrht Co.— 

Medfield Electric Lfpht & Power Co. 
Expresses— Adams Express Co. 

New York & Boston Despatch 

Fish Dealers — Preston & Annl» 

Florist— William B. Roberts 

Flour and Grain — Blood Bros. 
J. E. Lonergan & Co. 

Furniture Dealer- 
Joseph M. Johnson 

General Stores — 
Codding & Schools 
Julius A. Fitts 

Grocers— Clinton M. Clark & Co. 

Hairdresser— Albert C. Binkhourst 

Hardware Dealer— James Ord 

Harness Dealer — 
George W. Caldicott 

Medfield Inn, Z. T. Harrington, prop. 

Ice Dealer — Raymond Weiker 

Insurance Agents- 
Mrs. Alice H. Bartlett 
H. H. Harding 

Jeweler and Watchmaker— 
L. P. Chadsey 

Justiees of the Peace- 
William Crane 
Francis D. Hamant 
Herbert H. Harding 
James Hewins 

Lawyer— James Hewins 

Lihrary— Medfield Library, Lucretla M. 
Johnson, lib. 

Machinist — John H. Pember 

Mason— Timothy Donlon 

Men's Furnishing' Goods- 
Edward H. Abell 

Milliner— Mrs. Elizabeth Gilman 

Newsdealers— Medfield News Co. 

Notary Public — James Hewins 

l*a inters— George G. Babcock 
Fred M. Smith (carriage) 

Photographer— Ephraim Chamberlain 

Physicians— Chas. M. Fuller (Horn.) 
Arthu» Mitchell (Horn.) 

Plumber— William W. Preston 

Post Olliees and Postmasters — 
Medfield — Henry J. Dunn 
Harding— Albert A. Lovell 

Printer— Stillman J. Spear 

Provision Dealers- 
Charles F. Bruce 
Charles Bullard 

Restaurant— Emma F. Rhodes 

Stable— Nathan A. Grant 

Stone Cutter— Reynold Weiker 

Stoves and Tinware — James Ord 

Straw Goods Mfrs.— 
Edwin V. Mitchell & Co. 

Sexton— Alonzo B. Parker 

Water Works— Medfield Water Co. 

Wheelwrights— Robert W. Baker 
Charles W. Spaulding 

Wire Mfrs.— 
William Marshall (bonnet wire) 



In Middlesex Co., o m. northwest of Boston, at terminus Medford Br. West- 
ern Div. B. & M. R. R. : West Medford and Tufts College are on main line 
Southern Div. B. & M. R. R. : electric raihvav to Winchester, Maiden, Som- 
erville and Boston. Founded in 1030; a city in 1892. pop. 14.474. 

Villages— Hillside, Glenwood, South Medford, Wellington, West Medford. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 

Wards 12 3 4 5 6 Totals. 

Lewis H. Lovoring 236 ISO 146 185 247 376 1376 

William Ciishliiff Wait 170 101 185 214 148 62 070 

?^# r ^^&^££Jfi&i 





City election second Tuesday in De- 
Mayor— Lewis H. Lovering (R),$1000; 

term, two years. 
Mayor's Clerk, John F. Libby, .$700 
Aldermen— Meetings alternate Tues- 
day evenings. 

President, Fulton II. Parker (R) 

Clerk, Allston P. Joyce 

Lewis A. Dodge (R) 

George O. Foster (R) 

Charles L. Fitzhenry 

Charles S. Baxter 

Edward F. Smith 
Common Councilman— Meetings alter- 
nate Monday evenings. 

President, William I. Parker (R) 

Clerk, Elisha G. Pierce, $250 

Ward 1. Charles G. Browne (R) 
J. William Williams (R) 
Charles R. Byram, Jr. (R) 

Ward 2. Charles II. Brewer (R) 
Edward W. Bean 
Henry P. Rugbies 

Ward 3. Nathaniel Atwood (R) 
Harry B. Leavitt (R) 
William I. Parker (R) 

Ward 4. Edward J. Doherty (D) 
George B. Means (R) 
Wiliam B. Hellen 

Ward 5. Myron G. Curtis (R) 

George S". T. Fuller (R) 
George B. Perkins (R) 

Ward 6. Everard I. Langell 
Harry W. Marden 
Cuthbert H. Lowell 

City Officers. 

City Clerk, Allston P. Joyce, $1500; 

hours 8-12 and 2-5, Saturday 8-12 
Clerk Committees, Irvirt E. Peak, $450 
Treasurer, Parker R. Litehneld, 

$1050; hours 8-12 and 2-5, Sat. 8-12 
Collector, Edward W. Hayes, $1350 
Auditor, George D. CumminRs, $1200 
City Engineer, T. Howard Barnes, 

City Solicitor, Benj. F. Hayes. $800 
City Physician, Frank L. Mayberry, 

City Messenger, James B. Simpson, 

Street Commissioner, Alonzo H. 

Kimball, $1000 
Chief Police, Emery D. Holmes, $1200 
<-Mef Engineer Fire Dept., Charles 

K. Bacon. $900 
Snpt. Water Works, Fred W. Gow. 

Senler Weights and Measures, Henry 

r . Moore 
Inspector Milk, Vinegar. Animals and 

Provisions, Henry F. Moore, $300 
Inspector Buildings, Calvin II. Clark. 

Inspector Wires, Harry P. Horton, 

Inspector Plumbing, Gustavus F. An- 
drews. $1000 

Chairman, Henry Withlngton, $050 
V\ urren T. Mors«\ $050 

Edward S. Randall, $050 
Board Health— 

Chairman, Dr. James E. Cleaves, 

J. Nelson St. Dennis, $50 

William P. Clark, $50 

Dr. J. Walter Bean, $50 

Clerk, Alvin R. Reed, $450 
Overseers Poor— 

Chairman, Calvin H. Clark, $500 

William C. Craig, $50 

John Crowley, $50 

Clerk, Edward W. Hayes, $150 
Park Commissioners — 

Chairman, Benjamin C. Leonard 

Henry Dunster 

John A. Sullivan 

W T alter F. Cushing 

Secretary, Rosewell B. Lawrence 

Clerk, Alvin R. Reed 
Commissioners Sinking Funds— 

Chairman, Samuel C Lawrence 

Edmund H. Pennell 

Benjamin C. Leonard 

William Cushing Wait 

Secretary, J. Gilman Waite 

Treasurer, Daniel W. Lawrence 
Commissioners Sewers— 

Chairman, Charles H. Tarker, $50 

John William Rockwell, $50 

Engineer, T. Howard Barnes 
Water Commissioners— 

Chairman, Frank E. Chandler, $50 

Caleb K. Sullivan, $50 

Allston H. Evans, $50 

Water Registrar, Fred L. Cushing 

Superintendent, Fred W. Gow 
Trustees Oak Grove Cemetery— 

Chairman, John Hutchins, $25 

Edward C. Ellis, $25 

Edward S. Randall, $25 

Barker B. Howard, $25 

Asa Law, $25 

Clerk, Allston P. Joyce 
Registrars Voters— 

Chairman, Henry B. Nottase, $100 

James S. Sturtevant, $100 

Thomas Crockwell, $100 

City Clerk, ex-officio, $125 

Pnbllc Schools. 

Number children enrolled, 3008; ap- 
propriation, $95,075. 
Committee — Meetings first and third 
Monday evenings of each month. 

Chairman, Rosewell B. Lawrence 

Secretary, Charles N. Jones, $250 

William C. Wait 

Davenport, George E. 

Sidney Gleason 

Amanda H. Plummer 

Clara T. Guild 

William IT. Hodpman 

William II. Couch 
Supt. Schools, Chas. II. Morss, $2500; 

hours, Monday and Tuesday, 4-5; 

Thursday and Friday, 12-1. 
Prin. High School, Lorin L. Dame, 


PRINCIPALS of grammar schools. 

Benj. F. Morrison, Washington Schoo 
Ida L. Hartshorn. Everett School 

Rose A. Plunkett, Swan School 

&L£k£JhlJdt^ ill i " ^^^Af^^jtt^^his^tlkTk; '' .:- .'■■■■. V| rl ... -, jujgjl 



MEDFORD— Continued. 

Louise "VV. Lasell, 
Nellie M. Bilker, 
Lewis F. Hobbs, 
Geo. W. Parsons. 
Mary E. Crowley, 
Ella A. Leighton, 
Henry B. Doland, 
Nora M. Cragin, 

Osgood School 

James School 

Brooks School 

Center School 

Cradock School 

Hillside School 

Lincoln School 

Tufts School 


Agricultural Implements. 

Obcr, J. E. & Son, 492 High 
Page & Curtln, 33 Main 


Dunham, Charles B. 24 Fulton 
Hammond, Robert C. 17 Granville av. 
Harmon, W. H. 500 Main 
Hyndman, T. J. & Co. 3 Mystic av. 
Lyman, Sise, 87 Mystic 
Pinkham, R. G. 8 Brooks park 

Artists' Materials. 

,Bentley. William E. 4 Forest 
1 Conant's Studio, 19 Forest 


Baker, S. G. 70 Newburn av. 
Dwyer, M. F. 1 Riverside av. 
Stetson, George W. 6 Main 


Barker, W. S. & Son, 36 Salem 

Churchill, C. L. 14 Harvard av. 

Roberton, Edward, 281 Salem 

Robinson, A. M. & Co. 456 High 

Young, Charles J. 14 Harvard av. West M. 


Medford Co-operative Bank, James S. Stur- 

tevant, sec. 28 High 
Medford Savings Bant', Charles B. Buss, 

treas. 29 High 

Bicycle Dealers. 

Baker. W. A. 308 Salem 

Greaney, F. H. 439 High 

Hall. Lewis R. 12 High 

Hopkins, Clesson A. 25 Middlesex av. 

Waterman & Chamberlain. 16 High 

Billiard Booms. 

Barnard, Myron O. 470 Salem 
Cushing, Job, 32 High 
Knapp, Harry L. 24 High 


Bowen, James J. 10 Harvard 

Croudis, W. F. 73 Riverside av. 

Etter, Cyrus H. 6 Swan 

Hall, C. E. 37 Harvard a v. West M. 

Synimes, Arthur C. 57 Main 

Wright, Harvey, r. 486 High, West M. 


Glenwood Works, Frank Fallon, supt. 
Amaranth av. Glenwood 

Boarding: Houses. 

Adams, Susan Mrs. 61 Main 
Fewtrell, William T. 66 High 
Hayes, Mary Mrs. 2 Union ct. 
Lenox, Peter F. 34 Swan 

Wallace, Mary E. Mra. 180 High 

'loot and Shoe Dealers. 

Cunningham, D. P. 6 Salem 

Dutton, George E. 14 Main 

Gillis, John C. 68 Main 

Pool & Leach, 8 Harvard av. West M. 

Sharman, George W. 482A High, West M. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Dente, Genarlo, 16 Dexter, or 509 Main 
Flanison, C. N. 37 Maple, West M. 
Gillis, J. C. 68 Main 
Keddie, Leander E. 104 Washington 
Klane, Morris, 425 High, West M. 
McGrath, William R. 1 Forest 
Murrey, Thony, 312 Salem — 

Newcomb, Charles J. 202 Washington 
Poole & Leach, 8 Harvard av. West M. 
Rosenberg, A. 100 Main 
Sahl, David, 42 Main 


Combination Bottling Works, 14 Joseph 
Spear, H. C. 46 Tainter 

Brass Founders. 

Clark, William P. Hancock 

Brick Manufacturers. 

Bay State Brick Co. 424 or 182 Riverside 

av. Glenwood 
Casey. Thomas, June. Medford and Main 
Maxwell, W. R. Buzzell lane 
New England Anderson Pressed Brick Co. 

off Myrtle, Glenwood 

Bridge Builders. 

Mayo, John F. 22 Fourth, Wellington 

Broom .Manufacturers. 

Kuehl, H. A. r. 8^ Myrtle, Glenwood 

Builders' Finish. 

Perkins, D. E. & Co. 590 Boston av. 

Cabinet Makers. 

Howe, William, 26 High 
Williams, Samuel, 474 West M. 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Archibald, J. H. 65 Riverside av. 
Bennett, Robert, 9 Bennett 
Bickford, George R. 31 Pleasant 
Blodgett, F. B. 21 College av. 
Bonnell, W. H. 29 Clayton av. 
Butland, John, 67 Central av. Glenwood 
Coughlin, M. J. 45 Everett 
Crockwell Bros. 35 West 
Cunningham, N. B. 75 Warren, West M. 
Desnanger, N. D. 41 Central av. 
Duston, Henry S. 312 Boston av. 
Fonner, J. S. & Co. 11 Pembroke 
Frost, Clifford, 18 Summer 
Gibson, Richard, 39 Lawrence, Glenwood 
Ham & Hopkins, C34 High and 62 Monu- 
ment, West M. 
Hammond, Robert C. 17 Granville av. 
Harmon, William H. 500 Main 
Holman, Isaac N. 98 Lincoln, West M. 
Hopkins, Harvey A. 187 Middlesex av. 
Hopkins, Jonathan, 32A Orchard 
Johnston, Charles E. 27 Henry 
Johnstone, Wallace S. 14 Williams 
Loverlng, Lewis H. 15 Bowers, West M. 
Mann, Moses W. 138 Boston av. West M. 
Mclnnis, Joseph, 61 Newhern av. 
McKinnon, John G. 167 Adams 

yptKfar printing „. books, ^wwr^mmm! 

ifdhmWOKK, and CUTS. LNGR A-f •■ ■ : -\ H » ' ;: >_,*££ ^ 
i*gj^VHRS of CUTS, nil style,., M^^lM^Z^ 



McLellan, John, 71 Winchester 

Mills & Baker, 18 Dudley 

Mitchell, Thomas O. H. 170 Riverside av. 

Morton. Walter, 31 Daisy 

Natale, Joseph G. 296 Main 

Norton, John H. Allston ter. West M. 

Olson, Otto, 31 Winchester 

Poland, Charles H, 34 WashiHgton 

Ricker, John J. K. Hicks av. 

Rldeout, G. T. 20 Granville av. 

Smith. M. B. & A. H. Dearborn 

Stewart, J. A. & Son, 27 Marshall 

Woods, A. J. 16 Higgins av. 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Medford Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 
35 Ship av. 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

Mystic Print & Dye Works, 16 Locust 

Carriage Mfrs. 

Charlton, N. G. 13 Harvard av. West M. 
Symmes, Arthur C. 51 Main 
Teel, E. & Co.. Main, cor. Union 

Carriage Trimmers. 

Hartshorn, Charles II. 55 Main 


Robinson, A. M. & Co. 456 High, West M. 
Young, James R. 55 Jerome, West M. 


Colonial Chemical Co. Boston av. 
Whitehead, Cornelius, 82 Ship av. 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Keyou, J. F. r. 151 Main 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Clark, David J. 54 Main 
Kent, F. P. West M. 
Leahy, William F. 24 Main 
Malloy, John J. 4 Swan 
Sutcliffe, John R. 284 Salem 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors 

Goodwin, James O. 28 Main 

Clergymen and Cliurelies. 

Barstow, John, Mystic Cong. 16 Ashland 

Cambridge, Arthur A. West Medford Bap- 
tist, 61 Boston 

Chadbourne, George S. First Methodist, 
140 Washington, or 127 Park 

Uancy. Judson V. West Medford Cong. 
44 Boston av. 

Cuddihy, Michael J. St. John's R. C. 114 

~ "T -, Oakland Street Baptist 

L>e Long, Henry C. Unitarian, 141 High 

* , Grace Episcopal 

— , Hillside L'niversalist, Talbot 


Elliott. S. W. Wellington Methodist 

^111 san, Michael, St. John's R. C. 114 

primes, E. O. Hillside Methodist 
•■Nelson. Arthur W. L. Trinity Methodist, 

lo Tontine, West M. 
'Ci-son, Isaac R. Union Congregational, 

6 wareham 

,.. ~ , Church of Christ 

"akeman. W. W. Baptist, 16 William 

Albott - James P. (B.J 20 Central av. 

Bacon, Wiliam F. (Cong.) 59 Water 

Glllam, Ralph (Cong.) 

Paradise, F. I. 185 High 

Preston, George M. (B.) 17 Cud worth 

Richmond, John B. (Epis.) 210 Main 

Woodbrldge, W. S. (Uvl.) 32 Pearl 

Clothing Cleaner. 

Fogland, A. G. & Co. 100 Main 
Coal and Wood. 

Bean, James, off 50 Main 

Booth, Charles, 42 Alfred 

Clark & Green, 6 Dudley 

Cowin, J. N. & Co. 59 Riverside av. 

Hemphill, J. Henry, Coal Co. 125 Riverside 

Highland Coal Co. Harvard 
Nettleton & Landers, 334 Boston av. 
Ober, J. E. & Son, 492 High, West M. 


Tufts College, Rev. Elmer H. Capen, pres. 

Concrete Pavers. 

Bates, Walter, & Son. 150 Main 
Bragdon, L. G. 83 Sharon 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Bartlett, William F. 1 Salem 
MacFarlane. William, 474 College av. 
Malatesta, Louis, 42 High, West M. 
Marchetti, E. 296 Salem 
Palombo, Nicola, 15 Main 
Robinson, A. M. & Co. 456 High, West M. 
•Volpe, Frank, 116 Washington 
Volpe, Pasqual, 2 Salem 


Brockhoff, Carl, 23 Walnut 

Bryne, A. W. Construction Co. (sewer) 

474 High, West M. 
Bryne, George M. 26 Vernon, West M. 
Hanscom, H. A. & Co. 5a Monument, 

West M. 
Harmon, W. II. 500 Main 
Lenox, William H. 38 Mystic av. 
Overton, William F. 36 Jerome, West M. 

Co-operative Banks. 

(See Banks.) 

Crockery and Glassware. 

La Chapelle, Alexander P. 448 High, West 

Page & Curtln, 33 Main 
Richards, W. S. 24 High 


Brown, E. R. 120 Spring 

Chandler, J. B. 6 Ashland 

Emery, J. Walter, 3 Usher bldg. West M. 

McQuade, John H. 3 High 

Sargent, R. C. 298 High 

Savllle, N. E. 65 Pnscott, West M. 

Stevens, Edgar F. 10 Salem 

Whittle, D. A. 123 Brooks, West M. 

Young, J. Edson, 12 Main 


Lawrence, Daniel, & Son, 22 Riverside av. 

Alden. A. M. 336 Salem 
Barrows, Charles 10. Mrs. 35 Warehrun 
Uean, Ida R. Mrs. 7 Henry 
Bookman, A. 13. Miss, 40 Washington 
Carroll, Catherine E. 7 Lapham 

publio men 

Appreciate the value of information. They are quick 
to avail themselves of such sources as the 



MEDFORD— Continued. 

Clark, Abbie E. Mrs. 152 Salem 

Clark, C. Frances Mrs. 232 Arlington, 

West M. 
Churchill, Catherine C. 83 Med ford 
Cook, Delia A. Mrs. 30 Orchard 
Desjarden, Uline, 100 Washington 
Eames, C. O. Mrs. 46 Dudley 
Foster, Lillian M. 8 Canal, West M. 
Grant, Emma J. 3 Forest 
Harlon, C. E. Miss, 4S Riverside av. 
Hobbs, Louisa A. Mrs. 40 Sherman, West 

Jewett, M. A. Mrs. 11 Tontine, West M. 
Kimball, Mary Lizzie, 4 Franklin 
Lowry, Mary A. 13 Emerson 
Manton, Mary F. Mrs. 17 Med ford 
Martin, M. J. Miss, 57 Cottlng 
McDonald, Mary E. Mrs. 57 Colting 
McMillan, Margaret Mrs. 74 South 
McVeigh, Annie Mrs. 29 Edward 
Merritt, Ada, Cushing 
Moore, L. M. Mrs. 29 Summer 
Nichols, Grace B. 2 Forest 
Poland, Blanche II. Mrs. 34 Washington 
Poland, H. E. Mrs. 8 Lo^an av. 
Rollins, J. A. Mrs. 195 Salem 
Smith, Mae Mrs. 2 Circuit, West M. 
Varney, F. Mrs. 20S Park 
Winsor, H. B. Mrs. IS Vine 

Badger, William M. 385 Main 
Enright, J. W. 124 Washington 
Farrar, Edward, Spring, Glenwood 
Hlghley, Samuel, 4S6 High, West M. 
Howard, Daniel N. 10 Main 
Morgan, John A. 2 Main 
Smith, Charles W. Opera House bldg. 
Weed Drug Co. 447 High, West M. 

Dry Good s. 

Babb, W. H. 8 Harvard av. West M. 
Carter & Davis, 118 Washington 
Crocker, Austin F. 4 High 
Ferrln & Co. 471 High. West M. 
Meloon, A. I. & Co. 287 Salem 
Nettleton & Landera, 334 Boston av. 


Boston Tailoring Est. 468 High 

Glenwood Works, Amaranth av. Glenwood 

Medford Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 

35 Ship av. 
Mystic Print & Dye Works, Locust 


Brown Electric Co. 19 High 
Prowse, George W. 50 Main 
Smalley & Kile, 64 Winthrop 

Employment O dices. 

Whalen, S. M. Miss, 11C Main 

Taylor, James L. (wood) 167 Park 


American Express Co. B. & M. station 
Boston, John H. Chase, prop. 3 Salem 
Boston, John McClellan, prop. 15% Main 
Boston, Nestor & Dignan, props. 12 Swan 
Boston, 240 Riverside av. 
Boston, A. W. Robinson, prop. 2 River- 
Bide av. 
Boston, Horace A. Smith, prop. 9 Forest 
Boston, Thomas J. Sullivan, prop. 5 High 
Boston, Albert W. Welch, prop. Plavstead 
rd. West M. 

puioo officers 


Boston and Somerville, Peter Yearaans, 
prop. r. 29 Westchester 

Fancy Goods. 

Bentley, W. E. 4 Forest 
Chase, Anna V. 28 High 
Emery. W. B. 122 Washington 
Tucker, C. D. 8 Main. 


Dow, John C. & Co. ft. Locust, Glenwood 

Goodridge Bros. r. 20 Mystic av. 

Ober. J. E. &. Son, 492 High. West M. 

Fisli Dealers. 


30 Main 
56 Wareham, 

Drew, Charles R. 
Freeman, E. S. 

Jewett &. Frost, 7 Playstead rd. West M. 
Nettleton & Landers, 334 Boston av. 
Lombard, Benj. II . 56 Wareham 
Melvin, Hartwell D. 312 Salem 
Pierce, Frank E. 22 High 
White, F. L. & Co. 300 Salem 
Young, F. C. 91 Spring, Glenwood 


Bean, George H. 242 High 

Crockford, Arthur W. 151 or 159 Spring, 

Duane, John Mrs. 510 High. West M. 
Gill, Ellen M. Mrs. 28 Ashland 
Seaver, L. T. 104 Winchester 

Flonr and Grain. 

Brewer, Charles H. 99 Washington 

Clark, David J. 51 Main 

Cowin, J. N. & Co. 59 Riverside av. 

Goodwin. Samuel C. 610 Main 

Herron«& Smith. Tufts sq. 

Johnson, N. A. 76 Washington 

Kent, F. P. 1 Playstead rd. 

Montague, Fred W. 5 High 

Ober, J. E. & Son, 492 High, West M. 

Yerxa & Yerxa. 4 Main 

Furniture Dealers- 
Baker, H. E. Jr. 18 Dudley 
Howe. William, 26 High 

Furniture Mfrs. 

Delano, George S. 82 Salem 
Rennison, J. & Co. Fulton 

Gold Leaf Mfrs. 

Lauriat, Charles P. 7 Lauriat pi. 
Wright, Thomas, 142 Riverside av. 


Baker, Silas E. 70 Newburn av. 
Brewer, Charles H. 99 Washington 
Brockway. J. L. 427 High, West M. 
Brown. Charles N. 66 Dexter 
Chouinard, H. P. 2S9 Salem 
Clark, David J. 54-56 Main 
Collins, T. D. 476 Main 
Connors, John J. 286 Salem 
Curtis William N. 5 High 
Doyle, W. II. 226 Park 
Durant & Haushalter, 83 Spring 
Dussault, J. R. 270 Riverside av. Glenwood 
Forfl Bros. 1S6 Winthrop 
Garvin, F. E. & Co. 300 Salem 
Goodwin, S. C. 610 Main 
Hazen, L. 612 Main 
He'rvey, Frank. 11 Main 
Int^raham, Lewis E. 294 Salem 
Johnson. N. A. 76 Washington 
1 Kent. Frank P. 1 Playstead rd. West M. 

Cannot intelligently and conveniently con- 
duct Public Business without such aids 
as the information in this Hook affords. 



Lovering, F. H. 488 High, West M. 

Mahoney, Catherine A. Mrs. 82 Fountain 

Mednicov, J. 78 Salem 

Mellen, H. P. 72 Albion 

Mlddleton, Rosetta Mrs. 1 Edward 

Montague, Fred W. 5 High 

Nettleton & Landers, 334 Boston av. 

Ober, J. E. & Son, 492 High, West M. 

Pare, J. F. 17 Linden, Glenwood 

Perry, Andrew P. 204 Washington 

Randall, Edward S. 154 Salem 

Rowe, Thomas E. 1 Jerome, West M. 

Rynes, J. E. & Son, 511 Main 

Tilton, H. J. 89 Spring 

Tomlinson, T. H. 89 Middlesex, Wellington 

White, F. L. & Co. 298 Salem 

Wynian, W. E. & Co. 475 High. West M. 

Yerxa & Yerxa, 4 Main 

Young, Joseph W. 45 Winchester 


Dixon, W. R. 5 Forest 

Glglio, Joseph, 6 Harvard, West M. 

Lafreniere, Prudent, 46 Main 

Lattlme, Benj. H. 8S Newburn av. 

Malloy, John J. 4 Swan 

Rochon, Peter, 66 Main 

Sherry, Thomas E. 275 Salem 

Santos, Peter C. Playstead rd. West M. 

Sutliffe, John R. 284 Salem 


Amaranth Hall, opp. 578 Riverside av. 

Ballou Hall, Tufts College grounds 
Brooks Hall, High. cor. Allston, West M. 
City Hall, Medford sq. 
Mystic Hall, 15 Harvard av. West M. 
Opera House, 18 High 
Small's Hall, 26 High 
Temperance Hall, 38 High 
Tufts Hall, 3 High 

Hardware Dealers. 

La Chapelle, Alexander P. 448 High 
Page & Curtln, 33 Main 
Richards. W. S. 26 High 

Harness 3Iakers. 

Allen, Charles H. 39 Harvard av. West M. 
Hartshorn, Charles H. 55 Main 
Perrins, Samuel, Jr. 308 Salem 

Hats, Caps and Furs. 

Twlss, J. Frank, 16 High 

Hay and Straw. 

Bean, James, off 50 Main 
Cowin. J. N. & Co. 59 Riverside av. 
Hemphill, J. Henry, Coal Co. 125 River- 
side av. 
Highland Coal Co. Harvard 
Kent, F. p. 453 Maple, West M. 
Young. Gustaf A. 35 Lawrence 


Medford House, J. F. Folsom, prop. 81 

Ice Cream. 

Barker, W. S. & Son, 36 Salem 
Bartlett, William F. 1 Salem 
Koblnson. A. M. & Co. 456 High. West M. 
TUden, F. M. 18 Franklin 
"est Medford Home Bakery, 14 Harvard 

Ice Dealers. 

Medford Ice Co. 4 Forest 
Randall, George H. 9 Forest 
Wood, W. J. Ice Co. 3 Salem 

Insurance Agents. 

Blaikie. Alfred C. 1 Bradshaw 

Buss, Charles B. 11 South 

Clark & Green, 6 Dudley 

Green, George W. 18 High 

Goodwin, J. O. 28 Main 

Montague, Fred W. (fire and life) 15M> Main 

Ober. J. E. & Son, 492 High 

Stetson, George W. 6 Main 

Wood, J. W. 24 Fourth 

Iron Founders. 

Whyte, Oliver, & Co. 17 Swan 

Jewelers and Wutelimukers. 

Bentley, W. E. 4 Forest 
Tucker, C. D. 8 Main 

Junlc Dealers. 

Taylor, Felix A. ft. Linden. Glenwood 

Justices of the Peace. 

Baker, Silas G. 
Baxter, Charles S. 
Beal, Francis L. 
Bridge, Henry S. 
Child, William S. 
Clark. Jude C. 
Clark, William W. 
Collins, Austin D. 
Craig, William C. 
Crockett. Edward S. 
Dodge, L. A. 
Doherty, Edward J. 
Fallon, Frank 
Fifield, Winslow W. 
Frost, Herbert A. 
Gamage, Alonzo A. 
Gibson, George A. 
Gleason,»Daniel A. 
Goodrich, Charles N. 
Hallowell, James M. 
Hayes, Benjamin F. 
Hayes, Edward W. 
Holton, Samuel S. 
Hollis, Francis 
Hooper, John H. 
Hubbard, Henry C. 
Jacobs, Benjamin F. 
Keene, G. Marlow 
Kidder. Fred H. 
Knapp, Albert F. 
Lacy, Sylvester 
Lahey. John E. 
Larrabee, Herbert A. 
Lawrence, Daniel W. 
Lawrence, R. B. 
Lawrence. William B. 

Leavitt, Elmer E. 
Libby, John F. 
Litchfield, Parker R. 
Ludden, Charles M. 
Macey, William F. 
Martin, W. Pearl 
Maxwell, G. B. F. 
Phinney, Joseph W. 
Montague, David T. 
Montague; Fred W. 
Nelson, Charles O. 
Xottage, Henry B. 
Parker, William I. 
Parsons, Charles E. 
Payne, John 
Perry, Baxter E. 
Perry, George H. 
Phinney, Joseph W. 
Pratt, Fred L. 
Prichard. John P. 
Ramsdell, William E. 
Randall, George H. 
Remele, George H. 
Ritchie, William A. 
Sayre. John W. 
Spinney, Frank T. 
Vaughan, John W. 
Wade. John F. 
Waite, William 

Wentworth, Wm. H. 
West, Edward D. 
Wheeler, Harry A. 
Whitworth, Thomas 
Wilbur. N. E. 


Holmes & Smith Steam Laundry, Boston 

Johnson, N. A. 76 Washington 
Medford Custom Laundry. SO Salem 
Williams, Clifton, 80 Salem 


Benton. H. H. 21 Fifth 
Crockett, Edw. S. 33 Clayton av. . 
Corbett. Michael E. IS High 
Dodge, L. A. 18 Highland av. 
Doherty, Edw. J. Opera House blk. 
Harlow. Thomas S. 49 High 

•or printing of BOOKS, JOIjlJT \ ff^S^SSES 

VORK, und CUTS. L-NGRA- ^ U f« y,--;. 

'fiRS of CUTS, all styles.' Qjg^j^l B^^ 



MEDFORD— Continued. 

Hayes, Benjamin F. 23 South 
Kidder, Fred H. 17 Florence 
Lawrence, Rosewell B. 15 Salem 
Lawrence, Wm. B. 7 Rural av. 
Ludden, Charles M. 253 Salem 
Martin, Wm. P. Garfield av. 
Plunkett, C. G. 119 Spring 
Vaughan, John W. 11 Brooks pk. 
Walte, William Cushing, 194 Forest 


Medford Public Library, Mary E. Sargent, 

lib. Ill High 
Morse, Anna V. (circ.) 30 High 
Wilber. N. E. (circ.) 476 High 

Lumber Dealers. 

Alley & Llttlcfiekl, 616 Boston av. 
Foster, F. E. & Co. 89 Riverside av. 
Hyndman, T. J. & Co. 3 Mystic av. 
Llttlefleld, T. E. 616 Boston av. 
Ober, J. E. & Son, 492 High 
Perkins, D. E. & Co. 590 Boston av. 

Marble Workers. 

Tutten, John, 23 Canal, West M. 

• ' Masons. 

Bassett, J. T. 28 High 

Batchelder, C. L. 119 Monument, West M. 

Baxter, Charles W. 48 Irving 

Byron, James E. 69 Sharon, West M. 

Donohue Bros. 47 Court 

Ross, John C. 36 Harvard 

Sullivan, D. & Son, 246 Park 

White, Nicholas, Grand View av. 

Mattress Manufacturers, 

Creeden, D. F. 169 Sharon, West M. 
Delano, The George S. Co. 84 Salem 

Men's Furnishing' Goods. 

Crocker, A. F. 4 High 

Nettleton & Landers, 334 Boston av. 

Treet, W. P. 4 Salem 


Chaney, Hattie J. 600 Main 
Dalgleish, M. R. Miss. 1 High 
Dowell, J. A. Miss, 18 High 
Kneeland, Nellie M. Mrs. 35 Henry 
Meloon, A. J. & Co. 2S7 Salem 
Pickering, Lura E. 15 Hadley pi. 
Pierce, L. A. 50 Park 
Planta, Lottie, 98 Wash. 
Roberts, M. A. Mrs. 196A Wash. 
Woodward, Sarepta E. Mrs. 45 Court 

Music Teachers. 

Clark, E. Maud, 15 Myrtle 
Coldrlck, M. A. Mrs. 81 Quincy 
Frost, Selim, 31 Central av. 
Gleason, Alice S. S9 Boston av. West M. 
Lyman, Frances W. 526 Main 
Partington, Belle Remick, 67 George 
Porter, Emma A. 36 Lawrence, C.lenwood 
Remele, George H. 56 Irving, West M. 
Robes, E. C. Mrs. 10 Boston av. West M. 
Webster, Charles H. 3 Hillside av. 


Gale, Charles H. 61 Winthrop 
Morse, W. C. Mrs. 94 Wash. 
Peak, Frank H. 13 Riverside av. 
Wilber, N. E. 476 High, West M. 


Medford Light, George L. Delano, prop. 82 

Medford Mercury, S. W. Lawrence, prop. 

21 Riverside av. 

Notaries Public. 

Alien, Edw. F. 
Badger, Edw. A. 
Brown, Edw. L. 
Chaney, Alden B. 
Crockett, Edw. S. 
Crosby, Archer G. 
Dalrymple, Willard 
Dwyer, Michael F. 
9 Riverside av. 
Folger, John B. 
Hayes, Benj. F. 
Hemphill, J. Henry 

Hooper. John H. 
Kent, Fred A. 
Kidder, Fred H. 
Lawrence. Wm. B. 
Libby, John F. 
Marden, Jas. M. 
Nottage, Henry B. 
Perry, Geo. H. 
Redman, Mortimer 
Richie, Percival E. 
Waite, Wm. Cushing 
Weston, Frank L. 


Baxter, Cynthia R. Mrs. 34 Fourth 
Foster, Teresa C. Mrs. 258 Arlington, 

West M. 
Hamblin, Sarah E. 568 Riverside av. 
Hamilton, Harriet, 71 Lincoln, West M. 
Holding. M. Charlotte, 82 Sharon 
Keith, Lydia P. Mrs. 48 Holton, West M. 
Kummer, Mary C. 119 Forest 
Newell, Zetta Shaw, 82 Boston av. W. M. 
Palmer, C. E. Mrs. 2 Pleasant st. ct. 
Patten, Lizzie B. Mrs. 170 Riverside av. 
Sargent, Abide J. Mrs. 12 Mason 
Surdez. Mabel, 8 Edward pi. 
Simpson, Ida M. 128 Boston av. W r est M. 
Welch, Elizabeth, 79 Fountain 
Wright, Emma C. 14 Brooks, West M. 


Jones, Olin V. 5 High 


Tucker, C. D. 8 Main 


Blakesleer Frederick A. 458 High, West M. 

Bride & Ames, 49 Main 

Clark, Thomas S. 9 Foster et. Glenwood 

Dawson, Charles R. 23 High 

Gallup, Reuben L. 482A High, West M. 

Gardner Bros. 269 Salem 

Hilton, Wm. M. r. 10 Franklin 

Royle, Roland V. (sign) 19 Dexter 

Symmes, Arthur C. (carriage) 51 Main 

Vincent, Charles W. 36 Woburn 

Walley, C. H. 67 Riverside av. 

White, Simon, 1 P. O. av. 

Wood, W. H. 454 High, West M. 

Woodbine, Abel I. 38 Sprague ct. 

Paint Manufacturers. 

Bryant Bros. & Co. 138 Boston av. W. M. 

Paper Hangings. 

Crocker, A. F. 4 High 


Brown, A. V. 474 High, West M. 
Conant's Studio, 19 Forest 
Treadwell, Albert, 6 Main 


Allen, Alfred M. 45 Central av. 
Basliee, J. Anson, 49 Sheridan av. 
Bean, J. W. 51 Harvard av. West M. 
nemis, Charles V. 80 High 
Bradbury, J. E. 84 Salem 



Chandler, Norman F. 57 High 

Clark, James C. D. 118 Salem 

Clark, Mary W. US Salem 

Clark, Joseph E. CS S;ilem 

Cleaves, James E. 8 Salem 

Coffin, J. L. 141 High 

Dame, Fred R. 110 Winchester 

Davis, Frank A. (Horn.) 4 Dudley 

Draper, C. R. 4 Ashland 

Emery, J. Walter, 3 Usher bldg. West M. 

Farnham-Whitney, Eudora, 10 Salem 

Gahan, P. F. 34 Washington 

Gamage, Alonzo A. 43G Hi^h, West M. 

Hawks, Alfred J. (Horn.) 12 Salem 

Hall. Walter L. 50 Water 

Hedenberg, James, 14 Salem 

Hogan, Fremont L. (Eel.) 108 Washington 

Howard, John F. 3 Usher bldg. West M. 

Kennedy, James S. 141 High. West. M. 

Kingsbury, Charles F. 51 Harvard av. 

West M. 
Lane. A. C. 1 Usher bldg. West M. 
Leavltt, George A. 53 Irving 
Leighton, H. B. 15 Boston av. West M. 
Macy, Fred S. 604 Main 
Mahoney, John B. 64 Salem 
Martin, Pearl, 26 Oakland 
Mayberry, Frank E. 444 High, West M. 
McConnell, Hugh B. 29 Boston av. 
Mills, Gerige W. 60 Salem 
I'aekard. Geoise H. 61 Main 
St. Denis. J. Nelson, 3 Forest 
Underhill, George H. Leyden 
Whitney. Fu.iora M 8 Oakland 
Wight, D. W. 86 Boston av. West M. 

Piano and Or^an Tuners. 

Locke, Frank A. 8 Main 

Perkins, John F. 5 Sturtevant ter. 

Pictures ami Picture Frnmers. 

Bentley, W. E. 4 Forest 
Conant, E. B. & Co. 19 Forest 
Crocker, A. F. 4 High 
Kuehl, Adolph A. 40 High 

Pinning: Mills. 

Foster, p. E. & Co. 89 Riverside av. 


Bennett, W. F. 9 Playstead rd. West M. 

Collins. L. M. 10.3 Medlorc. 

Collins. Thomas P. 43 l » High, West M. 

Dwyer, M. F. 1 Riverside av. 

Hlggins Bros. 1M Wj.s1>. 

La Chapelle, A. P. 448 High, West M. 

Nellson, Otto & Co. 464 High, West M. 

Pase & Curtln, 33 Main 

Palmer Bros. 448 Hish 

Hichards, W. S. 24 High 

Ward, George L. 62 Washington 

Post Oflices and Postmasters. 

Medford— J. Henry Norcross 
Menwood-A. H. Perry, clerk 
College Hill— John Ellis 
^est Medford— Mark M. Grimes 
Wellington— Charles A. Ellsworth 

Poultry Dealers. 

Barbour. Jesse, 203 Fulton 

ff? cs - Alexander. Jr. Highland av. 

"right, Thomas, 142 Riverside av. 


Crosby G. E. & Co. 590 Hiph. West M. 
\m rd , Mcrc ury, 13 Riverside av. 
filler, Joseph C. Jr. 3 Lauriat pi. 
Xl °o s , A. B. 466 High. West M. 

Print Works. 

Mystic Print & Dye Works. 16 Locust 

Provision Dealers. 

Brewer, C. H. 99 Wash. 

City Market, Thomas Hull, prop. 8 High 

Croudis, George A. 13'/-; Main 

Crowley, John, 43 Main 

Drew, Charles R. 30 Main 

Dussault, J. E. 270 Riverside av. 

Greene, A. C. 475 High, West M. 

Haushalter, F. H. 97 Spring, Glenwood 

Hull, Thomas, 8 High 

Ingraham, Lewis E. 294 Salem 

Johnson, N. A. 76 Washington 

Lovering, Francis H. 488 High 

McGowan, William H. 78 Main 

Murphy. James, 379 Main 

Nettleton & Landers, 334 Boston av. 

Perrault & Hunter, 314 Salem 

Purdy, Arthur M. 192 Washington 

Randall, E. S. 154 Salem 

Robinson, M. W. & Son, 271 Salem 

White, F. L. & Co. 296 Salem 

Young, F. C. 91 Spring, Glenwood 

Zimmer & Frey, 97 Spring 


Delano, Geo. S. 82 Salem 

Real Estate Agents. 

Baker, Silas G. 71 Newburn av. 
Blaikie, Alfred C. 1 Brads haw 
Brown, Chas. G. 7 Forest 
Babb, D. H. 15 Playstead rd. West M. 
Butland, John, 67 Central av. Cflenwood 
Clark & Green, 6 Dudley 
Costelow, Edward, 616 Main 
Craig, W. C. 197 Woburn 
Dunbar, James W. 7 Playstead rd. West M. 
Fifleld, W. W. 16 Main 
Knapp, Arthur S. 27 Marion 
Lattime, Benj. H. 88 Newburn av. 
Lovering, Louis H. 15 Bowers, West M. 
Montague, Fred W. 5 High 
Morrison, James, Tufts sq. 
Ramsey, Gewge, 34 Newburn av. 
Smith, M. B. & A. H. Dearborn 
Stetson, Georjre William. 6 Main 
Wellington, George A. 22 Fourth 
Wellington. J. E. 174 Midlesex av. Well- 
Wilber, N. E. 478 High, West M. 


Barnard, M. O. 470 Salem 

Melonson, Annie, 74 Main 

Mosher, E. 44 Main 

Ricker, M. E. Mrs. Hicks av. 

Young, Charles J. 14 Harvard av. W. M. 

Bragdon, L. G. S3 Sharon 

Rubber Stamp Mfrs. 

Morss, A. B. 466 High, West M. 

Savings Panics. 

(See Banks.) 

Soan Manufacturers. 

Dow, John C. & Co. ft. Locust, Glenwood 
Goodridge Bros. r. 20 Mystic av. 


Collins. DwlKht O. Park 
Day, Charles H. estate of, €1 Salem 
Elms Farm Boarding Stables, High. n. 


Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



MEDFORD— Continued. 

Hawes Bros. 7 Harvard av. West M. 

Leary, J. J. 430 High, West M. 

Medford House Stable, J. F. Folsom, prop. 

81 Main 
Nestor & Dignan, 12 Swan 
Perharn & Larkin, 21 Swan 


Bentley, W. E. 4 Forest 
Crocker, A. F. 4 High 
Morse. W. C. Mrs. 94 Washington 
Peak, F. H. 13 Riverside a v. 
Tucker, C. D. 8 Main 

Stoves, ltanges and Furnaces. 

Dwyer, M. F. 1 Riverside av. 

La Chapelle, Alexander P. 448 High, West 

Neilson, Otto, 464 High, West M. 
Page & Curtln, 33 Main 
Richards, W- S. 24 High 


Barnes, William W. 68 Main 
Boston Tailoring Est. 463 High, West M. 
Cronkshav/, William, 102 Wash. 
O'Brien, Thomas, 11 Riverside av. 
Solomon, M. 468 High. West M. 
Vaughan, Daniel, 6 High 

Tanners and Carriers. 

Dahl, Henry, & Co. (morocco dressing) 
Boston av. 

• Teamsters. 

Curtis, Myron G. 47 Wareham 
Fitzpatrick, John J. 507 Main 
Lunn, J. A. 150 Jerome, West M. 
Robinson, A. W. 2 Riverside av. 
Sabine, H. R. 29 Winchester 

Sullivan. T. F. 5 High 

Towle, N. W. 220 Arlington. West M. 

Welch. A. W. 9 Maple, West M. 

Woods, William H. 42 Monument, West M. 


Gillis, John C. 4 Swan 
Nichols, George W. 36 High 


Delano, George S. 82 Salem 

Eccles, William, 6 High 

Hixon, William J. off 4S2 High. West M. 

Williams, Samuel, 474 High. West M. 

Variety Stores. 

Bradbury, Francis C. 36 Swan 
Brockway, J. L. 427 High. West M. 
Chase, Anna V. 22 High 
Dean, Elizabeth, 22 Myrtle 
Haskell, Ida A. Mrs. 149 Summer 
Holmgren, Charles, 91 Jerome, West M. 
O'Keefe, Catharine Mrs. 88 Winchester 
Stevens, Ella M. 68 Newburn av. 
Treat, W. P. 8 Harvard av. Wpst M. 
Wllber, Nahum E. 476 High, West M. 

Veterinary Surge<rti*. 

Cutting, J. C. 66 High 

Pierce, L. L. 7 Harvard av. West M. 


Coyne, Luke, 25 Swan 

"Wire "Workers. 

Whyte, Oliver, & Co. 17 Swan 

Wood Dealers. 

Riverside Wood Works (kindling) 133 Bos- 
ton av. West M. 


In Norfolk Co., 25 m. southwest of 
electric railway from Mod way rhrou 
ford. Inc. Oct. 24, 1713. Pop. 2,913. 

Village — West Medway. 


Annual town meeting first Tuesday 

In March. 
Clerk— George E. Pond, West M. 

David A. Partridge, ch., West M. 

Almond Smith, West M. 

Walter L. Palmer 
Auditor— William N. Hitchcock 
Treasurer— George E. Pond, West M. 
Collector— Geo. F. Madden, West M. 

Assessors— Henry C. Austin, ch. 

William H. Cary 

Charles A. Wilson, Metcalf 

Overseers Poor — 

Sumner H. Clark, ch. 

George Mcintosh, West M. 

Charles L. Pottle 

Malachi Brennan (civil). West M. 

Sylvester K. Howard (civil) 
Supt. Streets— It. P. Ross 
Board Health— Selectmen 

N. P. Quint, M. D. 
Chief Fire Dept.— M. F. Desmond 


Boston on Woonsocket Div. N. E. It. R. ; 
gh West Medway to Caryviile and Mil- 

Public Scliools. 

Committee— Henrv S. Tartridge, ch. 

Herbert Mcintosh, M. D. 

Charles M. Smith, West M. 

Supt.— A. D. Call 
Prin. High School— W. J. Fisher 
Prins. Grammar Schools— 

J. C. Corseboom 

Harry S. Clark 


Awl Mfrs.— 

New England Awl & Needle Co., West M- 
Balccrs— G. N. Cronk 

Medway Baking Co. 
Bank— Medway Savings Bank, William 

H. Upton, treas. 
Blaelcsui itlis — 

William J. Baker. West M. 

John A. Burt, West M. 

Timothy Ide. West M 

George S. Ryan 
Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
George S. Bent 

John F. Collins 
Boot and Shoe Makers- 

Ollver A. Clark 

Printed in tho best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



West M. 

West M. 

George Mohr, West M. 

James S. McGuire 
F. W. Wiswell, 
Boot and Shoe Mfrs.- 

Madden & Clancy 
Abner M. Smith, 
Box Maker— 

S. A. Greenwood (paper and wood! 

Buttonhook: Makers- 
New Eng. Awl & Needle Co., West M. 

Carriage Trimmers- 
National Roller Chafe Iron Co., West M 

Clersjineii and Churches— 

„, _. ( Second Cong., West M. 

R, K. Harlow, Village Congregational 

N. E. Herman, Baptist, West M. 

(Supply). Methodist. West M. 

Daniel J. Kelliher, St. Mary's R. C. 
Guy Miner, Christ Episcopal 


West M. 

A. W. Ide (Cong.), 
Coal and Wood- 
Ambrose Marean 

D. G. Marston, 

Walter L. Palmer 
Cotton Hatting Mfrs.— 

Ray & Wilson 

S. C. Neales 

Herbert W. Shaw, 
Dressm alters— 

Mrs. M. Austin, 

Mrs. G. S. Bent 

Mrs. C. E. Seavey, 

Adams & Son, 

W. W. Clough 

Harding & Co. 

George W. Saunders, 
Dry Goods— 

Lydia O. Bean & Co., 

Hugh Clinton, 

Clifton E. Seavey, 
Expresses— Adams Express Co. 

Milford & Medway Express 

C. T. Adams, 

H. F. Cooper 
Flour and Grain— Walter L. Palmer 
Furniture Dealers— Sanford Bros. 
General Stores- 
James Coombs, 

Hart & O'Donnell 

Sumner Robbins, 
Groeers— J. T. Adams 

Bee Hive Grocery Co. 

Fred C. Clark, 

Ellsworth & Abbott 

IX H. North 

Frederick Smith, 
Hairdressers — 

William B. Kent, 

Phineas McNutt, 

N. P. Noss 

T. J. Whooley 
Hardware Dealers— Ralph Ferry 

G. A. Greene & Co. 

Rosebrooks & Cummings 
Harness Maker— 

M. Livingston, West M. 

Hotel Gladstone. Lawrence McGuinnis & 
Co. props. 

ham & Co., props. 

West M. 

West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

A. A. Brig- 

Stanley, D. rauley 
Travelers' Home, 
lee Dealers— 

Ju.lson E. Camp, 
J- G. Sanderson, 


West M. 
West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 
Miss New- 

West M. 

Insurance Agents- 
Frederick L. Fisher 

Elmer E. Holbrook. 

James A. Snow 
Jeweler-W. H. Upton 
Justices of the Peace- 
Julius P. Converse 

Charles H. Deans, 

Rufus G. Fairbanks, 

Herbert Mcintosh 

James A. Snow 

William H. Upton 

C. H. Deans, 

Rufus G. Fairbanks, 

Medway Free Public, . 

Dean Library Assoc, (free) 
ell and Miss Fisher, libs. 
Lunilier Dealers — 

Medway Lumber Co. 
Machinists — 

E. A. Adams & Co., 
Masons— E. R. Groom 

John A. Richardson, 

E. L. Videtto, 
Men's Furnishing Goods 

G. S. Bent 
Mrs. Lydia O. Bean, 

Miss E. A. Benner 

Bertha Bullard 
Needle Mfrs. 

New Eng. Awl & Needle Co., 
Adams & Son, 
News i»a per— Med wav Gazette (weekly) 

Milford Pub Co., pubs. 
Notaries Public — 

W. N. Hitchcock 

David A. .Partridge, 

James A. Snow 
Overall Mfrs.— 

Winthrop Mfg. Co., 
Albert Black, 

Clark & Newell 

William Creasy, 

G. A. Crockett 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 
West M. 
West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 

Hector M. Langevin (carriage), West M. 
West M. 

W. C. Snow (carriage). 
Patent Medicine Mfr, 

A. A. Lawrence, 

Greyson N. Cronk, 
Charles A. Bemls, 

Alvin Boyce (Horn.), 

James A. Gale (Horn.), 

Charles F. Hamlin 

Hebert Mcintosh 

N. P. Quint. 

Kate Sanborn (Horn.) 
Post Ollices and Postmasters— 

Medway — James A. Snow 

West Medway — George E. Pond 

H. A. Bullard, 
Provision Dealers— 

Thomas F. Allen, 

O. W. Bullard, 

F. W. Cummings 

Patrick F. Dowd. 

Dwyer Bros. 

William W. Gay. 

S. D. Phillips, 
Deal Estate Agent— 

J. P. Converse 
Stables— Dwyer Bros. 

Edward Kerby 

West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

West M. 

West M. 
West M. 

353 Directories 

At the price of one or 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of . . 




MEDWAY— Continued. 

H. G. & W. G. White, West M. 

John E. Williams. West M. 


G. E. Pond, West M. 

James A. Snow 
Stoves ami Tlinvnre- Ralph Ferry 

W. R. Grant. West M. 

Straw Goods Mfrs.— 

Hirsh & Park 

F. S. Hodges & Co. 


Sewell E. Kingsbury, West M. 

Walter L. Palmer 

J. A. Burt, West M. 

Wire Mfrs.— 

Stone Mill Co. (eoverers), West M. 

Wood Dealers— 

C. H. Austin 

W. C. Mann, West M. 

Woolen Goods Mfrs.— 

Cole, Senior & Co. 


In Middlesex Co., 7 m. north of Boston on B. & M. R. R. (Western Div.); 
electric railways to Sangus, Lynn, Wakefield, Stonehain, Maiden and Bos- 
ton. Inc. May 3, 1850. Pop. 11.9G5. 

Villages— Melrose Highlands, Fells, Wyoming. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— W. Dellaven Jones 
Selectmen— Sidney H. Buttrick, ch. 

William A. Carrie 

Jonathan C. Howes 

Charles J. Barton 

L. Frank Hinckley 
Auditor— Edwin C. Gould 
Treasurer— George New hall 
Collector— J nines W. Murray 
Town Counsel— Frank L. Washburn 
Assessors — Henry A. Leonard, ch. 

Joseph Edwards 

Frank R. Upham 
Overseers Poor- 
Sidney H. Buttrick, ch. 

Thomas W. Ripley 

Matilda E. Stantial 
Constables— F. M. McLaughlin (civil) 

E. Warren Pike 

Osborn E. Drown (civil) 

William L. Pierce (civil) 
Supt. Streets— James Marshall 
Water Commissioners- 
George L. Morse, ch. 

Curtis C. Goss 

Francis W. Hunt 
Cemetery Committee- 
George Newhnll 

John Larrabee 

Louis H. Kurshardt 
Sewer Commissioners— 

Seth E. Benson, chairman 

John Larrabee 

L. Frank Hinckley 
Park Commissioners — 

Charles II. Adams, ch. 

Maurice G. Cochrane 

Willis C. Goss 
Sinking Fund Commissioners- 
John W. Farwell 

Royal P. Barry 

Daniel Russell 
Board Health— Dr. J. E. Sanborn, ch. 

William H. Dole 

Corydon W. Harlow 
Chief Police— Frank M. McLaughlin 
Chief Fire Dept— A. Wilbur Lynde 

Public Schools. 
Committee— John C. Maker, ch. 

George N. Howard 

Arthur F. Amadon 

Mrs. Bessie B. Dearborn 

Mrs. William H. Flanders 

Mrs. Albert A. Day 
Supt.— Fred H. Niekerson 
Prin. High School— Frank H. Beede 
Prins. Grammar Schools- 
Frank L. Titcomb. 

Herbert L. Hand 

Augustus O. Burke 

Alice M. Swett 

G. Alvin G rover 

Alice J. Cottin 

Martha A. Briggs 

Mary R. Clarke 

Edith S. Dermot 

Jeanette A. Doane 

Mary E>. Nye . 

Louise Frost 



Cobb, Joseph F. 541 Main 
Dow, Lewis A. 131 Upham 


Young Men's Christian Asso. Bertram E. 
Lovejoy, sec. 501 Main 


Burke, George W. 973 Main 

Hatch, John C. 543 Main 

Kilgore. Rufus D. 135 Franklin, M. High- 

Norwell & Batchelder, North av. M. High- 

Small, Edwin S. & Co. 543 Main 


Carbee & Co. 39 Essex 
Dill, Jessie A. & Co. 494 Main 
Fleming, R. P. 21 Berwick 
Friend Bros. 411 Main 


Melrose Co-operative Bank, Charles E. 

Schaedel, sec. 543 Main 
Melrose National Bank, Walter I. Nicker- 

son, cash. 501 Main 
Melrose Savings Bank, Eldrtdge H. Goss, 

treas. 541 Main 

Bicycle Dealers. 

Cushman & Co. 452 Main 
Ehlert, Berthold H. 50 Grove 


Can better afford to go without a License than to 
go without this book. Traveling men demand it. 



Hicks, R. 1 Chlpman av. 
Sinnott, Daniel T. 3S4 Main 
Smith Bros. 12 Essex 


Bowser, William J. 43 Grove 
Farmer, R. J. R. S87 Main 
McBeth, Alexander, 58 Essex 
McCoubry, Thomas, 600 Main 
Perkins, A. F. & Co. 38 Tremont 
Tripp, Isaac L. 137 Essex 

Boarding- Houses. 

Aldine House, Mrs. E. J. Barron, prop. 72 

-Main, Fells 
Harris, Annie Mrs. 39 Willow 
Hyde, Emma Mrs. 454 Main 
Legg, Julia E. 946 Main, M. Highlands 

Boot and Slioe Dealers. 

Feltelson, Samuel, 434 Main 
Fields, H. G. & Co. 515 Main 
Griffin, E. W. 133 Franklin, M. High- 
Hughes, John, 478 Main 
Little, E. B. 29 East Foster 
Maclachlan, A. L. 530 Main 
Newhall, Geo. & Co. 547 Main 

Boot «ml Shoe Makers. 

Barker, Elijah W. 117 Essex 
Cobb, George W. 127 1 /2 Franklin 
Cohen, Morris, Berwick, cor. Grove 
Horgan, Dennis, 44 Grove 
Little, E. B. 30 Foster 
Morrill, Charles, 163 Franklin 
Morrill, Frank, 683 Main 
Sprague, Samuel, 31 Potter 

Building: Movers. 

Gibbons, Joseph R. 124 Trenton 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Allen, William S. 11 Baxter 

Ames, Benjamin, 7 Gooch 

Brennan, John, 16 Beverly 

Carter Bros. r. 458 Main 

Coburn, F. G. 99 Vinton 

Darling, George H. Main, M. Highlands 

Everson, C. H. Main 

Garrett, Josiah J. 214 Foster 

Geyer, John, 50 Lebanon 

Gibbons, Robert, 124 Trenton 

Gibbons. Robert, Jr. 121 Trenton 

Goodno, W. Augustus, 35 Winthrop 

Grant, French W. Chlpman av. M. High- 

Hawkins, Henry H. Natalie av. 

Howie, Daniel H. 15 Franklin, M. High- 

Hunewill, J. R. & E. C. 33 Meridian 

f-°ve, T. S. 155 Myrtle 

Low, Oscar H. 112 Ashland . 

Margeson, J. B. 60 Tremont 

McDonald, John, 12 Orient pi. 

Mellen, Wallace E. 60 Otis 

Morss, William, 21 Orient av. 

Morton, F. E. 31 Reading Hill av. 

Mower, George C. 70 Pearl 

Prior, Daniel J. 60 Perkins 

Ripley, Charles A. & Co. 10 Eastman pi. 

Kussell, Edmund U. 1 Falrview av. M. 

Sargent. Edwin N. 37 Franklin, M. High- 

Sim. Allen S. 277 Grove 

Smith. Fred W. 77 Woodland av. M. High- 

S-ewart, John A. Belmont 

Stewart, William H. 36 Albion, M. High- 
Thompson, C. B. 10 Gibbons 
Towne, Thomas J. 216 First 
Upham, Henry B. Ingalls ct. 
Valler, Simeon, 163 Essex 
Vaughan, George B. 24S Foster 
Vaughan, George N. 11 Foster 
Wheelock, Edfcar. 37 Lynde 
White, Edward J. 1108 Main 
Wood, James E. 12 Gibbons 
Woodward, David R. 39 Upham 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Holmes Steam Carpet Cleaning Co. 72 

Carriage Mfrs. 

Edwards, Joseph, 590 Main 

Melrose Carriage Works, 64 Tremont 


Dill, Jesse A. & Co. 494 Main 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Hefferman, Daniel, 545 Main 
Reed, Frederick, 149 Franklin, M. High- 
Ricker, J. E. (mfr.) 504 Main 

Civil Engineers. 

Larrabee, John H. 
Stevens, Walter, 541 Main 

Clergymen and Churches. 

— , Unitarian 

Bolles, Edwin C. First Universalist, 20 N. 

Carney, Daniel J. St. Mary's R. C. 41 

Glynn, Francis -J. St. Mary's R. C. 41 

Hackett, W. W. Fells Baptist, Main 

Howard, George N. Baptist, 165 Green, M. 

Leavitt, Burke F. Congregational, 137 
Green, M. Highlands 

Leonard, Joel M. Methodist, 647 Main 

Sims, Thomas, Orthodox Cong. 37 Foster 

Sterling, Paul, Trinity Episcopal, 15 Oak- 

Tullar, Clarence E. Baptist, 101 Ashland, 
M. Highlands 

Westall, Henry A. Unitarian, 45 Clifton 
pk. M. Highlands 

Wilson, Joseph K. First Baptist, 17 Bev- 


Fletcher, Clifton, Baptist, 87 E. Emerson 
Leavitt, B. F. (Meth.) 137 Green. M. High- 
Leonard, Edwin (Cong.) 6 Greenwood 
Livermore, Daniel P. (Uvl.) 21 W. Emer- 
Lockrow, D. M. 2964 Main 
Moxley, S. D. 273 Main 
Noyes, William E. 20 Cleveland 

Clothing Dealers. 

Farrar, Sydney D. 510 Main 

Coal and Wood. 

Benson, Seth E. & Co. 20 Tremont 
Goss, C. B. & F. H. 158 Essex 
Hellen, Samuel H. 137 Franklin, M. High- 
Newell & Walker, Pleasant cor. Wyoming 
Pratt, Frank A. 42 Grove 


Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts; the information is obtained by personal ean« 
vass of the Stato, and is duly copyrighted. 



MELROSE— Continued. 

Concrete Pavers. 

Ellis, Fred E. 26 Winthrop 

Hoffman, C. L. & Son, 44 Charles, M. 

Norrls & Co. Linwood av. 
Philpot, Henry R. 76 Dell av. 
Philpot, John, 40 Franklin 

Confectionery anil Fruit. 

Cecca, C. D. & Co. 528 Main 
Deferrari, August, 153 Franklin, M. High- 
Fazio, Frank D. & Co. 521 Main 
Lombardl, Co«mo, 43 Main 
Matarazzo, V. 684 Main, M. Highlands 
Maynard, J. B. 532 Franklin 
Piccolo, E. 528 Main 
Reed, Fred, 149 Franklin, M. Highlands 


Ames, BenJ. 7 Gooch 

Barrett, Thomas J. 1090 Main 

Caigill, Thomas, 58 Lebanon 

Coburn, Franklin G. & Co. 99 Vinton 

Ellis. Fred E. 26 Winthrop 

Gibbons, Joseph (grading) 124 Trenton 

Gibbons, Robert, 121 Trenton 

Goodno, W. A. 35 Winthrop 

Grant, F. W. Chlpman av. 

Hoffman, C. L. & Son, 44 Charles 

Love, Thomas, 155 Myrtle 

Lynde, Wilbur A. 553 Lebanon 

Lux, Anthony, Jr. 195 Essex 

McNamee, Thomas, Mountain av. 

Monahan, John. 24 Mystic av. 

Morton, Frank E. 31 Reading Hill av. 

Norrls & Co. (grading) Linwood av. 

Philpot, Henry R. (teaming) 76 Dell av. 

Philpot, John (general) 40 Franklin 

Co-operative Bunks. 

(See Banks) 


Belliveau, S. 38 Walton pk. M. Highlands 
Hill, Aaron, Jr. 49 Main 
Loud, William A. 121 Franklin 
Sprague, Charles L. 118 Myrtle 
Tarr, Charles B. 275 Tremont, M. High- 
Timlin, John T. 118 Myrtle 


Atkinson, Rufus S. Mrs. 91 Lebanon 

Aylward, Lizzie Mrs. 108 Grove 

Berry, Myrtiss C. 128 Grove 

Burns, J. G. Mrs. 88 East Foster 

Crane, Mary S. Mrs. 1 Larrabee pi. 

Davidson, Edith, 25 Winthrop 

DeCreny, K. A. Mrs. 13 Vine 

Dodge, Lottie M. 220 Grove 

Ford, Sophronla A. Mrs. 63 Foster 

Foss, Lilla M. 127 Upham 

Freeman, Annie S. Mrs. 507 Main 

Gleason, Mary F. Mrs. 25 Cumner av. 

Jones. A. M. Mrs. 211 Melrose, M. High- 

Leavitt. Minnie, 53 Pearl 

Lincoln, Julia H. 723 Main 

McGonlgal, Julia A. Mrs. 1 Larrabee pi. 

Peake. Carrie Mrs. 20 Albion, M. High- 

Power, Stephen Mrs. 58 East Foster 

Prince. M. R. 27 Winthrop 

Rickards, Nellie F. 533 Main 

Siaith, S. A. Mrs. 30 Baxter 

Srveet. Ida M. 15 Otis 

Sweetser, Abbie A. Mrs. 23 Winthrop 
Walt, Kate Mrs. 67 Berwick 

Drug- gists. 

Abbott. C. T. 369 Main 
Barteaux, F. A. 464 Main 
Cross, H. M. & L. W. 531 Main 
Hemenway, William H. Main. cor. Green 
Hovey, Ralph C. 139 W. Emerson and W. 

Wyoming a v. 
Larrabee & Stearns, 60C Main 
Pedrick, Lawrence E. 47 W. Wvomlng av. 
Shoof. William J. 146 Franklin, M. High- 
Tower, Walter S. 147 Franklin, M. High- 

Dry Goods, 

Bent, George H. Mrs. 181 Grove 

Clement's Emporium, 520 Main 

Fuller, Susan P. 127 Franklin 

Kelton, Edgar C. 160 Franklin, M. High- 

Llbby. C. L. Miss, 152 Franklin, M. High- 

Phllbrick, A. J. & Sons, 503 Main 

Sim, William, 460 Main 

Symonds, M. E. Miss. 1 Hurd 

Wells, William H. 805 Main 

Employment Ollices. 

Vinton, I. 217 Essex 


McLellan, Henry B. 51 Clifton pk. M. 


American Express Co. 167 W. Emerson 
Boston, George R. Palmer & Son, props. 906 

Eastman's Express, Harry Stevens, prop. 

604 Main 
Merchants' Melrose & Boston Express, 27 

Dell av. 
Boston, George L. Pratt & Son, props, 490 

Main ■> 

Extract Mfrs. 

Van Camp, Dempsey & Co. 22 East 

Fancy Goods. 

Fuller, Susan P. Franklin, M. Highlands 

Fish Dealers. 

Brackett. Zara H. 23 Dell av. 
Rich, Lewis H. 534 Main 
Sanborn, F. E. 37 Wyoming av. 


Casey, Cornelius, 93 Maple 

Geist, Justus, 84 Grove 

Taylor, David L. Jr. 231 W. Emerson 

Fnrniture Dealers. 

Jefts, William A. 227 Essex 
Melrose Furniture Co. 437 Main 


Barker, George U. 57 Upham 

Bent, Charles A. 89 Spear 

Black, Charles E. 681 Main 

Boyd, Charles O. 681 Main 

Bugbee & Barrett (whol. and retail) 484 

Carleton, Theodore L. 78 Main, Fells 
Collamore, D. K. 950 Main 
Eldridge, K. R. Mrs. 7 W. Emerson 



| RECTORY, published uunuiilly. 
F. S. lilancliard & Co., Worcester. 




Foster, John H. 272 Fo»ter 

Frost & Hawes, 544 Main 

Gilman, John H. 270 E. Foster 

Hancock, Charles F. 143 W. Emerson 

Hinckley, Luther F. 496 Main 

Holbrook & Norton, 163 W. Emerson 

Keen. Albert E. 47 Upham 

Kidder, J. F. Mrs. 142 Grove 

Lucy Bros. 44 Sanford 

Marsh, Charles F. 290 Foster 

Moody, F. O. & A. H. 948 Main 

Owen Bros. 9 Hurd 

Perham, Frank E. 190 Grove 

Prescott, C. H. 345 Franklin, M. Highlands 

Sanborn, F. E. 37 Wyoming av. 

Singer, John, Jr. 145 Franklin, M. High- 

Stoddard, Victor H. 3 Wyoming av. 

Talbot, George D. 165 Franklin, M. High- 

Tanner, Bridget Mrs. 182 Linwood av. 

Verge Bros. 119 Franklin 


Curran, P. J. 9 Foster 

Doherty, C. F. 52 Grove 

Durreault, T. G. 147 W. Emerson 

Grossman, A. 154 Franklin, M. Highlands 

Hawkes & Sohlberg, 502 Main 

Kirmes, William T. 545 Main 

Patch, Levi M. Rogers blk. M. Highlands 

Quinn, Edward F. 147 W. Emerson 

Stebblns, C. H. 161 Franklin, M. Highlands 


Castle Hall. Chipman av. M. Highlands 

Central Hall. 527 Main 

Eastman Hall, 533 Main 

Fells Hall, 74 Main, Fells 

Franklin Hall, 134 Essex 

Hawthorne Hall, 527 Main 

Rogers' Hall, Franklin, M. Highlands 

Town Hall, Town Hall bdg. 

Westgate's Hall, 498 Main 

Handle Mfrs. 

R. & T. Handle Co. 54 Grove 

Hardware Dealers. 

Burgess, C. S. 125 Franklin, M. Highlands 
Coyle, Frank E. 490 Main 
Perry, H. J. 524 Main 

Harness Mfrs. 

Johnson, Jerome B. 29 W T lnthrop 
Langiell, W. D. 30 Essex 
Maclachlan, A. L. 530 Main 

Hay and Grain. 

Benson. Seth E. & Co. 20 Tremont 
Hellen, S. H. n. R. R. station, M. High- 
Keating, p. s. Pleasant 


Atwood. Fred M. Crosby, prop. 655 Main 
Granville, Mrs. E. L. Foster, prop. 10 

Hotel Langwood, Frank W. Gasklll, mgr. 

Wyoming station 

Ice Dealers. 

[Jaw, Thomas B. 45 Lebanon 
•Lf' 8 J ce Co. 732 Main 
Whitehead. Thomas, 51 Lebanon 

Insurance Agents. 

Rosworth. Louis H. 15S Franklin 
"urke, George W. 973 Main 

TLIIQ DfifW Contains tho Complete 

«nio dUuK Buai. 

Farnsworth, George W. 634 Main 
Hatch, Fred L. 123 Franklin 
Kilgore, R. D. 135 Franklin, M. Highlands 
Larrabee & Stearns, 506 Main 
Leighton, R. B. 219 Essex 
Melchert, A. A. Mrs. 533 Main 
Nowell, J. T. North av. M. Highlands 
Small, Edwin S. & Co. 543 Main 
Swett, Charles C. 509 Main 
Woodland, George W. & Co. Main, M. 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Holbrook, Joseph, 209 W. Emerson 
Jenkins, Osmore, 123 Franklin, M. High 

Reed, F. H. & Son, 516 Main 
Smith, Willis A. 529 Main 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

Abbott, George C. 
Bacon. Alvln H. 
Barry, Charles C. 
Bicknell, Alfred 
Blake, William S. 
Bosworth, Louis H. 
Burke, George W. 

Hunt, Francis W. 
Jones, George R. 
Jones, W. De H. 
Keyes, Stephen F. 
Keyes, Starr 
Kilgore, Rufus D. 
Larrabee, John 

Burrill, William A. Leighton, Royal B. 
Buttrlck, Sidney H. Lord, Edward J. 

(to issue warrantLovejoy, Stephen A. 

and take bail). Lynch, Peter J. 

Castle. Charles A. 
Coburn, Lewis G. 
Damon, Frank H. 
Donnocker, D. G. 
Dyer, Jabez S. 

Lynde, A. Selwyn 
Marshall, Everett M. 
Martin, Walter C. 
Morse, William A. 
Nowell, Joshua A. 

Griflin, George A. 
Harris, Gilbert N. 
Hawley, Thomas 
Hayden, Arthur L. 

iness Directory of.. 

Eastman, M. Frank Noyes, Charles W. 
Elliott. Louis H. Orcutt, Frank E. 

Farnsworth, Geo. W. Reed, Charles F. 
Fernald, B. Marvin Robinson, John G. 
Forrest, Samuel W. Selee. Nathan P. 
Glle, Daniel D. Small. Edwin S. 

Gilman, Levi W. Stevens, Walter C. 

Gilman, Raymond R.Stewart, Frank H. 
Goss, Elbridge H. Stone, Edwin C. 
Gould, Edwin C. Swett, Charles C. 

Grady, Thos. B. J. LSylvester, Robert E. 

Torrey, Frank H. 

Todd, Charles E. 

Upham. Asa E. 

Washburn, Frank L. 
Hesseltine, Franc's S. White, George W. 
Hilbourn, Jerome Wilkins, Clarence H 

Holmes, Aug. L. Woodman, Wm. H. 

Hood, Robert P. 


Anderson, Henry E. 157 W. Emerson 

Bolles & Scott, 7 Foster 

Butler, H. W. 101 Cottage 

Melrose Custom Laundry, 157 W. Emerson 


Abbott, George C. 86 Cedar Park 
Bacon, A. H. 225 Grove 
Bragdon, Oscar H. Grove, cor. Goss av. 
BrigRS, Andrew H. 21 Summer 
Castle, Charles A. Rowe 
Donnocker. D. G. CO Pearl 
Fernald, B. Marvin, 53 Youle 
Forrest, Samuel W. Ferdinand 
Gilman, Raymond R. 45 Francis 
Griffin, George A. 63 Hillside av. 
Hayden, Arthur A. 42 Foster 
Hesseltine, Francis S. 45 W. Emerson 
Hood, Robert P. 63 Prospect 
Jones, George R. 63 Prospect 
Keyes, Stephen F. 2 Franklin, M. High- 

353 Towns and Cities. 



MELROSE— Continued. 

Lesser, Joseph M. 33 Franklin, M. High- 

Lynde, A. Selwin, 49 Lake av. 

Noyes, Charles W. 48 Florence 

Robblns, Fred D. 1098 Main 

Bobbins, Gilbert I. 1098 Main 

Robinson, John G. 64 Bellevue av. 

Robinson, Joseph H. 64 Bellevue av. 

Spaulding, Joseph W. 120 Green, M. High- 

Stewart, Frank H. 21 Woodland av. 

Sylvester, Herbert M. 15 Chestnut 

Washburn, Frank L. 49 Wyoming av. 

White, George W." 56 Youle 

Woodman, Julius C. 541 Main 

Woodman, William H. 541 Main 


Melrose Public Library, Carrie M. Wor- 
then, lib. 501 Main 

Lumber Dealers. 

Deerlng, J. P. & Co. 42 Tremont 
Hellen & Newell, Pleasant 

Market Gardeners. 

Lynde, Henry, 244 Main 


Cahlll, E. P. 102 Cleveland 

Hoffman, C. L. & Co. (stone) 44 Charles 

Lux, Anthony, Jr. 195 Essex 

Lane Bros. 139 Grove 

Lynde, A. Wilbur, 553 Lebanon 

McMullen, John W. Argyle 

Queen, Thomas. Mountain av. 

Men's Furnisbings. 

Hunter & Eggleston, 36 Wyoming av. 
Leonard, H. A. & Co. 489 Main 


Hamor, Nettie A. 529 Main 

Munn, Helen R. Mrs. Rogers' blk. M. 

Munn, N. A. Miss, 121 Franklin 
Murphy & Humphrey, 458 Main 
Newgent, Misses, 480 Main 

Moulding Mfrs. 

New England Moulding Co. 130 Essex 

Music Teacbers. 

Bemls, Annie B. 39 Warren, M. Highlands 

Bemis, Lizzie B. 41 Essex 

Bowker, M. Lizzie, 34 Summer 

Bradbury, Alice E. 24 Whittier 

Cass. Laura L. 431 Lebanon 

Cloutman, Ernest C. 104 Vinton 

Drake, Grant, 25 Franklin, M. Highlands 

Gilpatrlck, Ella L. Mrs. 15 Auburn, M. 

Hilton, Lillie S. Mrs. 15 Florence 

Keays, Mora L. 96 Upham 

Keith, Hattie, 334 Main 

Kunhardt, Marie, 89 Franklin, M. High- 

Lane, John W. 43 Adams 

Lyall. Addle L. 26 Winthrop 

Melrose School of Music, 5 Central ter. 

Moorhouse, Helen J. 7 Ashland, M. High- 

Smart, Clara L. 963 Main 

Sprunt. Clifford P. P. 173 Grove 

Stlckney, Inez V. 91 Green 

Thachcr, F. D. Mrs. 42 Lake av. 

Trafton, Etta D. 253 Tremont, M. High- 

Upham, Florence E. 133 Myrtle 
Webber. Florence I. 21 Ashland, M. High- 
Wilson, Charles E. 77 Rowe 
Worthen, Josie B. 10 Cherry 


Bailey. C. A. 19 Wyoming av. 
Hill, Charles F. 153 W. Emerson 
Reed, Frederick, 149 Franklin, M. High- 


Melrose Journal, Charle3 H. Adams, prop. 

536 Main 
Melrose Reporter, Dunton & Potter, prop3. 

7 Foster ~ 

Notaries Public. 

Abbott, George C. 
Bacon, A. H. 
Boden, Edward B. 
Burke, George W. 
Burrell. Win. A. . 
Castle, Charles A. 
Damon, Frank H. 
Fernald, B. Marvin 
Forrest, S. W. 
Gile, Daniel D. 
Gould, Edwin C. 
Griffin, George A. 
Harris, Gilbert N. 
Hatch, John C. 
Hood, Robert P. 
Jones, George R. 

Keyes, Stephen F. 
Larrabee, John 
Lynde, A. Selwin 
Maker, Edward R. 
Orcutt, Frank E. 
Page, Edward S. 
Sawyer, Calvin W. 
Snow, Eugene A. 
Spaulding, Jos. W. 
Stebblns, Edward E. 
Stewart, Frank H. 
Swett, Chas. C. 
Todd, Charles E. 
Upham, Wm. M. 
White, Georee W. 
Woodman, Wm. H. 


Berry, Sarah A. 128 Grove 

Burnham, Elizabeth D. Mrs. 21 Pine 

Ford, Sophie Mrs. 19 Porter 

Hanson, Mary H. Mrs. 58 Frost av, M. 

Kennard, Ida, 439 Lebanon 
Kenniston, Redington J. 17 Goss av. 
Mattoon, J. B. Mrs. 288 Main 
Statham,» Nellie, 48 Otis 
Upham, Esther M. 251 Upham 
Wells. Emma, 57 Rowe 


Reed. F. H. 516 Main 
Smith, Willis A. 529 Main 


Albee, D. C. 51 Malvern av. 
Cummings, Charles H. 26 Faulkner pi. 
Dow, George W. 41 Vine 
Gibson, J. H. & Son, 11 Winthrop pi. M. 

Gibson, Robert M. 13 Circuit 
Hanson, F. E. 159 W. Emerson 
Hatch, J. P. & Co. 6 Belmont 
Hoyt, Lewis C. 127 Essex 
Kennedy, James E. 4 Cherry 
Ltnskog, Ernest O. 41 Linwood av. 
Lord, N. H. (carriage) 48 Grove 
MacLean, James, Wheeler av. 
Marshall, Walter E. 11 Eloventh 
Palmer, F. T. & Co. 125 Essex 
Parker, Albion W. 43 Vine 
Randall, John, 17 Swain Pond av. 
Robertson, H. S. 102 Grove 
Tyzzer, F. H. (carriage) 590 Main 

Paper I Inn prints. 

Chandler & Hills, 384 Main 
Hanson, Frank E. 807 Main 

100,000 FIRMS 

Throughout the 







Griswold, M. M. (Melrose Studio) 53 Essex 
Robinson, A. K. Mrs. 794 Main 


Amadon, Arthur F. 114 Cottage 

Atwood, A. E. Mrs. 663 Main 

Atwood, George H. 156 Vinton 

Atwood, G. Wilson, 74 Oakland 

Cain, Henry W. 98 W. Emerson 

Clarke, Julius S. 109 Myrtle 

Dike, John (Horn.) 112 W. Emerson 

Dole, William H. 30 W. Emerson 

Fish, E. C. 340 Main 

Good, J. Adam, 105S Main 

Holden, Clarence P. (Horn.) 114 W. Emer- 

Harlow, Corydon W. 114 Franklin. M. 

Jack, Ernest S. 6 W. Emerson 

Leonard, Edwin, Jr. . 6 Greenwood 

Morse, Frederick H. 482 Main 

Odlin, Charles C. 89 W. Emerson 

Provandie, P. H. 33 Walton Park 

Raynes, Myrton B. 969 Main 

Sanborn, John E. 68 Upham 

Selee, Annie M. (Horn.) 105 W. Emerson 

Townsend, Willis M. (Horn.) 166 Franklin, 
M. Highlands 

Warren, Ephraim L. 616 Main 

Pianos and Organs. 

Fitchett, Frank W. 422 Main 

Pickle Mfrs. 

Haskell, Edwin S. 22 Howard. M. High- 

Pictures and Picture Kramers. 

Chandler & Hills, 384 Main 
Griswold, M. M. 53 Essex 
Travis, Charles C. 130 Essex 


Brock Bros. 538 Main 

Burnett, A. J. 400 Main 

Cassell, Thomas, 9 Foster 

Curry, R. h. 129 Franklin, M. Highlands 

Grady, A. A. 120 W. Emerson, and Win- 

throp pi. M. Highlands 
Hebblethwaite, J. W. 159 Franklin, M. 

Holbrook, J. L. 134 Essex 
Hunt. T. W. Waverley bldg. 
Jackson, F. A. & Co. 51 W. Wyoming 
Shaw, o. F. & Co. 954 Main 

Post Oftices and Postinustei-s. 

Melrose— Alfred Hocking 

Melrose Highlands— Lillian D. Edmunds, 

FelU— C. H. Ormsby, clerk 

Ponltry Dealers. 

Cheever Bros. 984 Main 
"iH-kman, George C. 1071 Main 
L ux, Anthony, 158 Howard 


Adams, Charles H. 536 Main 
Uunton & Potter, 7 Foster 

Provision Dealers. 

Boston Branch Market, 105 Essex 
boston Market, 19 Upham 
«W»wn, O. M. 105 Essex 
"sbee & Barrett, 484 Main 

ince, Francis M. 402 Main 

Burns, Robert A. 19 Upham 

Cheever, Charles H. 372 Grove 

Davis, Frank, 809 Main 

Emerson, Osborne, 228 xMain 

Fitchett, Frank W. 420 Main 

Frost & Hawes, 544 Main and 127 Frank- 
lin, M. Highlands 

Hall, H. L. 818 Main 

Hancock, C. F. 143 W. Emerson 

Highland Market, 156 Franklin, M. High- 

Holbrook & Norton, 163 W. Emerson 

Keen, Albert E. 47 Upham 

Owens Bros. 91 Hurd 

Prescott. Charles H. 345 Franklin, M. 

Public Market, 402 Main 

Sanborn, F. E. 37 Wyoming av. 

Stoddard, Victor H. 3 Wyoming av. 

Talbot, G. D. 165 Franklin 

Verge Bros. 119 Franklin 

Ileal Estate Agents. 

Ames, Benjamin, 7 Gooch 

Avery, J. Q. A. r. 282 Foster 

Bosworth, Louis H. 158 Franklin 

Burke, George W. 973 Main 

Burrell, William A. 507 Main 

Everett, Fred E. 35 Francis 

Farnsworth, George W. 634 Main 

Keating, William E. 9 W. Wyoming av. 

Kilgore, Rufus D. 135 Franklin, M. High- 

Leighton, Royal B. 60 E. Emerson 

Melchert, A. A. Mrs. 533 Main 

Nowell, J. T. North av. M. Highlands 

Rogers, A. E. & Co. 123 Franklin, M. 

Selee, Nathan P. 217 Essex 

Small, E. S. & Co. 543 Main 

Swett, Charles C. 579 Main 

Upham, F. «R, 131 Grove 

Whitney, W. B. 129 Franklin, M. High- 

Woodland, George W. & Co. Main, cor. 
Franklin, M. Highlands 


Middleberg, F. H. 131 Franklin, M. High- 
Page, John O. 208 Green 
Russell. Frank P. 944 Main, M. Highlands 

Savings Hanks. 

(See Banks.) 

Sewing- Machine Dealers. 

Simonds, Henry F. 120 Grove 

Sewing Machine Needle Mfrs. 

Strain, Edwin, 113 Highland av. M. High- 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Sircom, R. H. & Co. Grove, cor. Corey 

Silverware Mfrs. 

Shepard Mfg. Co. 104 Franklin, M. High- 


Anderson, John H. L. & Co. 39 Tremont 
Austin, John S. 189 Essex 
Jones, Mark S. 52 Essex 
Keatlns?, Philip S. opp. 30 Pleasant 
Melrose Club Stables, 52 Essex, M. High- 
Twombly, Albro J. Day, n. Franklin 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK is published by F. S. Biancharl 
& Co., Worcester, and is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully usinj; oi 
appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent- 



MELROSE— Continued. 

Storage "Warehouses. 

Ooss, C. B. & F. H. 158 Essex 
Palmer, George R. 906 Main 

Stoves, Ranges and Furnuees. 

Brock Bros. 432 Main 

Curry, R. H. 129 Franklin, M. Highlanas 

Grady, A. A. 120 W. Emerson 


Briggs, Appleton D. 43 Upham 

Flatley, John C. 491 Main 

Furze, John, 149 Franklin, M. Highlands 

Grant, John, 3 Upham 

Levine, Jaque, 206 Green, M. Highlands 


Cheevey, William L. 894 Main, M. High- 
Ellis, Fred E. 26 Winthrop 
Gibbons, John, 24 Baxter 
Lux, Anthony, Jr. 195 Essex 
Norrls & Co. Linwood av. 
Pratt, Frank A. 42 Grove 

Toy Mfrs. 

'Brackett, Warren A. 24 School 


Gately. John H. 20 Circuit 
Harvey, S. W. 276 Grove 
Pierce, A. B. & Son, 535 Main 
Walton, Oliver, & Son, 110 Franklin, 


Kehoe, Thomas, 20 Essex 
Tucker, Edwin E. 5 E. Emerson 

Variety Stores. 

Ainsworth, Peter, 37 Tappan 
Atwood, Louise J. 339 Franklin 
Evans, David, 898 Main 
Maynard, J. B. 532 Main — 

McFarlin, William J. 485 Main 
Osborne, Henry, 21 Sixth 
Reed, Fred, 149 Franklin 
Rowell, Martha F. 113 Myrtle 
Snow, R. C. Mrs. 62 Lebanon 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Simpson, W. M. 189 Essex 

Window Shades. 

Chandler & Hills, 384 Main 
Hanson, Frank E. 807 Main 
Melrose Hardware Co. 509 Main 



In Worcester Co., 34 m. from Boston, 18 m. south of Worcester and 3 m- 
from Milford by stage; also stage to Hopedale (1 1-2 in.). Inc. May 15, 1G0T- 
Pop. 889. 

Villages— Albeeville, South Milford. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Horace C. Adams 
Selectmen— Liberty Freeman, ch. 

George M. Taft 

Edward C. Kinsley 
Auditor— Charles H. Allen 
Treasurer and Collector— Geo. M. Taft 
Assessors— Willard S. Wilcox, ch. 

Henry W. Gaskill 

Charles A. Fletcher 
Overseers Poor— Liberty Freeman, ch. 

Gilbert Gaskill 

George It. Ford 
Constable— Charles I. Barnes 
Highway Surveyor— Frank Taft 
Board Health— Julius A. George, ch. 

Edward L. Smith 

Willard S. Wilcox 

Puhlic Schools. 
Committee— Henry W. Gaskill, ch. 

Erwin A. Snow, secretary 

Leonard E. Taft 
Supt. — Elmer E. Sherman, Hopedale 
Prin. High School— Newton D. Clark 
Prin. Grammar School— 

Vina A. Dole 


Auctioneer — S. Warren Cook 
Blacksmiths— E. C. Barry 

Henry W. Brown 
Boot mill Shoe Mfr.— Otis R. Im 
Carpenters— Charles h. Allen 

J. L. 'Davenport 

Carriage Maker— E. C. Barry 

Carriage Trimmer- 
George W. Worthen, P. O., S. Milford 

Cattle Denier— 
Austyi D. Davenport 

Ciller Makers- Austin D. Davenport 
Luther E. Taft 

Clergymen anil Churelies — 
Herman E. Brady, First Baptist 
John F. Meyer, First Unitarian 

Concrete Paver— T. Burt Pratt 

Dressmakers— Julia Briggs 
Belle Brown 
Myra F. Taft 

Expresses— Adams Express Co 
Earle & Frew's Express 

Flock Mir.— H. S. Swan 

General Store — Daniel H. Barnes 

Adams House, Chas. P. Fleming, prop. 

Ice Dealer — I. O. Rhodes 

Insurance Asrent — Horace C. Adams 

Justices of the Peace- 
Liberty Freeman 
Julius A. George 

Library- Taft Public Library, Sarah F. 
Towne, lib. 

Music Teacher— Frank H. Lowell 

Pattern Maker — Rufus B. Britrgs 

Post Ollice ami Postmaster— 
Mendon — Charles I. Barnes 

Provision Denier — 
Percy T. Kinsley 

Sau Mill— W. C. Robinson 

Shoddy Mfrs.— Hannah S. Swan 
George R. Whiting, P. O., S. Milford 

Stahles— G. M. Taft 

Wheelwright— Henry W. Brown 


B/ Is on flic in Every Town and City in the State. It Is the 
K only publication giving the complete roster of Public 
u\ Olllciuls. I; should be in every business olilue. 




In Essex Co., 6 m. northeast of Haverhill on Western DIv. B. & M. R. R.; 
electric cars to Haverhill, Amesbury and Newburyport. Inc. April 11, 1870. 
Pop. 2,301. 

Villages— Birch Meadow, Merrimac, 

Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Bailey Sargent 

Selectmen— Everett D. George, eh. 

Samuel C. Pease 

A. Monroe Colley, Menimacporc 
Auditor— Milf ord Edwards 
Treasurer— Daniel J. Poore 
Collector— John S. Clement 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constable — Angus Mclnnis 
Supt. Streets— Gilbert G. Davis 
Board Health— Selectmen 
Chief Fire Dept.— William M. Chase 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Fred E. Sweetsir, eh. 

George E. Kicker 

Wlllard B. Kelly 
Supt.— M. A. Stone 
Prin. High School— C. C. Ferguson 
Prins. Grammar Schools — 

Jessie L. Holmes 

Ida M. Elden 

Mary H. Head 

M. P. Day 

Ida M. Blaisdell, Merrimacport 


Agricul tn rail Implements— 

F. E. Bartlett, Bear Hill st. 

William W. Lydston 
Auctioneers— Bailey Sargent 

M. Perry Sargent 
Baker— Elden S. Whitney 
Ilniifc— First National, D. J. Foor. cash, 
"una— Carriage Makers' Band, Willis H. 

Scott, manager 
Bicycle Dealers- 

Frank Anderson 

Aleck G. Fraser 

Clifton B. Heath 

Story & Co. 
Billiard Itoom— A. M. Willey 
Blacksmiths— Frank Anderson 

F. \V. Carter, Merrimacport 

Richard Finn 

Nathaniel L. Howe 

Frank Mitchell 

Frank C. Williams 
Board of Trade— 

Merrimac Board, W. C. Russell, sec. 
Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

c - A. Bridges 

Joseph S. Evans 
BriiNK Founder— J. II. Murphy 
< "rrlnue Body Mfrs.— 

George A. Grant 

Oenjamln F. Hard wick 

Joseph W. Nichols 
W. Sawyer 
., •'"• J- Spofford 

Mrrin^e Mlrs.— Frank Anderson 

F- W. Carter. 

William Chase & Pons 



Clement & Young 

A. M. Colby, Merrimacport 

C. E. Gunnison & Co. 


See adv. 
J. B. Judkins & Sons Co. 
J. A. Lancaster & Co. 
A. C. Loud 

D. M. Means 

C. H. Noyes & Son 

Samuel C. Pease & Sons 

William O. Smiley 

H. G. & H. W. Stevens 

Oscar Wentworth 
Carriage Painters— 

See adv. 
Carriage Paint Mfrs.— 

C. O. Barbeau & Son 

T. J. Connell 

William. Finn. Merrimacport 

Carriage Mfrs.' Supplies— 

Herbert O. Delano 

I. B. Little Co. (inc.) 
Carriage Trimmers- 
Charles G. Brown 

George B. Patten 

Thomas H. Patten 

Thomas Stoyle 


(Successors to Means & Hopkins.) 


Loud Bros.' Old Stand, 

Cor. School and Pleasant Sts., Merrimac 

Carriages of everv description buiit to order. 


Clergymen and Churches— 

— . — . . Baptist, Merrimacport 

H. A. Cornell, Baptist 

James T. Fitzgerald, Roman Catholic 

W. S. Searle. Methodist, Merrimacport 

George L. Todd, Congregational 


M. T. Cilley, Methodist. Merrimacport 

J. T. Jackson, Presbyterian 

Henry O. Walker, Baptist 
Coal and Wood— Preble Brothers 

Sargent Coal Co. 
Co-operative Ttanlv — Economy Co- 
operative, Bailey Sargent, sec 
Confectionery and Fruit — 

George N. Goodwin 

Story & Co. 
Contractors— M. S. Gibbs (bu'ldlng) 

Heath Bros, (building) 

J. C. Libby (building) 

Crockery and Glassware — 

Zenas Lovell & Co. 

Dasli and Fender Stitcher- 
Cornelius Murphy 

Dentists— w. A. Cleary 
I. M. Luce 

DrcNsinn lv«»rs — Harriet Lockwood 
Annie M. Sharman 








DruKfi'ists— Simpson A. McDonnell 

Fred L. Parker 
Dry Good**— Little & Co. 
Electronlater — John H. Murphy 
Expresses — American Express Co. 

Little's Express 

Russell's Merrimac, Haverhill and Ames- 
; , . bury Express 

Fish Denier — Joseph Anthony 
Florists— Mrs. A. McLeod 

Thomas Troughton 
Grocers— Zenas Lovell & Co. 

Preble Bros. 

Charles E. Rowell, Merrimacport 

Richard R. Sorenson 
Hairdressers— P. S. Lennard 

Thomas Parkin 
Hulls — Coliseum, capacity 150 

Town Hall, capacity 600 
Hardware Dealer— 

William W. Lydston 
Harness linker- Daniel W. Gould 
Hay and Straw— Isaac ii. Peirdergast 

M. Willey, prop. 
Hailed Corn and Pickle Mfr.- 

C. W. Miles 
Ice Denier— R. H. Sargent 
Insurance Agents — 

Bailey Sargent (Are) 

A. A. Trull (life) 
Jeweler and Watchmaker— 

N. F. Stevens 
Junk Dealer— M. Milhendler 
Justices of the Peace- 
Nelson P. Cummings 

George O. Goodwin 

T. Livingston Goodwin 

Thomas H. Hoyt 

Daniel J. Poore 

Charles E. Rowell 

Bailey Sargent 

M. Perry Sargent 
Kitchen Furnishings— 

Goodwin & Kendricks 
Iiawyer — Thomas H. Hoyt 
Library — Merrimac Public, Louise C. 

Brackett, lib. 
Lumber Dealer — John E. Currier 
Machinist— Edward P. Sargent 

Market Gardeners— J. T. Crosby 

Charles S. Davis 

J. L. Whittier, Merrimacport 

Masons — Charles L. Chapman 

Charles L. Miles 
Men's Furnishing Goods — 

Kempton Company 
Milliner— Mrs. H. A. Keene 
31usie Teachers— Ida (ushl g 

Alice Hunter 
Newsdealers— George N. Goodwin 

Story & Co. 
Newspaper— Merrimac Budget (week- 
ly), Clifton B. Heath, manager 
Notaries Public— Bailey Sargent 

M. Perry Sargent 

Painters— Jesse W. Cronln (carriage; 

Robert E. Farra (house) 

M. C. Flanders (carriage and sign) 

E. C. Hopkins & Co. (carriage) 

D. M. Means (sign) 
William H. Thomas (house) 

Paints and Oils — Chas. E. Rowell 

Goodwin & Kendrick 
Photographer— Herbert C. Oak 
Physicians— Henry J. Cushing 

Frederick E. Sweetsir 
Post Oillces and Postmasters — 

Merrimac — Elizabeth W. Smart 

Merrimacport— Philip J. Neal 
Printer— Clifton B. Heath 
Provision Dealers— A. L. Br.w.r 

Titcomb Bros. 
Real Estate Agent — 

Thomas H. Hoyt 
Savings Hank— 

Merrimac Savings, D. J. Poore, treas. 
Saw Mill— George W. Sargent 
Stable — Isaac H. Pendergast 
Steel Stay Mfr.— 

George B. Patten (carriage) 
Street Railway — Haverhill, Merrimac 

* Amesbury, L. E. Lynde, supt. 
Tailor— Conrad Kippenberger 
Teamsters— S. H. Connor 

E. C. Little 
W.*C. Russell 
Wood Bros. 

Undertakers — John B. Heath & Son 
Wheel Mfrs.- 

Carriage Wheel & Gear Co. 
Whip Socket Mfr.— 

A. J. Fullington 


In Essex Co.. 20 m. from Boston. 21 m. from Salem and 2 in. north of | 
Lawrence on B. & M. It. It. (Man. & L. Br.): electric cars to Lawrence 
Lowell and Haverhill. Inc. Dec. 8, 1725. Pop. 5,690. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Joseph S. Howe 
John D. Emerson, ch. 

Moses G. Smith 

Frederick A. Russell 
Auditor— George II. Butters 
Treasurer and Collector— Jos. S. Howe 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Albert B. Gordon (civil) 

Charles IT. Emerson 

John H. George 

Amos G. Jones 

William J. Oliver 
James C. Taylor 
Highway Surveyor — John Q. Hill 
Water Commissioners- 
Edwin J. Castle, ch. 
John C. Sanborn 
George A. Smith 
Sinking Fund Commissioners- 
Edwin J. Castle 
John C. Sanborn 
George A. Smith 
Board Health— Selectmen 
Chief Police— Albert I?. Gordon 
Chief Fire Dept.— Harry E. Brown 

Fuhllc Schools. 

Committee— George I). Bradley, ch. 


Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



William D. Hartshorne 

Edward A. Bowcn 
Supt.— A. Everett White 
Prin. High School— Caleb A. Page 


Agricultural Implements— 

Carleton & Smith 
Auctioneers— J. J. Bunker 

T. B. Currier 
Bakers— R. E. Bannister 

F. S. Clarke & Co. 

Alice M. Dudley 

John MacFarlane 
Bands and Orchestras— 

Arlington Mills Band 

Lexington Orchestra 
Bank.— National Bank of Methuen, Jacob 

Emerson, cash. 
Basket Makers— Brooks Basket Co. 

Methuen Basket Co. 
Bell Mfrs.— U. S. Tubular Bell Co.. D. 

M. Bruce, mgr. 
Bicycle Dealers— A. L. Dame 

S. J. Pedler 
Blacksmiths— T. B. Currier 

Dow Brothers 

John M. Graham 

S. J. Pedler 

Woodman & Silver 
Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

Gilcreast & Cooper 

A. N. Russ 
Bool and Shoe Makers— 

A. M. Frye 

Augustus N. Russ 

W. M. Thompson 
Building- Mover— Geo. K. Webster 
Cabinet Maker — Wm. Waterworth 
Carpenters- John H. Freeman 

Charles Hutchins 

J. H. Lyons (contractor) 

A. J. Richardson 

Edwin P. Russell 

George A. Smith 
Carriage Maker— S. J. Pedler 
Chime Bells Mfrs.— 

Tnited States Tubular Bell Co. 
C»K«rs and Tobacco— A. L. Dame 

S. H. Harris 

Henry A. Merrill 
Civil EnKineer and Surveyor- 
Joseph S. Howe 
1 'WRymen and Churches— 

Nathan Bailey, Baptist 

Joseph Foster, St. Thomas* Episcopal, 


A. Humphries, Ebenezer Primitive Meth- 

Charles H. Oliphant, Congregational 

W. J. Wilklns, Methodist 

• "~ « — , Unlversalist 


John W. Adams (M. E.) 

William E. Gaskin (Uvl.) 

r harles A. McKenna (R. C.) 
A. Everett White (Uvl.) 
» «>al nnd Wood— Carleton & Smith 

J E. Prescott & Co. 
-\mtrew J. Mnoar 

George V. Winn 
» oncrete Pavers— 

J n. Pierce & Co. 

ViV fe(,,l(M1(,r >' an «i Fruit— 
AlWrt L. Dame 

H Young (wholesale) 
«»rm.,ik«* Mfr.-neo. P. Bradbury 


Cotton Goods Mfrs. — 

Methuen Co., L. E. Barnes, agent 
Curled Hair Mt'r.— Joseph Bentley 
Dress Goods Mfr. — Henry Elston 
Dressmakers — Mrs. Gilbert Bowen 

Mary Clough 

Clara E. Donogliue 

Clara L. Gillette 

Elizabeth Glavin 

Mrs. Joseph Sargent 

Emma E. Smith 
Dru^Kists— Edwin J. Castle 

Samuel H. Harris, Jr. 
Dry Goods— S. L. Holman ; # 

Lorin 0. Norris 
IS lee trie inns — Osgood Brothers 
Expresses — American Express Co. 

Merchants' Co-operative Express, J. M. 
Graham, apent. 
Pish Dealers — Leach Bros. 
Florists— Nathan E. Baker 

Louis F. Reuter 
Flour and Grain— 

Carleton & Smith 

James S. Dodpe & Son 
Granite Cutter — George A. Closson 
Grocers — R. E. Bannister 

Barker Bros. & Co. 

George W. B Ian chard 

E. J. Castle 

James S. Dodge & Son 

Lawton & Johnson 

Henry A. Merrill 

Moffatt & George 

Isaac H. Nickerson 

George Roebuck 
Hairdressers — Henry Harris 

John Hodgson 

William Seaver 

John McGuire 
Hall — Ne\ins Memorial, capacity 504 
Hardware Dealers — 

James W, Eastman 

J. S. Dodge & Son 
Harness Maker— Peter Carrow 
Hat Mfr.— J. M. Tenney 
Hay and Straw— 

Carleton & Smith 

Edwin J. Castle 

Peter Carrow 
Ice Dealer— John Q. Hill 
Insurance Agents- 
Kirk W. Marsh 

James O. Parker 
Junk Dealer— Martin Linsky 
Justices of the Peace- 
Joseph Cleaveland 

Jacob Emerson 

Joseph S. Howe 

James Ingalls 

George O. Marsh 

William M. Rogers 

William C. Sleeper 

Samuel G. Sargent 

John E. Sawyer 

George W. Sawyer 

Alphonso E. White 
Knit Goods Mfrs.— 

Knitted Fabric Co. 

Swain Mfp:. Co. 
Laundries — American Hand Laundry, 
John J. Clark, prop. 

G. C. Brown 
Lawyer — William M. Ropers 
Library — Nevins Memorial 
Lumber Dealers — 

J. E. Prascott &. Co. 
Market Gardeners— George L Crost 

Charles H. Hall 

A. P. Russell 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 


METHUEN— Continued 


Frank A. Russell 
John H. Russell 
Masons— Horace S. Blake 
George A. Closson 
Nelson Duval 
A. W. Huse 
S. K. Nowell 
J. W. Moss 
L-ouis Potvln 
George W. Plummer 
N. P. Winn 
Mason's Supplies— 
' J. E. Prescott & Co. 
Men's Furnishing Goods— 
S. L. Holnian 
It. O. Norrls 
Music Teachers— • 
Mrs. George W. Blodgett 
George Easton 
Mrs. Li. A. Gutterson 
Charles Nay lor 
Mrs. Edith Nickerson 
Miss H. E. Simonds 
Napper Clotliinjr Mfrs.— 

Methucn Napper Clothing Co. 
Newsdealer — A. L. Dame 
Newspaper— Methuen Transcript, The 

Methuen Transcript Co., prop. 
Notaries Public — Byron E. Crowell 

William M. Rogers 
Organ Mfrs.— 

Methuen Organ Co., J. M. Ingrahato 
Painters — E. E. Brown (carriage) 
William Connor (carriage) 
Sidney Cowperthwaite (house) 
Pickles Dawson (house) 
William Guard (house) 
John M. Graham (carriage) 
A. P. French (house) 
M. W. Keyes & Co. (house) 
Paints and Oils— E. J. Castle 
Paper hangings — L. 0. Norr s 
Photographer— Frank Russell 
Physicians— R. H. Lawlor 
James Pierce 
George E. Woodbury 
Piano Tuners— Charles E. Naylor 
George M. Phippen 

Plumbers- Joseph Garvey 

Sanborn Furnace Co. 

Henry F. Willett 
Post Olliee and Postmaster— 

Methuen— John E. Sawyer 
Printers— The Methuen Transcript Pub- 
lishing Co., C. M. Barnard, manager 
Provision Dealers- 
Barker Bros. 

Kirk F. Brown 

II. N. Hall 

J. H. Irving 

C. D. Lewis 
Ileal Estate Agents- 
Kirk W. Marsh 

James O. Parker 

S. G. Sargent 
Roofers— J. B. Pierce & Co. 
Saw Mill— M. F. Emerson 
Shoddy Mfr.— Henry Klous 
Stables— R. S. Brown 

John H, Graham 

J. W. Hall 1 

Stoves, Furnaces and Tin- 
ware — E. B. Homer 

Sanborn Furnace Co. 

H. F. Willett 
Tailors— John J. Bunker 

J. J. Muhllly 1 

Teamsters— John Q. Hill 

Alonzo Howe 
Undertakers— John T. Douglass & Sons ) 
Variety Store— Albert L. Dame 
Veterinary Surgeons- 
Edwin J. Castle 

Amos N. Webster 
Water Works— Methuen Water Works, 
E. J. Castle, John C. Sanborn and 
George A. Smith, commissioners. 
Whefelwrights — T. B. Currier 

Dow Bros. 

John M. Graham 
Worsted Goods Mfrs.— 
Henry Elston (dress goods) 
Tremont Worsted Co. 
Yarn Mfrs.— Arlington Mills (cotton) 
Methuen Yarn Mills, John W. Jowett, 


In Plymouth Co., 35 m. south of Boston, 20 in. northeast of Fall River and § 

10 m. east of Taunton at junction Plymouth & Taunton Div. Old Colony Sys. i 
N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. Inc. June 1, 16G9. Pop. 6.G92. 

Villages— North Middleboro, Four Corners, Nemasket, Puddingshire, Tack i 

Factory, Thomastown, Waterville, the Green (at center), South Middleboro. | 
Rock, Eddyville. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Amos H. Eeaton 

Selectmen— Albert T. Savary, ch. 
Edwin P. Witham 
Charles W. Kingman 

Auditor— William R. Mitchell 

Treasurer and Collector- 
Amos II. Eaton 

Assessors— Selectmen 

Overseers Poor— Sylvanus Mendall, ch. 
Andrew M. Wood 
Alvan P. Vaughn 

Constables— L. M. Alden 

Benjamin W. Bump 

Herbert L. Leonard 

Everett T. Lincoln (civil) 

Charles C. Tinkham 

George W. Hammond, North M. 

Sylvanus Mendall 

Willston B. Chandler 

Walter T. Bryant 

Sylvanus W. Bump 

Samuel S. Lovell 

John M. Luippold 

Fred C. Sparrow 
Supt. Streets— Samuel N. Shlverlck 

353 Directories 

At the price of one or- «| 

dinary City Directory is § | 
the claim of ■ ■ 




Water Commissioners— Amos H. Eaton 

Joseph E. Deals 

Foster A. Harlow 
Board Health— Albert T. Savery, ch. 

A. Vincent Smith, M. D. 

John S. Williams 
Chief Fire Dept.— Chas. W. Kingman 

Pulilic Schools. 

Committee— Wm. C. Litchfield, ch. 

Nathan Washburn 

Annie D. Deane 

Joanna T. Leonard 

Bert J. Allan, .North M. 

Warren H. Southworth 
Supt.— Asher J. Jacoby 
Prin. High School— Walter Sampson 
Prin. Grammar School- 
John P. Arnold 


Agricultural Implements— 

Thomas W. Pierce 
Auctioneers— C. F. Cornish 

L. Dean 

Everett T. Lincoln 

Dennis D. Sullivan 
Bakers— Pasztor & Klar 

M. S. Willis 

Middleboro Band, B. A. Roundy, leader 
Banks — Middleboro Co-operative Bank, 
Joseph E. Deals, sec. 

Middleboro National, W. R. Mitchell, 

Middleboro Savings Bank, Andrew M. 
Wood, treas. 
Bicycle Dealers- 
Edward H. Blake 

Horace Churbuek 

Fayette W. Hayden 
Bill Poster— Edward H. Blake 
Blacksmiths— L. S. Bailey 

Edward H. Cromwell 

William G. Earle, North M 

Willard E. Fay 

E. W, Fessenden 

Thomas G. Ford 

D. T. McAllister 
Thomas F. McDonald 
Harry M. Rider, Rock 

E. E, Sisson. South M. 
Booksellers and Stationers- 
Smith & Hathaway 

Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
William S. Andrews & Son 
D. B. Monroe 
Fred White 

Boot and Shoe Makers- 
John T. Haskell 
John M. Luippold 
Louis Rltter 

Boot and Shoe Mfrs.— 
Hathaway, Soule & Harrington (Inc.) 
Keith & Pratt, North M. 

Leonard & Barrows 
Leonard, Shaw & Dean 
J. M. O'Donnell & Co. 
Phlnney & Pennlman 

'h»x Makers— 
A - H. Alger & Co. (paper) 
Charles N. Atwood, Rock 

Clark & Cole (wooden) 


Brick Mfr.— George R. Sampson 
Broom Mfr.— William E. Bump 
Building: Mover— Chas. C. Tlnkham 
Butter and Cheese — 

Charles W. Clark (peddler) 

L. B. Tlnkham 
Carpenters- John C. Chase 

Sylvanus Mendall 

Frank Phinney & Son 

Frank Pierce 

Henry G. Porter 

Warren H. Southworth 

Fred C. Sparrow 

George W. Starbuck, Jr. 

Alvin Vaughn 

Hiram Whittemore 
Carriage Repositories- 
James H. Harlow 

F. A. Shockley (Lakeville), 

P. O. Middleboro 
• Carriage Trimmer-A. C. Norris 
Clergymen and Churches— 

Geo. F. Beecher, Baptist, North M. 

L. L. Fitz, Baptist 

George A. Grant, Methodist 

— — •, Episcopal 

— — ; , Congregational, North M. 

Archibald" Kerr, Baptist. Rock 

Fred R. Lewis, First Unitarian 
Nicholas J. Murphy, Sacred Heart R. C. 

B. F. Raynor, Methodist, South M. 
Wilson C. Ryder, Ind. Cong., Rock 
George W. Stearns, First Congregational 
Richard G. Woodbrldge, Central Cong. 

J. Arthur Clark (Evangelist) 
Henry C. Coombs (Baptist) 
Charles H. Ham (Baptist) 
William C. Litchfield (Unitarian) 

C. L. Thompson (Baptist) 
Clothes Cleaner— Peter Fagan 
Clothing- Dealers— 

Middleboro Clothing Co. 

Michael F. O' Toole 

Coal and Wood— George F. Bryant 

James L. Jenney 
Concrete Pavers— 

Shiverick & Thomas 
Confectionery 3Ifrs.— 

Pasztor & Klar 
B. F. Trinn 
Confectionery and Fruit- 
John L. Hall 

E. Oneto & Co. 

Benjamin F. Tripp 
Crockery Dealers— 

J. & G. E. Doane 

Thomas W. Pierce 
Dentists— Edward S. Hathaway 

Fred L. Rounds 

W. C. Woodward 
Dressmakers — Mrs. Wm. E. Bump 

Mary Cronan 

Mrs. M. Downey 

LeBaron & Lovell 

Mrs. T. B. Lucas 

Alice K. Thompson 

Eveleen M. Toole 
Druprffists— Shaw & Chllds 

Smith & Hathaway 
Dry Goods— 

C. F. Lyfor'd Dry Goods Co. 

Whitman, Sparrow & Co. 

E. B. Whitmarsh (peddler), North H. 

Electric Llttht Co.— Middleboro Gaa 

& Electric Plant, A. L. Drum, supt. 

Will not find the Text for a Sermon In this Boole, but 
they want to look up :i marriage certificate in a 
neighboring town, it will tell tbeni who to write to. 



MIDDLEBORO— Continued. 

Express — Now York Sr Boston Despatch 
Fire Place Specialties- 
Murdoch Parlor Grate Co. 
Fish Denier— Josiah H. Cushing 
Florists— F. H. Baldwin & Co. 

C. D. Kingman 

Levi P. Thatcher 
Flour and. Grain— E. O. Parker 
Furniture Dealers- 
Jones Bros. Co. 

George Soule 
General Stores — 

Atwood & Co.. Rock 

James M. Clark, South M. 

Peter H. Pierce & Co. 

Israel Smith Rock 

Granite Works-Geo. C. Richards 

Surry & Elliott 
Grist Mill— Brett fc Soule 
Grocers- Clark & Novell 

Cobb, Bates & Yerxa Co. 

Matthew H. Cushing & Co. 

John H. Dickerman, North M. 

Ellis &. Hammond 

Ezra J. Kelley 
; Lucas & Thomas 
' Louis Ritter, Jr. (peddler) 

Ira Tlnkham 

Egbert V. Warren 

John A. White 

John W. Williams 
Guns anil Sporting: Goods— 

F. W. Hayden 
Hairdressers— Otis L. Barden 

Joseph P. Donato 

Frank W. Hasty 

W. L. Leonard 

Matthews & Ramsey 
Hardware Dealers— 

J. & G. E. Doane 

Thomas W. Pierce 

Nathaniel H. Ryder, South M. 

Harness Makers — Loring Bros. 

A. C. Norris 
Hay and Straw— 

M. H. Cushing & Co. 

E. O. Parker 

Llnwood, W. L. Eaton, prop. 

Nemasket, James M. Leonard, prop. 
Ice Dealers — John B. LeDaron 

John McNally 
Insurance Ajurents— 

Jared F. Alden 

Thomas C. Collins 

Arthur L. Cushman (life) 

F. A. Harlow (life) 

• C. L. Hathaway (fire) 
Percy W. Keith 
rharies E. Ryder 
T. M. Ryder 

D. D. Sullivan 
Iron Founders — 

LeBaron Foundry Co. 
Jewelers and Watchmakers— 
Fayette W. Hayden 

E. F. Tinkham 
Robert Webb 

Justices of the Peace — 
Jared F. Alden 
Leander M. Alden 

Bert J. Allen. North M. 

Ichahod F. Atwood. Rock 

John S. Benson 
Joseph E. Beals, Rock 

Augustus M. Bearse 

Thomas A. Churbuck 

Charles F. Cornish 

Matthew H. Cushing 

Abisha T. Clark, Rock 

Thomas C. Collins 

Amos H. Eaton 

Sarah B. Kingman (special commissioner) 

Percy W. Keith 

Adam McKeen 

William R. Mitchell 

Nathan W. Pratt, North M. 

Edmund T. Pratt 

Charles E. Ryder 

John C. Sullivan 

George W. Stetson 

Dennis D. Sullivan' 

Augustus H. Soule. Eddyville 

Sidney Tucker 

Charles W. Turner 

Chester E. Weston 

Nathan Washburn 

A. H. Washburn 

Middleboro Steam Laundry 
Bert J. Allen. North M 

George W. Stetson 

Dennis D. Sullivan 

John C. Sullivan 

Albert H. Washburn 

Nathan Washburn 
Library— Middleboro Public Library, 

Adelaide K. Thaoher, lib. 
Lime, Cement. Etc.— E. O. Parker 
Lumber Dealers— 

J. K. & B. Sears & Co. 

Frank Short, South M. 

Machinists— E. T. Jenks 

Lloyd Perkins, 2d 

Josiah D. Vaughn, Rock 

Marble Workers- Surry & Elliott 
Masons— I. K. Ellis 

J. F. McCormick 

H. J. "Roberts 

Martin O. Rounseville 

John T. Washburn 
Milliners— Mode Bon 

Mary A. Eaton 

Mrs. H. L. DeBaron 

Mrs. E. J. Kelley 

Mrs. G. A. Perkins 

Martha A. Wentworth & Co. 
Music Teachers— Carrie A. Eaton 

Annie Keith 

Luella C. Taylor 
Music and Musical Instruments 

Edward H. Blake 

John S. Williams 
Gazette, Wood & Tinkham. pubs. 

News, Marcus M. Copeland, pub. 
Notaries Public— Thomas C. Collins 

Thacher B. Lucas 

William R. Mitchell 

John C. Sullivan 

Charles W. Turner 

Andrew M. Wood 
Painters— A. J. Bailey (carriage) 

Thomas F. Boucher 

Clark & Gay 

C. C. Griffith 

Andrew A. Harding 

Fred A. Johnson 

John B. Knowland 

R. E. Southworth (carriage) 

Hartley A. Sparrow 

s f^viiil T rl^ or P r 

For printing of BOOKS. JOBS 
K, and CUTS. HNORA-i 
of CUTS, ull styles 



Edward Washburn (carriage) 
Paper Hangings — Jones Bros. Co. 

Thomas P. Boucher 

Peter H. Pierce & Co. 
Photographers-Guy B. Fitz 

George H. Wilbur 
Charles S. Cummings (Horn.) 

George L. Ellis 

Winsor P. Fryer (Horn.) 

Thomas S. Hodgson (Horn.) 

Amos B. Paun 

Arthur V. Smith 

James F. Shurtleff, South M. 

Henry S. Swan 

Percy W. Thompson (Horn.) 
Pictnre Frame Maker — 

William F. Dean 
Planing Mill— C. W. Maxim 
Plnmhers— Thomas W. Pierce 

Alfred W. Walker 
Post Oillees and l'ostmiiNters- 

Middleboro — A. M. Bearse 

North Middleboro— N. W. Pratt 

South Middleboro — E. H. Gammons 

Eddyville— William Pratt 

Rock — Herbert L. Cushman 
Printers — Marcus M. Copeland 

H. L. Thatcher & Co. 

Wood & Tlnkham 
Provision Dealers— 

Ephraim Hathaway 

Frank C. King & Co. 

A. M. Peckham 

Edward C. Reed. South M. 

Fred J. Shurtleff 
Real Estate Agents— 

T. C. Collins 

C. F. Cornish 


South M. 

South M. 

Percy W. Keith 
George H. Place 

D. D. Sullivan 
RestnnraiitK— Alphonso Bliss 

F. A. Churbuck 
Jesse T. Higgins 

G. F. Lowell 
Saw M ills— 

C. N. Atwood, 

J. S. Benson & Son, 

Clark & Cole 

E. H. Gammon. 
John B. LeBaron 
Albert T. Savery 

B. C. Shaw 

W. F. Shurtleff, Soutr 

Sewing Machine Dealer- 
Edward H. Blake 
Stahles— Otis Briggs 

C. H. Thomas 
Stove Polish Mfr.— 

Parlor Pride Mfg. Co. 
Stoves and Tinware— 

J. & G. E. Doane 

T. W. Pierce 

Herman Place 
Tailor — John Harper (merchant) 
Teamsters— c. B. Cobb 

John McNally 

Thomas B. West 
Undertakers- George Soule 

John S. Williams 
Varnish Mfrs.— Burbank & Ryder 

George H. Shaw 
Water Works- Middleboro W 

Works, Joseph E. Beals, supt. 
Wheelwright— Thomas E. Kinder 
Window and Door Screens— 

W. F. Dean 


Supt.— Geo. L. Lnmphier, Becket 

Prin. High School— Wm. S. Newell 

In Hampshire Co., 130 m. from Boston, 30 m. from Northampton and 32 
m. from Springfield on B. & A. R. R. ; station 3 m. from center. Inc. March 
12, 1783. Pop. 380. 

Villages— Bancroft, Factory Village. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Metcalf J. Smith 
Selectmen— John T. Bryan, ch. 

Olin C. Olds 

Wesley J. Chipman 
Auditor— George 8. Bell 
Treasurer— Metcalf J. Smith 
Collector— II. Herbert Prentice 
Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— T. II. Fleming. Bancroft 

H. Herbert Prentice (civil) 
Highway Commissioners — 

A. D. Pease 

Charles IT. Ferris 

Frederick A. Osgood 
lioard Health— Selectmen 

Puhlic Schools. 

Committee-Mrs. II. E. Smith, ch. 
Herbert II. Prentice 
Edwki II. Alderman, secretary 


Blacksmiths — Joseph Bennett 

Orrin Pease 
Cider Makers — Orrln Peas* 

H. S. Sawyer 
Clergyman and Chnreh— 

f Congregational 

Express — American Express Co. 
General Stores— D. C. Bryan 

Thomas H. Fleming, Bancroft 

E. C. Vincent 
Insnranee Agent — George s. Bell 
Justice of the Peace— 

Metcalf J. Smith 
Library- Midolefield Town Library, Mrs. 

Lucy S. Newton, lib. 
Lnmlier >lir. — Frank Curtis 
Painters— B. B. Graves 

C. W. Graves 
Paper ^lfrs.— Union Mill, Bancroft 




MIDDLEFIELD— Continued. 

Post Olliees and 1'ostmasters- 

Middlefteld— M. J. Smith 
Bancroft — T. H. Fleming 
Quartz Mill— Mortimer & Carter 

Heal Estate Agfent— 

H. B. Holmes 
Staffe Line- Middlefield and Bancroft, 

Daniel C. Bryan, prop. 
Wall Paper Mfr.— Bancroft Mill 


In Essex Co., 20 in. from Boston 
Div. (Lawrence Br.) B. & M. R. R. 

Villages— Howe's Station, South 
"Paper Mills"). 


Annual town meeting first Monday 

Clerk— Samuel A. Fletcher 

Benjamin P. Richardson, eh. 
Milton J. Emerson 
Asa Howe 

Auditor— Dana I. Nash 

Treasurer — Samuel A. Fletcher 

Collector— John M. Peabody 

Assessors— Selectmen 

Overseers Poor- 
Andrew W. Peabody 
Fred W. Giles 
H. Erskine Howe 

Constable— Oscar Cram 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Highway Commissioners — 
Allen D. Bryer 
Loren G. Esty 
John Q. Averill 

Chief Police — Oscar Cram 

Chief Fire Dept.— Loren G. 

Public Schools. 

Hazen K. Richardson, ch. 
Austin P. Bagley 
H. Erskine Howe 

and 9 m. northwest of Salem on Eastern 
Inc. June- 20. 1728. Pop. 8X8. 
Middleton (railroad station here called 




Auctiouer— Francis E. Batchelder 

Blacksmiths— James Q. Gallagher 
Clinton P. Stiles 

Carpenter — E. Dernier 
Cider Makers — A. W. Peabody 

C. C. Wilkins 
Clergymen and C'liurclies— 

Leslie C. Greeley, Congregational 
Walter Healy, Methodist 

Electricians— Merritt Electric Co. 

Express — American Express Co 

General Store- 
Henry A. Wilkins & Sons 

Grocer— Albert A. Wilkins 

Hairdressers — Almon R. Richardson 
David L. Sheldon 

Insurance A^ent — 
Samuel A. Fletcher 

Jnstice of tlie Pence— 
Samuel A. Fletcher 

Library— Flint Public, Samuel A. 
Fletcher, lib. 

Masons- George B. Flint 
Sylvanus Flint 

Newsdealers— H. A. Wilkins & Sons 

Paper 3Ifrs.— Middleton Paper Mills 

Physician— H. G. Vinal 

Post Olliees and Postmasters- 
South Middleton— Fannie F. Flint 
Middleton — Oscar Cram 

Provision Dealer— Jesse F. Hayward 

Snw Mill — M. J. Emerson 

Stable— Maurice E. Tyler 

Undertaker— John M. Peabody 

Variety Store— 

Fannie F. Flint. South M. 


In Worcester Co., 18 m. southeast of Worcester on Milford Br. N. E. R. R. 
and at -terminus Milford Br. B. & A. R. it. and Grafton & Upton R. R.; 
electric railways to Caryville and Medway. Hopedale, Holliston and South 
Framingham. Inc. April 11, 17S0. Pop. 8,958. 

Village— North Milford. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— John T. McLaughlin 

Benjamin T. Clancy, cb. 
Abbott A. Jenkins 
George P. Cooke 

Auditor— Thomas F. Manning 
Treasurer— Clifford A. Cook 
Collector — "William P. Foley 
Town Solicitor— Jesse A. Taft 
Inspector Petroleum— Thos. J. Lynch 
Town Physician- 
John J. Duggan, M. D. 
Sealer of "Weights and Measures- 
John Smith 


Contains the Complete 
Business Directory of.... 

353 Towns and Cities. 



Inspector of Cattle— E. E. Coook 
Inspector of Provisions- 
Waldo Pblpps 

Assessors— George E. Stacy, ch. 

John F. Barrett 

Sullivan C. Sumner 
Oversees Poor — Charles L. Clark, ch. 

John Smith 

James W. Burke 
Constables— Martin Broderick 

Edward J. Dalton 

John Moore 

Thomas F. Kelley 

James Howard 

Charles H. Waters 

Dav'd E. Casey 

John L. Keefe 

Roland J. Burke 

Lawrence V. Corbett 

Daniel Carney 

Michael W. Edwards 

Philip P. O'Donnell 

Nahum E. Gaskill 

Charles Caruso 
Cemetery Commissioners- 
Henry C. Skinner 

Charles W. Johnson 

William Emery 
Park Commissioners— C. W. Wilcox 

William H. Bourne 

Timothy Kirby 
Supt. Streets— Maurice E. Nelligan 
Board Health— Dr. J. M. Eaton, ch. 

Alfred A. Burrell 

Dr. C. H. Cole 
Chief Fire Dept.— John H. Scott 

Public School*. 

Committee— George L. Cooke, ch. 

George E. Stacy 

John J. Duggan 

Charles Mackin 

W. B. Whiting 

Richard A. Gilfoyle 
Supt.— Charles W. Haley 
Prin. High School— A. E. Tuttle 


Ajyricnltnral Implements — 

Clark, Ellis & Son 

Edward E. Vaughn 
Architects— Robert Allen Cook 

Frank M. Hughes 

Albertus Hussey 
Auctioneers— \V. H. Baker 

Clifton E. Bates 

Warren S. Cook 

D. J. Cronan 

M. W. Edwards 

A. A. Jenkins 

Herbert E. Warren 
Bakers— Adams Bros. 

Arthur J. Beevers 

Nathaniel Bright 

L. P. Castighionl & Co. 

W. L. Marden 

William A. Matthewson 

C H. Randlett 

Smart Brothers 
Bands— Milrord Brass Band. T. W. 
Keaner, leader. 

Milford Orchestra, Arthur C. Johnson, 

Welsh Brothers' Orchestra. J. T. Welsh, 
Banks— Home National Bank, N. B. 
Johnson, cash. 

Milford Co-operative Bank, W. S. V. 
Cooke, sec. and treas. 

Milford National Bank, Augustus Wheel- 
er, cash. 

Milford Savings Bank, James E. Walker, 
Beef Dealers (Wholesale)— 

Armour & Co., G. H. Pope, mgr. 

Swift Brothers 
Bicycle Dealers— J. L. Buxton 

N. Y. Higgins 

William W. Knights 

Benjamin C. Thayer. 

Trask Brothers 

C. W. Wilcox 
Henry L. Willard 

Billiard Rooms— J. F. Higgins 

Thomas Kelley 

Joseph Morcone 
Bill Posters— W. E. Cheney 

J. C. Coffey 
Blacksmiths— A. H. Barker 

L. E. Belknap 

J. A. Boyce 

John Burnett 

Thomas Glenon 

Lysander Grow & Son 

Ira N. Ide 

Maloney & Cleary 

B. Masterson 
J. H. Murphy 

D. B. Rockwood 
Benjamin Worth 

Board of Trade— H. D. Bowker, sec; 

Bone Cutter Mfrs.— 
Archimedlan Bone Cutter Co. 
Standard Bone Cutter Co. 
F. W. Mann & Co. 

Bookseller and Stationer — 
George E. Stacey 

Boot A- Shoe Crimping; Forms— 
J. A. "Higgins & Co. 
Adolphus Tyler 

Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
Edward J. Canton & Son 
D. J. 'Cronan 
J. O'Connor 
W. C. Gillman 
John W. O'Connor 
W. H. Pyne 
George A. Reynolds 
Patrick Toomey 

Boot and Shoe Findings- 
Ethan C. Clafiin 

Boot «fc Shoe Machinery Mfrs.— 
Joseph L. Buxton 
Adolphus Tyler 

Boot and Shoe Makers- 
James «Bowen 

C. S. Brown 
Patrick Condon 
Darius Healey 
J. W. Kane 
Michael Lang 
James J. Maroney 
Charles O'Brien 

J. J. O'Connor 
Boot and Shoe Mfrs.— 
Clapp, Huckins & Temple 

D. J. Driscoll 

Milford Shoo Co., W. W. Jencks, mgr. 
Boot and Shoe Stock— J. W. Luby 


our specialty. We do good work of 
" ■ us. 




MILFORD— Continued. 

Boot and Shoe Tool Mfrs.— 

J. A. Higgins <fe Co. 
Bottlers— M. S. Gibbons 
Patrick Gillon 
T. J. McGee 
Milford Bottling Co. 

C. J. Smith & Co. 

Bowling Alley— Heath Brothers 
Box 3Ifr.— 

Samuel A. Eastman (wood and paper) 
Brokers — Louis Hayden (stock) 

Henry L. Willard (pawn) 
Boil tiers' Finish— 

Eldredge & Beatty 

Irving E. Jones 
Building Mover— Albert Story 
Carpenters ami llnilders — 

W. H. Britton 

A. B. Daniels 

I. N. Davis 

Dillon Brothers 

Eugene F. Lynch 

Sherman Brothers 

James A. Simpson 

N. K. Sprague 

Weed Brothers & Lent 

Otis Whitney & Son 

C' A. Wood 
Carpet Dealers — Avery & Woodbury 

Nixon Brothers 
Carriage Dealer — Wm. E. Dwyer 
Carriage Makers— L. e. Belknap 

John F. Bradley 

H. S. Ceshman (trimmer) 

William E. Dwyer 

Lysander Grow & Son 

D. B. Rockwood 

Carriage and Harness Dealer- 
Thomas H. Dwyer 
Case Sjirintts— J. L. Buxton 
Caterers— W. A. Mathewson 

A. T. McCuen 

Cement Mfrs.— Excelsior Cement Co. 
Cigar Mfi's.— Timothy Burns 

Burns Bros. 

Carpenter & Koch 

W. B. Hale Cigar Co. 

Peter J. Handmore 

Nolan Brothers 

W. P. Roberts 

James F. Stratton 
Cigar and Tobacco Dealers- 
Timothy Burns 

W. B. Hale Cigar Co. 

Peter J. Handmore 

Nolan Brothers 
Clergymen and Churches— 

Garrett Beekman, Methodist 

T.J. Fitzgerald, St. Mary's R. C. 

J^mes T. Caravan, St. Mary's R. C. 

Harry S. Longley. Trinity Episcopal 

D. T. Magill, Baptist 

Luke Purcell. Roman Catholic 

E. W. Whitney, First Universalist 
Webster Woodbury, First Congregational 
, Grace Congregational 

Edwin S. Tingley 
Clothing Dealers — 
H. D, Bowker 
Globe Clothing Co. 

B. E. Harris &. Son 
N. W. Heath 

Xing Brothers 


Retailers' Clearance Co. 

Wholesale Outfit. Co. 
Coal and Wood— Hiram A. Barney 

Macuen Brothers' Coal Co. 

Quirk Brothers 

Williams Brothers 
Confectionery and Fruit — 

F. A. Bishop 

L. K. Barber 

Charles Caruso 

Joseph J. Feeley 

Mariano Gregory & Co. 

M. J. Kelly 

Miss Annie Lawless 

A. T. & J. S. Macuen 

Macuen Brothers 

M. J. Reynolds 

Stephen H. Reynolds 

E. W. Snare 

John Zunio & Co. 
Timothy Shea & Co. (stone) 

William Johnston & Son 

Norcross Brothers 
Conveyancer— Louis Hayden 
Dentists — Robert H. Cochrane 

George L. Cooke 

George P. Cooke 

E. J. Dickson 

Norry Miett 

W. J. Welch 

Horace E. Whitney 
Dies and Cntters— Horsey & Annett 
Dressmakers— Clara E. Coughlan 

A. M. Duran 

Mrs. M. H. Hancock 

Mary Gahogan 

Miss S. McBride 

Miss J. O'Donnell 

Simonds <£; Davoren 

Mrs. D. J. Wires 
Drugttists— Bridges & Gannon 

Charles H. Collins 

Henry E. Morgan 

A. B. Morse 

J. Allen R"!ce 

Albert H. Sweet 
Dry Goods— W. H. Bourne & Oo. 

A. A. Coburn 

Julia Goldoff 

M. F. Green 

J. F. Hickey 

John Hodge 

George E. Raney & Co. 

George Wolcott & Co. 

W. B. Whiting 
Dyer— D. H. Rittinger 
Elastic Fabric Mfrs.— 

William Lapworth & Sons 
Electric Light Co.— Milford Electric 
Light & Power Co., Harry S. Davis, 
Electric Railway— Milford & Hope- 
dale Electric Railway Co., Geo. Larra- 
bee, supt. 
Expresses — Adams Express Co. 

Couchlin Brothers' Boston Express 

Milford, Mendon, Hopedale <fc Boston Ex- 
press, Sherborne Bros., props. 
Fancy Goods Dealers— 

A. A. Coburn 
M. J. Reynolds 

Fish and Oysters — George Cochrane 
Hugh Donohue 

B. H. Powers 
P. J. Shea 
George H. Spindel 

Me* n ■ r r, «j **& B The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK is published by F. S. Blanchard 
111 I I " f & Co., Worcester, and is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 

1 & § ■ 1 I M %A ■ appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



George Thompson 
Florists— C. H. Metcalf 

E. O. Moore 
Flour and Grain— F. A. Bishop 

S. A. Eastman 
Lally & Baxter 
Prentice & Son 
Furniture Dealers— 

George K. Allen 

Avery & Woodbury 

H. J. Deering 

Hixon Brothers 

Arthur Keefe & Co. 

New Idea Furniture Co. 
Gas Co.— Milford Gas Light Co., E. J. 

Nutter, supt. 
General Stores— John Hodge 

B. C. Thayer 

Grist Mill— S. A. Eastman 
Grocers— L. Ardolino 

Etta M. Bishop 

Carr & Bartlett 

Cheney Brothers &. Co. 

Edwin Cheney 

J. J. Cunniff 

Thomas J. Curiey 

Thomas G. Glllman 

John P. Hennessey 

Patrick Lynch 

Thomas McGee 

Quirk Brothers 

Shea & O'Neil 

Augustus Stevens 

C. M. Thayer & Co. 
Prank E. Withington 

Hairdressers— J. A. & A. G. Bell 

J, R. Bennett 

J. F. Carron 

Timothy E. Combar 

R. V. Dunton 

George H. Fuller 

George H. Kctchum 

Prank H. Thomas 

T. P. Waters 
Hall— Music Hall, capacity 922 
Hardware and Stoves — 

Clark, Ellis & Sons 

Edward E. Vaughn 
Harness Makers— J. T. Crowell 

Henry S. Cushman 

C. B. Merrlam 
Hay and St raw— Lally & Baxter 

Macuen Brothers' Coal Co. 

Prentice & Son 

Williams Brothers 
Heel Mfrs.— T. F. Flanigan 

Greene Brothers 
Hoop Mfr.— Patrick Costello 
Horse Clothing;— H. S. Cushman 
Central House, Ernest Bates, prop. 

Goucher Hotel, Alfred Goucher, prop. 

Hotel Manion, Bryan Manion, prop. 

Hotel Willian, Webber & Tobin, props. 

Lincoln House, John H. Stratton, prop. 

Mansion House, S. E. Hapgood, prop. 

Milford Hotel, John F. McGuiness, prop. 

Union House, David Ouinn, prop. 
Horse Furnishing- Goods— 

H. J. Bearing 

Arthur O'Keefo & Co. 
Insurance \g;ents— 

Clifton E. Bates 

Roger T. Conlon 

C. B. Daniels 

Leander Holbrook 

Abbott A. Jenkins 

P. E. Mann & Co. 
Iron Founders — Franklin Iron Foun- 
dry, Welch & Son. props. 
Jewelers and Watchmakers— 

Rufus C. Eldridge 

J. J. Hennessey 

Edwin F. Lilley 

Jacob Price 

George H. Whittemore 

C. W. Wilcox 
Jnnk Healer— J. L. Smith 
Justices of the Peace- 
William H. Baker 

Thomas P. Connolly 

C. A. Cook 

Lloyd H. Cook 

John F. Cronan 

E. P. Dillon 
William Emery 
Lowell E. Fales 
Joseph P. Gallagher 
Lewis Hayden 
Leander Holbrook 
Austin Howard 
Albert A. Jenkins 
John C. Lynch 

F. E. Mann 
Raphael Merino 
J. T. McLaughlin 
Joseph Morcone 
J. A. Taft 

E. Otis Thayer 
James E. Walker 

G. B. Williams 
Wendell Williams 

Ladies' Furnishing; Goods— 

M. F. Green 
Laundries — William D. Baxter 

Connors Brothers 
Lawyers — Thomas P. Connolly 

Clifford A. Cook 

Lowell E. Fales 

Leander Holbrook 

John C. Lynch 

Jesse As Taft 

Gustavus B. Williams 

Wendell Williams 
Leather Renin ants- 
Greene Bros. 
Library— Milford Public Library, N. F. 

Blake, lib. 
Lime. Plaster and Cement— 

H A. Barney 

Williams Brothers 
Liquor Dealers— Patrick Gillon 

Thomas Kelley 

Bryan Manion 

Charles J. Smith & Co. 
Lumber Dealers— Hiram A. Barney 

Zibeon C. Field 

Med way Lumber Co. 
Machine Needle Mfrs.— 

Lilley & Co. 
Machinists— Joseph L. Buxton 

John F. Damon 

A. B. Edmands 

F. W. Mann & Co. 

Marble and Granite Workers— 

P. J. Crofton 

C. L. Fair 

A. C. Kinney 
Market Gardeners— 

Alonzo Howard 

Charles Metcalf 
Masons — Dame re 11 Brothers 

A. S. Pickering 

Richard Taft 

1 " 


Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication giving the complete roster of Public 
Olilcials. It should be in every business oillce. 



M1LFORD— Continued. 

Men's Furnishing?*— H. D. Bowker 
Globe Company 

B. E. Harris & Son 
N. W. Heath 
King Brothers 

Milliners— B. M. Coyne 

Mrs. H. G. Curley 

Mrs. R. T. Gardiner 

John Hodge 

Larkin & Ryan 

Mrs. M. Manheim 

Miss H. M. Pond 

Tlernan & Leahy 

Waterman & McCarthy 

"Welsh Brother* 
Music Teachers- F. R. Lotz 

Walter R. Nash 

Elmer E. Smith 

John B. Wall 

Susan E. Whitney 
Needle Mfr.— Eben Brown 
Newsdealers— J. J. Feeley 

Miss Annie Lawless 

M. L. Reynolds 

FTanklln Tompkins, Jr. 

George H. Whittemore 
Newspapers — 

Daily News, Leahy Bros., pubs. 

Gazette, G. M. Billings, prop. 

Journal (daily and weekly). Cook & Sons, 
Notaries Pnblic— Lowell Fales 

Joseph Hancock 

Lewis Hayden 

Austin Howard 

N. B. Johnson 

J. A. Taft 

James E. Walker 

A. T. Wilkinson 

Gustavus B. Williams 
OH Dealers— P. H. Gaffney 

Luther P. Jones 
Opticians— J. B. Price 

C. W. Wilcox 
Painters— F. R. Adams (house) 

W. L. Bennett (house) 

Charles A. Cheney (house) 

Thomas H. Dwyer (carriage) 

William E. Dwyer 

Eldredge & Son (sign) 

R. Folger 

James L. Lllley 

Henry Lindsey 

Frank H. Marshall (carriage) 

J. M. McDermott & Co. (house) 

T. E. Morse (house) 
Paint and Oil Dealers- 
Ethan C. Claflin 

Eldredge & Son 

Clark Ellis & Sons 

T. E. Morse 
Paper HanK-iiiR-s— 

Avery & Woodbury 

Charles A. Cheney 

Eldredge & Son 

Sewell B. Holbrook 

J. M. McDermott & Co. 

T. E. Morse 
Pension Asents- Lewis Hayden 

Austin Howard 
Photonrapliers-J. W. Brown 

Charles E. Ford 

E. L. Temple 

E. L. Willis 
Physicians— Christopher D. Albro 

LeGrand Blake 

Charles H. Cole 

W. J. Clarke 

George F. Curley 

John J. Duggan 

John M. Eaton 

John M. French 

Perley F. Gardiner 

Frank T. Harvey (Horn.) 

Marcus W. Knight 

Charles Mackln 

Thomas W. Monroe 
Pictnre Frame Mfrs.— 

Isaiah C. Soule 

G. H. Whlttemore 
Plan in ft- Mill— Med way Lumber Co. 
Plumbers— Clark Ellis & Son 

Charles A. Hill 

Hilton Bros. & Crofut 

Henry Willard 
Post OJlice and Postmaster- 
Mi lford— George G. Cook 
Printers— M. Harris Avery 

G. M. Billings 

Cook & Sons (newspaper) 

J. P. Gallagher 
Provision Dealers— 

Georee F. Birch 

Matthew Burns 

Carbary & Shea 

J. H. Cunniff 

Martin Dempsey 

M. B. Foley 

Frederick A. Gibson 

John H. Mead 

Edward R. O'Connor 

C. Sweeney 

Charles F. Wilkinson 
Quarries— Carroll Bros. 

Damerell .Bros. 

John L. Keefe 

Milford Pink Granite Co.. Woodbury & 
Leighton, props. 

Norcross Brothers 

Peter Ros^ 

Ross Granite Co. 

Shea Granite Co. 

James Sherman 

Theodore N. Sherman 
Heal Estate Asrents— 

W. H. Baker & Co. 

C. E. Bates 

Lloyd H. Cook 

F. E. Mann & Co. 

William J. Walker 
Restaurant— Charles T. Dyer 
Hiihlier Goods Mfrs.— 

Howard Rubber Co. 

SewinR- Machine Needle Mfrs.— 

Eben Brown 

Lllley & Co. 
Snap Mfr.— B. T. Clancy 
Stables— G. C. Adams 

Edward E. Cooke 

Michael W. Edwards 

S. R. Emerson 

S. E. Hapgood 

J. F. Haskell 

Heath &- Underwood 

P. P. O'Donnell 

Charles Williams 
Stages— Milford and Med way, J. H. 

Robinson, prop. 
Stair lluilders — Hussey Brothers 

Irving E. Jones 
Stationers— R. C. Eldrldge 

George W. Stacy 



Franklin Tompkins, Jr. 
Steam Hentinft Apparatus- 
Henry Willard 
Stencil Cutter— P. Folper 
Stenographer— F. F. Hart well 
Stoves nnd HnnKes- 

Clark Ellis & Sons 

Hilton Bros. & Crofut 

Hixon Brothers 

Edward E. Vaughn 
Straw Goods Mfrs.— 

Carroll, Hixon & Jones 
Tailors— John D. Gillia 

N. W. Heath 

Herbert Hunter 

J. Byron Leonard _ 

Raphael Merino 

Leo J. Toohey 
Teamsters— J. B. Henderson 

William Johnson & Co. 

Quirk Brothers 

■George A. Sherborne 

Teas and Coffees— P. J. Baxter 
T. Brennan 
C. J. O'Brien 
H. Ray & Co. 

E. J. Roche 

Ticket Affent — Joseph Morcone 
Undertakers — Michael W. Edwards 

Emery & Woods 
Upholsterers — George K. Allen 

Avery & Woodbury 
Variety Stores— L. K. Barber 

H. J. Deering 

Albert W. Gould 

J. L. Smith 

Benjamin C. Thayer 

Franklin Tompkins, Jr. 
Veterinary Surgeons— 

W. L. Billings 

H. D. Clark 

F. A. Colburn 

Water Works- Milford Water Co. 
John W. Kay, supt. 


In Worcester Co., 6 m. southeast of Worcester on Prov. & Wor. Div. N. Y. t 
N. H. & H. R. R. and Millbury Br. B. & A. R. R. ; electric railways to Wor- 
cester and to Rockdale via Wilklnsonvillo, Saundersville, Fisherville and 
Farnumsville. Inc. June 11, 1813. Fop. 5,222. 

Villages— Bramanville, Bucksville, North Main Street, Old Common, Wheel- 
erville, Aldrich Village, West Millbury. 


Annual town meeting third Monday 

in March. 
Clerk— Ira N. Goddard 
Selectmen— Rebert Booth, ch. 

Arthur H. Batchelor 

William E. Home 
Auditor— Gustave A. Neudeck 
Treasurer— Henry T. Maxwell 
Collector— Charles A. Whitney 
Assessors— Charles T. Hohnan, ch. 

Daniel J. Dempsey 

John W. Pope, West M. 

Overseers Poor— Henry E. Newell, ch. 

Henry Van Ostrand 

William H. Stockwell, West M. 
Constables— Thomas A. Dolan 

Thomas Brown 

Henry F. Hobart 

John S. Rich 

James B. Shea 

Edward H. Dolan. West M. 

Supt. Streets— Henry W. Carter 
Cemetery Commissioners — 

Nathan H. Sears 

Samuel D. Waters 

John C. Crane, West M. 

Board Health— Chas. A. Church, ch. 

James H. Ferguson 

Albert G. Hurd 

Public Scliools. 

Committee— D. Edmund March, ch. 

Amos Armsby 

Thomas II. Sullivan 
Supt.— Cassius S. Lvnian. Oxford 

I'rin. High School— John F. Roache 
i'rins. Grammar Schools — 

E. J. Rowse 

Charles E. Quirk 

Owen W. Mills 
Effie S. Hitchcock, 

West M. 


Auctioneers- J. J. Scott 

C. H. Smith 
Bakers— F. F. Fillmoro 

Ambrose York 
Banks— Millbury National Bank, H. T. 
Maxwell, cash. 
Millbury Savings Bank, Amos Armsby, 
Bicycle Dealers— H. L. Hooper 

E. C. Putnam 
Billiard and Pool Rooms- 
Fred Bergeron 

Lewis Perry 
Blacksmiths— B. O. Paine 

B. F. Turnan 
Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
Charles H. Colebrook 

N. Goddard & Son 

Silas Undergraves 
Boot nnd Shoe Makers— 

Dana Blanchard 

John Clifford 

J. Ganyon 

L. T. Pierce 

Silas "Undersraves 
Bottler— Edward Trombly 
Carpenters — Arthur H, Bacheller 

O. E. Cunningham 

Peter Jacques 

Joseph York 
Cigars nnd Tohacco— 

M. P. O'Connor 

S. C. Spooner 

Edward Trombly 
Civil Engineer— Moses D. Garfield 

THE WORCESTER GAZETTE Makes and Keeps Friends. 


MILLBURY— Continued. 


Clcrgyinen ami Churches— 

J. A. Charland, Church of the Assump- 
tion, French R. C. 

George P. Eastman, Second Cong. 

Samuel Hodgkiss, St. Luke's Episcopal 

Clifton M. Grey, First Unitarian 

Ivins A. Mesler, Methodist 

George A. Putnam, First Congregational 

George E. Lombard, Baptist 

Thomas P. McDonnell, curate 

P. L. Quaille. Roman Catholic 
Coal Dealers — H. M. Goddard 

J. F. Lyons 
Confectionery and Fruit— 

Daniel J. Dempsey 

M .P. O'Connor 
Cotton Goods Mfrs.— 

Cordis Mills (tickings), Frederic W. 
Moore, agent 

Millbury Cotton Mills (print cloths) 

John Rhodes Warp Co. (warp and yarn) 
Cotton "Waste Dealers- 
Richard F. Crane 

Samuel E. Hull 

Singletary Creamery, West M. 

Dentist— C. H. Hake 
Dressmakers— Ella Crossley 

Misses Dugan 

Mary Shaw 
Drnggi.sts- Charlotte M. Aiken 

E. V. Lacouture 

Sears, Cotter & Co. 

Everett E. Wood 
Dye Stall's and Dyers- 
Molt Brothers 
Edge Tool Mfrs.— Buck Bros. 

Charles Buck 
Electric Light Co.— Millbury Electric 

Co., S. B. Libby, supt. 
Expresses — Adams Express Co. 

Earle & Prew's Express 

Marcel l's Worcester Express • 

Roach's Worcester Express 
Fancy Goods— C. H. Colebrook 
Felting 3Ifrs.— 

H. L. Bowden Felting Co. 
Fire Escape 31 fr.— s. Taft 
Fish Dealer— Darnion Ducharme 
Furniture Dealer— Henry E. Newell 
General Stores — James M. Cronin 

Duriton & Winter 

W. E. Home & Sons 

Eli H. Lacouture 

P. C. Paradis 

Charles H. Shaw 

A. S. Winter 
Grocers— Fisher's Cash Grocery 

Charles H. Shaw 

A. S. Winter 
Hairdressers— F. Bargeon. 

T. F. Brannigan 

Charles Gravlin 

H. L. Hooper 

Lewis Perry 
Hall— Town Hall, capacity 840 
Hammock Mfrs.— 

Comfort Hammock Co. 
Handle Mfr.— Henry W. Glover 
Hardware and Tools— 

\V. R. Cunningham & Son 

James H. Ferguson & Co. 
Harness Makers — John Kean 

Samuel G. Thompson 

Hay and Grain— Millbury Grain Co., 

H. Houghton, agent 
Hotels— St. Charles Hotel, E. R. Bart- 
lett, prop. 

Bellfont House, W. E. Branagan. prop. 

Tourtellotte House, John M. White, prop. 
Ice Dealers— H. M. Goddard 

W. A. Harris 
Insurance A Kent — 

Ira N. Goddard (fire) 

Titus Mosely (life* 
Iron Founders — Henry T. Merriara 

Millbury Foundry 
Jeweler anil Watchmaker— 

E. C. Putnam 
Justices of the Peace— 

Henry W. Aiken 

Amos Armsby 

David Atwood 

T. L. Brown 

H. W. Carter 

John C. Crane 

H. W. Davidson 

II. S. Hopkins 

S. E. Hull 

R. E. Molt 

Herbert A. Ryan 

Charles A. Smith 

T. H. Sullivan 
Lund Company— Millbury Land Co. 
Lawyers— Henry W. Aiken 

T. L. Brown 

John Hopkins 

H. S. Hopkins 

Charles 15. Perry 

Thomas H. Sullivan 
Library — Millbury Town Library, Car- 
olyn Waters, lib. 
Linen Mfrs* — 

Union Linen Co. (linen cloth), 

Loom Harness «fc Heddle Mfrs.— 

H. W. Hakes Mfg. Co. 
Lumber Dealer — H. M. Goddard 
Machinists— Millbury Machine Co. 
Masons— Peter Boucher 

Samuel Frazier 

Peter Lareau 

William Sheehan 
Men's Furnishings — 

Bennett & Co. 
Milliners— Perrigo & Niles 

Miss Mary A. Shaw 
Newsdealer- Dankl J. Dempsey 
Newspaper— Millbury Journal (weekly), 

F. H. Greenwood, prop. 
Notary Public— Ira N. Goddard 
Painters — George L. Burnap 

Henry Van Ostrand 

Joel R. Wheelock 

White Bros. 

H. L. Woodward (carriage) 
Robert Booth 

Charles A. Church 

Albert G. Hurd 

Jacob R. Lincoln 
Pose OlHees and Postmasters— 

Millbury— Nathan II. Sears 

West Millbury— Arthur Morris 
Printer— F. II. Greenwood 
Provision Dealers — 

Frank Belleville 

Brown Bros. 

D. Ducharme 

W. E. Home & Sons 

J. Herman Veg ant 




West M. 

West M. 

Lyman S. Waters 
Ka/or Mfrs.— Millbury Razor Co. 
Roll Coverer-M. B. Goldthwalt 
Savr Mills- 
Henry W. Glover, 

A. W. & A. J. Rice 
Shoddy 31 fr.— John S. Rich 
Shuttle Eyelet Mtr.- 

Moses D. Garfield, 
Stables— E. R, Bartlett 

Michael H. Murphy 

David A. Powers 

John M. White 
Stoves and Tinware— 

W. R. Cunningham & Son 

James H. Ferguson &. Co. 

H. E. Newell 
Street Railway— Blackstone Valley 

Street Railway 
Tailors— Bennett & Co. 

S. C. Spooner 
Teas and Coffees— Alfred Lorange 
Teamsters— John Coulter . 

W. A. Harris 

Thomas Hill 
Til read Mfrs.— Whitney, Macduff & Co. 
Top Roll Coverer 

M. B. Goldthwalt 

Undertakers — Dennis Mulhane 

Herbert A. Ryan 
Underwear iMfrs.— 

Portsmouth Mills 
Warp Mfrs.— John Rhodes Warp Co. 
Water Company — Millbury Water Co., 

Lemuel C. Rice, supt. 
Wheelwrights— Wm. H. Fairbanks 

Joseph Jette 

L. A. Minor 

B. O. Paine 

Wire lleddle Frame Mfrs.— 

H. W. Hakes Mfg. Co. 
Wood Dealers— John Coulter 

W. A. Harris 

W. E. Home 
Wood Turner— 

H. W. Glover, West M. 

Wool Scourers— 

Millbury Scouring Co., West M. 

Woolen Goods Mfrs.— 

C. T. Aldrich Mills (satinets) 

Mayo Woolen Co., Bramanville 

Portsmouth Mill Co. (underwear), 

Ramshorn Mills, Edwin Hoyle & Son. 

West if. 


In Norfolk Co., 23 tn. southwest of Boston and 12 m. west of Dedham ou 
Woonsocket Div. N. E. It. R. (B. & A. station from Boston). Inc. Feb. 24, 
18S5. Pop. 1,006. 

Village— Rockvllle. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Jeremiah H. Shannon 
Selectmen— W. P. Clark, ch., Rockvllle 

Moses C. Adams 

Jeremiah H. Shannon 
Auditor— Edmund F. Lovell 
rreasurer— Evan P. Richardson 
Collector— J. Clarence Thome 
Assessors— John M. Crane, chairman 

George C. Thrasher 

Adin P. Blake 
Overseers Poor— Thos. Harding, ch. 

Herbert H. Thome 

Horatio Jones, Rockville 

Constables— J. Clarence Thome (civil) 

John H. Ingraham, Rockville 

^.ipt. Streets— Jeremiah H. Shannon 
Vtater Commissioners— Jos. S. Adams 

Wesley W. Whiting 

Charles La Croix 
•<■ t'uieteiy Commissioners — 

Henry E. Hosmer 

Putnam Clark 

rred Livarman 
• ark Commissioners— L. La Croix 

Augustus L. Ware 

i-ilward J. Stewart 
«;»ard Health— Selectmen 
thief Fire Dept.— George R. Hill. 

Public Schools. 

£ jmmlttee— E. F. Richardson, ch. 
rrnnk E. Cook 
timer L. Richardson. Rockvllle 

Supt.— D. Henry Whipple 


Anctioneers-O. T. Dean 

George C. Thrasher 
Blacksmiths— J. H. Shannon 

E. T. Rogers. Rockvllle 

Root and Shoe Mfrs.— 

Joseph M.' Herman & Co. 

Clicquot Club Bottling & Extract Co. 

Charles La Croix 
Brick M fr.— Lemuel Clark 
Carpenter— W. W. Whiting 
Clergyman and Church — 

Albert H. YVheelock. First Church of 
Christ, Congregational 
Coal and Wood — 

J. C. Thome & Co. 
Dentist — John S. Folsom 
Electric Goods and Supplies- 
Curtis Holland 
Express — Adams Express Co. 
Felt Mfrs.— 

A. M. <fc P. A. Walte (packing). Rockvllle 
Fish Dealer— W. II. Thorne 
Floor anil Grain— Thoroe Bros. 
General Stores— B. W. Fuller 

E. J. Keith, Rockvllle 

Grocer— W. M. Hoar 
Hairdresser— W. D. Rowell 
Ice Dealer — James C. Brown 
Insurance Agciits- 

Willard P. Clark, Rockvllle 

O. T. Dean 


Not keepin? the Year Book on their desks are not doing their 
Guests justice. Information in this form is indispensable to 
the traveling public. 




Justice* of the Pence- 
Charles G. Brackett 

Louis La Croix 

Willard P. Clark 

Osgood T. Dean 

Lewis F. Roger? 

Augustus L. Ware 
Library— Mlllis Free Public, Mrs. Annie 

McDonnough, lib. 
Lumber Denier — W. S. Mitchell 
milliner— Mrs. F. A. Whiting 
Notary Public— Osgood T. Dean 
Orgnn Mfr. — 

E. L. Holbrook (church organs) 

Organ Materials— A. L. Ware (pipes) 

M. A. Ware (pipes) 
Paper Mfr.— 

B. E. Waite, Rockvlll* 

Post OHiees and Postmasters— 
Millie— J. B. Daniels 
Rockville — Fred Swarman 
Printer— Charles G. Brackett 
Stoves and Tinware- 
Edward La Croix 
Teamsters— J. C. & H. H. Thorn§ 
Undertaker— Evan F. Richardson" - 
Wheelwright— F. o. Phillips 
"Wood Dealer— George C. Thrasher 


In Norfolk Co., 7 ru. south of Boston and 7 m. from Dedham on Plymouth 
Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y.. N. II. & II. It. II.; electric ears to Boston, Ran- 
dolph, Hyde Park and Dedham and from East Milton to Quincy. Inc. May 
7, 1002. Pop., 5.518. 

Villages— Blue Hill, East Milton, Lower Mills, Mattapan. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Henry B. Martin 
Selectmen — 

J. Albert Simpson, eh., East M. 

J. Walter Bradlee 

J. Arthur Turner, Mattapan 

Auditors— W. N. Harlow, Mattapan 

C. Russell Hurd. 
Treasurer— Joseph Holmes 
Collector— John H. Emerson, East M. 
Assessors— Edwin t). Wadsworth, ch. 

George W. Nickerson. 

J. Frank Pope, Mattapan 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Joseph B. Blanchard 

Edwin L. Crossman 

Fred M. Farrington 

Jacob S. Lincoln 

Timothy McDermott 

Charles Mitchell 

Henry C. Shields 

John H. Tucker 

Peleg Bronsdon 

Edwin A. Houghton 

Peter Mclntyre 

Maurice Pierce 
Supt. Streets— Leroy S. Nevons 
Sewer Commissioners— 
. Ellerton P. Whitney, Hyde Park 

Joseph E. Hall 

Ernest W. Bowditch 
Trustees Cemetery- 
Albert K. Teele 

C. Minot Weld. Hyde Park 

Samuel Gannett 

A. L. Holllnprsworth 

William H. Kennedy 
Park Commissioners— N. L. Kidder 

Charles E. Rogerson 

Horatio A. Lamb, Blue Hill 

Board Health- 
Walter C. Kite, M. I)., ch. 
- Thomas N. Perkins. 

Samuel I>. Parker. Hyde Park. 

Supt. Police— Maurice Pierce 

Chief Fire Dept.— 
George F. Choate, 

Public Scliools. 

Henry S. Huntington, ch. 
Granville S. Webster, 
Walter C. Shapleigh, 
Joseph Holmes. 
Hester Cunningham, 
H. Clifford Gallagher 

Supt.— (vacancy) 

Prin. High School— Emory 

East M. 

East M. 
East M. 

East M. 

L. Mead. 

L. Holden 

Blue Hill 

East M. 
East M. 



Auctioneer — J. Walter Bradlee 
George H. Bent & Co. (crackers) 

New York Biscuit Co. 
Bank— Blue Hill National, Sarell 

Willis, cash. 
Bicycle Dealer— A 

Elbridge Blackman, 

George H. Cameron 

L. Crossman & Son 

George H. Golar 

H. C. Halevy, 

Richard McKay, 
Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

Ppencer W. Johnson 

Robert Sweeney, 
Boot and Shoe Maker- 
Benjamin S. Litchfield. 
Builders' Finish— 

T. Strangman & Son 

M. J. Barry, 

.1. D. Chute 

Peter Cunningham 

C. H. & H. B. Home 

R. A. McLeod. 

A. M. D. Robson, 

H. Rockwell, 

S. L. Sulis 

Franklin Torrey, 

East M. 
East M. 

East M. 

Blue Hills 

st M. 

this ieoic \ 

on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication tfivintf the complete roster of Public 
Oillcials. It should be in every business otllce. 



Blue Hill 
East M. 


John A. Tucker & Son, 

Louis Walters, 

Herbert N. Wyman, 

J. E. Yeo, 
Carriage Mfrs.— 

Lemuel Crossman & Son 

William J. Hicks, 

T. Strangman & Son 
Cement Ml'rs. — 

Edwards Bros, (rubber) 
Chocolate Mfrs.— 

Walter Baker Co. (Ltd.) 
Cider Maker— Charles C. Copeland 
Cigar Mfr.— 

Wm. H. Hern. East M. 

Civil Engineers *fc Surveyors- 
William W. Churchill 
Clergymen and Chnrches — 

H. S. Huntington, Congregational 

John T. McGrath, Episcopal, 

P. O. 

Andrew H. Mulnix, Cong., 

Roderick Stebblns, Unitarian 

W. H. Kogers, Baptist, 
Coal and Wood— 

0. S. Godfrev & Co 
Confectionery and Fruit 

Angelo Casassa 

Mrs. Mary J. Waite 
Contractor— Harry B. Reid 
Dentists — Homer Emerson 

Isaac H. Halvey, 
Dressmakers— Miss N. F 

Mrs. Charles Bearce, 

Julia A. Morrissey 

Lyman Canney, 

William H. Puffer 

John E. Quimby, 
Dry Goods- 
Mrs. A. Ames. 

Mrs. C. S. Oakley, 
Electric Light Co.— Milton Electric 
Light & Power Co., R. M. Jennings, 
Expresses— New York & Boston De- 

Boston Express Phipps, prop. 

Brock & Crane 

Twiss Express 
Florists— Michael E. Gray 

G. W. Sanders & Son, 

Emanuel Sutermeister, 
Flour and Grain— 

Samuel Gannett 
General Store— 

Charles F. Tarbox, 
Granite Dealers— 

Beals Bros., 

Magulre & O'Heron, 

VTiiiiam Rice 
Granite Quarries— 

*red Martell, 

H. J. Ri CP 

'•rist Mill— Samuel Gannett 

W, C. Bailey, 
John Curtis & Co., 
Christopher Graham, 
Lennon Bros., 
Thomas S. McWhlrk 
'O'-Pl'h H. Pearce, 
•John C. Talbot 
Mary J. WaUe 

!, «ir«lres-4ers— 

-ohn E. Irwin, 
Timothy W. Melley 

East M. 

East M. 

East M. 
E. Milton 

East M. 

East M. 

East M. 


East M. 

East M. 
East M 

East M. 

East M. 
East M. 

Blue Hill 

East M. 

East M. 

Hardware Dealers— 

Holden & Brock 
J. C. Talbot 
Harness Makers— 

A. H. Crossman & Co. 

Jedediah Strangman 
Hotels— Granite House, Mrs. 
itt, prop., 

Milton Hill House, Mrs. J. 
Ice Dealers- 
Pope & Turner. 
Ins ii ranee Agents- 
Thomas W. Pond 

H. A. Pope 

William Wood 
Jeweler — Alexander Hobba 
Justices of the Peace — 

Theron A. Appolonio 

Michael J. Herry 

J. Walter Bradlee 

John F. Brown 

John M. Brown 

J. P. S. Churchill 

Robert F. Herrick 

G. Arthur Hilton 

Joseph Holmes 

Charles R. Kurd 

Henry B. Martin 

George W. Morton 

James F. Pope 

Edward C. Perkins 

James S. Russell 

J. Albert Simpson 

Albert K. Teele 

Arthur H. Tucker 

Edwin D. Wadsworth 

Horace E. Ware 

William Wood 
Lawyer»-John M. Brown 

Charles Van Brunt 

J. B. Churchill 

J. M. B. Churchill 

Alfred D. Foster 

Robert F» Herrick 

G. Arthur Hilton 

E. C. Perkins 

Charles S. Rackemann 

Felix Rackemann 

George R. R. Rivers 

Paul B. Watson 
Library— Milton Public, Mi 

Chapman, lib. 
Lumher Dealers — 

0. S. Godfrey & Son 
Masons — 

H. W. Bates, 

Herbert W. Hater 
Newsdealers — 

William M. Clark. 

A. L. Holden 
Newspaper — Milton News 

W. A. Woodward, pub. 
Notaries Pnhllc— John M. 

Alexander Beal 

1. Tiu'ker Burr. Jr. 
J. P. S. Churchill 
Alfred D. Foster 
Robert F. Herrick 
G. Arthur Hilton 
Henry B. Martin 

Painters— Joseph E. Blake 
William W. Chapman 
Forde & Barron, 
Charles S. Gage, 
Chas. A. Prcsrey (carriage), 
Whelan Bros, (carriage) 

J. F. Leav- 

East M. 

F. Leavitt, 


ss Emma K. 

East M. 

East M. 

East M. 


Of anything that can ho printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester, 



MILTON— Continued. 

Paper Mfrs.~ 

Tlleston & Hollingsworth (book), Mattapan 

P. K. Browne, East M. 

Charles R. Gilchrist. East M. 

H. P. Jaques 

Walter C. Kite 

Freeland D. Leslie (Horn.) 

James J. Minot 

M. Vassar Plerca 

Joseph R. Webster, East M, 

Plumber— Timothy G. Ryan 
Post Offices ami Postmasters— 

Milton— H. Arnold Pope 

East Milton-— Thomas L. Pearce 

Blue "Hill — Lennon Bros. 
Printers— Fred A. Lowell 

W. A. Woodward 
Provision Dealers — 

John Curtiss & Co. 

G. Vred Everett 

Joseph H. Pearce, East M. 

Herbert B. Tucker 
Soap Mfr.~ 

S. A. Meagher, Mattapan 

Spring Water— ( harles C. Copeland 
Stables— Lemuel Crossman & Son 

George H. Leeds 
Stationer — IT. Arnold Pope 
Tallow Dealer— S. A. Meagher 
Veterinary Surgeon — 

Harrison A. Souther 
Water "Works — Milton Water Co., C. 

W. Holmes, supt. 
Window Screens -J. D. Chute 


In Franklin Co., on Hoosac Tunnel 
Inc. Feb. 21, 1822. Pop. 298. 
Village— Monroe Bridge. 


Annual town meeting called by Se- 
lectmen in March or April. 
Clerk— H. T. Goodell, M. Bridge 

David H. Sherman, ch., M. Bridge 
S. R. Tower 

W. F. Whitney, M. Bridge 

Auditor-G. E. Brown, N. Bridge- 

Treasurer and Collector— 

H. T. Goodell, M. Bridge 

Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers of Poor — Selectmen 
Constables— W. H. Tower, M. Bridge 
Warren Kingsley, M. Bridge 

H. C. Baker. M. Bridge 

Highway Commissioners — 
Warren Kingsley 
E. C. Davis 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Pnblic Sebools. 

Committee — 

W. L. Allen, ch., 

W. F. Whitney, 

A. H. Goldthwaite, 
Supt.— E. F. Howard, 

M. Bridge 

M. Bridge 

M. Bridge 




H. S. Tower, 

M. Bridge 








& Wilmington R. R. (narrow gauge) 

Cider Mfr— Silas Phelps 
Clergymen and Churches— 

J. Edward Farrow, Methodist, Wilming- 
ton, Vt. 
, Baptist 

American ExpreBS Co., 

General Store— H. T. 

Warren Kingsley, prop., 

Ice Dealers- 
James Kamage Paper Co. 

Justice of tlie Peace- 
David H. Sherman 
Edward L. Wells 

Library— Monroe Public Library, 
• Whitcomb, Monroe, and H. S. Tower, 
Monroe Bridge, libs. 

Lumber Dealers— William L. Allen 
Whitcomb & Stafford 

Paper Mfrs.— 
James Ramage Paper Co., M. Bridge 

Post Offices and Postmasters- 
Monroe — L. E. Stafford 
Monroe Bridge — C. A. Perry 

Saw Mills— William L. Allen 
Whitcomb & Stafford 

Warren Kingsley, M. Bridge 
Stase Line— Monroe and Monroe Bridge. 
J. Rabida, prop. 

F. W. 


In Hampden Co., 88 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Springfield and 4 m. south 
of Palmer on New London IMv. Central Vermont R. R.; stage to Palmer. 
Inc. April 28, 1TG0. Bop. 3.74G 

Villages— North Monson, South Monson, Quarry. 

Clerk— Carlos M. Gage 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 


Selectmen- Arthur D. Norcross, ch. 
George II. Fosklt 
Orrin C. MeCray 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F, S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Auditors— Rufus P. Cushman 
Frank E. Morris 

Treasurer — Tliatldcus L. Cushman 

Collector— Ralph Clifford 

Assessors— George A. Harvey, ch 
Daniel B. Needhain 
Rufus S. Stebbins 

Overseers I'oor— Selectmen 

Constables— Joel II. Thompson 
George W. Seymour 
David D. Maney 
Thomas J. Sault 
Eugene S. Howlett 

Highway Surveyor- 
Arthur D. Norcross 

Water Commissioners- 
Arthur D. Norcross 
Charles A. Brad way 
Carlos M. Gage 

Cemetery Commissioners- 
George E. Fuller, M. D., chairman 
Arthur 1>. Ellis 
Carlos L. Peck 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Chief Fire Dept.— D. B. Needham 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Charles W. Jackson 
Alonzo M. Bee be 
Harry A. Merchant 
Michael F. Moore 
William Suteliffe 
William L. Ricketts 

Supt. Schools— Frank J. Sherman 

Prin. Monson Academy- 
Arthur N. Burke 

Prins. Grammar Schools- 
Margaret T. Corcoran 
Charles L. Jewett 
Mattie M. Collis 
Bessie E. Suteliffe 


Auctioneer- Bert Leach 
Baker— Henry N. Butler 
Blinks- Monson National Bank, E. F. 
Morris, cashier 

Monson Savings Bank, Frank E. Morris, 
Bicycle Dealers— Chas. A. Bradway 

George L. Keeney 

E. D. Tufts 
Billiard Room— A. R. Wentworth 
Blacksmiths— Frank L. Bliss 

George W. Burdick 

Lorenzo Hutchinson 

John H. Martin 
Boot and Shoe Dealer- 
George L. Fuller 
Boot and Shoe Makers- 
Solomon Moulton 

Robert Murphy 

f'arl A. Nordstrom 
Carpenters— Julius N. Graves 

William B. Grout 

Frank F. Magulre 

Thomas Mills 
Carriage Makers— Geo. W. Burdick 

Lorenzo Hutchinson 

John H. Martin (repairer) 
Cider Makers— John H. Martin 

William Sullivan 

Clergymen and Churches- 
Charles -0. Connor, Unlversallst 

Franklin S. Hatch, First Congregational 

Alpheus R. Nichols, Methodist 

Thomas O'Keefe, St. Patrick's R. C. 

Francis J. Riley, curate St. Patrick'! 
R. C. 


James Tufts, Congregational 
Clothing: and Men's Furnish.- 

iiiSN-A. A. Babbitt 
Coul and Wood— Ralph Clifford 

Squier & McCray 
Contractors— W. N. Flynt Granite Co. 
Creamery— H. 1). Moulton 
Dentist— Perlin W. Soule 
Druggists— Fred S. Chapman 

George L. Keeney 
Dry and Fancy Goods- 
Thomas H. Todd 
Express— American Express Co. 
fertiliser Mir.— Daniel Moulton 
Fish and Oysters— James Pendergast 
Florist— William H. Pease 
Flour, Grain and Feed — 

Squier & Co. 
Furniture Dealer — 

Ralph F. Bradway 
General Stores- W, N. Flynt & Son« 

Gage Bros. 

Rogers & Co. 
Granite tlnnrry — 

W. N. Flynt Granite Co. 
Grist Mills— Harrison C. Day 

Squier & Co. 
Grocers— Howe, Harris n <fc ("o. 

O'Brien Bros. 

James Pendergast 
Hairdressers— W. H. Anderson 

Charles Thayer 
Harness 1 Maker- Charles* F. Smith 
Hat Mt'rs.— 

Helmann & Lichten (straw and felt) 
Hotels — Century Hotel, Hi nry E. New- 
ton, prop. 

Monson 4Iouse, William Foley, prop. 
Ice Dealer— Herbert M. Smith 
Insurance Agents — 

Freelon Q. Ball 

Frank E. Morris 
Jewelers and Watchmakers — 

Frank A. Bills 

George E. Grout 
Justices of the Peace- 

Freelon Q. Ball 

Lyman C. Flynt 

Carlos M. Gage 

Frank E. Morris 

Carlos L. Peck 

John P. Herliby, Jr. 
Lann dry— Charles F. Orcu t 
Lawyer— Freelon Q. Ball 
Library- -Monson Free Library, Nelll* 

F. Squier, lib. 
Lumhcr Dealers— Squier & Co 
Millinery — Kate M. Coyle 

M. 8- M. Gavin 

L. I. Williams & Co. 
Music and Musical Instrn- 

ments— Charles Merrick 
Newsdealers— W. N. Flynt &. Sons 

George L. Keeney 
Newspaper — Monson Register (weekly), 

Fred E. Cady, prop. 
.Votaries l'uhlic — Carlos M. Gag» 

Edward F. Moms 
Painters— Edward J. Osborne 

Henry Wood (house and sign) 
Photographer — A. N. Gaonette 


^Tr^?^ 1 


MONSON— Continued. 

Physicians— Fred W. Ellis 

George E. Fuller 

Charles W. Jackson 

Harry A. Merchant 

John P. Rand (Horn.) 
Plumbers- Washington 3. Dunham 

Cornelius J. Leary 

Henry P. Witherell 
Post Ofltce and Postmaster— 

Monson— John P. Herlihy. Jr. 
Provision Dealers— 

Rogers & Co. 
Qnnrry-W. N. Flynt Granite Co 
Real Ksiute Agent— 

Freelon Q. Ball 
Saw Mill— Reuhen Smith (also ehinglei) 
Scliool — Monson Academy, Jams Francis 
Buttenvorth, prin. 


Stables— Ralph Clifford 

John Curley 
Stoves and Tinware — 

Cornelius J. Leary 

Henry P. Witherell 
Tailor— Mat F. Connelly 
Teas and Si>ices — Edward J. Hughe 
Toys and Fancy Goods — 

Charles RLerriok 
Trnprock— W. N. Flynt Granire Co. 
Undertaker— Ralph F. Bradway 
Wood Den I crs— Eugene J. Foskett 

William Lewis 

Moulton & Bliss 
Woolen Goods jMffcrs.— 

S. F. Cushman <£- Sons (cassi meres) 

D. W. Ellis & Son (fancy cassimeroH) 

R. M. & T. Reynolds (dress goods) 


In Franklin Co., 8 m. southeast of Greenfield on F. R. R. and New London 
& Northern Div. of Central Vermont R. R. Ine. Jan. 25, 17.14. Pop. 6,038. 
. Villages— Montague Center, Turner's Falls, Lake Pleasant, Montague City, 
Miller's Falls. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— H. D. Bardwell, Turner's Falls 

R. L. Atherton, ch., 

John D. Lynch, 

George H. Goddard 

C. W. Schuler, 
Philip Jacobus, 
Perry E. Amidon, 

Treasurer and Collector- 
Edward P. March Turner's Falls 

Assessors— Isaac Chenery, chairman 
John E. Kavanaugh, Miller's Falls 
W. H. P. Oil more, 

Overseers Poor- 
John S. Powers, ch., 
Edward P. March 
Warren Bardwell 

R. L. Atherton, 
Philip Allard, 

D. F. Ripley, 
Lawrence Killelea, 
Joseph Laframbois, 
Christian D. Simpter, 
Fred E. Field 
John A. Griffin, 
Anson F. Cobb 
Charles B. Oilman, 
John D. Lynch, 
Daniel Keen, 

Supt. Streets- 
It. L. Atherton, 

Water Commissioners — 
L. J. March, Turner's Fails 

H. D. Bardwell, Turner's Falls 

E. I. Cassidy, Turner's Falls 
Cemetery Commissioner— I). F. Ripley 
Sinking Fund Commissioners Town- 
Jacob Fitz, Turner's Falls 
G. L. Rlst, Turner's Falls 
C. W. Ilazelton, Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Miller's Falls 


Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Miller's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Miller's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Tumor's Falls 
M. City 

Miller's Falls 

M. City 

Miller's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

A. E. Martcll, Turner's 

F. I. Webster, Turner's 

F. N. Conant, Turner's 

Sinking Fund Commissioners, 
ner's Fnlls Fire District— 

L. J. March, Turner's 

n. D. Bardwell, Turner's 

E. I. Cassidy, Turner's 

Board Health— 

Dr. C. F. Leary, ch., Turner's 

Joseph II. Batten, -.urner's 
John D. Lynch, Miller's 

Chief Police— 

D. F. Ripley, Turner's Falls 

Chief Fire Dept.— 

Daniel F. McCarthy, Turner's Falls 

Public Schools. 




Committee — 
Edgar L. Bartlett 
Dorr A. Hudson, 
W. O. Crocker, 

Supt. Schools- 
Alfred Turners, 

Principals High School 
L. L. Baker, 
Eva L. Tower, 

Miller's Fall- 
Turner's Fails 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 



Clapp & Abercromble, Turner's Falls 

Z. Bouchard, Turner's Falls 

E. E. Conant, Lake Pleasant 

Luclen Codln, Turner's Falls 

L. Hamelin, Turner's Falls 

Bands— Germania Cornet Band, Amen 

Rhyme, leader, Turner's Falls 

Tasgart's Orchestra, Miller's Falls 

Banks— Crocker National Bank, Daniel 

P. Abercromblfi, cash., Turner's Falls 
Crocker Institution for Savings, D. P 

Abercromble, treaa. 



DIRECTORY, published annually. 

V. S. Blanc-hard Hi Co., Worcester. 



Bicycle Dealers & Repairers— 

Chester A. Carey, Turner's Falls 

C. T. Roberts, Turner's Falls 

Albert O. Wyman, Turner's Falls 

Billiard ami Pool Rooms — 

Turner's Falls 
Miller's Falls 

Miller's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
tinners — 

Miller's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Miller's Falls 

Montague City 
Montague City 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Montague City 

Montague City 

Farren House. 
William Mayhew, 
Blacksm iths— 

William T. Campbell, 
Mi rot: L. Clark 
Philip Cavanaugh. 
Charles T. Roberts, 
Lyman B. Sewall 
Fred Williams. 
Booksellers ami Sta 
Mrs. S. H. Amidon, 
Bardwell & Gilrnore, 
Charles Cook, 
Boot and Shoe Dealers 
M. B. Collins, Turner's Falls 

Gilbert L. Rist, Turner's Falls 

Charles Sicard <£: Son. Turner's Falls 

Boot and Slioe Makers- 
Arthur Bourget, Turner's Falls 
Edward Labelle. . Turner's Falls 
Charles Schneider, Turner's Falls 
Box. Mfr.— Thomas F. Harrington 
Brick Mfrs.— 
A. C. & F. G, Burnham 
H. L. Putnam, 
Thomas Brothers, 
Turner's Falls Brick Co., 
Welch & Cahill, 
Building Mover- 
Charles S. Park, 
Carpenters and Builders- 
Solomon H. Amidon, Miller's Falls 
John Lapoint, Turner's Falls 
Frederick Martino. Turner's Falls 
'Charles S. Park, Montague City 
Thomas Bros., Turner's Falls 
Cigar Mfrs.— 

Frederick Roeder & Son, Turner's Falls 
Cigars and Tobacco- 
Julius EquI, Turner's Falls 
George H. Hall, Turner's Falls 
Gottleib Moltenbrey, Turner's Falls 
Frederick Roeder & Son, Turner's Falls 
Jacob Yetter. - Turner's Falls 
Civil Engineers and Surveyors 
Clapp & Abercrombie, Turner's Falls 
Clergymen and Churches— 
Joseph C. Allard, St. Anne's R. C, 
Turner's Falls 
P. Brlzinski, Ger. Lutheran, 

Turner's Falls 
N. P. Boese, Ger. Meth., P. O. Greenfield 
Angelo Hall, Unitarian. Turner's Falls 
Borr A. Hudson. Cong., Miller's Falls 
C- A. Martell, Baptist, Turner's Falls 
Frank N, Merriam. Cong., Turner's Falls 
Thomas E. Purcell, St. Mary's R. C. 
Turner's Falls 
Martin L. Richardson, Congregational 
Clothina- Dealers- 
Allen Bros., 

James B. Marsh 
Rist & Conant. 
John S. Powers, 
G. G. Waterman & 'Co., 
Conl and Wood— 
George M. Drake. 
Samuel C. Lincoln 
Mrs. Ellen M. McCarthy, 
Prank I. Webster. 


Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Miller's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Miller's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Confectionery aad Fruit— 

Myra A. Amidon, Miller's Falls 

Julius Equi, Turner's Falls 

Mrs. J. J. Drago, Turner's Falla 

Contractors and Builders— 
S. H. Amidon, Miller's Falls 

Charles S. Park, Montauue City 

Thomas Bros., Turner's Falla 

Cotton Goods Mfrs. — 
Turner's Fall3 Cotton Mills (sheetings; 

Creamery — Montague Co-op. 'Creamery 

Cutlery Mfrs.— 
John Russell Cutlery Co., Turner's Falls 


A. J. Nims, Turner's Falls 

Doors, Sash and Blinds- 
Joseph F. Bartlctt, Turner's Falls 

Druggists — 
Frederick Colle, Turner's Falls 

Irving A. D.arling, Turner's Falls 

John F. Hood, Turner's Falls 

Alfred E. Martel, Turner's Falls 

Edward M. Partridge, Miller's Falls 

Dry and Fancy Goods- 
Campbell & Co., Turner's Falls 
Cyrus L. Glynn, Turner's Falls 
Marble & Gilbert, , Turner's Falls 
James B. Marsh 

Mrs. K. A. McQuestlon, Turner's Falls 
John S. Powers, Miller's Falls 

Mrs. E. M. Ward, Miller's Falls 

Electric Light Co.— Franklin Elec- 
tric Light Co., W. D. Russell, pres. 

Adams Express Co., Turner's Falls 
American Express Co., Turner's Falls 
American Express Co., Miller's Falls 
National Express Co., Turner's Falls 

Fertilisers— Austin H. Washburn 

Fish and Oysters — 
S. A. Rivet. Turner's Falls 

John Schuhle, Turner's Falls 

Fishing Rod Mfrs — 

. Montagu^ City Rod 'Co., Montague City 

Flour, Grain and Hay— 
D. J. Harrington, Turner's Falls 

Luey fc Lamson. Miller's Falls 

Furniture Dealers— 
L. A. Tupper & Co., Turner's Falls 

Dana E. Wiswall & Co., Turner's Falls 

General Stores — 
W. & W. A. Burnham, Montague City 

Lucius S. Field 

Cyrus L. Glynn, Turner's Falls 

S. C. Lincoln 
James B. Marsh 

John S. Powers, Miller's Falls 

Harry H. Root 
Thomas B. Stratton. Miller's Falls 

Gents' Furnishing Goods- 
Allen Bros., Turner's Falls 
Campbell & Co., Turner's Falls 
John S. Powers, Miller's Falls 
Rist & Conant, Turner's Falls 
G. G. Waterman & Co., Turner's Falls 

Grist Mills— 
Luey & Lamson, Miller's Falls 

George M. Stratton 

Ca.ssldy Bros.. Turner's Falls 

L. Hamlin. Turner's Falls 

Jeffers & Phillips, Miller's Falls 

Frank D. Jones. Riverside 

Mann & Anthony, Turner's Falls 

S. E. Ripley, Lake Pleasant 

Andrew Sauter, Turner's Falls 

If you don't and the name you arc looking for in this 
book under a certain heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
i tications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 


MONTAGUE— Continued. 

John H. Sears, 
Philip Shanahan, 
Patrick F. Welch, 
C. P. Wise, 

Henry Cavanaugh, 
James Coburn, 
John Dargnault. 
Martin Fritz, 
W. Jacobus. 
F. C. Koonz & Co., 
William Mayhew, 

Co lie Opera House 


Miller's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's FallB 
Turner's Falls 

Turner' 8 Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Tumor's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Miller's Falls 

capacity 750, 

Turner's Falls 
A. 0. H. Hall, capacity 700, 

Turner's Falls 
Fawtucket Hall, capacity 400, 

Turner's Falls 
F. I. Webster, 
Hardware Mfrs.— 
Langdon Mitre Box Co., 
Miller's Falls Co., 
Harness Makers and Dealers— 
Alberic Godin. Turner's Falls 

Edward O. William3 
Hotels— American House, Collins & Har- 
rington, props., Turner's Falls 
Farren House, C. D. Whlttaker & Son, 
props., Turner's Falls 
Lake Pleasant Hotel (summer), 

Lake Pleasant 
Miller's Falls Inn. Thomas O'Keefe. 

Turner's Falls 

Miller's Falls 
Miller's Falls 


Montague Hotel, Edward 
lee Dealers— 

C. A. Davis, 

Fred H. King, 

Stephen McCarthy, 
Insnrance Asents — 

Collins & March, 

William H. P 

Miller's Falls 
O. Williams, 

Turner's Fals 
Miller's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Gilmore (general) 

Turner's Falls 
Albert H. Rist, Turner's Falls 

Iron Founders- 
Clark Machine Co.. Turner's Falls 
Jewelers and Watehmnkers- 
Martin L. Bitzer. Turner's Falls 
William F. Everett, Miller's Falls 
Gustavus F. Milkey, Turner's Falls 
Edward M. Partridge, Miller's Fall3 
Jnstiees oC tbe Peace- 
Daniel P. Abercrombte, Turner's Falls 
Ralph L. Atherton, Turner's Falls 
Joseph F. Bartlett, Turner's Falls 
Charles M. Burnett, Turner's Falls 
Isaac Chenery 
Augustus C. Carey 
William S. Dana, 
George H. Goddard, 
Thomas F. Harrington 
Charles W. Hazelton, 
John E. Kavanaugh, 
William D. Russell 
William H. Ward, 
Lann dry- 
Wallace L. Gillette, 

William S. Dana, 
Libraries— Montague 

Kate A. Armstrong, lib. 
Turner's Falls Public Library, N. 
Farwell, lib. 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Public Library. 

Liquor Dealers- 
Jacobus Bros.. Turner's Falls 
Schneider & North, "Turner's Falls 
Welch & O'Brien, Turner's Fall3 

Lumber— Marcellus D. Stratton 
Turner's Falls Lumber Co., Turner' s Falls 

Maeblnisls & Machinery Alfrs.— 
Clark Machine Co. (water wheels and 

Charles S. Park, 
Michael Sullivan & Son, 
Thomas Bros., 

Mrs. E. C. Labelle, 
Marble & Gilbert. 
Ella M. Ward, 

31111 Supplies— 
F. I. Webster, 

Music Dealers — 
Bardwell & Gilmore, 
James F. Bates. 

Bardwell & Gilmore, 
T. S. Carney, 
Gottleib Moltenbrey, 

Newspapers — Turner's 

(weekly), Cecil T. Bagnall, prop. 

Notaries Public 
Joseph F. Bartlett, 
Isaac Chenery 
Augustus C. Cary 
William S. Dana, 
George E. Rogers 
W. C. D. Thomas 

Nnrseryiiien— J. I 
Augustus Paillet 

Joseph F. Bartlett, 
George P. Dunbar, 
Wllliahi Gaitrell, 
Edward O. Paul, 

Turner's Falls 

Montague City 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Fall3 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Miller's FallB 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Falls Reporter 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 


Contains the Complete 
Business Directory of.... 

Paints, Oils and Glass- 
Joseph F. Bartlett, Turner's Falls 

Paper Hanger- 
Joseph F. Bartlett, Turner's Falls 

Paper Mfis.- 
Internatlonal Paper Co., Turner's Falls 
Keith Paper Co. (writing), Turner's Falls 
Marshall Paper Co., Turner's Falls 

Pbotoyr rap Iters — 
C. W. Berry, Turner's Falls 

Arthur J. Corblere, Turner's Falls 

George R. Scott. Miller's Falls 

Pliysieians — 

Enoch G. Best, Turner's Falls 

J. R. Charron. Turner's Falls 

George A. Cook 

E. A. Deane 

Patrick F. Leary, Turner's Falls 

Charles C. Mcsser, Turner's Falls 

Stlllman P. Woodbury, .Miller's Falls 

1*1 umbers- 
Miller's Falls Plumbing Co.. 

Miller's Falls 
Henry Reiniker, Turner's Falls 

George Starbuck & Co., Turner's Falls 
M. A. Ward, Turner's Falls 

Post Ollices and Postmasters- 
Montague — Frank O. Johnson 
Montague City — Burnham Brothers 
Turner's Falls— F. E. Brings 
Miller's Falls— Mrs. S. H. Amldon 
Lake Tleasant— Norris S. Henry 

Cecil T. Bagnall, Turner's Falls 

353 Towns and Cities. 



Provision Dealers- 
Leonard W. Aiken, 
E. L. Bartlett 
Alfred J. Reed, 
Frank Roberts, Jr., 
John Schule, 
W. H. Sweeney, 
C. P. Wise. 

Palp Mfr.— 
New England Fibre Co., 

Real Estate Aerent- 
R. L. Atherton, 

George H. Hall, 

Saw Mills— Charles J. 
T. F. Harrington 
Mlron Maynard 

Soap Mfrs. — Lucama 

Chester A. Davis, 
Fred H. King, 
Stephen McCarthy, 
Thomas O'Keefe, 
C. D. Whlttaker & Son, 

Turner's Falls 

Miller's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 
Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

Electric Soap 
Miller's Falls 

Turner's Falls 
Miller's Falls 

Turner's Fallg 
Miller's Falls 

Turner's Falls 

R. C. Wildes 

Edward O. Williams (sale) 
Stoves and Tinware-? 

Henry Reiniker, Turner's Falls 

George A. Starbuck & Co., Turner's Falls 
Myron A. Ward, Turner's Falls 

Street Railway— Greenfield & Tur- 
ner's Falls Street Railway Co., F. E. 
Lowe, pres. and gen. mgr. 

Louis Cadarette. Turner's Falls 
N. L. Cote. Turner's Falls 

Toilet Articles Mfr.— B. F. Miner 

Undertakers — 
John C. Gould, Turner's Falls 

Eugene E. McCarthy, Turner's Falls 

L. A. Tupper & Co.,. Turner's Falls 

Dana E. Wlswall & Co., Turner's Falls 

L. A. Tupper & Co., Turner's Falls 

Dana E. Wiswall & Co., Turner's Falls 

Water Power Company — Turner's 
Falls Water Power Co., Turner's Falls 

Wheelwright— Avery Clapp 


In Berkshire Co., 140 m. from Boston, 20 m. from Pittsfield and 8 m. east 
of Great Harrington by stage. Inc. April 12, 1S47. Pop. 4G4. 

lioanling Houses (Summer) — 

George W. Anderson 

William E. Bump 

Henry Clapp 

H. P. Fargo 

F. G. Heath 

P. H. Sears 

Henry Woods 
Boot and Shoe Maker— 

W. S. Tyrell 
Butter* and Cheese- 
Berkshire Hills Creamery 
Carpenters— W. E. Bump 

J. M. Klnne 
Cattle Dealer— M. S. Bidwell 
Clergyman anil Church— 

John Dooly, Congregational 
General Store— H. W. Langdon 
Grist Mill— J. K. Hadsell 
Hotel— Tryons, D. C. Tryon, prop. 
Justices of the Peace— 

Marshall S. Bidwell 

Francis G. Heath 

Henry W. Langdon 
Ijlhrary— Monterey Public Library, Jes- 
sie A. Townsend, lib. 
Masons— C. Burrows 

B. E. Tryon 
Painter— C. W. Gregory 
Post Ollice and Postmaster- 
Monterey — Henry \V. Langdon 
Provision Dealer— A. J. Hall 
Saw Mill— John K. Hadsell 
Stahle— F. G. Heath 


Annual town meeting last Monday In 

Clerk— Henry W. Langdon 
Selectmen— Charles W. Gregory, ch. 

George L. Keyes 

Albert M. Dond 
Auditor— Henry Clapp 
Treasurer and Collector— W. F.Miner 
Assessors— George W. Morse 

Bert E. Tryon 

John Palmer 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constable— John AV. Gregory 
Supt. Streets— William Hawkins 
Chief Police— D. A. Campbell 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Puhlic Schools. 

Committee— Elihu D. Harmon 
Henry P. Fargo 
Mary M. Stedman 


Agricultural Implements— 

P. G. Heath 
Auctioneer— W. S. Bidwell 
Hlaeksmiths— E. J. Geowey 

K. Z. Woodford 


In Hampden Co., 118 m. from Boston, 18 m. northwest of Springfield and 
'". from Westfleld by stage. Inc. Nov. 28, 17S0. Pop. 275. 

CATALOGUE PRINTING Isoursp ^;tS c< ^ Jwor,tor 

■— ninUUUUL I IllllllliU p. S. BIASCHABI) & CO., WOBCESTEB. 



MONTGOMERY— Continued. 


Annual town meeting Monday near- 
est April 1. 

Clerk— A. D. Avery 

Selectmen— L. O. Moore, chairman 
R. W. Clark, Russell 

A. D. Avery 

Auditor— Frank Preston 

Treasurer— D. L. Allyn 

Collector— C. H. Clapp 

Assessors— Selectmen 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Constables— 0. IT. Clapp 
C. A. Williams 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Chief Police— C. H. Clapp 

Pnlilic Scliools. 

Committee— D. L. Allyn, eh. 
C. II. Williams 
S. W. Williston 


Ax Helve Mfr.— C. A. Williams 

Carpenter — H. C. Kelso 
Cattle Dealer— D. L. Allyn 
Chemist mill Electrician— 

L. B. Allyn 
Ci«Ier MuUerN-S. S. Avery 

J. E. Camp 

Gilbert Squier 
Clergymen an«l Cliurclies — 

R. B. Esten, Baptist, P. O. Westfleld 

G. L. Teeple, Second Advent. P. O. Wy- 
Creameries— A. D. Avery 

John Camp 

Samuel W. Coe 

E. A. Chapman 
C. Hay den 

Justice of tlie Peaee — 

F. W. Clark 

Library— Montgomery Public Library, 

Mrs. D. L. Allyn, lib. 
Painter— Clifford Williston 
Postmistress— Mrs. A. E. Pittsinger 
Saw Mills— Ladru R. Clark 
Ladru R. Clark 
Fitzhugh Hoag 
Staive Line — Montgomery and Westfleld 

(S in.), W. B. Cushman. prop. 
Wheelwright mid General Job- 
ber— S. W, Williston 


In Berkshire Co. This town forma 
Nearest railroad station is Copake, N. 
Inc. June 21, 1779. Pop. 13G. 


Annual town meeting fourth Monday 

in March. 
Clerk— Alfred I. Spurr 
Selectmen — Ira L. Patterson, ch. 

Lewis Houghtailing, Alandar 

Edward S. Schutt, Alandar 

Auditor— Orrin C. Whitbeck 
Treasurer— Alfred I. Spun- 
Collector— William H. Weaver 
Assessors— H. 1). Lamsou, ch., Alandar 

Lewis Houghtailing 

Edward C. Schutt, Alandar 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constable — Dewey J. Melius 
Supt. Streets— Ira L. Patterson 

the southwestern angle of the State. 
Y., on the New York & Harlem R. R. 

Board Health— Selectmen 

. Public Schools. 

Committee— Herbert 1<\ Keith, ch. 
Howard D. Lamsou. Alandar 

Edwin Laird 


Express — American from Copake Iron 

Works, N. Y. 
Justice of the Peace— 

Orrin C. Whitbeck 
Post Ollices nml Postmasters— 

Mt. Washington — Ira L. Patterson 
Alandar— William H. Weaver 


In Essex Co., 4 m. from Lvnn by stage: 
m.). Inc. March 20, 1853. Pop. S65. 
Village— Bass Point. 

steamers to Boston in summer (lf> 


Annual town meeting third Saturday 
In March. 

Clerk— Charles Cabot Johnson 

Selectmen— Joseph T. Wilson, ch. 
J. Colby Wilson 
T. Dexter Johnson 

Auditors— Charles Fohn 
George W. Taylor, Jr. 
Everett D, Pierce 

Treasurer and Collector- 
George A. Gove 

Assessors— Selectmen 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constable— Frank G. Phillips 
Supt. Streets— Charles W. Stacy 
Water Commissioner — II. L. Cochran 
Board Health— Selectmen 
Chief Police— Frank G. Phillips 
Chief Fire Dept.— Francis B. Crocker 

Pnlilic Schools. 

Committee — Otis A. Johnson, ch. 
H. Shepard Johnson 
Charles B. Goodell 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAH BOOK is published by F. S. Bknchara 
& Co., Worcester, unci is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 
appropriating its coutent» will be prosecuted to thu fullest extent. 



Prin. High School— O. A. Tuttle 

Miss I. B. Stone 

Prins. Grammar Schools- 

J. C. White 

Florence A. Johnson 

Hairdresser— A. Gray 

Carrie V. Hammond 

Hotels— Bass Point House, A. G. Ful- 

Nellie M. Palmer 

ler & Co., props. 

Edith M. Brown 

Hotel Nahant, D. L. Trafton, prop. 

Florence M. Kinney 

Hotel Tudor, W. Catto, prop. 

Picnic Park House, J. Tibbetts, prop. 

Relay House, E. H. Brar.n, prop. 


Trimountain House, Brown & Swain 

Blacksmiths— William Colebeck 

Ice Dealer— W. J. Johnson 

William Killion 

Justices of the Peace- 

Boat Builders — Roger Eccles 

James H. Beal 

ALLAN HAY, Nahant rd. P. 0. ad- 

Winthrop T. Hodge 

dress Lynn. See adv. 

E. J. Johnson 

Robert H. Robertson 

T. Dexter Johnson 



Hoisting Engines To Let. Masts and Spars of all kinds Made 
to Order. Yachts and Boats Hauled Up. Cleaning, Painting 
and Repairing Done at Short Notice . . 



Post Office Address, Lynn, Mass. 

Boot and Slioe Makers- 
John J. Bolger 

John Trefry 
Bowling: Alleys— Bass Point House 

William McDonald 

Relay House 
Carpenters— Roger Eccles 

Perkins Bros. 

Joseph T. Wilson 
Cigars and Tobacco— 

C. C. Capronl 

T. Dexter Johnson 
Clergymen and Churches- 
William McKinney, Methodist 

Arthur Teellng, St. Thomas' R. C. 

P. 0. Lynn 

Nahant Episcopal (supplied) 
Coal and Wood — W. J. Johnson 
Confectionery and Fruit— 

C C. Capronl 

T. D. Johnson 

B. Frank Taylor 
Dory Builders— 

ALL AX HAY, Nahant rd. P. O. ad- 
dress Lynn. See adv. 
Dressmakers-Mrs. F. A. Rabbins 

Delhi Springer 
Urnft-gist— William D. Wheeler 
«2xi>resses— Carahar's Nahant, Lynn & 
Boston Express 

Crocker's Nahant & Boston Express 
Fish Dealers— C. E. Gore 
Florist— Thomas Rowland 
Flour and (Jrniu- 

Torrence, Vary & Co. 
Furniture Dealer— 

•J- C Shaughnessy 
General Store— T. Dexter Johnson 
Grocers— George E. Poland 

Herbert F. Otis 

William K. Richardson 

Philip S. Seara 

Fred A. Wilson 
Library — Nahant Public, Caroline 

Johnson, lib. 
Laundry— Matilda Watson 
Mast and Spar Makers — 

ALLAN HAY'. Nahant rd. P. 0. : 
dre^s Lynn. See adv. 
Notary Public— Philip S. Sears 
Painters — William Luscomb 

J. C. Wilson 
Photographers — C. F. Hayden 

M. J. Haynes 

Charles A. Sweetser 
Virginia F. Bryant (Horn.) 

Thomas Dwight 

J. G. Mumford 
Plumbers — James G. Shaughnessr 

P. H. Winn 
Post Office and Postmaster— 

Nahant— T. J. Cusick 
Provision Dealers— G. E. Poland 

White & Johnson 

J. C. White 
Restaurants— Anderson Cafe 

James H. Andrews 

James Boyd 

Ida L. Center 

S. E. Counteway 

Frank Deshon 

Julia H. Gregolre 

Thomas C. Murphy 

Henry L. Roberta 

Robert Smith 

W. J. Sullivan 

J. C. Tibbetts 


Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication friviti;,' the complete roster of Public 
Oulcials. It should be iu every business oillco. 


NAHANT— Continued. 

James H. Tufts 
Stnhles — Carhar Brothers 

Patrick C. Fenelon 

Byron Goodell & Sons 

Kinney & Clark 

G. W. Kibbey 
Stnjie Lines— Lynn & Nahant, G. 
KIbbey, prop. 

Lynn & Naliant. Byron Goodell. prop. 


Nahant & Lynn, Carhar Bros., props. 
Steamboat Cos. — Clyde S. S. Co. 

Lynn Steamboat Co. 
Teamsters— C. F. Johnson & Sons 

W. J. Johnson 

J. L. Kennedy 
Umlertnker — Edmund B. Johnson 
Yacht Builders— 

ALLAN HAY. Nnhant id. P. O. 
dress Lynn. See adv. 


County scat of Nantucket Co., 120 m. southeast of Boston on Nantucket 
Island; steamers to Wood's Holl (HO in.) and Now Bedford (GO m.). Inc. June 
8, 1795. Pop. 3,016. 

Villages— Contue, Madaket, 1'olpis, Qualse, Quidnet, Siasconset, Surfside, 
Tuckernuck, Wan wi not. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Laurlston Bunker 
Selectmen— E. B. Fox, chairman 

R. M. Allen 

E. II. Jernegan 

R. E. Burgess 

William II. Norcross 
Auditors— J. F. Murpuey 

William F. Codd 
Treasurer— Henry Taddack 
Collector— C. Hndwon Crowley 
Assesors— Barzillai S. Coflin, cb. 

Charles F. Hammond 

Allen Collin 
Overseers Foor —Selectmen 
Constables— G. W. Brown 

B. S. Coflin 

William Fitzgerald 

Jonathan O. Freman 

Chandler B. Gardner 

Horace G. Norcross 
Supt. Streets— Rollin M. Allen 
Sewer Commissioners — 

James Y. Deacon, ch. 

John Killen 

Alfred E. Smith 
Board Health— Selectmen 
Chief Police— Owen Holland, Jr. 
Chief Fire Dent.— B. S. Collin 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Arthur II. Gardner, ch. 

R. M.Allen 

Helen B. W. Worth, secretary 

Rebecca C. Wyer 

E. B. Coleman, M. I). 

John C. Ring 
Prin. High School— S. E. Johnson 


Agricultural Implements — 

Henry Brown & Co. 
Artists— George G. Fish 

James W. Folger (and carver) 

Wendell Macy 
Auctioneers- George E. Mooer3 

Andrew M. Myrick 
B»vker— John W. Cook 
Hand— Nantucket Brass Band 

Banks — Nantucket Institution for Sav- 
ings, George H. Brock, treas. 

Pacific Nationaal Bank, Albert G. Brock, 
Baths— George W. Burdlck 

Charles E. Hayden 
Bicycle Dealers— C* W. Austin 

J. W. Brady 

W. T. Swain, Jr. 
Bill Posters— William D. -lark 

Alvin Hull 
Blacksmiths— John C. Jones 

David W. Lewis 

Clinton Parker 

Andrew J. Swain 

Thomas Warren 
Boat Builders— Barzillai R. Burdett 

William H. Chase 
Boot mid Shoe Dealers — 

H. U. Bennett 

Lizzie M. Gilford 

Charles A. Lovell 

A. T. Mowry 
Boot ami Shoe Makers- 
Henry D. Briggs 

Stephen Hussey 

Asa C. Jones 

Reuben Thompson 

Antone S. Sylvia 
Carpenters— Edward C. Bennett 

E. M. Brown 
R. W. Coleman 
William Field 
Eben R. Folger 
H. L. Gibbs 
Everett Manter 

F. W. Marvin 
Charles H. Robinson 
Edwin R. Smith 
Benjamin F. Taylor 
Tracy & Pitman 

C. W. Worth 

William H. Wyer & Co. 
Ciftars and Tobacco— 

E. H. Jernegan 

R. F. McCIeave 
Clergymen and Churches — 

R. F. Alger, Summer Street Baptist 

.1. Cullen Ayer, Jr., St. Paul's Epis. 

George H. Badger, Unitarian 

Waleott Fay, First Congregational 

C. A. Lock wood, Methodist 

Cornelius McSweeney, St. Mary's R. C, 
P. O. Woods Holl 

Edward A. Tuck, People's Baptist 


Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 




Edward C. Gardner (Epls.) 
Clothing Dealers— Boston Store 

J. Karpas 

T. Malchman 

Alexander M. Myrick 
Coal mill Wood- C. C. Crosby 

John Killen 

William C. L'Hommeilleu 
Confectionery- and Fruit— 

Covil & Pease 

George \V. Hooper 

E. H. Jernegan 
Dentists— A. E. Jenks 

Louis N. Veo 
Dressmakers— Mrs. Mary E. Chadwick 

Mrs. C. Handy 

Mrs. G. W. Hoooer 

Susie Lewis 

Mrs. C. E. Schneider 

Mrs. A. Snow 

Miss L. Snow - 

Mariana Swain 
Drug-gists— Richard E. Congdon 

A. I. Tobey 
Dry Goods— Boston Store 

Mrs. J. M. Chapman 

Mrs. M. A. HuiS^y 

Jacob Karpas 

Malchman Bros. 

Almon T. Mowry 

Mrs. Mary H. Nye 

Miss H. G. Sheffield 
Electric Light Co.— 

Nantucket Electric Light Co. 
Express — New York & Boston Despatch 
Fancy Goods— Phoebe E. Clisby 

George W. Hooper & Co. 

Mrs. J. W. Rand 

Hannah G. Sheffield 
Fish Dealers— C. S. Glidden & Co. 

Holmes, McCleave & Co. 

Manuel Miller 

George A. Ray 
Florists— Robert B. King 

J. Smith 

Mrs. \V. A. Smith 
Flour and Grain— John Killen 

W. T. Swain & Co. 
Furniture Dealers- 
George E. Mooers 

Malchman Brothers 
Gas Fitters— R. M. Allen 

J. Y. Deacon 
Gas Light Co.— 

Nantucket Gas Light Co. 
Grocers— R. B. Austin 

W. C. Brown 

James B. Coffin 

Horace R. Coleman 

Covil & Pease 

Frank J. Crosby 

Patrick Keane 

Reuben C. Long 

Clinton C. Macy 

M. Mendonca 

John Murray 

Nantucket Union Store 

Antone Sylvia, Jr. 

J. H. Wood, Jr. 
Hairdressers— J. W. Brady 

Theodore Dyer 

John G. Franklin 

J. Gauvin 

John R. West 

Francis E. Holdgate 
Hard ware Dealers— 
• Henry Brown & Co. 
Harness Mnkers-f. Avery 

B- n. chiiiia 

W. C. L'Hommedieu 
Hotels — Central House (summer), C. 

Handy, prop. 
Nantucket House, Mrs. W. T. Swain, 

Nesbit (summer), Mrs. J. D. Nesblt, 

Ocean House (summer) 
Ocean View 
Point Breeze (summer), Bracy Curtis, 

Sea Cliff Inn (summer), Mrs. C. W. 

Pette, prop. 
Sherburne House, James Patterson, prop. 
Springfield House (summer), Charles H. 

Mowry, prop. 
Veranda Hotel (summer), Mrs. S. G. Dav- 
enport, prop. 
Wauwinct House, J. A. Backus, prop. 
Ice Dealers— John Killen 
Nantucket Ice Co. 
Wawacomet Ice Co. 
Insurance Agents — 
A. G. Brock (life and tire) 
William T. Devlan (life) 
David Folger (fire) 
George E. Mooers (fire) 
Jewelers and Watchmakers— 
S. A. Kingsley 
Benjamin G. Tobey 

F. M. Wakeman 
James Westgate 
William W. Wood 

Junk Dealer — C. W. Austin 
Justices of the Fence— 

Lauriston Bunker 

A. G. Brock 

R. E. Burgess 

Allen Coffin 

C. H. Crowley 

David Fo # lger 

G. E. Mooers 
J. F. Murphey 
A. M. Myrick 
A. J. Morton 
A. T. Mowry 
Henry Pftddack 
Henry Riddell 

Lawyers— Allen Coffin 

Henry Riddell 
Lihrarj'— Nantucket Athenaeum, Sarah 

F. Barnard, lib. 
Liquor Dealers— Patrick Kea e 

Thomas Lewis 
Lumber Dealer— William T. Swain 
Masons— J. S. Appleton, Jr. 

N. P. Appleton 

Henry W. Brown 

Henry L. Fisher 

E. W. Francis 

John C. Ring 

George E. Thomas 

Arthur Williams 

Benjamin F. Williams 
Men's Furnishing Goods- 
Henry P. Brown & Co. 

J. Karpas 

Malchman Brothers 

Alexander M. Myrick 
Milliners— Mary A. Chapman 

Emeline Coffin 

Mary A. Hussey 

Nellie M. Keane 

Mrs. J. W. Rand 
Newsdealer- E. H. Jernegan 
Newspapers — Inquirer and Mirror 
(weekly), Roland B. Hussey, pr op. 

Nantucket Journal (weekly), Arthur H. 
Gardner, prop. 
Nurseryman— Samuel King 



I ^ oT ^ T^ yi g c %* m 



NANTUCKET— Continued. 

Painters— Folger & Brock 
F. E. Defriez 

Millard F. Freeborn (carriage and house) 
George Friend 
Columbus Hussey 
H. Paddock & Co. 

D. -C. Ray 
L. S. Ray 
Charles C. Taber 
H. A. Tobey 

E. H. Wing 

Paints, Oils and Glass— 

F. E. Defriez 
Millard F. Freeborn 
Columbus Hussey 
H. Paddock & Co. 

Photographers— J. N, Chamberlain 

Henry S. Wyer 
Physicians — C. G. S. Austin 

Ellin wood B. Coleman (Horn.) 

John S. Grouard 

Mary F. Mann (Horn.) 

Benjamin F. Pittman 
Pilots— Charles G. Coffin, 2d 

J. H. Dunham 

Orison V. Hull 

Judah Nickerson 
Plunihers— R. M. Allen 

James Y. Deacon 

Willard B. Marden 
Post Olliees and Postmasters — 

Nantucket — J. M. Winslow 

Siasconset — Anna E. C. Barrett 
Printers— Arthur H. Gardner 

R. B. Hussey 

Henry G. Whitman 

Provision Dealers- 

D. W. Burgess & Sons 
R. E. Burgess & Sons 
Lamb Bros. 

Real Estate Aftents— 

R. B. Coffin 

George E. Mooers 

Almon T. Mowry 
Restaurant — John Roberts 
School— Coffin School 
Stables— R. K. Appleton 

Oliver C. Chadwick 

Covil & Pease 

Clinton S. Folger 

Joseph A. Johnson 

C. H. hitman 

Charles II. Rule 

H. C. Smith 

W. H. H. Smith 
Stationers— E. N. Eurdick 

P. E. Clisby 

E. H. Jernegan 

Steam Heating 1 Apparatus— 

Rollin M. Allen 

James Y. Deacon 
Stoves and Tinware — C. W. Austin 

George A. Barrett 

Henry Brown & Co. 
Tailor— Leander Cobb 
Undertaker — Ezra W. Lewis 
Upholsterer— I. M. Atwood 
Wharfingers— J. S. Barney 

C. C. Crosby 

John Killen 

William T. Swain 
Wheelwrights— Frank W. Gardner 

Philip L. Holmes 

David W. Lewis 


In Middlesex Co., 17 m. west of Boston on B. & A. R. R. ; electric railway a 

to Framingham. Cochituate and Wellesley. Inc. .April 16, 1G79. Pop. 8,814. 

Villages— Felchville, North Natick, South Natick, West Part, North Part. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— James McManus 
Selectmen— Frank W. Shatttuek, ch. 

James Downs 

Daniel J. Murphy 
Auditor— Frank Atkinson 
Treasurer— Edward Clark 
Collector— Charles P. Currier 
Assessors— David Finn, chairman 

Royal Ellis 

Charles E. Rice 
Overseers Poor— Milton E. Smith, ch. 

Francis C. Perry 

Patrick Mahan 
Constables— Wiliain Bean 

Patrick Beatty 

Hiram J. Brown 

John F. Childs 

Frank C. Cummings 

Frank W. Manchester 
Highway Surveyor— Geo. W. Travi9 
Water Commissioners— F. Bigelow 

Henry M. Bobbins 

John M. Fiske 
Sewer Commissioners — 

Daniel J. Murphy 

Cranston Howe 

Francis Bigelow 
Sinking Fund Commissioners- 
Frank E. Cummings 

John J. Ahern 

Nathan B. Goodnow 
Board Health— 

Dr. William Richards, chairman 

John R. Adams 

Isaac N. Hill 
Chief Police— Dennis T. Sweeney 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Henry C. Mulligan, ch. 

Horace B. Gale 

Elizabeth E. Bartlett 

William A. Edwards 

Michael F. Burke 

Anna F. Goodnow 
Supt.— Frank E. Parlin 
Prin. High School— Horace W. Rice 
Prins. Grammar Schools- 
James E. White 

Clifton W. M. Bianchard 


Auctioneers— rharles W. Burks 
R. E. Farwell & Son 
Frank E. Hooker 


Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Bianchard & Co., Worcester, 



Bakers— Charles M. McKechnie 

James H. McNeil 

Otto A. Brunen 
Bands ami Orchestras- 
Allen's Band, D. D. Allen, leader 

Cadet Orchestra 

Knowlton & Allen's Orchestra 

J. B. O'Reilly Band, F. P. O'Brien, 
Banks — Henry Wilson Co-operative Bank, 
E. T. Turner, sec. 

Natick Five Cents Savings Bank, Fred- 
erick 0. Boston, treas. 
Base Ball Mfrs.— Harwood & Sons 
Bicycle Dealers — Charles J. Goerke 

Louis J. McCrackcn 

George A. Whltcomb 
Billiard Room- Nahum F. Murch 
Blacksmiths— Allen &. Butler 

Richard T. Brown 

William J. Burke. South N. 

John Carey 

Henry Hancock 

James D. Macewen 

William B. Pratt 

John J. Walker 
Boarding House— William C. Young 
Booksellers ami Stationers- 
Joseph E. De Witt 

Fairbanks & Son 
Boot and Shoe Dealers — 

Cornelius E. Buckley 

William F. Bufflngton 

Timothy W. Burns 

B. F. Moran 

Perkins & W'aidner 

Frank Pfeiffer, North N. 

Riley. Pebbles & Co." 

James B. Sweeney, Auth N. 

Boot and Shoe Makers- 
Timothy Burns 

Lafayette Carter 

W. J. Hobbs 

G. A. Peterson 
Boot ana Shoe Mfrs.— 

Brennan Shoe Co. 

Edward Dowd, South N. 

Felch Bros. 

Chester H. Felch 

M. H. Hopf & Co.. South N 

Johnson, Dale & Aldrich 

Nutt & Pratt 

William F. Pfeiffer & Co., South N 

Schneider & Co., South N. 

Sheldon Bros. 

J. W. Walcott & Co. 
Box Mfrs.— 

William M. Bruce & Sons 

Natick Box Co., Coombs & Sawyer 

0. Woods & Co. 
Carpenters— George Brierly 

W. F. Barker 

Frartk P. Caswell, South N. 

W. K. Doane (mason) 

D. C. Felton 
Edward J. Kyte 
F. C. Sweetland 

E. T. Wilson 

Carriage Mfrs.— James D. Macewen 

W. A. Simmons 
Caterers— James DownB 

James H. McNeil 
CiKnr Mfrs.— Mrs. George E. Bliss 

George W. Bristow 
Clears and Tobacco— 

Patrick A. Dolan 

Finn Bros. 

George W. Saunders 
Civil Engineers— Charles N. Taylor 

W. Wendell Wight 

Clergymen and Churches— V 

— : , Episcopal 

Irving A. Burnap, Cong., South N. 

Leverett R. Daniels, Unitarian, South N. 

Michael F. Delaney, St. Patrick's R. C. 

John A. Donnelly, Sacred Heart R. C, 
South N. 

, Universalist 

James Mudge, Fisk Memorial Methodist 

George F. Pratt. Unitarian 

Fred E. Sturgis, First Congregational 

Frank S. Weston, First Baptist 
Coal and Wood — Warren A. Bird 

Diehl &. Son 

J. W. Doon & Son 

Robinson & Jones 

Union Lumber Co. 
Confectionery and Fruit— 

L. Gardella & Son 

George Salvatore 
Clothing Dealers— Beal & Healey 

Blue Clothing Store 

Arthur W. Palmer 

P. D. Sampson 
Crockery and Glassware- 
Wilde & Wright 
Dentist— C. A. Bills 

G. L. Harding 

Edward E. Henry 

Frederick Lewis 

John A. D. Mills 

Joseph P. Murphy 

M. O. Nelson 

Oscar J. Washburn 
Disinfectants (Lime)— 

E. Whitney & Co. 
Doors, Sash and Blinds- 
William D. Parlin 
Dressmakers — Nora F. Ahern 

Mrs. Mina Bishop 

Fanny C. Cook 

Josephirie T. Damon 

Kate Dawson 

Jennie F. Dowd 

Mary L. Gavin 

Annie T. Grady 

Hannah, F. Hammond 

Laura M. Hart 

Miss M. F. Mara • 

Mrs. J. A. Muhlig . 

Mrs. W. E. Oliver 

Lilla Rollins 

E. M. Rowan 

M. I. Travis 
Druggists— Milton C. Brigham 

James E. Cooper, • South N. 

Daniels & Twitchell 

Daniher & O'Hare 

Burke & Dolan 

Charles W. Perry 

Louie E. Clark 

C. H. Hoey & Co. 

Thomas H. Gavin 
Dry Goods Dealers- 
Campbell &. Roberts 

William F. Cleland 

Mrs. Charles O. Eaton 

George C. Howe 

Mrs. John Kenealy 

John B. Leamy 

Mrs. Mary Tanner 
Electric Light Co.— 

Natick Electric Co., Fred J. Lury, supt. 
Einltnlmer-K. M. UARTLETT, 

West Central st. 
Expresses— Adams Express Co. 

American Express Co. 

Bailey's Express. South N. 

Daniels Bros.' Express 

Natick & Boston Despatch 

H^TlTilWu h!C1 wok ' K ' and CUTS. liNGk 
^ii^^ f^^^ Jvt^S of CUTS, all styl« 

For printing of BOOKS. JOB 



NATICK— Continued. 


McMahon & Co. '3 Expresses 

HOWE &, CO.'S 

Natick, Cochituate & Boston Express. 

Offices: ;."> Kill*) Sr.,34 Court Sq., 
and 77 Kington St 

Leave Natick at 7.4<>. '.».«', H)..'.:. a. m. and :'.I4 
I\ M. Leave Boston OrhVf, 7.'. Killtv St., at 10.45 
A. «., i) and 4.1.". I'. M.; .!4 Court So., at 10 a. M., and 
2.30V. St.; "7 Kingston St., at II a. M., and .land 
4l'.M. Leave Order Boxes, 17 South St., at 10.50 
A. SI. ando.l.". l». M. ; 1:: Fulton Street at in A. M. 

Fisli Dealers — Andrew S. Cobb 

Edward J. Kyte 

Oliver Bros. 

Ross Bros. 
Florists — Bruno Behrend 

D. C. Felton 
Fred L. Hardy 
Nathan Hudson 
Robert T. McGorum 
Alexander Montgomery 

' Robert Montgomery 

Charles A. Smith 

Edmund M. Wood 
Furniture Dealers— C. \V. Burks 

Cleland & Underwood 

George C. Howe 

E. F. Rice 

Common st. Dealer in New and Sec- 
ond Hand Furniture, Carpets and 
Ranges, Upholsterer and Repairer. 
Gas Co.— Natick Gas Co., Fred J. Lucey, 

Granite Works-John B. Whalen 

M. V. B. Bartlett, South N. 

Mrs. M. Buckley 

Mrs. F. F. Buckley 

Patrick H. Buckley 

Patrick F. Doherty 

Thomas F. Donnellon 

Gray & Young 

L. Hoffman 

John W. King, South N. 

Lokev Bros. 

McManus, Barnard & Son 

John A. Muhlig 

The Natick Protective Union 

Timothy J. O'Brien 

Potter, Mahard & Simmons 

L. M. Rollins 

F. Shallar, South N. 
Isaac N. Travers 
H. L. Whipple 

Hairdressers— William F. Finn 

Alvella H. Harper 

Charles P. Loker 

D. J. Mahany 

William Mayr.ard 

John F. Orman 

Hiram A. IVnney 
Harness Makers— Simon K. Eaton 

John B. Moyse 

James B. Sweeney, South N. 

Hiirdwjire Dealers— Flske & 'Co. 

William D. Purlin 
Hay nn*J Grain— J. W. Do^n & Son 

Robinson <fc Jones 
Hotels — 

American House, John J. Slmonds & Co. 

Bailey's Hotel, Almon Bailey, prop. 

Cochituate House, Mrs. G. F. Rogers, 

Gleason House, L. E. Gleason, prop. 

Main St. Hotel, P. F. Doherty <£• Co., 

Wilson House, D, D. Sheehan, prop. 
lee Dealers — 

Curtis Broad, South N. 

James W. Harnden 

Lewis E. Perry 
Inner Sole Mfrs.— William VV. Cobb 

Daniel J. Murphy 
I ns ii ran ce Agents — 

Alexander Blaney & Son 

Fred M. Boardman (life) 

O. If. Burleigh 

Joseph Garver 

R. E. Farwell & Son 

J. M. Forbush & Co. 
Jewelers and WntchiiinUerH- 

Charles W. Ambrose 

Frank E. Boardman 

J. H. Washburn Co. 
Jtinic Dealer— James Mu:in 
Justices of the Peace— 

Forrest N. Adams 

J. H. Allen 

Ira E. Bowker 

W. R. Bigelow 

Alexander Blaney 

0. H. Burleigh 
F. M. Boardman 
William L. Coolldge 
Patrick H. Cooney 
Charles B. Felch 
Edwin Farwell 
Royal E. Farwell 
Frank M. Forbush 
S. W. Holmes 
Edward L. MoManus 
James McManus 
Henry C. Mulligan 
William Nutt 

1. W. Parker 

F. C. Perry 
H. G. Sleeper 

Gustavus Smith, South N. 

William B. Sprout 

G, L. Sleeper 
C. Q. Tirrell 

C. H. Whit comb 

H. H. Whitney 

L. H. Wakefield 

Royal B. Wright 

Willard W. Wight 

Frank E. Yeagor 
Laundries— People's Steam Laundry 

South Natick Hand Laundry, Sout'a N. 

Union Steam Laundry 
Lawyers— P. H. Cooney (B)stonl 

F. M. Forbush 

Edward L. McManus (Boston) 

James McManus 

H. C. Mulligan 

William Nutt 

James E. Shea 

George L. Sleeper 

H. G. Sleeper 

William B. Sprout 

Charles Q. Tirrell 

Morse Institute, Nellie L. Fox, lib. 

Baron's Free, South N.. Mrs. Adelaide 
Williams, lib. 
Liquor Dealers— A. H. Berry &. Co. 

T. F. Craig &. Co. 

T. F. Donnellon & Co. 

Michael J. Grady, South N. 

L. E. Glen son & Co. 


Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts; the Information is obtained by personal can- 
vass of tno Stato, and is duly copyrighted. 



Lumber Dealers— Union Lumber Co. 

O. Woods & Co. 
Machinists— S. Bewker 

George A. Whitcomb 
Masons — Underwood Brothers 
Milliners— R. S. Bent 

Nellie F. Buckley 

Miss M. Dolan 

Agnes G. Downes 

Howe & Perry 

Zlllah Howe 

J. L. Lynch 
Music ami Musical Instruments 

Alvan P. Derby 
Music Teachers- Hattle Brierly 

Harvey E. Bruce 

Carrie E. Buell 

Helen A. Cummlnga 

Eugene A. Dakin 

Hattie B. Eaton 

Margaret Gavin 

Clara H. Randall 

Agnes Simmons 

Frank H. Underwood 

Mabel Wilde 
Newspapers- Bulletin (weekly), Geo. 
C. Fairbanks, prop. 

Citizen (weekly), William T. Howard, 

Review (weekly), Martin Hall, prop. 
Notaries Public— O. H. Burleigh 

Henry C. Mulligan 

William Nutt 

Arthur P. Sleeper 

Charles Q. Tirrell 

L. H. Wakefield 
William H. Brannagan, South N. 

Luther H. Durling 

Sylvester D. Frost 

William B. Green 

Hubert Kaynes 

C. A. Jennison 

C L. Kopff 

Frank R. Leland 

J. D. Macewen (carriage) 

E. M. Sheedy (ornamental) 

C. M. Wade & Co. (carriage) 

Williams & Brown 
Physicians— George A. Bancroft 

Michael F. Burke 

Wlll'am J. Cochran 

Charles H. Cook 

A. H. Harding 

James E. Keating 

C F. Morse. South N. 

William Richards 

Alvin F. Story (Horn.) 

William H. Sylvester 

David W. Wells (Oc.) 

J. H. Wright 
• hoto$>-rai>liers— 

Haskell & Janvrin 

Charles W. Holden 

Rurus B. Valentine 
PI a 11 1 ¥i a- Mill— Charles J. Foskett 
Plumbers— Flske & Co. 

Jnoobs & Cooper 

William D. Parlin (and gas fitting;) 

Joseph Shallar 
« <»*t Offices ami Postmasters— 
Natick— Charles J. Wood 

South Natick— T. M. Foye 

North Natick— O. A. Felch 
Poultry Dealers— I. K. Felch 

A. F. & H. C. Hunter, South N. 

H. B. May 

W. H. Rudd, Son & Co. 

Dexter M. Willis 
Printers— Bulletin Job Print 

Natick Citizen Printing Co. 

Natick Review 
Provision Dealers — J. E. Brady 

P. F. Haliinan, South N. 

Natick Beef Co. (wholesale), C. A. El- 
dridge, mgr. 

Natick Protective Union, Irving E. Glld- 
den, mgr. 

Fred Neuschafer. • South N 

David H. Pelton 

Patrick Rowan 

F. F. Schuman, South N 

Leonard P. Stone 

George C. Wight 

William A. Wight 
Ileal Instate A Rents — 

O. H. Burleigh 

C. H. Fair 

R. E. Farwell & Son 

Francis L. Ferrin 
Restaurants— J. II. McNeil 

Nahum F. Murch 

People's Dining Rooms, Mrs. F. E. 
Deering, prop. 
Saw Mfrs.— Ambler Saw Mfg. Co. 

Frank H. Hall 
Scwinjr Machine Asents- 

C. W. Burks 

J. A. Miles 

J. E. Sweetland 
Shirt Mfr.-E. Edwards & Son 

Almon Bailey, South N. 

C. T. Brooks (livery) 

William E. Daniels 

Milan W. Haywood 

Frank E. Houghton 

Ryan & JLackey 
Stoves and Tinware- C. XV. Burks 

Cleland & Underwood 

Fiske & Co. 
Tailors — American Custom Tailoring Co., 
A. J. Snyder, mgr. 

W. J. Flynn 

James H. Gilligan 

Jacob J. Seifer 
Teamsters— W. S. Daniels 

Frank McMahan 

Robert Turner 
Undertakers — EDWARD M. 

BAItTLETT (embalmer) 

C. W. Burks 

John Everett 

Frank E. Hooker 

Elliot Perry, South N. 

Upholsterer — FREDERIC G. 

WILLIAMS. 5 Common st. Dealer 
in New and Second-hand Furniture, 
Carpets and Ranges, Upholsterer and 
Veterinary Surgreons — 

John W. Robinson 

Charles W. Messinger 


In Norfolk Co., 12 m. southwest of Rost^n on "Woonsooket Pfv. N. E. R. R. ; 
electric railway to Newton Upper Falls, Newton Highlands and Newton. 
inc \ov. r>. 1711. Pop 3.:-ll. 
\ Hinges— HJghhuidville, Charles River Village. Upper Falls. 

Use Tools, and some of them are mighty sharp. 
This Hook is oat' of the handiest Tools in a 
Lawyer's Workshop. 






Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Thomas Sutton 
Selectmen— Edgar H. Bowens, cb. 

Walter Hcvrett, Highlandville 

Charles E. Stanwood, Highlandville 

H. S. Whittemore, Highlandville 

Frank C. Whitney- 
Treasurer— Devi Ladd 
Collector— Howard A. Grossman 
Assessors— George K. Clarke, ch. 

John F. Mills 

David H. Livingstone 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— George Twigg 

William Wragg (civil), 

Supt. Streets— David F. Henderson 
Water Commissioners — 

Frederick G. Tuttle 

John M. Hodge. Highlandville 

Edmund G. Pond 
Park Commissioners — 
- William Carter, Highlandville 

Augustus Zirn^iebel 

C. Atherton Hicks 
Board Health— Selectmen 
Chief Fire Dept.— Henry A. Kingsbury 

Public Schools. 

Francis de M. Dunn, ch. 
John W. Titus, Highlandville 

Adline E. Harris 

Supt. Schools— Henry W. Walradt 

Prin. High Sehool— Wm. H. Godfrey 

Prins. Grammar Schools- 
Clara M. Wentworth 
Charles W. Chace, Highlandville 


Auctioneers — James Mackintosh 

Edwin C. Moulton, Highlandville 

George W. TIsdale 
Bakers— Charles J. McCormiek 
Bank — Needham Co-operative, Wm. G. 

Moseley, see. and treas. 
Bicycle Mfrs.— Union Cycle Mfg. Co., 
Blacksmiths— John H. Fitzgerald 

Charles J. Forand 

Archibald MeKenzie, Highlandville 

Boot anil Shoe Dealers- 
Benjamin L. Brown 

George D. Burrage 

Edward W. Hayes 

Mrs. Kale p. Scotton. Highlandville 

Boot ami Shoe Makers — 

Fred L. Fuller. Highlandville 

Harry P. Gulusyan 

Edward W. Hayes 
John J. Carter, Highlandville 

George W. Frye 

Howard A. Flewelllng 

Franklin Low, Highlandville 

Alfred Parker 

Fred D. Sutton 

Clear Makers— P. E. Riley 
Clergymen ami Clinrelies— 

T. J. Danahy, St. Joseph's K. C, 

P. O. Newton Upper Falls 
Frederick Pember, Christ Episcopal 
Philip S. Thacher, First Cong. (Un.) 
Joseph H. Thompson, Methodist, 


— -, Congregational 

Robert L. Webb. First Baptist 

Merritt S. Wellman (Epis.) 

Coal and Wood- 
Alexander Telford 
Arthur W. Walkup 
Joseph Willett 

Confectionery and Fruit — 
Joseph Cento'o 

Dentists— Charles C. Patten 
Freeman E. Waining 

Dressmakers— Ella Flewelllng 
Mrs. A. Lassclla 
Mrs. Lottie Remmele 

Draft - nists— 
Virgil A. Rowe, Highlandville 

John A. Sullivan 
John L. Twigg 

Dry Goods- 
Mrs. Kate B. Scotton, ' Highlandville 

Electric Liftlit Co.— Grecndale Chem- 
ical & Electric Light Co.. William W. 
Carter, supt. 

Expresses— Adams Express Co. 

Eaton's Express 

McNamara's Express 
Fish Dealer— George Twigg 
Florisjts— Jarvis P. Cartwright 

Denys Zirngiebel 

Walter l\ t Watson 
General Store- 
Harry T. Childs, Highlandville 
Glove* and Mitten Mfrs.— 

William Armstrong, Highlandville 

Louis Langdale, Highlandville 

Frederick Latham, Highlandville 

Crist Mill — Howard A. Crossman 
James B. Bowmar, Highlandville 

Edward B. Fowler 

James J. Whetton, Highlandville 

A. L. Woodruff & Son 
Hairdressers — Isaac Lynaa 

Tracey Price 

Joseph Shepardson, Highlandville 

Hardware Mfrs.— 

Computing Scale Mfg. Co., Highlandville 

Galen, Orr & Co. (hinges) 
Harness Maker— John Reynolds 
Hay and Grain — 

Howard A. Crossman 

John A. Tilton 
Hotel — Needham. George E. Eaton, prop. 

Union House, Alhert J. Jones, prop. 
Ice Dealers — Ptillman Bowers 

George C. Mcintosh 
Insurance Agents— 

Edgar H. Bowers 

Levi Ladd 

Alfred J. Mercer, Highlandville 

George W. TIsdale & Son 
Justices of the Peace — 

George Adams 

100,000 FIHOS 

Throughout the 






Edgar H. Bowers 

Charles D. Burrage 

William Carter. 

George K. Clarke 

Albert B. Dresser 

Emery Grover 

George E. Eaton 

T. Otis Fuller 

Henry T. Mansfield 

William G. Moseley 

Edward C. Moulton, 

Charles E. Stanwood, 

Thomas Sutton _ 

George W. Tisdale 

John W. Titus, 

Aaron Twigg, 

James H. Whetton. 

Arthur Whitaker 

Frank C. Whit no y 
Jeweler and Watchmaker— 

Arrnand J. Mathey 
Knit Goods Mfrs.— 

John F. Brooks &. Co. (Inc.), 


William Carter & Co., 

George Garner, 

Mrs. Ann Hall, 

Amos Hamrneisley. 

Moseley & Co.. 

Koper Bros., 

Joseph B. Thorpe. 

Wye Bros. & Co. 
Lnwyers-Oeorw K. Clarke 

Charles D. Burrage 

Edwin M. Grover 

Emery Grover 

John W. Titus, 
Library— Needham Free Public, RIella 

J. Dunn, lib. 
Lumber Dealer— Henry S. Lnrt- 

Wm. Coult, Highlandvin*. 

Thomas Lester, Highlandville 

Mason— John N. Brion 
Men's Furnishing- Goods— 

George D. Burrage 

Harry T. Childs, Highlandvill* 

Milliners— Helen L. Orpin 

Mrs. Kate B. Scotton, Highlandville 

Newsdealer— Albert B. Dresser 
Newspaper— Needham Chronicle (week- 
ly), George W. Southworth, pub. 








Postmasters — 

Notaries Public— Emery Grover 

John W. Titus, Highlandville 

James H. Whetton 
Frederick G. Clows, Highlandville 

Henry A. Kingsbury (carriage) 

Charles A. Lewis 

Mills Bros. 
Photographer— George L. Abell 
Physicians— Osmon H. Hubbard 

Albert D. Kingsbury 

Henry T. Mansfield 

Albert E. Miller 

Albert M. Miller 

Mrs. Vesta D. Miller 

William Mitchell, 
Plumbers — 

Charles W. Berry, 

Buckley Bros. 

Thomas C. Collins, 

Edwin C. Moulton, 
Post Oiliees and 

Needham— Albert B. 

Highlandville — James J. Whetton 

Charles River Village — Martha Pierce 
Printer— George W. Southworth 
Provision Dealers — 

Oliver Crisp, Highlandville 

Thomas Sutton 

Ward & Fuller 
Real Kstale Agents — 

Bowers & Mathey 

George E. Eaton 

George W. Tisrlnle & Son 
Stable— Alger E. Eaton 
Stoves and Tinware — 

J. F. Buckley &, Co. 

Edwin C. Moulton, Highlandville 

Snriieons' Itandage Mfrs.— 

William iloseley 

William Gorse & Co. 

Aaron Twigg, agent 
Tailor— John Hall 
Undertaker— Alger E. Eaton 
Veterinary Surgeons — 

Edgar A. Crossman 

Samuel O. Fowle 
Water Works- Needham Water Works 

George A. Adams, supt. 
Wheelwright — Charles J. Forand 


In Berkshire Co., 6 m. west of Adams by stage. Inc. Feb. 2G, 1781. 
Pop. lie. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk—Charles S. Baker 
^Hectmon— Elihu Ingraham, ch. 

Henry M. White 

George A. Bauer 
Auditor— Lasell Baker 
treasurer— William E. Baker 
Collector— George A. Bauer 
Assessors— Arthur B. Boys 

Emory Baker 

Elmer P. Beach 
' verseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Henry Baxter 

Michael Mnckey 

Almon Ingraham 

Henry White 

Robert Smith 

Howard Drew 
Highway Commissioners — 

Henry B. Baxter 

Darius Goodell 

George Ingraham 
Cemetery Committee— 

Darius Goodell 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Pnblic Schools. 

Committee— Elmer P. Beach, ch. 


DIRECTORY, published annually. 
F. S. BJanchard Jt Co., Worcester. \P 




NEW ASHFORD— Continued 

Henry ML White 
Charles S. Baker 


Clergyman and Cliurcli— 

George W. Dow, Methodist, P. O. Lanes- 

Jnstice of tlie I'eace- 

Ellhu Ingraham 
Library— New Ashford Public Library, 

Mrs. Lottie Baker, lib. 
Post Ollicc ami Postmaster — 

New Ashford — Lasell Baker 
Sexton— Darius N. Goodell 


One of the county seats of Bristol Co., 55 ru. southeast of Boston at ter- 
minus Northern Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. II. & II. U. It.; steamers to 
Cottage City (li'2 in.) and freight steamers to New Y'ork; electric street rail- 
ways to Fall River and Fairiiaven; stages to Dartmouth (7 m.), Little Comp- 
ton, R, I. (20 m.), Mattapoisett («» m.), Marion (12 m.) and Westport Point 

(16 m.). Established Feb. 
Village — Plain ville. 

>3, 1787; a city March 9, 1847. Pop. 55,251. 

Charles S. Ashley.. 
Samuel E. Bentley. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 

Warda 18 3 4 

892 654 549 626 

407 515 528 508 

5 8 Totala 

565 720 4006 
60:J 657 3278 

City election first Tuesday in Decem- 

Mayor — Charles S. Ashley, $2000; 

hours 11.30 to 1 
Aldermen — Meetings second and 
fourth Thursday evenings of each 
President, In absence of Mayor, 

Charles H. Brownell 
Clerk, Daniel B. Leonard 
Ward 1. Henry P. Jenney 
Ward 2. Louis Z. Normandiu 
Ward 3. Charles II. Brownell 
Ward 4. Charles H. Lawtou 
Ward 5. George II. Hedge 
Ward 6. Charles E. Ellis 
Common Councilman— Meetings sec- 
ond and fourth Thursday evenings 
of each month. 
President, John L. G. Mason 
Clerk, William A. Maekie, $300 
Ward 1. Ernest O. Findeisen 
James Davidson 
Joseph H. Sullivan 
Hormidas P. Dion 
Ward 2. Samuel Higham 

George F. Backus 
Crawford L. Dunham 
Frederick A. Daminon 
Ward 3. William T. Caswell 
Charles W. Jones 
Weston C. Vaughan, Jr. 
John S. G. Mason 
Ward 4. Mathiew P. Wood 
George D. Richards 
William Smith 
John A. Taylor 
WatdS. Charles M. Davenport 
Frederick D. Stetson 
Joseph Dias 
Horatio Hathaway, Dr. 
Ward C. John Hannlgan 

Eel ward b\ Penney 
Robert Cooke 
John Welch 


City OHIcere. 

City Clerk, Daniel B. Leonard, $2G00; 

hours 9-4, Saturday 0-2 
Assistant City Clerk, William S. 

Cook, $100 
Treasurer and Collector of Taxes, 

James H. Hathaway, $3000; hours 

Auditor, Charles J. McGurk, $1G00; 

hours 9-4, Saturday 9-1 
City Messenger, Augustus D. Piper, 

Solicitor, Behj. B. P.arney, $1500 
Chief Engineer Fire Dept., Frederick 

Macy, $1000 
ChiefTolice, Henry W. Mason, $1800 
Sealer Weights and Measures, John 
N. O'Brien, $G00 
Supt. Public Buildings, Edmund 

O'Keefe, $1800 
Supt. City Clock, Win. B. Wood. $75 
City Bellringer, Othello S. Driskell, 

City Engineer, William F. Williams, 

$2500; hours 8-G 
Harbor Master, Charles H. Cragen, 

Inspector Petroleum and Vinegar, F. 

R. Delano 
Inspector Milk, Provisions and Ani- 
mals, D. C. Ashley, $1200 
Supervisor Wires, I). D. Briggs. $300 
Supt. Burial Grounds, Charles V. 

Cornell, $1200 

Chairman, Charles H. L. Delano. 

Thomas IT. Healy, $1100 

Charles F. Shaw. $1100 

R. R. Topham, secretary 
Board Public Works— 

Chairman, Mayor, ex-ofllcio 

Pres. Common Council, ex-oflicio 

F. William Oesting 

John Eldredge, Jr. 

Morgan Botch 

Clerk, William S. Cook, $900 

Is our specialty. We do pood work or 

none at all. Try us. 



Supt. and City Forester, C. F. Law- 
ton, $2500 
Park Commissioners— 
Members Board Public Works 
Clerk, William S. Cook, $300 
Registrars Voteus— 
Chairman, John A. Gomley, $331. G6 
Willard N. Lane, $331.06 
Emmanuel Sullivan, .$331. GG 
City Clerk, ex-oflielo, $300 
Board Health— 
Chairman, Win. G. Kirschbauin, 

John T. Dullard, M. D. $500 
Manuel V. Sylvia, M. D. $500 
City Physician, Win. E. Brovvnell, 

M. D. 
Quarantine Officer, John T. Bill- 
iard, M. D. 
Clerk, Susie J. Small, $000 
Health Inspector, William E. Ma- 
comber, $1000 
Inspector Plumbing, Louis II. Rich- 
ardson, $1400 
Cemetery Board— 
Chairman, James Delano 
John G. Nicholson 
Secretary, Charles H. Vinal 
Clerk, Pardon A. Macomber 
Supt., Charles F. Cornell, $1200 
Water Board— 
Chairman, Mayor, ex-officio 
Pres. Common Council, cx-officlo 
Robert W. Tabor 
Edmund Wood 
Thomas B. Tripp 
Water Registrar, James H. Hatha- 

wav, $1000; hours 9-4 
Clerk and Supt. Robert C. P. 

Coggeshall. $2400 
Inspector, Clifford Baylies, $1000 
Commissioners Sinking Funds— 
Chairman, vacant 
Andrew R. Palmer 
William II. Pitman 
Secretary and Treasurer, James II. 
Overseers Poor — 
Chairman. Charles S. Paisler, $100 
Ezeklel C. Gardner 
Secretary, A. II. W. Carpenter, 

Secretary, Thomas G. Wing, $700 
Visitor, A. A. Wood, $700 
Clerk, Ella F. Bucklin, $700 
Supt. Almshouse and Poor Farm, 
Freeman H. Ashley, $850 
Physicians ($S5 per month), 
John V. Thuot 
James F. Sullivan - 
License Commissioners— 
Chairman. John J. Howland, $300 
Stephen D. Peirce, $300 
Frank M. Sparrow, $300 

Public Schools. 

Committee — Meetings first Monday 
^evening of each month. 
Chairman, Mayor, cx-officlo 
Pr«>s. Common Council, cx-officlo 
John H. Lowe 
J- Prank Weeks 
trunk R. Pease 
Lewis E. Bon tier 

Charles H. H olden 

Frank A. Millikeu 

John E. GTibbs 

Joseph A. Wright 

William H. Pitman 

Alexander McL. Goodspeed 

Ada W. Tillinghast 

Paul R. Frothingham 

Robert W. Taber 

Arthur E. Butlington 

Sylvia B. Knowlton 

John F. Rogers 

Betsey B. Winslow 

Joseph C. Pothier 

Secretary and Supt. Schools, W. K. 
Hatch, $3500; hours 8.30-9 and 
12.30-1. Saturday 9-9.30 a. m. 

Prin. High School, Chas. S. Moore, 



Baker, Benjamin, 3 Merrill's whf. 

Bartlett, Robert W. Merchants' Bank bldg. 

Booth, Francis A. 108 Union 

Burgess, Joseph H. 84 School 

Hathaway, James L. 72 Willis 

Swift, John F. 

Young, James A. 63 N. Second 

Advertising; Agents. 
Tobey, Warren P. 69 Purchase 

Agricultural Implements. 

DeWolf & Vincent, 149 Union 
Lowe, Stephen C. 87 Union 
Wilson & Wordell, 21 William 

Antique Goods. 

Fuller, Austin C. 18 N. Water 


Barney, Lawrence H. Masonic bldg. 

Hammond, C. & Son, 177 N. Water 

Hunt, Samuel C. 76 Pleasant 

Slack, Robert H. 45 Purchase 

Smith, Nat C. 307 Merchants* Bank bldg. 

Artists' materials. 

Akin, F. T. & Co. 84 Pleasant 
Hutchinson, H. S. & Co. 198 Union 
Moriarty, Timothy J. 184 Fourth 
West, William R. 830 Purchase 


Adair, William H. Rivet 
Baylies, John B. 121 Union 
Eourne, Standish, 50 N. Second 
Hathaway, Henry C. 33 Elm 
Jacobs, George E. 94 Purchase 
Leonard, Henry A. 114 William 
Morse & Alexander, 97 William 
Potter, Andrew H. 19 Commercial 
Sanford & Kclley, 21 Pleasant 
Smith, Frank C. 80 Purchase 

Awning Mfrs. 

Almy & Hitch, 62 Pleasant 

Brlerly, Samuel, 249 State 
Byrne, Margaret, 952 S. Water 
Chicoine, Antoine, 27 Washburn 
Cleveland, G. H. V. D. 25 Allen 
Coggeshall, W. H. & Co. Union and Water 
Cooke, Robert, 125 Potomska 

Program Clocks 

For Schools and 
Public Buildings. 


5J01 Congress St., Boston. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Demers, Philip B. 639 S. First 
Dion, Hermidas P. 238 State 
Duchaine, Henry, 31 Washburn 
England, Frank, 9S3 S. Water 
Ennis, J. 400 Purchase 
Fisher, Henry H. 214 Purchase 
Galloway, A. E. Mrs. 56 Ce<1ar 
Goulet, Ferdinand, 934 S. Water 
Greenwood, John, 59 Durl'ee 
Hathaway, Walter D. 95 Union 
Holmes, Charles F. 347 Kempton 
Homer Bros. Pearl 

Jarry, Domlnlck, 482 Coggeshall 

Keehn, Heman, & Sons, 903 Acushnet av. 

Kuerbiss, C. O. 2 Jenney 

Lord, Albert, 671 Purchase and 168 Union 

McCusker, Catherine T. 342 County 
Mellin's Home Bakery, 951 Acushnet av. 
Milliken, Eben C. 166 Purchase 
Milliken, Frank, 92 Wahien 

National Biscuit Co. 63 N. Water . 

Patnaude, E. 2 Clark 

Rice, Adoniram J. S61 S. Water 

Richmond & Co. 255 Union 

Ross, Charles, 293 Coggeshall 

Roy, Louis, 35 Peckham 

St. Jean, Stanislas, 34 Belleville av. 

Salmon. Lydia Mrs. 917 S. Water 

Sevlgny, George, 921 County 

Sharpies, David. 1020 Acushnet av. 

Slmas, Virgin F. 58 Wilson 

Stewart, Samuel, 357 Kempton 

Tabor & Gormley, 347 Kempton 

Tessier, O. J. A. 643 S. First 

Union Bakery, 212 Purchase 

Wallner, Antone. S61 S. Water 

Weeks, James D. 616 County 

Woodacre. Richard, 701 Purchase 

Wooley, Robert, 36 Hazard 

Zoegeele, A. L. 55 Mechanics lane 

Bauds and Orchestras. 

Gray & Sullivan's orchestra, Daniel J. 
Sullivan, leader, Theater bide;. 

Hill's Band, Geo. L. Hill, leader, 92 Pleas- 

■Needham's Orchestra, Geo. Needham, lead- 
er, 37 Purchase 

Parry & Haworth, 147 Union 

"Relter's Band. John Reiter, leader, 160^ 
Acushnet av. 

Union National Band. Flavlen Casavant, 
leader, 22 Bowditch 


Acushnet Co-operative Bank, Charles H. 

Pelrce, sec. 125 Middle 
First National, Wm. A. Mackie, cash. 110 

Mechanics' National, Edward S. Brown, 

cash. Purchase 
Merchants' National, Henry C. W. Mosher, 

cash. Purchase 
New Bedford Co-operative Bank, Charles 

H. Peirce, sec. 125 Middle 
New Bedford Five Cents Savings Bank, 

Win. H. Pitman, treas. 37 Purchase 
New Bedford Ins. for Savings, Charles H. 

Peirce, treas. 174 Union 
New Bedford Safe Deposit & Trust Co. Ed- 
mund W. Bourne, cash. 61 William 

Basket Mfrs. 

Hutchinson, Joseph, 559 Purchase 
Boer Manufacturer. 

Gooding, Charles H. (root) North 

Bicycle Dealers. 

American Specialty Co. 137 Pleasant 
Braley, Albert L. 103 Union 
Covill, H. E. Grlnnell and S. Orchard 
Crosaley, Albert, 1012 Acushnet av. 
Cunha, E. M. 157y 2 Acushnet av. 
Davis, Herbert H. 437 Acushnet av. 
Dawe, Frederic C. 814 Purchase 
DeWolf & Vincent, 149 Union 
Eggers, George A. 10 William 
Gatenby, John, 143 County 
Hazard, Alton L. 134 Pleasant 
Hoxie Bicycle Agency, 120 S. Sixth 
Jennings, Edward H. 21 Pleasant 
Leigh, John, 317 Rivet 
Lowe, Stephen C. 87 Union 
Smith, Hoyland, 218 Union 
Sowle. Frederick L. 88 Pleasant 
Tanner Cycle Store, 1.8 Market 
Turner & McCarty, 335 Pleasant 
Watson, Elias G. 348 Acushnet av. 
Wheeler, Martin V. B. 254 Coffin av. 
Willis, Henry P. 13 Pleasant 
Wilson, William H. 216 Acushnet av. 
Wood, Brightman & Co. 47 and 55 

Billiard Rooms. 

Abrams, William J. 153 Union 
Butler, Robert, 795 S. Water 
Chapman, Edward C. Globe blrtg. 
Cunha, Joseph, 82 Purchase 
Easton, Charles F. Jr. 361 Kempton 
Francis, F. W. 164 Union 
Harrington, John C. 291 Purchase 
Jackson, E. M. L. S40 Kempton 
Johnson, Arthur E. 663 Purchase 
LeBeau, Theophile, 308 Coggeshall 
Lcdoux, Hector, 784 Purchase 
Leveielle, Alfred, 72 Hicks 
Mansion House, 103 Union 
Morris, Daniel C. 277 Purchase 
O'Neil, John E. 224 Union 
Robinson, Fred L. 
Sovlgny, Charles, 207 Coggeshall 
Silva, Manuel J. 426 S. Water 
Vleira, .Frank, 503 S. Water 
Wilbur & Norton, 349 Kempton 


Bennett, George W. River rd. 
Bennett, Willard B. Acushnet av. 
Bonneau. Frederick A. 970 Acushnet av. 
Bourassa, A. Hathaway rd. 
Brownell, George L. Acushnet av. 
Caswell, Nathaniel H. 8 Pine 
Charbonneau. Louis, Plainville rd. 
Charpenter. Joseph, 13 Beetle 
Chase, Allen, Mill, cor. Summit 
Churbuch. H. B. 133 Pleasant 
Cloutier, Joseph E. 854 Acushnet av. 
Colletfe, Ulric, 44 Logan 
Couet. A. L. 53 Acushnet av. 
Driges. James D. Front 
Durfee, Edward M. Mechanics lane 
Fiehtenmayer & Flynn, 326 S. Water 
Footman, John W. First and Spring 
Full-"-, Nelson T. 21 Fourth 
Hathaway, Andrew E. 100 Pleasant 
Lavoie, Louis N. 13 Beetle 
Lawton, Henry C. 332 Purchase 
Leclair, Joseph, 10 Howard av. 
Linton. Toseph B. 241 Purchase 
Luce. Jeremiah L. Mechanics lane 
Macomber. Edward L. r. 39 Bedford 
Macy, E. B. & F. 54 Front 
New Bedford Boiler & Machine Co. 

Oliver. John B. Jr. Mill 
Parker, Leander V. 174 Shawmut av. 
Peckham. Israel H. Acushnet av. 

SSffRfim^r Putins of HOOKS. JOH^W^WMM 

XTl I ltd l mWORK, and CUTS. 1-NllR A- s -' * A { I M *-rft^.fTCtf 

'-i"JU^.^:^V ; yvERS of CUTS, al! styles., >^,<Vy« ^t^W"' ''^ 



Pickles, Thomas H. 439 S. Second 
Refuse, Robert T. 391 Acushnet av. 
Sanvllle, Noel, 147 N. Front 
Seguin, F. X. 3 Spring 
Seguin, Isaac, 447 Kempton 
Seguin, William, 7 Spring 
Shaw, Chauncey L. 39S Acushnet av. 
Sherman, William B. 119 Fifth 
Springer, Andrew R. 343 Kempton 
Stanbridge, Hiram C. 33 Elm 
Sylvia, Antoine A. 52 Dartmouth 
Sylvia, Julius C. 10S Dartmouth 
Taber, Charles G. 32 S. Water 
Taber, James A. Summit 
Taylor & Donaghy, 447 Kempton 
Tripp, Charles H. & Co. 139 Pleasant 
Vigneault. Urban, 10.".") Acushnet av. 
Wilcox, Peleg C. 96 Dartmouth 
Tantez, Isaac, Griffln 

Blank Book Mfrs. 

Collins, Williston H. & Co. 31 N. Second 
Hutchinson. Henry S. & Co. 198 Union 

Block Ma. leers. 

Coggeshall, Charles W. 9 N. .Main 

Boarding: Houses. 

Acushnet Av. House, 137 Acushnet av. 
Avenue House, 959 Acushnet av. 
Barstow, Imogene Mrs. 175 William 
Berube, Jule, 288 Fourth 
Blauensteiner, Frank F. 97 Middle 
Brasslin, Theresa Mrs. 204 Weld 
Burbank, N. P. Mrs. 60 Spring 
Burke, Patrick H. 331 Purchase 
Butler, Mary Ann Mrs. 183 Weld 
Chase, Amy Mrs. 157 Middle 
Downey, Mary Mrs. 39 Washburn 
Fuller, John, 10 Bethel 
Garland, L. E. Mrs. 21 Madison 
Gauthler, Marceline Mrs. 13 Hicks 
Geddis, Eliza J. Mrs. 55 Merrimac 
Gibbs, T. Louise, 230 Union 
Glfford, Almy F. 35 Eighth 
Gifford, E. Mrs. 312 Acushnet av. 
Hamilton, Annie, 19 Division 
Harrop, William, 115 Acushnet av. 
Hatch, Mercy Mrs. 24 North 
Hill & Hughes, 464 County 
Howland, Mills, Bolton rd. 
Jefferson, John, 25 Delano 
Johnson, J. A. Mrs. 496 Purchase 
Judge, Margaret C. 188 Purchase 
Kober, Caroline Mrs. 57 Washburn 
Lynch, Sellna Mrs. 21 Myrtle 
Mandell House, 67 Fourth 
Mariners' Home, 15 Bethel 
McFadden, Maria Mrs. 193 Weld 
McMillan, M. J. Mrs. 11 Logan 
Millotte, P. Mrs. 325 Bellevue av. 
Murdock, S. M. Mrs. 195 Purchase 
Murphy, M. A. Mrs. 77 N. Second 
O'Brien, Mary Mrs. 61 Washburn 
Packard, Hannah J. Mrs. 6 Pearl 
Pelletier, Celina Mrs. 2 Hicks 
Plna, Antone, 9 Spring 
Powers, Annie Mrs. Riverside av. 
Putz, G. H. C. 122 Middle 
Quapp, John, 116 Middle 
Russell, Annie Mrs. 152 Purchase 
Smith, C. F. Mrs. 233 Acushnet av. 
Sullivan, M. M. Mrs. 253 Cedar Grove 
Sylvia. Frank A. 267 S. Second 
Tellier, Julia Mrs. 216 Coggeshall 
Tilton, L. C. Mrs. 282 Acushnet av. 
Timson, H. R. Mrs. C7 Coflln av. 
Veith, Jacob, S3 School 
^'addington, Thomas H. 40 North 
Wilkinson. M. A. Mrs. 445 Peasant 
Wilson. Alfred Mrs. 67 Fourth 

Women's Christian Asso. 3 Lincoln 

Board of Trade. 

New Bedford Board of Trade, Geo R 
Phillips, sec. 

Boat Builders. 

Beetle, Charles D. E. French av. 
Butler, William F. 4 E. Pope 
Eldridge, Simeon B. 149 Front 
Hathaway, William H. 24 Commercial 
Kemp & Lucas, Pope's island 
Mitchell, Samuel H. 202 N. Water 

Boiler Mfrs. 

Lewis, Joseph S. Jr. 21 Commercial 

N. B. Boiler & Machine Co. 42 Front * 

Union Boiler Works, 32 Commercial 


Collins, Williston H. & Co. 34 N. Second 
Hutchinson, H. S. & Co. 93 Union 
Kane Bros. Union 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Hutchinson, H. S. & Co. 93 Union 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Barnett, David, 289 Coggeshall 
Barrett, P. J. 360 Kempton 
Berkowitz, J. 889 S. Water 
Bessette, J. Mrs. 944 Acushnet av. 
Boston Shoe Store, 64 Pleasant and 953 S 

Bousquet. Levi O. 3 Wamsutta 
Buchell Shoe Co. 75 William 
Burtt, Elliot J. 133 Acushnet av. 
Bushnell Shoe Co. 75 William 
Dahill, Edward F. 667 Purchase 
David, Emanuel, 765 Purchase 
Davis, J. & Co. 165 Union 
Dennis, John W. 146 Purchase 
Devoll, Pardon, & Son, 32 Purchase 
DIonne, Ernest A. 933 Acusnnet av. 
Donaghy, Thomas, 64 Union 
Francis & Sylvia, 160 Acushnet av. 
Genereux,*Eugene, 166 Rivet 
Guilmet, Eugene, 642 Purchase 
Harrison, Samuel, 43 Rivet 
Haskell & Tripp. 42 Purchase 
Healy & Riley, 813 Purchase 
Jones, William, 596 S. Water 
Kapplar, Joseph, 445 Rivet 
Kober, Clemens, 57 l /2 Washburn 
Lucas, Augustus E. 163 Union 
Luminansky, N. 807 S. Water 
Marshall, Manuel J. 344 S. Water 
Nicholas & Damon, 71 Purchase 
O'Hara, Thomas F. 776 Purchase 
Pittell, Frances Mrs. 48 Weld 
Phillips, Geo. A. 692 Purchase 
Robinson, R. 625 S. Water 
Rosenthal. D. R. Mrs. 452 Kempton 
Schuler Bros. 76 Purchase 
Sylvester, Robert R. 380 Kempton 
Therrien, Narcisse, Jr. 816 Purchase 
Toomey, John J. 878 Purchase 
Union Boot & Shoe Co. 67 Purchase 
Woolfenden, L. Theodore. 806 Purchase 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Almeido, Domingos, S. Second 
Boudreau, Jude J. P. 225V6 Coggeshall 
Bousquet. Samuel, 3 Wamsutta 
Brooks, George, 112 N. S-cond 
Budgen, Arthur, 62 Dartmouth 
Cairns, Michael, 10 Bay 
Carver. David O. 161 S. Second 
Catudal. Joseph A. N. Front and Cedar 

Thoroughly Ktiuinped 
Cotton Mills Pay. 

A m, r "" on 



53 State Street, Boston. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Cloutier, Moses, 765 Purchase 

Cohen, Albert, 277 Fourth 

Correia, John L. 159 Acushnet av. 

Davldian, Arson, 163 Summer 

Davidson, Jacob, 149 Purcnase 

Delage, Frank, 9S9 S. Water 

Dlonne, Arsene, Howard 

Dugdale, John, 618 S. First 

Dunbar, William A. 32 N. Second 

Durfee, Joseph C. 151 Grinnell 

Ellis, Truman B. 258 Purchase 

Ellis, Washington P. 290 Cedar 

Ellmore, Charles N. 7 Bedford 

Francis, John S. 123 Ash 

Freundschuh, Martin, 41 Bedford 

Goldberg. Morris, 733 S. Water 

Goldberg, Sam, 33 Rivet 

Hoefle, Peter, 146 Washington 

Jacobson, Louis, Robeson and Cedar 

Joseph, Antoine, 397 S. Water 

Kanuk, Davis. 414 Kempton 

Karesh, Joseph, 71 Purchase 

Kelly, Wm. 890 S. Water 

Lacroix, Flerman, County, cor. Clark 

Larochelle, Damace, 414 S. Front 

Leduc, Louis, 124 Rivet 

Lipsig, L. 84 Potomska 

Llpsig, M. Acushnet av. cor. Cedar Grove 

Lipson, Samuel, 900 S. Water 

Lowe, Augustus D. 180 Arnold 

Lucas, Augustus E. 163 Union 

Manchester. P. B. 57 Summer 

Marshall. Manuel J. 344 S. Water 

Masanlnoff, S. 10 Dartmouth 

Moore, Alex. Crapo 

Moore, Robert J. 4 Fifth 

Nesson, Harry, 517 Purchase 

Nicholas, Daniel, 413 S. Water 

Nichols, Andrew J. Ashland 

Normandin, F. X. F. Acushnet av. 

Paquette, L. A. 228 Weid 

Peed, T. J. 21 Fourth 

Perry, John, 30 South 

Phillips, Geo. A. 692 Purchase 

Pilders, Morris, 46 Wing 

Pittle, August, 48 Weld 

Rlvard, Frank, 43 Hicks 

Rosenthal, D. R. Mrs. 452 Kempton 

Rourke, John, 864 County 

St. George, Louis, 659 S. First 

Sansoucy. Ludger, 102 Weld 

Schuler Bros. 76 Purchase 

Silva, Joseph, 52 Mosher 

Souza, Manuel F. 72 Purchase 

Sunrenant, Alphe, 259 Cedar 

Suprenant, Noel. 201 N. Front 

Swift, John, 50 Bowditch 

Swift, Martin, 699 S. First 

Taylor, Joseph, 210 Purchase 

Therrlen, Narcisse, 944 Acushnet av. 

Thlbideau, E. 186 Belleville av. 

Tilton, Calvin R. 132 Smith 

Tripp, Bradford D. 92 Pleasant 

Waldron, John, 86 Acushnet av. 

Wall, Michael, 107 Union 

Waterhouse, J. B. L. 137 Grinnell 

Watkins, Charles F. 92 Pleasant 

Weaver, George, Rockdale av. 

White, George A. 172 Cedar 

Wood, William, 191 Purchase 

Zoorer, Jacob, 115 S. Second 

Boot anil Shoe Mfrs. 
Hathaway, Soule & Harrington, Acushnet 


Abramson, Mame. 32 Morton ct. 
Dawson, Benjamin, & Son, 641 Purcnase 

Enos, Manuel, 433 S. Water 

Howland, Abraham H. 157 Acushnet av. 

Isherwood, John, 69 Winsor 

Smith BroB. 777 Purchase 

Wheaton, Hiram, & Sons, 45 School 

Bowling; Alleys. 

Chapman, Edward T. Union 
Peck. Charles L. 7 S. Sixth 

Box Makers. 

Coffin Bros. 38 Middle 

Dantslzen, Frank M. (cigar) 56 S. Water 

Taber, Abram S. 27 Commercial 

Brass Founders. 

Gardner & Southv.-ick, 58 Middle 
N. B. Brass Foundry, 108 N. Water 
Pope's Island Mfg. Corp. Pope's Island 


Andrews & Horton (cotton) North 
Congdon, A. & Co. (cotton) 50 N, Second 
Cook, Thomas D. (cotton) 37 N. Water 
Cook, Thomas W. (cotton) Masonic bldg. 
Braley. Albert L. (pawn and mort.) 99 

Gibbs, Lot H. (ship) 32 Union 
Haves, William C. (stock) Masonic bldg. 
Headley, P. C. Jr. (cotton) Hamilton f.nd 

N. Water 
Herron, Walter B. (stock) 71 William 
Heynan, J. (cotton) 108 Union 
Macomber, C. F. 71 William 
Morse & Alexander (stock) 97 William 
Nye, Pemberton H. (ship) 95 N. Front 
Parsons & Macomber (stock) Masonic 
Rhodes, Geo. H. & Co. (cotton) 33 N. 

Roy, D. Alfred (cotton) 37 Purcnase 
Sanford & Kelley (stock) 21 Pleasant 
Snow, A. C. (pawn) C7 Union 
Tucker, Arthur L. (cotton) 25 N. Water 
Wilcox. Frank S. (cotton) 53 S. Sixth 

Broom Mfrs. 

Bowen. Geo. S. & Co. 54 S. Water 

Building; Movers. 

Crapo, Peter, North 

Hathaway. Franklin B. W. Elm 

Tripp, Henry W. 153 Clinton 

Butter, Cheese and EgRs. 

Humphrev, J. L. Jr. 8 N. Second 
Petts. Wlllard C. 731 S. Water 

Button Mfrs. 

Brown & Co. 1 Rodman 
Hedge-Lewis Mfg. Co. N. Water 

Cabinet Makers. 

Keen, Charles F. 17 Centre 
Russell, David J. 11 Rodman 
Thompson. Charles G. 78 First 

•Calendar Manufacturer. 

TOBEY, AV. P. 69 Purchase 

Candle Mfrs. 

Delano's, Geo. Sons (sperm and patent) 

S. Second 
Robinson, W. A. & Co. (sperm) 144 S. 



Contains the 
Business Directory 

SEE. 353 Towns and Cities. 



Cnriienters ami Builders. 

Ashley, William A. G. 980 Kempton 
Atwood, Herbert M. 106 N. Water 
Ballou, Jason L. r. 35 Crapo 
Bessette, Claver, 789 Belleville av. 
Bliss, George H. 233 Arnold 
Blossom Bros. 172 N. Water 
Bosworth, Wm. 194 N. Water 
Brightman, Charles O. 72 N. Water 
Brownell, Geo. A. 107 Ash 
Bulman, Henry T. 105 Bonney 
Caldwell, Albert F. 453 Kempton 
Chase, Charles F. 24 Howard av. 
Curry, Geo. F. 19 Columbia 
Davis, Z. B. 3 Pope 
Faunce, Loum H. 10 Homer 
Gifford, George E. 121 Ash 
Hammond, Henry F. 177 N. Water 
Hammond, Francis W. 175 N. Water 
Hathaway, D. L. & Son, 23 Centre 
Hazard, Frederick, 340 Cesar 
Judson, J. T. Rockdale av. 
Keen, Leonard, Jr. r. 94 Middle 
Kettlewell, John, 30 Nelson 
Kingsley, N. M. & Son. 78 Elm 
Klrby, William A. 59 High 
Lague, Joseph, 435 Pleasant 
Landers & Vance, 2 Leonard 
Look, John W. 175 N. Water 
MacKenzie, Roderick, 11 Hillman 
Macy. Roland, 103^ S. Sixth 
McKenzie, Daniel A. Commercial 
Meaney, John J. 6 W. French av. 
Monjeau, Louis, 61 County 
Morris, John N. 73 Grinnell 
Murkland, James H. 55 Walnut 
Peirce, Charles E. ft. Leonard 
Poirier, Dolphls, 142^ Purchase 
Pope, Abner P. 19 Bethel 
Sanford, Stephen L. 5 Willis 
Sherman, R. A. & Son, 7 Leonard 
Silvia, Stephen N. 53 Short 
Slstare, Frank B. Ill Willis 
Sorelle, Joseph, 1009 Acushnet av. 
Sturtevant, Benjamin S. 35 Bay 
Sturtevant, George A. 199 N. Water 
Sturtevant & Sherman, 194 N. Water 
Sullivan, Martin H. 168 N. Secona 
Sylvia, Manuel L. 425 S. Second 
Therrien, Edmond G. 300 Sawyer 
Thompson, Charles G. 78 First 
Thorley, Francis, 515 Rivet 
Trahan, Joseph R. 155 Shawmut av. 
Tripp, Henry W. 153 Clinton 
Vincent. Ulric, 81 Bullard 
Walker, William, 665 County 
Warren, Joseph C. 176 Cove 
Watling, William, Juniper, cor. Larch 

Carpet Cleaners. 

N. B. Steam Carpet Beating Works, North 

Carpet Dealers. 

TVaite, B. H. & Co. 71 William 
Carriage Makers. 

Bennett, Wlllard B. Acushnet av. 
Briggs, Philip S. 173 Acushnet av. 
Brownell, Ashley, & Co. 24 Fourth 
Brownell, George L. Acushnet av. 
Brun. Wilfred D. r. 970 Acushnet av. 
Couet, Alphonse L. 53 Acushnet av. 
Fisher, Arthur F. 856 Kempton 
Hathaway, Leonard J. 91 Pleasant 
Linton. J. R. & Sons, 105 Maxfield 
Lowell, Clarence, 270 Acushnet av. 
Rattan Novelty Co. (baby) 493 County 
[esuln, Francois X. 3 Spring 
^'guln. Isaie, 447 Kempton 

Carriage Repositories. 

Ashley, A. Davis, 947 Acushnet av. 
Brownell, George L. Acushnet av. 
Cole, George F. 41 Spring 
Kirby & Hicks, 60 Elm 

Carriage Trimmers. 
Briggs, Philip S. 173 Acushnet av. 
Forbes, Charles H. 110 Pleasant 

Casket Mfrs. 

Vaughan, W. C. Jr. 321 Purchase 


Ripley, William V. 247 Purchasa- 

Cliair Manufacturers. 

Bay State Chair Co. 133 S. Water 

Client ists. 

Nathaniel (analy.) 



Gavltt, Benjamin N. 444 Purchase 
Johnson, Warren A. 236 Union 
Miller, Harriet L. 113 Kempton 
Razoux, Henry A. 210 Union 
Russel, F. Mrs. 195 Union 
Snow, Rhoda, 82 Elm 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Buckley, Henry, 678 Acushnet av. 
Caswell, Isaac C. 357 Acushnet av. 
Chapman, Edward T. 358 Acushnet av. 
Cunha, Joseph, 82 Purchase 
Davis & Hatch Spice Co. 28 Union 
Drautz, C. H. & Co. 31 N. Water 
Driscoll, Church & Hall (wholesale) 82 

Edwards, John B. 7 Walnut 
Finn & Robinson, 169 Purchase 
Francis, Frank W. 164 Union 
Glennon, Dennis A. 99 ] /2 Union 
Levy. Leon, 63 S. Water 
Marshall, Frank, 79 Howland 
Murphy, Edward, 39y 2 Rivet 
O'Neil, John E. 218 Union 
Perry, Joseph J. 61 y 2 Grinnell 
Peters, Frank, 47 Howland 
Robinson, Antone, 117 Union 
Robinson Fred L. 

Saltus, G. H. & Co. (mfrs.) 56 S. Water 
Silvia, Antone, 653 S. Water 
Thomas, Antone, 541 S. Water 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors 

Briggs, George A. 49 William 
Drake, Albert B. 164 William 
Metcalf, Frank M. Masonic bldg. 
Williams, William F. Odd Fellows bldg. 

Clergymen and Churches. 

Berube, Antoine, St. Hyacinth Roman 
Catholic, 163 County 

Bouvassa, .1. A. St. Hyacinth Roman Cath- 
olic, 163 County 

Brady, James J. St. Killiam Roman Cath- 
olic, Davis, cor. Bowditch 

Brosstau, J. A. M. St. Anthony's Roman 
Catholic, 1015 Acushnet av. 

Clark, James F. St. James Roman Cath- 
olic, 233 County 

Cooper, Francis J. County Street Metho- 
dist, 3 Arch 

Cullen, William, St. Hyacinth Roman 

Catholic, 163 County 
Derricks. J. African M. E. 


Send for sample copy, 

then subscribe. 

$3.00 a year. 

The Builders' Weekly, 

Worcester, 3Ia*K. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Deslaurleres, H. St. Anthony's Roman 
Catholic, 1015 Acushnet av. 

Doran, Daniel E. St. James Roman Cath- 
olic, 233 County 

Flanders, W. B. Spruce Street Christian, 
16 Homer 

Flocken, L. M. Allen Street Methodist 

Fortin, Joseph, Sacred Heart Roman Cath- 
olic, 5 Ashland 

Frothingham, Paul R. First Congregational 
47 S. Sixth 

Gaboury, Charles P. Sacred Heart Roman 
Catholic, 5 Ashland 

Hale, F. J. Plainville Methodist 

Harold, Hugh J. St. Lawrence Roman 
Catholic, 110 Summer 

Hersey, Charles F. North and South Chap- 
els, City Mission, 24S Chestnut 

Hill, Albert L. Second Advent, Lund's 

Hill, W. C. First Congregational, Lund's 

Humphries, E. North Primitive Methodist, 

Johnson, Alfred E. St. Martin's Episcopal, 
110 Cedar 

Julien, Mathew C. Fourth Street Congrega- 
tional, 21 Seventh 

< , Plainville Christian 

Kugler, Win. E. Fourth Street Methodist, 
125^2 Fourth 

Laird, Alexander, First Presbyterian, 100 

MacColl, John A. North Congregational, 45 

Macy, Rector F. St. James Episcopal, Lin- 

McDonald, Ephraim H. Union Baptist, 43 

Mesqulta, F. S. St. John's Baptist, 94 S. 

Morrill, Alva H. Middle Street Christian 

Mussely, H. J. Sacred Heart Roman Cath- 
olic, 5 Ashland 

— , Society of Friends 

Neves, Antonio Gomez da Sllva, St, John 

Baptist R. C. 94 S. Sixth 
Nind, G. B. First Portuguese Methodist 
Nunes, Joseph D. St. John Baptist Roman 

Catholic, 94 S. Sixth 

— — , Rockdale Free Chapel 

, First Universalist, 429 Union 

, Cannonville Chapel 

Quirk, John, St. Lawrence Roman Cath- 
olic, 110 Summer 

— _ , First (North) Christian, 101 


Robinson, S. E., A. M. E. Zlon, 8 W. 

— , Grace Episcopal. 372 County 

Smyth, Hugh J. St. Lawrence Roman 
Catholic. 110 Summer 

Stewart, J. North Baptist, 144 Mt. Pleas- 

Sutliffe, J. South Primitive Methodist 

Swaim, J. S. First Baptist, 119 Hillman 

_ — , Rescue Mission 

Taylor. C. H. Howard Methodist 

Tirrell, Eben, Pleasant Street Methodist, 
22 Sycamore 

Ward, J. A. First Evangelical, 42 Rich- 

— _ , Church of Christ (Scientist) 

Williams, Edward, Seaman's Bethel, 15 


, Clifford Union Chapel Asso- 


Batchelor. BenJ. S. (Chris.) 187 Cottage 


Borgendahl, F. A. (B.) 328 Smith 
Buenger, Henry (B.) 52 Kempton 
Coe, J. H. (Chris.) 83 Bonney 
Duffleld, Silas H. (Epis.) 297 Cedar 
Evans, John A. (Meth.) 292 Middle 
Everett, T. J. (Meth.) 326 Cottage 
Mitchell, James (Pies.) 226 Court 
Murphy, Joseph (B.) 7 Spruce 
Phelan, E. B. (B.) 164 Chestnut 
Saville, Henry M. (Epis.) 191 County 
Sllva, Frank C. B. (B.) 36 Thompson 
Staples. John C. (Cong.) 163 Mayfield 
Woodward, Addison (Meth.) 38 Campbell 

Cloak: Dealers. 

Wagschals, S. 913 Acushnet av. Cleaners. 

Bush, Andrew M. 47 William 

Onley, Charles H. 340 Acushnet av. 

Clothing Dealers. 

Ashley & Pierce Clothing Co. 72 William 
Brightman, Leander, 53 William 
Burns Bros. 127 Purchase 
Cohen, Solomon L. 811 Purchase 
Davidson, J. B. Mrs. 419 S. Water 
DeWolfe, A. J. Mrs. 305 Purchase 
Fidler, Bessie, Mrs. 792 Purchase 
Francis & Sylvia, 160 Acushnet av. 
Genensky, Wolf, S51 Acushnet av. 
Gifl'ord & Co. 22 Pleasant 
Globe Clothing Co. Purchase and Linden 
Goodman, Herman, 475 S. Water 
Goodman, Julius, 457 S. Water 
Haskell & Tripp, 42 Purchase 
Johnson, C. T. Mrs. 228 Union 
Levy, George, 744 Purchase 
Lumiansky, Morris, 7S9 S. Water 
Mendelson, Abraham, 955 Acushnet av. 
Michaud, Lee & Wolfenden, Purchase 
Poisson Tiros. 822 Purchase 
Poisson, G. & L. 912 S. Water 
Reardon, Mary, Mrs. 413 Purchase 
Sanders & Barrows Clothing Co. 99-103 

Shapira* Resnick. 248 Coggeshall 
Swift, M. C. & Son, 157 Union 
Taber, Read & Gardner, 141 Union 
Union Novelty Co. SO Purchase 
Wentworth. F W. Co. Union 
Wing, J. & W. R. & Co. 133 Union 
Zack Bros. 96 William 

Coal and Wood. 

Akin, F. T. & Co. Walnut and S. Water 

Begley, Edward, North 

Borden, Harrison T. 62 Dartmouth 

City Coal Co. Front 

Corson, T. S. 21 Middle and 114 William 

Denison Bros. Co. cor. Hillman and Water 

Duff. David, & Son, 35 Purchase 

Francis, Sylvester G. 495 Union 

Fregeau, John, 67 Hicks 

Garfield & Proctor Coal Co. ft. Hillman 

Girard, Paul N. S82 S. Water 

Hilton, John, 995 Acushnet av. 

Holmes, Albert W. (who!, and ret.) ft. 

Notter, John, 318 County 
Peckham, Frank H. 52 First 
Peirce, J. Henry, 423 Kempton 
Philadelphia & Reading Coal and Iron Co. 

ft. Walnut 
Sauoier, Henri, 16 Howard 
Washburn, Lemuel A. 47 N. Sixth 

Commission Merchants. 

Akin, F. T. & Co. 168 S. Water 
Bartlett, Robert W. 97 William 

If you don't find the name you are looking for in this 
hook under u certain heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
fications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 



Baylies, John B. 121 Union 
Baylies, William, 6 Union 
Flanders, C. H. 22 Union 
Gibbs, Lot H. 32 Union 
Nye, Pemberton H. 95 N. Front 
Phillips, George R. 37 Purchase 
Potter, Andrew H. 19 Commercial 
Potter, William F. & Co. SI Front 
Robinson, W. A. &. Co. 144 S. Water 
Wing, J. & W. R. 133 Union 

Concrete Pavers. 

Perkins. A. W. & Co. 167 Hillman 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Angelo, Gavoni, 434 Purchase 

Bates, Kirby & Co. (mfrs.) 46 -Pleasant 

Boardman, J. S. L. 203 Acushnet av. 

Breakell, Thomas, 755 Purchase 

Brown, William, 23 Weld 

Cleveland, G. H. V. D. 25 Allen 

Cordlera, John, 773 S. Water 

Daprato, Antonio, S8s Purchase 

Daprato, John, 849 S. Water 

Daprato, Lawrence, 27 Delano 

Daprato, Peter, 1104 S. Water 

Dugale, M. J. 629 Purchase 

Finni, C. D. Union 

Flanders, C. H. (whol.) 22 Union 

Fortini, Michael, 403 Kempton 

Foster, Joseph B. 6S7 S. Water 

Frates, Antone F. 154 Acushnet av. 

Gerrard, William, ,907 S. Water 

Hill, Ralph, 817 S. Water 

Lawrence, David E. (whol.) 25 Union 

Lucardi, Antonio, 197 Purchase 

Maimaris, D. 32 Pleasant 

Mather, E. Mi's. 161 County 

McGill, David, 847 S. Water 

Muibury, Wm. H. 58 Grinnell 

Onofrio, Angelo D. 263 Purchase 

Pallatronl, A. Purchase 

Patterson, Socrates G. 138 Purchase 

Pease, F. & R. W. (whol.) 43-51 Union 

Pleraccini, Frank, 85 William 

Pieraccini, Fred, 834 Purchase 

Pleraccini, Pletro, 911 Acushnet av. 

Ryan, P. J. Mrs. 690 S. First 

Ryder, C. F. Mrs. 193 Acushnet av. 

Savage, John M. 688 Purchase 

Senna, Manuel J. 445 S. Water 

Sherman, I. C. & Son (whol.) 70-76 Union 

Siddal, Temperance. Mrs. 937 S. Water 

Snow, Levi M. 61 Main 

Stanton, Albert G. 131 Acusnnet av. 

Stanus, Constantine. 23 Purchase 

Stollard, George F. 72 Purchase 

Thilo, Frank E. 873 Purcnase 

Tilden & Co. (whol.) 28 N. Serond 

Watkins, Stephen F. 813 S. Water 

Wheeler, Charles, 56 Purchase 

Williams, John O. 169 Union 

^"ordell. William S. Mrs. 20 Wing 

Co-operative Hanlis. 

(See Banks) 


Chadwlck, Thomas A. 224 N. Water 
Luce, Thomas & Co. 278 N. Water 

Copper Mfrs. 

New Bedford Copper Co. N. Front 

Cotton Goods Mfrs. 

Acushnet Mill Corp. ft. Delano 
Bristol Mfg. Co. 198 Co^geshall 
Dartmouth Mfg. Corp. Cove 
Crinnell Mfg. Corp. Kllburn 
Hathaway Mfg. Co. ft. Delano 

Mt. Pleasant Mills, head Purchase 
Pierce Mfg. Co. Belleville 
Potomska Mills, S. Water 
Wamsutta Mills, Acushnet av. 
Whitman Mills, 61 Coflin 

Cotton Mill Supplies. 

Reliance Mfg. Co. 3 Rodman 

Croclcery, China. & Glassware. 

Bliss & Nye, 145 Union 
Derners, Philip B. 639 S. First 
Lee, E. T. Mrs. 740 Purchase 
Levy, • Max, 893 S. Water 
Lieder, Jacob, 919 Acushnet av. 
Richards, George D. 109 William 
Rounsovelle, A. S. & Co. 73 William 
Shaw, Elmer H. & Co. 94 Purchase 
Stanton, Albert G. 131 Acushnet av. 
Taylor & Sawtelle, 92 Purchase 


Ashley, Frederick M. ly2 Union 
Austin, Joseph, 210 Union 
Bolles, Charles E. 25 Purchase 
Channing. William II, 68 County 
Channing, William R. 366 Union 
Gordon, Alex. A. 226 Union 
Irish, George O. 25 Purchase 
Kennedy, Francis M. 446 County 
Lima, Joseph M. 100 S. Sixth 
Mann, Henry E. 139 Purchase 
Mann, William W. 174y 2 Purchase 
Neal, Charles A. 60 Purchase 
Nesbett, Frederick B. 160 Purchase 
Pease, James E. 1 Bedford 
Perrier, Albert C. J. 60 Purchase 
Peters, William L. 1S5 Purchase 
Shockley, Abraham L. 45 Purchase 
Stanley, Ned A. 3 Pleasant 
Stephens, Winston, 12 S. Sixth 
Tripp, Jerome P. 45 Purchase 
U. S. Dental Association, 60 Purchase 
Webber, William H. 250 Union 
Weeks, Edward J. 74 Purchase 
Wyman, Adolphus F. 19 Purchase 

Doors, Sasli and Blinds. 

Blossom Brothers, 242 N. Water 
Croacher, Thomas W, Leonanl 
Fournier & Nicholson, 31 Bowditch 
Green & Wood, Pine 
Sowle, Nat. P. 97 N. Water 
Washburn, Lettice R. 235 N. Water 


Alexander, A. G. Mrs. 80 Thompson 
Allen, Alice, 282 Acushnet av. 
Allen, Annie M. Mrs. 148 Hillman 
Allen, Eleanor Mrs. SS Newton 
Allen, Eliza M. 304 County 
Allen, Margaret N. Mrs. 184 Middle 
Ashley, Lillian, Mrs. 169 Maxfieia 
Ayler. Rosa, 310 Middle 
Bannon, Mary J. 11 Hyacinth 
Barnes, E. K. Mrs. 15S Grinnell 
Bartlett, Lizzie it. 103 S. Seventh 
Bennett, R. E. Mrs. 71 Waiaen 
Blsbee, Anna R. Mrs. 8 Wing 
Borden, Susan J. Mrs. 167 Pleasant 
Bowers, Clara, 399 Pleasant 
Branchaud. Rose. 362 Pleasant 
Brennan, Kate G. 144 Willis 
Briggs, Clara Mrs. 57 Spruce 
Briggs & Weeks, 67 S. Sixth 
Brosseau, Cora E. Mrs. 30 Elm 
Brownson. Helen S. 1013 Acushnet av. 
Budlon. Julia G. 12 Pope 
Bufflnton, J. A. Mrs. 419 Kempton 
Burbank. I. N. Mrs. 168 Middle 


Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester, 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Burgess, Nellie J. Sixth 
Burns, Mary A. 135 Fourth 
Butts, Lillian M. 235 Shawmut av. 
Cannon, Elizabeth Mrs. 34 Willis 
Caswell, Addle C. Mrs. 28 Durfee 
Catin, Annie, 235 Fourth 
Chase, Sarah E. 54 Fiftli 
Coffin, Carrie Mrs. 435 Cottage 
Conner, Minnie G. 73 S. Sixth 
Crawford. G. Miss, 64 Allen 
Curran, Norah, 57 Hillman 
Dantsizen, Rosalie P. 146 Elm 
Davenport, C. H. Mrs. 100 Grape 
Davies, C. Mrs. 21 Windsor 
Davignon, V. Mrs. 790 Purchase 
Davis, H. T. Mrs. 190 Acushnet av. 
Davis, lsabelle, 101 Middle 
Davis, Mary, 109 Campbell 
Dehoney. Mary A. 97 Grinnell 
Demarais, Edwiiige, 47 Reynolds 
Devoll, Mary E. Mrs. 66 Rockland 
Dextadeur, Celina, 164 State 
Dion, R. O. Miss, 337 Pleasant 
Doull, Annie, 47 Thompson 
Dunham, Sarah L. 33 High 
Eaton, Annabel, 8 Fifth 
Ethier, Mederege, 696 Purchase 
Forbes, Charles H. Mrs. S3 Park 
Fortln, Ernestine, 136 Belleville av. 
Francis, Ellen J. 129 Hillman 
Fregeau, Adele, 66 Hicks 
Gardner, L. F. Mrs. 286 Kempton 
Gartland, Ethel L. 9 Washington 
Gauthier, Georgianna, 14 Linden 
Gifford, Susan A. 362 Kempton 
Gomley, Misses, 196 Elm 
Grenler, • Amable P. 176 Purchase 
Hall, Dora S. Mrs. 117 Willis 
Hallaran, Mary J. 41 N. Sixth 
Hammond, Mattie, 63 Spring 
Harrington, Agnes, 254 Acushnet av. 
Hatch, C. E. Mrs. 41 Dartmouth 
Hathaway, Florence A. 269 Arnold 
Hathaway, Misses, 183 Pleasant 
Hathaway, Misses, 58 Spruce 
Healey, Louisa Mrs. 336 Sawyer 
Hine, Catherine, 404 Union 
Home, Mary A. 129 Pleasant 
Hunter, Ellen, 55 N. Sixth 
lsabelle, Misses, 261 Belleville av. 
Jackson, Cynthia V. 294 Court 
Jay, Elizabeth L. 65 Chestnut 
Jenkins, E. E. Mrs. 2C8 Acushnet av. 
Jenks, Lizzie H. 182 Washington 
Jenney, G. Mrs. 116 Chestnut 
Jones, Mary A. 308 Middle 
Jourdain, A. E. Mrs. 172 Arnold 
Kane, Helen E. 67 Mechanics lane 
Keck, Dena Mrs. 1 Cornell place 
Kirwln, M. J. 101 S. Sixth 
Lake, Annie E. 311 Acushnet av. 
Lambert, A. Mrs. 303 Fourth 
Layeux, Isabella, 218 Purchase 
Leavitt, M. Abbie, 23 Hillman 
Leonard, Mary A. 30 Bonney 
Lima, Mary M. 143 Acushnet av. 
Lydick, Jessie B. Mrs. 284 Acushnet av. 
Mailloux, Agnes. Mrs. 147 State 
Manley, Lucy C. Mrs. 205 Acushnet av. 
Marble. Abbie S. 274 Pleasant 
Martin, Olivia S. 8 Fifth 
Maxfield, Lucy S. 14 Allen 
McAvoy, Lizzie M. 384 Purchase 
McDermott, I. E. Mrs. Ill Park 
McGee, Josephine Mrs. 35 Linden 
Mclntyre, K. E. Miss, 3 Spruce 
Miller. C. A. Mrs. 154 Arnold 
Miller. Samuel E. Mrs. 89 Chancery 
-losher. Annie M. 259 Acushnet av. 


Murphy, Lizzie F. 54 Kempton 

Norton, Mary A. Mrs. 176 Fourth 

Nye, Mary E. Mrs. 359 County 

Parker, Dora, 109 Campbell 

Pelrce, Marlon L. Mrs. 96 Newton 

Phelan, K. C. Miss, 23S Middle 

Pierce, Emma F. Mrs. 74 Spruce 

Pierce, H. W. Mrs. 380 Union 

Poirier, A. Mrs. 142»/j Purchase 

Poitras, Victoria, 16 Bowditch 

Potts, Annie M. 76 Fifth 

Reames, Maria Mrs. 6 Liberty 

Reed, Fannie C, Mrs. 233 Maxfleld 

Ridley, Sarah T. 22 Ash 

Rogers, Hattie A. 48 Mill 

Rotchild, Annie, 77 Union 

Ryan, Kate, 51 Hillman 

Ryder, Ada A. 34 Oak . 

Salisbury, Susan T. 134 Campbell 

Sawyer, Rilla D. 39 High 

Serpa, Susie Mrs. 70 South 

Shannon, Mary E. 3S3 Purchase 

Sherman, Eva G. Mrs. 157 Smith 

Shockley, Octavia, 87 Willis 

Smith, Carrie A. 437 Purchase 

Smith, Elizabeth P. Mrs. 188 Middle 

Smith, Jane, 344 Middle 

Smith, Mary A. 45 Emerson (South) 

Smith, William G. Mrs. 187 Cedar 

Smythe, Alice M. 32 Parker 

Soule, Nellie E. Mrs. 191 Acushnet av. 

Souza, Mary G. 202 Union 

Spooner, Ellen Mrs. 70 Morgan 

Sulis, Charles E. Mrs. 193 Elm 

Sullivan, Katherine T. 230 County 

Swift, Alice V. Mrs. 35 Seventh 

Taber, Lottie A. M. 509 Purchase 

Thomas, Hattie W. 73 Hillman • 

Tillinghast, E. H. Mrs. 236 Acushnet av. 

Tripp, Abbie E. 117 Fifth 

Tynan, Sarah J. 341 Cedar 

Upjohn, Sophia H. 90 Parker 

Vaughan, 'Lucy J. Mrs. 61 Borden 

Watson, Emma A. Mrs. 43 Foster 

Welch, J. W. Mrs. 146 Acushnet av. 

Weld. Abber E. Mrs. 35 Dartmouth 

White, A. P. Mrs. 166 Campbell 

White, Jennie, 345 Pleasant 

White, Mary L. Mrs. 343 Purchase 

Wilde, Jennie M. 2 Seventh 

Wilding, Mary Mrs. 78 Ashland 

Wilson, Hattie J. 323 County 

Winterbottom, Agnes M. Mrs. 116 County 

Winters, M. J. Mrs. 20 Independent 

Wood, Annie E. 117 High 

Wood, E. L. Mrs. 15 Shawmut av. 

Wright, Ellen, Mrs. 290 Purchase 

Wyse, Agnes A. 79 Bedford 

Drill Manufacturers. 

Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. 20 Bed- 

Strange Forged Drill & Tool Co. 1145 Kemp- 


Allen, A. J. & Co. 364 Kempton 
Anthony, Guinn & Roos, 392 Kempton 
Bence, Eli, 119 Fourth 
Blackraar, Herbert A. 165 Purchase 
Blake, James E. 96 N. Second 
Bosworth, C. T. & Co. 133 County 
Bullock, William J. Fourth 
Bunker, Elihu. 403 Purchase 
Cartier, Charles O. W. Frencn av. 
Church. Charles H. 122 Purchase 
Church & Hammond, William, cor. Pleas- 
Collette, Clement, 978 Acushnet av. 
Covell, Alexander H. 103 Union 
Corson, Henry T. 639 County 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



Crowley, Jeremiah J. 232 Purchase 

Cundall & White, 44 Dartmouth 

Douglass, Frank M. 212 Union 

Drummond, William H. 75 N. Second 

Greer, George A. 294 Purchase 

Gunning & Doyle', 885 Purchase 

Healey, M. C. & Co. Cottage 

Hilton, Edward W. 154 Purchase 

Lawrence, Philip II. 534 S. Water 

Lawton, C. H. & H. A. Co. 1 PurcTiase 

Leraleux, J. A. & Co. 956 Acushnet av. 

Lussier & Chartier, Fourth 

Normandin, Alphonse, & Co. 122 N. Front 

Normandin, L. Z. 598 Purchase 

Nuttall, James II. 246 Union 

Pease, Frank R. 923 Acushnet av. 

Pease, William A. 513 County ■ 

Pease & Dandurand, 913 S. Water 

Ryan, E. T. & Co. 45 Linden 

Shurtleff, Israel H. 195 Fourth 

Smith & Murphy, 721 S. Water 

Taylor, James P. 187 Acushnet av. 

Therlen, Gedeon, 805 Purchase 

Therlen, Joseph N. 3 Weld 

Thomas, Isaac W. 309 Acushnet av. 

Villeneuve, A. A. 233 Coggeshall 

Watklns, James B. 95 Union 

White & Fairchild, 322 County 

Wright, Edward E. 2S6 Acushnet av. 

Dry Goods. 

Adams, Stephen F. 506 County 

Au Bon Marche, 139 Union 

Bernard, Francis, 957 S. Water 

Blanchard, J. D. & Co. 907V2 Acushnet av. 

Bowen, Sarah E. Mrs. 227 Cedar 

Brunelle, Oliver A. 129 Rivet 

Campbell, James, 11 Bonney 

Carpenter, Alice H. 846 Purchase 

Clynes, Thomas J. 634 Acushnet av. 

Cogen, Sarah Mrs. 15 Weld 

Columbia Dry Goods Co. 955 Acushnet av. 

Diman, E. R. S. 330 County 

Dollard. Ellen, 517 Rivet 

Faisneau, George E. Jr. 14 Purchase 

Genesky, Philip, 739 S. Water 

Goldman, B. 218 Coggeshall 

Goldstein, Moses, 33 Weld 

Goodman, Louis, 384 Kempton 

Grainger, Charles, 447 Rivet 

Grimshaw, Fred P. 770 Purchase 

Haskell & Tripp, 42 Purchase 

Herman, David, 3G3 S. Water 

Herman, F. Mrs. 493 S. Water 

Herman, Samuel L. 517 S. Water 

Hurvitz, E. 517 S. Water 

LeVasseur, C. & E. 266 Coggeshall 

Lumlansky, B. 871 S. Water 

Mechaber Bros. 812 Purchase 

Merriam. Olin L. 139 Union 

Moore & Dick, Purchase and William 

Morse, Willard II. 656 Purchase 

Moynan & Co. 1S5 Union 

New Bedford Dry Goods Co. Union and 

Poirier, C. R. Mrs. 911% Acushnet av. 
Polsson Bros. 822 Purchase 
Polsson, G. & L. 912 S. Water 
Stmansky, Bessie Mrs. f.S3 S. Water 
Slmiansky, Aaron, 711 S. Water 
Simiansky, Isaac, 685 S. Water 
Slmiansky, Joseph, 909'i Acushnet av. 
Slater, James. 678 Purchase 
Spare. John V. 41 Purchase 
\\hltlng, E. B. & Co. 191 Union 
"'liner, Asher I. 25 Purchase 
"olfson, A. 903V = Acushnet av. 

Dye Houses. 

v-Uy Dye House, 1% Fifth 

Maiden Nat. Dye House, 39 North 
N. B. Steam Dye House, 53 William 
North End Dye House, 758 Purchase 

Electrical Supplies. 

Greenhill, Herbert J. 48 North Water 
Hill, W. S. Electric Co. 6 Elm 
Lees, Albert, 168 Middle 


Greenhill, Herbert J. 48 N. Water 
Hughes, Edward, 1049 Acushnet av. 
Sherman, C. R. & Sons, 38 N. Second 
Smith, Arthur C. 38 Bedford 
Whitlow, Samuel, 11 S. Water 

Electric Unlit Companies. 

N. B. Gas and Edison Light Co. George R. 
Stetson, pres. 125 Middle 

Employment Otlices. 

Atchison, Mary A. Mrs. 40 Russell 
Harrington, J. Mrs. 250 Acushnet av. 
John, A. L. Mrs. 130 Purchase 


Baudoin, Edmund E. 196 Union 


Adams Express Co. 190 Union 

Allen's Express, Edwin Allen, prop. 149 

Boston Express, Hatch & Co. props. 190 

Martha's Vineyard Express, Hatch & Co. 

props. 190 Union 
New York. Southern & Western Expr-ss. 

Davenport, Mason & Co. props. 190 

New York & Boston Despatch, 190 Union 
Providence Express, Hatch & Co. props. iao 

Vineyard Haven Express, Hatch & Co. 

props. 190 Union 

Eyelet Manufacturers. 

Rhodes, J. C. & Co. 123 Front 

Fancy Goods, 

Case, E. C. Miss, 217 Middle 
Donovan, Mary E. 133 Purchase 
Gray, Isabelle T. 883 S. Water 
Haskell & Tripp, 42 Purchase 
Keane, Margaret, 69 Acushnet av. 
Moynan & Co. 185 Union 
Ruggles, D. D. Miss, 4 Purchase 
Simpson, M. & E. A. 931 S. Water 
Spare, S. L. & S. F. 22 Purchase 
Tobey, Abbie S. 27 Fifth 

♦Fan Manufacturer. 
TODEY, AV. P. 69 Purchase 


Clark's Cove Guano Co. Masonic bldg. 
Herson, Thomas, & Co. (bone) 11 Commer- 
New Bedford Tallow Co. Hazard's lane 

Fisli Dealers. 

Abrams, Henry S. 199% Acushnet av. 
Abrams, John E. 65 Howland 
Barstow & Wins low, 321 County 
Bassett, William A. 193 Purchase 
Blake, Harry M. 136 Smltli 
Braman, George E. 61 School 
Oanavan, Michael, 902 Acushnet av. 

353 Di 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of .... . 




NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Chllds, Josiah G. 159 Purchase 
Chllds, J. G. & Son (whol.) City whf. 
Cook. John, 791 S. Water 
Cooper, Henry A. 131 Blackmer 
Covell, Lindley J. 193 Purchase 
Crapo, Albert A. 253 Purchase 
Desautels, A. 230 Coggeshall 
Dollard, Edward K. 751 Purchase 
Durfee, David S. R. 55 Smith 
Enos, John, 43 Howland 
Grace, % Joseph M lOO 1 ^ PotomsKa 
Harpin, Joseph L. 402 Purchase 
Holmes, John P. & Co. Merrill's whf. 
Joy, N. F. 315 Cedar 
Lowrie Brothers. 875 Purchase 
Macomber, Melvln J. 274 Kempton 
Marshall, Antone, 559 S. Water 
McDermott, Charles W. 39 Weld 
McDonald. Patrick J. 47 Delano 
Mello, Manuel E. 267 Fourtn 
Peckham, Frank B. 4 N. Sixth 
Pierce, D. Herbert. 171 Purcnase 
Perry. Frank, 65 Grinnell 
Potter, Albert A. 398 Kempton 
Watson Bros. 9 N. Sixth 
Wilkinson, John, 899 S. Water 


Ashley & Bryant, 339 Hillman 

Brown, William S. 191 V 2 Cedar 

Davis, Edward G. 191 Shawmut av. 

Donaghy, S. J. 162 Ash 

Drew, E. W. Mrs. 185 Summer 

Haskell, Edward S. 8 S. Sixtn 

Hathaway, A. B. 146 Court 

Jahn Bros. 60 Pleasant 

Kraber. William G. 35 Tremont 

Lowe, William, 35 Ash 

Nofftz, Richard E. 9C1 Kempton 

Pasell, Frank H. 257 Mt. Pleasant 

Peckham, Samuel S. head Kiver rd. 

Peirce, Easton Y. 49 Cottase 

Peirce, William, 232 Union 

Ricketson & Puckering, 247 Shawmut av. 

Soule. Herbert V. 327 Coffin av. 

Walte. Charles H. 385 Purcnase 

Woodhouse, Robert H. Ward 

Flour unci Grain. 

Baylies, William, 6 Union 
Cummings, S. C. & B. 98 William 
Davoll, J. G. Weld and Bowclitch 
Dennison Plummer Co. 100 S. Water and 

748 Purchase 
Kirk, J. Frank, 374 Purchase 
Perry, Charles F. 134 Purchase 
Wilbor, Alfred G. 197 Aeushn»t av. 

Furniture Dealers. 

Allen, F. C. & Co. 342 Kempton 
Baillargeon, Arthur, 924 S. Water 
Baylies, John B. 121 Union 
Bettancourt. B. V. J. S9 Howland 
Boston Supply Co. 646 Purchase 
Briggs & Lawrence, 197 Union 
DeWolf. A. J. Mrs. 336 Purcnase 
Dion, Jean B. 867 Purchase 
Dowling, James, 362 Purchase 
Duggan, James P. 134 Union 
Galilean, Charles A. 43 Weld 
Greenwood, Joseph, 698 Purchase 
Hatch, Henry F. 92% Purchase 
Hicks, Herbert E. (antique) 38 X. Water 
Household Furnishing Co. 170 Purchase 
Kenney, John, 882 Purchase 
Jublnville, C. 911 Acushnet av. 
Mton, John. 138 County 
Norris, Jane I. Mrs. 550 Purchase 

Peirce, Herbert S. 657 S. Water 
Ratner, Paul. 571 Purchase 
Shea, Michael J. 601 S. First 
Slocum, F. R. Purchase and Middle 
Sylvia. Manuel L. 781 S. Water 
Wing, Charles F. 34 Purchase 

Glassware Mfrs. 

Blackmer, The A. L. Co. 168 N. Second 

Mount Washington Glass Co. Prospect 
Pairpont Mfg. Co. Prospect 

Granite Dealers. 

Deane, A. M. & Co. 1256 Kempton 
Doran, William, Court 
Foley, John, Court 
Herlihy, Patrick. Fish Island 
McCue, John, '6 Smith 
Moore, W. A. T. 878 Kempton 
Rex, Samuel T. 88 Dartmoutn 
Rogers, Abiatha, 264 Pleasant 


Abner, Adolph, 452 S. Water 

Acushnet Co-operative Association, 213 

Acushnet av. 
Adams, George L. 849 Kempton 
Alley, Alfred G. Jr. 143 Purchase 
Amarantes, J. O. 51 Crapo 
Andra, Joseph, 116 Dartmoutn 
Andrad, H. 533 S. Water 
Andres & Perry, 276 Fourth 
Andrew, Frank, 93 N. Second 
Antone, Joseph. 580 S. Water 
Archer, John B. 600 Cottage 
Armitage, William, 819 Purchase 
Arsenault, Reuben, 245 Coggeshall 
Austin, Joseph C. 77 Dartmoutn 
Azevedo, Manuel J. 343 S. Water 
Baker, Daniel W. 113 S. Second 
Baldwin, Joseph T. 911 S. Water 
Barstow & Winslow, 3^9 County 
Bartel, Eliza Mrs. 42 Washburn 
Bates, J. W. & Co. 351 Kempton 
Bates, Lot B. 423 Acushnet av. 
Baylies, William (whol.) 16 Union 
Benjamin, Octave, 10S Rivet 
Bentley, Fred J. Blackmer 
Bettencourt, Joseph M. 452 S. Water 
Blood, John, 153 Tremont 
Bolduc &. Langlois, 311 Coggeshall 
Bolles, Abram N. 14S Arnold 
Bradford, Annie B. 91 Grinnell 
Bradford, James B. Wing 
Braley, J. W. Jr. 594 County 
Brightman, Harry C. 281 Purchase 
Bromley, David. 919 S. Water 
Brown, Kennedy, 348 Cedar 
Brownell, C. H. &. Son, 397 Kempton 
Burgess, Thomas, & Son, 29 Weid 
Burke, William, 556 Kempton 
Burns, Albert M. 251 Purchase 
Central Union Association, 5 N. Sixth 
Chadwlck, William L. 510 County 
Chadwick & Co. 240 L'nion 
Chappell, William H. 405 Purchase 
Chase, Clarence W. Bedford 
Chausse, Aldege, 222 Coffin av. 
Chausse, Joseph, 9 Weld 
Clavner, Joseph, 521 S. Water 
Coggeshall, Willis H. &. Co. N. Water and 

Cohen, Abram, 409 S. Water 
Cole, Henry W. & Co. 107 S. Second 
Collingwood, W. C. & Co. 271 Cedar 
Cooper, William E. 90 S. Water 
Corey, Everett N. SI Acushnet av. 
Cote, Camille, 266 N. Front 
Cote, S. M. 167 Cov; 
Coullng, Isham C. S3 Cedar 

TBll^ Tfetf&tf&ff Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
H lO uUllft achusetts; the information is obtained by personal can- 

vass of the State, and is duly copyrighted. 



Coxen & Tripp, 113 Durfee 

Crites & Robertson, 40 Thompson 

Cummings, C. S. & B. 98 William 

Cushman Bros. 141 Fourth 

Dammon, Frederick A. l".l Smith 

Davenport, Charles M. 145 Arnold 

Davidson Bros. 7u2 Purchase 

Davis, James, Clifford P. O. 

Des Roches, John D. 2 Hicks 

Demello & Vera. 207 Bonney 

Desautels, S. 221 State 

Dion, Joseph, 302 Coggeshall 

Drew, William C. 35 Parker 

Driscol, Church & Hall (whol.) 82 Union 

Driscoll, Daniel F. 39 Linden 

Duffv, Mary Mrs. Cove 

Dutra, M. L. 319 S. Water 

Duval, Adolphus D. Acushnet av. 

Dwight, James E. 90 S. Second 

Ellis, Charles E. (whol.) 39 Union 

Enos, Frank, 61 Grinnell 

Fernandez, Joseph H. 99 Potomska 

Fish, L. C. 61 Sycamore 

Folger, David B. 140 Union 

Francis, John B. S3 Howlana 

Frates, Joseph D. 54 Howland 

Garcia, Joseph V. 121 Dartmouth 

Garrant, Joseph, 962 S. Water 

Gatie. Henry, 128 County 

Gauthier. D. H. 838 Purchase 

Gauthler, T. 714 Acushnet av. 

Genensky, R. Mrs. 714 Yz Acushnet av. 

Gifford, A. F. 95 Rockland 

Goggin, Delia Mrs. 2 Willis 

Gonneville, Adelard L. 635 S. First 

Gonneville & Son, 938 County 

Gray, Lyman B. 139 Smith 

Greenwood, John, 853 S. Water 

Griffin, Charles J. 145 County 

Hamelln, Ambrose. 153 Coffin av. 

Hammond, H. S. & Co. 426 Kempton 

Hanson, Joseph, 295 Coggeshall 

Harrington, George, 2*3 Purchase 

Harrison, Samuel. & Son, 85 County 

Hathaway & Co. (whol.) 550 Purchase 

Hathaway, James H. Tarklin Hill rd. 

Haworth, James, 446 Rivet 

Herbert, Benjamin, 174 Sawyer 

Herity, P. R. Mrs. 10S Blackmer 

Hindle, William, 404 Purchase 

Hirst, Herbert W. 630 Purchase 

Hodgdon & Gordon, 937 Acushnet av. 

Holcomb, Roland, 48 S. Second 

Horvitz, Samuel L. 480 S. Water 

Howland, Beriah G. 196 Shawmut av. 

Hoxie, Frank C. 124 S. Sixth 

Hunter, George W. 48 Rivet 

Hutchines, Frederick, 113 County 

Isiacovitz, Annie Mrs. 467 S. Water 

Jenks, William M. 103 Allen 

Jenney, Walter F. 138 Washington 

Jenney, William S. Union and S. Water 

Jones, Henry W. 154 North 

Jordan, Patrick. 660 Acushnet av. 

Joseph. Manuel W. 112 Alleh 

Keroack, Joseph, 126 Cove 

Kins, Frank W. 201 Amsh-et av. 

Knott, Thomas, 925 Acushnet av. 

Kraihanzel, J. F. 990 Acushnet av. 

Laerolx Bros. 1 Hicks 

LaFrance, Joseph, 78 Austin 

Lapasse, Joseph, 1065 County 

LaiuontaRne-', Eugene. l"3i .vushntt av 

Lavoie, Rosina Mrs. 7 T~iul!ard 

Lawton, AMen M. 773 Kempton 

Leavltt. Clark. 215 N. Second 

'^e. Frank F. 71 Howland 

V*ve?o.ue. T. r. 2SS Cedar Grove 

ley £ Marsd 

J^rd, Joseph. 1S6 Union 

Lucsb. Manuel S. 448 S. Water 


Lussier, W. & Co. 224 Coggeshall 
Magallen, Frank, 339 S. Water 
McDonnell, Michael, 391 Cedar 
Madieros, Antone, 15 Griffin 
Mello, Manuel B. 417 S. First 
Milliken, Lewis E. & Co. 30 Allen 
Moncrieff, William T. 44 Hazard 
Morse, C. M. Jr. Acushnet av. 
Murphy, Thomas J. 58 Linden 
Neal, William, 8 Margin 
Nolin, Napoleon, 129 N. Front 
Notter, John, 518 County 
Ogden, William, 862 Purchase 
Oliver" Antoine J. 341 S. First 
Owen, Alfred, 89 Fruit 
Paige, James H. Acushnet av. 
Palmer, Herbert A. 43 Dartmouth 
Paquette, S. 77 Rivet 
Perry, A. E. & Co. 80 Potomska 
Perry, Charles F. 134 Purchase 
Perry, Henry C. 568 County 
Perry, Joseph, 287 S. Water 
Phillips, Charles B. Shawmut av. 
Poirier, C. A. 962 Acushnet av. 
Pomber, Antoine, 641 S. Water 
Ponte, Frank P. 621 S. Water 
Ponte, Joseph Perry, 359 S. First 
Potter, Edwin L. 60 Dartmouth 
Potter, William F. & Co. 3 Union 
Query. Alphonse J. 246 N. Front 
Randall. J. A. (agt.) 307 Acushnet av. 
Raymond, Willard F. 62 Spruce 
Resender & Mello, 926 Acushnet av. 
Riley, John F. 515 Kempton 
Robbins, Wendell F. Kempton 
Robbins, William Z. 27 S. Water 
Robinson, Daniel, Weld 
Rogers, Manuel D. 57 Howland 
Rose, David, 39 Howland 
Rouleau, M. 181 N. Front 
Ryan, Peter* J. 642 County 
Sears & Silvia, 163 Acushnet av. 
Sears & Wallace, 865 S. Water 
Senesac, Henry, 103 Rivet 
Senesac, L. N. 627 S. First 
Sharpies, C.»922 Acushnet av. 
Silvia, Manuel P. 48 Howland 
Silvester, E. S. 156 S. Second 
Sinister & Mills, County 
Slade, Caleb, 952 Acushnet av. 
Smith, Charles, 49 Bowditch 
Smith, William, 35 Bullard 
Snailham, M. W. & Son, 977 S. Water 
Souza, Manuel M. 214 Belleville av. 
Spencer, J. W. Bay 
Stafford, George B. 60 Shawmut av. 
Stanton, Albert G. 131 Acushnet av. 
Stern, Samuel, 497 S. Water 
Sullivan, M. A. 156 Weld 
Sweeney, John, 336 S. Water 
Taber, Edward C. Acushnet av. 
Taber, O. R. & Son, 457 Kempton 
Taylor, John C. 160 Grinnell 
Tripp, Augustus C. 28 Ashland 
Tripp, Edgar C. 47 Foster 
Tuell, J. B. C. 359 Acushnet av. 
Turgeon, Francois X. 281 Sawyer 
Veira & Demello, 207 Bonney 
Viall, Walter G. 645 County 
Vigneauit, U. 1015 Acuslmet av. 
Vinal, Franklin H. 81 N. Second 
Voyer, Louis, 167 Cove 
Washburn, Alanson R. 739 Purchase 
Wesbutsky. E. Mrs. 333 S. Water 
Whitaker. William, Jr. 953 S. Water 
Wood, James. CO N. Second 
Woodcock, George, 726 Kempton 
Wordell. Charles W. 26 Wing 
Zimmermann. F. 951 Acu-hnet av. 


DIRECTORY, published annually. Jk •* 

V. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. "W ** 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 


Auger, George W. 259 Purchase 
Avila, Joseph F. 224 S. Second 
Ayler, William H. 7 S. Water 
Bannon, James S. 99ȣ Potomska 
Baptiste, John, 635 S. Water 
Barrows, James, 106 S. Water 
Bergeron, John, 125 Blackmer 
Bouchard, John J. 81 William 
Bouchard, Lucien P. 771 Purchase 
Boucher, Edward, 1027 S. Water 
Braywood, A. M. Mrs. (ladles') 350 

Breault, Delphise, 363 Belleville av. 
Bush, B. M. Mrs. (ladies') 3St> Purchas 
Charette Bros. 29 Delano 
Christie, Alfred, Jr. 175 Weld 
Claudino, John, 323 Acushnet av. 
Correia. Henry, 410 S. Water 
Crone, William, 986 Acushnet av. 
Cunha, Clemento, 444 S. Water 
DeBarros, Joseph, 96 S. Water 
De Souza, John, 86 Union 
Dextraze, Louis, S35 S. Water 
Dowd, Owen J. 979 S. Water 
Downey, John, 50 Weld 
Dubord, Gedeon, 946 Acushnet av. 
Easton, C. F. Jr. 361 Kempton 
Ellis, Mary S. (ladies') 45 Purchase 
Fowler, Charles H. 110 William 
Gauthier, N. 232 Coggeshall 
Gilmore, Patrick J. Rivet 
Godin, Joseph, 831 Purchase 
Gomes, Antonio, 317 Acushnet av. 
Gorman, John J. 1. Oak 
Gosselin, Eusebe, 352 Acushnet av. 
Goularte, Antone, 59S S. Water 
Goulet, George, 33 Linden 
Greenwood, Wm. H. 764 Purchase 
Hennlng, Wm. A. 16 S. Second 
Huard, Alexander H. 33 Elm 
Ingram, T. A. Ash 
Isabelle, Eustache, S3 Weld 
Jackson, Edgar M. L. 840 Kempton 
Jackson, Joseph, 5 Bedford 
Jackson, T. William, 501 County 
Jason, John, 541 S. Water 
Jenkins, James H. 45 Ash 
Jones, J. W. Cottage 
Jourdan, K. P. Mrs. (ladies') 6'£ I 
LaCross, Armand, Lund's cor. 
Lagesse, Joseph, 864 Acushnet av. 
Langlois, Simeon, 142 Belleville av. 
Lawrence, Frank G. 447 S. Water 
LeBeau, Theophile, 308 Coggeshall 
Lee, Frank J. 416 Purchase 
Lemos, A. J. 120 Middle 
Lemos, Joseph, 407 S. Water 
Lemos, Manuel E. 153 Union 
Lobo, Manuel G. 189 Purchase 
Locklngen, William H. 126 Dartmouth 
Loner, C. T. 133 Smith 
Louis, Thomas W. 150 Purchase 
Lulz, Manuel M. G. 50 Howland 
Magnant, MIzael J. 960 Acushnet av» 
Menard, Cloris, 156 Blackmer 
Metra, Del, 905 S. Water 
Mills, Thomas, 481 Rivet 
Minton, Frank N. 24 Wing 
Mitchell, Belle M. Mrs. (ladies') 206 U 
Monty, Philip, 662 Purchase 
Neves, Manuel A. 137 Orirmell 
Noyer, John C. 74 Grinnell 
O'Brien, Robert H. 773 Purchase 
Off!ev, John R. 150 Purchase 
Onley, William G. 57 Smith 
Ostroff, Samuel, 469 S. Water 
Patterson, Wm. 455 Rivet 
Pell. John, Ashland 

Perra, Henry J. G. 389 Purchase 

Piva, Antone, 410 S. Water 

Raymond, Henry W. 325 Rivet 

Riley, Charles B. 351 Acushnet av. 

Rock, Napoleon, 256 Purchase 

Russell, Fred T. Middle 

Scarborough, H. A. 255 Purchase 

Secour, Joseph, 597 Purchase 

Silva. Manuel C. 41 Elm 

Simard, Frank. Ill Union 

Smith, Charles L. 3S2 Kempton 

Soares, Victorino, 509 County 

Sulis, Charles E. 131 Purchase 

Sullivan, Joseph M. 137 County 

Surprenant, Arthur, 116 Union 

Sykes, Lucy A. Mrs. (ladies') 312 Middle 

Sylvia, John J. Jr. 73 Howlaad 

Tavares, Joseph, 159 Acushnet av. 

Temple, Louis, 92 Union 

Therrien, Henry, 595 Acushnet av. 

Timperly, Joseph T. 84 Potomska 

White, S. Stanley, 80 Purchase 

Williams, John, 152 Union 

Woolfenden, William, 833 Purchase 


Albion Hall, 69 Bowditch 
Ashley Hall, 743 Purchase 
Bachellor's Hall, 25 N. Front 
Bohemian Hall, 69 Bowditch 
China Hall, 39 Purchase 
City Hall, City Hall bldg. 
Columbian Hall, 120 Kempton 
Cushlng's Hall, 34 Pleasant 
Dawson's Hall, 803 Purchase 
Edgerton Hall, Linden, cor. Purchase 
Hacienda Hall, 909Vi Acushnet av. 
Lewis Hall, 174V2 Purchase 
Lowe's Hall, 931 Acushnet av. 
Meaney's Hall, 955 S. Water 
Music Hall, 112 William 
Neptune Hall, over 1 Market 
North Union Hall, 59 Bullard 
Patnaude Hall, 780 Purchase 
Pierian Hall, 192 Union 
Robeson Hall, 57 William 
Theater "bldg. 2 49 Union 
Wamsutta Hall, 675 Purchase 
Waverly Hall, 13 Fourth 

Hardware Dealers. 

Butler, William P. S01 S. Water 
Cobb, Geo. A. Acushnet av. 
Croacher, Thomas W. ft. Leonard 
DeWolf & Vincent. 149 Union 
Dunham, Crawford L. 745 Purchase 
Hayes, Norman P. 65 William 
Hillman, Washburn & Co. 144 Union 
Howland. Mark P. 332 Purchase 
Hutchinson, F. D. 132 Purchase 
Jenney, P. P. & Son, 146-8 Pleasant 
Lowe, Stephen C. 87 Union 
Nye, Pcmberton H. 95 N. Front 
Packard Hardware Co. 90 Purchase 
Pierce, E. H. 27 William 
Sanford, Stephen R. 277 Purchase 
Sylvia, M. L. 7S1 S. Water 

Harness Makers. 

Allen, Jesse, 156 Union 
Allen, Jesse S. 92 Newton 
Brownell, George L. Acushnet av. 
Chaloner, L. W. 355 av. 
Cronin, William, & Co. 51 Elm 
Cushlng, Charles F. ,34 Pleasant 
Dionne, Arscne, 969 Acushnet av. 
Fisher, Arthur F. S56 Kempton 
Fratcs, Frank A. 15i Acusnnet av. 
Oape, Joseph N. 136 Pleasant 
Grow & Hart. 56 Pleasant 






Huddy, George G. 19 Fourth 
Nonnandin, F. X. F. 23 Beetle 

Hay and Straw. 

Akin, F. T. & Co. Walnut and S. Water 

Bouvier, Joseph A. 846 Acushnet av. 

Corson, T. S. 21 Middle 

Denison, Plummer Co. 100 S. Water 

Devoll, J. G. Weld and Bowditch 

Franks, John, 202 Maxfleld 

Horvitz. Samuel L. 106 Dartmouth 

King, William H. 194 N\ Water 

Kirk, J. Frank, 374 Purchase 

McCarthy, Mortimer, 233 State 

Notter, John, 51S County 

Peirce, J. Henry, 423 Kempton 

Phaneuf & Son, 1SS Rivet 

Rouenthal, Joseph, 335 Kempton 


Bristol House, Wm. D. Nye, prop. 239 

Canny House, Edward P. Canny, prop. 

1071 Acushnet av. 
Columbia Hotel, Margaret Barlow, prop. 

163 Cogge shall 
Dartmouth House, Daniel Corey, prop. 420 

Germania House, Emil A. Oestmg, prop. 

23 N. Second 
Hotel Reynolds, Elm 
Manhattan House, Frank W. Pease, prop. 

347 Acushnet av. 
Mansion House, F. E. Mackin, mgr. 103 

Park Hotel, Considine Bros. prop. Weld 
Parker House, Albion T. Brownell, prop. 

110 Purchase 
Whitcomb House, F. H. Wlnshlp, prop. 

216 Union 
Whitman House, Mrs. H. A. Tlmson, prop. 

67 Coffin av. 
Wlnthrop House, Mrs. Annie Russell, 

prop. 245 Purchase 

House Furnishing; Goods. 

Galllgan, C. A. 43 Weld 
Haskell & Tripp, 42 Purchase 
Shaw, Elmer H. & Co. 94 Purchase 

Ice Dealers. 

Bates, Kirby & Co. 46 Pleasant 
Borden, George B. 32 Rockdale av. 
Hawes, Simeon (estate) 15 Fourth 
New Bedford Ice Co. 15 Fourth 
Rockdale Ice Corp. 14 Rodman 
Rogers, Joseph H. Rockdale av. 
Spooner, Geo. H. & Bro. Hazard's lane 
Thomas, George, 100 Bonney 

Ink Manufacturer. 

Freeman. George H. 17 Centre 

Insurance Agents. 

Alden, George N. (fire) Merchants' Bank 

Babcock, Henry F. 218 Fourth 

Chase, William R. (general) Merchants' 
Bank bldg. 

Cook. Samuel H. & Co. (general) Mer- 
chants' Bank bldg. 

Cornish. I. S. & Son. 50 N. Second 

Basesse, A. (general) 814 Purchase 

HOODY «& SEELEY, 15 Masonic 
bldg. See adv. 

Dunham, John A. 37 Purchase 

"*oye, James F. (general) Merchants' Bank 

James, Thos. M. & Co. 



Branch Office, Room 15, Masonic Bldg. 



Assistant Superintendents. 

Mosher, Harry G. (general) 201 Merchants' 

Bank bldg. 
Phelps, Isaac W. 15 Pleasant 
Rotch & Potter (general) 15 Pleasant 
Van Campen, Hiram, & Co. (general) Mer- 
chants' Bank bldg. 
Wefers, E. H. 33 N. Water 
York, Geo. A. (general) Merchants' Bank 

Insurance Companies. 

Bristol County Mut. Fire Ins. Co. Geo. N. 
Alson, sec. and treas. William 

Iron Founders. 

Acushnet Iron Co. 235 N. Water 
Boston Steel &. Iron Co. 310 S. Water 
New Bedford Foundry & Machine Co. 272 
S. Water 

Japanese Goods. 

Wright, James S. 78 William 

Jewelers and AVutelunakers, 

Boothman, John, 939 S. Water 
Braley, Albert L. 103 Union 
Burger, M\ 727 S. Water 
DeWolf, Herbert B. 150 Union 
Dexter, Josiah A. 1S3 Purchase 
Fay, Charles E. 39% Rivet 
Frigault, I. J. 832 Purchase 
Gorner, Doctor, 30 Cove 
Hathaway, Walter D. 95 Union 
Howland, Henry B. 26 Purchase 
Keiley, George S. 240 Acushnet av. 
Kelley, James S. & Son, 79 William 
Keiley, William L. 2 Purchase 
Lawton, Samuel, 310 Cogge3hall 
Otheman, B. 52 Pleasant 
Portnoy, Isaac, 212 Coggeshall 
Roebuck, Herbert, 762 Purchase 
St. Guimaraes, Santos, Hathaway av. 
Schenker, M. 727 S. Water 
Shurtleff, Louis E. 20 Purchase 
Sullivan, Daniel J. 136 Union 
Tobey, Joseph T. 125 Purchase 
W r ilbor, A. G. 199 Acushnet av. 
Wilcox, Richmond L. 92>/2 Purchase 
Wood, Wm. B. 125 Union 
Woodworth, Charles E. 29 Purchase 
Woolfenden, John, 842 Purchase 
Zerbone, Antonio, 25 Griffin 

Jewelry Mfrs. 

Spiva, J. S. 71 William 

Junk Healers. 

Gamson, H. 72 S. Water 
Lucas, J. W. 15 N. Water 
Mackie, James, 86 Front 
McCullough. John, 96 Front 
McGrath, William, 894 Kempton 
Munroe, John. 300 Middle 
Thompson, George F. 125 N. Water 

THIS BOOK l^ZZzr. 353 Towns and Cities. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Alden. Geo. N. 
Allen, Walter S. 
Ashley, Roland R. 
Auger, Asa 
Baker, Benj. 
Barney, Benj. B. 
Barney, E. L. Jr. 
Barrows, John H. 
Bartel, Leopold 
Bartlett, Robert W. 
Baylies, Fredk. W. 
Beauvais, Jos. A. 
Booth, Francis A. 
Borden, Alanson 
Bourne, A. Geo. 
Bourne, Standish 
Brlghtman, L. M. 
Brock, Geo. P. 
Brown, Edw. S. 
Brownell, E. Chas. 

Klrby, Albert C. 
Klein, Joseph 
Knowlton, H. M. 
Laycoek, Robinson 
Leonard, Henry A. 
Lewis, Edgar R. 
Loomis, James 
Lord, Joseph 
Lowe, John H. 
MacComber, J. C 
MacCord, Win A. 
Mackie, Wm. A. 
Maeomber, P. A. 
Martin, Peter J. 
McDonnell, Michael 
McGurk. Chas. J. 
Meaney, Thos. J. 
Mllliken, Frank A. 
Moore, Jas. E. 
Nickerson, J. W. 

Brownell, A. Stephen Nlnd, Geo. B. 

Brownell, Gilbert K. O'Hearne, Wm. 

Burt, Chas. D. 

Burke, Aaron 

Butler, Harry W. 

Carroll. F. Patrick 

Caswell, F. Wm. 

Chase, Warren E. 
Clark, A. Edwin 
Clifford, Chas. W. 
Clifford, Jas. A. 
Clifford. Walter 
Cobb, Thos. C. 
Cobb, Thos. J. 
Cobb, Wendell H. 
Coe, Isaac H. 
Collins, Albert B. 
Cooke, Robert 
Cook, Otis 
Cook, Samuel H. 
Cornish, Clifton H. 
Covell, Wm. P. 
Crapo, Henry H. 
Crapo, Wm. W. 
Dade, Isaiah C. 
Dagesse, Anatole 
Da Terra, Jos. I. 
De Chares, Ant. F. 
Dawe, Fredk. C. 
Desmond, Thos. F. 
Devoll, Daniel T. 
Devoll, Wm. O. 
Douglass, Edwin A. 
Douglass, Geo. 
Doyle, James 
Drlscoll, Patrick J. 
Duggan, James P. 
England, Geo. 

Owen, James W. 
Paine, Chas. L. 
Paine, Hillard H. 
Palmer, Geo. H. 
Parker. Geo. W. 
Parker, Wm. C. 
Patnaude, Jos. C. 
Paul, John W. 
Perry, Arthur E. 
Perry, Wm. B. 
Phillips, Geo. R. 
Pierce, Edw. T. 
Piper, Augustus D. 
Potter, Fredk. S. 
Prescott. Oliver, Jr. 
Price, Chas. R. 
Priestley, Geo. 
Raymond, Robert F. 
Richmond, Chas. N. 
Richmond, Geo. B. 
Rogers, John F. 
Ross, Samuel 
Russell, Allen, Jr. 
Russell, Henry C. 
Ryan, P. John 
Sabens, Stephen B. 
Sanders, Henry V. 
Sanford, Gardner T. 
Saxon, Geo. E. 
Sherman, Clifford P. 
Sherman, J. Clifford 
Smith, Francis C. 
Smith, John 
Smith. Wm. B. 
Sparrow, Frank M. 
Spooner, Walter R. 

Findelsen, Ernest O. Stanley, Fred D. (tr 

Footman. John W. 
Fuller, Fred S. 
Gardiner, Geo. N. 
Gllllngham, Jas. L. 
Goodspeed, A. M. 
Greene, Francis B. 
Hatch, Geo. C. 
Hathaway, Jas. H. 
Healey. Thos. F. 
Hervey, Homer W. 
Hitch, Mayhew R. 
Holmes, Lem. L. B. 
Howland, A. F. 
Howland, John 
Hoye, James F. 
Hunt, Sam. C. 
Jourdaln, Edwin B. 
Kelley, Chas. S. 
Kempton, David B. 
Kern, Wm. E. Jr. 

issue warrants and 

take bail.) 
Stetson, Eliot D. 
Stetson, Fredk. D. 
Stetson, Thos. M. 
Stuart. Geo. W. 
Sullavou. Emanuel 
Swift. Merton W. 
Taber. Robert W. 
Terry, Lemuel T. 
Terry. Robert A. 
Thomas. John A. 
Thornton, Alfred 
Tillinghast, John T. 
Tilton. Chas. C. 
Tlnkham. Otis 
Tompkins, Isaac B. Ji 
Tonham. Robert R. 
Tucker. Geo. F. 
Van Campcn. Hiram 


Walker, Wm. H. P. Williams, Edward 

Weeden, Geo. F. Willis, Rufus H. 

Weeden, Wm. W. Wood, William B. 

West, Henry N. Worth, Henry B. 

Whalley, E. J. Young, James A. 
Willcox, Lem. T. 


Bristol Laundry, 14 Bedford 
City Steam Laundry, 540 Acushnet av. 
New Bedford Steam Laundry, 128 Pleasant 
Parsons Steam Laundry Co. 296 Acushnet 


Auger, A. 37 Purchase 

Barney, Benj. B. 12 Masonic bldg. 

Barney, Edward L. Jr. 12 Masonic bldg. 

Borden Alanson. Merchants' Bank bldg 

Brown, James II. 108 Union 

Carroll, Patrick F. 321 Orchard 

Clark. A. Edwin, 57 William 

Clifford, Charles, Masonic bldg. 

Clifford, Walter, Masonic bldg. 

Cobb, Thomas J. Central Police Station 

Cobb, Wendell H. 37 Purchase 

Collins, Albert B. 7 Ricketson blk. 

Cook, Otis S. Masonic bldg. 

Corrnlco, Reuben S. 

Crapo, Henry II. 5 Masonic bldg. 

Crapo, William W. 5 Masonic bldg. 

Dade, Isaiah C. 37 Purchase 

Da Terra, Joseph I. 49 W'illiam 

Desmond, Thomas F. 108 Union 

Devoll, Daniel T. 30 Merchants' Bank bldg. 

Douglass, Edwin A. 14 Masonic bldg. 

Greene, Francis B. 192 Union 

Gardiner, George N. 49 William 

Gillinsrham, James L. 57 William 

Goodspeed, A. M. 37 Purchase 

Hervey, Homer W. 3 Masonic bldg. 

Hitch, Mayhew R. 57 William 

Holmes, L. Le B. 4 Ricketson blk. 

Jenney, Lester W. 30 Masonic bldg. 

Jourdain, B. 49 William 

Knowlt<5n, Hosea M. 1 Masonic bldg. 

MacCord, Wm. A. Five Cents Savings 

Bank bldg. 
Mllliken, Frank A. 33 Masonic bldg. 
Palmer, George H. 14 Masonic bldg. 
Parker, William C. 29 and 30 Masonic 

Perry. Arthur E. 1 Masonic bldg. 
Perry, William B. 57 William 
Prescott, Oliver. Jr. 5 Masonic bldg. 
Raymond. Robert F. 37 Purchase 
Sherman, Clifford P. 33 Masonic bldg. 
Smith. James. 49 William 
Smith. William B. Masonic bldg. 
Sparrow, Frank M. 4 Ricketson blk. 
Stanley, Fred D. 57 W T illiam 
Stetson. Eliot D. Masonic bldg. 
Stetson, Frederick D. Masonic bldg. 
Stetson, Thomas M. Masonic bldg. 
Stickney, Chas. D. 33 Masonic blag. 
Sullavou, Emanuel. 49 William 
Terry, Robert A. 108 Union 
Walker. William H. P. 49 William 
Willcox, Lemuel T. 49 William 
Worth, H. B. 30 North W T ater 


New Bedford Free Public Library, Robt. 

C. Ingraham. lib. Pleasant 
Young Men's Christian Asso. William 

Lime find Cement. 

Palsler. Charles S. 160 N. Water 

Cannot intelligently and conveniently con- 
duct Public Business without such aiils 
as the information in this Book affords. 



Lirtnor Dealers. 

Barrett & Snow. 124 Union 
Bartley, Martin. 47 Middle 
Blake, James E. 96 N. Second 
Boardman, George, 56 Weld 
Bowen, James S. 855 Purchase 
Braunlich, Frank L. N. Front 
Canny, John F. & Co. 983 Purchase 
Cavanaugh Bros. 262 Purchase 
Chase, George, 540 S. Water 
City Liquor Store Co. 386 Acushnet av. 
Consadine Bros. Weld 
Corey, William T. 420 Kempton 
Cotter, C. A. Beetle 

Dawson. BenJ. J. & Son (whol.) 641 Pur- 
Devlin & McKenzie, 361 Acushnet av. 
Downey, M. 419 Rivet 
Duffy, E. P. 745 S. Water 
Durkin & Lehner, 796 Purchase 
Enos, Emanuel, 433 N. Water 
Fav James L. 912 Acushnet av. 
Francis, A. S. & Co. 165 S. Water 
Gearey, Peter, 262 Coggeshall 
Greene, John H. 23 S. Second 
Harrington, Danic-1 A. 591 Acushnet 
Hindle, Joseph, 802 Purchase 
Howland, A. H. (whol.) 157 Acushnet av. 
Killlgrew. Wm. H. & Co. 68 Hicks 
Macy, Peter J. 874 S. Water 
Mahoney, D. F. 324 Acushnet av. 
Matthews, James, 318 Acushnet av. 
McAuliffe, Daniel, 821 S. Water 
Moore, James F. & Co. 233 S. Second 
Murray, A. J. 376 Kempton 
O'Brien Bros. 438 Purchase 
O'Donnell, Patrick J. 1085 S. Water 
O'Leary, P. 870 Acushnet av. 
O'Neil, T. F. 215 Coggeshall 
Phelan, James, 831 S. Water 
Phelan, Michael, 685 S. First 
Riley, Michael, Jr. 209 S. Water 
Sherman, E. B. 62 Purchase 
Smith, Bernard P. 37 Delano 
Smith Bros, (whol.) 777 Purchase 
Sullivan, John E. & Co. 674 Purchase 
Therrien Bros. 267 Coggeshall 
Thompson, W. H. & Co. 131 N. Water 
Vernon, John, 634 S. First 
Whalen, Nicholas, 613 Acushnet av. 
Whittaker, William, 49 Hicks 
Winterson, P. H. 874 Purchase 

Loom Harness Mfrs. 

Fowler, Henry C. 123 Smith 

Lumber Dealers. 

Blossom Bros. 172 N. Water 
Croacher, Thomas W. Leonard 
Greene & Wood, Pine 
Randall, C. G. & G. A. 261 S. Water 
Sherman, James L. 194 N. Water 
Sowle, Nat. P. 97 N. Water 
Terry. E. & K. C. 27 Bowditch 
Wilbur, Noah H. Acushnet av. 

Machinists *fc Machinery Mfrs. 

Lewis, Joseph S. Jr. 21 Commercial 

New Bedford Boiler & Machine Co. 42 

New Bedford Foundry & Machine Co. 272 
„ S. Water 

Rankin & Harding, 27 N. Second 
Ttchon & Foster, 8 Seneca 
Tobey, Charles W. 120 Front 
Tripp, Frank S. 235 N. Water 

Mantel Mfrs. 

^llen, Abner W. 193 N. Water 
Washburn, Lettlce R. 235 N. Water 


Marble and Granite Workers. 

Allen, Frederick E. 18 N. Second 
Cole, Theodore W. 20 William 
Donaghy, Thomas, 25 Fourth 
Moore, Alexander, 878 Kempton 

Market Gardeners. 

Bates & Ashley. 339 Hillman , 


Brlghtman, Charles O. 71 N. Water 
Clarkson, N. J. 42 S. Second 
Cook, D. Herbert, 45 Maitland 
Deverell, John H. J. 73 Mt. Pleasant 
Greene, Marshall S. 233 Rivet 
Hathaway, F. B., W. Elm 
Jenney & Buffington, 1 Crapo 
Kane, James T. 80 Fifth 
Magnett, Uenj. C. 24 Allen 
Mason, John L. G. 51 Foster 
McCrohan, Timothy, 28 Howard 
Miller & Hook, 21 Columbia 
Nelson, George, 314 S. Second 
Peirce, Martin L. 96 Newton 
Shaw, B. Sumner, 219 Chancery 
Taber, Robert A. 101 Hillman 
Tripp, Hiram C. 74 Spruce 
Wheaton, Nathan, 16 Spruce 

Masons' Supplies. 

Paisler, Charles S. 160 N. Water 

Mast and Spar Mfrs. 

Beetle, Rodolphus, S. Front 
Johnson & Howland. S. Front 

Men's FnrniHliing Goods. 

Bloom, Henry, Weld 
Cohen, Sol L. 836 Purchase 
Perry, S. H. 3 Purchase 
Phinney, Nathan D. 194 Union 
Taber, Read & Gardner, 141 Union 
Tlllson, Henry H. 43 Purchase 
Willis. Henry P. 13 Pleasant 


Boomer, E. A. 18 Purchase 
Church, Lucy A. 39 North 
Coffney, Carrie S. Mrs. 112% Fourth 
Conniff, Emma L. Mrs. 156 Mill 
Cooke, H. B. Mrs. 5 Fifth 
Couet, A. L. Mrs. 106 Rivet 
Delano, N. P. 8 Purchase 
Dion, Rose O. 337 Purchase 
Gammons, R. K. Mrs. 35 Smith 
Greene, Alfred J. 10 Purchase 
Grew, Susan E. 342 Kempton 
Grimshaw, Bertie Mrs. 770 Purchase 
Haskell, Sarah J. H. 54 Fourth 
Jones, Jennie E. Mrs. 297 Cedar 
Jones, William Mrs. 956 S. Water 
Keene, Margaret, 69 Acushnet av. 
Lawrence, L. C. Mrs. 449 S. Water 
LeBeau, Pierce, 929 Acushnet av. 
LeVasseur, C. & E. 266 Coggeshall 
McNulty. Bridget F. 30 Purchase 
Melling, Jennie, 91 Merrimac 
Nooning, H. H. 6 Purchase 
O'Neil, Kate E. 176 Purchase 
Oulmette, Virginia. 948 S. Water 
Perry, Mary C. Mrs. 535 S. Water 
Polrler, E. Mrs. 911% Acushnet av. 
Powers, E. A. Mrs. ISO Purchase 
Sargent, C. B. Mrs. 190 Purchase 
Sherman, H. A. Mrs. 327 County 
Swan, Caroline B. Mrs. 110 Fourth 
Tripp, Minnie E. Mrs. 73 Linden 
Williams. C. A. Mrs. 75 Grlnnell 

Is our specialty. We do pood work ot 

none .it all. Try us. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Mill Supplies. 

Lowe, Stephen C. 87 Union 
Pierce, E. H. 27 William 
Slocum & Kilburn, 23 N. Water 

Music *t Musical Instruments. 

Boden, Edward Jr. 234 Union 
Braley, 103 Union 

Hutchinson, II. S. & Co. 198 Union 
McFadden, Peter J. 646 Purchase 
Sullivan. Daniel J. 223 Union 
Wood, William B. 125 Union 

Music Teacliers. 

Abrams, Alice M. 86 S. Second 

Almy, Maud, 201 Cottage 

Bassett, Ella T. C54 County 

Baylies, E. L. A. Mrs. 02 Bedford 

Bennett, Mabel A. 79 Chestnut 

Bernard, Wilfred. 104 Tallman 

Bisbee, George H. 120 Fourth 

Boden, Louise N. 70 Hillman 

Bradford. Ruth S. 30 Dartmouth 

Brlghtman, Minnie L. 16 Borden 

Chadwick, Maria A. 140 Summer 

Chase, Mary E. 804 Kempton 

Chase, Mary T. 59 Fourth 

Church, Charles L. 96 Chestnut 

Church, Eunice S. 109 Chestnut 

Covell, Addie R. Mrs. 14 Pope 

Curtis, Leonard D. 109 Newton 

Easton, Carrie B. 65 Cottage 

Forbes, Florence E. 191 Kempton 

Forbes, Harriet E. H. 106 Fourth 

Franks, John M. Mrs. Summer and Max* 

Hayhurst, Mattie, School 
Honneyman, E. F. Prof. 440 Pleasant 
Jackson, T. William, 501 County 
Jones, Annie P. 69 Fourth 
Kempton, Eleanor B. 313 Orchard 
King, Hannah Ann, 206 North 
Labonte, A. W. S42 County 
Lawton, Eva J. 63 Morgan 
Lincoln, Mary A. 623 County 
Mackesh, Antone, 497 Acushnet av. 
McCabe, B. F. Mrs. 153 Grinnell 
McCormick. Sarah, 12 McMurray ct. 
Mosher, C. Shirley, 523 County 
Needham, George W. 203 Chestnut 
O'Keefe, John A. 35 Mill 
Otheman, Mary, 4 Sears 
Paddock, Fannie C. 445 Cottage 
Purrington, Abbie, 390 Union 
Ramsden, Thomas W. 519 Purchase 
Reed, Bertha D. 103 Sycamore 
Rogers, Mary, 97 Acushnet 
Rooth, Harriet E. 83 Walden 
Russell, Annette B. 390 Union 
Saxton, Charles Mrs. 3S1 Kempton 
Sherman, H. S. end Maxwell 
Smith. Mary L. 79 North 
Sullivan, Eugene H. 218 North 
Swan, Allen W. Merchants' Bank bldg. 
Swift, E. T. N. Maple 
Tolman, Elmer E. 61 Hillman 
Topham, Nannie E. Mrs. 15 Elm 
Underwood, Gertrude M. 2i Sycamore 
Wilson, Lena R. 247 Middle 

Nail Mfrs. (Upholstery). 

Brown & Co. 1 Rodman 

Nautical Instruments. 

Sherman, C. R. & Sons, 3S N. Second 


Brlf^s, George Q. 161 Purchase 
Brlghtman, Frederick S. Co. 127 Union 
Clegg, Samuel, 921 S. Water 
Gtbbs, Nathan S. 243 Purchase 
Gildea, F. J. 951B Acushnet av. 
Murphy, John F. R. R. depot 
Parker, Muriel V. 417 Purchase 
Spooner, Charles H. Jr. 650 Purchase 
Taber, Robert W. 28 Pleasant 
Wood, Edwin B. 94 Grinnell 


Catholic Union, The, Daniel G. Dinnlgan, 

prop. 94 Pleasant 
Correio, Portuquez, Wing 
Daily L'Independent, -J. Ad. Caron, prop, 

96 William 
Evening and Republican Standard (daily 

and weekly) E. Anthony &. Sons, pubs. 

Morning Mercury, Mercury Pub. Co. props. 

112 Union 

Notaries l»ul»Iic. 

Lincoln, BenJ. W. 
MacCord, William A. 
Milliken, Frank A. 
Mosher, Harry G. 
Palmer, George H. 
Parker, William C. 
Peirce, Leland C. 
Perry, Arthur E. 
Prescott, Oliver Jr. 
Raymond, Robert F. 
Rhodes, John B. 
Sanders, Henry V. 
Sanford, G. T. 
Sherman. Clifford P. 
Smith, Francis C. 
Smith, James 
Smith, William E. 
Sparrow, Frank M. 
Stanley, Fred D. 
Stetson, Eliot D. 
Stetson, Frederick D 
Taylor, James 
Terry, Robert A. 
Walker, Wm. H. P 
Washburn. F. A. 
Worth, Henry B. 

Allen, Francis K. 
Auger, Asa 
Barney, Benj. B. 
Booth, Francis A, 
Borden, Alanson 
Bourne, Edmund W. 
Caswell, William F. 
Cburch, William A. 
Clifford, Walter 
Cobb, Wendell H. 
Cook, Otis Seabury 
Cook, Samuel H. 
Crapo, Henry H. 
Cushman, Austin S. 
Da Terra, Jos. I. 
Devoll, Daniel T. 
Gardiner, Geo. N. 
Goggin, John F. 
Goodspeed, Alex. Mc 1 
Greene, Francis B. 
Hatch, George C. 
Hervey, "Homer W. 
Hitch, Mayhew R. 
Holmes, Lemuel L. B. 
Kingman, George M. 
Knowlton. Hosea M. 
Lewis, Edgar R. 


Adams, S. E. Mrs. 137 Bonney 
Andrews, A. Mrs. 71 Lindsey 
Andrews, Bertha, Main 
Andrews. M. J. W. Mrs. Main 
Ardrey, Luella M. 252 Coffin av. 
Barnes, Helen Mrs. 49 Hillman 
Bennett, Mary F. Mrs. 254 Coffin av. 
Benson. Phoebe C. 4 Franklin 
Bertram, F. M. 371 Reed 
Borden, Caroline, Lund's cor. 
Bowman, George L. 19 Shawmut av. 
Brown, James W. Mrs. 64 School 
Brown, Sallie C. 58 Campbell 
Burt, Jennie M. 7 Bay 
Burt, Jennie R. Mrs. 7 Bay 
Callahan, Nora C. 240 Chestnut 
Case, Jennie E. 124 Maxfield 
Cook, Annie A. 32 Eighth 
Crapo. Emma, Belleville a v. 
Davenport, Florence B. Sycamore 
Davis, Iona J. 100 Acushnet av. 
Dillingham, Anna B. 79 Washington 
Douglass, Jennie, 11 Eighth 
Dunn, Maria Mrs. 144 Bedford 
Dver, George X. 197 Summer 
Ellis, Jane Mrs. 2S1 Fourth 

S !IH 

The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK is published by F. S. Blanchara 
& Co., Worcester, and in duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using lr 
appropriating its contents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



Ellis, Louisa A. B. Mrs. 211 Park 
Flitcroft, M. Mrs. 46 Belleville id. 
Gifford, Marion, 35 Seventh 
Glfford, P. F. Mrs. Acushnet av. 
Greene, Emma F. 204 County 
Grew, Mary Mrs. 243 Max fie Id 
Hardon, Martha, 112 Arnold 
Haskins, Louise, 8 Grand 
Hayward, C. E. Mrs. 119 Shawmut av. 
Head, Betsey T. 2u9 Kempton 
Hicks, Ann Mrs. 67 Mill 
Howard, Nellie M. Mrs. 74 Parker 
Howland, A. B. Mrs. 238 Acushnet av. 
Jones, Martha A. 118 Cove 
Kenerson, Caroline F. 24S Pleasant 
Lonsdale, Maria Mrs. 34 Richmond 
McCormack, M. Mrs. 139 Chestnut 
McNeil, George Mrs. 152 Smith 
MorEe, E. S. Mrs. 2 Richmond 
Murphy, Daniel E. 373 Purchase 
Nixon, Clara L. 120 Cedar 
Paddack, William C. 445 Cof.age 
Page, Alice Mrs. 136 5 ,2 Fourth 
Palmer, Lucy Mrs. 343 Cedar 
Pearce, Margaret Mrs. 151 Hillman 
Pierce, H. A. Mrs. 1C9 Maxfield 
Perry, Lena, 78 Walden 
Plummer, Lucy E. 209 Purchase 
Potter, Anna W. Mrs. 358 Reed 
Potts, Jean, 76 Fifth 
Renwick, Annie, 11 Eighth 
Sampson, Edith A. 119 Shawmut av. 
Smith, Annie E. 163 Pleasant 
Smith, Leonora, 207 Kempton 
Smith, Mary Ann, 281 Fourth 
Somervllle, E. A. Mrs. 172 Acushnet av. 
Spald, Ada, 83 Forest 
Taber, Alice, 143 Hillman 
Taber, James T. 138 Hillman 
Talcott, Ida L. 27 Walnut 
Turner, Phebe A. Mrs. 161 Middle 
Walker, C. H. 460 Acushnet av. 
Washburn, Phoebe A. Mrs. 9 Bethel 
Weeks, Mary W. Mrs. 268 Palmer 
Wesley, Mary A. Mrs. 32 North 
Whalon, Hattie, 66 Mechanics lane 
Wilber, Maria M. 14 Spruce 
Wilson, Mary J. 100 Morgan 
Witt. Ann Mrs. 119 Florence 
Wood, J. A. Mrs. 209 Purchase 
Wood, Mary E. Mrs. 467 Union 
Wordell, Emifia, Belleville av. 
Wyse, Julia G. 124 Bedford 

Oil Manufacturers. 

Delano's, Geo. Sons, S. Second 

Hersom, Thomas, & Co. 11-13 Commercial 

Homer, Geo. S. 1 Central whf. 

Nye, William F. Fish Island 

Robinson, W. A. & Co. 144 S. Water 


Almy, James T. (estate) 5 Purchase 
Baudoln, Edouard E. 196 Union 
Gallant Optical Co. 917 Acushnet av. 
Hurll. Charles W. 25 Purchase 
Jenkins, Frank M. 58 Pleasant 
Kelley, J. S. Jr. 79 William 
Queen, Louis, 17 Cannon 
Woodworth, Charles E. 29 Purchase 


Akin, F. T. & Co. Walnut and S. Water 
Ames, T. P. (sign) 34 Union 
Aspin, Thomas, 50 Acushnet av. 
Barrows & Lawton, 112 N. Second 
Besette, Napoleon, 88 Tallman 
Bowen. George S. & Co. 54 S. Water 
Caswell, William H. 34 Union 
Charpentler, Dennis, 10 Wamsutta 

DDK £ 

UUEV oi 

Charpentier, Hermidas, 40 Adams 
Damon, Allen, 327 Court 
Davenport, Augustus M., W. Elm 
De Wolf, James, 104 Fourth 
Ennis, John H. 17 Maitland 
Flrme, H. O. 2D\ 2 Acushnet av. 
Fish, Benj. F. 355 Acushnet av. 
Francis, Manuel, 4 Beech 
Geotta, Peter, 431 S. First 
Hart, Edward M. (house and sign) 11 Bed- 
Hathaway, Eben R. 128 Dartmouth 
Hazzard, James B. 134 Pleasant 
Hickey, Michael A. 85 Acushnet av. 
Hlndle, James W. 90 Union 
Jenkins, Benjamin S. 431 Acushnet av. 
Karcher, Herman, 22 Dartmouth 
Kelley, Davis, 467 Acushnet av. 
Kern & Wright, 24 N. Water 
Lewis, Benj. F. (estate) 57 North 
Marland, John, 156 Washington 
Maxfield, Wm. & Sons, 25 Center 
Monty, Frank, 2 Washburn 
Moriarty, Timothy J. 184 Fourth 
Peck, J. N. r. 144 N. Second 
Phillips, Charles E. 129 Maxfield 
Phillips, Thomas O. 12 Atlantic 
Pierce, Alex. O. 212 Middle 
Richards, Edward R. ft. Leonard 
Richer, Adolph, 250 Coggeshall 
Sllva, Antone G. 254 S. Second 
Spooner, William B. 270 Purchase 
Sturtevant, Wm. F. 41 Middle 
Thompson, Charles, 164 Summer 
Tripp, Chester W. (carriage) Kempton 
Tripp, Frank G. 482 Cottage 
West. William R. 830 Purchase 
Wheeler & Delano, 129 Union 
Wright, George W. Water 

Paint Manufacturers. 

Brightman # Bros. 146 Front 
Brownell &' Co. 19 N. Second 
Klrby, George, Jr. & Co. Wall 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

Akin, F. T. & Co. Walnut and S. Water 
Butler, William P. 801 S. Water 
Caswell, William H. 34 Union 
Delano's. George, Sons, S. Second 
DeWolf & Vincent, 149 Union 
Driscol, Church & Hall, 82 Union 
Hersom, Thomas, & Co. 11 Commercial 
Hunt, Frederick W. Hastings whf. 
Jenkins, Benj. S. 431 Acushnet av. 
Monty, Frank. 36 Belleville av. 
Moriarty, Timothy J. 184 Fourth 
Nye, Pemberton H. 95 N. Front 
Potter, Wm. F. & Co. 81 Front 
Robinson, W. A. & Co. 144 S. Water 
West, William R. 830 Purchase 

Paper and Twine Dealer. 

Kennedy, Joseph P. 311 S. Water 

Paner Hangings. 

Bliss & Nye, 145 Union 

Paper Mfrs. 

N. B. Paper Co. ft. Grinnell 

Paper Tube 3Ifr. 

Smith, Franklin E. 272 S. Water 

Pattern ami Model Makers. 

Acushnet Iron Co. r. 235 N. Water 
Blossom Bros. 172 N. Water 
Washburn, Lettlce R. 235 N. Water 

on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
>nly publication giving the complete roster of Public 
Oulcials. It should be in every business ollice. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Pawn Brokers. 

(See Brokers.) 
Delaurier, A. & Co. 904 Acushnet av. 
Doane, Robert N. B. 54 Purchase 
Frommel, Martin H. 80 Purchase 
Goulart. Manuel, 109 N. Sixth 
Goyette, Rudolph C. 763 Purchase 
Grenler, Louis, 62 Billiard 
Havard, Joseph, 92 Weld 
Jordan, Charles S. 12 Purchase 
Kruse, George, 92Vi Purchase 
O'Nell, John, 88 Purchase 
Reed, James E. 5 Purchase 
Sherman, Francis P. 74 Purchase 
Smith, Henry W. 25 Purchase 


Allen, Stephen A. 9 Eighth 
Bailey, George P. 3G4 Kempton 
Barnes, George, 803 Purchase 
Belanger, David S. 920 Acushnet av. 
Boynton, William H. 281 Arnold 
Branscomb, Win. G. Acushnet av. 
Brierly, James E. 109 Fourth 
Brlggs, Clifton D. (Horn.) 181 Pleasant 
Brown, Melvin J. Is Willis 
Brownell, William E. 271 Union 
Bullard, John T. 446 County 
Camfill, Robert E. 13 Linden 
Carl, Bertha F. 1091 Acushnet av. 
Chagnon, Joseph S. 290 Fourth 
Chubbuck, Lurana A. (Horn.) 197 Middh 
Clark, Frederick L. (Eye) 19 Seventh 
Clark, Henry T. 37 Purchase 
Cornish, Aaron, 155 William 
Croacher, Anna W. 63 Spring 
Davis, Percy G. 238 Acushnet av. 
Dehn, Edward W. 6 Linden 
Donovan, Sylvester E. 12 Wing 
Drummond, Juan F. B. 124 Cedar 
Duhaime, Gandlose L. 763 Purchase 
Dwigbt. Henry L. 1S3 Union 
Engzellne, A. E. 311 County 
Fortin, Julien A. 781 Purchase 
Fraser, Joseph A. 89 S. Sixth 
Hayes. Stephen W. 149 Middle 
Hillman, Benjamin, 384 Purchase 
Hooper, Frederick H. 4C0 County 
Hough, Garry de N. 542 County 
Howland, Barber C. (Horn.) 31 Eighth 
Hunt, Charles R. (Horn.) 262 Union 
Jernegan, Walter S. Ill Summer 
Lawrence, Nellie L. 95 Elm 
Leonard, Milton H. 62 Fifth 
Lewis, Geo. F. 68 S. Sixth 
LUley, William, 77 Thomas 
Lussler, Cyrille F. 125 Rivet 
Milliken, Charles W. 75 Hillman 
Nlckerson, William J. 164 Middle 
Normandln, Alphonse, 122 N. Front 
Normandln, Louis Z. 584 Purchase 
Owen, James W. (Eel.) 358 Purchase 
Palmer, George S. 336 S. Second 
Peiite, Edward, 44 Fifth 
Peterson, Charles A. B. 74 Purchase 
Pierce, A. Martin, 26 S. Sixth 
Pitta, Joao C. Da, 296 County 
Pothler, Joseph C. 245 Four'h 
Potter, William G. 256 Union 
Pratt, Charles A. 239 Union 
Prescott, Albert S. 501 Prescott 
Prescott, Charles D. 176 William 
Richard, Alfred E. 941 Acushnet av. 
Richards, George L. 31 Fifth 
Richards, Miss Caroline M. 15 Eighth 
Robert, George C. Acushnet av. 
Robblns, Elmer E. 95 School 

St. Germain, Joseph P. 909 S. Water 
Seip, Charles L. (Horn.) 23 S. Sixth 
Shaw, John C. (Horn.) 23 S. Sixth 
Sheehy, William C. 29 Seventh 
Spare, John, 5 Arch 
Stevens, Harry L. 129 Purchase 
Sullivan, James F. 158 Middle 
Sweet, Job (bone setter) 285 Kempton 
Swift, William N. 378 County 
Sylvia, Manuel V. 34 Wing 
Thompson, Holmes Mrs. 37 Spring 
Thuot, John V. 4 Linden 
Tucker, Edward T. 258 Pleasant 
Vermyne, J. J. B. 2 Orchard 
Walte, Edwin E. 17 Seventh 
Waters, S. W. 226 Purchase 
Webber, Amos P. 250 Union 
Webster, Helen W. Ill Fourth 
Weeks, Joshua F. Acushnet av. 
Wheeler. Emma H. 32 Eighth 
Whitney, Edward M. 31 Fifth 
Williams, Harry A. (Eel.) 15 Bethel 

Pianos and Organs. 

Boardman, Wm. 205 Acushnet av. 
Cottele, Benjamin F. 292 Acushnet av. 
Gorham, Robert S. Fifth 
McFadden, Peter J. 646 Purchase 
Sullivan, Daniel J. 207 Purchase 

Piano Timers. 

Cottele, Benjamin F. 292 Acushnet av. 
Hill, John L. 234 Union 
Hill. Wm. C. 200 Union 
Lord, George H. 399 Pleasant 
Peirce, George, 5 Dover 
Spooner, Charles F. 82 Thomas 

Pickle aifrs. 

Hathaway, George L. Hathaway rd. 

Picture Frame Mfrs. 

Chase, E. B. & Co. 534 Acushnet av. 
Crapo, Geo. M. 18 Elm 
Hutchinson. H. 'S. & Co. 19S Union 
Sequeira. V. J. 153'/ 2 Grinnell 

Picture Framers. 

Allen, Asa L. H. 101 Parker 
Parson, Lewis J. 4 Beetle's lane 

Planing Mills. 

Allen, Abner W. 193 N.' Water 
Blossom Bros. 172 N. Water 
Fournler & Nicholson, 31 Bowdltch 
Greene & Wood, Pine 

Plating Works (General). 

Sargent Plating Works, 92 Pleasant 


Begley, Edward J. Kempton 
Chace, T. W. & Co. 32 N. Wat?r 
Clifton, Jireh W. 342 Purchase 
Coggeshall, Maxfleld & Co. 26 N. Second 
Dunham, Crawford L. 745 Purchase 
Elliott. John D. 100 Fourth 
Gifford, Thomas J. & Co. 650 Cottage 
Hamel, Flavien, 905 Acushnet av. 
Hatch, George E. 250 Purchase 
Hellyer, James G. 422 Purchase 
Hlcgins, Edward O. 356 Reed 
Kenyon & Allen, 135 Pleasant 
Knowles. Abel, 635 Purchase 
Lowe, Stephen C. 87 Union 
Mahoney, Timothy E. 959 County 
Maxfleld. George F. 19% Ret hoi 
Monroe. Joseph, 937 S. Water 


Send for sample copy, 

then subscribe. 

$3.00 a year. 

The Builders' Weekly, 

Worcester, Mass. 



O'Neil, John V. 705 S. Water 
Penney, Edward F. 266 County 
Rlcketson, Orion, 108 Potomska 
Sherman, James H. 2 S. Water 
Weeks, Herbert L. 59-61 High 
Wood, Brightman & Co. 47 N. Water 

Post Ollices and Postnuisk'rs, 

New Bedford— David L. Parker 
Clifford — James Davis 
Shawmut— Charles B. Phillips 

Powder Dealers. 
Grey, C. A. Jr. 421 Purchase 


Anthony, E. & Sons, Pleasant 

Bristol Printing Co. 354 Purchase 

Catholic Union, 94 Pleasant 

Coffin, Arthur E. 69 Purchase 

Collins, Williston H. & Co. 34 N. Second 

Dantsizen, Frank, 56 S. Water 

Electric Printing Co. 355 Acushnet av. 

Evening and Republican Standard, Pleasant 

Haskell, Franklin H. 36 Elm 

Lewis, Hugh H. 129 Union 

Mercury Pub. Co. 112 Union 

N. B. Printing Co. 25 N. Second 

Sherman & Habicht, 36 N. Second 

Produce Dealers. 

Brownell, Charles T. (whol.) 320 Pleasant 
Cornell, Pardon (whol.) 179 Acushnet av. 
Humphrey, James L. Jr. 8 N. Second 
Lansky, Louis, 496 S. Water 
Perry, Charles F. 134 Purchase 
Potter, Wm. F. & Co. 81 Front 
Sherman, I. C. & Son, 70 Union 
Stanton, Albert G. 131 Acushnet av. 
Wilson & Wordell (whol.) 21 William 

Provision Dealers. 

Acushnet Co. -op. Asso. 213 Acushnet av. 

Alferes, M. & Co. 46 South 

Anthony, Swift & Co. (whol.) Bridge sq. 

Ashley, Joshua B. 177 Purchase 

Armour Packing Co. (whol.) 188 N. Water 

Barlow, John, 624 Purchase 

Barney & Sherman (whol.) 47 S. Second 

Barstow & Winslow, 329 County 

Baylies, William (whoi.) 6 Union 

Belanger, Eddie, 877 S. Water 

Boston Beef Co. 132 Union 

Braley, J. W. Jr. 594 County 

Brightman, Edward T. 98 Union 

Brightman, Harry C. 283 Purchase 

Brightman, Herbert W. 504 County 

Brownell, E. C. & Co. 24 Market 

Brownell, C. H. & Son, 397 Kempton 

Brownell, S. A. & Co. (whol.) 99 Front 

Burns, Albert M. 251 Purchase 

Central Union Asso. 5 N. Sixth 

Chadwick, Edward E. 108 William 

Chadwlck, W. L. 510 Countv 

Cook & Sawyer, 127 Maxfleld 

Cummings, C. S. & B. 98 William 

DarUng. William, 239 Purchase 

Drlscol, Church & Hall (whol.) S2 Union 

Duval, A. D. Hicks 

Frasler, Edward M. 674 Acushnet av. 

Gersteln, Israel. 392 S. Water 

Glfford, Alfred M. 3*58 Kempton 

Griffin, Charles J. 145 County 

Harrington. George, 2SS Purchase 

Healey, Edward H. 416 County 

Hindle, William, 406 Purchase 

Holcomb, Roland, 48 S. Second 

Humphrey. J. L. Jr. (whol.) 8 N. Second 

Knott, Thomas, 924 Acushnet 

^awton, Alden M. 773 Kempton 

Luce, Wm. T. Jr. 70 Middle 

Lussier, W. & Co. 224 Coggisnall 

Margoles, S. 514 S. Water 

McDonnell, Michael, 391 Cedar 

Morris, Nelson, & Co. (whol.) Bridge eq. 

New York Market, 64 Purchase 

Notter, John, 518 County 

Perry, Charles F. 134 Purchase 

Perry, Samuel S. 303 Purchase 

Phenix, Philip, 603 Acushnet av. 

Pike, Andrew J. 310 Acushnet av. 

Potter, Wm. F. & Co. (whol.) 81 Front 

Robert, J. W. & Co. 230 Coggeshall 

Roberts, Henry, 9S S. Second 

Robinson, Daniel, Weld 

Russell Bros. 70 William 

Schmidt & Grumbt (whol.) 424 S. Second 

Stanton, Albert G. 131 Acushnet av. 

Taber, Geo. S. 9 N. Sixth 

Taber, O. R. & Son, 457 Kempton 

Vigneault. U. 1045 Acushnet av. 

Whitaker, Wm. Jr. 953 S. Water to 50 

Wood, John A. & Co. (whol.) 40 Union 


Coffin, Arthur E. 69 Purchase 

Real Estate Agents. 

Ashley, Roland R. ft. School 

Bartlett, George F. 15 Hamilton 

Beetle, Rodolphus, Front 

Burgess, John M. 39 Foster 

Cook, Charles E. 37 Purchase 

Driscoll, Daniel F. 39 Linden 

Driscoll, Patrick J. 971 Acushnet av. 

Fredette, Louis, 60 Nye 

Healey & Riley, 813 Purchase 

Ingham. William, 52 Holly 

Leonard, Henry A. 114 William 

Morse & Alexander, 97 William 

Mosher, Harry G. 134 Pleasant 

Powers & Sherman, Five Cents Savlng3 

Bank bldg. 
Ricketson, A. 14 Masonic 
Sanders, Henry V. 166 Purchase 
Smith, Abbott P. 37 Purchase 
Smith, *Yank C. 80 Purchase 
Thomas, Isaac W. 309 Acushnet av. 
Warren, Joseph C. 176 Cove 
Weeden, Georsre F. 49 William 
Whitehead, John, 111 Plummer av. 
Whlttaker, Edwin, 140 State 
Wilcox, William T. 90 High 
Wilde, Albert F. 849 Purchase 


Barker, Thomas, 224*2 Union 
Bonair (The) 350 Acushnet av. 
Boston Lunch Room, 956 Acushnet av. 
Brown, James W. 104 Union 
Counsell, Jarvis, Purchase 
Donley, William, 922 S. Water 
Francis, John E. 10 S. Second 
Fuller, Joshua, 353 Acushnet av. 
Gardner, E. K. Mrs. 15 S. Water 
Dagesse, Anatole, 814 Purchase 
Gomes, Manuel, 438 S. Water 
Gregory, Susannah Mrs. 762 Purchase 
Grimshaw, William C. 350 Acushnet av. 
Heys. Matthew, 271 Coggeshall 
Holshanetzky, B. 515 S. Water 
Hughes. E. Mrs. 1049 Acushnet av. 
Jones, William F. 310 Kempton 
Luce, Barzllla E. Acushnet av. 
Richmond's cafe, 257 Union 
Ripley. Wm. V. 160 Union 
Roonev, Elwin H. S6S Purchase 
Rushton, Harry, S27 S. Water 
Sauvre, Arzella L. 315 Acusnnet av. 
Smith. Thomas J. 442 Purchase 


Not keeping the Year Book on their desks are not doing their 
Guests justice. Information in this form is indispensable to 
the traveling public. 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Summers. Frank, 83 Union 
Sylvia, Manuel. 51 Mill 
Vokes, Thomas A. 144 Purchase 
Wickham, John W. 5 N. Second 


Black, Peter, 72 Front 

Uoclcet Mfrs. 

American Carrier Rocket Co. 33 Middle 

Roll Coverers. 

Aubertln, Joseph F. 96 Mt. Pleasant 
West, William R. S30 Purchase 


Bertram, John, 4 N. Second 
Gifford, T. J. &. Co. 650 Cottage 
Lloyd, Llewelyn, 205 Highland 
Perkins. A. W. & Co. 167 Hillman 
Sherman, James H. 2. S. Water 

Rope Mfrs. 

Lambert Rope Corp. Tarklin Hill rd. 

Rubber Goods. 

New Bedford Rubber Co. 128 Purchase 


Hart, T. M. & Co. 35 Commercial 
Maker, George W. Merrill's wharf 

Sash, Doors and minds. 

Allen. Abner W. 193 N. Water 
Blossom Bros. 172 N. Water 
Fournier & Nicholson, 31 Bowditch 
Sherman. James L. 194 N. Water 
Washburn, Lettlce R. 235 N. Water 

Savings Banks. 

(See Banks.) 

American Correspondence School of Textile, 
The, Merchants Bank bldg. 

Gardner, Jane M. 46 Campbell 

Johnson, Abbie R. Y. M. C. A. bldg. 

Kimball School (preparatory) Five Cents 
Savings Bank bldg. 

Mosher Home Preparatory School, 523 

New Bedford Business University, 97 Wil- 

New Bedford Textile School, Purchase 

Swain Free School, 391 County 

Sevring Machine iJealers. 

Bombo, A. D. 7 Pleasant 
Dagesse, Anatole, 814 Purchase 
Diman, Henry B. 330 County 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Brett & Simpson, 122 N. Water 
Hersom, Thomas, & Co. Front 

Spices (Wholesale). 

DavlB & Hatch Spice Co. 28 Union 

Sporting Goods Dealers. 

Fuller, Charles H. 141 Purchase 
Richards, George D. 109 William 


Ashley, Isaac L. 20 Fourth 

Caswell, Amos R. & Co. 27 Fourth 

Cobb, George A. Lund's cor. 

Cornell. Charles R. 135 Grinnell 

Covel, Orion E. 34 Elm 

Cox. Albert L. 427 County 

Desautels, S. 223 State 

Dwelley, Andrew E. Mrs. 430 Purchase 

Gardiner, Ezekiel C. 85 Grinnell 

Kenyon. C. L. & Co. Mechanics lane 

Kirby & Hicks, 60 Elm 

Monty, Frank, 2 Washburn 

Murphy, Cornelius II. r. 361 S. Water 

Peckham. Frank II. 52 First 

Peirce, Edward M. 65 Sycamore 

Pelrce, J. Henry, 304 Kempton 

Perry, Solomon F. & Son, 50 Elm 

Reynolds, Edward G. 272 Purchase 

Richards, Alfred. 160 N. Second 

Richards, Wm. D. 21 S. Second 

Sherman, Wm. II. 40 Fourth 

Smith. Allen, Jr. 38 Bedford 

Swift, Thatcher S. 116 Grinnell 

Sylvia. Antone A. 388 S. Second 

Wamsutta Stable, 34 Elm 

Warren, David, 259 State 

Stagre Lines. 

Little, Compton, 20 Fourth 
Long Plain. 190 Union 
Mattapolsett. 63 Purchase 
Westport Point, 20 Fourth 

Stair Builders. 

Tripp & Thorpe, 183 N. Water 

Steam and Hot Water Heating* 

Perra, John, 387 Purchase 

Steamship Companies. 

New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard & Nan- 
tucket' Steamboat Co. 7 Commercial 
Old Colony Steamboat Co. 2 Union 


Caswell, E. D. Mrs. Masonic bldg. . 
Jenney, Helen M. 214 Union 
Kendall, Edith V. Mrs. Merchants Bank 

Stocking Mfrs. 

Cornell Stocking Corporation. Seneca 

Stoves and Tinware. 

Andrews, Thomas L. 183 Acushnet av. 
Clifton, ■ Jireh W. 3 12 Purchase 
Coggeshall, Maxfleld & Co. 26 N. Second 
Duggan, James P. 134 Union 
Gifford, T. J. & Co. 6r.0 Cottage 
Hellyer, James G. 422 Purchase 
Household Furnishing Co. 170 Purchase 
Knowles, Abel, 6!i5 Purchase 
Noia, Manuel L. 601 S. Second 
Sawyer. Stephen P. 79 N. Second 
Sherman, James H. 2 S. Water 
Slocum, F. R. Purchase 
Wing, Charles F. 34 Purchase 
Wood, Brlghtman & Co. 47 N. Water 


Allen, Edward F. 151 Union 
Allen, George E. & Co. 120 Union 
Balboni, Louis, 1S6 Arnold 
Bock, Fred, 79 Itowrtltch 
Burns, Stephen J. 184 Purchase 
Bush, Andrew M. 47 William 
Campbell, James, 11 Bonney 
Chaille, Azarle, 202 Union 
Conant, Georpe M. 131 Union 

EflAlfUJifAl Will not find the Text for a Sermon In this Book, but 
K||| lifibll lf they ^' :int t0 look - P a - m . arriaff ? certificate in a 

neighboring town, it will tell them who to write to. 



Cronin, Daniel W. 62 Pleasant 
Dube, Edouard. 643 S. Water 
Fecteau. Arthur, 758 Purchase 
Goldstein, B. (ladles) 60 Fourth 
Habicht. G. L. (ladles) 102 Fourth 
Habicht, Philip, 314 Acushnet av. 
Harrington, John, 201 Purchase 
Herstoff, Jacob, 26 Maitland 
Howland. Daniel W. 303 Maxfleld 
Hunt. L. W. & E. W. 137 Union 
Macomber, William B. 71 William 
Marinoff, M. Hz Fifth 
Mclntyre, Mark II. 15 Pleasant 
Perry, E. S. 188 Union 
Swift, Leander II. 130 Union 
Swift, M. C. & Son, 157 Union 
Tessier, Joseph, Jr. 196 Union 
Toombs, Kenneth L. 766 Purchase 
Wilkinson. Robert A. 862 S. Water 

Tallow Mfrs. 

New Bedford Tallow Co. Hazard's lane 


Akin, Francis T. & Co. Walnut and S. 

Bancroft. Julius , '. 35 Hillman 
Bouchard, Gilbert, 117 Clark 
Brightraan, Albert I. 194 N. Water 
Burke, James, 3u6 Court 
Andress, B. A. 408 Kempton 
Cathcart, Edward B. Elm 
City Coal Co. Front 
Connell, John, 5 Wamsutta 
Corson, Temple S. 21 Middle 
Crapo, George G. 168 Shawmut av. 
Crapo, Peter, North 
Demoranville, Daniel H. It. R. depot 
Duddy, James, 116 S. Water 
Duff, David, & Son. 107 Front 
Gomley, John A. 464 Kempton 
Goudreau, Adelord, 9 Beetle 
Gray, Charles A. & Co. 421 Purchase 
Gregoire, Pierre, 5S Clark 
Manchester, Isaac H. 42 Ashland 
McCarthy, Mortimer, 258 State 
McFarlin, J. Spring 

Perkins, Andrew W. & Co. 167 Hillman 
Riley, C. Purchase 
Sawin, A. K. P., S. First 
Shea, Daniel. 488 S. First 
Silva, Joseph L. 528 Rivet 
Smith. John A. 42 Bay 
Stowell, Ben. I. West Elm 
Wilber, S. S., N. Dartmouth 

Tens, Coffees and Spices. 

Buckley, John, 678 Acushnet av. 

Burns, Harry L. 39 Bay 

Carmody, Martin W. 247 Second 

Cumraings, C. S. & B. 98 William 

Davis & Hatch Spice Co. (whol.) 2S Union 

Mills Tea & Coffee Co. 27 Purchase 

Mov Yuet Wah Tea Co. 222 Acushnet av. 

Robinson. Daniel, Weld 

Smith, William. Jr. 937 S. W T ater 

Sullivan, Daniel J r. 1007 Purchase 

Wilcox. Charles Y. 24 Pearl 

♦Thermometer Mfrs. 
TOBEY, AV. P. 69 Purchase 

Ticket Agents. 

Murphy, T. J. 235 Purchase 

Top Roll Coverers. 

Aubertin, Joseph F. r. 96 Mt. Pleasant 
Lawrence, John H. 169 N. Second 
West, William R. 830 Purchase 

Toy Manufacturers. 

Weeden Manufacturing Co. 152 N. Water 

Typesetting Machines. 

Johnson Typesetter Co. 213 N. Water 


Bennett, Robert G. 356 Acushnet av. 
Desautels, A. 222 Coggeshall 
Goldstein, Leon, 2 Grillin 
Jean, Jean B. 4 Linden 
Lagasse, Adolph P. 128 Rivet 
Moriarty Bros. 125 Fourth 
Murphy, T. J. 235 Purchase 
Rogers, John J. 100 Potomska 
Sullivan, J. 1). 431 Purchase 
Vaughn, Weston C. Jr. 321 Purchase 
Williams. Joseph S. 173',^ Acushnet av. 
Wilson, Edward T. & Son, 80 Pleasant 

Undertakers' Wagons. 

Brownell, George L. Acushnet av. 


Allen, Charles G. 127 Robeson 
Almy & Hitch, 62 Pleasant 
Dantsizen, Christian, 191 P^lm 
Deane, Frank W. 7 Rodman 
Galligan, Charles A. 43 Weld 
Hitch, Hardy, Jr. 174V 2 Purchase 
Household Furnishing Co. 170 Purchase 
Rattan Novelty Co. 498 Purchase 
Robbins, John II. 254 Purchase 
Schwall, George. 204 Acushnet av. 
Soule, Thomas H. Acushnet av. 
Wing. Charles F. 34 Purchase 

Variety Stores. 

Akin, Ephraim G. Dartmouth 
Andrews, James, W. French av. 
Arrick, L. M. 265 S. Water 
Aspon, Mary A. 113 Rivet 
Benoit, Agnes Mrs. 137 Sawyer 
Boardman, J. S. L. 2o3 Acushnet av. 
Bouchard, Minnie Mrs. 199 State 
Bourque, A. 285 Coggeshall 
Brierly, Alice Mrs. 53 Dunbar 
Brierly, Thomas. 130 County 
Burdick, Bertha S. Mrs. 6 Fair 
Burns, Mary J. Mrs. 403 1 ,-. Cedar 
Butts, Lizzie O. Mrs. Collins 
Card, Benjamin F. 292 Cedar 
Collins, Maud Mrs. 129 Blackmer 
Costa, Antone J. 141 County 
Costa, Joseph, Jr. 320 S. Water 
Cote, Frank E. 229 Coggeshall 
Covill, Frank O. 264 Middle 
Covill. L. M. Mrs. Court 
Derby Ann Mrs. 1051 S. Water 
Dickinson, Mary Mrs. 28 Cove 
Dion, Clement, 299 Coggeshall 
Dowiing, B. 56S Cottage 
Dupuis, Joseph. 140 Belleville av. 
Eddas, J. W. Mrs. W. French av. 
Enos, Frank. 513 S. Water 
Fauteux, Henry, 229 Coggeshall 
Feitelburg, Max, 425 South 
Fongeallaz. John M. 178 N. Front 
Gaunt. Edith Mrs. 1040 Acushnet av. 
Gomes. Andre, 418 S. Water 
Grohde, Ralph, & Son, 975 Kempton 
Harps, W. W. Mrs. 34 Dartmouth 
Hart. Edward E. 176 Cove 
Hatfield, J. Mrs. 125 Cove 
Hodges, Alonzo F. 181 N. Second 
Hoxie. William R. 120 S. Sixth 
Jenney, Wm. ?. Water and Union 
Joseph, John. 5C2 S. Water 
Lees. Wm. K. 453 Rivet 



NEW BEDFORD— Continued. 

Lewin, A. C. Mrs. 243 Cedar Grove 
Livingston, Sarah Mrs. 273 Weld 
Machado, L. Mrs. 3S3 Belleville av. 
Martin, Napoleon, 175 N. Front 
McNeill, Michael, 70 Division 
Merchants' Protective Coupon Co. Theatre 

Moore, Lewis, 86 Kathertne 
Morrison, Ellen Mrs. 45 Logan 
Mottram, George S. 877 S. Water 
Noyer, Emanuel J. 77 County 
Pacheco, John J. 241 S. Front 
Parker, Muriel, r. 417 Purcnase 
Phaneuf, Frank, Jr. 7 Hicks 
Potvin, Olevine Mrs. 1040 Acushnet av. 
Rafferty. Elizabeth. 181 S. Water 
Reed, Charles H. Mrs. 178 Arnold 
Roach, William, 61G Purchase 
Rooth, E. F. Mrs. 174 Acushnet av. 
Selleck, Ellen Mrs. 628 Acuslinet av. 
Slater, Peter Mrs. 35 Acushnet av. 
Taylor, Aggie Mrs. 7 Clark 
Thompson, Joanna Mrs. 3 Clark 
Tomlinson, D. Acushnet av. 
Upjohn, W. F. 841 S. Water 
Wade, Joseph B. 96 Purchase 
Wilde, Albert F. 849 Purchase 
Wilde, Frank H. 526 County 
Wooley Elizabeth M. Mrs. 400 Purchase 
Woolworth, F. W. & Co. 70 Purrhase 
Young, William Mrs. 854 S. Water 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Ashley, Daniel C. 406 Acushnet av. 
BIgelow, Alfred M. 87 Court 
Dews, Henry H. 20 Fourth 
N. B. Vet. Hospital, 87 Court 

Wax Mfrs. 

Knowles, Charles S. Kings Highway 


Chase, Collins. 114 Pleasant 
Delano, John F. 8 Pine 
Payett, Honore, 13 Beetle 

Wood Dealers. 

Beaudoin, Z. 149 N. Front 
Benjamin, Albert, 161 N, Front 
Borden, Harry T. 62 Dartmouth 

Borgendahl, F. A. 214 Smith 

Bouchard, Joseph, 117 Clark 

Boucher, Joseph B. 62 Merrlmac 

Braley, Benj. F. 14 Liberty 

Cabral, Frank, 384 S. Second 

City Wood & Coal Yard, ISO N. Second 

Clare, W. Henry, 191 S. Second 

Connors, Patrick, 486 Rivet 

Cournoyer, N., S. Second 

Craig, J. E. W. 157 Chancery 

Danjou, Alfred, 12 Spring 

Dawson, N. 559 S. First 

Delaurier, Peter, S. Front 

Dowllng, James, 362 Purchase 

Dowty, A. A. 126 County 

Ellis, W. P. 290% Cedar 

Fablo, Win. M. 54 Cedar 

Gerard, P. N. 8S2 S. Water 

Gifford, Lewis R. 400 Court 

Hilton, John, 995 Acushn»-t av. 

Holmes. Albert W. 224 PurrTiase 

Hutching, David, 58 Acushnet av. 

Johnson, Edward, Jr. 5 W. High 

LaChapelle. L. 69 Independent 

Lagesse, Henry, 150 N. Front 

Lambert, Frank. 252 State 

Letourneau, Alphe. 49 Acushnet av. 

Meny, Ernest, 45 Mitchell 

O'Brien, John N. 32 Linden 

Palmer, Horatio E. 170 Cedar 

Reeve, Levi, 120 Cove 

Sevl^ny, Thcophile, 42 Bowdltch 

Slight, Wm. 531 S. Second 

Smalley, John, 23 Myrtle 

Soucy, Andre, 13 Hicks 

Spencer, George. 931 Purchase 

Valentine, Freeman, r. 404 Kempton 

Woolen Goods Mfrs. 

Oneko Mills, 116 Front 

Yard Stick: Mfrs. 
TOBEY, AV. P. 69 Purchase 

Yarn Manufacturers. 

Beacon M£g. Co. head Purchase 

Bennett Spinning Co. Sawyer and Cogges- 

City Mfg. Co. ft. Grinnell 
Howland Mills Corp. Orchard 
New Bedford Spinning Co. N. Second 
Rotch Spinning Corp. Orchard 


In Worcester Co., GO in. from Boston, 18 m. from Worcester and 2 m. 
from station on Mass. Central Div. B. & M. R. R. ; also mail and stage con- 
nections with B. & A. R. R. at West Brookfield. Inc. Jan. 31, 1731. Pop. 342. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— George K. Tufts 
Selectmen— J. Thomas Webb, ch. 

Charles A. Gleasou 

William A. Felton 
Auditor— Charles W. Tyler 
Treasurer— Charles A. Gleason 
Collector— John Bowen 
Assessors— Herbert L. Pollard, ch. 

David M. Klxford 

Horatio Moore 
Overseers Poor— Selectmen 
Constables— Edward B. Hoppenny 

John Bowen 

Charles D. Sage, N. Brookfield 

Henrv H. Rush 

John O'Brien, Gilbertville 

Highway Commissioner— H. II. Bush 
Cemetery Commissioner — 

Charles W. Tylee 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Public Schools. 

Committee— George K. Tufts, ch. 
Mrs. Adelaide E. Thompson 
Herbert L. Pollard 

Supt. Schools- 
Edward A. Dixon, W. Brookfield 


Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co.. Worcester. 




Blacksmith— M. C. Dailey 
Boot mid shoe Dealer— 

D. M. Rixfonl 

Boot and Shoe Maker- 
Sumner Thompson 

Carpenters — Frank 0. Hall 
Leon Vaughn 

Clergyman and Church— 
Francis H. Boynton, Congregational 

Coal Dealer— George K. Tufts 

Express — American Express Co. 

Fertilizer Dealers- 
William A. Felton 
John O'Brien 
C. D. Sage 

General 1 Store— George K. Tufts 

Grist, Saw ami Shingle Mill- 
James B. Barr 

Hairdresser — E. Tyler 
Justices of the Peace— 

William Bowdoin 

George K. Tufts 

Charles A. Gleason 
Library— New Bralntree Free Public Li- 
brary, Carrie F. Bush, lib. 
Painters— C. A. Felton (carriage;) 

Frank O. Hall (carriage) 

Warren E. Woods 
Post Oilice ami Postmaster — 

New Braintrec— George K. Tufts 
Provision Dealers— L. Crawford 

John O'Brien 
Produce Dealer — Sarah F. Crawford 
StnR-e Line- 
New Bralntree and West Brookfield 
Wheel wriu'lit— C. A. Felton 

Frank 0. Hall 

R. P. Warner 


In Essex Co., 36 m. northeast of Boston on Eastern Dlv. B. & M. R. R. and 
2 m. from Newburyport by electric cars; the village of Byfield is on the West- 
ern Div. B. & M. K. R. Inc. May 5. 1035. Pop. 1,480. 

Villages— Farms, Oldtown, Byfield, Scotland, South Byfield. 


Annual town meeting first Tuesday 
in March. 

Clerk— John C. Rolfe 

Selectmen— Richard T. 
Claude II. Tarbox, 
Charles A. Cheney, 

Auditor— Harold S. Noyes 

Treasurer and Collector— A. W. Moody 

Assessors — Selectmen 

Overseers Poor— 
Chas. F. Knight, ch., 
John C. Rolfe, 
Charles S. Rogers, 

Moses Young (civil), 
Samuel Larkin, 
Ralph S. Tarbox, 

Park Commissioners- 
Nathaniel Dole, 

Benjamin Pearson, Jr., Byfield 

Hale Knight, Newburyport 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Noyes, ch. 


South Byfield 





Pnblic ScUools. 

Committee — 
George W. Adams, ch., So. Byfield 
Stuart L. Little 

Edmund L. Jordan, 




E. Jordan, Byfield 
Plummer Little 

Joseph E. Pearson, Byfield 

A. Wesley Poor 
Blanket Mfrs.— 

Byfield Woolen Mills, Byfield 

Samuel Williams 
Boot ami Shoe Mfr.— 

Justin O. Rogers, . Byfield 

Box Mfrs. 

F. L. Ferguson, Byfield 


Carpenters— Carl M. Knight 

Charles A. Lunt 

John Rogers, Byfield 

Ciller Msikers— James K. Adams 

Silas M. Noyes 
Clergymen and Churches— 

P. P. Carroll, Methodist, Byfield 

Charles S. Holton, First Cong., 

David C. Tprrey, Cong., South Byfield 
Expresses — 

American Express Co., Byfield 

Newburyport & Boston Express 
Grist 31 ill— Henry T. Pearson, Byfield 
Bailey & Co., Byfield 

Central Street Grocery Co., Byfield 

William Dole 

Lewis Wells. Byfield 

Hotel— Plum Island Hotel 
Justices of the Peace — 

George W. Adams, South Byfield 

Frank L. Ferguson, Byfield 

Joseph Floyd, Byfield 

William Little 

Horace F. Longfellow, Byfield 

Arthur W. Moody 

John C. Rolfe 
Lihrnry— Privileges hired from the city 

of Newburyport 

Gorham D. Rogers, Byfield 

Post Oilices anil Postmasters— 

Byfield — Lyman Pearson 

South Byfield— F. W. Ambrose 

Newbury P. O. abolished; free delivery 
by carrier from Newburyport P. O. 

D. C. Torrey, South Byfield 

Provision Dealer— 

R. M. Hills & Co., Byfield 

Restaurants— Joslah R. Dyer 

George H. Plummer 
Saw Mill — Pearson Tobacco Co. 
School— Dumtner Academy, Perley L. 
Home, prin., South Byfield 

Snuff Mfrs.— 

Larkin & Morrill, Byfield 

Henry T. Pearson, Byfield 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



NEWBURY— Continued. 

Pearson Tobacco Co., Byflel'd 

Tobacco Dealers— R. M. Hills & Co. 

George T. Roberts, Byfleld 

Moses Young 
Henry R. Weltzel 

Variety Store- 
James K. Adams, ByAeld 

Woolen Goods Mfrs.— 
Byfield Woolen Mills, Byfield 


One of the county seats of Essex Co., 37 m. northeast of Boston on East- 
ern Div. B. & M. R. R. and at terminus Danvers & Newburyport Br. Western 
Div. B. & M. It. R. ; electric street railways to Aniesbury, Haverhill. Merri- 
mac, Lawrence, Lowell, West Newburv and Groveland. Established Jan. 28, 
17G4; a city May 24, 1851.- Pop. 14,552. 

Villages— Artichoke, Bellville, Daltonville, Joppa, Moultouville. 

Vote for Mayor for 1S99. 


John C. M. Bailey (R.) 

Orrin J. Gurney (R.) 

Jere. Healey (D. ) 

Charles W. Hidden (Proh.), 

Thomas Huse (R.) 

J. Otis Winkley (D.). 

12 3 4 5 6 

. 58 21 65 30 30 00 

.10 7 20 29 27 28 

71 11G 150 112 180 07 

. IS 11 19 2 5 7 

.282 102 207 207 112 280 









City election Tuesday after second 

Monday in Decern her. 
Mayor— Thomas Huse (R.) $1200; 

hours 11-12 
Aldermen— Meetings first and third 
Monday evenings of each month. 
Clerk, George H. Stevens 
Ward 1. Eben C. Knight (R) 
Ward 2. James P. Carens (D) 
Ward 3. Irving Besse (D) 
Ward 4. William G. Fisher (R) 
Ward 5. John II. Balch, Jr. (R) 
Ward 6. Albert H. Beckford (R) 
Common Counciemen — Meetings first 
and third Monday evenings of 
each month. 
President, Arthur P. Brown (R) 
Clerk, Thomas E. Cutter, $150 
Ward 1. Samuel J. Hughes (R) 
Edward W. Til ton (R) 
Win. A. Underwood (R) 
Ward 2. Benaiah F. Gerrish (R) 
Laurens C. Emedy iD) 
Edward A. Huse (R) 
Ward 3. Arthur P. Brown (R) 
David P. Page (in 
Edmund M. Dow (R) 
Ward 4. Charles W. Ayers (in 
John E. Batchelder (R) 
Ralph S. Bailey (R) 
Ward 5. Herman S. Stevens (R) 
Arthur Withington (D) 
• Andrew J. Casey (D) 
Ward 6. Herbert Patten (R) 
Job Weston (R) 
Alfred D. Merrill (D) 

City Oillcers. 

City Clerk, Geo. II. Stevens, $1450: 
hours 0-12 and 2-4 Wednesdays, ami 
Saturdays 0-1 and 2-4 

Assistant City Clerk, Henry W. Lit- 
tle, $000 

Treasurer and Collector, James V. 

Felker, $1000; hours 9-12 and 2-4 
Wednesdays, and Saturdays 0-1 

and 2-4 
City Messenger, Frank H. Rundlett, 

Auditor, William H. Welch. $400 
City Solicitor, Horace I. Bartlett, 

City Physician, Ernest II. Noyes, 

City Marshal, Frank L. Lattime, 

Assistant City Marshal, John L. Mc- 
Captain Night Patrol, Patrick Cree- 

den, $900 
Chief Engineer Fire Dept., Hiram H. 

Laudford, $300 
Supt. Streets, C. M. Pritchard, $1200 
Supt. Fire Alarm Telegraph, Hiram 

H. Landlord, $200 
Supt. Sewers. Francis Curtis, $500 
Inspector Buildings, Frank L. Lat- 
Inspector Animals and Provisions. G. 

W. Knight, $500 
Sealer Weights and Measures, Edw. 

Donahoe, Jr., fees 
Inspector Milk and Vinegar, George 

W. Knight 
Supt. Highland and Old Hill Cem- 
eteries, Alfred Gurney, $2.^0 
Harbor Master, Nathan D. Rodi- 

grass, $100 

Chairman, William II. Huse, $500 

Willard A. Hatch, $500 

Secretary, Geo. P. Sargent, $500 
Overseers Poor — 

Chairman, Leonard W. Sargent 

Benjamin F. Hathaway 

William F. Houston 

Clerk and Visitor, William H. Bay- 
ley, $850; hours 9-12 and 2~* 
Wednesdays, and Saturdays 9-1 
and 2-4 

353 Directories 

At the price of one or- 
dinary City Directory is 
the claim of 



Supt. Almshouse, Charles W. Nel- 
son, $720 

Matron, Mrs. Chas. W. Nelson, $720 
Commissioners Sinking Fund— 

Mayor, ex-oltlcio 

Auditor, ex-ollicio 

Pres. Common Council, ex-oflicio 

Henry B. Little 

Philip II. Lunt 
Registraus Voters— 

Chairman, Nathaniel Grecly, .$75 

Luther Carter, $75 

Benjamin G. Davis, $75 

City Clerk, ex-ollicio, clerk, $75 
Board Health— 

Chairman, John E. Bailey 

City Physician, ex-oiliclo 

Charles W. Page 
Inspector Plumbing- 
William II. Lawrence 

Clerk, Charles W. Page 

Health Officer, G. W. Knight, $200 
Trustees Atkinson School Fund— 

Joshua Hale, Jr., pres. 

William C. Coffin 

Clerk and Treas., Leonard W. Sar- 
Trustees Putnam School— 

John N. Pike 

Francis A. Howe 

John J. Currier 

Elisha P. Dodge 

Joseph E. Moody 

Nathaniel Dole 

John W. Dodge 
Trustees Wheelwright Scientific 
School Fund— 

President, Robert Codman 

Mayor, ex-oflicio 

Sec. and Auditor, John W. Winder 

Rev. John W! Dodge 

Treasurer, James E. Whitney 
Park Commissioners— 

Chairman, Mayor, ex-officlo 

Arthur P. Brown, pres. 

Charles C. Stockman 

Orrin J. Gurnev 

Eliphalet Griffin 
Commissioners Atkinson Common— 

Mayor, ex-officio 

Pres. Common Council, ex-officio 

Alvah Hoyt 

Orlando F. Hatch 

Leonard M. Sargent 
Trustees Simpson Fund— 

Mayor, ex-oflicio 

Pres. Common Council, ex-officio 

Thomas C. Simpson 

Charles C. Dame 

Eliphalet Griffin 
License Commissioners— 

Chairman and Clerk, Moses Brown, 
$250 # 

David T. Rowe. $200 

Arthur C. Richardson 
Water Commissioners— 

Chairman, John N. Pike 

Nathaniel Appleton 

John N. Pike 

Charles IT. Sargent 

Wm. F. Runnells 

Sec. and Treas., Philip H. Lunt, 

Supt.. W. H. Lawrence, $1000 

Public Schools. 

Committee — Meetings last Monday 

evening of each month. 
President, Mayor, ex-officio 
William T. Humphreys 
Edward Perkins 
Prentiss H. Reed 
Charles W. Poore 
David Page Coffin 
Dr. Geo. E. L. Noyes 
Rev. Samuel C. Beahe 
Dr. George W. Worcester 
Oliver B. Merrill 
Henry Bailev Little 
John G. P. Thurlow 
Paul A. Merrill 
Clerk of Board and Supt. Schools, 

William P. Lunt, $1200; hours 4-5, 

Wednesdey 9-10 a. m. 
Prin. High School, Geo. A. Dickey, 




Bailey, John E. 6 Green 


Chase & Lunt, 19 Pleasant 
Stockman, Charles C. 10 State 

Awning and Sailmalvers. 

Davis, W. A. & Son, 4 Ferry wharf 


Ash, Charles E. 30 Kent 
Buckley, .John J. 140 Merrimac 
Gray, James, 49 Pleasant 
Hervey, James W. 71 State 
Hidden, Edward S. 62 Pleasant 
Marden, Calvin, 79 Merrimac 
McQuade, Bernard C. 128 Merrimac 
National Biscuit Co. 106 Merrimac 
Parsons, Isaac W. 20S Merrimac 
Tlbbetts, Russell S. 41 Purchase 
Tibtetts, William M. 13 Pleasant 

If a n«Is and Orchestras. 

Adelphi Orchestra, John K. Nichols, lead 

er, State 
Cadet Band, William H. Bailey, leader 

15 Merrimac 
Dow's Orchestra, Charles W. Dow, mgr 

4 Pleasant 
Nason's Orchestra, David P. Nason, lead 

er, 4 Harris 


First National Bank, Wm. F. Houston 

cash. 16 State 
Institution for Savings, Lawrence W 

Piper, treas. 93 State 
Mechanics' National Bank, Frank O 

Woods, cash. 51 State 
Merchants' National Bank, William Ilsley 

cash. 61 State 
Newburyport Co-operative Bank, George 

E. Stickney, sec. 42 State 
Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank 

John A. Maynard, treas. 74 State 
Ocean National Bank, Klbridge G. Wood 

well, cash. 19 Market sq. 

Bicycle Dealers. 

Danforth, Clarence, 36 Washington 


Reliable Time at BLODGETT CLOCK CO. 

.Minimum Cost. 301 Congress St., Boston. 



NEWBURYPORT— Continued. 

Billiard Hnlls. 

McEvoy, Michael A. 28 Water 
Thompson, Alfred W. 3 Middle 

Bill Posters. 

Noyes, W. A. & S. M. 37 Pleasant 


Boutin, Victor II. 57 Liberty 

Donahoe, Edward, 7 Inn 

Doyle, Jeremiah W. Inn, cor. Bartlett 

Kelley, John J. 3 Railroad av. 

Leeming, Harry, 20 Liberty 

Little, Plumer. Parker 

Lord, Charles II. & Co. 208 Merrimac 

McGlew Bros. Co. Hale's ct. 

Quill, Jeremiah S. r. 62 Marlboro 

Robbins, George II. & Co. 3 Bridge rd. 

Ross, Edgar, 6 Mechanics' ct. 

Bonnlin^ Houses, 

Carter, George H. 55 State 
Thomas, A. O. Mrs. 49 Fair 
Young Women's Christian Association, 13 

Boat Builders. 

McKay, William, r. 62 Merrimac 

Morse, William II. & Co. r. 222 Merrimac 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Bailey, Charles W. 44 State 
Pearson, George H. 35 State 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Babb, John H. 23 Pleasant 
Barton, Lewis P. 11 State 
Coffin, William W. 12 Pleasant 
Collins, Daniel, Jr. 5 Pleasant 
Cusack, Peter, 15 Merrimac. 
Hansen, Diedrick, 55 Merrimac 
Little, Joseph B. 21 State 
Pike, John S. 25 Merrimac 
Welch, Thomas J. 38 Market sq. 

Boot and Shoe Findings. 

Lord, Alfred W. 17 Market sq. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Bridges, George A. 93 Water 
Buckley, Daniel P. 3S Pleasant 
Crosby, Henry W. 32 Inn 
Currier, Amos, 26 Bromfield 
Currier, L. S. 37 Franklin 
Day, Herbert E. 214 Merrimac 
Ferrick, James, 54 Merrimac 
Flagg, Felix, 29 Merrimac 
Folansbee, Luren, 15 Purchase 
Fuller, William A. 115 Water 
Lancey, John L. ft Jefferson 
Lang, George H. 11 Bridge rd. 
Marshall, David N. 71 u state 
Pettingell, He*ry E. 53" Prospect 
Reed, Henry A. 293 Merrlmao 
Sexton, Edward, \\' z Charter 
Souther, David F. 28 Charter 
Stanwood, Frank E. 32 Middle 

Boot and Shoe Mfrs. 

Barton & Thurlow, 26 Charter 

Burley, Stevens & Co. Kent, cor. Monroe 

Dcdge Bros. 102 Merrimac 

Dodge. E. P. Mfg. Co. 21 Pleasant 

Dodge, N. D. & Bliss Co. Fair. cor. Water 

Moody, Edward G. 7 Ferry wharf 
Morgan, John E. 38 Summer 
Newburyport Shoe Co. Prince pi. 
Usher, W. R. & Son, Shoe Co. 31 Pleasant 
Walker, Johnson L. Kent 

Boot & Shoe Mfrs.' Supplies, 

Newburyport Heel Co. 4 Bartlett 

Boot and Shoe Stock Dealers. 

Brackett Mfg. Co. Prince pi. 
Keith Leather Co. Tracy pi. 
Teel, John H. Tracy pi. 


Bay State Bottling Co. 30 Merrimac 

Box Manufacturers. 

Gurney, Orrin J. (paper and wood) 6 

Brick Makers. 

Newburyport Brick Co. Parker, n. Hill 


Livingstone, Herman (pawn) 49 Merrimac 
Morganstern, B. (pawn) 7 Merrlmao 
Varina, George W. (stock) 15% Inn 

Building Movers. 

Cashman, M. & D. 61 Water 

Cahinet Makers. 

Rolfe, Ebenezer, 3 City wharf 

Camera Manufacturers. 

Chase Magazine Camera Co. 4 Bartlett 

Car Manufacturers. 

Newburyport Car Mfg. Co. 56 Merrimac 

Carpenters and Builders. 

>dams, Richard G. 70 Bromfield 
Adams, Rufus, Bartlett, cor. Inn 
Brooks, A. J. 8 N. Atkinson 
Collins, F. E. 5 Ashland 
Cotton. Timothy Y. 21 Washington 
Currier. Calvin E. & Son, 5 Railroad av. 
Gerrish, Samuel M. Brown's wharf 
Lamprey, Eli, 5S Merrimac 
Langley, John, 44 Merrimac 
Lunt, Charles A. 15 Liberty 
Morse, William C. 68 Marlboro 
Smith, Charles H. 15 Spring 

Carriage Bow Maker. 

Sargent, Leonard W. 280 High 
Carriage 3Iakers «fc Trimmers. 

Lambert, John W. 3 Hale's ct. 
Lord, Charles H. & Co. 208 Merrimac 
Lcugee, PiMker M. r. 15 Inn 
Ross, Edgar, 6 Mechanics' ct. 
Varney, George D. Ferry rd. 
Warner, William P. Mechanic 


Eagle Chemical Co. 7 Ferry wharf 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Balch, Daniel, 114 Merrimac 
Davis, Stephen F. 11 Merrimac 
Fowler, Albert E. 30 Pleasant. 
Noyes, Harold E. 6 State 



DIRECTORY, published annually. JL «j 

F. S. Iilaiichard & Co., Worcester. ^W 



Civil Engineer. 

Langdon, George W. 6 Park 

Clergymen and Churches. 

Alger, F. J. Whltefleld bldg. 39 Federal 
Beane, Samuel C. First Religious Society 

(Cong. Un.) 6 Harris 
Flske, Daniel T. Belleville Cong. 273 High 
Hitchcock. Albert W. Belleville Cong. 298 

Hovey, Horace C. First Presbyterian. 60 

La Bosslere, John B. Immaculate Concep- 
tion R. C. 7 Court 
MacFaddin, T. James, Second Presbyterian. 

103 State 
Patton, Myron O. Fourth Congregational. 

Pope, L. A. Green Street Baptist. 104 High 
Ryan, Win. H. Immaculate Conception K. 

C. 7 Court 
— — -, State Street Christian 


First Congregational 

Shaw, Samuel, Advent Christian, 15 Strong 
Williams, John J. Immaculate Conception 

R. C. 7 Court 
Wood. Jerome, People's Methodist, 53 

Wood, W. A. Washington Street Methodist 
Wright, Arthur H. St. Paul's Episcopal, 

100 State 

Lord, Charles E. (Pres.) 52 Pleasant 
Mills, Charles P. (Cong.) 10 Washington 

Clothing' Dealers. 

Gould, W. R. 16 Pleasant 
Harrington & KIley, 24 Market sq. 
Hubbard. Frank B. 80 State 
Jordan. William J. 42 Market sq. 
Plummer, Charles E. (mfr.) 26 Pleasant 
Porter, Rogers & Co. 33 Pleasant 
Smith, Foster W. 18 Water 
Stevens Bros. 32 Pleasant 
Toppan, Caleb C. 7 State 
Toppan, George A. 31 Market sq. 
Welch, George H. 18 Water 

Clothing' Repairer. 

Baker, Roswell W. 78 Merrimac 

Coal and Wood. 

Atkinson Coal Co. 25 Water 

Balch, John H. Jr. 47 Water 

Bray, Stephen P. 63 Water 

Collins. John, 104 Merrimac 

Healey, Jere. 42 Merrimac 

Philadelphia and Reading Coal & Iron Co. 

13 Water 
Varina, Nicholas (estate) Varina's wharf 
Woods, Joseph, 101 Water 

Collar ami Cuff Mfrs. 

Fiberloid Cot The, 77 Water 

Comb Mfrs. 

Noyes, William H. & Bros. 2S Chestnut 
Richardson, G. W. & Co. Dalton 

Commission Merchnnfs. 

Marshall, H. N. & Son, 14 Market sq. 
Concrete Pavers. 

Thomas, Thomas P. 4 Central wharf 

Confectionery and Frnit. 

Austin, George W. 33 State 
Barboro & Dondero, 36 Market sq. 
Bartoletti, Frank, 109 Merrimac 
Canepa, Johnnie, 43 Merrimac 
Churchill, Willis E. 3 Merrimac 
Tucker & Currier, 6 Pleasant 
Watts, Hiram, 34 Pleasant 

Cordage Mfrs. 

Bay State Cordage Co. Kent, cor. Monroe 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Osgood, Edward, 5 State 


Brown, J. Milton, 62 State 
Chivers, Thomas H. 20 State 
Delano, Walter H. 11 Broad 
Emery, Samuel E. 31 Pleasant 
Kelly, John P. 12 Essex 
Leslie, Herbert G. 19 State 
Noyes, George E. L. 101 State 
Stone, H. N. 14 State 


Caldwell, A. & G. J. 178 Merrimac 

Door Hanger Mfrs. 

Victor Mfg. Co. 57 Water 

Doors, Sasli and Blinds. 

Cutter, F. E. & Co. 48 Merrimac 
Perkins, Edward, Lumber Co. 95 Water 
Staples, Hermon, 58 Merrimac 
Walker, John W. 38 Merrimac 

• Dressmakers. 

Alexander, Julia F. 24 Eagle 
Anderson. F. N. Mrs. Fair. opp. Charter 
Bigsby, Nellie E. 34 Washington 
Buckley, Annie, 19 Warren 
Carter, Mary A. Mrs. 11 Kent 
Colby, Maty V. 58 Lime 
Felch, D. M. Mrs. 15 Charter 
Frost, J. W. Mrs. 14 Buck 
Heath, F. S. Mrs. 171 High 
Henderson, Mary E. 190 High 
Langmaid, Clara E. Mrs. 12 Jefferson 
Lunt, Carrie P. Mrs. 6 Purchase 
Lyons, Margaret F. 36 Pleasant 
Maguire, A. C. Mrs. 13 Fair 
Meader. E. F. Mrs. 70 Federal 
O'Toole, Nellie E. 10 Pleasant 
Pettlngell, Margaret Mrs. 1 Lunt 
Pike, Margaret Mrs. 16 Prospect 
Roberts, Annie G. Mrs. 15 Kent 
Sawyer, Cora C. Mrs. 20 Inn 
TliurslQn & Hart, 23 Middle 
Torrey, Ella A. Mrs. 27 Milk 


Adams, Paul, 40 Pleasant 

Bartlett's Pharmacy, Lime, cor. School 

Bradbury, Eben A. 60 State 

Casey & Carey, 44 Market sq. 

Caetelhun, Karl, 2 State 

Conley & Mannix, 18 State 

Davis, Charles L. 63 State 

Dickins, Job T. Mrs. 8 Pleasant 

High-street Pharmacy, John Homer, M. D. 

prop. 154 High 
Smith, Charles R. 41 Market sq. 
Webster, Charles II. 1 State 
Williams, Joseph, 212 Merrimac 


Contains the Complete 
Business Directory of.... 

353 Towns and Cities. 



NEWBURYPORT— Continued. 

Dry Goods. 

Emry, J. 56 Federal 

Fisher. Wm. G. & Co. 20 Pleasant 

Johnson. Wm. A. 56 State 

Lake, Nicholas D. 12 State 

L«;vy, Siiliuson, & Son, 30 StuU; 

O'Connell, Timothy, 57 State 

Osgood & Goodwin, 59 State 

Plumer, George H. 70 State 

Questrom, Augusta P. Miss, 70 Water 


Mountcastle, Arthur C. 11 Middle 

Electric Goods. 

Griffin, Life, 31 rieasant 

Electric LiKlit Companies. 

Newburyport Gas & Electric Co. C. E. 
Spaulding, supt. 53 State 

Electric Railways. 

Newburyport and Amesbury, C. F. Dennis, 

Newburyport and Plum Island, C. F. 

Dennis, supt. 

Engine Builders. 

Davis, Frank E. (marine and stationary) 

Pearson' 8 wharf 
Sargent, C'lieihs R. (marine) 5 Bartlett 


American Express, 72 State 

Amesbury Express, Fred W. Goodwin, 

troo. S Charter 
Haverhill Express, Drake & Poore, props. 

7 Pleasant 
Jpckson Express Co. (Boston) 7 Pleasant 
Johnson, George J. 50 State 
Newburj port Despatch Co. (Boston) 8 


Fancy Goods. 

/dams, Jessie M. 3 Pleasant 
Haslam, Mary S. Mrs. 54 Purchase 
Johnson, Charles H. 38 State 
Kelley, Jane E. Mrs. 13V 2 Pleasant 
Lewis. Amy F. 9 Pitasant 
Metlvier, Marguerite Mrs. 103 Water 
Smith & Knapp, 88 State 
Wood, Minnie A. 34 Washington 

Fish Dealers. 

Adams, John B. 1 Green 
Brockelbank, A. H. 40 Lime 
Hewlett, Richard S. 114% Merrimac 
Hfwlett, William V. 152% Merrimac 
Norton, Joseph (wholesale) 24 Liberty 
Noyes, Gecrge E. 29 Merrimac 
Perkins, Edward A. 73 Water 
Thurlow, Rufu*!, 1 Railroad av. 


Comley, Joseph J. Buck, n. High 
Goodwin, Thomas W. Mrs. 75 Prospect 
Kent & Marsh, 17 N. Atkinson 
McGregor, M. Cornelius, 22 Chapel 
Pearson, Edwin W. 29 Marlboro 

Flour and Grain. 

Dole, William. High, Newbury 
Rolfe, Moses H. 43 Water 

180,800 FS^iS 

Furniture Dealers. 

Coisoh, Cyrus N. 9 Market sq. 
Felch, George B. (antique) 10 Water 
Haskell, F. S. (second-hand) 23 Liberty 
Hennessey, George G. (second-hand) tS 

Hudson, Joseph H. C Merrimac 
Stockman, Charles C. 10 State 
Thomas, Charles G. 83 Merrimac 
Townsend, Charles O. 37 Pleasant 
Wolcott. Charles F. A. 35 Pleasant 

Gas Company. 

Newburyport Gas & Electric Co. C. E 
Spaulding, supt. 53 State 

Grist Mills. 

Curson's Mill, Curson's Mill rd 
Knight, Hale, Market sq. 


Allen, John W. 31 High 
Bilows, George K. 120 Merrimac 

Blumpey, Philip H. 77 State 

Bowlen, Andrew, 256 Merrimac 

Brown, James F. 13 Market sq. 

Buckley, Cornelius, 137 Merrimac 

Carens, James F. 20 Fair 

Casey. John, S2 Merrimac 

Cook, William J. 194 Water 

Coombs, Elmer C. 64 Pleasant. 

Currier, John C. 311 High 

Davis, James, 1 Merrimac 

Dole, William, High, Newbury 

Donahue, Florence J. 150% Merrimac 

Fopg, George A. 19 Prospect 

Follansbee, Edmund X. 36 Federal 

Fowler, Moses H. 2S2 Merrimac 

Glynn. Thomas. & Co. 6S Water 

Goodwin, Daniel A. Jr. 2 Purchase 

Haley, 'Humphrey J. 13 Monroe 

Hennessey, Philip, 42% Carter 

Hughes, Samuel J. 50 Washington 

Ireland, Nathaniel, 24 Purchase 

Kelley, Charles P. 126 Merrimac 

Kimball, Solomon E. 87 State 

Marr, Reuben C. 158 Merrimac 

Merrill, Paul A. 171 Merrimac 

Noyes, James H. 99 Merrimac 

Noyes, Thomas. & Son, 42 Bromfleld 

Poor, Isaac. 93 Water 

Poor, Charles W. 65 Prospect 

Pulsifer, Alfred O. 7 Willow av. 

Pulsifer, Alfred P. N. Atkinson 

Richardson, David N. 10S Merrimac 

Ross. A. F. & Co. (wholesale) 37 Water 

Salminitz, M. 136 Merrimac 

Stevens, John, & Son, 22 Purchase 

Stevens, Philip C. 177 Water 

Stickney. Edward. 34 Kent 

Tilton, Daniel G. 4S Federal 

Trumbull. George E. 197 Water 

Warner, George M. 290% High 

Weare, John E. 97 Merrimac 

Weston, Job, 324 Merrimac 

Wilson, Henry A. 2:» Market sq. 

Wood, Benjamin S. 22 Washington 

Woods. J. J. & W. (wholesale and retail) 

83 Water 
Yerxa, J. & Co. 50 State 

II a ir«l ressers. 

Barth, Henry, 109 Water 
Carens, John W. 9 State 
Cashman, James F. 93 Merrimac 
Cashman, John A. ir, t Merrlmao 
Daley, John J. 32 Market sq. 
Gagnon & Thibault, 25 Market sq. 

Throughout the 







Uhe u/olfe TJavern y 

&owie dc Johnston, {Props. 



Jelllson, N. Leroy, Harris, N. State 
Johnson, Josiah E. 33 Merrimac 
Kimball, Moody. 4% State 
Ladd, Charles W. 43 State 
Martin, Calvin G. 24 Inn 
Meehau, John T. 44 Pleasant 
Quinn, Patri. k F. 87% Water 
Ratcliffe, John, 27 Merrimac 
Reardon, John F. 31 Merrimac 
Ross, George W. 26% Market sq. 
Sanders. William P. 4 Pleasant 
Shackford. Charles H. 23 Inn 
Teel, Alfred W. 111% Merrimao 
Thibault, Louis A. 22 Inn 


Central Hall, 37 Pleasant 

City Hall. Brown sq. 

Concert Hall, 14 State 

Fraternity Hall, opp. 33 Pleasant 

Independent Hall, 54 State 

Morss' Hall. 29 State 

Phoenix Hall, 20 State 

Shaw's Hall, 6 Charter 

Hardware Dealers. 

Holker, William, 15 Water 
Jaques, George H. 63 State 
Thurlow, Stephen H. 35 Market sq. 
Toppan & Wilson, 11 Market sq. 

Harness Makers. 

Chase, Moses H. 42 Inn 
Phillips. Michael, 9 Liberty 
Silloway, Fred A. & Co. 5 Liberty 

Hat Manufacturers. 

Coffin. Charles E. & Co. 310 Merrimao 
Porter, Edward F. (silk) 13 State 


Brown-Square Hotel, Jonathan F. Morrill, 
prop. 11 Bro\*n sq. 

City Hotel, George W. Woodwell, prop. 
14 Middle 

Essex House. William B. Wentworth, prop. 
133 Merrimac 

Hotel Westcott, James P. L. Westcott. 
Prop, til Merrimac 

Lincoln. House. Mrs. Amelia H. Forsalth, 
Pfop. 18 Merrimac 

V OLFE TAVEBK, Fowle & John- 
ston, props. 100 State. See adv. 


Ice Dealers. 

Abbott. Wilbur. 3% Spring 
Frost, James N. 1 Chestnut 
Smith, Charles T. & Co. 61 Lime 

Insurance Agents. 

Atkinson, Charles E. 4 Pleasant 
Brewster Bros. 76 State 
Brown, Lawrence W. 24 State 
Chase & Lunt, 19 Pleasant 
Coffin, William S. 75 Water 
Cuseck. William C. 21 State 
Humphreys, William T. 55 State 
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. John S. Mc- 

Daid, supt. 39 State 
Reddy, A. W. 25 State 

Insurance Companies. 

Newburyport Mutual Fire Ins. Co. W. R. 
Johnson* pres. 24 State 

Iron Founders. 

Russell, Albert, & Sons, 103 Merrimac 

Jewel e*rs and Watchmakers. 

Gillett, George E. 21 Inn 
Jones, William P. 26 State 
Kimball, Philip H. 69 State 
Lunt, John E. 46 State 
Moulton, William. 40 State 
Neilson, John, 29 State 
Nemser, Benjamin, 13 Merrimac 
Thurlow, Wallace W. 25% Pleasant 
Williams, Samuel G. 290 High 

Junk Dealers. 

Levine, Eli, 2 Ferry wharf 
Saltlnsky, Morris, 3 Fexry wharf 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

Atkinson, Charles E. 
Avery, George F. 
Bartlett, Edward F. 
Bartlett, Horace I. 
Bayley, J. C. M. 
Blodgette, George B. 
Blodgette, Geo. B. Jr 
Brewster, Allen M. 
Brown, Annie E. 

(special eommis'r) 
Brown, John T. 
Burke. Robert E. 
C'hartwick. H. E. 
Currier, John J. 
Creasey, William J. 

Cuseck, William C. 

Dame, Charles C. 

Dodf, r e, Robert G. 

Felker, James V. 

Fowler, Albert E. 

Gerrlsh, B. Gardner 
.Gould. Albert T. 

Greely, Nathaniel 

Hale. Wlllard J. 
Haynes. Charles A. 

Houston, William F. 

Howe, Francis A. 
Jones. Nathaniel N. 

Langdon, George W. 

Lesley, Edward 

our specialty. Wc do good work or 

none at all. Try us. 



NEWBURYPORT— Continued. 

Little. Eben, Jr. 
Little, Henry B. 
Lunt, Philip H. 
Lunt, William F. 
Maynard, John A. 
Merrill. William H. 
Moseley, Edward S. 
Nutting, Dexter, Jr. 
Page, David P. 
Pike, John N. 
Randall, Moses D. 

Reddy, A. W. Jr. 
Reddy, John J. 
Ryan, William II. 
Spalding, Edmund S. 
Stevens, George H. 
Smith. Lizzie A. 

(Special Commls'r) 
Stickney, George E. 
Stockman, Chas. C. 
Sumner, William H. 
Woods, William S. 

Indies' Underwear Mfr. 

Lydston, Jeanette Miss, 47 Federal 


mac, See footline. 


Newburyport Steam Laundry, Johnson & 

Crabtree, props. 36 Inn 
Royal Laundry, 15 Liberty 


Bartlett, Horace I. 25 State 
Bayley, J. C. M. 76 State 
Blodgette, George B. 28 Market sq. 
Burke, Robert E. 76 State 
Dame, Charles C. 59 ] 2 State 
Huse, Thomas, 53 State 
Jones, Nathaniel N. 45 State 
Page, David P. 45 State 
Pike, John N. 76 State 
Simpson, Thomas C. 64 Lime 


Newburyport Public, John D. Parsons, lib. 

Liquor Dealers. 

Bay State Bottling Co. 30 Merrimac 
Creeden, Cornelius F. & Co. 1 Kent 
Decie, C. H. & Co. 12 Merrimac 
Dineen, Jere, 19 Merrimac 
Duffy, John, 5 Water 
Glynn, Thomas H. & Co. 6S Water 
Kenney & Sullivan, 47 Merrimac 
McDonald, Jeremiah, 6-8 Inn 
Perley, Renton M. & Co. (whol.) 75 Mer- 
Southwick, Edwin F. 4 Middle 
Thompson, A. W. & Co. 5 Middle 
Woods, J. J. & W. 83 Water 


Neal, Daniel, 7 Liberty 

Lumber Dealers. 

Colman, James C. 3 Mercantile wharf 

Hatch, L. M. & Son. Bartlett 

Perkins, Edward, Lumber Co. 95 Water 

Machinery Dealers. 

Coffin, Edward F. 77 Water 

Davis, Frank E. Pearson's wharf 
Russell, A. & Sons, 103 Merrimac 

Marble Workers, 

Canning, Daniel, 2 Summer 
Davis, Ira L. 73 Merrimac 



Ballou, Henry W. 21 Collins 
Collins, Francis. 3 Allen 
Currier. Edwin. 6 Court 
Currier, Joseph H. 22 Broad 
Greely, John A. & Co. 78 High 
Kelleher, Jeremiah, 42 Oakland 
Lunt, Jere. B 9 Bromneld 
Lunt, Thomas H. 142 Water 
Meader, Charles H. 34*4 Temple 
Morrison, Rufus, 8 Vernon 
O'Neill, T. F. 127 Merrimac 
Toppan, William II. 42 Kent 

Men's F'urnishinK'S. 

Johnson, Berkley, 4 State 


Kennlson, Myra A. 43 State 
Manning, Susan C. Miss, 64 State 
Manser, G. W. Mrs. 23 State 
Plumer, George II. 68 State 
Pritchard, Lydia E. Mrs. 82 State 
Sanders, Percival K. Mrs. 86 State 
Sanderson, M. A. 161 Merrimac 
Wilkinson, Mary, & Co. 34 State 

Mnsic «fc Musical Instruments. 

Castelhun & Hale, 78 State 

Music Teachers. 

Adams, Elizabeth C. 70 Bromfleld 
Bailey, Annie Lee, Mrs. 60 Lime 
Ballou, Dora G. 9 Garden 
Cheney, Elizabeth P. Miss, 43 Kent 
Flanders, Ellen Ieador, Mrs. 20 Strong 
Goodwin, Fannie M. 47 Washington 
Lunt, Grace W. 5 Essex 
Lunt, Susan E. Miss, 19 Pond 
Moulton, Alice C. 102 High 
Mumford, M. Grace, 31 Pleasant 
Nicholson, Victor A. 26 Market 
Pathe, Adolph, 28 Pleasant 
Pearson, ^George II. 35 State 
Pearson, Hattie O. Miss, 24 Kent 

X ewsil eal ers. 

Fowle, Hannah P. 15 State 
Lewis, Andrew P. 37 Merrimac 

News pap ers. 

Item. The (weekly) Hunt Publishing & 
Engraving Co. pubs. Prince pi. 

Newburyport Daily News, News Pub Co. 
props. 17 Inn 

Herald, Newburyport Herald Co. pubs. 42 

Notaries Public. 

Bartlett, Edward F. 
Brown, John T. 
Cuseck, Wm. C. 
Dame, Charles C. 
Dean, Joseph F. 
Dodge, Robert G. 
Felker, James V. 
Huse, Thomas 
Jones, Nath. N. 
Kimball, Geo. A. 
Langdon, Geo. W. 
Nutting, Dexter W. 
Page. David P. 
Spalding, Edmund S. 
Stevens. John P. 
Stockman, Chas. C. 

105 Merrimac St., Newburyport. 




Andrews, Emma F. 23 Barton 
Badger, Eliza A. 19 Chestnut 
Betts, A. Susan, Mrs. 8 Horton 
Brady, Mary E. 123 State 
Brown, Louisa R. Mrs. 12 Congress 
Brown, Mary K. 3 Fruit 
Clark, Eva, 123 State 
Currier, Annie A. 12S State 
Dow, Lizzie L. Mrs. 8 Atwood 
Flint, Annie, 11 Garden 
Greenleaf, Laura F. 72 High 
Hodgdon, Sarah E. 11 Otis pi. 
Sheehan, Mary, Mrs. 6 Boardman 
Webster, L. T. Mrs. 10 Buck 


Kimball, Philip H. 69 State 

Oil Dealers. 

Menut, H. J. & Co. 1 Water 
Standard Oil Co. Parker 


Noyes, J. Russell, 31 Pleasant 


Allen, Herman D. Prince pi. 

Black, C. N. (house) r. 87 Water 

Creasey, William J. (ornamental) 42 ] ,£ 

Cross, William H. 82 Lime 

Cutter, Frank E. & Co. 46 Merrimac 

Davis, Green, agt. 37 State 

Dickie, David C. & Co. (fresco) 44 Mer- 

Downer, John E. (carriage) 3 Hale's ct. 

Hamilton, Thomas A. 4 Green 

Marsha.ll. Thomas E. r. 73 Lime 

Staples, Hermon, 58 Merrimac 

Walker, John W. 38 Merrimac 

Woods, Charles E. 13 Inn 

Paper Hangings. 

Bodine, William E. 27 Pleasant 
Gerrish, B. G. 11 Liberty 
Townsend, C. M. 19 Boardman 

Patent Solicitors. 

Page, David P. 45 State 


Chase, James M. 39 State 
Couture, Henry, 42 State 
Dow, Charles W. 4 Pleasant 
Lyon, Thomas, & Co. 84 State 
Thompson, William C. 62 State 


Day, Clarence C. (Horn.) 8 Washington 

Dickens, J. B. M. (Elec.) 3 Essex 

Ellico, John H. 47 Pleasant 

fuss, David (Horn.) 5 Spring 

Healy, James J. 12 Charter 

Hidden, Chas. W. 14 Purchase 

Homer, John, 154 High 

Howe, Francis A. 238 High 

Hurd, Edward P. 42 Fair 

Johnson, Charles F. (Horn.) 22V. Market 

Little, Abby N. 19 High 

•Mason, Arthur C. 22 Essex 

£oyes, Ernest H. 12 Essex 

^'"ing, Simeon O. 37 Green 

Plllsbury, Warren W. 51 Washington 

Ti^-h. Frederic, 138 High 

Wed, George F. 22 Charter 

Worcester, Geo. W. (Horn.) 124 High 
Young, John F. 9 Fruit 

Piano Toners. 

Choate, Leonard, 35 State 

Pictures and Picture Kramers. 

Gemignani, Corinto. 44 Inn 
Thurlo, Frank, 82 State 


Geldert, John W\ 18 Madison 
Kenney, John H. Federal 
Pettingell, William J. 11 Beck 
Reed, William, 21 Milk 

Plum hers. 

Bradford, Pearl S. 20 Market sq. 
Davis, Frank E. Pearson's wharf 
Wilkinson, William J. 15 Inn 

Post Ofliee and Postmaster. 

Newburyport— Fred E. Smith, Pleasant 


Hunt Printing & Engraving Co. Prince pi 
Newburyport Herald Co. 42 State 
News Publishing Co. 17 Inn 
Squire & Swan, 73 State 

Produce Dealers. 

Ames, Seth K. 49 State 
Perkins, Clarence, 4 Water 

Provision Dealers. 

Adams, Moses C. 2% Purchase 

Adams, Xenophon, 13 Liberty 

Akerman, J. Moody, 50 Pleasant 

Akerman, J. Walter, 123 Merrimac 

Crimmins, Jerry, 156 Merrimac 

Curtis, P, B. 218 Merrimac 

Graham, John, & Sons, 26 Market sq. 

Newman, John H. 15 Pleasant 

Parsons, Albert W. 12M> Purchase 

Roaf, Geofge W. (wholesale) 5 Ferry wharf 

Stickney, Enoch P. 54 Lime 

Taylor, J. A. 18 Atwood 

Thomson Co. J. B. (wholesale) 45 Water 

Upton, Thomas T. & Son, 77 Merrimac 

Walsh, Walter, 96 Water 

Wells, Irving K. 37 Market sq. 

Woods, J. J. & W. 83 Water 

Pump and Block Maker. 

Brown, George D. 87 Water 

Real Estate Agents. 
Lunt, Philip H. 42 State 


Balch, Daniel, 114 Merrimac 
Brooks, Harry, 16 Inn 
Danforth, Calvin H. 33 Washington 
Decie, Charles H. 10 Merrimac 
Dyer, Ezekiel H. 24 Middle 
Foote, Lowell A. 29 Market sq. 
Gi'.lett, William F. 58 State 
Hall, Andrew C. 39 Market sq. 
Thompson, Alfred W. 7 Middle 


Thomas. Thomas P. (tin, felt and gravel) 
4 Central wharf 

Rubber Stamps. 

Gould & Adams, 30 Market sq. 

this BOOSC 

Is on tile in Every Town and City in the State. It is th€ 
only publication giving the complete roster of Public 
Oi'ilciuls. It should be in every business oillce. 


NEWBURYPORT— Continued. 

Saving's I tanks. 
(See Banks.) 

Bliss Business College, David Clark, prop. 
39 State 

Sewing Machine Agent. 

Coffin, Francis E. 3 Bartlett 

Ship Chandlers. 

Coker, Leonard W. 36 Water 


Towle Mfg. Co. 216 Merrimac 


Brlggs, Henry M. 101Va Merrimac 
Doyle, Jeremiah W. 32 Inn 
Greenough, Joseph M. 5 Temple 
Hill, D. Edward, 3 Harris 
Landlord, Hiram H. 20 Salem 
Lucy, George, 4 Titcomb 
Ordway, Charles H. 292 High 

Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces, 

Greeley, George E. r. 61 Prospect 
Holker, William, 15 Water 
Lovejoy, Charles S. 25 Pleasant 
Muldoon, John G. 3 Bridge rd. 
Noyes, Daniel F. 24 Pleasant 


Ballou, E. Frank, 3 Liberty 
Drinkwater, Joseph C. 3 State 
Nelson, William T. 8 State 
Smith, Solomon, 30 Inn 
Sullivan, Daniel J. 38 Pleasant 
Wells, Ambrose H. 47 State 


Tea and Coffee. 

Reddy, John J. 22 State 


Plumer, Frank H. 19 Inn 
Porter, William B. 8 Lunt 

Towing IJonts. 

Merrimac River Towing Co. 1 Brown'a 


Cook, George H 9 Liberty 
Cusack, Peter, 15 Merrimac 
Harrington, Timothy J. 6 Water 
Lunt, Joseph C. & Co. 222 Merrimac - 
McKlnney, Robert J. 5 Market so,. 
Pike & Elliott, 46 Pleasant 
WeiUei, Henry R. 15 Market sq. 


Hubbard, Charles A. 9 Liberty 
Jackson, Percy B. 156 Vu High 

Variety Stores. 

Donahoe, Kate, 63 Liberty 
Towle, Jacob, 155Vi Merrimac 
Gorwaiz, John, 11 Pleasant 
Rowe, David T. Mrs. N. Atkinson 
Woolworth, Herbert G. 31 Pleasant 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Blake, Charles W. 9 Temple 
Landlord, Joseph W. 20 Salem 

Washing Powders. 

Perkins, H. R. 62 State 


Clark, John W. Hale's ct. 


In Berkshire Co., 10 m. southeast of Great Barrington by stage and 28 m. 
from Pittsfield; stage connection with Southfield, Mill River, Clayton, Canaan. 
Conn., and Hartsville. Inc. June 15, 175U. Pop. 1.2SS. 

Villages— Mill River, Southheld, Hartsville, Clayton. 

Mill River 

Mill River 
South field 
Mill River 


Annual town meeting third Monday 
in March. 

Clerk— H. D. Slsson. 

Ralph I. Rhoades, ch., 
Julius A. Turner, 
Michael Gagney, 

Auditors— Ron jamiu Wheeler 
Dyer Stanard. Mill River 

Treasurer— A. W. Chapin, Southfield 

Collector— Michael Cagney, Mill River 

William S. Rradley, ch., Southfleid 
Ed. J. Lambert, Mill River 

W. R. Field 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Michael Cagney, Mill Kiver 

Highway Surveyor— Frank W. Keyea 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Puhlic Sehools. 

Committee— Aaron \V. Field, ch. 

Lura A. Doncaster. Hartsville 

Carrie E. Knickerbocker, Mill River 
Supt. Schools — 
C. E. Brockaway, Sheffield 


Auctioneer — Henry D. Hyde 
Blacksmiths — 

Wallace Bentley, 

George Lester, 

Eugene W. McCarthy, 

William B. Pixley, 

Albert F. Whitney, 
Boot and Shoe Mnker- 

Benjamin Hayes, 
Brick Makers— 

White Brick & Terra Cotta Co, 
Butter and Cheese— 

Konkapot dreamery, 

A. C. Loekwood & Co., 

Maple Laae Creamery 

James M. Cook. 


Mill Rl^' r 

Mil! Rives 

Mill R !vt> - 

Suuthfl'--'" 1 





William Hayes, Mill River 

E. E. Stannard, Mill River 

E. D. Whitney, Hartsville 

Carriage >iaker- 
Edward Whitney. Hartsville 

Clergymen and 
E. C. Gillett, First Congregational 
J. R. Lewis, First Cong., Mill River 

W. B. Sleep, Hartsville Methodist 
Anion N. Benedict, Baptist, Southfleld 
Albert J. Chittenden, Congregational 
Aaron W. Field, Congregational 

Druggist— Dyer Stannard 

General Stores — Charles Adsit & Son 
Luna A. Doncaster, Hartsville 

A. C. Lock wood, Southfleld 

George A. Mclntyre, Clayton 

G. W. Merrill, Mill River 

Grist Mills— 
A. H. Alexander, Mill River 

John Doncaster, Hartsville 

Horse Dealer— H. K. Bloodgood 

New Marlboro Inn, J. Walsh, prop. 
Mill River, Frank G. Keyes, prop.. 

Mill River 

Iron Foundry- 
George A. Stevens, Hartsville 

Jnstiees of tbe Peace- 
Arthur C. Lockwood (to issue warrants 
and take bail), P. O. Southfleld 

Frank E. Sisson 

Wilbur C. Underwood, Hartsville 

Benjamin Wheeler 

Lumber Dealers— 

C. B. Brewer, Mill River 

William B. Gibson & Son, Southfleld 

H. D. Sisson, Mill River 

Mason — John Bentley 
Milliner— L. A. Doncaster 
Painter— Charles H. Hudson (carriage), 
Mill River 
Pbotoji - rai»ber— 

Charles Ellis, Southfleld 

Physician- Edsar W. Stockwell 
Post Otiiees and Postmasters— 

New Marlboro— J. D. Adams 

Mill River— Dyer Stannard 

Southfleld— A. C. Lockwood 

Hartsville — Lura A. Doncaster 

Clayton — Georpo A. Mclntyre 
Provision Dealers— 

E. J. Lumbert, 

E. D. Stannard & Co. 
Saw Mills— 

C. B. Brewer. 

Henry D. Sisson, 

G. A. Stevens. 
Stable— J. Walsh 
Sextons — 

A. H. Alexander, 
Charles Ellis 
James Feighrey 
H. W". Palmer, 

B. D. Wade 
E. Whitney, 

Tanners — Turner & Cook 
Whip Lash Mfrs.— 

H. L. Barber. 

J. A. Turner, 

Samuel A. Turner, 

Mill River 

Mill River 
MU1 River 

Mill River 





In Franklin Co., SO m. from Boston, 20 m. from Greenfield and 8 in. 
Athol on Athol Br. B. & A. R. R. Inc. June 15, 1753. Pop. 8G9. 
Villages— North New Salem, Millington, Morse .Village, Cooleyville. 



Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Edwin F. Stowell 

Selectmen— Francis W. N^wlnnd. oh. 
William A. Orcutt, North Prescott 
Charles J. Moulton. North N. S. 

Auditor— Edgar A. Wood, Millington 

Treasurer— Edwin F. Stowell 

Miner D. Brown. Cooleyville 

Assessors— Selectmen 

<>verseers Poor— Selectmen 

Miner D. Brown, Cooleyville 

Road Surveyor— Alba D. Pnge 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Pnblic Schools. 

Willard Putnam, ch.. Coolewille 
r>aniel Ballard, Millington 

Albert V. House 

P rin. High School- 
Emerson L. Adams 


Agricultural Implements — 

Rdwin A. Good now, Millington 

Stowell Bros. 



North N. S. 


C. G. Carter, 

Orrison Powers, 
Carpenters- P. J. Eaton 

Charles J. Moulton 
Ciller Mfrs.— 

George Burt, 

Mrs. George C. Crowl, 

William L. Powers, 
Clergyman and Cburcb— 

Albert V. House, Third Congregational 

Marshall Perry, Unitarian 

J. Nelson Trask. Unitarian 
Creamery — New Salem Co-op. dream- 
ery Co., Millington 
Express — American Express Co. 
Fertilizers — 

W. A. Moore. Millington 

Stowell Bros. 
General Stores— 

William N. Dexter, North N. S. 

H. C. Ellis, Millington 

R, N. Hayden, Cooleyville 

Stowell Brothers 
Grist Mills— 

L. Lawless, Cooleyville 

Lyman E. Moore, Millington 

I Academy House, E. L. Adams, prop. 

Printed in tho best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 


NEW SALEM— Conflnued. 

Insurance Agrent— 

Daniel Ballard, 

Justices of th<» Pence — 

North New Salem 


North New Salem 


Eugene Bullard, 

Daniel Ballard, 

Berlah W. Fay, 

Lyman E. Moore, 

Francis W. Newland 

Willard Putnam, Cooleyvllle 

Samuel H. Stowell 
Libraries — New Salem Public Library, 
Venice Marshall, lib. 

New Salem Academy Library 
George W. Fisher (house and signs) 

Rawson King (carriage), Cooleyville 

Physicians — 

P. H. Fearl, Cooleyvllle 

Perry Marshall 

Post Oflices and Postmasters- 
New Salem— E. F. Stowell 
North New Salem — E. D. Andrews 
Milllngton— L. E. Moore 
Cooleyvllle— Rufus Hayden 

Saw -Mills- 

Albert Ballard, 
George Burt, 
Albert Haskell, 
L. Lawless, 
Charles D. Porter 
W. Putnam, 

North New Salem 
North New Salem 



School— New Salem Academy, Emerson 

L. Adams, prin. 
Staft'e Lines-New Salem and Athol 

Branch B. & A. R. R., W. J. 'Whita- 

ker, prop. 
Orange and Amherst 

Wheel wrigrht— 

Hiram F. Moore, Milllngton 


. In Middlesex Co., west of Boston on the B. & A. R. It., the various villages 
being from 6 to 11 miles from .Boston; electric street railways to Boston via 
Boulevard and to Waltham and Watertown. Founded in 1030; a town in 1GSS; 
a city in 1873. Pop. 27,500. 

Villages— Auburndale, Chestnut Hill, Newton Center, Newton Highlands, 
Newton Lower Falls, Newtonville, Newton Upper Falls, Nonantum, OuU 
Hill, Riverside, Tuonipsonville, Waban, West Newton. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 

Wards 1 

Edward B. Wilson (R) 204 

Henry A. Inman (C) 218 


City election second Tuesday in De- 
Mayor— Edward B. Wilson (13.), 
$2500; 8.30-10; 4-5 
Mayor's Assistant- 
Alice E. Butler, #1000 
Aldermen— Meetings first and third 
Monday evenings of each month. 
President, Wm. A. Knowltou (R) 
Clerk, Isaac F. Kingsbury 
Ward 1. Jesse C. Ivy (ID 

William B. Weldon (R) 
Oliver M. Fisher 
Ward 2. John M. Stickney (R) 
Frank L. Nagle (R) 
John F. Lothrop (R) 
Ward 3. John W. Weeks (R D C) 
Marcus Morton (D) 
Henry L. Whittlesey (R) 
Ward 4. J. Frank Lyman iR D C) 
William A. Knowlton (It) 
Quincv Pond (It D) 
Ward 5. Thomas White (R) 

Edgar W. Warren (R) 
Walter Chesley (R) 
Ward G. Alfred S. Norris (R) 

James A. Lowell (Cit R» 
Henry Baily (R) 
Ward 7. John M. Niles (R) 

William F. Kami (R) 
Alonzo R. Weed (R) 
Note— First two in each ward elect- 
ed at large. 









5 6 7 Total. 

303 292 236 1924 
206 163 78 143^ 

City Officers. 

City Hall is located at West Newton. 
Hours, 8.30-5; Saturday, 8.3U-12.3U. 

City Clerk, Isaac F. Kingsbury, .$2400 

Asst. City Clerk, Edward B. Math- 
ews, .$1300 

Treasurer and Collector, Seth A. Ran- 
lett, .$3250 

Paymaster, Francis Newhall, .$1200 

Deputy Collector Taxes, C. Bowditcu 
Collin, $1800 

City Solicitor, Winfield S. Slocum, 

City Auditor, Benjamin F. Otis, $2200 

City Engineer, Henry D. Woods. 

Clerk of Committees, John C. Brini- 
blecom, $500 

Inspector Wires, Walter B. Randletr, 

City Messenger, Joseph D. Welling- 
ton, $1200 

City Physician, Edward R. Utlej, 

Chief of Police, Fred A. Tarbox. 

Chief Fire Dcpt., Walter B. Rand- 
lett, $1Su0 

Street Commissioner. Charles V* . 
Ross, $2uo0 (Highways, Parks, 
Sewers and Street Lights) 

Chief Clerk, J. C. Brimblecom, ?1S00 

Commissioner Public Buildings and 
Inspector Buildings, George H. El- 
der, $1500 


Send for sample copy, 

then subscribe 

$3.00 a year. 

The Builders' Weekly, 

Worcester, Mass. 


Inspector Plumbing, Morris B. Cole- 
man, $1150 
Sealer Weights nud Measures, Al- 
fred Donne, $750 
Milk Inspector, Arthur Hudson, .$500 
Inspector Provisions, Dr. J. It. Mc- 
Laughlin, $700 
Registration of Laborers, clerk. 

Theodore A. Fleu, $150 
Water Commissioner, J. Clifton 

Whitney, $2300 
Supt. Water Works, H. N. Hyde, 

Assessous — 

Chairman, Sam'l M. Jackson, $1000 

Charles F. Rogers, $1000 

Charles A. Miner. $1000 

Clerk, Charles A. Miner, $1000 
Charity Department— 

Chairman, James H. Nickerson 

Reuben Forknall. $50 

John B. Turner, $50 

Eugene Fanning, $50 

George E. Johnson, $50 

Edwin M. Fowle, $50 

Henry C. Daniels, $50 

Secy, and Agent, Edwin M. Fowle, 

Warden, George W. Whitten, $000 

Matron, Mrs. G. W. Whitten, $200 
Board Health— 

Chairman, Dr. Francis G. Curtis 

William F. Bacon 

William F. Harbach 

Seward W. Jones 

Clerk and Agent, Harry A. Stone 
Sinking Fund Commissioners and 

Trustees Read Fund and Elliott 


George S. Bullens 

Alden Speare 

Arthur F. Luke 
Civil Service Examiners— 

Lucius G. Pratt 

Dwight Chester 

Fred L. Thayer, M. D. 

Secretary, John C. Brimblecom 
Bo\rd of Printing and Station- 

City Clerk, ex-officlo 

Auditor, ex-officlo 

Treasurer, ex-otiicio 
Board of Examjnkks of Plumbers— 

Dr. Francis G. Curtis, ex-oiiieio, ch. 

George H. Elder, ex-otlicio, sec*y 

William H. French 
Registrars Voters— 

George E. Bridges, ch., $250 

George H. Bourne, $100 

Henry H. Fanning, $100 

City Clerk, ex-otlicio, clerk, $250 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Meetings fourth Wednes- 
day evening of each month. 
Chairman, Frank T. Benner 
William A. Knowlton, ex-officlo 
Ward 1. Frank it. Ilornbrooke 

John A. Hamilton 
Ward 2. Frank T. Benner 

Charles F. Avery 
Ward 3. Caroline L. M. Anders 

Lawrence Bond 

Ward 4. Frederic M.. Crehore 

Edward E. Hardy 
Ward 5. Lewis II. Bacon 

Clarence S. Luitwieler 
Ward 6. William E. Huntington 

Avery L. Rand 
Ward 7. Daniel Dewey 

Frank H. Howes 
Secretary, Mrs. Mary E. Sherwood, 

Supt. Schools, George I. Aldrlch, 
$3800; office at Clailin School, 
Washington Park; hours, 2-5 Mon- 
days; P. O. address, Newtonville. 
Prin. High School, Enoch C. Adams, 


H. Chapin Sawin, Bigrelow School 

Frank W. Chase, Adams School 

Herbert F. Sylvester, Claflin School 

James W. Applebee, Pierce School 

John O. Godfrey, Williams School 

Charles G. Wetherbee, Wade School 

Wm. A. Spinney, Mason School 


ABBREVIATIONS in Newton list: Aub.— 
Auburndale; C. H.— Chestnut Hill; 
N. C. — Newton Center; N. H. — Newton 
Highlands; N. L. F. — Newton Lower 
Falls; N'ville— Newtonville; N. U. F.— 
Newton Upper Falls; Non.— N'oiiantum; 
Wa.— Waban; W. N.— West Newton 


Fisher, Gurdon W. 263 Lake av. N. H. 
Forbush, Walter R. 263 Washington 
Lyman, John F. Washington, N. L. F. 
McLean, Henry II. *& W. H. 429 Centre 

Y. M. t. A. Pitt F. Parker, sec. 251 


Barnes, Edward F. 411 Centre 
Trowbridge, Theodore W. 407 Centre 
Tucker, Samuel W. 233 Church 


Adams, John C. 243 Walnut, N'ville 
Barthelmes, George F. 13 West 
Beverly, Fred L. 334 Centre 
Brlson, Murdock L. 1269 Washington, W. 

Curtis, Lewis E. 451 Cherry, W. N. 
Davis. C. W. & F. A. 319 Centre 
Edes, Albert A. Summer, cor. Chestnut, 

N. U. F. 
Leary, Hannah Mrs. 364 Boylston, N. C. 
Lyndell, Birger C. 293 Washington 
Mazmanian. Jacob, 17 Brook 
Roy, Calixte. ,r. 3S2 Watertown 
Quinan, Martin. i:56 Waiortov 
Weber, John, 39 Lincoln, N. H. 
Zindell, Davis, 335 Boylston, N. C. 


First National Bank, Edward P. Hatch. 

cash. 1347 Washington, W. N. 
Newton Center Savings Bank, Mellln 

Bray, treas. SI Union. N. C. 
Newton Co-oDeratlve Bank, J. rheever 

Fuller, sec. 297 Walnut, N'ville 

i ■: 


NEWTON— Continued. 


Newton Center Trust. Co. Alexander H. 

Dresser, treas. SI Union, N. C. 
Newton National Hank. B. Franklin 

Bacon, cash. 2S2 Washington 
Newton Savings Bank, Adolphus J. Elan- 

chard, treas. 2S2 Washington 
Newtonvllle Trust Co. Samuel W. French. 

treas. 294 Walnut, N'ville 
West Newton Co -operative Bank, Arthur 

Carroll, sec. 1349 Washington, W, N. 
West Newton Savings Bank, James H. 

Nickerson, treas. 1319 Washington. W. 


. Bicycle Dealers. 

Brahiner Edwin B. 251 Auburn, Auh. 
Fiske Bros. 301 Auburn, Aub. 
Lynch, Charles L. &. Co. 243 Washington 
Newton Cycle Co. 242 Washington 
Read, Frederic J. 821 Washington, N'ville 
Vachon, Louis A. 1208 Centre, N. C. 
Walsh, Daniel, 281 Auburn, Aub. 
Woodworth, Charles B. 2 Hartford, N. H. 

Billiards and Pool. 

Burnett, William, 2266 Washington, N. 

L. F. 
Greenlaw. Willis II. & Co. 72 Langley 

rd. N. C. 
James, George F. 458 Newtonvllle av. 

Nutter, Charles E. 255 Washington 


Barlow, Benjamin F. S61 Washington, 

Belger. Thomas,' 6 Elliot, N. H. 
Delaney & Hewitt, 206 Washington 
Farrell, Patrick B. 3 Brook 
Hawkesworth, George W. Pearl, cor. 

Watertown, W\ N. 
Leland, Henry G. 81 Crafts, N'ville 
McPhee, Malcolm, 1205 Washington, W. 

McVicar, Peter A. Auhurndale sq. Aub. 
Mullen, Thomas W. 1650 Centre, N. H. 
Nugent. John A. 521 Waltham, W. N. 
O'Donnell, Dennis J. r. Lexington, n. 

Auburn, Aub. 
Peters, Andrew, Allen pi. W. N. 
Polley, Charles J. Glen av. N. C. 
Raiche, Joseph J. 1437 Washington, W. N. 

Board in ft- Houses. 

Anderson, Edward, 69 Charles, Aub. 
Burns, Charles M. 404 Centre 
Clifford. Israel F. 419 Auburn, Aub. 
Converse, Martha Mrs. 85 Erie av. N.H. 
Drunim, Louisa M. Mrs. S9 Elm. W. N. 
Forrester, Clara A. Mrs. 89 Vernon 
Lamson, Anna Mrs. 250 Washington 
Murphy, Mary E. Mrs. 241 Walnut, 

Powers, Mary E. Mrs. 353 Washington 
Smith, Caroline A. Mrs. 28 Emerson 
Walton, John II. 58 MecTianlc, N. U. F. 

Boat and Canoe Livery. 

Gray & Frost. Riverside sta. Aub. 
Robertson, John IL Riverside sta. Aub. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Tainter, Frank L. 299 Walnut, N'ville 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Barnes. Edward E. 2C7 Washington 


Burofsky, Louis. 376 Watertown 
Clapp, Charles C. 279 Walnut, N'ville 
Cotey, George A. 9 Lincoln, N. H. 
Gordon, Alvin J. 374 Centre 
McCammon, John, 2S3 Washington 
Morrissey, William, 391 Auburn, Aub. 
Rosen, Samuel, 330 Watertown 
Thomason, John T. 1012 Chestnut, N. U. F. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Albrecht, Francis T. 1016 Chestnut, N, 

U. F. 
Archibald. Daniel. So; 

Ashford, Charles. 5S Langley rd. 
Buttcrfleld, Jonas, 244 California 
Casey, David. 163 Pearl 
Farnell, Theodore C. 6 Lincoln, N. H. 
Fetelson, William, 1159 Walnut, N. H. 
Goodman, Abe, 244 Walnut, N'ville 
Haen, Gustave, 88 Bowers, N'ville 
Haynes. Joseph P. 360 Centre 
Hondrickson, Martin, 238 Washington 
Kennedy, Martin J. 95 Pearl 
Kybert, Thomas, 2S Paxton 
Lind, John, 768 Beacon, N. C. 
Lindholm, Carl. 436 Cherry. W. N. 
Lynaugh, John, 33 Middle 
Lyons, Thomas, lo2 West 
Maglinchy, James F. 345 River, W. N. 
Major, Peter, 1259 Washington. W. N. 
McNeil. John H. 320 Watertown 
Niemann, Peter C. 31 Chestnut, W. N. 
O'Connor, Michael P. 527 Waltham, 

W. N. 
O'Shea, Michael J. 254 Washington 
Perlmutter, Harry. 329 Watertown 
Rogers, Amos L. 7 Chandler 
Towle, Bernard. 6 Hale, N. 0. F. 
Weiss, Martin, 1225 Centre, N. C. 

BoYvliiift Alleys. 

Sweeney William P. 259 Washington 

Carpenters and Bnilders. 

Baker, Peter C. r. 2364 Washington, N. L 

Beal, Jarvis T. 297 Parker, N. C. 
Billings, James D. 200 Walnut, N'ville 
Brown, Henry S. 949 Chestnut, N. U. F. 
Butler, John E. 149 Lynwood av. 
Clark, Eben C. 49 Cross, W. N. 
Cousens, Joseph E. 161 Summer, N. C. 
Crowe, L. W. & Co. 402 Centre 
Ellice, Thomas H. 16 Sharon av. Aub. 
English, H. I. Co. 63 Union, N. C. 
Ferguson, D. Archibald, 102 Ripley, N. C. 
Florence & Jones, 1 Davis. W. N. 
Fuller, Thomas G. 766 Beacon. N. C. 
Greenough. Wm. A. 14 Brook 
Hanson, Charles S. 66 Charlesbank rd. 
Harris, William O. 282 Melrose 
Henderson, William J. 402 Centre 
Hewitt, John, 234 Lexington, Aub. 
Higgins & Nickerson, Bailey pi. N'ville 
Hunt, Henry H. 197 Webster, W. N. 
Hurley, Daniel. 3S High, N. U. F. 
Ireland, Charles H. & A. F. 377 Ward, 

N. C. 

Jepson, George, Jepson ct. W. N. 
Johnson. William F. Pearl, c. Waban 
Kellar, William. 174 Webster. W. N. 
Kempton, Joseph G. 168 Elliot. N. IT. F. 
LummuSj Charles O. 68 Elniwood 


ODfl £^* ftSFEBlftfS^© Cannot intelligently and conveniently con- 
HI MS Mtftlh^Mh duct l>uhlk ' »"^ness without such aids 
fe^fessi^ W% M UU'tt«fc»W uatbo informution in this Hook uiTonls. 



MacLellan, James & Co. Orchard av. N. 

MacLeod, Samuel K. 15 Cedar pi. 
McDuff, James, 34 Crafts, N'ville 
McKay, Donald, 67 River 
McMullin, Wm. B. 4 Lincoln, N. H. 
Newcornb, Delancey E. 241 Church 
Nicolson, Alexander G. 19 Green 
Pettigrew, William N. Prospect, n. Wash- 
ington, W. X. 
Porter, William E. 244 Church 
Powers, William, & Co: 1 Brook 
Roehford, John C. Ill Hunnewell terrace 
Ross, H. F. Co. 3S Crafts. N'ville 
Soule, William F. 50 Rowe, Aub. 
Soulis, Edward N. 402 Centre 
Steeves, Sidney G. 19 Union. N. C. 
Wales, Levi. Cornell, n. Grove, N. L. F. 
Wellington, Henry F. 244 Church 

Carriage Mfrs. 

Jefferson, C. Farrar (estate) 7S2 Bacon, N. 

Murray, Patrick A. 20S Washington 
Ramee, James P. 521 Waltham, W. N. 
Scott. John W. r. 230 Washington 
Ward, A. W. & Co. 10S Elm, W. N. 
West Newton Carriage Co. 975 Watertown, 

W. N. 


Marshall, W. Lloyd, 349 Lowell av. N'ville 

Paxton, James, 3SS Centre 

Whittemore, Archibald L. 103 Union, N. C. 

Chemical 31frs. 

Gilbert Bros. & Co. 177 Oak, N. U. F. 

Civil Ensiaeers and Surveyors. 

Estes, Abraham S. N. Centre, c. Ward, 

Smilie, Edward S. 429 Centre 
Thompson, Sanford E. 63 Hartford, N. H. 

Clergymen anil Cliurehes. 

Allen, C. W. Second Baptist, Chestnut, 
N. U. F. 

Bishop, Thomas W. Highlands Methodist, 
221 W'oodland rd. Aub. 

Burtt, Edwin P. First Baptist, Lincoln 
pk. W. N. 

Butler, Edward, Our Lady Help of Chris- 
tians (R. C.) 573 Washington. N'ville 

Callanan, Patrick H. St. John's (R. C.) 
Glen rd. N. L. F. 

Central Congregational, Walnut, N'ville 

Danehy, Timothy J. St. Mary's R. C. 
1110 Chestnut, N. U. F. 

Davis, William H. Elliott Cong. 25C Park 

Dolan, Michael, Our Lady Help of Chris- 
tians (R. C.) 573 Washington, N'ville 

Galllgan. Charles J. St. Bernard (R. C.) 
1529 Washington, W. N. 

Gilfether. James F. Our Lady Help of 
Christians (R. C. ) 573 Washington, 

Greene, Daniel, North Evangelical Congre- 
gational. 40 Bridge 

Havens, Charles E. Highlands Congrega- 
tional. 309 Lake av. N. H. 

Holmes. Clement E. Newton Methodist. 30 

Hornbrooke, Francis B. Ohannins R?llg:- 
lous Society (Un.) 68 Lombard 

Ja>nes, Julian ('. First Unitarian, 76 
Prince, W. N. 

Jones. Wm. S. All Souls Unitarian. 14 
Hartford. N. H. 

Mansfield, George W. Lower Falls Method- 
ist, 146 Newtonville av. 
Matteson, John. Church of the Messiah 

(Epis.) 330 Lexington. Aub. 
Mayo, W. A. Upper Falls Methodist 
McDermott, George H. Sacred Heart (R. C.) 

1321 Centre, N. C. 
McLeod, Edward F. St. John's (R. C.) 

Washington, N. L. F. 

. Imraanuel Baptist 

Morris. Charles, Myrtle Baptist. W. N. 
Mullins. Edear Y. First Baptist, 3"i Chase, 

N. C. 
Muitro, H. Usher, St. Mary's Episcopal, 

Concord, N. U. F. 
Nash, Henry S. Church of Redeemer (Epis.) 

Hammond, C. II. 
Noyes, Edward M. First Congregational, 

136 Warren. N. C. 

— — 1 Xewton Center Unitarian, 

N. C. 

— — . Newton Universalist. N'villo 

. Myrtle Baptist. W. N. 

O' Toole. Lawrence. St. Bernard's (R. C.) 
1529 Washington, W. N. 

Prudden, Theodore P. Second Congrega- 
tional, 3 Winthrop, W. N. 

Riordan. Cornelius P. St. Mary's (R. C.) 
1110 Chestnut, N. U. F. 

Shinn, George W. Grace Episcopal, Linden 

Southgate, Charles M. Auburndale Congre- 
gational. Grove, cor. Woodland 

Spencer, George H. Newton Center Method- 
ist, 40 Pelham, N. C. 

Sullivan, Edward T. Trinity Episcopal, 110 
Parker, N. C. 

Thompson, W. J. Newtonville Methodist 

Twombley, Clifford G. St. Paul's Episco- 
pal. 1135 Walnut, N. H. 

Wholey, Dennis J. Sacred Heart (R. C.) 
1321 Center 

Williams. William Hall. Good Shepherd 
Episcopal, Pine Ridge rd. Wa. 

Worcester, John, New Jerusalem, Sweden- 
borgian. 127 Highland av. N'ville 

Worth. "Win. T. Centenary Methodist, 304 
Central, Aub. 


Adams, George M. (Cong.) 93 Hancock 
Allen, Edward P. (Cong.) Hancock, cor. 

Central, Aub. 
Allen, Herbert M. 202 Central, Aub. 
Allen, Orson P. (Cong.) 202 Central, Aub. 
Alvord, Frederick (Cong.) 56 Ripley, N. C. 
Benedict, William A. (Cong.) Pelham 
Bond, Henry F. (Un.) 21 Elm, W. N. 
Boynton. George M. (Cong.) Langley rd. 

N. C. 
Brown, Theron (Bap.) 402 Newtonville av. 

Burtt, Joseph M. (B.) 40 Lincoln pk. W. N. 
Butler. Wm. (Mc-th.) 38 Crescent av. N. C. 
Byington, Ezra H. (Cong.) 100 Franklin 
Calkins. Wolcott (Cong.) 22 Bellevue 
Cate, George H. (Cong.) 892 Watertown, 

W. N. 
Clark, Francis E. (Cong.) Central, Aub. 
Cobb. Wm. H. (Cong.) Elgin, Aub. 
f'utk-r, Calvin (Cung.) Fern, Aub. 
Davidson, Edgar E. (Meth.) 25 Prescott, 

Dike, Samuel W. (Cong.) 113 Hancock, 

Dutton, Horace (Cong.). 61 Hancock, Aub. 
Farrellv. James J. (R. C.) Winchester, 

N. H. 
Fifield. George E. (Adv.) 89 Elm, W. N. 

353 Directories «&— te 




NEWTON— Continued. 

Foster, Addison P. (Cong.) 316 Central, 

Furber, Daniel L. (Cong.) 661 Common- 
wealth av. N. C. 

Gould, John B. Meth.) -16 Bennington 

Hamilton, John A. (Cong.) 36 Walnut pk. 

Hazen, Henry A. (Cong.) 236 Auburn, Aub. 

Holmes, Theodore J. (long.) 19 East- 
bourne, N. C. 

Huntington, Wm. E. (Meth.) 647 Common- 
wealth av. N. C. 

King, Lyman W. (B.) S:J Greenwood, N. C. 

Leslie, Irville I. (Evan.) Washington, N. 
L. F. 

Lindsay, John W. (Cong.) 38 Bacclares rd. 
W. N. 

Lisle, Wm. M. (B.) 23 Perkins, W. N. 

Marsh, Francis J. (Cong.) 46 Columbus, 
N. H. 

Moorehouse, Darius A. (Cong.) Dedham, 
N. C. 

Patrick, Henry J. (Cong.) 899 Washington, 

Peloubet, Francis N. (Cong.) 132 Wood- 
land rd. Aub. 

Phipps, George G. (Cong.) 1193 Walnut, n. 

Safford, Henry G. (B.) 108 Bovd 

Scott, George R. W. (Cong.) 1S6 Kenrlck 

Smith, Wm. S. (Cong.) Vista av. Aub. 

Strong, Elnathan E. (Cong.) Central, Aub. 

Twombly, Alex S. (Meth.) 44 Franklin 

Twombly, Wm. L. (Meth.) Omar terrace, 

Woodall, Wm. H. (B.) 94 Ripley, N. C. 

Clotltlng; Dealers. 

Burofsky, Louis, 376 Watertown 
Eliot Clothing Co. 311 Centre 
Steadman, Alvah J. 1371 Washington, 
W. N. 

Coul nml Wood. 

Brackett, A. & Son, 411 Centre 

Dolan, John, Washington, n. depot, N. 

L. F. 
Eddy, C. F. Co. 1409 Washington. W. N. 
Hatch, Benjamin S. 989 Watertown, W. X. 
Newton Coal Co. 390 Centre 
Nonantum Coal Co. 825 Wash. N'ville 
Paul, Luther & Co. 1402 Centre, X. C. 
Sweet, Irving W. 
Warren & Hill Coal Co. 67 Union, N. C. 


Bradshaw, Elbrldge, S73 Washington, 

Paxton, James, 388 Centre 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Apostolu Bros. 316 Centre 

Avantaggio, Auguste, 346 Centre 

Brickett, Esther, 315 Centre 

Capadanno, C. & Co. 1292 Washington, 

W. N. 
Catanzano, Vincent, 251 Auburn. Aub. 
Damiano Bros. 14 Lincoln, N. H. 
Di Lucoi, Kaimondo, Ash, c. Auburn, Aub. 
Hines, Gerrlsh C. 663 Walnut, N. C. 
Lazzaro, Joseph, 402 Centre 
Maconi, Antonio, Hartford, N. H. 
Martell, Joseph, 6 Auburndale av. W. N. 
Mat. pas, Andrea, 248 Walnut. N'ville 
Neg'-ottl, Frank, 37- Watertown 
Petrillo. Cosmo, 809 Washington, NMl'.e 

Power, Elizabeth A. 262 Adams, N'ville 
Salomme, Damiano, 328 Centre 
Simeone, A. & Co. 1265 Washington, W. N. 
Simeone, John, & Son, 1471 Washington, 

W. N. 
Valente, Gaetano, 985 Chestnut, N. U. F. 
Venerella, Savior, 289 Walnut, N'vlile 

Co-oiierntlve dunk*. 

(See Banks.) 

CordaRe >Ifrs. 

Silver Lake Co. Nevada, n. Watertown 


Bates, George A. SI Central, Aub. 
Beane, John H. 283 Walnut, N'ville 
Bourque, Alphonso H. 1351 Washington, 

W. N. 
Chase, Stephen F. S35A Washington, 

Coxeter, John J. 829 Washington, N'ville 
Coxeter, John S. S29 Washington, N'ville 
Edwards, W. Hadley, 409 Centre 
Hall, Wilbur F. 211 Central. Aub. 
Harrington, Daniel G. 39 Newtonville av. 

Hitchcock. Edward B. 281 Washington 
Jewell, Albert B. 429 Centre 
Johnson, Henry E. 69 Union, N. C. 
Leech, Elbridge C. 93 Union, N. C. 
Pomfrct, John W. 1001 Watertown, W. N. 
Provan, Henry F. 1120 Walnut, N. H. 
Ross, Charles E. A. 7 chestnut, W. N. 
Spencer, Henry C. 2S2 Washington 
Taft, Charles H. 303 Walnut, N'ville 
Warren, George A. 2S4 Washington 


Atherton, a E. Mrs. 829 Washington, 

Benson, Elizabeth C. 283 Walnut, N'ville 
Coveney & Cassidy, 1241 Centre, N. C. 
Cunningham, Emma E. 84 Bowers, N'ville 
Glennan, Dejla E. 263 Washington- 
Hall, Sarah L. Mrs. 490 Auburn, Aub. 
Jordan, Sarah A. Mrs. 54 Margin, W. N. 
Livermore, M. A. Mrs. 12 Waban 
MacCallum, Nellie Mrs. S8 Forrest, N. H 
McKenzie, E. R. Mrs. 16 Baldwin 
Miunaugh, Isabelle L. 855 Washington, 

Morrison, Belle, 7G0 Bcerm, N. C. 
Peeler, Annie M. 19 Cypress, N. C. 
Pluta, Ella L. Mrs. 829 Washington, W. N. 

W. N. 
Powell, Elizabeth J. Mrs. 1001 Watertown, 

W. N. 
Wallingford, Louisa F. Mrs. 378 Centre 
Wight, Ella A. 1177 Walnut, N. H. 


Billings, B.rnard, 1009 Chestnut, N. U. F. 
Buck, Benjamin, 105 Union, N. C. 
Gardner F. L. & Co. 59 Langley rd. N. C. 
Gaudelet, Wm. C. 300 Walnut, N'ville 
Green, Jacob H. 16 Lincoln, N. H. 
Halm, Wm. F. 350 Centre 
Hubbard, Fred A. 425 Centre 
Hudson, Arthur, 265 Washington 
lngraham, Geo. H. 1003 Watertown, W. N. 
Keyes, Elliott W. 395 Auburn. Aub. 
Kilburn. Joseph G. 291 Watertown 
Kinder, Charles W. 360 Watertown 
Lacroix & Genest, 302 Wateitown 
Noble, John J. 1217 Centre. N. C. 
Partridge, Edward V. 8;5 Washington, 


Appreciate the value of Information. They aro quick 
to avail themselves of such sources as the 




Payne, John F. 277 Walnut, N'vllle 
Robbins, Michael W. 334 Watertown 
Sears, Sherman N. 2370 Washington, N. 

L. F. 
Snow, Isaach H. 53S1 Washington, W. N. 
Thorn, Walter P, 293 Auburn, Aub. 
Waterhouse, Joseph T. 1 Lincoln, N. H. 
White, Th-jinas W. 8* High. N. U. F. 
Wright, Albert F. i355 Washington, W. N. 

Dry Goods. 

Bacon, J. Henry, 281 Washington 
Brickett, Albert E. 1295 Washington, W. N. 
Colburn, Win. O. 1026 Chestnut, N. U. F. 
Kendal, Edward Mrs. 210 Watertown 
Kenney Bros. 2363 Washington, N. L. F. 
Lane. George, 285 Washington 
Mahoney, Morgan, 338 Watertown 
Needhatn, David B. 837 Washington. N'vllle 
Stewart, Charles E. 20 Lincoln, N. IT. 
Sullivan, John V. 831 Washington, N'vllle 
Tarlton, Frank D. 999 Watertown, W. N. 
Williams, Henry S. 1204 Centre, N. C. 

Dye Houses. 

MacKay, John, 10 Pearl ct. 

Elastic Goods 3Ifrs. 

Tivey & Co. 9 Forest, N H. 


Baxter, Alexander Z. *02 Centre 
Ferguson, John T. 821 Washington, N'vllle 
Johonnot, Harris E. 402 Centre 
Kebbe & Bjornson, 90 Bowers, N'ville 
Kellogg, Charles A. 297 Walnut, N'ville 
Pike, William E. 402 Centre 
Trefry, James T. Cherry. W. N. 
Ulmer, Gustavus, 32 Bowen, N. C. 

Employment Offices. 

O'Halloran, P. O. Mrs. 1391 Washington, 
W. N, 


Adams Express Co. 248 Washington 

Dillingham, George B. (Boston) 58 Lang- 
ley rd. N. C. 

Fife, George (Boston), 43 Langley rd. N. C. 

French, George W. (Boston) 109 Elm. 
W. N. 

Hammill & O'Neil (Boston), Beach, N'ville 

Hesse, Henry T. (Boston; 70 Langley id. 
N. C. 

Hunting's Newtonville & Boston Express, 
S21 Washington, N'ville 

Johnson & Keyes, Lexington, n. Auburn, 

Newcomb'a Boston Exp. 402 Centre 

Shelnut, Charles H. 401 Auburn, Aub. 

Roberts, Joshua 3. (Boston) 141 Welster, 
W. N. 

Fire Department Supplies. 

Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co. 1238 
Chestnut, N. U. F. 

Fish Dealers. 

Atwood & Frescott, 376 Centre 
Dyer, Uriah H. 298 Walnut, N'vllle 
Llnnell, Francis, 1267 Washington, W. N. 
Scamman, Charles E. Washington, n. Lu- 
cas ct. W. N. 
Thomas & Burns. 12 Centre pi. 
Woodward, Jereniieh, 371 Auburn, Aub. 


Capstick, William, 33 Aspen av. Aub. 
Elliott, William H. Newtonville av. c. 

Harvard, N'ville 
Fewkes, Arthur H. Hydr-, c. Centre, N. H. 
Freeman & Fletcher. 12 Charles, Aub. 
Knapp, Walter H. 121 North. N'vllle 
Mansfield, Henry A. C7 Walnut, N'ville 
Philbrlck, W. D. & Co. f.95 Boylston, N. C. 
Rodden. Robert, 34 Irving. N. C. 
Silman, James T. 271 Washington 
Wood, E. A. & \V. K. 127 Highland, W. N. 
Zum Brunnen, Henry A. 172 Pine, Aub. 

Furniture Dealers. 

McWain. C. E. 77 Langley rd. N. C. 

Gas Fitters and Fixtures. 

Pike, Edward, 67 Elmwood 

Gas Ligrlit Companies. 

Newton & Watertown Gas Light Co. Wal- 
do A. Learned, supt. 421 Centre 


Adams, Bridget A. Mrs. 225 Adams 

Atkins, Gamaliel P. 396 Centre 

Baker, G. H. & Co. 989 Watertown, W. N. 

Bates. Henrv W. 287 Walnut, N'ville 

Beck, Eugene M. 2260 Washington, N- L. F. 

Billings, Oliver G. 1220 Chestnut, N. U. F. 

Blake. John J. 4 Middle 

Boughan, Francis H. 414 Watertown 

Broderick, Margaret, 171 Pearl 

Boudrot, Albert, 86 Dalby 

Burns, Gregory, Clinton, c. Shamrock 

Clapp, Fred H. 297 Auburn, Aub. 

Coffin, Howard B. 363 Centre 

Conant, Everett W. Beacon, n. Wood- 

. ward, Wa. 
Connor Bros. 234 Adams 
Cook, Fred L. 1369 Washington. W. N. 
Cunningham, Martin L. 1273 Boylston, N. 

U. F. 
Darrell & Waugh, 1273 Centre, N. C. 
Dizer, Alexander S. 330 River, W. N. 
Drohan, Edward, 176 Adams 
Duaiie, John A. 209 River, W. N. 
Early, James A. 2366 Washington, N. L. F. 
Estabrook & Co. 307 Centre 
Ethridge, Mark A. 18 N. Prospect, W. N. 
Fitzgerald, John J. 16 Lincoln ct. 
Ford, Fred J. Lexington, n. Auburn, Aub. 
Frost, Frank, & Co. 95 Union, N. C. 
Furbush, Wesley J. 64 Chestnut, W. N. 
Gildea, Anthony, 111 Bridge 
Hammell, C. H. & G. E. 247 Parker, N. C. 
Hawkins, Rosa E. 163 Hicks. W. N- 
Higgins, Chas. W. 417 Auburn, Aub. 
Jarandi,. Salvatore, 16 West 
Kerrivan & Mulvihill, Elliot, c. Mechanic, 

N. U. F. 
Kennedy, Margaret Mrs. 287 Cherry. W. N. 
Knapp, W. O. & Co. 57 Langley rd. N. C. 
Lacroix, Edward, 382 Watertown 
Mahoney, Morgan, 342 Watertown 
Morel 1, Simon, 69 Faxon 
Moulton, E. & Son, 3 Lincoln, N. H. 
Murray, Mary A. Mrs. 69 Crafts, N'ville 
Patterson, Alfred, Jr. *51 Washington, 

Pernicolo, Gaetano, 413 Watertown 
Phllipson, Ine. 54 High, N. U. F. 
Pitts, Arthur R. 1005 chestnut, N. U. F. 
Quirk. Mary Mrs. 1S6 Chapel 
Rico Bros. 1299 Washington, W. N. 
Ryan. John H. & Co. 368 Elliot, N. U. F. 
Scinlone, Clro, 380 Watertown 



DIRECTORY, published annually. Jk -J 

F. S. Blunt-hard & Co., Worcester. W%* 



NEWTON— Continued. 

Sherman, Alfred A. 1170 Walnut, N. H. 

Sherman, Hiram A. 344 Elliot, N. H. 

Strout, C. <£ Sons, 843 Washington, N'ville 

Sullivan, Timothy C. Jr. S43 Walnut. N. H. 

Tucker, C. O. & Co. 419 Centre 

White, A. & Co. 1399 Washington, W. N. 

Wilson, Cawn, 320 Centre 

Woodberry, Horace E. 8 Highland, W. N. 

Yerxa, Partlow A. 332 Watertown 


Anderson, Laura P. (ladies') 379 Centre 
Baldes, Frederick L. 54 Langley rd. N. C. 
Burns, John T. 3C7 Centre 
Chambers, George H. 987 Chestnut, N. 

U. F. 
Comeau Bros. CI Langley rd. N. C. 
Davis, Irving H. 17 Lincoln, N. H. 
Davis, Lucian N. 1351 Washington, W. N. 
Dubois, Victor, 76 Dalhy 
Green Bros. 289 Washington 
Green, Thomas F. 2*50 Walnut, N'ville 
Hackett, Win. J. 299 Auburn, Aub. 
Jacobson, Julius, 259 Washington 
Kent, Lizzie Mrs. (ladies') 283 Walnut, 

Marston, William H. 2S3 Walnut, N'ville 
McCluskey, Thomas F. 321 Watertown 
McDonald, Samuel, 321 Watertown 
McDonough, James F. 259 Washington 
Mills, Alexander D. 2 Hartford, N. H. 
Morgan, James E. 256 Washington 
O'Connor, Joseph T. 1393 Wash. W. N. 
O'Donnell, Jennie F. (ladies') 7 Chestnut, 

W. N. 
Pendergeast, John E. 2268 Washington, N. 

L. F. 
Quirk, Fred T. 11 Chestnut, W. N. 
Reardon, Timothy J. 342 Elliot, N. U. F. 
Sheridan, Frank C. 23 Chestnut, W. N. ' 
Thomas. Mary J. (ladies') 24 Lincoln, N. H. 
To!e, Henry, 823 Washington, N'ville 
Vachon, J. A. Edward, 314 Watertown 
Vyett, Henry, 107 Elm, W. N. 


Associates' Hall, 600 sittings, Centre, c. 

Pelham. N. C. 
Bray's Hall, 1100 sittings, Bray's block, 

N. C. 
Eliot Hall, 900 sittings, 394 Centre 
Lincoln Hall, 450 sittings, Lincoln, c. 

Walnut, N. H. 
Temple Hall, 500 sittings, Masonic bldg. 

Warner's Hall, Centre, c. Elmwood 

Hardware Dealers. 

Barber Bros. 431 Centre 
Beal, Herbert M. 39 Hinckley rd. N. H. 
CampboM, Cyrus H. 261 Washington 
Cushman, John T. 1293 Washington, W. N.' 
Orr, H. W. Co. 819 Washington, N'ville 
Sherman, George N. B. 10 Lincoln, N. H. 
Smith & Costello, 101 Union, N. C. 
Tomllnson, Wm. E. 1421 Wash. W. N. 
Trowbridge & Easterbrook, 50 High, N. 
U. F. 

Harness Makers. 

Brownell, Harry A. 12C3 Centre, N. C. 
Clark. H. G. Mfg. Co. (mfrs.) 28 Kempton 

pi. W. N. 
Glonnan, Timothy F. 200 Washington 
Grlswold, Alexander, 236 Washington 

Hallahan, Wm. J. Waltham, n. Washing- 
ton, W. N. 
Masters. Edward W. S*i5 Wash. N'ville 
Stringe, Fred W. 77S Beacon, N. C. 

Hay and Grain. 

Brackeit, A. & Son, 411 Centre 
Burke & Beless, Pleasant, N. C. 
Crowell, Henry W. Needham, N. H. 
Johnson, George E. Lexington, n. Auburn, 

Tupper, N. Wilbur, 254 Walnut, N'ville 


Newton Hospital, Francis G. Curtis. M. 
D. supt. Washington, N. L. F. 


Hotel Ilunnewcll. Wm. F. Bowman, prop. 

125 Washington 
Pigeon Hill House, Edward E. Marden, 

prop. Evergreen av. Aub. 
Woodland Park, Charles C. Butler, prop. 

1761 Washington, Aub. 

Ice Dealers. 

Ellis, George H. Centre, n. R. R., N. C. 
Garden City Ice Co. 281 Walnut, N'ville 
O'Brien, Christopher, 6S West 

Insurance Agents. 

Aban, Trowbridge & Co. 407 Centre 
Aivord Bros. & Co 67 Union, N. C. 
Barnes, Edward F. 411 Centre 
Benedict, William A. 57 Pelham, N. C. 
Bombard, Herbert A. 78 Bowers, N'ville 
Edwards, W. S. & F. 429 Centre 
Forknall, Reuben, 272 Watertown 
Fuller, John C. 297 Walnut, N'ville 
Morton, Marcus, 1349 Washington, W. N. 
Howe. John W. 51 High, N. U. F. 
Murdock, Francis, 421 Centre 
Rogers, Charles F. 115 Sargent 
Turner & Williams, 90 Bowers, N'ville 
Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Baldwin. Miles E. 6 Lincoln, N. H. 
Berry, Clarence T. 297 Walnut 
Beverlv, Josenh W. 77 Union, N. C. 
Hamblin. James B. 269 Washington 
Hodgdon, Walter A. 326 Centre 
Mason, Theodore L. 390 Centre 
McNabb, John F. 24 Chestnut 
Newcomb, Edgar C. 310 Centre 
Sisson. Albert H. 281 Walnut 
Thwing, Almon. 995 Watertown, W. N. 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

Abbott, Curtis 
Adams John Q. 
Aivord, Ralph F. 
Ames, Fisher 
Aspinwall, Wm. H. 
Atkins, George D. 
Bacon, Benjamin F. 
Bacon, William F. 
Barbour, Alfred L. 
Barnard, Samuel 
Barnes. Edward F. 
Bates, David 
Bell. William G. 
Benner, Frank T. 
Benton, Austin W. 
Bishop, Elias B. 
Bishop. Robert R. 
Blanehard, A. J. 
Blanc hard, John H. 

Blanev, Geo. A. 
Blood, Wm. H. 
Bond. Lawrence 
Bovnton, Herbert A 
Braman, James C. 
Brewer, Wm. H. 
Bridges, Coorge E. 
Bunion. Edward O. 
Burgess, Charles A. 
Bullens, George S. 
Burr. Henry W. 
Burt, Frank H. 
Carter, Albert P. 
Carter, Charles W. 
Chase, Herbert M. 
Chrse, Josiah B. 
Chester, Dwight 
Child s, Edwin O. 
Childs. Frank A. 


Can better afford to go -without a License than to 
go without this book. Traveling men demand it. 


Clark, George L. 
Clark, Oren F. 
Clarke, Henry N. 
Clarke, Julius L. 
Cobb, Andrew B. 
Cobb, William H. 
CofSn, C. Bowditch 
Coppins, Geo. T. 
Cogswell, Walter C. 
Colt, James D. 
Copeland, Frank M. 
Coolidge, Win. H. 
Cornish, John J. 
Cram, Edwin H. 
Crandall, Clinton W. 
Crandall, Edwdn H. 
Crosby, John F. 
Crosby, Uberto C. 
Crowell, Horace S. 
Crowell, Henry W. 
Curtis, Alonzo P. 
Curtis, Frederick 
Dana, William F. 
Darling. Cbas. R. 
Davis, Joshua W. 
Dewson, Francis A. 
Dearborn, W. F. Jr. 
Dolan, John 
Dolan, Michael 
Dow, Charles F. 
Dowd, A. Dudley 
Dowse, Win. B. H. 
Drew, Chas. A. 
Drown, John W. 
Dummer, Edw. A. 
Dupee, Wm. R. 
Earley, Bernard 
Eaves, Wm. H. 
Edes, Robert B. 
Edmands, Wiley S. 
Emerson, Moses R. 
Ensign, Chas. S. 
Fenno, John A. 
FitzGerald, Chas. A. 
Ferry, E. Hayward 
Flint, George A. 
Fleu, Theodore A. 
Forknall. Reuben 
Fowle, Edwin M. 
Fowle, William B. 
French, James W. 
Fuller, John C. 
Furber. William H. 
Gallagher, Daniel J. 
Gardiner, Robert H. 
Gilman, Gorham D. 
Gorham, Robert S. 
Gore, Christopher 
Gore, Theo. W. 
Green, Louis E. G. 
Greenwood. Eben. H 
Hall, L. A. 
Hamlin. Edward F. 
Hano, Samuel 
Hanscoin, Clarence E. 
Hanscom, Fred C. 
Harlow, J. Edwards 
Harwood, Albert L. 
Harwood, John H. 
Hatfield. Chas. E. 
Hill, George 
Holmes. Edward D. 
Hovey, Frederick H. 
Howe, Alden A. 
Hunt, Henry C. 
Hunting, Edw. A. 
Hutchinson, Freedom 
Hutchinson, Harold 
Hutchinson, Winfleld 
Hvdn, Elliott J. 

Hyde, Frank C. 
Ivy, Jesse C. 
Johnson, Chas. F. 
Johnson, Geo. L. 
Jones, Arthur F. 
Keene, Charles S. 
Keith, William W. 
Kellogg, Charh a F. 
Kendall. Fay B. 
Kennedy, John C. 
Kilburn, James G. 
Kingsbury, Isaac F. 
Knapp, George B. 
Knowlton, Win. A. 
Lancey, Dustin B. 
Loeson, Joseph R. 
Levi. Francis E. P. 
Lincoln, Ceo. T. 
Lord, D. Frank 
Lowell, Henry H. 
Lowell, James A. 
Lowell, John 
Luke, Arthur F. 
Lyford. Chas. P. 
Lyon, Sarah (spe- 
cial c-otumr. ) 
Marsh, Edward A. 
Mason, Edward H. 
Mason, Frank A. 
Mason, Harry W. 
McOwen, Wm. H. 
McConnell, Frank G. 
Miner, Charles A. 
Moore, Beverly K. 
Moore, Louis E. 
Morrissey, Richard J. 
Morton, Marcus 
Morse, George W. 
Murdock, Francis 
Nickerson, Jas. H. 
Noble, William M. 
Nye, Nathaniel F. 
Otis, Ecnjamln F. 
Palmer, Benj. S. 
Parker, Horace B. 
Partridge, Eugene E. 
Patrick, Henry B. 
Payne, Edward J. 
Payne, John F. 
Peek, Charles A. 
Perkins, Horace M. 
Pettee, Lemuel 
Pettee, Otis 
Potter, John A. 
Powers, Sam'l L. 
Piyor, J. Holman 
Pulsifer, George R. 
Rand, Avery L. 
Ranlett. Fred J. 
Ratcliffe, Frank H. 
Raymond, F. F. 2d 
Robbins, Frank N. 
Robinson, John H. 
Rogers, Charles F. 
Rogers, Wm. H. 
Roosa, Samuel 
Ross, Henry F. 
Russell, M. Morton 
Saltonstall, R. M. 
Sheldon, Wm. E. 
Sheppard. S. A. D. 
Slocum, Winfield S. 
Pmardon. John A. 
Smith, Charles II. 
Smith, J. Uph-ixn 
Speare, Aldeii 
Sprague, Chas. H. 
Sprague, F. W. 2d 
Stevens, Edward F. 
Stonemetz. Henry M. 

Sylvester, Austin T. 
Tarbox, Fred A. 
Thompson, Henry R. 
Thompson, Win. L 
Thorpe, Walter H. 
Threshie. John W. 
Towle, George N. 
Travis, George C. 
Tripp, Willard D. 
Trowbridge, T. W. 
Trowbridge, W. B. 
Tucker, Edward D. 
Tucker, Samuel W. 
Turner, Henry R. 
Upham, Edward 
Up ham, Wm. P. 
Wales, George F. 
Walworth, Arthur C. 


Ward, John 
Ward, George A. 
Wardwell, Chas. H. 
Webster, Fred. W. 
Weed, Alonzo R. 
Wenzel, John 
Weston, Thomas 
Whiston, Edw. A. 
Whitney, J. Clifton 
Whiting, Fred E. 
Williams, Geo. F. 
Williams, M. Sinclair 
Whittemore, S. D. 
Whittemore, Sam'l B. 
Whittlesey, Henry L. 
Wilkle, Edward A. 
Young, William A. 


Bond, Lawrence, 13 Elm, W. N. 
Burdon, Edward O. 104 Webster, W. N, 
Chase, Herbert M. 56 Bowers, N'ville 
Gallighen, Daniel J. 429 Centre 
Gardiner, Robert H. Hammond, C. H. 
Harwood, John H. 14 Ivanhoe 
Ivy, Jesse C. 83 Fairmont av. 
Lincoln, Ceorge T. 32 Lenox, W. N. 
Lowell, John, Jr. Hammond, C. H. 
Mason, Edward H. 434 Ward, N. C. 
.Mason, Harry W. 453 Ward, N. C. 
Messer, Morris L. 5S Central, Aub. 
Morgrage, Wilbert, 283 Central, Aub. 
Morse, George W. 120 Central av. N'ville 
Noble, William, 35 Bracebridge rd. N'ville 
Ranlett, Frederick J. 15 Sterling, W. N. 
Powers, Samuel L. 96 Arlington 
Ranlett, Frederick J. 15 Sterling, W. N. 
Slocum, Winfleld S. 424 Walnut, N'ville 
Sprague, Charles H. 75 Central, Aub. 
Threshie* John W. 31 Morseiand, N. C. 
Wales, George F. 69 Union, N. C. 
Weed, Alonzo R. 149 Park 
Weed, George M. 149 Park 


Newton Free Library, Elizabeth P. Thurs- 
ton, lib. 414 Center 

Lumber Dealers. 

Beal, Herbert M. 39 Hinckley rd. N. H. 
Harrington, Charles A. 29 Crafts, N'ville 
Lucas, Frank, Lucas ct. W. N. 

Machinists & Machinery >lfrs. 

Evans, George F. Rogers, N. C. 
Gooch, Arthur M. n. Glen av. N. C. 
Harrington, J. Quincy, 267 Church 
Josselyn, Henry S. Elliot, N. H. 
Newton Machine Co. 49 Chapel 
Saco & Pettee Machine Shops, Oak, n. 
depot, N. U. F. 


Burnham. Edward P. 580 California 
Cahill, James A. 1295 Boylsion. N. U. F. 
Cavanaugh, Michael, Jr. 255 Adams 
Chesley, Walter, 9S4 Chestnut, N. U. F. 
Cotter, Jeremiah, 64 Fuller, W. N. 
Crocker, Horace G. 9 Fayette 
Cunningham, Patrick, 103 Staniford, Aub. 
Dclacy, James A. 6S Bourne. Aub. 
Devine, Elbridge, Winchester, N. H. 
Edmunds, Edward, 117 Auburn, Aub. 
Freeman, Russell, 214 Washington 
Gallagher, James R. 176 River, W. N. 
Gannon Bros. 125 River, W. N. 
Gannon, John J. 258 Cherry, W. N. 


Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts: the information is obtained by perhoual tau> 
yass of the State, and is duly copyrighted. 



NEWTON— Continued. 

Gannon, Timothy F. River, cor. Alden pi. 

W. N. 
Hanf, Henry, 141 Lexington, W. N. 
Hicks, Lymas, 149 Hicks, W. N. 
Hooley, William S. 372 Boylston. N. C. 
Hurley Bros. 30 Boylston av. N. C. 
McDonald, Michael J. 201 Cherry, w. N. 
Muldoon, Arthur, 2CC Langley rd. N. C. 
Murnaghan, Hugh, 26 Cook 
Newcomb, Oswell R. J02 Centre 
O'Brien, Patrick H. 242 Adams 
Scrlbner, William E. 244 Lexington, Auh. 
Stuart, T. & Son, 222 Pearl 
Sullivan, Timothy D. 1229 Walnut, n. 

Centre, N. H. 

Mcn'H Furnishing Goods. 

Hayward, E. 330 Centre 


Baird, Mabel C. 1415 Washington, W. N. 
Bowen, Frinda O. Mrs. 295 Auburn, Aub. 
Friel, Ellen M. Miss. 39S Centre 
Lane, George Mrs. 285 Washington 
Lynch, Nellie L. 312 Centre 
Bobbins, E. Juvene, 68 Elmwood 
Rooney, Nellie M. 340 Elliot, N. U. F. 
Ryan, Mary F. 75 Union, N. C. 
Smith, Sarah A. 309 Centre 
Wilson, M. j->. Mrs. Melrose av. Aub. 


MILNE «fc CHALMERS, Penn st. 
Qulncy. See adv. 

Mnsic Teachers. 

Ashenden, Clarence B. 387 Wolcott, Aub. 
Bailey, Jennie E. 21 Columbus pi. W. N. 
Bird, Frances A. M. 65 Pleasant, N. C. 
Campbell, Mary Mrs. 28 Richardson rd. 

N. U. F. 
Clough, H. Edith, 52 Henshaw, W. N. 
Coffin, C. Louise, 246 Bellevue 
Cutler, Alice D. 32 Fern, Aub. 
Forbes, Bertha, 8 Cypress, N. C. 
Hale, Edward D. 460 Newtonville av. 

Park, Mary S. Beacon, Wa. 
Peirce, Alice F. 394 Centre 
Stanton, Louis C. 26 Bacon 
Sturtevant, Harriet E. 59 High, n. Winter, 

N. U. F. 
Trowbridge, Agnes V. 15 Peabody 
Trowbridge, Louise E. 15 Peabody 
Vincent, Marie T. M. 22 Park 
Walton, Horace M. 65 Walker, N'ville 
Wells, Lotta B. 102 Webster pk. W. N. 


Bakeman, Chas. H. 1022 Chestnut, N. 

U. F. 
Hadlock, Willis F. 303 Auburn, Aub. 
Harrington, A. V. 365 Centre 
Stacy, Charles H. 1353 Washington, W. N. 
Tainter, Frank L. 299 Walnut, N'ville 
Woodman, Wm. F. 1223 Centre, N. C. 


Newton Circuit (weekly) Edgar A. Brown, 
pub. Langley rd. N. C. 

Newton Graphic (weekly) Edward D. Bald- 
win, prop. 1C Centre pi. 

Newton Journal (weekly) George H. Pratt, 
pub. 304 Centre 

100,000 FIRMS 


Abbott. Curtis 
Adams, John Q. 
Ames, Fisher 
Aspinwall, Wm. H. 
Bacon, Joseph W. 
Bacon, William F. 
Bailey, John L. 
Barbour, Alfred L. 
Barnes, John F. 
Benner, Frank T. 
Bird, Charles L. 
Bond, Lawrence 
Bradlee, BenJ. H. 
Bridgham, Robert C. 
Burt, Frank H. 
Byrne, T. A. 
Carter, Albert P. 
Chester, Dwight 
Chi Ids. Edwin O. 
Cobb, Henry E. 
Cogswell, Walter C. 
Crandall, Edwin H. 
Crandall, Edw. H. Jr. 
Dana, William F. 
Davis, Joshua W. 
Dowse, Wm. B. H. 
Drew, Charles A. 
Eaves, William H. 
Eddy, Charles E. 
Ellis, Edward A. 
Ellison, William P. 
Felix, Louis A. 
Ferr" E. Edward 
Ferry, E. Hayward 
Foster, James W. 
French, Samuel W. 
Fuller, John C. 
Gore, Theodore W. 
Gorham. Robert S. 
Green, Louis E. G. 
Hall. Loujs A. 
Hamlin, Edward F. 
Harlow, J. Edwards 
Harwood. Albert L. 
Hills, J. Edward 
Hollls, Edward F. 
Hovey, Frederick H. 
Howe, Percival S. 
Hutchinson, Winfield 

s Public. 

Hyde, Elliott J. 
Hyde, Frank C. 
Jewett, Henry L. 
Kellogg, Charles A. 
Kellogg, Charles F. 
Kennedy, John C. 
Keyes, Elliot W. 
Kingsbury, Isaac F. 
Knowlton, Wm. A. 
Leeson, Joseph R. 
Levi, Robert 
Lowell, James A. 
Mason, Edward H. 
Mllliken, Harry N. 
Moore, Beverly K. 
Moore, Louis E. 
Morse, George W. 
Morton, Marcus 
Noble, William M. 
O'Connor. Fred A. 
Peck, Charles A. 
Palmer, Benj S. 
Parker, Philip S. 
Payne. John F. 
Phelps, Edwin A. 
Powers. Samuel L. 
Rand, Avery L. 
Randlett, Fred J. 
Raymond, F. F. 2d 
Ratcliffe. Frank H. 
Robinson, S. 
Rollins F. S. Jr. 
Saltonstall, Rich. M. 
Shedd, William E. 
Slocum, Winfield S. 
Smith, Herbert N. 
Smith, J. Upham 
Smith. William G. 
Sprague, Chas. H. 
Sprague, F. W. 2d 
Thompson, William L. 
Trowbridge, Theo. W. 
Tucker, Samuel W. 
Wales, Georce F. 
Wardwell, Chas. H. 
Weed, George M. 
Wellington, Joseph D. 
Wellman. Joseph H. 
Whittlesey, Henry L. 



Barnes, Charlotte H. 24 Lincoln, N 
Barnes, Clara A. 83 Oak av. W. N. 
Beirne, Margaret, 3 Cherry pi. W. N. 
Bennett, Harriet, 9 Ch lton, N. U. F. 
Burke, Anna. 32S Watertown 
Campbell, Henrietta, 59 Charlesbank rd. 
Chase, Theodora, 37 Allerton rd. N. H. 
Chisholm, Harriet A. 33 Harrison, N. 1 
Cole, Florence Mrs. 1221 Washington. "V 

Croasdale, Anna T. 20 Webster pi. W. I 
Dale, T. William, 258 Melrose, Aub. 
Doherty, Mary E. Mrs. 16 Fearl ct. 
Drury, Isabelle, 9 Forest. N. H. 
Fraser, Maud, 33 Wild wood av. W. N. 
French, Emm E. Mrs. 62 Elmwood 
Fussell, Hester M. Evergreen av. Aub. 
Guilford, Evelyn M. Mrs. 109 Galen 
Hamilton, Lillian E. 131 Crafts, N'ville 
Harvey, Minnie, 38 Henshaw. W. N. 
Hayes, Amelia, 33 Harrison. N. H. 
Hayes, Jennie, 33 Harrison, N. H. 
Johnston, Ella E. 117 Washburn av. 
Keyes, Annette D. 45 High, N. U. F 
Lewis, Louisa M. 12 Fayette 
Lindsay, Kate V. 33 Harrison. N. H. 
Loverlng, Sarah L. 16 Avon pi. 
Lynn, Alice, 131 Crafts. N'ville 
MaoDonaltl, Catharine, 28 Regent, W. 


N T . 

Throughout the 






MacDonald, Mary D. 34 Pelham, N. C. 
Manchester, Emma, 9 Forest, N. H. 
Manning, Lizzie, 31 Bowers, N'ville 
McCertney, Charlotte E. 29 Lowell a\. 

McDonald, Mary. 27 Trowbridge, N. C. 
McKeil, Theodora, 33 Harrison. N. H. 
McLennan, Catharine, 33 Harrison, N. H. 
McNutt, Mary, 2014 Washington, N. L. F. 
Musgrove, Annie Mrs. f.4 Cook, N. H. 
Patterson, Jennie, 33 Harrison, N. H. 
Pearson, Alice R. 22 Lincoln, N. H. 
Perkins, Mary E. 147 Waltham, W. N. 
Pope, Florence I. 1221 Washington, W. N. 
Roper. Mary E. 243 Ward, N. C. 
Steeves, Bertha R. 55 Washington pk. 

Sutherland, Cassie, 25 Trowbridge, N. C. 
Watkins, Susan Mrs. 25 Morse 
White, Elizabeth P. Mrs. 69 Bowen, N. C. 
Wiggln, Annie J. 89 Charles. Aub. 
Wilson, Carrie P. 147 Waltham, W. N. 
Wortman, Florence E. 33 Harrison, N. H. 

Overall Mfrs. 

West Newton Duck Coat Co. 1395 Washing- 
ton, W. N. 

Pointers ami Paper HnneerN. 

Allen & Barry, 1425 Washington, W. N. 

Avery, George L. 17 Chester, N. H. 

Bailey, James T. 973 Watertown, W. N. 

Bemis & Jewett. 68 Langley rd. N. C. 

Bliss, Win. 772 Beacon, N. C. 

Briggs, J. M. & Son, 322 Washington 

Britt, Charles W. 19 Union, N. C. 

Brittain, John ,T. 330 Elliot, N. IT. F. 

Bown, Norris & Co. 67 Elmwood 

Carley, Archibald R. 817 Washington, 

Conroy. J. W. & Son, 19 Chestnut, W. N. 

Cranltch, Robert F. 250 Walnut, N'ville 

Evans, J. O.'s Son, 24 Brook 

Fewster, Geo. E. 9 Border, W. N. 

Geran & Gaw, 57 Cherry, W. N. 

Grant & Young, Melrose, n. Auburn, Aub. 

Haffermehl, V. & Son, 292 Langley rtl. 
N. C. 

Hall, Charles H. 490 Auburn, Aub. 

Heald & Carlton, 1497 Washington, W. N. 

Holman, Lothair S. 22 Oakland 

Horrigan & Mahonev, 661 Washington. 

Hoseason, Peter Y. (carriage) 208 Wash- 

Hough & Jones. 245 Washington 

Needham, Christopher (decorator) S8 Cres- 
cent, W. N. 

Noden, George S. 22 Nonantum pi. 

Parkhurst & Chapman. 254 Church 

Richardson, Arthur R. 29 Woodbine ter. 

Sanderson, Frank A. 61 Union. N. C. 

Sanderson, Orville P. Cornell. N. L. F. 

Temperley & Hurley, 4 Lincoln, N. H. 

Thayer, Charles A. (carriage) 238 Washing- 

Washburn, J. Frank, r. 283 Auburn, Aub. 

Weitz, Martin, 169 Brookline, N. C. 

Whittemore, Warren F. 21S Washington 

Wing, James, <fr Co. 260 California 

Wing, Thomas. 259 Pearl 

Paper Mfrs. 

Crehore, C. F. & Son, 2276 Washington, 
*. N. L. F. 


Hammond, Adelia F. 69 Union, N. C. 
Hastings, George H. 348 Centre 

Marshall & Kelly, 263 Washington 
Metcalf, Franklin, 60 Chestnut. W. N. 
Partridge, William H. 92 Bowers, N'ville 


Atkinson, Lizzie D. R. 1720 Washington, 

Baker, David E. 227 Walnut, N'ville 
Baldwin, Herman T. Hammond, Chestnut 

Bellows, Howard P. (Horn.) 79 Putnam 

W. N. 
Bishop, Jane E. Mrs. 500 Crafts, W. N. 
Blodget, Julius, 357 Walnut, N'ville 
Bothfield, James F. 445 Centre 
Burr, Charles H. 348 Lake av, N. H. 
Clarke, Mortimer H. (Horn.) 60 Grove, Aub. 
Coady, Patrick F. 491 Waltham, W. N. 
Contre, Pacifique, 14 Cook 
Curtis, Francis G. 60 Temple, W. N. 
Davenport, Charles A. 34 Pane 
Deane, James R. 9 Forest, N. II. 
Dutton, Julia M. Otis, W. N. 
Dutton, Samuel L. 1294 Centre, N. C. 
Eaton, Samuel L. (Horn.) 340 Lake av. 

N. H. 
Fessenden, Charles H. (Horn.) 38 Pelham, 

N. C. 
Freeman, Franklin W. Grove, N. L. F. 
Frisbie, Jesse F. 483 Centre 
Gould, Charles A. 301 Lake av. N. H. 
Hildreth, William H. 65 High, N. U. F. 
Hill, Eugene W. Kenrick 
Hood, Mary G. 16 Institution av. N. C. 
Hunt, Otis E. 310 Walnut, N'ville 
Hunt, William O. 310 Walnut, N'ville 
Hutchinson, Chessman P. 8S Central, Aub. 
Jewell, Albert B. 429 Centre 
Keith, Frederick S. (Horn.) 10 Hartford, 

N. H. 
Kenney, Hattie E. 1650 Washington, W. N. 
Knight, .Edwin, 405 Cherry, W. N. 
Loring, Robert P. 15 Crescent av. N. C. 
Lowe, Fred M. 1354 Washington. W. N. 
Martin, John B. 209 Walnut, N'ville 
Mcintosh. Fred L. (Horn.) 455 Washington 
McOwen William H. Elliot. N. U. F. 
May, George E. (Horn.) 14 Institution av. 

N. C. 
Nott, Albert. 1375 Washington, W. N. 
O'Donnell, Francis M. 619 Washington 
Paine, N. Emmons, 1650 Washington, 

W. N. 
Perkins. Henry P. (Horn.) 30 Margin, 

W. N. 
Porter. Frank E. 409 Auburn, Aub. 
Reed, Clara D. W T . (Horn.) 140 Church 
Reid, Robert A. (Eel.) 282 Washington 
Scales, Edward P. (Horn.) 475 Centre 
Sherman, Frank M. 11 Fairview ter. W. N. 
Spalding, Harry O. 1650 Washington, 

W. N. 
Stearns. D. Waldo. 281 Watertown 
Stoddard, Henry B. 445 Newtonville av. 

Stone, Lincoln R. 131 Vernon 
Sylvester, Stephen A. (Horn.) 866 Beacon, 

N. C. 
Taft. Mary F. (Horn.) 303 Walnut, N'ville 
Talbot, George H. (Horn.) 306 Walnut, 

Thayer, Fred L. 473 Waltham, W. N. 
Thompson, C. Arthur, 51 Oak. N. U. F. 
lit ley, Edward R. (Horn.) 497 Centre 
Utley, James (Horn.) 497 Centre 
Walker, Adelida A. -194 Tremont 
Walker, William, 194 Tremont 
Webber, Fred W. 465 Centre 
Webber. Samuel G. 279 Highland, W. N. 
Wentworth, Caroline Y. (Horn.) Lincoln, 

N. H. 

Por printing of BOOK'S. JOfi|T'l^?lT 5! ^^!ii%M| 
WORK, and CUTS. liNURA- < ...... ^tl 

VLRS of CUTS, a.. styles.^, J:^,^^,: J 



NEWTON— Continued. 

West, Geo. L. 860 Beacon, N. C. 
Wiley, Alfred S. 1099 Walnut, N. H. 
Winslow, Kenelm, 135 Vernon 
Wlthee, Frederick E. 9 Forest, N. H. 
Woodman, George S. (Horn.) 66 Highland 
av. N'ville 

Piano Tuners. 

Farley, Charles A. 433 Washington 

Planing? Mills. 

Wentworth, James II. Glen a v. N. C. 
Wentworth, Jas. II. Co. 34 Crafts 

Pleasure Resort. 

Norumbega Park, Commonwealth av. Aub. 


Burgess, Fred T. Cherry, cor. Washington, 

W. N. 
Cushman, John T. 1293 Washington, W. N. 
Fiske, A. F. & Co. 987 Watertown 
French, Win. H. Chestnut, n. K. R. W. N. 
Haynes, Edward S. 401 Auburn, Aub. 
Hewitt & Thomas, 247 Washington 
Higgins, Michael C. 344 Centre 
Kieser, Charles, SO Bowers, N'ville 
McAdams, James H. 

McGrady & Furdon, 43 Langley rd. N. C. 
Morton, Herbert O. 1157 Walnut, N. H. 
Murphy-Sullivan Co. 1233 Centre, N. C. 
Orr. H. W. Co. 819 Washington, N'ville 
Priest, James H. 326 Cherry, W. N. 
Quinan, John F. Watertown, cor. Cook 
Redmond, Joseph W. Winchester, N. H. 
Thompson, Geo. E. 295 Walnut, N'ville 
Trowbridge & Easterbrook, 50 High, N. 

U. F. 
Walker, Elbridge A. 233 Auburn, Aub. 

Post Offices ami Postmasters. 

Newton Centre— Edward A. Ellis 
Newton — Geo. H. Morgan, supt. 
Newtonville — Marcla E. Bachelor, supt. 
West Newton — Charles H. Stacy, supt. 
Auburndale — Jennie Martin, supt. 
Newton Highlands — Edgar in. Nash, 

Newton Upper Falls— E. M. Billings, 

Chestnut Hill— Ernest WInsor, P. M. 
Newton Lower Falls — James A. Earlev, 

P. M. 
Waban— Everett W. Conant, P. M. 


Baldwin, Edward D. 16 Centre pi. 
Brown, Edgar A. 78 Langley rd. N. C. 
Fanning Printing Co. 88 High, N. U. F. 
Farr, Albert W. 348 Centre 
Pratt, George H. 304 Centre 
Temperley, John, 77 Union, N. C. 

Provision Dealers. 

Allen, Chas. D. 1403 Washington, W. N. 
Ashley & Doane, 400 Centre 
Atwood & Prescoft, 376 Centre 
Beal, John, S49 Washington. N'ville 
Bellsle, Anselme, 316 Watertown 
Brackett, Gllman, 621 Centre 
Brackett'8 Market Co. 10 Hall 
Champagne, Paul. 278 California 
Crafts, Henry W. 993 Watertown, W. N. 
Dearborn. Henry P. 811 Washington. 

Dunham, William K. 989 Chestnut, N. 
U. F. 

Dutch, Francis M. Washington, cor. Chest- 
nut, W. N. 

Dyson, Wm. 19 Winter, N. U. F. 

Fitch, David H. 2S5 Walnut, N'ville 

Hagerty, James P. 360 Elliot, N. U. F. 

Helnlein, Oscar L. Beacon, Wa. 

Howes, Wellington, 413 Centre 

James. Harvey, 303 Ward, N. C. 

Llnnehan Bros. 52 Langley rd. N. C. 

Murphy, Lewis E. 51 Langley rd. N. C. 

Muse, John. 67 Dalby 

O'Hara, Ellis, 344 Elliot. N. U. F. 

Pluta, Francis II. 36 Central, n. Maple, 

Pluta, Vincent A. 287 Auburn, Aub. 

Proctor, John. 2 Hale, N. U. F. 

Richardson, George F. 85 Union, N. C. 

Sweet, William A. 1137 Walnut. N. H. 

McCaughey & Hayden, 324 Centre 

Real Estate Agents. 

Aban, Trowbridge & Co. 407 Centre 
Alvord Bros. & Co. 67 Union, N. C. 
Barnes, Edward F. 411 Centre 
Bombard. Herbert A. 78 Bowers, N'ville 
Clark, Sidney P. 66 Langley rd. N. C. 
Edmands. W. S. & F. 429 Centre 
Flaherty, Leonard T. 26 Broadway, N' villa 
Forknall, Reuben. 272 Watertown 
Fuller, J. Cheever, 297 Walnut. N'ville 
Greenwood, Ebenezer H. 1159 Walnut, 

N. H. 
Hastings, Charles E. 1331 Washington. 

W. N. 
Milham, Claude G. 15 New.ell rd. Aub. 
Morton. Marcus. 1349 Washington, W. N. 
Read, Henry H. 32 Ridge av. N. C. 
Thorpe, Walter, 35 Pelham, N. C. 
Turner & Williams, 90 Bowers, N'ville 


Apostolu Bros. 316 Centre 
Hyslop. Frank L. 833 Washington, N'ville 
Miller. Ellen R. Mrs. 240 Washington 
Newton »Ice Cream Co. 1373 Washington. 

W. N. 
Orr, William J. 306 Centre 
Pillman. Lavinia J. Mrs. 885 Washington, 



Corner, John N. 595 Boylston, N. C. 

Leavitt, W. P. & Son, 


Rubber Mfrs. 

Newton Rubber Works, 1325 Boylston, N. 
U. F. 


Laurelwood Sanitarium, Eugene W. Hill. 

M. D. prop. Kenrick 
Newton Nervine, The, N. Emmons Pain^. 

M. D. prop. 1650 Washington, W. N. 

Savings Banks. 

(See Banks.) 


Newton Theological Institute (Baptist) 

Nathan E. Wood, pies. 
West Newton English and Classical School 

(Unitarian) Nathaniel T. Allen, prtn. 

W. N. 
Lasell Seminary (for youns women) Chas. 

C. Brandon, prln. Woodland rd. Aub.^ 
Sweetser, Nancy C. Mrs. (kindergarten) 274 


Contains the Complete QRQ TfV*Jne QT\A PitlPQ 
Business Directory of.... 0J0 I Ulf ilO UllU UiliC'O' 



Highland av. W. N. 
Waban School, Charles E. Fish, prln. 

Beacon, Wa. 
Windsor Hall School (young ladies) Chas. 

H. Clark, prin. Windsor rd. Wa. 
Working Hoys' Industrial Training School, 

Winchester, N. H. 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Blackwell, Ezra B. 43 Thornton 
Martin Manufacturing Co. 141 Derby, 
W. N. 

Shoddy Mfi-s. 

Cordlngley, W. S. & P. r. 2300 Washing- 
ton, N. L. F. 

Silk Goods Mfrs. 

Ryle, William, & Co. Elliot, n. bridge, 
N. U. F. 

Soup Mn mi fact urers. 

Stevens Bros. California 


Bush, George W. 49 Elmwood 
Cate, Henry F. 1251 Washington, W. N. 
Daniels, Henry C. 239 Washington 
Fitzgerald Bros. Grove, cor. Washington, 

N. L. F. 
Furbush & Sanderson (sale) 66 Davis av. 

W. N. 
Harrington, Arba F. r. 757 Washington, 

Melody, Thomas F. r. 253 Auburn, Aul>. 
Richardson & Goodnow, 776 Beacon, N. C. 
Smith, Thomas H. 44 Oak, N. U. F. 
Spear, Henry A. 1646 Centre, N. II. 
Tinkham, Charles G. r. 283 Auburn, Aut>. 
Weir, Robert, 1255 Centre, N. C. 

Stoves and Tinware. 

Carley, Columbus G. 58 Chestnut, W. N. 
Fiske, Andrew F. & Co. 987 Watertown, 

W. N. 
Gammons, Roland F. 401 Auburn, Aub. 
Thayer, S. O. & Co. 392 Centre 
Trowbridge & Easterbrook, 50 High, N. 

U. F. 
Walker, Eldridge A. 283 Auburn, Aub. 

Street Railways. 

Commonwealth Av. Street Railway Co 

Newell C. Smith, supt. 665 Walnut 

Newton & Boston Street Railway Co. Llew 

ellyn II. McLain, supt. 665 Walnut 

N'ewton. Street Railway Co. Francis G. L, 

Henderson, supt. 1121 Washington 

W. N. 
Wellesley & Boston Street Railway Co. 

Llewellyn H. McLain, supt. 665 Walnut, 



Beale, John T. 272 Watertown 

Collagan & Toombs. 995 Watertown, W. N. 

Decker, Chas. S. 64 Elmwood 

Dinsmore, Alvin G. 1423 Washington. 

W. N. 
Lippman, Joseph, 28 Lincoln, N. H. 
McClelland, Alexander II. 298 Washington 
hego, John J. 1405 Washington, W. N. 
Roach, John, 3 Park 
Robbaa, Jyong F. 66 Langley rd. N. C. 
Ryan, Felix, 76 Langley rd. N. C. 
Saqer, Daniel, 76S Beacon, N. C. 
Stcadman, Alvah J. 1373 Washington, W. N. 
Voung. James S. 27." Washington 


Maynard. Charles J. 447 Crafts, W. N. 


Chamberlain, Frank L. 299 Walnut, N'ville 
Colton, William II. 2S5 Webster, W. N. 
Dolan, Charles H. 120 Auburndale av. 

W. N. 
Holmes, William J. 402 Centre 
Leacy, H. Maynard, 402 Centre 
Leahy, Dennis, 107 Pearl 
McAdoo, Robert J. 299 Walnut, N'ville 
Newcomb, Chas. G. 402 Centre 
Quinn, William, C2 Auburndale av. W. N. 


Wilson, Wright J. 1225 Centre, N. C. 

Trust Companies. 

(See Banks.) 


Barthelmes & Baldes, 54 Langley rd. N. C. 

Bush, George W. 49 Elmwood 

Cate, Henry F. 1251 Washington, W. N. 

Colburn, Perrin B. 44 Oak, N. U. F. 

Flood, John, 371 Washington 

Gregg, George H. 456 Newtonville av. 

McGourty, James, 853 Washington, N'villo 
Pratt, Eugene W. 1235 Centre, N. C. 
Thomas, William H. 51 Green 


Calder, Hamlin W. 823 Washington, 

Chadbourne, Samuel F. 20 Willow, N. C 
Davenport, .Ralph, 3 Newland, Aub. 
Haase, Max H. 427 Centre 
Hahn, Arthur L. 249 Washington 
Healy, Daniel F. 15 Chestnut, W. N. 
Mawhinney, James, 177 Cypress, N. C. 
Zeller, Joseph, 1471 Washington, W. N. 

Variety Stores. 

Bruce, W. Walter, 1395 Washington, W. N. 
Childs, Helen M. 289 Auburn, Aub. 
Harrington, Teresa H. Mrs. 225 River, 

W. N. 
Hudson, George, & Son, 5 Bridge 
Lane, Delia E. 319 Watertown 
Mardon, John, 1359 Washington, W. N. 
Mulligan, Patrick A. 235 Adams 
Tarker, Misses H. B. & S. E. 407 Centre 
Sheridan, Celia Mrs. 229 Chapel 
Spear, Simeon C. 1259A Washington, W. N. 
Stacy, Charles II. 1353 Washington, AV. ST. 
Swartz, Jacob, 405 Watertown 
Timmins, Annie A. Pearl, cor. Thornton 
Wingersky, Dora Mrs. 894 Walnut, N. C. 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Barton, Robert J. 105 Union, N. C. 
Bunker, Madison. 4 Baldwin 
McLaughlin, James R. 31 Emerson 


Curry, Robert, Pearl 

Hand, Willanl F. 863 Washington, N'vllle 

Scott, Arthur J. Oak, N. U. F. 

Ward, Francis T. 99 Elm, W. N. 

Worsted Goods 

Nonantum Co. 49 Chapel 



Use Tools, and some of them are fiiighty sharp, 
liis Book is one of the handiest Tools in a 
awyer's Workshop. 




In Norfolk Co., 23 m. southwest of Boston and 13 m. from Dedham on N. 
Y N H & H. R. R. Inc. Fob. 23, 1870. I'np., 882. 

Villages— Norfolk Center, Stony Brook, City Mills, rondville, Highland 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Silas E. Fales 
Selectmen— J. F. Wall, ch., City Mills 

M. Francis Murphy 

Frank <>. Pierce, Pondville 

Auditors— Henry W. Thayer 

William M. Gallagher 

Eugene E. Codding 
Treasurer— Silas K. Knlos 
Collector— John E. Fales 
Assessors— George E. Holbrook, ch. 

William W. Gove 

Austin E. Greene, City Mills 

Overseers Poor — Selectmen 
Constables— John F. Fales 

Eugene P. Scammon 
• Orlando McKenzie 

E. Bradford Guild, City Mills 

George F. Pierce, Pondville 

Willard C. Putnam, City Mills 

Highway Commissioners— E. E. Ware 

John L. Fisher, City Mills 

George F. Pierce, Pondville 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Edward W. Mann. ch. 
Charles O. Greene, City Mills 

William I). Mann, City Mills 

Prin. High School— Clarence H. Jones 



W. M. Comey, City Mills 

Blacksmiths— George F. Campbell 

Orlanrto McKenzie 
Clergymen and Churches — 

Edson J. Moore, Union Congregational 
Daniel Round, Baptist 

Gilbert C. Osgood, 'Congregational 

Coal mid AVooil — 

Stephen T. Rockwood 

John P. Torrey, City Mills 

Express-Adams Express Co. 
Fertilizers— Stephen T. Rockwood 

John F. Torrey, City Mills 

Florist — Edwin O. Rockwood 
General Stores — 

City Mills Co.. ' City Mills 

E. Bradford Guild, City Mills 

Edward W. Mann 
Grist Mill— 

Warren K. Gilmoro, Wrentham 

Jeweler ami Watchmaker— - 

Eugene E. Codding 
Justices of the Peace- 
William M. Comey, City Mills 

Silas E. Fales 
Norfolk Public, Walter L. Sykes, lib. 
Lumber Dealers — William E. Mann 

Cornelius J. Murphy 
Newsdealers — Edward W. Mann 

Eugene Rice (Sunday papers) 
"Xotary Public— William M. Comey 
Paper Mir.— 

Mrs. J. C. Wall (wrapping). City Mills 
Post Offices ami Postmasters— 

Norfolk— Edward W. Mann 

City Mills— J. F. Torrey 

Pondville— H. F. Fisher 
Charles' Dahlgren, City Mills 

John E. Fales 
Provision Dealers — 

Charles E. Bonney 

John F. Meehan 
Saw MJU— William E. Mann 
Stoves find Tinware — 

George B. Sims 

William M. Comey, City Mills 

William E. Mann 
Wood Dealer— Cornelius J. Murphy 
Woolen Fcltinjis — 

American Felt Co., City Mills 

Woolen Goods 31frs. — 

Norfolk Woolen Co. 


In "Berkshire Co.. 143 m. west of Boston on Fitehburg R. R. and 21 m. north 

of I'ittsfield at terminus Pittsfield & North Adams Br. B. & A. R. R.: 

electric street railway to Adams. Williamstown and Reaver. A town April 
1G, 1878; a city April S, 1895. Pop. 19,135. 

Villages— Reaver, RIackinton, Rraytonville, Grcylock. 

Vote for Mayor for 1S99. 

Wards 12 3 4 5 6 7 Totals. 

H. Torrey Cady < R.) 20 160 233 181 278 224 161) K> ,; "> 

Philip Connor (Soo.) 15 16 13 5 3 8 'SA 83 

Win. Dobson (Work'men's Man. Lg.),108 159 141 190 70 11G 185 97S 

Frank II. Goodrich (D.) ,V2 b"'. 92 07 81 70 80 511 

Blanks 11 3 7 5 9 12 ^ 


Is on file In Every Town and City In tho State. It is the 
only publication giving the complete roster Of Public 
Olilcials. It should be in every business ohlce. 




City election third Tuesday In De- 
Mayor— H. Torrey Cndy (R), .$1000 
City Councilmen— Meetings first 
Tuesday evening of each month. 

President, Edw. S. Wilkinson (ltj 

Clerk, Charles S. Brooker 

Alexander Craswell (R) 

John A. Rice (D) 

John Bracewell (11) 

Thomas \Y. Sykes (11) 

Valmore A. Whitaker (R) 

James H. Flagg (D) 

William Armstrong (D R) 

Edwin Barnard (R) 

Charles II. Cutting (R D) 

George B. Perry (It) 

Albert A. Wills (It) 

Lewis F. Amadon (R) 

Willard S. Gallup (D) 

William II. Gove (It) 

George A. Hastings (R) 

Arthur A. Mignault (R) 

Charles E. Whitney (D) 

Wm. P. McDonald (R) 

Wm. H. Rroderick (D) 

Louis Ladam (D.) 

City Officers. 

City Clerk, Chas. S. Brooker. $1300 

Treasurer and Collector, James W. 
Hardenbcrgh, $2000 

Auditor, Austin Bond. $1000 

Solicitor, Patrick J. Ashe, $900 

City Phvsician, Dr. Thomas J. Put- 
nam, $250 

City Engineer, John II. Emigh, $1800 

Sealer Weights and Measures, Albert 
G. Nichols 

Inspector Milk and Vinegar, Albert 
G. Nichols 

Chief Police, Charles A. Kendall, $3.50 
per day 

Chief Fire Dept. and Assist. Inspec- 
tor Buildings, William W. Byars, 

Inspector Animals and Provisions, Dr. 
A. A. McDonell 

Agent for Burial of Deceased Sol- 
diers, Alexander W. Fulton 

Courtland G. Bartlett. ch., $400 
John F. Bowes, $400 
Marshall It. Ford, $400 

Commissioner Public Works— 
Jackson L. Temple, $1800 
Clerk, Peter Keefe, $900 
Supt. Water Works, William F. 
Hodge, $1200 

Board Health— 
Dr. F. D. Stafford, ch., $100 
William B. Arnold, $100 
Edmond Vadnais, $100 
Agent, James A. Bough ton 

Overseer Poor and Almoner— 
William II. Ingraliam, $1000 
Keeper Almshouse, William Cook, 

Registrars Voters, 50c. per hour- 
Harvey A. Gallup 
William H. Bennett 
Narcisse 1"). Giroux 
Charles S. Brooker. cx-officlo 

Civil Service Examiners— 

Chairman, O. A. Archer 

Secretary, A. W. Chippendale 

George French 
License Commissioners— 

Chairman, Wm. H. Gaylord, $250 

Charles E. Winehell, $200 

J. Monroe Canedy, $200 
Public Schools. 
Committee — Meetings second and 
fourth Friday evenings of each 
month; salary, $75 each. 

Chairman, James It. Chippendale 

Secretary, William II. Pritckard 

Oscar A. Archer 

David A. Anderson 

Dr. Martin M. Brown 

James D. Hunter 

Supt., Isaac Freeman Hall, $2750 

Principal High School, Herbert A. 
Gadsby, $2250 

principals of grammar schools. 
Lily E. Blanchard, Drury School 

Emma E. Billings, Miner School 

Mrs. M. E. Couch, Mark Hopkins School 
Mary A. Hathaway, Johnson School 

Elizabeth M. Flynn, Houghton School 
Sarah T. Haskins, State St. School 

Eva I. Haskins, Brayton School 

M. W. Thomas, Blackinton School 


BARLOW, EDWIN T. Hoosac Bank 

blk. 90 Main 
Lapointe & Bond, 65 Main 


Frink, Chas. L. 9 Burlingame blk. Main 
Greenber.^ Henry I. 85 Center 
Parker, John, 77 Main 


Bradley, Margaret, 49 Center 

Deming, Walter B. River, cor. Brooklyn 

Hatton, Peter M. 31 Center 

Kohler, Theodore, 51 Center 

McNeill, Wm. J. 33 Eagle 

Perrault, Theophile, 10V 2 Main 

Uniifls and Orcliestrns. 

Clapp's Band and Orchestra, Edward Clapp, 

leader, 36 State 
Columbia Band, Peter Leonisio, leader, r. 

Mansion House 
Continental Drum Corps, John F. Conlon, 

mgr. 32 Main 
Ideal Orchestra, Wm. McCarthy, leader, 

20 Eagle 
Orchestra Club, David Roberts, mgr, 

65 Main 


Adams National. Wm. II. Pritchard, cash. 

C7 Main, cor. Bank 
Berkshire Co-operative Bank, Chas. W. 

Ford, sec. 57 Main 
Berkshire National. Wm. W. Butler, cash. 

Kimball blk. 57 Main 
Hoosac Savings Bank, Wm. W. Richmond, 

treas. 94 Main 
North Adams Savings Bank, Valmore A. 

Whitaker, treas. 73 Main 

Granolithic Walks sg£ 

Floors, also Floors for United Paving Co., 

Barns and Laundries 
Lionized Stone. Send for Or 

OS Lyman St.. 



NORTH ADAMS— Continued. 

Bicycle Dealers. 

Hodge, A. M. 22 Summer 
Hubbard, Clarence H, mgr. 92 Main 
Vadnals, Fred G. 44 Center 

Billiard Rooms. 

Fosralre, Wm. H. entrance Holden 


Barsalou, David A. Marshall, cor. Phoenix 

Benoit, Frederick A. 17 State 

Felix, George, 67 Ashland 

McDougall, Alex. 26 Center 

Mcintosh, John, ft. Pearl 

Miller & Morrler, Union, cor. Willow Dell 

Witherell, Edward J. Union, n. Bridge 

Board of Trade. 

North Adams Board of Trade, George A. 
Hastings, sec. 90 Main 

Boarding Houses. 

Apple, Emma Mrs. 9 Blackinton blk. 
Bouchard, Charles H. 52 Center 
Bpwen, Carrie C. Mrs. Blackinton blk. 
Burrows, R. F. 3 Church pi. 
Crystal, James Mrs. 42 Marshall 
Cronin, Daniel, 63 Center 
Emllaw, A. 48 Holden 
Hunter, Mattie Mrs. 162 River 
O'Hern, James, Blackinton blk. 
Mason, Henry Mrs. 4 Hall 
Nichols, H. A. Mrs. 1 W. Main 
Papineau, M. 23 Eagle 
Perrault, M. Miss, Jones blk. 
Salvation Army, 3 Marshall 
Williamson, M. J. Mrs. Dowllng blk. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Anderson, David A. 75 Main 
Fountain, Frank C. 6 Bank 
Gunning, Patrick II. 79 Center 
Gurney, Fred E. 59 Maiji 
Sullivan & Reagan, 114 Main 



Cooke & Bradley, Main, cor. Marshall. 
See adv. 
Page, Zotlque, 148 E. Main 

Boot and Slioe Dealers. 

Fulton, Alexander W. 57*4 Eagle 

Kronick, Ellis, 38 Marshall 

Kronick, Ike, 19 State 

Mulcare, John T. 112 Main 

Murdock, H. Parke & Bro. 70 Main 

Pratt Bros. Burlingame blk. Main 

Ray, Frank N. 17 Eagle 

Shapiro, Michael, 25 Union 

Weber Bros. 82 Main 

Yon & Morin, Wilson blk. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Barbeau, John, 109 Vi Stale 
Demarco, Lawrence, 9 Brooklyn 
Dl Pace, Pasquale, r. 10 Main 
Fressola, Michael, 15 State 
Grandchamp, Joseph, Eagle 
Fasenfelder, William, 9 Marshall 
La Bello, Edward, 95 Eagle 
Molinaro, Michael. 46 Brooklyn 
Parker, Charles V. 31 Brooklyn 

Partenope, Vlncenzo, 41 Holden 
Sargent, John W. 9 Eagle 

Boot and Shoe Mtfrs, 

Cady, Wm. G. 52 Ashland 
Cancdy-Clark Shoe Co. 09 Ashland 
Millard, Norman L. 17 Union 
Sampson, C. T., Manf. Co. Marshall 
Weber Bros. 80 Holden 
Wilkinson & Bliss, Lincoln 


Ryan, Charles, agt. 6 Holden 
Krum Mfg. Co. 110 River 
Purcell, John W. 5 Marshall 

Bowling Alleys. 

Richmond & De Wolfe, 22 State 

Box Makers. 

North Adams Paper Box Co. r. 94 Main 
Rice & McMillln (paper) Chestnut, n. R. R. 

Brick Dealers. 

North Adams Brick C->. .Main 
Walker, Rand & Son, 30 Ashland 


Gallup, Clarence W. (raort-f igoa) 77 Main 
Learned <ir Co. (s f . >ck) Main 
Simon, Lazarus (pawn) PI Main 

Brash Man ufucturers. 

Phillips, Arthur F. r. f2 Main 

Cabinet Makers. 

Crandall, Hiram M. 92 Main 
Sheldon, Ira F. 43 Center 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Barden, Chas. F. 3 Frcemin av. 
Button, John R. 2 Yale 
Brothers, O. L. 2 Miner f 

Cumming's, John, 34 Liberty 
Elmore, D. W. 4 Porter 
Hicks, O. 46 North 
Harrington, Reuben N. 20 Brooklyn 
Kemp, Barney S. 82 E. Quincy 
Porter & Hanlon, 22V2 Main 
Pike, Charles N. 20 Bracewell 
Richmond, Frank, 18 Summer 
Smith, Henry S. 87 Eagle 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Clark, Wm. R. & Son, 5 Brooklyn 

Carriage and Sleigh Mi'rs. 

Miner, O. S. Willow Dell 
Turner, Wm. H. 22 W. Main 
Vadnais, Edmond, 44 Center 

Chemical Mfrs. 

Houghton '& Wllmarth, Stamford, Vt. 
Wells, Daniel M. 131 W. Main, Braytonville 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Collins, John F. 48 State 
O'Donell, John, Union 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Buchanan. John, Jr., Greylock 
Tainan, Thomas M. 53 Eagle 
Caron, Frank & Co. 20 Eagle 
Oonlon, John F. 32 Main 
Flaherty, John II. 63 Eaglo 

FOR BUILDIrIG NEWS. *°^*™^™ vy ' The Builders' Weekly, 

$3.00 a year. 

Worcester, Mass. 



Frazer, John H. Mrs. 6 Marshall 
Gainley, Joseph F. r. 48 Holden 
Hermance, W. D. 7 Bank 

Civil Engineers. 

Lapolnte & Bond, 65 Main 
Locke, Frank B. 90 Main 
TuthilJ & Rich, 68 Main 

Clergymen and Churches. 

Burke, Charles E. St. Francis' R. C. 67 


— — . , Advent Christ. 

Donnelly, James J. asst. St. Francis' R. 

C. 67 Eagle 
Flynn, George, asst. St. Francis' R. C. 

67 Eagle 
Grenier, Louis D. asst. Notre Dame of 

the Sacred Heart, 147 Main 
Hamilton, John A. Methodist 
Jeannotte, Charles II. Notre Dame of the 

Sacred Heart, 147 Main 
Ratner, Samuel, Jewish, "93% State 
St. Onge, Emilc A. asst. Notre Dame of 

the Sacred Heart, 147 Main 
Spencer, James H. First Baptist, 24 

Taylor, Frederick J. First Universalist, 43 

Tebbetts, John C. St. John's Episcopal, 

28 Summer 
Tenny, Wm. L. First Congregational, 23 


Clothes Cleaners *fc Repairers* 

Cleveland, William, 7 Holden 
Clossey, Patrick, 21 Center 
DeGuzzl, Frank, 72 Main 
Kronick, Hymon H. 23 State 
Rosen, George W. 36 State 

Clothes Wringers, 

Hess, L. C. 7 Bank 

Clothing Dealers. 

Barnard, Edwin & Co. Main, cor. Holden 
Cutting, Charles H. & Co. Main, cor. State 
Gatslick, Morris, 6G Main 
Lonergan & Bistaillon, 72 Main 
Silverman, Morris, 7 Center 
Sumner, Charles L. 61 Main 

Coal and Wood, 

Baxter, Wm. C. & Co. 53 Holden 
Gosselin, Rosalie, 10 Main 
Hayden, John W. 7 Holden 
Lally, Wm. H. & Co. 24 Main 
Richmond, Thomas W. 31 State 
Snyder, Willis G. & Co. 76 Center 
Sykes, Hodge & Arnold Co. 21 Main 

Confectionery and Fruit. 

Abbott Bros. 2»/ 2 Main 

Arblt, George, 59 State 

Belanger, Midas, 36 Marshall 

Bozant, William, 13 Brooklyn 

Buxton, Thomas B. 15 East Union 

Calomers, George, 29 Eagle 

Gale, John W. 83 Main 

George, Nymer, Union 

GlRliotti, G. 30 Furnace 

John, Solomon, 71 Union 

Joseph, George, 200 River and 40 W. Main 

HfiWif, A.leeb, 71 Holden 

O'l'rlen, Michael, F»9 Union 

Solomon, Berket, State, n. Main 


Loeber-Alger Collecting Co. 34 Main 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Hughes, A. A. 103 Main 

Sperry, Wm. H. & Co. 79 Holden 


Clark, L. L. 110 Main 
Davenport, A. F. 89 Main 
Dox, Geo. W. 92 Main 
McLaughlin, John J. F. 59 Main 
People's Dental Parlors, 34 Main 
Rice, Frank R. Main, cor. Holden 
Shorrock, A. 57 Main 
Vadnais, E. E. 97 Main 
White, James R. Main, n. Holden 


Bartlett, Cortland G. Washington av., cor. 

Farley, Timothy C. 6 Holden 
Hastings, George A. 76 Main 
Isbell, Clarence C. Main, cor. Holden 
Kearn, Wallace, 39 Eagle 
Krum, James H. Jr. 110 River 
Malone, Patrick J. 21 Eagle 
Maloney, P. H. & Co. Blackinton 
Pinsonnault, Charles H. & Co. 7 Bank 
Pratt, John H. C. 30 Main 
Rice, John A. Main, cor. Eagle 


Barden, Mary R. 68 Main 

Bolduc, Victoria, 16 Ashland 

Conlon, Mary, 16 Vcazie 

Cronin, Mary, 58 Center 

Dailey, T. D. Mrs. 3 North 

Dougherty, Rosie, 8 Central av. 

Gaines, A. Mrs. 93 Eagle 

Glroux, N. ,D. Mrs. 85 Eagle 

Greer, Mrs. 21 South 

Johnson, Lizzie, Annie and Mary, 15 

Lally, Annie, 33 River 
Lonion, Annie, 78 Eagle , 

Lyon, F. 3. Mrs. 5 Ashland 
Mabbett, Sarah N. Mrs. 6G Bracewell 
Macksey, Eliza and Annie, 3 Spring 
MacDonald, M. Ill Eagle 
McCarthy, Elsie, 8 Porter 
McCarthy, Maggie, 4 Liberty 
Morln, Gilbert Mrs. 78 Eagle 
Pinkham J. M. Mrs. 40 Summer 
Purtell, Mary and Margaret, Windham ter. 
Scott, A. Mrs. 4 Union 
Smith, Frank A. Mrs. 14 Pleasant 

Dry Goods Dealers. 

Boston Store, Main, n. Holden 

Christie, John & Co. Main, n. State 

Cully, Samuel & Co. 84 Main 

Ellis, Wilson C. (wholesale) 77 Holden 

Flaherty, Michael, 77 Center 

Gaylord, William H. Main, n. State 

Jaffe, Abraham, 24 Marshall 

Taylor, Wm. J. 108 Main 

Tuttle & Bryant, 42 Main 

Dry Plate Mfrs. 



Costine & Pinkham, Main 

Electric Light Companies. 

Berkshire Electric Co. Clinton C. Walker, 
mgr. 92 Main 

SPOTITO'W Printing BOOKS. JO ft!(W7J$« M :«!!=*.*?« 
niSn'rf llflwORK, and CUTS. KNURA-* 3 \£> ., \ -^ 

fe^^yVBKS of CUTS'. ,11 ,t y le.. t . Mfc^tim-- J 



NORTH ADAMS— Continued. 

Employment Bureau. 

Van Seet, William, 56 Main 


American Express Co. R. R. station 
National Express Co. R. R. station 

Fisli Dealers. 

Kezer, Wallace R. 49 Holden 
Ropes, Charles A. 32 Eagle 


Coleman, M. F. 36 Houghton 
Hurd, L. M. Mrs. 10 Bank 
Morgan, John, r. 12 Church 
Worden, M. S. S3 Ashland 

Flour and Grain. 

Millard, Billings R. 88 Eagle 
Potter Bros. & Co. 19 Morris 
Walker, Frank A. 4 Main 

Fruit Dealer. 

Flood, Nathan B. & Co. 61 State 
Goodrich, Frank H. (wholesale) 59 State 

Furniture Dealers. 

Cody, James H. 24 Eagle 

Cohen Bros. 31 Eagle 

Comisky, James L. 13 N. Church 

Feder, Reuben, 41 Center 

Greenburgh & Bouchard, 85 Center . 

Sullivan, Wm. 36 Main 

Gas Light Companies. 

North Adams Gas Light Co., Frank S. 
Richardson, supt. 71 Main 

General Stores. 

Blacklnton, Edward W. Co. Blackinton 
Brown & O'Connor, 36 Braytonville 
'Fisher, C. C. 216 River 
Greylock Store, Greylock 
Smith, Walter N. & A. R. 43 Beaver 
Whitney, C. J. & Co. Briggsville 

Gingham Mfrs. 

Dunbar Mfg. Co. Brown 
Johnson Mfg. Co. Brown 

Glass Medallions. 

CO. 10 Walnut. See adv. 


Ashman, James V., mgr. 85 Eagle 
Ballou, L. M. (wholesale) 22 State 
Belanger, Napoleon E. 104 Eagle 
Belanger. Midas, 81V 2 State, Alfred, 36 Wash. av. 
Blals, Simon P. 93 State 
Boland, Bernard J. 45 Eagle 
Braman, M. Van Ness, 101 Main 
Cavazza, Andrew, 107 State 
Clark, Ell T. 13 Dover 
Clark, Herbert W. & 

State, cor. Summer 
Collins, Patrick J. 45 W. Main 
Crosier, Herbert S. 89 W. Main 
Darling & Bralnerd, 10 State 
Dold & Broderlck, 2 E. Union 
Dooley, Mary K. Mrs. 180 E. Main 
Ellis, Samuel J. & W. C. 26 Main 
Estcs, Benjamin. 32 Veazte 

Co. (wholesale) 

Fisher, Charles C. 216 River 

Flood, Nathan B. & Co. (wholesale) 61 

George & Mitchell, 2 West Main 
Girouard, Daniel, 61 Eagle 
Gleason, Newton T. 4 Holden 
Goodrich, F. H. (wholesale) 59 State 
Grandchamp, Jacques, 4 E. Union 
Gregolre, Fred, 32 E. Union 
Griswold & Darling, 24 Washington av. 
Gunning, Thomas F. 53 Center 
Harrington, Fred J. 143 Eagle 
Holmes, Jeffrey A. US River 
Keefe, Peter, 10 Holden 
Kronlck, Charles, 9 Center 
Labrie, Joseph H. Houghton, cor. E. 

Brooklyn ' 

Lanfair, Edward B. 8 Brooklyn 
Lee, Alfred A. 140 Eagle 
Legare, Joseph, 2S W. River 
Marshall, Thomas E. 75 Union 
Meerworth Bros. 59 Center 
Murphy, John D. 58 River 
North Adams Co-operative Association, 61 

Parker & Brainard, Brown 
Potter, C. E. 69 E. Quincy 
Reynolds, Wm. H. 51 Brooklyn 
Reich, E. 57 River ext. 
Rudnick Bros. 41 Eagle 
Sembonotti, Antoine, 33 Spring 
Sherman, Horace A. 19 Eagle 
Stroud, Clinton A. 64 Ashland 
Sullivan, John J. 93 Center 
Thrasher, Henry H. 135 Ashland 
Tinney, Hiram W. 196 River 
Wheeler, Edmund M. 10 Lawrence 
White & Smith, 11 Bank 


Baker, Henry E. 26 State 
Belanger, Archie, 27 Union 
Cavola, John, 76 Holden 
Church, Erastus D. 112 River 
Durand, George A. 57 State 
Durocher, Edward F. 39 Center « 

Fontaine, *Exiar, 79 Union 
Geuova & Jorden, 17 Main 
Hinkelbeln, Fred E. Main, n. Holden 
Hiser, George P. 1 State 
Howard, Chas. M. Holden, cor. Main 
Joron, Hermidas G. 119 Main 
Kelly, John G. Marshall, cor. Center 
Lussier, Aime, 3»;V 2 Marshall 
Mitchell, Charles H. 18 Eagle 
Norman, Wm. A. 23 State 
Nagle, James F. 48 Eagle 
Post, Edward H. Main, n. State 
Powers, Thomas J. 4 Marshall 
Sullivan, John J. 33 Center 
Thibault, Stanilaus H. 79 Center 
Vaughn, Louis N. 1 Bank 

Halrwork, Wigs, Etc. 

Bowen, Carrie C. Mrs. Main, n. Holden 

City Hall, Summer and Morris 

Columbia Opera House, 750 sittings, Heslin 

& Mack, mgrs. 57 Center 
Gatsllck Hall, 200 sittings, GS Main 
Miller's Hall, Willow Dell 
Wilson Opera House, 650 sittings, Main 
Y. M. C. A. Hall, Summer, cor. Morris 

Hardware Dealers. 

Alderman & Carlisle, 98 Main 
BurlinRame & Darbys, Main 
Darby. J. Mortimer, 49 Eagle 




Harness Makers. 
Bourdon, Adolphus D. & Son, 50 Eagle 
Dowlin, R. M. 121 Main 
Johnson, John A. 23 Marshall 
Van Dyck, Edward, 9 State 

Hides, Skins and Tallow. 

Barber Leather Co. 27 Union 
Elliott, William A. 65 Ashland 


North Adams Hospital, North Eagle 


Hotel Brunswick, 34 State 

Mansion House, Jos. Ryan & Son, props. 

41 State 
Richmond House, Frank P. Wood, prop. 5 

The Wellington, Wm. E. Wood, prop. State 
The Wilson, Swift & Bond, props. Main, 

cor. Holden 
Windsor House, 32 State 

Ice Healers. 

Orr, J. Henry & Co. 59 Summer 
Mausert, M. 76 Holden 

Insurance Agents. 

Abel, Arthur W. (life) 114 Eagle 
Bennett, William H. 69 Main 
Burch, Wm. M. 69 Main 
Cesana, Caesar (Are) Bank, n. Main 
French, George (life) Main, n. State 
Ford, Charles W. (fire) 57 Main 
Frlnk, Charles L. Burlingame blk. Main 
Gallup, Harvey A. (fire) Boland blk. 65 

Gelineau, A. N. 34 Main 
Haskins, Bertram B. 75 Main 
Lyons, Henry S. ((fire) 90 Main 
Miller, George F. Burlingame blk. Main 
Pike, Frank E. (life and accident) 69 Main 
Prudential Insurance Co. 57 Main 
Reed, Joseph P. 77 Main 
Tinker & Ransford (fire) 69 Main 
Tower, Henry A. (life) 17 Quincy 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Barnes, Lotues M. 40 Main 
Bourdon, Domas E. 57 Eagle 
Dick, Sidney W. 63 Eagle 
Dickinson, Everett M. 96 Main 
Graves, Harry A. & Co. 10 Bank 
Heminway, Cleveland. Bank 
Higley, Luther E. 75 Main 
Patton, George E. 49 Center 
Voghel, Louis, 33V 3 State 
Wehl, Richard H. 5 Eagle 
Wetmore, Clinton P. 29>/> Eagle 
White, Luther W. 80 Main 

Justices of the Peace. 

Alford, Arthur S. 
Archer, Oscar A. 
Arnold, William B. 
Ashe, Patrick J. 
Beers, Enoch H. 
Bond, Austin 
Brooker. Charles S. 
Burch, Wm. M. 
Cady, Edwin B. 
Card, Charles A. 
Cesana, Caesar 
Couch, Mark E. 
Davis, George 
Dowlin, Fred F. 

Frlnk, Charles L. 
Fulton, Alexander W. 
Gallup, Clarence W. 
Gallup, William A. 
Geleneau, Achilles N. 
Hardenbergh, James W. 
Kiely, Edward C. 
Lawrence, Geo. P. 
Lewis, Wm. H. 
Lyons, Henry S. 
Mack, John H. 
McPeck, Edwin K. 
Magenis, John E. 
Meekins, Edward M. 
Miller, George F. 
Nlles, Benedict W. 
Niles, Clarence P. 
Parker, Cornelius A. 
Parkhurst, Charles J. 
Phelps, Carlton T. 
Potter, James T. 
Preston, Abiathar W. 
Reed, Joseph P. 
Rice, George L. 
Richardson, Frank S. 
Richmond, Thomas W. 
Robinson, Arthur M. 
Skilllngs, Joseph F. 
Thayer, S. Proctor 
Tower, Henry A. 
Walker, Frank A. 
Whitaker, Valmore A. 
Witherell, Arthur J. 
Woodhead, Wm. H. 


Ellis, Abial E. r. 72 Main 
Henry, Ralph L. Bank, n. Main 


Arnold, William B. 65 Main 
Ashe, Patrick J. 71 Main 
Beer, Enoch H. Main, n. State 
Carpenter, Arthur P. Main, n. Holden 
Couch, Mark E. 77 Main 
Dowlin, Ered F. Main. n. State ' 

Kiely, Edward C. 71 Main 
Mack, John H. 77 Main 
Magenis, John E. 57 Main 
Niles, B. W. Hoosac Savings Bank bldg. 
Parker, Cornelius A. Main, n. Holden 
Parkhurst, Charles J. 68 Main 
Phelps, Carlton T. (judge dist. court) Ad- 
ams National Bank blk. 
Potter, Andrew. 71 Main 
Potter, James T. 71 Maia 
Thayer, S. Proctor, Main 
Woodhead, William H. 90 Main 


North Adams Free Public Library, 
vols., C. Augustus Dunton, 
Church, <;or. E. Main 

Blackinton Free Library, Oscar A. Arch- 
er, lib. Blackinton 

Lime Manufacturers. 

Farnam, A. S. & Bros. 294 State 

Liquor Healers. 

Barry. John & Co. 12 Holden 

Barry & Hogan, 16 Union 

Bernard & Cumin, 25 Center 

FUllinRs, J. H. & Co. 12 Center 

Cavanough, Michael, 13 Main 

Gregory & Belanger, 1 Marshall 

Harper, Peter & Co. 53 State 

Morrisey & Casey, 19 Main ■ •■ 



Appreciate the value of information. They are quick 
to avail themselves of such sources as the 




NORTH ADAMS— Continued. 

Mulcare, Thomas, 28 Marshall 

Nixon, Eugene D. 8 Center 

Quinn &. Maloney, 22 Union 

Ryan, Charles A. 30 Holden 

Snyder, Peter & Co. :>9 Center 

Welch, Owen W. 43 State 

Whalen, Thomas & Co. 1 W. Main 


Babcock, Eugene, 20 Eagle 

Lumlicr Dcnlers. 

Bartlett, Al L. & Homer E. 83 State 
Bruce, George II. 65 State 
Dibble, Sineus B. & Co. 110 State 
Gallup, Clarence W. Clarksburg 
Pecor, Alexander, Marshall, cor. River 

Machinists & Machinery Mfrs. 

Babcock, Eugene, 20 Eagle 
Conlon, Patrick J. 26 Center 
Hodge & Ladam, 37 Brooklyn 
Hunter, James, Machine Co. 1 Main 
Parker & Co. Chase av. 
Stewart, E. C. 14 Jackson 

Marble Workers. 

Farnum, A. S. & Bro. 294 S. State 
Meaney & Walsh, r. 19 Engle 
MILNE & CHALMERS, 24 W. Main. 
See adv. 


Lawson, James A. 18 Whitman 
Noel, Joseph, 27 E. Brooklyn 
Whitney Bros. Church 
Cesana, Caesar 


Franco-American Chemical Co. 9 Bank 


Arnold, Mabel, Eagle, cor. Main 
Chennette, M. M. Mrs. 61 Eagle 
Goggin, Nora, 36 N. Holden 
Harper & Gagnon, 3 Bank 
Joyce, Helen L. 68 Main 
Kane, Esther F. Mrs. 100 Main 
Kelley, Kate H. 31 Eagle 
Norton & Morgan, 74 Main 
Simon, Rose Mrs. 63 Main 
Southwick, Maria S. 95 Main 
Tucker, L. A. Mrs. 3 Church 
Walsh, Julia E. 59 Eagle 

Mill Supplied. 

Hardenbergh, James W. Main 

Music «fc Musical Instruments. 

Davis, Leroy W. 37 Eagle 
Hurd, L. N. 10 Bank 
Sunderland, Walter S. 2 Holden 

Mnsic Teachers. 

Beardslee, Charles L. (violin) 89 Main 

Boyd, Annie, 72 Marshall 

Boyd, Elizabeth E. 72 Marshall 

Briggs, Byron G. (violin) 8 Ashland 

Brodeur, Joseph, 65 Main 

Browne, Isaac S. (banjo) 45 Liberty 

Duso, Alvena, 14 Lincoln 

Howes, John L. 65 Main 

LeClalr, M. D. 66 Eagle 

Macomber, F. E. 4 Union 

Mason, Archie, 4 Hall 

Monroe, J. Mrs. 5 Yale 

Murphy, Thomas F. 5 Cliff 

Roberts, David, 56 Main 

Steele, John W. (violin) 32 Williams 

Sullivan, Minnie C. 83 Brooklyn 

Tower, Edward A. 23 Quincy 


Gunning, Patrick H. 55 Eagle 
Sullivan & Reagan, 114 Main 
Tilton, Frank L. 87 Main 


Berkshire Sunday Democrat (weekly) Wra, 
H. & Louis C. Chase, props. 27 Chest- 

Evening Herald (daily) W. R. Sanford, 
prop. 92 Main 

News (weekly) Fred E. Ward, prop. r. 72 

Transcript (dally and weekly) A. W. Hard- 
man, prop. 4 Bank 

St. John Record Episcopal (monthly) 

Notaries Public. 

Ashe, Patrick J. 
Beers, Enoch H. 
Bliss, Henry C. 
Bond, John A. 
Butler, William W. 
Cesana, Caesar 
Couch, Mark E. 
Gallup, Harvey A. 
Ford, Charles W. 
Miller, George F. 
Nlles, Clarence P. 
Phelps, Carlton T. 
Potter, Andrew 
Pritchard, 'William H. 
Wilkinson, Edward S. 
Taylor, Fred A. & Co. 


Beach, Ella, 5 Ashland 

Bowen, L. A. Miss, Bank 

Buckley, Margaret F. 80 River 

Burmeister, Louise M. 10 N. Holden 

Clement, S. Parrow Mrs. 24 Hall 

Corcoran, Katherine L. 60 Bracewell av 

Cross, Lillian S. 13 Spring 

Cunningham, Mary, 7 Ashland 

Decker, Inez, Union 

Donati, Virginia Mrs. 23 W. Main 

Donica, Adelle E. Mrs. 47 Church 

Fisher, Carrie, 55 Prospect 

Hess, Mary, 8 Union 

Lanane, Alma, 210 E. Main 

Nelson, Jeanie, N. Holden 

Simpson, Florence A. 10 Elmwood av. 

Snyder, S. Gertrude, 52 W. Main 

Tuttle, Hattie E. 5 Ashland 


Beadles, Evan, 62 W. Main 
Chase, Wm. H. 47 Holden 
Graves, W. N. 3 Forest 
Joy, E. D. 66 Prospect 
Ludden, Wm S. (sign) 78 Main 
Manchester, Martin L. 3 Holden 
Thayer, Oscar S. 40 State 
Valentine Bros. 107 Main 

Paper Stock Dealers. 

Reals, J. Henry 3 N. Eagle 

Gary, Emerson J. & Co. 36 Ashland 


Can better afford to go without a License than to 
po without this hook. Traveling men demand it. 




Burbank, Frank, 44 Holden 
Clement, John B. 41 Eagle 
Lyon, W. II. 87 Main 
Sanford, Murray M. 13 Ashland 
Ward, H. D. 78 Main 
Martin's, 78 Main 

Photographic Supplies. 

Peck, Carrie C. 37 Eaglo 

Photo Medallion Mfrs. 

CO. 10 Walnut. See adv. 


Hunter, Andrew W. 12 Bank 
Loft us, Martin H. & Co. 48 Center 
Lucey, Timothy M. 8 Holden 
Lyman, Henry W. 9 Eagle 
Secor, F. A. 81 Vj State 
Stewart, E. C. 12 Jackson 

Pool Rooms. 

Gilbert, Edward, 89 Center 
O'Brien, Win. H. 11 Center 

Post Oilices and Postmasters. 

North Adams— Wiliam F. Darby 
Blackinton — Edward W. Blacklnton 

- Cbe OaRtnan Photographic Art £c, 

, Manufacturers of 


We give special attention to Amateurs who desire Bromide 
Enlargements direct from the original negative. Also . . 

Enlarging, Reducing and Copying of all kinds for the Professional Trade. 



Blossom, Anne M. 126 E. Main 
Boulais, Eugene L. (Bot.) 8 Holden 
Bradley, George W. (Oculist) Bank 
Brown, Orland J. 109 Main 
Brown, Martin M. Ill Main 
Brown, Wallace E. 36 North 
Bushnell, Homer, 8 Union 
Canedy, Ransford D. 89 Main 
Card, Frank E. Main, n. State 
Carr, Walter S. 15 Summer 
Curran, Charles J. 65 Eagle 
Pagon, George A. 83 Center 
Henin, Chaim C. 14 Bank 
Hobbie, John R. 140 E. Main 
McGrath. Win. F. 7 Bank 
Mignault, Adolph, 23 Summer 
Matte, Joseph H. A. 5 Church 
Millard, Henry J. 9 Church 
Pratt, T. Choate, 4 Montana 
Putnam, Thomas J. (Horn.) 91 Main 
Rice, George LeR. 141 Main 
Riley, John H. 97 Main 
Russell, Edward E. 124 River 
Simpson, George P. 80 Eagle 
Stafford, Frank D. 23 Summer 
Vrooman, Henry J. Park av. 
Woodward, Charles T. 68 Eagle 
Wright, Charles W. 90 Main 

Pinnos and Organs. 

Darling, Charles A. mgr. 1 N. Church 
Underwood, W. S. 2 Holden 

Piano Tuners. 

Burden, W. 0. 157 State 
Guilford, Eaile E. 1 N. Church 

Picture Frnnier. 

Graves, Leon W. 10 Bank 


Print Clotli Mfrs. 

Arnold Print Works, Eclipse mill, office 

Gallup & Houghton, Beaver mill, Beaver 
Windsor Mfg. Co. Union 


Byam, Ernest E. r. 72 Main 

COOKH «fc BRADLEY, Main, cor. 

Marshall. See adv. 
Gardner, O. C. r. 92 Main 
Hard man, Aaron W. 4 Bank 
Larkin, James T. 2 Main 
Walden & Crawley, r. 66 Main 


Printing, Killing, Binding, 

Engraving, Kinboasing. 
High-Class Work. 

Cor. Main and Marshall Sts.. 

Produce llenlcrs. 

Blakeley, D. W. 7 Eagle 
Graves, Charles H. 91 Center 
Posson, Ellis C. 85 Main 

Provision Dealers. 

Armour & Co. (wholesale) 15 Morris 
Bateman, Thomas S. 115 Main 
Brien. Louis A. 107 State 
Broderick. Patrick H. 5 Holden 
Brown, Willanl M. 16 Marshall 
Gagnon, Peter, 31 Union 

Of anything that can be printed. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 



NORTH ADAMS— Continued. 

Gallup, C. A. 5 Holden 

Hammond, G. H. «£: Co. (wholesale) 69 

Harrington, Peter, 47 Center 
Houran, George H. 119 W. Main 
Mausert, Conrad H. Brooklyn, cor. North 
Mausert, Henry, & Co. 76 Holden 
O'Shea, Thomas, 40 Eagle 
Ruether, Enos M. 38 Wash. av. 
Scabo, Frank, 2 Main 
Stockwell & Rosston, 22 Main 
Temple, James H. 94 Eagle 
Tower, Horace A. 25 Eagle 

Roll Coverers. 

Nichols, R. L. & Co. Edward J. Godfrey 
at tannery 

Real Estate Agenls. 

Alford, Arthur S. 90 Main 

Card, Charles A. Main, n. Holden 

Cleveland & Smith, 32 Main 

Frlnk, Charles L. Burlingame blk. Main 

Gallup, Harvey A. Boland blk. 65 Main 

Maher, James W. 77 Main 

Pike, James, 190 E. Main 

Rand, Edward A. & Son, 30 Ashland 

Reed, Joseph P. 77 Main 

Rich, George N. 147V 2 B. Main 

Witherell, Arthur J. 11 Church 


Francour, John M. 7% Center 
GORKI, EDWARD. 35 Center 
Hosford, Frank C. & Co. 59 Main 
Ives, Truman E. 50 State 
Labuf, Arthur, 41 Holden 
Loomis, John G. 43 Center 
Murphy, Charles C. 10 Holden 
Purcell, John W. 32 State 
SOU ELL,, PETER, 24 State 


Hicks, Thomas H. 43 E. Brooklyn 
Mallery, Charles, 1 Yale 


Baker-Rose Sanitarium, Henry J. Vroo- 

man, M. D. mgr. Park av. 
Berkshire Hills Sanitarium, 36 North 


Bliss Business College, Edward J. Shaw, 

71 Main 
State Normal, Frank F. Murdock, prin. 


Sewing Machine Dealers. 

Beaulieu, Dolphis, S9 State 
Pierce, George, mgr. 36 Eagle 


Daniels, Peter, r. 33 State 
Flagg, James H. 57 Main 
Ford & Arnold, r. 72 Main 
Horrigan, James M. r. 3» Main 
Johnson, John, 10 1 /. Main 
Shaw, Elton A. & Co. r. 21 Main 

Stoves and Tinware. 

Tower & Porter, 34 Eagle 


Boland, Patrick J. Main, cor. Bank 


Buckley & Wiriton, 13 Center 
Clossey, Patrick, 21 Center 
Cota, Ruel R. 3 Bank 
DeGuzzi, Frank, r. 72 Main 
Evans, Walter S. 44 State 
Kronick, Hymon H. 23 State 
Kronick, Jacob, 29 Union 
Litchfield, Charles H. 19 Eagle 
Monteith, Thomas, 50 Holden 
Noel, Alphonse, 43 Holden 
O'Brien, James, 55 Eagle 


Arnum & Kearn, 2 Holden 
Crawford, William, 56 W. Main 
Dragon, Joseph, 7S State 
Gosselin, R. 10 Main 
Jones, Henry, 91 State 
Jerdon, Edward, 9 RIchvlew av. 
Mansfield, John, 13 Hudson 
Meade, John B. Richvlew av. 
Mullen. Patrick, River ext. 
Rougeau, Peter, 130 State 

Tens and Coffees. 

Bowes Bros, 13 Jackson 
Woodrow, John G. 81 Center 


Lyman, Henry W. 9 Eagle 

Morrison, Nelson, 2 Holden 

Typcwr iters. 
Murphy, Cassie, 68 Main 


Cody, J. H. 22 and 30 Eagle 
Comisky, James L. 13 N. Church 
Lord, Louis G. 143 E. Main 
Simmons & Carpenter, 20 Eagle 


Variety Stores. 

Coon, Jacob, 146 River 

Corsiglia, John B. 15 Eagle 

Elias, George, 57 Eagie 

Kronick, Henry, 33 State 

Less, Joseph, 19 State 

Simons, Ferris N. & Bros. 41 Holien 

Solomon, Berket, State, n. Main 

William, Thomas, 35 Brooklyn 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Cary, F. Jay, 121 Main 
McDonnell, A. A. at Flagg's 

"Wood Dealers. 

Gifford, Henry M. Central shaft 

Lilly, John A. Notch rd. 

Post, Peter, 6 Montgomery 

Rescue Mission Wood Yard, 3 Marshall 

Thatcher, Emery, 14 Bracewell 

Wooden Ware Dealers. 

Brigham, Clarence T. & Co. 29 Chestnut 

"Woolen Manufacturers. 

Blackinton Co. Blackiuton 

North Adams Mfg. Co. Braytonville 

Linwood Mills, Brtggsvllle 

Printed in the best manner at short notice. 

F. S. Blanchard & Co., Worcester. 




County seat of Hampshire Co., 20 m. north of Springfield on Connecticut 
River Div. & Central Mass. Div. B. & M. R. R. and Northampton Div. N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R. R. ; electric cars to Easthampton mid Williamsburg. Founded 
in 1GG3; inc. a city June 23, 1883. Pop. 10,740. 

Villages— Bay State, Florence, Leeds, Loudville, Mount Tom, Smith's Ferry, 
West Farms. 

Vote for Mayor for 1899. 


John L. Mather (R.)... 
Joseph L. Fowler (D.), 


City election first Tuesday in Decem- 
Mayor— John L. Mather (ID, $800 
Aldermen — Meetings second Thurs- 
day evening of each month. 
President, William Grant (R) 
Clerk, Egbert I. Clapp 
Ward 1. John J. Raleigh (D) 
Ward 2. Alfred G. Carley (D) 
Ward 3. Henry C. Hallert (R) 
{ Ward 4. William Grant (R) 

Ward 5. Harry F. Day (D) 
Ward 6. Thomas A. Orcutt (R) 
Ward 7. William H. Titcomb (D) 
Common Councilmen — Meetings sec- 
ond Thursday evening of each 
President, Alfred T. Bliss (R) 
Clerk, William E. Shannon, $75 
Ward 1. Edward H. Bell <D) 
Philip Glea'son (D) 
Thomas P. Martin (D) 
Ward 2. Allen R. Clark (R) 
Calvin Coolidge (R) 
Harry W. Kidder (R) 
Ward 3. Clarence D. Chase (R) 
Luther A. Clark (R) 
Stanislas DeGrande Pre (R) 
Ward 4. Will N. Doane (R) 
Elmer E. Doe (R) 
Charlie P. Searle (R-D) 
Ward 5. Patrick F. Dooling (D) 
William Eyre (D) 
Frank Sylvester (D) 
Ward 6. Alfred T. Bliss (R) 
Frank P. Davis (R) 
Wm. Mackenzie (R) 
Ward 7. Wm. Oates iD) 

Luther E. Tyler (R) 
Louis H. Warner (R) 

City Officers. 

City Clerk, Egbert I. Clapp, $1200; 

hours 9-12 and 2-5 
City Treasurer, Geo. W. Clark, $1250 
Collector Taxes, John L. Warner, $S00 
Supt. Streets, Walter C. Goodwin, 

Solicitor, Timothy G. Spauldincr, $G00 
City Physician, Jas. C. Fahey, $250 
Auditor, Luther C. Wright. $100 
City Engineer, Lawrence M. Thacher, 

City Messenger, Levi Brooks, Jr., $000 
Keeper Lockup, Luke Day, $200 
Inspector Milk and Vinegar, Henry 

E. Maynard 

12 3 4 5 6 7 Totals 
169 224 214 17G 149 177 130 1245 
219 1G0 220 125 231 124 140 12^5 

Inspector Animals- and Provisions, 

John II. Roberts, $200 
Inspector Plumbing, George R. Tur- 
ner, $800: hours 8-9 and 1-2 
Sealer Weights and Measures, Daniel 

F. Cutting 
Chief Police, H. E. Maynard, $1100 
Chief Engineer Fire Dept., Fred E. 

Chase, $900 

George L. Loom is, $900 

Edward E. Graves, $350 

James n. Searle, $350 
Board Health— 

Chairman, Dr. James C. Fahey 

George P. Bliss 

Seth S. Warner 
Board of Examiners of Plumbers— 

Chairman, Dr. James C. Fahey 

Richard E. Davies 

Arthur B. Lee 
Overseers Poor, $700 for the Board— 

Chairryan, Mayor, ex-ofticio 

Pres. Common Council, ex-officio 

Jonathan W. Arnold 

Edward E. Graves 

James H. Searle 

Clerk, Jonathan W. Arnold 

Keeper Almshouse, F. E. Collins 
Cemetery Committee— 

David E. Hoxie 

Christopher Clark 

Charles A. Maynard 

Watson L. Smith 

Henry F. Cutler 

Oliver Walker 
Water Commissioners— 

President, Charles W. Kinney 

Treasurer, Oscar Edwards 

Charles E. Gould 

Edward E. Wood 

Charles N. Clark 

John A. Sullivan 

Supt. Water AVorks, Luther C. 
Wright, $900; hours 9-12 and 2-5 
Almoners Under Will of Wditinu 

Chairman. Mayor, ex-officio 

Miss Sarah M. Butler 

Mrs. Eliza A. Mann 

Charles C. Clapp 

Harry P. Otis 

Mrs. Cliiara A. Plimpton 

Mrs. Edwin W. Higbee 
Registrars Voters— 

Edward W. Blanchfield, $50 

Patrick H. Halloran, $50 

Frederick W. Bement, $50 

R. Lynn Porter, $50 

353 Directories ggfe-—.. 




NORTHAMPTON— Continued. 

Elector Under the Oliver Smith 

Will— Melvin L. Graves 
Commissioners Sinking Funds— 

George L. Loorais 

Frederick N. Kneeland 

S. Dwight Drury 
Trust Fund Committee— 

A. Lyman Williston 

Chauncev II. Pierce 

Edward E. Wood 
City Imtrovemknt Committee— 

Christopher Clarke 

John Metcalf 

Charles A. Clark 

George S. Graves 

Lemuel B. Field 

Joseph M. Towne 
Commissioners Sewers— 

President. Jairus E. Clark 

Louis F. Plimpton 

John W. Mason 

Noah H. Lee 

Chauncey E. Parsons 

John J. Eagan 

Clerk, John L. Warner, $200 

Supt., Lawrence M. Thacher, $300 
License Commission— 

Chairman, Edward N. Foote, $G5 

Homer C. Bliss, $5 

Edgar F. Crooks, $5 

principals of grammar schools. 
James A. MacDougall. Center Grammai 

William A. Reed, 

'lorence (Jrammai 


ABBREVIATIONS used in Northampton 
list are as follows: B. S. — Bay State: 
Flo. — Florence. 

A jlv r i e iiKui'iil Implements. 
Wright, David J. 62 Main 

Agricultural T«>ol Mtfr. 

Maynard, C. A. foot Green 


Page & Hayes, 25 Main 
Putnam, Roswell F. 78 Main 

Artists' Materials. 

Banister, Edwin H. 189 Main 


Barnes, Frank D. 78 Main 
Bell, Reuben, 39 Main 
Clark, Jairus E. at jail, Union 
Orcutt, T. A. 29 N. Maple. Flo. 
Parsons, C. O. 82 Maple, Flo. 
Wright, D. J. 62 Main 


Hart well, George H. 351 Bridge 


iiv jd tc iF- is iv 13 ec isrr 

Craeker and Biscuit Manufacturers 

Northampton, Hampshire Cfl. 



SPECIALTIES: Carr's Double Extra (original) Butter: Carr's Milk Extra: Carr's 
New York Oysters (originators}; Carr's Jersey Lunch Milk; Social Favor 
Biscuit in Cartons. 

Agents for National Biscuit Co.'s Products. 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Meetings first Thursday 

evening of each month. 
Chairman. Mayor, ex-otlicio 
Samuel W. Lee, Jr., Leeds 

James Goodwin, Bav State 

William H. Riley, Florence 

George L. Harris, Florence 

Silas R. Cooley 

Rev. Elisha G. Cobb, Florence 

Caroline A. Yale 
Rev, Henry T. Rose 
Harry C. Crafts 
Supt. Schools and Secretary Board, 

Jacob II. Ciirfrev, $2000; hours 

8.30-9 and 4-5, Saturday 10-12 
Clerk, May C. Wade, 8-12 and 1.30- 

5, Saturday 0-12 
Pi In. High School, C. B. Roote, 


Lussler, Hemirdas, 29 Perkins av. 
Maloney & Martin, 23 Armory 
Rome, Eugene, r. 28 Market 

Main. See adv. 
Waite, A. O. Mrs. 2 Graves av. 
Young, J. S. & Son, Flo. 

Bands tmd Orchestras, 

Academy of Music Orchestra, William H. 
Watts, leader, offlce 35 Walnut 

Frank's Orchestra, A. J. Frank, leader, 163 
Main, B. S. 

Northampton Band, E. M. Wilhelmi, mgr. 
102 Main 

Warner's Orchestral Club* F. D. R. War- 
ner, leader, 6 Fruit 


First National. Frederick N. Kneeland, 

cashier, 61 Main 
Florence Savings Bank, M. E. Gould, treas. 

85 Main, Flo. 






Hampshire County National, Frederic A. 

Macomber, cashier, 150 Main 
Nonotuck Savings Bank, John Prince, treas. 

25 Main 
Northampton National, Warren M. King, 

cashier, 126 Main 
Northampton Co. Co-operative Bank, Louis 

L. Campbell, treas. 10 Market 
Northampton Ins. for Savings, Samuel D. 

Drury, treas. 109 Main 

Basket Manufacturers. 

Williams Mfg. Co. foot Smith 

Bicycle Dealers and Repairers. 

Barnes, Harry C. 297 Main 
Engleliart, Adam J. (repairer), lMain 
Hampshire Cycle Mfg. Co. (mfrs.), r. 108 

McAlplne, It. Arthur, 8 Crafts ay. 
Tidd Bros. 15 Masonic 
WARNER, LOUIS 15. 23 and 25 State 

Bill Posters. 

Chatel, Edmund M. 19 Masonic 
Todd, W. H. 280 Main 

Billiard Rooms. 

Huebler, Evon F. The Norwood, 31 Bridge 
O'Dea, James H. 233 Main 
Whitelock, Thomas G. 19 Pleasant 
Zujewski, William F. 36 Court 

Binders' Board Manufacturers. 

Willis, Gilbert E. Loudville 

Blacksmiths and llorseshoers. 

Donovan, James H. 38 N. Maple, Flo. 

Gleason & Millane, r. 9 Strong av. 

Hartwell, Warren S. r. 9 Strong av. 

Hlggins, B. J. r. 16 Court 

Kennedy, Michael, r. 167 Main, Leeds 

Laframboise & Dragon, r. 39 Masonic 

Lattinville, A. State, c. Main 

McGrath Bros. 19 Armory 

Orcutt, Thomas A. 29 N. Maple, Flo. ■ 

Remlllard, Louis H. 24 Market 

Rowe. John, Main, Leeds 

Sanders, Fred D. 21 Center 

Stevens, W. II. 21 Center, Flo. 

Thayer, Joseph T. Jr. Holyoke, n. Pleasant 

Bluing Manufacturers. 

Northampton Mfg. Co. 104 North 

Boarding Houses. 

Eldridge, Rhoda S. Mrs. 41 Williams 
Regan, T. J. Mrs. 77 Pleasant 


Chew, Phineas H. 106 Main 
Cornwell, E. J. 129 Prospect 
Eisold, Richard B. 297 Main 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Banister, Edwin II. 189 Main 
Bird, John W. 1 N. Main. Flo. 
Bridgman, S. E. <fc Co. 108 Main 
llefi'ernan, James W. 153 Main 

Boot and Slioe Dealers. 

Alberts, Elias, 243 Main 
Ayers. Charles II. 37 M:iln 
Drury, Fred II. & Co. SS Main 
JIandell, Wm. D. 161 Main 
Mlchelman I'.ros. 179 Main 
Puree U, Patrick, 159 Main, Leeda 

Rice, William H. 21 N. Maple, Flo. 

Ross, John A. 158 Main 

White, Chas. N. 241 Main, B. S. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Alberts, E. 243 Main 

Anderson, James, 36 N. Maple, Flo. 

Brigham, Joseph, 2 Holyoke 

Clapp, E. T. 20 Pine 

Cohn, Simon, 26 Main 

Coursal, Alexander A. 19 Market 

D'Onofrio, Antonio, 40 Masonic 

GWb&nheim, George, r. 84 Maple, Flo. 

Hanley, Thomas F. 9 Pleasant . 

Lovett, John C. 1 Main 

Lucey, James, 18 Gothic 

Regan, Thomas J. 151 Main 

Runquist, Peter, 21 N. Maple, Flo. 


Cardinal, John B. & A. 18 Masonic 

Bowling Alley. 

Mercure, Samuel, r. 63 Masonic 

Box Makers. 

Birley Folding Box Co. The (folding), 38 

and 40 North 
Goodwin, Walter C. r. 66 N. Maple, Flo. 
Northampton Paper Box Co. (paper), 38 


Brick Manufacturers. 

Bailey. William A. office 70 N. Elm, yard 

Elm, n. Florence line 
Day. C. H. & W. C, South, n. Earle 

• Brokers. 

Closson, John H. (stock), 160 Main 
Harvey, Elmer P. (loan) 78 Main 

Broom Manufacturers. 

Smith, H fc E. Co. The, 323 Bridge 
Smith, Rodolphus, 88 Washington av. 
Tessier, Moses, 355 Bridge 

Brush Manufacturers. 

Florence Mfg. Co. (hair, cloth and tooth), 
junc. Nonotuck and Pine, Flo. 

Building; Movers 

Murray, Joseph, 239 Bridge 
Vincellette, Alfred, 88 Meadow 

Cahinet Makers. 

Currier, Fred P. 194 Main 
Fish, F. W. 17 Summer 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Bishop, A. & Son, 12 Perkins av. 

Brown, Myron, 96 High, Flo. 

Clapp, A. M. 13 Fruit, Flo. 

Crouch, Charles S. 66 Pleasant 

Donahue, P. J. r. 39 Gothic 

Goodwin, Walter C. r. 66 N. Maple, Flo. 

Harlow, C. N. & Co. 116 Pleasant 

Hebert, Joseph. 33-39 Hawley 

Hihhard. Joseph P. 9 Fair 

Huxley, John 13 Arlington 

Livermore & Bailey, 23 Gothic 

Mather & Whiting, 45 Pleasant 

Matthews, Avon C. 24 Center 

Matthews, Henry 29 Highland av. 

O'Connor, Michael. Bridge road, n. Hatfield 

O'Neill, T. J. 32 Washington pi. 

Contains the only complete Business Directory of Mass- 
achusetts; the information is obtained by persona) can« of the Stato, and is duly copyrighted. 



NORTHAMPTON— Continued. 

Tardiff, Felix (Jobber) 19 Gothtc 

Warner, Allen C. N. Main, n. Bridge road, 

-White, C. W. Bridge 

Carpet Cleaners. 

Hampshire Carpet Cleaning Co. A. J. 

Preece, 118 Main, f>3 Olive 
Meadow City Carpet Cleaning Works, Levi 

W. Smith, manager, 192 State 

Carriage Painters. 

Bissell, Frank W. 27 N. Maple, Flo. 
Hazen, James 0. r. 39 Masonic 

Carriage Trimmer. 
Rose, Samuel C. r. 39 Masonic 

Carriage and Wagon Makers. 

Desrosier, Gilbert (wood worker), 24 Market 
Lattinville. A. (repairer), State, c. Main 
Phelps, George S. r. 39 Masonic 
Rowe, John (repairer), Main, Leeds 
Wade, Lewis C. (wood work) 19 Armory 
Willcutt, Edward W. 34 N. Maple, Flo. 


Cali, Arthur B. 273 Main 
Mociuette, A. B. 114 Pine, Flo. 


Adams, E. Loring, Mrs. 160 Main 
Morton. Levi P. 155 Main 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Gillern, W T m. L. 227 Main 
McHugh, Peter, 62 Main 
O'Grady, M. J. 201 Nonotuek, Flo. 
Parnell, Michael T. 15 Strong 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 

Davis, E. C. & E. E. 78 Main 
Thacher, Lawrence M. 59 Main 

Clergymen and Churches. 

Breaker, J. C. Baptist, 296 Main 
Cobb, Elisha G. Flo. Cong. 110 Pine, Flo. 
Cressey, George C. Unitarian, 44 Pomeroy 

Dockham, William H. Second Methodist, 

88 No. Maine, Florence 
Free. Alfred, Free Cong. 29 Fruit, Flo. 
Gallen, P. H. Annunciation R. C. 79 Beacon 
Kenney. John, St. Mary's R. C. 3 Elm 
Life, Robert, asst. Edwards Cong. 123 Elm 
Lucey, Thomas P. asst. St. Mary's Roman 

Catholic, 3 Elm 
Rainville, Noel, Sacred Heart (French) Ro- 
man Catholic, 101 King 
Rose, Henry T. First Cong. 74 Bridge 
Shatto, Charles Arden, First Meth. 90 Elm 
Smith, Roland Cotton, St. John's Episco- 
pal, 156 Elm 

— — . Edwards Congregational 


Boynton, Francis H. (Cong.) 33 Beacon, 

Cole, James W. (B.) 65 Maynard av. 
Morris, Franklin G. (Meth.) 25 Graves av. 
Pickett, Cyrus (Cong.) 61 Paradise road 
Twkchell, Justin E. (Cong.) 59 Pomeroy 

Webber, G. N. (Pres.) 130 Elm 


Clothing Dealers. 

Armstrong, Robert F. SO Main 
Clark, Merritt & Co. 144 Main 
Colin, Simon & Son, 68 Main 
French, M. M. & Co. 114 Main 
Michelman, Dora, 30 Court 
Prindle, Josiah H. 96 Main 
Sherwln, Abraham, &. Sons, 32 Main 
. Sobotky, Peter, 20 Main 
Stone, Albeit W. 24 Main 

Coal Healers. 

Clark,. William A. IIS Main 
Horton, Dwight A. 91 Pleasant 
Kimball & Carey Co. 2 Main 
McCarthy, Patrick, 2u2 King 
Morgan, L. Warren, 3 Nonotuck, Leeds 
Parsons, Charles O. 82 Maple, Flo. 

Co din and Cnslcet Mfrs. 

Florence Furniture Co. Myrtle, Flo. 

Concrete Paver. 

Stearns, Luther G. 39 Monroe 


Smith College, Rev. L. Clark Seelye, pres. 

Crockery and Glassvrare. 

Currier. Ellis B. 132 Main 
Woolworth, F. W. & Co. 50 Main 

Cutlery Manufacturers. 

Clement Mfg. Co. Union, B. S. 
Northampton Cutlery Co. (table), Main B. S. 
Wood, E. E. Cutlery Co. (table). Federal 

Dancing Teacher. 

Bosworth, Tillie C. Mrs. 27 Lilly, Flo. 


Baxter, Wffl. H. 269 Main 
Clark, R. H. 78 Main 
Davenport, J. N. 90 Main 
Dickinson, E. T. 138 Main 
Doane, A. G. 102 Main 
Jones, W. H. 86 Main 
Maltby, M. Marshall, 86 Main 
Nichols, P. P. 142 Main 
Readio, Frank M. 83 Main, Flo.- 
Spencer, W. H. 138 Main 
Stone, J. Q. 54 Main 
Traphagen, George W. 142 Main 

Drain and Sewer Pipe. 

Day & Co. 33 Main 


Aldrich, F. H. Mrs. 36 Fruit 
Bassett, Julia H. Mrs. 26 New South 
Belanger, Joseph, Mrs. 47 Holyoke 
Bridgman, Emily, Miss, 12 Pine, Flo. 
Cheeseman, L. H. Miss, 44 N. Elm 
Clapp, Ella M. Miss. 221 South 
Clark, Levi I. Mrs. 25 Center 
Collins, N. D. Mrs. 49 Grant av. 
Connelly, Mary J. Miss, 60 King 
Cox, Andrew, Mrs. 63 Masonic 
Curtis, J. T. Mrs. 58 Center 
Dorgan, Annie, Mrs. 27 Eastern av. 
Duggan, Margaret and Mary, 217 Main, 
Duplessis, William Mrs. 19 Market 
Dwyer, M. Mrs. 113 Prospect 


DIRECTORY, published nunuully. JL «f 

F. S. Itlancliard & Co., Worcester. V*w 



Emery, E. F. Mrs. 101 Prospect 
Fernstrom, Augusta, Madame, 143 Main 
Ferry, H. A. Mrs. 78 Main 
Fisk, J. J. Mrs. 13 Union 
Fiske, Phila J. Mrs. 43 Crescent 
Flood, William N. Mrs. 57 Main, Flo. 
Flynn, Ella, Miss, 15 Park 
Fribbs, Mary M. Miss, CD Center 
Graves, Hattie M. Miss, 16 Center st. av. 
Graves, I. A. Mrs. 15 N. Maple, Flo. 
Griffin, Timothy, Mrs. 262 Bridge 
Hayes, Margaret A. Miss, 60 King 
Hayes, Mary S. Miss, 4 Warfield pi. 
Heold, C. H. Mrs. 24 Summer 
Hebert, Catherine, Miss, 153 Bridge 
Hebert, Josephine M. Mrs. 63 Market 
Keefe, Nellie, Miss. 160 Main 
Kit-ley, Margaret E. Miss, 27 State 
Knapp, Lida C. Miss, 195 Main 
Knowlton, Hattie E. Mrs. 79 Main, Flo. 
Lamport, Mary E. Mrs. 107 State 
Langdon, Kate, Mrs. 13 Market 
Leduc, Adolph, Mrs. 39 Water, Leeds 
Loud, Lucy, Miss, 35 Harrison av. 
Mason, J. Mrs. 76 Gothic 
Moakler, Mary A. Miss, 269 Main 
Moakley, Kate, Miss. 94 West, Flo. 
Moakley, Mary A. Miss, Flo. 
Moore, Lincoln B. Mrs. 17 X. Maple, Flo. 
Morel 1. C. & N. Misses, 261 Main 
Morrissey, Anna M. Miss, 24 New South 
Nagle, Bridget T. Mrs. 58 Nonotuck, Flo. 
Porter, Mary, Miss, 261 Main 
Rice, Llna M. Miss. 110 High, Flo. 
Sanders, F. D. Mrs. 39 Myrtle 
Slattery, Kate, Mrs. Main, opp. Bridge, L. 
Smith, Clinton F. Mrs. 101 Prospect 
Smith, Nellie A. Miss, 88 Washington av. 
Stack, Nellie G. Miss. 26 Main 
Sullivan, Mary E. Miss, 93 Prospect 
Tessler, L. M. 78 Main 
Twiss, M. E. Mrs. 62 Pleasant 
Twohig, Hannah, Miss, 152 State 
Washburn, H. G. Mrs. 26 Main 
Waters, Mary L. Mrs. 12 Massasolt 
Weaver, William O. Mrs. 21 Summer 
Williams, Emma A. Mrs. 209 Main 
Williston, Amy, Mrs. 11 Fruit 


Bushee, Charles E. 271 Main 
Clark, George D. 165 Main 
Coburn, William A. 81 Main 
Davis, Lucius S. 134 Main 
Davis, Nelson A. 91 Main. Flo. 
Klngsley, Charles B. 140 Main 
Roche, Thomas. 7 N. Maple, Flo. 
Ruder, Louis F. 130 Main 
Wlswall, Herbert A. 82 Main 

Dry Goods Dealers. 

Bell. Edward H. 100 Main 
Bisailon & Gosselin, 5 Nonotuck, Leeds 
Daley, P. J. 213 Nonotuck, Flo. 
Fearing, Alfred G. 118 Main 
Lamble, J. E. & Co. 92 Main 
McCallum, Alexander & Co. 154 Main 
Shannon, Mary C. Mrs. 5 N, Main, Flo. 


French Steam Dyeing and Scouring Estab- 
lishment, N. Perrier, prop. 195 Bridge 

Electric Light Company, 

Northampton Electric Light Co. G. A. 
Voorhees, supt. Works, West, office, 223 

Employment Oillces. 

Goodsell, Michael, Mrs. 26 Cherry 

Jarvais, Minnie E. 4 Crafts av. 
Titcomb, Mary J. Mrs. 18 River 


Krause, Wallace H. 78 Main 

Excavating ami Grading'. 

Latham, W. P, 59 Maple, Flo. 
Paisons. S. L. & Son, 42 and 50 West 
Warner, Henry W. Florence, Leeds 


Adams Express Co. Union depot, 107 Main, 

Flo., at depot, Leeds 
American Express Co. Union depot, 107 

Main, Flo. 
Chesterfield and Worthington Express, 134 

Goshen and Cummington Express, 134 Main 
Northampton, Huntington, Westhampton 

and Loudville Expresses, J. B, Lyman, 

prop. 165 Main 
Williamsburg Express, Frank A. Brooks, 

prop. 134 Main 

Extract Manufacturers. 

Walker, G. H. & Co. 9 Cherry 

Fancy Goods Dealers. 

Copeland, Edward P. 104 Main 
Pomeroy, Elvira C. Miss, 122 Main 
Ramsay, David S. 257 Main 
Riley, J. E. 12S Main 


Field, Horace W. 279 Main and 26 Pros- 

Graves, Robert B. 421 Bridge 

Mean, Mary S. Mrs. prop. Le Bon Ton 
Greenhouse, Pine, c. Maple, Flo. 

Paiks, Alexander, Vernon, n. Elm, store 
247 Main 

Flonr and Grain. 

Graves, M. L. & M. W. 12 Market 

Frnit anil Confectionery. 

Beckman, Charles, 249 Main 

Boyden, Charles H. (wholesale) 197 Main 

Foley. Ella A. Miss, 263 Main 

Lo Bello, Vincenzo, 241 Main 

O'Grady, M. J. 201 Nonotuck, Flo. 

Polity, Peter, 239 Main 

Poole, Thomas, 49 Spring, Flo. 

Fnrnitnre Dealers.' 

Ahearn, Patrick & Son, 50 King 
Edwards, Robert E. 25 Pleasant 
Fitts, Charles N. 2 Court 

Johnson, George D. (new and second hand) 
6 Crafts av. 


Eustis, Anna M. Mrs. 29 Columbus av. 

Gas Light Company. 

Northampton Gas Light Co. C. N. Clark,, 
pres. 116 Main 

Grist Mill. 

Smith, W. H. 53 Clark av. 


Arel, Josepn. 51 Day av. 

Bernson, Ellier, 1 Holyoke 

Bisaillon & Gosselln, 5 Nonotuck, Leeds 


Contains the Complete 
Business Direetorjof.... 

353 Towns and Cities. 



NORTHAMPTON— Continued. 

Branch, R. M. 73 Main, Flo. 

Briscoll & Ball, 31 Main 

Carroll, Matthew, 14 Masonic 

Cutler, Plimpton & Co. 40 Maple. Flo. 

Edwards, Calvin B. agent, 177 Main 

Londergan, Michael, 40 King 

Lussier, H. 25 Perkins av. 

Moran, Frank "A. Armory 

O'Donnell, Daniel D. 14 Water, Flo. 

Orrell, Fred C. mgr. Walnut, cor. Market 

Palmira, Joseph, 28 Market 

Paliell, Elbrldge W. 77 Main, Flo. 

Puroell, Patrick, 159 Main. Leeds 

Robinson, Lucia & Co. 48 Main 

Ross, E. S. 58 Front, Leeds 

Ross, John A. 2:;. r > Main 

Seney, Peter A. 227 Main, Leeds 

Stimpson, E. R. & Co. 245 Bridge 

Stone. F. H. opp. depot, Flo. 

Stone, Kirk H. 28 Main 

Thayer, H. M. 151 State 

Towne, Joseph M. & Son, 211 Main 

Ullance, John, 52 Holyoke 

Waite, Edward C. 154 S. Main, Flo 

Wilder, H. S. Mt. Tom 

Woodward, Frank W. 15 Market 


Benoit, Fred, Hawley, cor. Holyoke 
Benway, Albert L. 81 Maple, Flo. 
Chagnon, Hubert, 219 Main, Leeds 
Dragon, Louis C. 157 Main 
Duchesne, P. Alphonse, 191 Main 
Emmons, Abel S. 44 Court 
Fontaine, Antime, 2(;."> Main 
Forand, Albert, 198 Main 
Gaylor, Louis F. 116 Main, B. S. 
Larivee, L. B. 7 Nonotuek, Leeds 
Morlti, James O. 7 Pleasant 
Rock, Latto, 18 4Main 
Ruder. Frederick R. 38 Main 
Suprenant. Adolph, 198 Nonotuek, Flo. 
Vanasse, Ludger C. 25 Main 
Vetterling, Charles, 21 Masonic 
Waldion & Masterson, 167% Main 
Wallace, Edward F. 71 Maple, Flo. 
Young, Joseph, o Strong av. 

Hair AVorlv. 

Fontaine, A. 265 Main 


Academy of Music, capacity 1040, 274 Main 

Citv Hall, Main, cor. Crafts av. 

Columbian Hall, 160 Main 

Cosmian Hall, capacity 725. Main, Flo. 

Davis Hall, capacity 500; 89 Main, Flo. 

G. A. R. Hall, 245 Main 

Maine's Hall, capacity 250, N. Alain, cor. 

N. Maple, Flo. 
Memorial Hail, Main, opp. Masonic 
Not-.otuck Hall, Florence, Leeds 
Southwiek Hall, 90 Main 
Warner's Hall, Alain, Leeds 

Hardware Healers. 

Orrutt & O'Donnell, N. Maple, Flo. 
Sullivan, John A. 3 Main 
Woodbury, Stephen W. 29 Main 

Harness Makers. 

Clurk, Wilmot L. 213 Main 
Guilford & Wood, r. 38 Center 
Hayes, Nicholas G. & Co. 141 Main 
Wood, Joseph. 80 Maple, Flo. 

Hats, Caps nml Furs. 

French, M. M. & Co. 114 Main 

100,000 FIRMS 

Smith, S. Eugene, mgr. 2 Crafts ar. 

Horse Healers. 

Clapp, Robert H. 202 South 


Bay State House, McGrath & Hebert. 

props. 41 Strong av. 
City Hotel, Thomas H. Guilford, prop. 76 

Eyrie House, Wm. Street, prop. Mt. Tom 
Florence Hotel, Michael Cooney, prop. 

Main, c. Maple, Flo. 
Hampshire House, Wm. Stevens, prop. 

Strong av. c. Main 
Hampton, The, Kellogg & Burns, props. 

51 Pleasant 
Hotel Ueckmore, John B. & A. Cardinal, 

props. 1:0 Masonic 
Hotel Lafayette, Fortler & Young, props. 

26 Court 
Leed3 Hotel, Michael J. Morrtssey, prop. 

Bridge, c. Water, Leeds 
Mansion House, C. H. Abbott, prop. Main 
NORWOOD, Till-:, Evon F. Huebler, 

prop. Frank P. Wood, mgr. 31 Bridge. 

Finest location in Connecticut valley. 

Open the year round. Entirely new 

management. Table and service the 

best. Special rates to commercial 

men and summer boarders. 
Rahar's Inn, Richard J. Rahar, prop, i 

Old South 

Hulled Corn. 

Burt, D. W. 122 N. Maple, Flo. 

Ice Healers. 

Norwood Ice Co. 160 Main 

lulo Manufacturers. 

Page, T. C. & Co. 28 Fruit, Flo. 

Insurance Agents. 

Arnold, J. W. 12 Arnold av. 

Baker, Geonge N. (fire) 79 Main, Flo. 

Barnes, F. D. (fire and life), 78 Main 

Barrett & O'Brien (general) 106 Main 

Campbell, Louis L. agt. The Provident 
Life & Trust Co. of Philadelphia, 78 

Cochran, Wm. M. & Co. (general) 59 Main 

Daniels, Joseph O. (life) 78 Main 

Drummond. Horace M. 78 Main 

Gould, M. E. (fire) Flo. Saw Bank, 85 Main, 

Hil! & Wainwright (tire) 110 Main 

Howard, Charles H. (life) 78 Main 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. John H. 
Hartley, asst. supt. 178 Main 

Nutting, A. F. & Co. (fire) 160 Main 

Pierce, Chauncey H. 237 Main 

Prudential Ins. Co. of America, M. T. Rus- 
sell, asst. supt. 102 Main 

Stevens, Charles E. (fire and life) 125 King 

Turner, John M. (life) 1C0 Main 

Walker, Oliver, 105 Main 

Wheeler, C. A. 78 Main 

Woodward, Frank T. 39 Main 

Insurance Company, 

Hampshire Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 105 Main, 
Charles N. Clark, pres., Oliver Walker, 
sec. and treas. 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Clnrk, G. Henry, 76 Main 

Cook, Benjamin E. & Son, 112 Main 

Davis. Frank E. 164 Main 

Throughout the 






Davis, Robert A. & Frank P. 1S9 Main 
Gould, Charles H. 153 Main 
Parsons, Harry M. 91 Main. Flo. 
Risley, Warren T. 11 Market 
Roberts, Frank W. 27 Main 

Junk: Dealers. 

Chavin, Max, 27 Gothic 
Reld, Andrew J. 64 Fort 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

Abbott. Hubbard M. 
Aldrich, Archie J. 
Baker, George N. • 
Barnes, Frank D. 
Barrett, Edward T. 
Bassett, William G. 
Bliss, Alfred T. 
Bushee, Charles E. 
Campbell, Louis L. 
Clapp, Egbert I. 
Clapp, William II. 
Clarke, John D. 
Cobb, John Storer 
Cochran, William M. 

Hinckley, Edw. B. 
Houston, John A. 
Irwin. Richard W. 
Keating, John T. 
Lee, Samuel W. Jr. 
Lyman. Robert W. 
Macomber, Fred* A. 
Mason. John W. 
McCloud, Lucy C. 

(special commis.) 
Menard, Adolphe 
Nutting, Arthur F. 
O'Brien, James W. 
O'Donnell, George P. 

Coolidge, John Calvin O'Donnell, John B. 
Davis, Emory C. Parsons, Charles O. 

Drury, Samuel DwightPorter, Charles W. 

Edwards, Oscar 
Edwards, Oscar W 

Porter, Samuel 
Smith, William M. 

Edwards, Winslow H. Spaulding, Timothy G. 

Elder, George A. 
Field, Henry P. 
Field, Lemuel B. 
Fuller Stephen B. 
Graves, Melvin L. 
Gould, Mary E. 

(special commis.) 
Hammond, John C. 
Hardy, Ernest W. 
Hill, David 

Stevens, Charles 'E. 
Stt\ens, Harold W. 
Sullivan, John A. 
Wainwright, J. Arthui 
Warner, Charles H. 
Warner, Lewis H. 
Warner, Seth S. 
Watson, Arthur 
Williams, Charles E. 
Williams. Henry L. 

Ladder Manufacturers. 

Norton, J. D. & Son, Loudville 
Pomeroy, Wm, C. & Co. 122 Pleasant 


Braman, Edward C. 24 Chapel 
Dragon, Theophile, 273 State 


Meadow City Laundry, Wm. M. Ryan, 124 

Northampton Empire Laundry, 24 Court 


Addis, Albert E. 70 Main 
Aldrich, A. J. 102 Main 
Bassett, William G. 59 Main 
Clark, Charles N. 124 Main 
Cobb. John Storer, 143 Main 
Coolidge, Calvin, 25 Main 
Edwards, Winslow H. 39 Main 
Feiker, William H. 39 Main 
Field, H. P. 59 Main 
Hammond, John C. 59 Main 
Hill, David, 110 Main 
Irwin & Harding, lf.O Main 
Keating, John T. 39 Main 
Maher, Thomas C. 110 Main 
Mason, John W. 59 Main 
O'Donnell. George P. 78 Main 
O'Donnell, John B. 39 Main 
Spaulding. Timothy G. 105 Main 
Strickland, Lemuel S. 39 Main 
S rickland, William P. Court House 
Warner, Louis H. 78 Main 
Watson, Arthur, 94 Main 

Lead Pencil Manufacturers. 

Clark Indelible Pencil Co. r. 31 Strong av. 


Free Public Library, Memorial Hall bldg. 
Committee— William P. Strickland, ch. 

Henry B. Haven 

Chnstopker Clarke 

A. Lyman Williston 

Rev. Patrick H. Gallon 

Rev. Elisha G. Cobb 

William M. Gaylord 

Chas. E. Williams, sec. and treas. 

Arthur Watson 

Haynes H. Chilson 

George H. Ray 
Librarian, Miss Caroline S. Laidley 
Assistants, Miss Nancy L. Miller and 

Miss Rebecca Stedman; hours 9-8 
Lilly Library, Florence, 5,800 vols. 
Trustees— Henry B. Haven, pres. 

J. B. O'Donnell 

William H. Riley 

George H. Ray 

C. A. Plympton, treas. 

Liquor Dealers. 

Cardinal, John B. & A. (whol.) 18 Masonic 

Dewey, John T. 20 Pleasant 

Dewey, Patrick H. 185 Main 

Finn, Patrick & William. 33 Maple, B. S. 

O'Donnell, Thomas H. 159 Main 

Parnell & McGrath (wholesale), 13 Pleasant 


Smith, William D. 106 Main 

Lumber Dealers. 

Connecticut Valley Lumber Co. (manu- 
facturers) Mt. Tom 
Hall, Edward P. & Co. 26 Gothic 
Merrick Lumber Co. W. N. Doane, mgr. 
r. 3 Main 

Machinists anu Machinery 

Florence Machine Co. Main, c. Chestnut, 

Herrrick, Charles E. r. 108 Pleasant 

Knapp Dovetailing Machine Co. (dovetail 
machinery) of. Norwood Engineering 
Co. N. Maple, n. depot, Flo. 

Northampton Emery Wheel Co. (emery 
wheel machinery) Nonotuck, Leeds 

Norwood Engineering Co. N. Maple, n. rail- 
road crossing 

Rhood, Charles H. 122 Pleasant 

Marble and Granite Works. 

Dalton, William C. King, opp. Spring 
Hampshire Marble Co. 38 Court 

Market Gardeners. 

Belden, Stephen, 88 Vernon 
Graves, I. R. 320 Bridge 

Masons and Builders. 

Bailey, William A. of. 70 N. Elm 

Cooke, F. M. &. Sons (stone). 69 Massasoit 

Gleason, P. (stone) opp. N. King 

Lacey, William E. Florence rd. Pino Grove 

Landy, John (stone), 17 Nonotuck, Flo. 

Latham. William P. 59 Maple, Flo. 

Lyons, Patrick F. 24 Western av. 

Mather, John L. 275 Elm 

Mather & Whiting. 45 Pleasant 

Murray, Joseph (stone), 239 Bridge 

Granolithic Walks g& 

(torn, also Floors for 
Burns and Laundries 

of Carbonized Stone. Send for Cir. 

United Paving Co., 
202-208 Lyman St., 




NORTHAMPTON— Continued. 

Powers, James A. 22 Aldrich 

Smith, George W. 64 Massasoit 

Swift, John A. 13 Myrtle, Flo. 

Towhlll, J. & Son, Hinckley, n. railroad 

Whalen & Chase, Third av., N., and 54 

Main, Flo. 
Wilson, Joseph, Pine Grove 

Mattress Manufacturers. 

Lord, J. L. 87 West 

Medicines, Proprietary. 

Day, F. B. 54 Massasoit 

Higbee, agt 

E. W. 

German Medicine Co 

277 Main 
Pyro-Febrin Co. 140 Main 

Metal Roofer. 

Jacobs, Frank D. 89 Massasoit 

Cohn, Sarah, Miss, 72 Main 
Cooney & Larkln, 145 Main 
Fitzgerald, A. L. Miss, 130% Main 
Maloney, Alice M. Miss, 183 Main 
Staplin, Henry It. 201 Main 

Music & Musical Instruments. 

Bellows, Harry A. 239 Mam 
Cushman, Frank M. 173 Mam 

Musical Instrument Mfrs. 

Clark, Oscar L. (violins) SO Pine 
Dinsmore & Jager, 29 Walnut 
Hyde, Andrew (violins), 80 Pine 
Kidder, Myron L. (violins) 62 West 

Music Teachers. 

Bacon, Annie B. Miss, 67 Prospect 

Banister, Angle L. Mrs. 21High 

Banks, Kate E. Miss, 78 Main 

Bartley, Elizabeth M. Miss, 190 Elm 

Birge, E. B. 78 Main 

Blodgett, Benjamin C. 67 Prospect 

Carlisle, Carrie L. Miss, 8 Pomeroy ter. 

Carter, Horace C. 7S Main 

Clark, Alice B. Miss (and organist), 60 
Clark av. 

Cobb, Mary E. Miss, 110 Pine, Flo. 

Columbian School of Music, Miss Marga- 
retha von Mitzlaff and Albert L. Norris 
directors (voice and piano), Columbian 
Hall, 160 Main 

Crittendon, Gertrude, Miss, 10 Washington 

Field, Oscar N. 19 Columbus av. 

Fletcher, Alfred M. 37 Henshaw av. 

Greeley, Netta M. Miss, 17 Chestnut av. 

Johnson, Sarah H. Miss, Park, c. W. Cen- 
ter, Flo. 

Jones, Henry, teacher in public schools, 8 
Washington a v. 

Jones, Laura S. Miss (violin), 8 Washing- 
ton av. 

Kidder, Anna L. Miss (piano), 62 West 

Kieley, Minnie Miss, 27 State 

Kingsley, R<_se Miss. 209 Main 

Kinney, Fred (flute), 57 King 

Lord, Clara G. Miss (piano), 87 West 

Lord, Grace Miss (violin), 87 West 

Lord, Susie L. Miss (violoncello), 87 West 

Podgorskl. C. M. (violin) 139 Main 

Richards, E. E. (banjo) 1 Graves av. 

Schadee, Louisa A. Miss, 87 Chestnut. Flo. 

Shearn. Frederick C. (guitar, banjo and 
mandolin) 142 Main 

Steele, Mary H. Miss, 101 Washington av. 
Story, Edwin B. (instrumentalist) Dryads 

Warner, F. D. R. (violin) 5 Fruit 


Carley, Alfred G. 177 Main 
Marsh, Joseph, 37 Main 


Dally Hampshire Gazette, H. S. Gere & 
Sons, props. Gothic 

Hampshire Gazette (weekly), H. S. Gere 
& Sons, props. Gothic 

L'Opinion PublUiuc (semi-weekly), A. Me- 
nard, reporter. SS Main 

Northampton Daily Herald, Charles ' A. 
Pierce & Son, props. 12 Crarts av. 

Notaries Public. 

Addis. Albert E. 
Baker, George N. 
Barrett, E. T. 
Bliss, Alfred T. 
Childs. Charles E. 
Clapp, Egbert I. 
Clark, Charles N. 

Irwin, Richard W. 
King, Warren M. 
Knc-eland, Fred. N. 
Mason, John W. 
Nutting, Arthur F. 
O'Donnell, John B. 
Paisons, Charles O. 

Clark, George Wright Pierce, Chauncey H. 
Delano, Charles G. Porter, Samuel 

Edwards, Henry L. 
Feiker, William H. 
Field, Henry P. 
Hammond. John C. 
Haidy, Ernest W. 
Hinckley, Edw. B. 

Spaulding, Timothy G. 
Stratton, Edw. F. 
WainwriRht, J. Arthui 
Walker, Oliver 
Williston, R. L. 


Airnstrong, Leila Miss, 149 Elm 

Ballentine, Eva Miss, Center, Flo. 

Bardwell, C. J. Miss, 168 Elm 

Bolmer, Lizzie C. 25 Armory 

Bosworth, Mary E. Miss, 58 N. Main, Flo. 

Brown, Luella R. Mrs. 64 Center 

Chesley, Elizabeth, Mis. 35 Park, Flo. 

Childs, Laura, Miss, 104 South 

Edwards, Effie B. Miss, 13 Norwood av. 

B. 9? 
Grossarth, Louise, Mrs. 57 King 
Guilfoil, Minnie J. Pine Grove 
Han ley, Catherine B. Miss, 87 Bates 
Hines, Mollie R. Miss, 75 Pine, Flo. 
Hyland, F. B. Mrs. 137 N. Main, Flo. 
Jacobs. Abbie P. Mrs. 152 Kins? 
LeBarron, Mary A. Mrs. 21 High 
Lord, May F. Miss, 71 Gothic 
Mather, Sarah A. Mrs. 51 Grove 
Mixter, Mrs. 4 Bates 
Porter, Ida A. Main 
Reardon, Mary E. 23 River 
Shaw, Nelson F. Mrs. 28 N. Elm 
Smith, Adeline P. Mrs. 32 Graves av. 
Tyler, Elizabeth W. Mrs. 199 Main 
Vaile, Ella J. Mrs. 32 Graves av. 
Viara, Mary, Miss, 27 Eastern av. 
Warner, Florence A. 23 Fair 


Allen, James (dealer), 140 Chestnut, Flo. 

Briggs, Lyman II. Smith's Ferry 
Hoxie, D. E. (P. O. adddress, Leeds), 
Robert's Meadow 

Oil Dealers. 

Standard Oil Co. Clarence E. Hodgkins, 
manager, office 97 South 

Painters ami Paper Hangers. 

Bcynton, George F. 48 N. Maple, Flo. 
Ernerson, Edward B. 267 Main 


The MASSACHUSETTS YEAR BOOK Is published by F. S. Blanchard 

& Co., Worcester, and is duly copyrighted. Anyone unlawfully using or 
appropriating its couteuts will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. 



GuJnan, Frank H. 19 Armory 

Howard. M. C. 70 Park, Flo. 

LaFleur Bros. 23 Pleasant 

Partridge, John H. 75 Pleasant 

Pierce & Rolfe, 192 Main 

Richardson, William H. 85 North 

StOCkwell, A. H. 15 Park av. 

Waite, A. A. 427 Bridge 

Whitbeck. Geo. S. (paper hanger) 16 Bright 

Whltcomb, Waldo H. 161 South 

Paper Stock Dealer. 

Reid, Andrew, 54 Fort 

Pea Mnnufnctnrcrs. 

Payson Combination Co. (glass) 35 Round 

Peacil Manufacturer!). 

Clark Indelible Pencil Co. r. 31 Strong av. 


Knowlton Bros. 143 Main 
Macy, Henry W. & Co. 241 Main 
Schadee, F. Main, Flo. 
Schillare, A. J. 142 Main 
Sheldon, W. A. 102 Main 


B'lair, Mrs. Lizzie C. 265 Elm 

Brewster; Miss Mary J. 38 Elm 

Camp, Miss Augusta J. 3S Elm 

Clark, Sidney A. 124 Main 

Copeland, Elmer H. (Horn.) 70 Elm 

Cutter, Cecil S. 215 Main 

Dickinson, Charles H. Jr. 122% Main 

Dunham, Whitfield O. 136 Main 

Fahey, James C. 136 Main 

Fay, James M. 71 King 

Gardner, Clarence R. (Ocu., Au.) 78 Main 

Gilflllan, Thomas, 75 Kensington av. 

Hammersley, John B. (Eel.) 245 Main 

Hayes, Irving B. 98 Pine. Flo. 

Hickey, Garrett J. 89 Main. Flo. 

Higbee, Edwin W. 277 Main 

Hoadley, Alfred H. 160 Main 

Learned, John B. 78 Main 

Minshall, Arthur G. 124 Main 

Niquette, Louis B. 72 Center 

Roberts, Osmore O. (Horn.) 13 King 

Savard. D. Henry, 8 West, Leeds 

Seymour, Christopher. 136 Main 

Shores, Harvey T. 73 Main 

Thayer, George D. 75 New South 

Trow, William M. 138 Main 

Piano Tuners. 

Kidder, Myron L. 62 West 
Kinney, Fred, 57 King 
Shearn. Frederick C. 142 Main 
Stockbrldge, Helen M. Miss, 34 Washing- 
ton av. 
Warner, Frank D. R. 5 Fruit 

Pickle Manufacturer. 

Belden, Stephen, 88 Vernon 

Pictures and Picture Frames. 

Lucia, Geo. N. 229 Main 

Northampton Art Store, Lewis R. Chew, 
mgr. 137 Main 

Planing; and Moulding Mill*. 

Norton, J. D. & Son, Loudville 
Pringle, William A. 24 Center 


Brewster, Henry N. & Co. 2 Soutn 
Cutting & Mack, 22 Court 
Day & Co. 33 Main 
Dunn, James P. 31 Lincoln av. 
Lee, Arthur B. (estate) 219 Main 
Lee, Noah H. 40 Main 
Polmatier & Addis, 81 Main, Flo. 
Riley, J. H. & W. H. 193 Main 
Shumway, Frank E. 21 Center 
Smith, Clinton F. 192 State 
Thompson, Frank B. 34 Bates 

Post Offices and Postmastera. 

Bay State— C. N. White 
Florence — George L. Deals 
Northampton — Louis L. Campbell 
Leeds — Joseph F. A. Gosselin 
Loudville — Mary Norton 
Mt. Tom— H. S. Wilder 
Smith's Ferry— C. C. Coggswell 
West Farms — Abner Barnard 


Bryant Printing Co. The, Main, c. Chest- 
nut, Flo. 

Gazette Printing Co. Gothic, r. Sav. Bank 

Metcalf, John, & Co. 4 Crafts av. 

Mt. Tom Printing Co. Henry S. Wilder, 
prop. Mt. Tom 

Pierce, C. A. & Co. 12 Crafts av. 

Produce Dealers, Wholesale. 

Fisk, M. M. 52 William* 

Gloyd, A. L. (butter and eggs) 205 State 

Root, Wright A. 29 Brewster 

Wilbur, F. T. (retailer) 57 Holyoke 

Provision Dealers. 

Clapp & Clapp, 147 Main 

Fiela, John C. 36 Highland av. 

Graves & Depew, Leeds 

Holbrook, Horace, 228 State 

Kecfe, James L. 44 Main 

Kelton, Rolla F. & Co. 56 Main 

Lloyd, Samuel, Flo. 

Maine, ^Julius P. (wholesale) 16 N. Maple, 

Miller, W. S. mgr. 26 Market 
Palmer, David, Loudville 
Parsons, H. Lincoln, 83 Maple, Flo. 
Spooner. Charles E. ISO Main 
Stone, Frank H. opp. depot, Flo. 
Sullivan, Mortimer G. mgr. 29 Hawley 
Tyler, Henry A. (peddler) 38 Main, Flo. 
W»re, Arthur M. 52 Maple, Flo. 


Florence Publishing Co. Main, cor. Chest- 
nut, Flo. 

Real Estate Agents. 

Hill & Wainwright. 110 Main 
Loc-mis, George L. 63 King 


Dariels, Charles A. 36 Main 
Gregoire, Louis P. 190 Main 
Perry, John B. 12 Pleasant 


Day & Co. 33 Main 

Salt Dealers. 

Titus, W. H. & Co. 290 King 

Sand Dealers. 

Cooke, F. M. & Sons, 59 Massasolt 


Is on file in Every Town and City in the State. It is the 
only publication tfivinK the complete rostor of Public 
Officials. It should be in every business office. 



NORTHAMPTON— Continued. 

Saw Mills. 

Barllett, Henshaw B. West Farms 


Burr.ham, Mary A. The Classical School for 

Girls, 45 Elm and 2C Prospect 
Clark, Elizabeth, Miss, 41 Henshaw av. 
Northampton Commercial College, Pickett 

& Hayward, props. 78 Main 

Sewer Contractors. 

Taylor, Hiram, 305 Prospect 
Warner, Henry W. Florence, c. Hayden- 
vllle road, Leeds 

Sewing: Machine Dealers. 

Bartley, Patrick J. (New Home) 1S3 Main 
Copeland, E. P. 104 Main 

Day. F. B. (Wheeler & Wilson) 54 Massa- 

Sillv Manufacturers. 

Belding Bros. & Co. 99 Hawley 

Silver and Cold lMuters. 

Northampton Silver Plate Co. E. E. Wood, 
Jr. prop. Federal 

Soap Manufacturer. 

Abbott, W. H. Smith's Ferry 

Soda "Water Manufacturer. 

Boynton, W. W. 31 River 

Spool and Bohhin Mfrs. 

Nonotuck Silk Co. Nonotuck, Leeds 


Bailey, BenJ. F. 8 Pearl 

Burnham, George H. opp. depot, Flo. 

Deuel, Frank D. 8 Center 

Graves Bros. 50 Maple, Flo. 

Guilford, Ralph M. Pearl, opp. Union Sta- 

Guilford & Wood (sale), r. 38 Center 

Holley, Jacob, 258 Main 

McGrath Bros. (Mansion House stable) r. 
205 Main 

Roberts, Frank H. 1.1 Brewster pi. 

Warren, Frank H. 295 Main 

Steam Heating; Apparatus. 

Day & Co. 33 Main 


Morris, F, G. 25 Graves av. (court) 

Stoves and Tinware. 

Day & Co. 33 Main 

Riley, Joseph H. & Wm. H. 193 Main 

Stucco Worker. 

Mather, John L. 275 Elm 


Davis, E. E. & E. C. 1S2 Main 
Thacher, Lawrence M. 59 Main 


Griffii , Timothy. 9 Pleasant 
Grogan, Matthew, 151 Main 
Hennessy, Michael J. 41 Main 

McConville, Patrick, 94 Main 
McConville, Patrick J. 3 N. Main, Flo. 
Paquin, N. 114 Main 
Staab, William K. 139 Main 
Swift. Charles W. (ladies) 50 Kensington 


Allaire, Andrew, 86 Williams 
Aycrs, H. C. (parcel delivery), 84 Main 
liishop, L. H. 51 Grove 
Bixby, George O. 74 Hawley 
Buekman, H. S. 173 Main 
Cheeseman, Charles F. 44 N. E!m 
Coi'ture, E. 54 Market 
Cranston, E. L. 15 Warfield pi. 
Dewey, George E. 45 Gothic 
Err.erle, Modiste, 128 Williams 
Fisk, J. J. 13 Union 
Howes, E. B. 74 Maple, Flo. 
Joy, M. F. 50 Market 
Moore, L. B. 74 N. Maple, Flo. 
Murray, Joseph, 239 Bridge 
Parker, E. C. 25 Phillips pi. 
Parsons, S. L. & Son. 42 West 
Preece, James, 44 School 
Salols, Joseph, 28 Center 
Stone, George H. 206 State 
Wade, George W. 20 River 
Wade, John. IS School 
Warnock, Robert, Prospect av. 
Wlnninger, Martin, 58 Market 

Tobacco, Wholesale. 

Cooley. S. R. 36 High 

Trunks, Valises and lings. 

French, M. M. & Co. 114 Main 


Ahearn, Patrick, & Son. 43 King 

Edwards, R. E. 25 Pleasant 

Fitts, Charles N. 2 Court 

Orcutt & O'Donnell, 29 N. Maple, Flo. 

Raleigh. John J. 200 Main 

Smith, Watson L. & Son, 2 Crafts av. 

Underwear Manufacturers. 

Nonotuck Silk Co. Nonotuck, Leeds 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Martin, Harry M. Pearl, opp. Union depot 
Roberts, John H. 64 King 

Water Motors. 

WARNER, LEWIS E. 23-25 State 

Water Motor Mfrs. 
WARNER MOTOR CO. 23 and 23 


"Wire Manufacturers. 

Lamb, Horace, Wire Co. The, 45 Clark av. 

Wood Dealers. 

Cooke, F. M. & Sons. 59 Massasoit 
McCarthy. Patrick, 202 King 
Mooney. Henry, Ox Bow, Mt. Tom 
Wade, John, 18 School 

Wood Pulp Manufacturers. 

Mt. Tom Sulphite Co. Mt. Tom 

RrOnnllfhin \t/«jll/P aml floors, also Floors for United Paving Co., 
OldllUlliniG WalKS «hops. Harns and Laundries 803-808 L ffi MMt5 

of Carbonized Stone. SendforCir.. M'KIMil IK LI). 




In Essex Co., 2S m. northwest of Boston and IS in. from Salem on Western 
Div. B. & M. It. It.; electric railway from North Andover Depot to Lawrence. 
Inc. April 7, ISoo. Pop. 3,50!). 

Villages— North Andover Depot, Stevens Village. 


Annual town meeting first Monday in 

Clerk— Jas. W. Leitch, N. A. Depot 

Patrick P. Daw, ch. f N. A. Depot 
William Halliday, N. A. Depot 

Edwin W. Moody 

Edmund D. Sargent, N. A. Depot 

Treasurer— G.H.Perkins, N. A. Depot 

Collector— Mosher B. Meserve 

John Peters Clark, ch., N. A. Depot 
William Halliday, N. A. Depot 

Edwin W. Moody 

Overseers Poor— Selectmen 

Calvin M. Sanborn, N. A. Depot 
Joseph L. Leigh ton, N. A. Depot 
Frank A. Coan, N. A. Depot 
George L. Harris, N. A. Depot 
William J. Toohey 

Supt. Streets- 
James C. Poor, N. A. Depot 

Water Commissioners — 
Aaron A. Currier, N. A. Depot 

Andrew Reeves 
Herbert W. Field, N. A. Depot 

Park Commissioners — 
John O. Loring 
Moses F. Stevens, Jr. 

Board Health— Selectmen 

Chief Police- 
William J. Toohey 

Chief Fire Dept.— 
Edmund S. Colby, N. A. Depot 

Public Schools. 

Committee— Daniel A. Carleton, ch. 
Miss Mary G. Carleton, N. A. Depot 
Dr. Fred S. Smith, N. A. Depot 

Supt.— Geo. E. Chickering, Lawrence 

Prin. High School— 
C. T. Woodbury, N. A. Depot 

Prin. Grammar School- 
Albert F. King 


Agricultural Implements— 

James \V. Leitch 
B. W. Pierce 
Awning- Maker*— 

Thomas McNlff, N. A. Depot 

J. F. Sanborn, N. A. Depot 

Bicycle Dealers— Edmund S. Colby 
Frank W. Frisbee 
.Tames W. Leitch 

Blacksmiths— Edward Adams 
Arnold P. Ellis, N. A. Depot 

S. D. Hinxman, N. A. Depot 

Andrew Thompson 
John Wilcox 

Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
Samuel Hamlin 

Thomas McNlff . : ". 

Hoot ana Shoe Makers— 

Samuel Hamlin 
Carl Kistner 
Calmed Fruit Dealer— 

L. H. Bassett Camrtirg Co. N. A. Depot 
Card Clothing- Mlrs.— 

Davis & Furber Machine Co. 

Carpenters— James Brleily 
D. J. Costello 

Patrick P. Daw, N. A. Depot 

John H. Flea, N. A. Depot 

Carriage Makers— 

S. D. Hinxman, N. A. Depot 

Cement Dealer — Joseph Twombly 

Cider 31a leers — J. E. Reynolds & Sou 
George W. Tucker 

Cigars and Tobacco — 
Mrs. Ellen T. Morrissey 
George A. Smith 

Clergymen and Churches- 
Henry E. Barnes, Cong., N. A. Depot 
M. T. McMahus, St. Michael's Roman 
Catholic, P. O. Lawrenco 

J. F. Mears. Methodist, N. A. D pot 

Charles Noyes, North Parish, Unitarian 
Edward S. Thomas, St. Paul's Episcopal, 
N. A. Depot 

Coal and Wood- 
Joseph Jacobs, N. A. Depot 
F. E. McKone, N. A. Depot 

Confectionery and Fruit— 
A. P. Currier &. Co. 

Dressmakers— M. & M. J. Armitage 
Julia Connelly 
Annie Grogan 
Lizzie Murphy 

Druggists — 
John P. Murphy. N. A. Depot 

George H. Perkins, N. A. Depot 

Dry Goods Dealer— 
M. Alicia Keegan 

Bay State Dye Works, N. A. Depot 
August Kuhnert, N. A. Depot 

Electrician— Charles H. Robinson 

Expresses — American Express Co. 
Josselyn's Express 
C. M. Sanborn's Express 
Smith Brothers' Express 

Fertilizer Mfrs.— 
John Glennie (dealer) 
A. M. Robinson (agent) 

Fish Dealer— C. F. Spofford 

General Stores— John G. Brown 
John H. Fuller, N. A. Depot 

N. T. Stevens 

Edward Cooper, N. A. Depot 
A. P. Currier & Co., N. A. Depot 
T. A. Holt & Co., N. A. Depot 
Patrick F. Murphy, N. A. Depot 
John W. Richardson, M. A. Depot 

Hairdressers — James Elliott 
Edward J. Kclley 

Halls— T. O. O. F. Hall, capacity 500 
Town Hall, capacity 500 

Harness Makers — 
McDonald & Hannaford 

Hay and Grain — E, W. Plerea 

Horse Denier— George B. Loring 

lee Dealer— v'ochichewirk Ice Co. 



NORTH ANDOVER— Continued. 

Insurance Aft'ents— E. S. Colby 

James A. Colquhoun 
Justices of the Peace — 

John G. Brown 

Daniel Carleton 

Arthur P. Chickering 

Harry R. Dow- 
John ElHot 

Herbert W. Field 

Frank W. Frisbee 

Newton P. Frye 

Edward W. Greene 

Albert F. King 

John O. Loring 

James W. Leitch 

Charles H. Robinson 

John H. Sutton 
Lawyers— Arthur P. Chickering 

Newton P. Frye 
Library— North Andover Public. MlSs H. 
J. Quealey, lib., N. A. Depot 

Lumber Dealer- 
Joseph Jacobs, N. A. Depot 
Machinery Mi"rs.— Davis & Furber 
Machine Co., N. A. Depot 
Market Gardeners— 

J. G. Chadwick & Co. 

Walter H. Hayes 
Masons— George W. Dunnells 

Joseph Trombly 
Men's Furnishing; Goods— 

M. Alicia Keegan 
Newsdealer- G. L. Harris 
Notaries Public— Newton P. Frye 

Edward W. Greene 

S. D. Hinxman (carriage), N. A. Depot 

George F. Lang 

I. W. Marden, N. A. Depot 

McDonald & Hannaford (carriage^ 
Pickles and Preserve 31 tfr.— 

L. H. Bassett Canning Co., N. A. Depot 
Plumber — 

J. W. Leitch, N. A. Depot 

Physicians— Charles P. Morrill 

Fred S. Smith 
Post Olliees and Postmasters — 

North Andover — Mrs. N. T. Stevens 

North Andover Depot — Charles A. Pil- 
Provision Dealers— J. F. Bennett 

F. E. Higgins, N. A. Depot 

Charles E. Meserve 
Restaurant— Mrs. Ellen T. Morrissey 
Ileal Kstate Agents- E. S. Colby 

J. W. Leitch & Co. 
Saw Mill— Farnham B. Holt 
Sexton— Herbert Butterfleld 
Soap Mfr.— John Glennie 
Stables— Fred L. Sargent 
Teamsters— Edward Adams 

Edward Towne 

Charles Wilcox 
Variety Stores— M. & M. J. Armltage 

George A. Smith 
"Water Works — North Andover Water 

Works, Clarence Goldsmith, supt. 
Wood Dealer— Edward Adams 
Woolen Goods Mfrs.— 

Brightwood Mfg. Co. (dress goods), 

N. A. Depot 

M. F. Campbell & Co., N. A. Depot 

North Andover Mills 

M. T. Stevens & Sons 

Sutton MiJls (dress goods) 


In Bristol Co., 32 ra. southwest of Boston via Wrentham on Prov. Div. Old 
Colony Sys. N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. ; electric railway through Falls Village 
and Robinsonville to Attleboro; to Plainville and through Oldtown and South 
Attleboro to Pawtucket, R. I. Inc. June 14, 1SS7. Pop. G,576. 

Villages— Oldtown, Robinsonville, Falls Village, Adanisdale. 


Annual town meeting second Monday 

in March. 
Clerk— Charles T. Guild 
Selectmen— John Q. Heunigan, ch. 

Edwin D. Sturtevant 

John H. Peckham 
Auditors— Robert J. Bell 

Thomas G. Sandland 

Everett E. King 
Treasurer— Arthur E. Codding 
Collector — James G. Cheever 
Assessors— Stephen Stanley, ch. 

C. S. Brewster 

J. G. Cheever 
Overseers Poor — 

William Henry Kling, ch. 

E. Carlisle Brown 

C. Samuel Brewster 
Constables— E. C. Brown 

James W. Riley 

Christopher Dobra 

Dexter B. Freeman 

Jflmes B. Smith 

Andrew M. Sperry 

Jesse B. Stevens 

George F. Stone 

Israel L. Joran 

George A. Warren 
Electric Light and Sinking Fund 

Commissioners — George K. Webster 

John F. Makinson, Attleboro Falls 

Alpine Chisholm 
Supt. Streets— Frank T. Westcott 
Water Commissioners— 

George K. Webster 

John F. Makinson, Attleboro Falls 

Alpine Chisholm 
Park Commissioners— 

M. B., Attleboro Falls 

Edward It. Price 

Charles I. Richards 
Board Health— Herbert C. Bullard, ch. 

James It. Foster 

Edward F. Hale 
Chief Fire Dept.— Harry W. Tufts. 

Public Scliools. 

Committee— James A. Codding, ch. 
Miss Mary Mathias, Oldtown 

Samuel E. Fisher 
Fred II. Sturdy, Attleboro Falls 

T yJ ^SRf7W7^^ nrintln* *< "OOK'S. JOl^'^W^^^^^M 

iSi-i'^*'Vw , ilI^*^nri NVOI < K » Hnd cuts, hnura- \\--- "V;-. "v.'^-ii 

JLjlAi^PL^i^-^i-^VERS of CUTS, all styles.; ,'. .-, .",, , •„ , ■ 'tffi&ihs&m 



Dr. Joseph B. Gerould 

Supt. Schools and I'rlu. High School 
James W. Brehaut 

Prln. Grammar School- 
Amelia R. Amos 


Auctioneers— Charles J. Allen 
T. A. Barden 

C. T. Guild 
A. T. Parker 

J. E. Pond & Son 
Bakers — Jolin Forrest 

Charles' W. Ralston 
Band— North Attleboro Brass Band, Clar- 
ence Dunbar, leader 
Banks— Attleboro Savings Bank, Edward 
R. Price, treas. 
North Attleboro National, A. E. Jeticks. 
Bicycle Dealers— 
J. P. L. Ballou 
P. I. Gorton 
W. C. Middleton 
A. A. Precomst & Son 

E. A. Scott (repairer) 

D. A. Flynn, A. Falls 
Charles Kent 

King Bros. 
Joseph M. Malette 
Lucius Salzhebcr 
William II. Stanley 
Ernst A. Uhlig 

Bookseller and Stationer- 
Abel R. Block 

Boot and Shoe Dealers- 
George E. Hawes 
Henry P. Palin 

Boot and Shoe 3Iakers— 
Thomas Fox. A. Falls 

Peter Kiernan 
Jacob Klietgner 
P. McGowan 
Michael Murphy 
Albert Smith 

Bottlers— Wamsuti a Bottling. Co. 

Bowling and Pool- 
Columbia Bowling Alley 

F. I. Gorton 

Box Makers— Mason Box Co. (paper 
and leather), A. Falls 

Braid Mfr.— 

Gold Mecial Braid Co.. A. FaJls 

Brush Mfr.— T. E. Scott (estate) 
Building Materials— 

W. H. Riley & Son 
Button Mfrs.— 

Daniel Evans & Co., A. Falls 

George K. Webster (pearl) 
Carpenters— Henry H. Bennett 

Horace Champlin, A. Falls 

Thomas Driscoll, A. Falls 

Winfleld S. Thompson 
Carriage Makers- 
Lucius Salzgerber 

John Smith 

W. H. Stanley 
Carriage Trimmer— 

F. K. Phillips 
Chain Mfrs.— 

John Anthony. A. Falls 

Charles Olilor. A. Falls 

Cliasers — Allen Brown 

Ernest L. Harrington 

Cigars and Tobacco— 

F. I. Gorton I 

Charles W. Ralph 
Civil Engineer— 

F. T. Westcott 

Clergymen and Churches- 
George N. Ballentine (F. E.) 
W. A. Farren, Baptist 
John J. Hurley, Roman Catholic 
F. L. Masseck, First Universalist 
Geo. E. Osgood, Grace Episcopal 
Charles A. Ratclifi'e, Trinity Cong. 
John Whitehill, First Cong., Oldtown 
Martin L. Williston, Central Cong., 

A. Falls 
William Henry Kling (B.), Oldtown 

Clothing Dealers — Barden Brothers 

Coal and Wood- C. H. Bosworth 
A. F. Crosby 
A. S. Phillips 
W. H. Riley & Son 
H. A. Wilmarth & Co., A. Falls 

Confrere i'tuer- Aaron Brighara 

Confectionery Mt'r. — 
Herbert K. King 
Arthur McNay 

Confectionery and Fruit- 
David Badaraco 

George E. Brown, A. Falls 

Peter J. Connors, A. Falls 

Kate Tobin, A. Falls 

John Wright 

Contractors — 
George W. Hopkins (agent) 
N. J. Magnan 

Dentists— E. G. Flint 
S. W. Howe 

Die Sinkers— Oscar Gross 
Straker Bros. 

Dressmakers — 
Mi3S A. H. Bunker 

Mrs. H. E. Cheever, A. Falls 

Anna E. Clarkin 
Mrs. On-ille B. Deane 
Annie T. Glynn 
Mrs. Ellen Johnson 
Mrs. E, L. Jordan 
Mrs. A. M. Lenan 
Ada Perry, A. Falls 

Druggists— F. H. Gould 
Middleton's Fharmacy 
A. P. Watson 

Dry Goods — George Cotton 
Joseph Endres, A. Falls 

A. L. Gulski (peddler) 
W. G. Pierce 
Rosenberg Bros. 

Electric Light Co.— North Attleboro 
Electric Light Plant (municipal), Wal- 
ter P. Whlttemore, supt. 
Enameled Work- 
John J. Birmingham 
J. B. Maintien & Son 

Express— Earle & Prew's Express 

Fish Dealers- 
James Diamond, A. Falls 
W. F. Hopkins 
Charles E. Knapp 
Reynolds Bros. 
Charles A. Bellows, Adamsdale 

John J. Nolan 
George Smith. A. Falla 

Furniture Dealers — 
O. S. Bi.-.hoi> 




Charles S. Jackson 

New Furniture Co. 
Gas Light Co.— North Attleboro Gas 

Light Co., Wm. B. Knight, supt. 
Gold Keliners— 

C. E. W. Sherman & Son 
Gold anil Silver Plater— 

John P. Bonnett 
Grist Mill— 

North Attleboro Grain Co. 
Grocers— Joseph S. Ashworth 

Avery & Crossley 

Mrs. Anton Braumwart 

J. F. Breen 

John Daly, A. Falls 

Frank E. Gay, Adamsdale 

T. E. Hancock & Co. 

Keniston & Co. 

R. Knapp & Co. 

F. B. Lawton & Co., A. Palls 
O. F. Meyer 

Oscar D. Newell, A. Falls 

John Wright 
Hairdressers- Andrew Adams 

A. S. Burton, A. Falls 

Joseph E. Davock 
• W. E. Ivers 

John B. Shermai 

T. Rockctt 

Edward Rockctt. A. Falls 

G. Taylor 

Halls— Opera House, capacity 700, C. 
Minahan, prop. 

Emmet Hall, capacity 600 

Memorial Hall, capacity 600 

Wamsutta Hall, capacity 300 
Hardware Dealers— W. M. Hall 

John Q. Hennigan 
Harness Maker — Charles F. Joy 
Hay and Straw— 

A. F. Crosby 

James E. Parsons, A. Falls 

Hotels— Central House, Mrs. Chas. W. 
Davis, prop. 

International, Henry Kern. prop. 

Wamsutta, Cornelius Minahan, prop. 
House Furnishing- Goods- 
Arthur S. Bishop 

R. S. Canavan 
lee Dealers- 
Bernard Jauffrett, A. Falls 

Oldtown Ice Co., Oldtown 

Ira Richards 
Insurance Aprents— -Edw. E. King 

L. F. Mendell 

Robert Murphy 

A. T. Parker 
Jeweler anil Watehmaker- 

J. P. L. Ballou 
Jewelry Mt'rs.— 

C. L. Barrows &. Co.. A. Falls 
H. F. Barrows & Co. 

W. H. Bell & Co., A. FaJlK 

R. Blackinton & Co. 

V. H. Blackinton &. Co., A. Falls 

A. H. Bliss & Co. 

B. B. Brady & Co. 
Bugbee & Niks Co. 
Casper, Mandalian & Co. 
G. W. Cheever & Co. 
Cheever. Tweedy & Co. 
W. G. Clark & Co. 
Coddinp Brothers & Heilborn 

D. D. Codding & Co. 
H. II. Curtis 

A. Falls 

A. Falls 

A. Falls 
A. Falls 

Cutler <fc Granbery 
Solomon Davidson. 
Doran, Bagnell <fc Co. 
C). M. Draper 
W. N. Fisher & Co.. 

E. I. Franklin & Co. 

B. S. Freeman & Co. 
T. G. Frothirtgham & Co. 

F. S. Gilbert 
Globe Jewelry Co. 
Harry E. Hull & Co.. 
Mason, Howard <fe Co., 
H. D. Merritt & Co. 
Palmer & Peckham 

E. Ira Richards & Co. 

Robinson it Co., .Oldtown 

Riley, French & Heffron 
Sandland & ('apron 
Somer & Mills 

F. L. Shepardson & Co. 
T. I. Smith & Co 

Stanley Bros.. A. Falls 

Sturtevant, Whiting & Bigelow 

J. F. Sturdy's Sons. A. Falls 

G. K. Webster 

Frank M. Whiting & Co. 
Jewelers' Supply Mfrg.— 
J. O. Copeland & Co. 

C. S. Joslin (agent) 
Justices of the I'eace- 

H. W. K. Allen 

T. H. Bride 

Frederick i:. By ram 

C. T. Guild 

E. R. Price 

Joseph E. Pond 

William II. Pond 

Elmer E. Rockwood 
Laundry — 

North Atfleboro Steam Laundry 
Lawyers- Frederic k B. Byram 

Joseph E. Pond &. Son 
Liibrai-y— Richards Memorial Library. 

Irene W. Day, lib. 
Lime, Cement and Drain Pipe-- 

W. H. Riley & Son 

J. T. Sullivan 
Lumber Dealer — Noah J. Magnan 
Washington Barnett, A. Falls 

C. T. Guild Machine Co. 
Masons — 

Ambrose Alger & Son. A. Fall* 

John F. Sullivan 
Milliners — Harriet J. Bonney 

Grace L. Carpenter 

Mrs. C. H. Gill 

Mrs. A. McDonough 

Mrs. E. R. Noyes 
Music Teachers— Mae Hatch 

Clarence H. King 

Mrs. E. M. King 

Winnie McGowan 

Emily McLeod 

Mrs. Frank Tisdale 

Nettie Warren 

A. R. Block 

George E. Brown. A. Fails 

W. C. Middleton 
Evening Chronicle, H. D. Hunt, pub. 

North Attleboro Advertiser, F. W. Kling, 
Notaries Public— 

Frederick B. Byram 

Joseph E. Pond 


Can better afford to go without a License than to 
go without this book. Traveling men demand it. 



Knrses — Mrs. C. H. Brander 

Mrs. William M. Cheever 

Mrs. Henry T. Doggett 
Painters— H. C. Berthold 

H. B. Cornell 

John Devlin 

T. B. Hazzard 

William Hochberg 

William L. McDougall 

James Pickens 

H. G. S. Struck 
Paper Bays and Twine— 

Abel R. Block 
Paper llimscr-H. B. Cornell 
Paper Hanging's- John Devlin 

H. B. Cornell 
Puoto&'ra plier— Pearl Carder 
Physicians— Herbert C. Bullard 

Newell C. Bullard 

James R Foster (Horn.) 

Joseph B. Gerould 

Edwin E. Hale (Horn.) 

Henry S. Kilby 

Daniel P. Smith 

M. E. Vance 
Plumbers — Joseph Lovell 

William M. Hall 

J. Q. Hennigan 

Nelson N. Plath 
Post Offices and Postmasters 

North Attieboro— Frederick B. Uyram 

Attleboro Falls— J. E. Doran 

Oldtown — Mrs. Charlotte Conant 

Adamsdale — A. A. Newell 
Printers — Evening Chronicle Co. 

F. W. Kling & Co. 
Provision Dealers — 

Joseph F. Breen 

Daniel Crotty (peddler) 

J. B. Curtis 

F. 0. Emerson 

L. G. Franklin (peddler) 

Edward Grigor 

John Herring (peddler) 

F. I. Hopkins 

Frank E. Horton 

Archie C. Marsh 

O. I). Ni'weil, A. Falls 

C. H. Peck 

Reynolds Brothers 

S. Tooker 
Real Estate Agent— 

A. T. Parker 
Restaurants— W. F. Bowen 

Mrs. W. K. Hewes 

Wamsutta Lunch Room 
Silversniitlis— H. II. Curtis & Co. 

Palmer & Peckham 

G. K. Webster 

Frank M. Whiting & Co. 
' Sta-bleS— Leary Brothers 

A. S. Phillips 

George E. Rounds 
Stoves and Tin. ware- 
William M. Hall 

John Q. Hennigan 
Street Railway Co.— Interstate Con- 
solidated Street Railway Co.. George 
R. Cook. supt. 
Tng IHl'r.— Self Locking Tag Co. 
Tailors — Samuel C. Edwards 

Thomas R. Jones 

K. Kozen 

Witzke k Reitz 

Edward E. Whitcorab 
Tea and Coffee— 

Robert S. Canavan & Co. 
Tool Mfrs.— The Snap & Tool Co. 
Undertakers— J. J. Casey 

Sylvester J. McGinn 

A. M. Sperry & Son 
Variety Store— W. C. Middleton 
Vinegar Mfrs.— Charles J. Allen 

H. K. W. Allen 

E. F. Carpenter 
Water XVorks— North Attleboro Water 

Works, Walter P. Whittemore. supt. 
Wh eel wri Srht— Thomas N. 'Cutting 
Yarn Mfr.— 

John F. Adams. Adamsdale 


In Worcester Co., 35 m. west of Boston, 10 m. from Worcester and 14 m. 
west of South Frarningham on Northern Div. Old Colony Sys. N. Y., N. H. 
& H. R. R.; electric street railway to Marlboro, Shrewsbury, Westboro and 
Worcester. Inc. Jan. 24, 17<K>. Pop. 1,940. 

Village— Chapinville. 


Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Clerk— Gil man B. ITowe 
Selectmen— James T. Learned, ch. 

Asa B. Fay 

William J. Potter 

Auditors— Edwin S. Corey 

O. Elmer Eldredge 
Treasurer and Collector— C. H. Rice 
Assessors— Gil man B. Howe, ch. 

Guilford P. Heath 
Overseers Poor— Walker Russell, ch. 

George D. Collins 

Charles L. Brigham 
Constables — 

Joseph P. Conway, Chapinville 

Henry M. Blakley 

Wilder B. Gibson 


xamk'ok the Wopccstep Gazette 

Supt. Streets— Asa B. Fay 

Water Commissioners — G. A. Brigham 

Frank V. Gay 

George F. Sargent 
Cemetery Commissioners — 

Cyrus H. Mentzer 

Samuel Med lire 

Walter M. Farwell 
Sinking Fund Commissioners- 
Samuel I. Rice 

Noah Wadsworth 

William J. Rotter 
Hoard Health— Selectmen 
Chief Fire Dept.— Frank V 
Public Schools. 
Committee— F. M. Harrington, ch. 

Asa B. Fay 

Delia F. Corey 

Supt.— Corwin F. Palmer 





NORTHBORO— Continued. 

Prin High School-Edw. F 
Priii. Grammar School- 
Blanche I. Evans 



Agricultural Implements— 

C. B ; Frost & Co. 
Auctioneer — C. J. Mack 
Ilalcer — Herman M. Pienze 
Bank;— Northboro National Bank, Ezra H. 

Bigelow, cash. 
Bicycle Dealers— W. F. Gilbert 

E. F. Welch 
Blacksmiths — Geo. H. Burgoyne 
Charles E. Carson 
A. J. Croto 
Blanket Mfrs.— D. F. Wood & 'Co. 
Boarding Houses*— 

Mrs. George W. Clapp 

Mrs. Olive E. Howe 

Mrs. G. B. Wood 
Boot mill Shoe Dealer- 

G. F. Sargent 
Boot and Shoe Makers— 

E. P. Davoll 

Silas Howe 
Boot and Shoe Stock- 
Charles E. Johnson 
Butter and Cheese— 

A. E. Parmenter 
Camera Mfrs.— American Camera Mfg. 
* Co., T. H. Blair, supt. 
Carpenters — John N. Cox 

Nathaniel Randlett 

Frederick Trudeau (contractor) 
Cider Makers— Rufus Adams 

T. E. Mientzer 
Cigars and Tobaceo— 

W. F. Cilbert 

Gacrge B. Wood 
Clergymen and Churehes — 

Levi J. Achim, St. Rose R. 'C. 

Josiah C. Kent, First Cong. (Un.) 

Charles G. Simmons, Baptist 

Albert D. Smith, Evan. Cong. 
Coal and Wood— George H. Felt 

John Hebert 

Martin H. Ryan 
Comb Mfrs.— W. M. Farwell & Co 
Druggists— S. E. Emery 

C. T. ShAttttck 
Dry Goods Dealers— 

L. F. Stratton & Co. 

John Wadsworth & Co. 
Expresses — American Express Co. 

New York & Boston Despatch 
Fisli Dealers— Anna M. Bourne 
Grist Mills— C. B. Bradshaw 

J. W. Smith 
Grocers— Farnsworth Bros. 

Mrs. E. F. Chapin, Chapinvljlo 

L. F. Stratton & Co. 

John Wadsworth & Co. 

Gronnd Bone Mfr u — 

Edward H. Smith 
Hairdressers— John B. Bonvler 

E. F. Carbrey 

J. W. Chabbott 
Hardware Dealers— 

C. B. Frost & Co. 

L. F. Stratton & Co. 
Hardware Mfrs.— 

Whiting Mfg. Co. (wrenches) 
Harness Makor-H. II. Yeaton 
Horn Goods _>lfrs.— 

Walter M. Farwell & Co. 

Josiah Proctor (buttons, etc.) 
Hotel— Northboro Hotel, John G. Boswell, 

Ice Dealers— Wilbur H. Dupllsse 

Charles 'C. Murray 
Insurance Agents- 
William J. Totter 

Charles A. Rice 
Jeweler and Watchmaker— 

E. F. Welch 
Jewelry tfc Horn Goods Mfrs.— 

Walter M. Farwell & Co. 
Justiees of the Peace— 

Ezra H. Bigelow 

Gllman B. Howe 

Adolphus B. Maynard 

William J. Potter 
Lawyer — W. M. Brigham 
Library — Northboro Free Library, Miss 

Josie Yates, lib. 
Lumber Dealer— George H. Felt 
Musical Merchandise Mfrs.— Bros. 
\ews<lealers-S. A. Emery 

W. F. Gilbert 

C. T. Shattuck 

Notary Public — Gilman B. Howe 
Painters — Frank W. Codd (carriage) 

Charles W. Gates 

W. S. Harrington 
Physicians— William P. Baird 

Ira C. Guptlll 

Josiah M. Stanley 
1*1 umbers— McMillan & Gay 
Post Olliees and Postmasters— 

Northboro — Junius Q. Hatch 

Chapinvllle — Ezra W. Chapin 
Provision Dealers — Joseph Bodreau 

A. E. Wallace 
Restaurants— W. F. Gilbert 

George B. Wood 
Satinet -Mfrs.— E. W. 'Chapin & Co 

D. F. Wood <fc Co. 
Saw Mill— J. W. Smith 
Stables— C. J. Mack 

Charles A. Rice 
Street Railway— Worcester & Marl- 
boro Street Railway Co., B. L. Dicker- 
son, supt. 
Tailor— T. M. Brenn 
Undertaker— Cyrus H. Mentzer 
Upholsterer— E. Everett Thomas 
Woolen Goods Mir.— 
L. Bachmanu, Chaplnville 


In "Worcester Co., 13 m. southeast of Worcester on Prow Div. N. Y., N. H. 
& IT. K. R.; elcctrip railway from Rockdale through Farnumsville, FIsherville, 
Saundersville, Wilkinsonviile and Mlllbury to Worcester. Inc. July 14, 1772. 
Pop. 5,286. 

Villages— Whitinsville, Linwood, Rockdale, Riverdale, Northbrldge Center, 
Adams Corners, Prentice Corner, Quaker District. Stone District. 

If you don't find the name you are looking for in this 
book under a certain heading, look elsewhere. Classi- 
fications vary. It's sure to be under some of them. 





Annual town meeting first Monday In 

Joseph A. Johnston, Whitinsvllle 

Jerome V. Prentice, ch.. 


William L. Taft, 
C. E. Pollock. 
Thomas F. Gorman, 
F. S. Berry, 

Auditor-J. M. Lasell, 

Treasurer— H. H. Dudley 

Collector— Hamilton Boyd 


B. L. M. Smith, ch., Whitinsvllle 
Welford A. Beane, Northbridffe 
Charles Z. Bachelor, Whitinsville 

Overseers Poor- 
Frank J. Searles, Whitinsville 
James W. Watson, Northbrldge 
Simon Babcock, N. Center 

John Q. Bevnolds, Whitinsville 
William Bonny, Whitinsville 
William Spencer, Whitinsville 
Frank A. Cross (civil), Whitinsville 
Hamilton Boyd (civil) 
Harold Foss, N. Center 

Highway Commissioners — 
J. V. Prentice, supt., Whitinsvllle 
A. F. Whitin, Whitinsville 

It. H. Baton, Whitinsville 

Trustees Riverdale Cemetery— 

F. E. Fowler, Whitinsville 
Levi White 

Park Commissioner— 

G. M. Whitin, Whitinsville 
Board Health— Selectmen 

Chief Fire Dept.— 
John Snelling, Whitinsville 

Publfc Schools. 


A. F. Whitin, ch., 

A. E. Adams, 

Dr. C. H. Harriman, 

Frank S. Berry 

Herbert H. Dudley, 

J. M. Lasell, secretary 
Supt. and Prin. High Schoo 

S. A. Melcher, Whitinsville 

Prin. Grammar School— Ella Aldrich 





George P. Searles, 
Baker — 

Helen It. Durham, 
Banks— Whitinsville 
H. Sprague, cash., 

Whitinsville Savings, 
Bicycle Dealer — 

Janios A. Milligan. 
Blacksmiths — 

Maxim Bibcau, 

John Baker, 

Patrick II. Devlin, 

Thomas Flynn, 


National, George 

Geo. H. Sprague, 



Boot and Shoe Dealers— 

William D. Congdon 

Thomas F. Gorman, Whitinsville 

Herbert F. Hall, Whitinsvllle 

Joseph A. Johnston, Whitinsville 

Boot and Shoe Maker — 
John McSheey, Whitinsville 

Jerome V. Prentice, Whitinsvllle 
Jerome J. Van Steinberg, Whitinsville 

CiK'ars and Tobacco— 
William Congdon 
Dennis J. Harrington. Whitinsvllle 

Clergymen and Churches — 
Ernest M. Bartlett